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I know about the study of podcast and during our see. I miss conga. I'm ryan ryan. How're you doing hanging in the mate. Thanks how you got both wearing grey. Sweaters is this telepathy. We're talking about when the orange hoodie on the instagram live. It was is that just two separate hoodies anyway. Good good weekend. Washington football. Like i suppose everyone in captivity and eight lots and watched knives out which is a lovely charming screenplay which should have won everything the opening scene. I was just like from the color scheme allowed on. The rich is the dialogue the thing just explodes of the screen Just like you. And i hang. Mccoist doing a podcast. The joy the is exploding of my screen right now mesa. Oh my goodness yeah admin. Hey what's back both that also platforms that i saw both if the podcast platform that you listen to us on. Yeah allows you to rate review. Podcast yes please do. It really helps us grow. The podcast go. The forecast exactly are that would be nice. Also we did a study sessions on friday. It was loads of fun. Thanks to a twenty two nd in live amazing sat dude dot glory is one thing listening back when you're in real time. Listen to it on a friday evening at its communities throughout the episodes in the chat and really kind of lockdown now in it so it's like Yeah not thanks. I mean baas or anything open time. So yeah he's out. There wasn't a lot in the last one. i know. Seventy two themed next time his sedition by the way before i forget when they have been doing to help. Cover the lockdown quick piece of advice and the dark hours. I've actually swapped my off news to my evening so now instead of writing evenings i spend so. Yeah so i said of writing in the daytime show normally did i disobeyed he take a chunk out the middle of the day and treat is my evening nice so i just do my have my one do my shopping and just catch up with distance wilkes and bendel the rushing the evening and the morning. And that's what to treat for just eddie levels of anxiety because you've ready treat yourself wanting us doing before before i just adjusted the lockdown muslims working through the day and the evening arrives at its bleak. Because you've just been workload to him and his dark down so yeah that's just the kind of suggestion. Good lil uses tips. Yeah so yeah. They're studying sessions is now you can listen to it on mix com for slash. Study or click on the show goal of a studio sessions on that and the tunes that runs. Spotify have been put into a playlist on our five page. If you follow the study out. Troy's playlist you can access it by any other man. I'm going have a piece going to put the ring this week. Forget it done should already. I'm not gonna tell you what is about yet because no one will read it if they are. That's true that's true title. Nobody's going to be really th. I'm really glad you're writing. Say that. I think it's a de tocqueville until you've read it. Stop it stop. it have been wrong. I've only yes number of people. There's is anything you should've led by now. Mesa says never by me and puff from that. Just hope everyone's doing okay. Staying safe and well looking after each other looking after yourselves on today's show we're not gonna do nations league so that we're going to do on thursday but also they will be some england chance to the on rice house this week in run so that'll be good. That got their wish greeley star. Yes it was best player. But we're gonna swear the nation's most of the nations league chat until it's all wrapped up on thursday. So it's going to do when supllies from boone's as a massive game in the front bundesliga the weekend was the of a power shift. Dust statement victory. There was a couple of statement draws in the women's super league which is something. I've yeah i've thrown We'll touch on a couple of other leagues before touch on some of the stuff. That is going to be a little bit of a nice easy monday one. Yup yup into this massive weekend in the women's superleague too big dhabi's while three big dhabi's release seconds dhabi as well which wanna begin also chelsea. I actually wanted to begin with them. Yeah miss is really interesting game. Not run manchester united's to manchester city to city went tuneup of to lock just before halftime. Two second half time versity and then united drip back an almost one layton and biscuits interesting. Because i felt united out four city even when city with enough were were up. It sounds so strange to say it but like you think well. I feel united. Made better use of their pieces. Done said he did. I mean that's the show over the. I think over the course of the whole ninety minutes. Yeah i mean you obviously. Of course even then. I was watching going missing. I almost wonder if the first time the city have too many playmakers in that scored have too many because so they have colby was amazing was amazing. I want to say that and effect to be almost a third in terms of the way she pulls away and builds play was almost a third. Eight tubs of playmakers amazing. It occupies central spices. Much way. hasn't been her best this year. I think that's fair to say. This is so strange because that game the chelsea City committee show much her and some have kind of been playing the same way since opening game so strange. I just watching both their careers. Parallel slaughter dwell me. Let me slide calm. Considering that quality. Dan not quite the level of delivering the level that they may be one too. And i look at that city and then also an white was slightly off target and she had to write chattan. Does she snatched even even that. That role is strange. Like she's playing in this midst from three but with the isolated considering city have behind her is so strange to see a nine in that formation so isolated considering house that he donated the phone larry's so it was like city were dominant but what making best use of their pieces whereas united made full use of all the pieces. I thought even relation to midfield. Like jackie cronin this season. She's having just in terms of her self sacrifice. Containment a midfield has been outstanding. And i think this game you come away from this game watching united and think my god this soda because they figure you out contain you they figure you out. They start imposing themselves. And by the end i felt worth strongest side. Yeah i thought so. Yeah on the balance. They should have like eight one that game that would have been absolutely fair result cases thirty said after the game that she completely got it wrong in the first half and then i think you saw that with the way them much nicer came out in the second completely changed the game. Yup is interesting what you said about much not using the most piece because i thought that they were so superior especially for the first twenty minutes the whole of the first half and they probably should have been more up to half time club. Kelly's goal was unbelievable. Phillips really finished british nice angle from behind the go away. You see how much he's had to like run around the defender in kind of outside of the foot into the country twice. You try to jam reminded me off fits golden. Has i guess. I xe the kim that you did mention her. Well yeah because the way that she was like she tried it twice and was so funny. You don't often see it. She was like trying to pick the lock. What round outside the right. And it came back to her then she was like okay now. I've got the goal and it was such a clever. You could see her. Thinking is the. That's why i love coach. He's so clever. At like improvising. She can pull wide and play. She could play wide all day. Which eventually did the other day. She's devastating penalty box. Also have penalty-taking technique is off. The scale is one of the best but one of the best. You'll see anywhere really. She was probably the player that i mean. Harrison mir samir is first i in particular was on another level some mirrors israeli in a groove at the moment. I think it was light worked for her. It was the way she built tax and do it. She would basically like she would construct the player. She was stalking the ball. she would take. It was strange because she's taking tobaks then within a few paces should be on the edge of that book setting everything up. This is actually something. I was gonna say because i think how high six foot right so fight makes her look kinda like what he see. Wendy renault right yep and that the physical presence is something that dominates of discourse around them but you is is rapid. Yeah there was one bit in the first half where they broke forward. And i think it's exactly the thing that you mentioned what. She saw the attacking a few paces on the opposition bucks. Yes overtaken so many people yeah. She's been so impressive this season. Maybe we'll touch on the orbit because in a little bit. Because i wanted to just wrap up the first off with yes show like laura came with the first of two goals in this game console. Wt cpi and then ten minutes in second half tobin heath with an angry goal and celebration combo the amount of tweets. We got about the agricole. We got nine tweets. Yeah yeah people are anglo. Yeah you don't need to read it from us on that. That's an angry goal. We felt that could feel about. Yeah i think it was. The red voices does a great podcast. That she a shoutout to read voices much as focused and they cover Both teams are women's teams and they may commented like just can't believe that she had that from their angle is almost like slice with the kind of talk laces almost like discuss across it ended coach either. Ripston he rips. It came from a really really good spell of manchester united pressing as well and they just kind of sits the full bronze into an era tobin. Heath didn't even take a talk. She just hit it first. Time lovely angry celebration is great pressing this weekend. Actually in those in the great pressing in this one and then curse hansa. Nikolai shot up to her. She made a huge difference on the flight. It really did. And casey sunny deserves credit for. She brought on custody hans halftime. So jessica cigs worth off. And i think really helped united lauren. James had an impact when she came on as well breath her feet. She's like a drew spent her andrew spence. I think those two that may be the best extra in terms of english players extract themselves from lock small spaces that footwork in and around. That area is unreal. Yeah yeah and like you said. Tonight's probably could've naked the end. Yeah finished finished the game by far the better side. They remain top of the league. They were still unbeaten aside in the league chelsea. Who haven't lost. I think it raised a couple of questions for regarding taylor after the game because he hasn't really found a way to integrate roosevelt now. Roosevelt had a tricky. If injuries she she missed a lot of the challenge cup washington spirit because she. I think she had a hamstring problem. So she's been she hasn't been fully fit for a while especially in this. Stop start here. However when she has played for my city of it's been from the bench and when she started she's been played wide not really to her strength as essential playmaker and there was a lot of on twitter about a wessler roosevelt. She didn't get off the bench saturday and this is a problem that they could figure out because they haven't been wildly creative. This season much having scored apart from the bristol city game. They've not scored a a huge mop goals. They can be contained. This is the problem in the canyon. I don't think i was watching them and thinking about like coaching to their full level like united. You see them playing the full extent and city across the board. I'm seeing like seventy percent. Seventy percent of what. They can do a mass. That's a concern for them. And i you know when. I say they got too many playmate because i'm like well. Yeah because it's not. They don't ruthless not ruthless enough and highlight will had a great game. The united just in terms of the containment and just sort of We're going to give them into field. Give the possession. But it's like evidence that caught fire everton. Basically city have to be concerned. About how many blows their landing and teams just absorbing them especially at the very top of the league of the very top of the league admits an element of we kind of know what they're gonna do to us. If that makes sense and the theme lavelle lavelle basic gives you explosive but most people can do confronting running but lavelle breaks the fields right running and her angles and yet the angles of her passing her running the cuts that she makes. That's a unique skill set and they brought in a i. I saw the carry on with the. I thought to myself. Yeah that's funny because you using color scope. It goes before he's a tried and tested prote- but she's also something to which they've seen before right. They've seen that they haven't seen but roosevelt running at a united midfield is actually quite radical proposition. And it's a brain. She said she's probably the one of the greatest purveyors of the fela kuti theory plus the everything. Scott everything's whereas your count on with his life. If that makes sense the safest substitution could And i just thought. I thought i saw is the Could have been bribe me too me too absolutely awesome. One chelsea one in the top of the table clash of the week and also taking the lead late in the game five. Beth made thanks to an angry with me to bar cyst. Yes there was this point who've made about super quiet mostly the game. I think she only completed one pass in the first half and in the second half chelsea completely swarmed arsenal and the open up ten. Fifteen minutes of the game also just couldn't really get our tool. maybe ten. Ten minutes of the second-half wasted a few good chances after awesome how to cope. Look good chances in the first half like caitlin ford. Hit the bar twice. Believe i've never seen that in my life. Someone tweeted oh. My three started cheering for women. Couple minutes later for his the ball twice and she is that happened all the time. Study so no no. It really doesn't it will never happen again. In your life. Hit the shelf from what. Twenty five builds. Yeah hit the ball fluently from the ad and hit the bar again. It was unbelievable. It was to be a win thing. Because i think the wind was quite far towards that chelsea. Go as it was the crossbar before. Then in the second half bonilla missed a couple soccer. Mr couple and chelsea looked like they run top for that opening minute and then the problem not a problem but the thing is would ask them who is still missing some key injuries. Kim little i mean because you have people like they've made them are and some of the england contingent lay williamson and the kind of business when she plays if someone like. Danni alexander dunk the goalscoring ability. If beth made. I think kim little sometimes gets left out of the. I think the the people who really really follow women's football always talk about kim litto contemptuous wider persuasion. The her contribution or him important awesome side often gets overlooked. She is like the equivalent of having a job in the start up. Because you see her. When awesome absorbing a huge amount of pressure her ability to just on the bull in tight spaces almost like coaxing awesome. Allow of a defensive position to yes. Yes yes yes she. She's really really amazing. She did this a number of times during the game where she kind of just like you almost feel you could almost feel the pressure fall away from the seventeen point time to get out of crowded car park like a really patient really patient. She's the only way out of comeback. You know when you come back from. Lock your your shopping. Run and someone's books in and you just find a way out. It's just like that. Like option turn option. Option like always always. Yeah and she was. I thought she was absolutely brilliant. Old game actually actually want to meet him. I think was kind of left her own devices because of all that play in the center field. It was almost like you'll have to fend for yourself much of this game. I think i think that was that that makes sense. And that's actually where the also came from me. Tamalpais up on the left hand side is run i think it was mara melda and just thought this is it. And he actually. It came not long familiar. Bright went down injured and looked pretty bad way. But emma hayes left iran and she just couldn't close me demain down great ball into the book and beth made put away up so late in the game. Was it five minutes degar. Maybe later i think even eighty six minutes okay and you really felt like us know that would have done it and then chelsea made a couple of substrate away and then am that was. That was it. Pinilla brought down the right hand side one on one with Lottie we've been more and then tried to square the bowl and women moi just basically slid in deflected up as burger a bit freakish. Actually because it's so weird. Because if i saw a few people criticize sins burger about it and i couldn't make my mind up actually because i thought that yet potentially she could have taken a couple of steps back. There's a really good angle from the byline and it takes a witch project jewelry and he gets up so fast it gets up so i don't know it's one of those ones when she'd been named play the matra not stunning performance in central defence. So it was like such a cruel. I don't think have. Oh no no no no it was. It wasn't but still you still feel the responsibility. Don't you still feel some curb. Really could have won the game not long after she broke through. Should've loved iva. Yes you should have. I think this the thing for this is the thing. That's going to be a bunch of mrs from this first third of the season or whatever where she will look can be like i at my best schools. It's just one of those things i think. The chances are premium these games. And it's difficult because it's hard to deliver consistently when you're feeding off of this scraps off jones's that's because made her name to be on his elsewhere in the women's super leak. Brian beat west ham. One no good goodwin for brian. They should have had a penalty while in the fest. There's an absolute gleaming. Penalty missed spurs. This is a massively disappointing results. Spurs bristol city to spurs to this kind of game spurs should be winning absolutely should be winning and they're still winless. This season the only side to the all winless opera city. That first point of the season was that spurs game two. That was bold. Move alex morgan. It's funny because i looked at that when she went in there and thought that that team needs like more pieces to make it competitive like that was. That was the time i didn't. They during its bristol city. But i think the move for alex morgan. We spoke about before. I think the best thing. It's a pressure-free returned to fitness. Play back into full Shot a baby less than six months ago. Decent project to play in the league against some of the best players in the world. I think that move. Khanna makes no sense especially you know being in london this stuff but does a poor result for spurs. They did go down to ten players. They had rounded team was sent off for our which i thought was a little bit harshly but still considering a last minute. Equaliser is not good again especially Bristol city who have been basically hammered by everyone. This season birmingham on the second stage Vela one and everton though reading are quiet an austere at side radio. Good side yeah. Yeah yeah. I mean also everton victim of i think heightened expectations other than we can say it was a cop hang because the game was a while ago now by reading decent side and of breakdown am evanston those still two points ahead of manchester city so the table as it stands much to talk on seventeen points also second sixteen chelsea third fourteen chelsea just have a game in hand against villa if they win that though an epson fourth my city v most the super league man. I mean those games. Those games are superb and yeah just quickly on on chelsea as well the ferocity of depressing talk controversial for you to be still the best team in that division. I think they're still the fibers to win like yup germany. It was a gigantic weekend in the frown. Liga it was that we say it a snl. Freiburg nil i respect to respectively. Doing that the second biggest game the weekend big weekend. Bye against boost. Book club presidents pasta and present turn up towards this signed the fixtures importance and yet buying votes book. Full one them. Yeah now missing. Full players for this pyeho will soon and bremer is a huge absences. These are players. Who would make a difference to the peak having said that the ferocity with which bind began this game with just they just the the the the a few years ago by being thrashed by volksbank. Last time i saw them play they. It was a one all draw and buying came to a vote. Spokane assertive action by the end. Could have snatched it but still ultimate quite defensive phase this one they won the front foot drought. The run of really good run actually against wolfsburg. Why haven't lost to wolfsburg in five games ago last six no in the lake and even before that they won the game before the as well as they've actually you know bug one to the last seven between these two which has been slowly kind of shifting sign of the times buying got closer and closer by she said like missing alot of players buying having added strength in depth Just me shrivenham for great p. She wrote about this buzz about how this was effectively statement victory but also specifically about how well have integrated new players. Matt's non small achievement. I think five plays integrates. it consider. We've just discussed how city of have trouble. Also the covert season so people like people coming in with the different levels of a fitness. Both mental and physical and bind have discussed this thing done. They are looking sufa. Dangerous hundred record in the league and played nine one nine scored thirty and the goal that they conceded was it was a penalty. Yup yup boost scored the first goal bind conceived in the league this season. What's interesting about this as well. The team in slide aspects concerning is how quickly lena oberdorf has become a vital for them about ten nineteen lay number of soviet union. Right so you know. An amazing planet a dream world. It was in a pop oberdorf midfielder be great to watch but she's quickly become a creative For them and i notice in the final in the chonreznick. Leon what you were saying at the time of a high point for this voice book. I'm just worried about the replacements. The players that broughton roseburg. I worried that like they're not going to run. Europe loss lot did i thought of those. Changeover guardia european level of the final. But there's also a changing happening league level to 'em missouri changing the at european leveler winona tons of the pecking order like sold out farmland. Thought this time. Next year auditing full. Spoke are going to be like leila's main challenger that makes sense that makes sense so obviously the dominant grow piece of it on the just his brilliant as i said. Britain is just adequate. This excellent. that'll go smooth pita actually not quite as good as crunchy. But if it's all there you'll take it that's basically what my written work is like. That's the that's the most thing you said. What is oversleeping above. Yeah that that could be the new populism but you're a smooth being a book. We are because i cook with a lot Using shit wind to cook like you know. I'm talking about slice of peanut. No no no because you cook you. Don't cook with a full year. But levine in the same way that you don't well as she the all of us but some of us look at this guy. Everyone book in public school of even if you merely town i should have not really anyway wonder at some point. We'll talk about my recipes with smooth peanut butter. Yeah but i'm talking about on taylor. I mean on toast i. I haven't had tyson of time to be honest about the whole peanut butter as a whole. Is this like one of those like my hand crooked over the jaw. 'cause it's actually the i used to eat it all the time. It's the dryness. Actually now snow play chat. Oh my god. My god still come out by skit out within dreadfully off. Wow wow oh my goodness have a good man he better. You'd better off to ask. So where would we bought the league top league and looking powershift looking extraordinary looking really special. We'll be careful though because to being a hot on the heels only three points behind them overseas to being has ship with hata flying returning to some of the potential classic being the teams. This was the real classic over the weekend to be frank for the old school. Classic tabby in frankfurt one no and up to third quickly in spain buses game against abe was postponed. Pull boss alone. I keep getting that game spun because of covid restrictions but they Four points behind ten reef with three games in hand athletic. Two points ahead of him boston. Five straight so they all of that game so far having conceded a goal unless he bet betis four one probably the biggest game in the weekend. Rahmatullah be one no taken away doing all right athlete. Row matured good acquisitions. Yeah if in the league. In france leon are obviously tom. A one scored twenty conceded to but that a tricky game on the weekend for them only winning five one on friday against soil. psg meanwhile a second after fourteen nil win against a c fourteen nil mussa not and got six. I mean at this level. At this point i just want to see what 'cause obviously not tired of losing anytime soon or not winning any anytime soon. I wonder if there's going to be a change in. Be the champions league. Just a mismatch and resources fourteen now so dispiriting. That's the one thing. I have about this financial disparity. Ps second behind. Leo two points behind not in a demon is an absolute boss. She was the first footballer. I spoke to in terms of it into be at the women's champions league final in that we can in budapest. She's an absolute j. I don't think we've already spoke about her huge amount on this podcast but honestly shown tonight Either chat never game published with her about just just about football because she's got an amazing box story which i think a lot of people of her are aware of and when we had a shot at that and this was. I think i've talked about this before. The is amazing weekend around the women's champions league and budapest twenty nineteen and i was looking to go and attend. That was a big day of talks. And stuff. Like that. And i got in the day and i just said to the story about halfway afghanistan. She's done the tokes stuff and she said two hundred full and we just shot the shit about for awhile and she's an absolute and scored six on the weekend. I'd love to see her in the super league again. Because i know he went to city and it didn't really work out for her was she actually framed as in the in amazing ways she said you know all the thing was like now if you say like she she was saying you know if you see like address on the shelf and you love an amazing and he by and you take it home and it. Doesn't you still really want it to fit. It doesn't fit quite right and you never quite then it becomes quite way. Yes basically like. That's what much assistant and she said. A lot of people thought it was a money thing. She's gonna give shit about the money. Amazing i'm gonna make my money as a surgeon when she's oh she should. She's trying to. I think she's chinese best such oh she's qualified. She's qualified doctor massive props to not editing six goals on the weekend. Love that laptop for her. She's just amazing. She we rebel that and then get into a back. Stir art get into a mailbox. We're gonna virus. He says both gimmie three players. I play fell in love with watching the play. Second someone you wish. She could have watch live. Three favorite comply. Why is it such a scary question. Mark hughes i playful enough with mark hughes. Yeah because molecules. It always school those goals for united and their lean periods as a volley he scored against everton. I always talk about beautiful. Lob volley in into one old. Roy think pat nevin scored the opener. Not sure but everton and he's equalizing hughes which is score these beautiful volleys now and again and just dragging the data mediocrity time and again to hughes was the first. I think i was attracted to as much as the bravery. Technique was one thing but the bravery of hughes a play. I'd love to have watched live. I think peaks done with so poetic. I think zidane is the most elegant or either peaks on or no doubt. Let me go back to run out. Actually the president went out of the phenomenon at his peak is still the most devastating football. I've ever seen in any form so we're not live in favorite plan now right now she because macy's had a difficult start this seaside right now. It might even be greenish. Said joe no no right now joel. Embiid's moment in this particular precise moment. I love shafi looks much. He's probably he's top three me talk to but i think right now is greenish. Just the kind of just to see someone playing with so much freedom to see someone on whom the spotlight is finally falling even though he's being this level for a very long time so yeah probably jack closely followed rafi. Shroud greenish is mine. You mentioned john gruber shot. Let's see how she mean. Jack is one of those ones whereas like shroud greenish. I'm going to stop pushing the greenish to athletic. Don't funny about that. That would be incredible because the amount of defensive work that british does the hard work does he. Now that he player. He's the most english. Is the most letty english player. I think you saying it's about fucking everyone gets because pizza because that's because no one knows what it means. That's the thing is it doesn't mean anything about time. Someone she asked me. What does that mean like unexplained people here like it's an energy it's just pure deflection pure populism. Give the message what they want. It was like only has just amazing operatic waving them like but if you analyze it did i've. I've spent hours hours going into the wee hours of the morning. Like always sunny in philadelphia. Thing just with quotes. I'm like none of this means fucking anything. I've just figured out. I've been catfish stu time. This is the longest everyone's like saudi. I realized like guys again every now and again people get in touch. You're like i'm gonna go onto me. Like i feel like i've been rumbled. Good i could just keep going keep doing. I've fished everyone. That's it and i'm glad you did catfish stuck with me now. The world's subscribe and keep reviewing you know the buttons haven't even given answer. This is silly Okay i player fell in love with watching play. I think was probably david broke. Hostile ladies Something about that number seven show and the way he played that era vaas beautiful yellow navy away shirt when the league with. I'm filled in well. He chipped british markle before it was fashionable. I think i think he's one of those players. Actually who because if what ended up happening with injuries that i think he will forever go down as one of the most underrated awesome applies. Actually what england place actually england. David roku technical ability famous goal morton. Famous statements go when he basic. I think bryan robson the triple the will decision then chips. Markle from what that yards and michael is how far less than six years of his lung. An a chip. It wasn't a wasn't a dry if it wasn't alana's chip he was technically out of this world. And the smoothest i. It's weird that you comparisons to the daily thing which might rose lavelle stall running a stall of running that i think the way the cuts that he made and oftentimes patient bowl like an in house all but then widely but through the middle of the field very underrated extraordinary play extraordinary play. Yeah yeah someone. I wish i could have watched live. I would have loved to send coif live. Yeah yeah the three in a row i excited would have loved to live seventy four netherlands squad. I have loved to have seen live. He was obviously in both of those. So yeah i would have loved to seen play live m favorite current player Favorite women's players still probably vivid. Meet emma roosevelt. Obviously they might see probably favorite women's rights as normal citing injury right now. Would it be like. Oh yeah yeah right now. Yeah men's tough one. I've a real soft spot for the young guns coming through. You know. I love raina a lot. One of my favorite moments of the year was the i wrote that the goal against psg holdings on the floor of the camera angle coast to hold on the full celebrating and go rhino. Knoxville committed a shot like two young puppies just like job each other. So so wholesome just folklore. And i think he's going to be a potential bondo winner. Jeremy and i don't think that's a massive overstatement he's got i think he's got way. More potential polasek added the h. Actually creating rb degree and put a i think he's a player than pulisic. Was that age and that is saying something because you say extraordinary very highly. Right on is amazing. Fatty just makes me happy. Every time i same artist love him joy. Yeah plays that. Bring you joy at the moment. The my go-to and i think that a lot of that comes with the youthful. Naievty the these guys. I don't know how great they are. They don't know that they're applets in all these records like youngest player to score for spain youngest player going classical youngest by school for boss lowering youngest players going champions league football salerno all of this stuff you know for raina. Youngest americans start in the champions league youngest american or is it youngest assist maker in champions league or american things assists. Yeah all of this stuff like they just don't know where they probably do know but they don't care because these also what noma sisters lisa crunch time these a pivotal does so yeah. I probably those two in the primarily. Probably thomas party or not just because i lived in athletic Someone who. I never thought awesome sign but in that way and i still can't believe boston going to be honest. Credible there's a there's a crop sometimes of like la league central midfielders. That i think are just fun. He is just one kant. Believe awesome also. You'd love associated season. Where i would need this. You live in san sebastian. Go much brown sauce in every every other week. Saucy dot is one of those clubs where you look at the players go what it many for the leaf and you go there. Yeah leaves on not place. Is that to as if anyone hasn't been the best in. This isn't an ad. We're not working for the basque country tourist board though yet paul one day we shall exactly rice cooker. Richard nine rice. Cahoon data goodness nacho hundred. I'll of josh. Can you like less than an hour from bilbao. Bilbao is unbelievable. It's just that whole strip is and the food man the food gun hang out with job lonzo goodness me all right. Let's move on savings question here from marshall. Saint patrick ewing shots. The machine potty. Greg clock has resigned. Slush been moved on. But what does that really change so for those. You missed it. Fa while now former chairman. Greg clock resigned last week or was nudged after using outdated language but also just coming up with a wig point we we were talking about it in the south group and basically the faa have got an opportunity now to make a good higher. Yep and when you're dealing with spoke consisting of players from very diverse backgrounds get ahead of the operation that kind of reflects that or at least understands the diversity in the understood understand. Yeah like someone said That was a lot of common and this is the thing noise about. This conversation is the childishness which is conducted. Oh he's off his time. He said this he said that. All policing language okay. His bing people make mistakes or say city things or say ignorant things all the rest of it right. People are entitled to say with things that's the world society to be living living. Save it for the private members club. Save for the gulf coast for job and a position which is not rely upon you serving the needs of a broad range of constituents if your a doctor and you come out with comments about people in your community what it means is you might not be looking for right. Socioeconomic factors that trigger certain online symptoms. You look them because you're ignorant because if you'll saying stuff about oh this demographic this professional that profession then for example you might be like. Oh because you don't think that certain professions certain i'm minorities like professions. You might look for muscle strains. Because i'm like oh that guy copying auntie consultant. He's black without person. Can't be a fuller. He's asian whatever it means that your ignorance about these people's actual lives means that you don't spoke challenges that they might be navigating lives. He can't cater for them. That's the thing with greg clock. And i think a lot of people actually know that ryan. I think this conversation isn't really about doing the best work you can. It's because those people who facing a backlash a lot. The people who base initiating the backlash themselves arrogant in their personal lives they themselves. The projecting babe himselves cruel and mean and oh ignorant or whatever all three and they see. When clark has been cooled. The like that could have been me. Yeah and the thing is here. There's no debate this like unfortunately with with the contest over the last decade or so with debate and herring both sides. Actually when one side is wrong the wrong. Yeah they're onto sized story when there is a natural wrong thing here yes. Greg clock was fundamentally wrong. What you did. And i don't care if he's if a certain age you are representing an organization that is made up of really diverse set of members. Do the fucking work because the work isn't that hard. But i think it's i think. This is a cassette on twitter about daily mail targeting. Marcus rash foot for him by properly a couple of questions about that so maybe we could segue into that. Because yeah chris shoot worrell would love to his side thoughts on that newspaper the size signing marcus rush which was fair game and we had Another one from john lockin. What your thoughts on the absolute muck that was the article written about shriver the weekend to be honest with you that newspaper for longtime mclovin newspapers and fundamentally the paper generally follows. The mood of the read is evidently gets things wrong. Fundamentally provides a service he saw when the sunday did with hillsborough marcus. Russia's greatest crime to them was allowing children. I only two eight but to dream because they look marcus rush foot you came before he came from and he basically built an expertise and skill set golden expertise in a skillset used that platform to inspire millions and his greatest crime is going to be on now. It's like he questioned the basis of the wealth that he was making a questioned. The basis society in hurt rewards in her doesn't he didn't just take his money and shutoff racist crime. He took his money because he said things could be better. And that is immensely threatening. Its immensely threatening but this is why like call said. We're on rice house last week. Diversity in journalism is so vital. It's absolutely by to the more easy for everyone to access the gray of the quality of the work. Good every move onto a breakfast. Let's have this for financial crows. Dan can union make it to top four in the bundesliga. Bugai's be safe and take care. It's really show answer ready. Sorry but no resources resources resources even even even even in the medium to long-term nike not yet in terms in terms of vibes. That champions league no question. Art harris on max cruiser in the same yeah jars. Well you're showing showing up. Yeah showing up showing out. We had a load of things about tobin. Hey tango. I mean the ferocity there. Yeah she calva. Don't forget right. He's house on wednesday right engine at this week. We'll be back on thursday during a bit of nations league may be some fun stuff that gets the ring dot com for slash soccer stadium twitter instagram complaints and slender to okwonkwo onto our. But he is any compliments at rhinehart. You don't just give advice for me. Please his up like people already but a text message out of nowhere or video mischief nowhere in particular does wonders is like twenty seconds on your phone you. What's up it. You'd never know when you out because people feel seen and connect with them. So if there's anything that you feel you can do surprise listening where you could reach out to someone and just made the bill seen that like going through it and that's cold i'm here. It's a tiny thing. But i think i think it has a large cumulative effect so you say i go into a little bit of the habit of just like sending people video messages from what. I'm just like walking somewhere. Yeah i said good yeah. He's actually dislikes phone. Rodman in transition off the pace books. The books folks the bars poke koster before we play out now. I'm good starts this week. Yeah maybe we should declare an annual study our week of vibes we should actually we caught tipped. Can you imagine. We played out this week on serpent by actress. And yeah hope. Everyone's during archaic. Stay safe from well rights house on wednesday. And then we'll be back with another episode on thursday

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