MORE ON TRIVIA: Los Angeles Rams vs. New Orleans Saints | 1/18/19


Pat gray is here on the blaze radio network node morning hours. Hourigan friday. Welcome to it. Finishing up the week together. More on trivia coming up in about an hour. And the matchup today. Rams versus saints Los Angeles against. It's. New Orleans and. It'll be exciting should be a great game though. I know should be a great game trivia fourteen and four on the season. Yeah, we had we had week last week colts. Got the colts got a break during more on trivia. But they couldn't get the break during the real game. Now, those afraid of that too. I know they're lose more on trivia, by the way has a little hiccup. When it's the chiefs Rams are patriots. And that's who were pretty much down to. So I've noticed a trend there. Those are those the games. We lost Rams were one of them when we're chiefs in one was patriots. So who were the chiefs? Yeah. So trivia has a blind spot trivia is not gonna make me like chiefs. I'm sorry. Why don't you like? I like him. I like the chiefs Andy Reed's coach, I know they look good BYU alumni. You know, there's a BYU alumnus airline safety aware the games. Yeah. Yeah. Pick six a couple of weeks ago. What's going to go to BYU know that in Provo Utah where that's located so triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three all right players to other kids are there. Everybody's like such as who believe that was neurophysical. I'm Evan bane. I don't know he's one of their lineman that and airworthy when the tell him a story. All right. Well, get your facts straight, and then come straight then come to table. You gotta be ready. Oh, sorry to. All right. A couple of weeks ago. Well, it's probably been months now Glenn had an entire program about home, title fraud. And rightly so because this is something I don't think a lot of people know about until until this came up with us about six months ago. I didn't know anything about it home, title fraud is exploding. 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Grade of lose. All right. The battle continues between Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi. CNN only seems to see the Donald Trump part of it calling him, you know, immature childish because he responded what about what Nancy Pelosi is doing. None of that matters. That's not a problem for them. Of course, it was only when Trump responded and took away their flight privileges to again, they were gonna go to Afghantistan, Egypt, and Belgium Belgium, a most of that the pleasure trip, you know. And then he throw in a visit to the troops just to make justify the whole thing. You gotta get update your pamphlets for the campaign season twenty twenty. Yeah. Shaken hands with troops and stuff, of course. And so Trump took away their military transport plane and said, but you know, you're obviously free to fly commercial. If you want those commercial flights into Afghantistan great. That's just I mean, this is why he was elected, right? There's nobody else who would ever do this. Nobody would do it. Except Donald Trump. And maybe it's wrong to take delight and pleasure in it. And yet it still happened. I took delight and pleasure. One of the best parts of it. Was that happened? Right. When she was she was act. Yeah. Ready to our away from the flight there warming up on the tarmac. So we're already on the dos back. Yeah. Bye. Tests. Lindsey Graham, took exception to it. Oh, no. He didn't didn't like it was on the Trump train. Yeah. Well, kind of got off at the last stop got off of the Trump train. You know? It's it's interesting because obviously, it isn't probably the most mature thing to do what Trump did right by. But I don't care. Sounds care for it is what we put him enough. It is this is what he does. Yes. We want from him. Right. All of that is true. And but. Lindsay saying two wrongs don't make a right one. Sophomoric response. Does not deserve another. So that's what he's babbling. Now. Meanwhile, that Muslim who's just elected in Minnesota continues to just be as outrageous as she possibly can be. In fact, she so outrageous, even CNN kind of held her feet to the fire yesterday on Omar. Yeah, she's she's awful. She's the first Somali American elected to congress. She's also Palestinian, right? And she Palestinian. Maybe that's another one I'm thinking of. But I thought she had Palestinian routes. Anyway, she was pressed by CNN about her controversial tweet regarding Lindsey Graham. Here's what he said. You tweeted we're gonna put this up on the screen regarding Republican congressman Senator Lindsey Graham believe we we have this tweet saying they got him he is compromised, and there it is. I wonder if he'd explain what what you were talking about their this sparked a fair amount of criticism. Not just from Republicans. Can you explain that comment? So over the last three years, we have seen many times where Senator Lindsey Graham has told us how dangerous this president could be if you was given the opportunity to be in the White House and all of the sudden he's made not only eighty turnaround, but three. I know this isn't the main thrust of no. Needs to be said, I'm with you. That's the way she pronounce his sudden what happened to the DS in the word all of. Yeah. All of a sudden. Did she get that accent? Background. I don't see New York in here. It's a Connecticut like northeast thing. Yeah. And sometimes of Utah thing all of a sudden Clinton Clinton amount end button. But in anyway, shoes. It'd be in the White House and all of the sudden he's made not one hundred eighty turnaround, but three sixty three. Wade. He's made not only a one eighty which is a full reversal right away. But now he's gone all circled clear round back to where he wasn't the first cozy should like it. One eighty then that's a problem for not only. But then he's also done a three sixty. So he's the same as he was go to circle. I mean that happened all of a sudden, she's not all of a sudden, she's not very bright. Is she hears more? Not only one hundred eighty turnaround sixty around. And so I am. There is something happening with him. Whether it is. You know, something that has to do with his funding when it comes to running for office. Whether it has something to do with the pooling that they might have in in his districts, or whether it has to do with some sort of leadership within the Senate is somehow compromised longer stand up for the truth to to make sure that he is fighting to protect the oath that he took ensuring being the American. That's quite a charge to make you say, you're pretty sure based on based on what evidence. What facts that that's a remarkable comment to make about a sitting US Senator. The evidence really is. Does that send to us? It's being presented in the way that he's behaving. But that's not evidence that that's your opinion. But now, congress you have tweeted, they got him on this again, just based on what evidence congresswoman, my might sweet was just an opinion based on what I believe to be visible to me. And I'm pretty sure there are lots of Americans. Spill out on Israel to remind people what you tweeted about Israel in two thousand twelve during the offensive in Gaza. You wrote Israel has hypnotize the world may all awaken the people and help them. See the evil doings of Israel. You've commented a lot then. Then trying to explain what you meant by that. And I wonder just what your message is this morning as the first on our game changers series to Jewish Americans who find that deeply offensive. Oh, that's the regrettable way of expressing that. I don't know how my comments would be offensive to Jewish. Precisely are addressing what was happening doing the Gaza war. And I am clearly speaking about the way that the regime was conducting itself in in that war while she's despicable regime. That's. Yeah. Well, so you how did she get elected to office? That is that is unbelievable. That is unbelievable that person like this extremist a hideous extremists. Like this who hates Israel who hates Jews who hates Republicans. Clearly, doesn't know what the hell she's talking about. She doesn't. She doesn't know anything about these issues. And she's a US congressperson now. Wow. She didn't know why anybody would be offended by that was really. Wow. Then seriously again, you don't have a brain. If you can't figure that what out. Yeah. It's been a whisper campaign that's going on against Lindsey Graham to no one wants to come out and do what they're trying to do here. Yeah. Do you think she's trying to say that he's gay? Can we absolutely was a big push yesterday? Really, the wispy other whisper Robert are you able to go back to that point where the questioning begins with her where she says his compromise video if you don't mind just pick it up where when it comes to know before whether about ten seconds before that watch the CNN inkers lean in because this is what they want her putting her on the spot, and they're hoping that she will say this out loud. They ask it. She starts to answer watch. The just watch the Anchor's Leinen. Oh my gosh. We're gonna get the sixties. And so I am pretty sure that there is something happening with him. Whether it is, you know, something that has to do with his. Say. Because you have the NBC chick just the other day. Can we can we can play on that one? We haven't played that one yet. Right. We're we're the talking on the set there about Lindsay Graham, they're trying this. They're trying to courteous before Donald Trump got elected Lindsey Graham called Donald Trump, a racist, xenophobic bigot. That is Lindsay Graham's words, I doubt, Linda Graham could tell you Donald Trump's had a change of heart in the last twenty four months. I bet what the change of heart has been with Lindsey Graham, not the president or it could be that Donald Trump or somebody knows something pretty extreme about Lindsey Graham. We're going to. What he they know something pretty extreme. The press is trying to punish Lindsey Graham for sticking up for tra- nets. Exactly what's happening right now. And yes, they held the congresswoman from Minnesota Omar feet to the fire on all those issues did a great job CNN. But you know, the reason that interview was originally booked with. So let's do this Lindsey Graham this let's see if she will stay stay stay with the fact that she believes, well, it shouldn't be an issue to them gayness should not be a problem in MSNBC. Why are the why would you even why would that even be thing? But yeah, this is what you get when you stick up for the hall. That's really something. Yeah. A little smear campaign going on with Lindsey Graham right now because he said good things about Trump three sixty. That's there's a three sixty. I don't know what you're talking about. He's come completely back around to where he was before. So you can't have that. Right. Can't have that Graham has said that he hopes Trump takes a hard look at the Syria decision. You know, Lindsey Graham is nothing if not a hawk no kidding. He's he's a war. He has. But first what's up? Yeah. And he's an ex military guy. That's why he's an ex military guy. Yeah. Yeah. He's in the who's in the air force or something or something like that. Yeah. All right. And he's he's always supporting seems like military action. He's always supportive of that. Whereas some of us have gotten tired of that some of us have gotten tired of running into every single fracas around the world. Really? Yeah. I don't know who. But some of them said, you know, what? Maybe it's time we mind our own business for a while. I don't know even in the Middle East. Yeah. Especially in the Middle East Africa Europe. Yes. Even in southeast Asian, really. Yeah. Pretty much everywhere. Yeah. Unless we're tact than you attack back with with just incomprehensible force. It'd be nice. Yes. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three. All right. If you're thinking of buying or selling a home this year real estate agents, I trust is a company Glenn started six years ago. And he did it because he was frustrated with the experience he had. And it's just frustrating. Not only is it frustrating. When an age doesn't do a good job for you. But you also lose money on your house at it takes a long time. The longer your house sits there. The more buyers think well, let's wrong with the place. Why can't you sell it on not gonna pay that price for it? They know they have you over a barrel of it's on for, you know, six months or a year two certainly two years. 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Looks like about two thirds of young adults who leave home stop going to church for at least a year between the ages of eighteen and twenty two to a new life way research survey. That's a lot of people saying, according to the director of lifeway now, that's not for me. It's not right for me at my age right now. But when I think about this, I think okay, two thirds of people stopped going to church because they're they get on their own their own. They wanted to breaking away. They're saying, hey, I'm on my own now. I get to do what I want right. My parents can't sweet ago. I did the same thing. What I left home I stopped going for two or three years. And again, you know, and then I grew up and realized it was important to me and it went back. So I'm hoping that's what happens here. And this is not a trend of like the way Europe headed where only four percent of adult people. Go to church now, you're for that. Right. Four percent are regular church. We've talked about how the tendences dropped. Yeah. In churches here in the US. But I don't think it's no it's percent. It's not four. But instead only been headed it's trending downward and has been for some time. But yeah, Europe things are. Good. Wow. As far as church any churches left. Not not many. That are full anyway. Right. There's a lot of empty churches. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three and Pat unleashed on Twitter. You know, we we've been playing the game. Stop woman, very lovely beautiful just beautiful enough. She's still beautiful not a supermodel yet bright. Well, she she should be contacted by somebody who could go to cover girl or cover up. Wow. That was I don't I don't even know what you're talking about. What would you cover any of that up? You just wanna see her radiance interviewed you. Right. And she got a little upset. She admits in the, but she did she do it. What did she say? If I did at one hundred thousand to do it the same way. Yeah. Really gret things over you'd scream the F word you'd threatened to beat the guy of Our Lady like nice, tell the other people find their pets. It's so great. So anyway, we found out yesterday. She's a rapper. She wraps too. Yeah. This guy who is now a girl is a rapper. And it's interesting because we can only find we can only find the actual rap songs from the this person's prior identity as a man. Oh, she's been busy, right? Few months. You know, worrying about stuff to be getting. Districts still want us to promote the user. That would be hateful. Which is why we turned her game stop experience into a rep song. Oh nice. Yes. And put it to a beat. And here's Harrap now. Hey, pay pay pay pay. Ma'am. I was so angry. For number. Or visit. Justify. Man. Thirty. It's ma'am, ma'am. That's the name of the song. It's it's called. It's ma'am. Of. We actually looked toward the rap songs that checks perform, right and put to music herself. But there were only instances of the only thing we could find was when she was a he. And that would be hateful to Steph. Steph, just respectful. Yes. She's a, ma'am. Now. Okay. Man. I I love the fact that you're supposed to immediately know that this person that we see their screens the ma'am, that's obviously and she says to during the the scream fest. I I'm obviously a man, I'm obviously clearly a woman over here. Okay. Going three hundred sixty. Back to me. Well, there was a one eighty and then there's also a three sixteen. What happened to your house? Show you, sir. You want to see this step out Sagnol show, you Searle? Honestly, I beat you within incher your life not into the middle and xd week go. Yeah. He just ready to kill your family. For generate. It's great so bad. We are supposed to just supposed to know. Yeah. She could she couldn't just say, look, I I'm a woman done if I as as a woman. Right. So I appreciate it. If you call me, ma'am. All right. And I'm sure the kid would have been fine with that. I'll call you, ma'am. Whatever. Right. Just not ever. What do you need help? Maybe don't act like a raging, man. Yeah. On royds. And then maybe to identify you as you might actually be helpful. Yeah. Well, sometimes it's difficult when you're going through the process Edison's get all tangled up inside. So what happens tangle? Yeah. Hate that. Medicines. Get tangled. What are you gonna do? Well, you just yelled scrape. That's what you're gonna do. Exactly. All right, Maxine Waters found a spot for Alexandria Cossio Cortes on her whatever committees. Good. She is. Of course, the House Financial Services committee chair which is good because his great. Yeah. You you want her cherry committee? It's doesn't end will. And she's appointed Cossio Cortes to it. So that's really wonderful couples strong people that the country right out. Water says the time for accountability for the actions to they're going to start investigating White House chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney. It's time for him to be accountable for his actions. What what actions is is. He does need to be accountable for White House vista. That's exactly right. He was paid by Donald Trump. Yeah. Yeah. So also said of Geordie leader Mitch McConnell had four freshman congresswoman chasing around the capital. This was on Wednesday. And one of them was of course, Alexandria Cosio Cortes. She was joined by Jonah Hayes of Connecticut, Lauren Underwood of Illinois and Katie hill of California. They all said they represent an activist freshman class that won't sit still as the partial government shutdown continues. And here's courts they had record what they were doing. They obviously had to show the world because the Porton it's important. It's this is not showboating is this is just important stuff from congress people here, they are doing important things. Now from the central where world now. We went to his office at the capital. The Russell building. We went to the floor not much. He's not he's not in the capital. He's not in the building. He's not in the floor of the Senate and eight hundred thousand people don't have their patients. So where's Mitch? And just just looking at the four of us. You have a former nurse a former teacher, former nonprofit worker and mostly. Shiver? Boneheads? Current boneheads. We'll be suffering everyone else and just to be clear. Not just check for probably close to eighteen months campaigns. All right. I love how she wanted. She wanted to court test to say your former they'll maybe say, don't maybe say it. I'm a bartender. That's interesting seriously embarrassing and we're in for two more. Really? They went to the RAV office is that what happened. Yeah. It went to the wrong office in another office, another really. Yeah. And was he there? Yes. But he wasn't into cloakroom. He wasn't in the Senate floor. He wasn't into Clark. Whereas Mitch he wasn't in the hallway. We check the men's restroom. We would down to the kitchen. He wasn't there. Wait, are you? So he was just in a different offices different office that he that he has what is because his the head of the Senate has another office that he works out of. And he also Mitch also said that he wasn't they didn't let me know that they were coming didn't make an appointment or well there are so important. They're freshman activists. They don't need an appointment. I mean, he's in charge of the Senate, and you're just supposed to be answerable to Causey Cortes at will. And there's another video of Cortes talking about talking with it might have been with the same for congressperson. I'm not sure where she talks about you can make ten years of. With a wondering communist, but it doesn't matter to go out and do it. And she's and now apparently she's going to be giving the the Republicans or the Democrats a Twitter one class. Okay. So we have that to look forward. You know, you you said something just in passing. We looked in the kitchen. We looked in the bathroom if it hasn't already been done. I'm sure it'll happen any where the house side of the building will be transgender bathrooms. You know, either sex can go in women's room. So why hasn't that happened yet house? This needs to. Yeah. Let's get that done. Absolutely. Stop with the sexism. Okay. Yeah. And the gender conformity. Let's stop with. Yeah. With that. When my daughters are getting a tour of the capitol. I wanna make sure that they're in a bathroom with dudes on the house side. Children are able to go to the bathroom when they need to go. I don't want them to look around civic bathrooms, and I want him to go wherever they feel comfortable. That's what I want tag open the bathrooms. All right. 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Don't don't forget more on trivia coming up in half an hour. We got the Rams and saints today. Had gray. Said to us by was just too much touch. It was. I guess there's a lot of different. Bingo cards circulating now. Okay. We'll and that's fine. They can have. Here's the thing. I think they they you can put the words in different boxes, but they have to be. But it has to be consistent words because you could just make our thing you want to be a bingo. And so it needs to be twenty five Pat phrases or sounds that we every sword we should tweet out the car to gin and show, and then we can switch it around with other people's ideas next time, but for this particular bingo game it it needs to be consistent. Otherwise, you could say anything like a BYU reference. I think it was on somebody's list. Yeah. Well, you could make up anything you just said, Pat, gray. So that's where did you set? Donald Trump, okay square. Yeah. You can't do that. Okay. So okay. So often the game. Then we've got in the first in at the top set of boxes unmitigated gall. But stupid again, you can tweet the Knicks things around tweeted out at Pat unleashed douche and these don't count because I'm just explaining to you. Ause right. Michael Jackson voice and Jim blitz. I I wrote, but it doesn't have to be that way. They just it just has to be these categories. These are the categories metric conversion, Al Gore voice, maps, Yoda voice. Your honor? Shut up mean streets of Helena, Jeffey joke becoming more rare on the show. I don't know if you are they to are they tribute to to our love for you. All. Strew John Kerry voice. Alex Jones clip. That's interesting Ivan phone. Arlen Specter voice Jackie which we've already we've already had some of these marked off George Bush voice did that yesterday to dang darn dang L sharp voice. Jimmy, Stewart voice foreigner rockabilly hall of fame reference. Al Roker pooped is bands and pumpkin. Okay. So it was a really good though. Some of those that don't show up a lot. So strong when they do the current hashtag, Pat, bingo. Card is now being tweeted out. So if I stand up and yell bingo on Twitter, do I win something. Okay. Bingo, you call. You gotta call us. You can't tweet this. And I've if you're the first to call triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three's. This is the honor system we're doing here. And then well, you gotta you gotta name the boxes checked off. And we'll we'll check them against hours and one of his game. Start started yesterday or the day before. All right. And we've got a price for you could be one of these caps that caps. Could be a t-shirt. Could you can choose gay? It'll be something from the Packers. It has to be from peg rhythm. Lays chewing the fat want. But you want to give a yeah, it'll be up to them to. So when you go to shop, the blaze dot com, you can type in the search field, Pat, gray and all the stuff that's associated with paddle show up. And I'm sure if they go to search and they type in fabric. Yes. Yeah. Keyword thing. Right. Right. Gordon? Just type you go. You go to any search engine and type it fat. I've right. A joke for you there. And on your news that includes that includes a dictionary, right? It's. It's. That is the old fashioned search. Yes. All right. All right. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three will be the number to call to claim your bingo prize and Pat at least on Twitter, but you can't alert us there because we won't I have no way to tell tweeted I that. I just typed in fat at shop dot the blaze dot com. Okay, from Orson Welles fishbowl. Hell hath, no fury. Like a woman with actual Gibb. Let's and that's right too. Excuse me, ma'am, wrapping. Okay. Right. Right. Obvious obvious low. Have no fury like a woman with actual. Don't pig tweets. Could we now call the US house of representatives when playing more on trivia? Wow, I'd love to do that loves it. Call right into her office. Get her on the line. TJ top. And is this congress lady from Minnesota also pushing for sharia law, she probably will be Piltdown posse. It's it's ma'am gets into the rockabilly hall of fame before for. Man, of course, the rugged role before then that doesn't count just going to say I that doesn't cause we're reading tweets show trying to make that count. It doesn't count to be part of this show. Play bingo pep play Pat, bingo with a pencil eraser. And I like this OB Gainey Kenobi. From from the Obama referenced will be so funny. Most of the people who stopped going to church end up with the godless animals at the university of Utah. Thank you for forty got out. That's brilliant. All right. I've got some true facts here actual facts that sound like they're fake. Some of these are amazing. Absolutely astounding true things that sound so incredible. It's made up if you take one teaspoon of a neutron star. That would be equal to the weight of about nine hundred pyramids of Giza. One one teaspoon of a neutron star would would way the same as nine hundred pyramids heavy. We prove that. Well, you gotta go. Get a teaspoon of a neutron star, which I'm sure they've done multiple times. Had to write right? Here's another interesting. Fact, a teaspoon of sugar helps the medicine go down the fact that the music, I know, it's pretty good. It worked. Right. Okay. France executed the last person by guillotine as recently as the same year Star Wars came out. Well, seventy seventeen seventy seventy that's great. Is that incredible? They took somebody's head off in nineteen seventy seven outage. If speaking of which that reminds me of another incredible fact, this is we were just talking about. Godless animals, the university of Utah. You know, you know, when they when they when they rescinded the law that you could kill Mormons and Missouri or was not long ago that was in the nineteen seventies. It was not long nineteen seventy six same year that France, it was it was the year before France beheaded guy, they finally rescinded the law that the governor of Missouri said, it's it's legal to exterminate more there. I mean, this one it is amazing, and it's horrible. But really that's one of those laws that every state has all these laws that are still intact. That nobody follows a lot of them aren't extermination laws though. There's. Close those are fairly rare. You can't supposed to have sex with the pig stuff. Like that. That's one that should stay on the line. I don't know. I think we can keep that one keeping them don't know. Why no get this one? I almost believe this one. There are more trees on earth than stars in the galaxy. Ooh, that's hard to believe. That is. That's a I I don't I don't know that I buy that. Nasa estimates that there are between one hundred and four hundred billion stars in the Milky Way. So let's say there's four hundred billion stars in the Milky Way. According to nature magazine, there are three trillion trees on earth. This three trillion slopes agrees that more trees on earth and stars in the Milky Way that blows me away that absolutely blows me away breasts of the three trillion trees remember that the next time these tree huggers say, right? You can't spare tree three trillion of them. You could cut down two trillion. We'd still have plenty of. Let's trillion trees eliminate two trillion trees Kuffour pug gonna feel bad about cutting down trees anymore. I never felt really bad. Anyway. No. I know. But that makes me perfectly fine. Do you read them that fact, and then show them the video of then tree getting bumped by that bulldozer? And all that pollen goes flying everywhere. That'll turn you off trees every time you remodel or do. An addition to homes they come around and tell you this tree you can't cut this tree. You can't hurt this tree. And they put the ELO tape around there on we tell them. Yes. We're cutting down trees that at my dad's house. They said you can't cut it as okay, no problem. And then every week go out and cut another three feet off of that tree. Every every week until it was down to a stub ribs, the stump. I don't know what's wrong with it. Okay. Well, you now. Yeah. This is stupid there. Pat bulldozer hits a tree you've seen this. Poof, all that. We're going to try to get this on TV here in a second of cool. So that'll it's cool. But it's also freaky. It is. It's bad. If you have allergies too, though, there's a lot of pollen in your system. All right. So I mean, you could cut down a whole forest a dent in the situation of this of this planet. Here's another one Oxford University is older than the Aztec empire. That's kind of that is. I I didn't realize this more people live in Bangladesh than Russia. Ooh. Bangladesh, teeny little I mean, it's a T, but it's not very big. And then you think of Russia, which is the largest land land wise nation on earth a lot of on livable space. Yeah. Russia. Yeah. But the population of Bangladesh is one hundred sixty three million Russia's one hundred forty four point three. That's that's. In a room of Twenty-three people. There's better than a fifty fifty percent chance that two of the people have the same birthday. With just twenty three people in a room. That's suppose. He math right there, Betty white is older than sliced bread. Just had a birthday seven now. She looks great for ninety seven doesn't she? She looks really good. This one is kind of interesting Gary Oldman is younger than Gary Numan. Never Gary Numan. They're in my car. Cars wherever can affect was really proud of themselves. They were because Gary Oldman is Gary Numan cute. Right. Abandoned tree near Calcutta. India is bigger than your average. Walmart a big tree. That's the big tree. It looks like a million different trees, I'll put together. But it's a big tree. I guess they consider it one. Now, I've heard this. I knew this fact, the US air force lost in nuclear bomb somewhere off the coast of Georgia just fell out of the plane into the ocean. Songcraft if we just dropped that. Let's hope it doesn't go off. Homeboys? It no one else. Find nobody knows where it is air force pilot dropped the bomb into the water outside. It's van Georgia Georgia after colliding with another plane in nineteen fifty eight during a training mission. The US navy searched for the bomb for months and never found. It. How weird is that? Wow. An update on that. I think right today, the US military advises that it stay in its resting place. If it's undisturbed the bomb poses. No risk. Yeah. Well, that's that's my that's my issue. Yeah. Somebody might go into Serb it that would be bad. So check this out. I thought they found it. But I guess maybe they were just looking for it recently. And look what came up amateur divers fine long lost nuclear warhead. This is dated is that a real story. I don't know this couple of days ago, look at this. I gotta find out because there's more to this. What's the website? Here we go. It's not it's I think I think you're right. I don't think it's not really grief. It's still out there. It's one of those stories. Really careful of that. Did you really just oh, I'm excited to see that good? Here's another amazing fact that sounds like it's not true Cleopatra lived closer to the time Pizza Hut. Was founded then to the time. The Egyptian pyramids were built. That's amazing too. It's incredible pyramids at Giza were built around twenty five hundred BC twenty five hundred Cleopatra died in thirty BC. So yeah, that's that's closer Pizza Hut. Then. Did you know this cashews grow in the bottom of a fruit called a cashew? Apple, well, I didn't know that is this the link if I want to send us out. No, no. Relax down slide people. Right. We're good. Home alone was released closer to the mood landing than it was to today. So home alone came out in nineteen ninety that was twenty one years after the moon landing. It's been twenty seven years since. Typically doesn't seem to me nineteen ninety seems like you know, a couple of weeks ago. Sure does. And then you think could gully nineteen ninety was twenty nine years ago. That's it's actually painful it actually hurts me to we could have. We could have seem so good. Avoid the mistake. That was Bill Clinton. Honey, never expires think I've heard that before warming up or something. Yeah. So you could find five thousand year old five thousand year old Honey has been found and in theory, perfectly edible Jefferson. Then nobody did. I don't think I don't think the eight the five thousand year old. Found it have you seen this network. You watch any shows of this network at all your life. That was a a fix of your diet recent medical issues that know if maybe you would outlawing five thousand year old Honey from your diet. No. And put this in your pipe and smoke it a day on Venus is longer than a year on Venus. I'm sorry. What day is or it takes the planet longer to rotate on its axis than to circle the circle this awful. That's crazy. She's it takes Venus takes about two hundred forty three earth days to spin around. Once it takes two hundred twenty five earth days to go around the sun. Amazing fats. Incredible. That as a cool fat that is a cool for. That's a really cool fact. Wow. I'm gonna use that at parties except I never attend. Longtime before ever get. Turkey just a gathering hard. You know, a party gathering. I'm throwing that out there. Don't care who's involved. I don't care what the circumstances are could be a funeral to get up and make that announcement about everybody aday on Venus is longer than a year on Venus. So glad. I'm so glad you came to our party. Sorry. All right. Victoria, Hurst has been on a mission for a while. Now to do something about cosmopolitan magazine. What is it? She wants to do about it since especially since her. It's her family that owns and distributes the magazine, but of an issue. Yeah. Yeah. You might think it is. You might think we'll man her family must be real happy with their. She's actually not trying to drive them out of business though, or censor the magazine she just wants states material harmful to minor laws to be applied to Cozma, which would mean that kids under eighteen Kent by the magazine because it's considered porn. And when you look at the articles when you look at the things inside the magazine, it's pretty obvious pretty evident. It is pornographic so Victoria, I just wants to protect kids. And and so do I so if you'd like to help out in this 'cause visit Cosmo hurts kids dot com. It's again, it's not a free speech issue. And it's not an entrepreneurial thing they can continue to do what they want their magazine. It's just that kids under eighteen shouldn't be able to access it. So if you believe if she doesn't I do go to Cosmo hurts kids dot com. That's Cosmo hurts kids dot com. Pat, gray. You kick grimacing now over that. Like, I don't know. He's. Downtown. Fine. Thank you. I just what's what's pain here? I have have a bad v. Okay. Everything's fine. Seriously. I care about. I know. That's what I'm saying. I'm limping around people like you. Okay. I was like it's my knee five your heart doesn't make no good. Does not make me live. That's good to know. Yeah. Well, I mean. Right. It's been a couple of weeks is all I don't. I wish I get up. I get up at home with like. Oh, okay. Not Ben this abet shut up. And while it's well, it's nice people care. It's probably getting a little bit by now this nice that people care. I appreciate it. Yeah. But you just want to see. Good. So you can feel sorry for my. I mean, I really do dental care about. Now, we don't care about you. If you see Jeffey grimace the next hour and five minutes five. So stupid knee over the hallway later. Near your heart. Oh, it's Wendy. On the ground. Kick him once kick him on the way by. Gray is on leased. On the frozen tundra of the human mind on what can you find mount Rushmore? American. Of infinitesimal intellect will collide in a cloud of glory. What is the largest planet in our solar system? Mental gladiators capable of turning a minor incline. Into an unscaled summit. What does the s in TSA stand for? The S's for travel. Versus. Versus goal. Moron versus moron in an epic battle of nippy. This is more on trivia. Morning. Friday. Moron trivia is here. Fourteen and four on the season. We have our Commissioner Jeff Fisher, tell us how this game works. Well, this is the game we predict the outcome of NFL game. And of course, this week is the NFL playoffs and the Rams are taking on the saints and the patriots are taking on the chiefs. And so we've we're going use the Rams of the saints game for our more on trivia game. We're going to predict the outcome of the Rams and the saints game. We do that by calling convenience stores in those areas and we play four quarters. We ask you can be store four questions and the city that answers the most questions correct wins the game. Now, we're fourteen four pretty good season. I mean darn good season. You know, there's there's a lot much to you can ask more. Some folks were asking on Twitter over the weekend after the loss. Are we now eliminated from the playoffs? No. I know. I was thinking about that. I was thinking about that too. Right. Because we were fourteen to three of the of the season that were you know, Owen one of the playoffs. That's tough. Yeah. Yeah. But we are boy soldier on. That's right. Thank you. Yeah. So home team is is Norlin Orla. Yeah. So that'll be our first call a good game Jimmy game. Should be a great game. Yeah. They played this year as a really good game. It was a fine on that. It was forty five thirty five. I remember correctly Norrland's, right? It was close Dahlan's. They won forty patriots beat the chiefs. Like that too earlier the. Yeah, I mean score Boston though, or where. Yeah. So this sets up what could be. A rematch of the most incredible game of the year, which was which was Rams chiefs where it was fifty five member. Yeah. And so there's there's a huge. I just saw a of a poll people did not want the patriots in the Super Bowl. It was a it was a big. I mean, they won by a landslide. They were overwhelmingly fans did not want the patriots in the Super Bowl at all. Really? Yeah. It was it was pretty presently is as I'm opening up on my phone now to find the poll, which it'll take. Every one that big game. Fifty four sixteen percent fifty four fifty one. It was not fifty five fifty four. Okay. Okay. So they pulled nineteen hundred fans one thousand nine hundred seventy fans sixty nine point four percent said the patriots were the team. They most wanted to see lose this weekend. Because everybody's sick of it. You know, they've been to eight straight AFC championship does. And they they go to the Super Bowl almost every year. Like, I don't know eighty out of a last eighty one games or something. Okay. Lynette in New Orleans. Hey lynette. Hi. Hi. Good. How are you? Good. Thanks for asking you really concerned or you just make small talk. Yeah. So we're we we were fill in the same thing when we asked you are you a saints fan. I am I am. I am too. Who's your favorite player on the team? Well. Handsome, incredible tastes hill, though. Isn't he something? Yeah. Swiss army knife with our. They call him hats. Call him. The color the toy. All right. We're gonna ask you four questions. If you don't know the answer, just take a guess, and you can't get any help from anybody around you. Okay. Okay. All right. Then let's let's go and play our game question. Number one. Who wrote the plays hamlet and a midsummer night's dream? I have no idea. Possible question. Question because nobody knows it. But the answer is Dr Seuss wrote those two incredible place. Nobody knows it. Why would ask me? We did we were hoping you be the only person alive who knew question number two Sacramento is the capital of what US state. California, california. Yes. Three some animals hibernate for the season of winter. What does it mean to hibernate? Layup it means to lay up. Yeah. Absolutely hibernate you lay up. That's what you do excepting play up. All right question. Number four and you've done a fantastic job. This far Lynette. How many centimeters are there in one meter? Ten ten ten. I don't know. Nobody else we've asked you to question trick question. Because no one knows there's no way to tell. Nobody knows. Living human again, a lot of confidence in Ulan it. I don't know. You're just feeling some incredible genius spilling down the phone line to us. So. Thanks for playing our game. You've been such a great contested. We're gonna send you the home version of her game psychically, and I just did the great you got it. All right. Thanks. Lynette I now. Okay. We got a lot to address I know so hold on Jeffey hokey. There are one hundred. That's what sent. Go to LA Menen. Question for her. What's for who? For the for the next contestant. That's LA since the question here was what is what's the capital of the state that we're calling right now is right. You see what I'm saying? So have you? Is that messing with the science? Yes. It is. Just ask the same question over it. Over it. Telling the answer. I didn't she set it as I was saying I realized oh my gosh. We're gonna California question then she said. We lost our contestants. So we're working on getting another one backer the same one back on or I I don't know what we're working on. Hopefully, we're working towards some end of these were questions that were picked before we knew teams, and then someone didn't proofread and go. Oh my gosh. There's a California based question there, right anyway, so time, yes. And she was in New Orleans. Right. So, you know, now now, here's what's going to be total more on trivia, if we call a contested in Los Angeles, California, and they don't they don't. Is the capital? Possible. It is true. It should be a lot easier for the California contestant than it is if you say it, well, just before they say it. I hate you. Tune in to right. This this games already steeped in controversy. Sorry. So it's two to nothing as we wait for contestant in Los Angeles. Which is always a difficult chore to get somebody on. That's why I'm still surprised when the Sounders sounded I know, and then of course, they dropped off. It is the let's let's be clear it is the greater Los Angeles area. Yes. And go on I don't know Vegas. Salt Lake City. Seattle right. We don't care. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three. And of course, it Pat unleashed on Twitter as we wait. For next contestant. Let me tell you about this British dad and his Facebook post, but his infant son. He was he was out to dinner with his with his partner girlfriend. I guess doesn't say it's wife. So I guess it's girlfriend, but they have a son together five five day old son, Ben and at the restaurant Ben was being breastfed buys mon- while dad Paul ate some hot wings after the baby finish finish nursing poll held him. So the mum could among could eat any said wiped my hands on a napkin, and I was holding him. Ben wasn't too happy about not feeding anymore. So I put my knuckle in his mouth to try to pacify him. Completely forget forgetting about what I'd eaten right? Right. It seemed the baby got a little taste of hot sauce from his dad's hand and the dad said Ben made a funny face. And that was that. So the kid didn't big story agreement just made a face the first kids had hot wing sauce right afterwards. Paul decided to share the funny incident on Facebook. The time Eddie wrote apparently five Dale babies, don't like it when their dads put fingers in their malls after eating hot wings unintentionally, by the way, by the way. It's figure was dripping with hot sauce is just and it's not like he poured hot sauce, downright its mouth, right or put it in a bottle fed it to him two days later gets on his doors. It's the police, of course, because somebody turned him in because of his Facebook post. Are you kidding me? It's like I put the door and asked high officers will what's up and the police replied, you don't know then. I don't have a clue that's when they told me. I had apparently been feeding my son hot sauce. I mean, you know, we laugh, but that's not funny. That's not funny. It's not it's crazy that this happened and it keeps happening over and over again. So he invited them in and his girlfriend was there. And she said have you guys seen the Facebook post? They said, no, we haven't seen it hours investigating something. We know nothing about. Yes. Somebody just called us though. And said, you're feeding your son hot sauce. So we thought we check it out. They looked at the Facebook pay posts that were embarrassed they apologized and left. So that's good doubt. Okay. They're still commonsense. Yeah. Here in America. They probably would have said, the, you know, the government agency DPS DHS, or whatever they whatever title there these days. Even if the police said there was no problem. Yes. Yes. Commonsense. Here that's against the law. That's amazing though that somebody reported them from a dumb Facebook post like that. In obviously from the description on Facebook. It's pretty obvious that nothing happened. Right. And there's no need to report the guy. No pathetic. I mean, people are just ridiculous triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. All right. Let's cigarette break here. And then hopefully, we'll get a contest by the time. We come back home, title fraud is a felony. That is exploding right now. I mean, it's bad enough when you have identity theft within the steel at credit card information, but that only costs you normally before you catch something, maybe hundreds or a few thousand dollars this home, titled fraught can cost you hundreds of thousands, depending on the equity in your home. But thieves steal your title online, the transfer it into their name, and then they take out a massive loan against your equity system. It's just. In is really really hard to extract yourself from once it happens to just don't let it happen to you. If you own a home, get home tidal lock for just pennies a day home title will put a virtual barrier around your home's title the second day detect any sinister activity, they get on and help shut it down. So if your home is already compromised, they can tell you that to sign up at home title, lock dot com. You'll get a free title scan and report, which is one hundred dollar value. They're gonna throw that in just for signing up. It's home title dot com. Get some peace of mind that this can't happen to you home title, lock dot com. It's Pat gray unleashed on the play. Take anybody in southern California. Anybody? I see some of the people waiting at the border cell phones. Call them. That's fine. Greater Elliot's greater greater LA include San Diego and Tijuana. Give them a call. Give them a call. Kids cereal. No, you wanna talk about your fun little gifts here. We got. So we get these from is really fun. So great listeners. So I don't know if you guys have the picture of Julia, Lexus and Chloe, but they sit as awesome care. Julia, Lexus and Chloe. Here's here's Jeffy. They work went into the pizza in one hand a milk in the other. Eighteen on his seems like they put the stuff a little thick though. Right. So we'll we'll get through the rest of the gift we got after we talked to zero zero. There. Are you doing today are things? Good. Absolutely. Yes. Exactly. Right. I we're going to ask you three four quick questions here. If you don't know the answer, just taking guess, and you can't ask anybody for help. Okay. Okay. All right zeal who wrote the plays hamlet and a midsummer night's dream. I know. Yeah. Right. Right to sue. This is too hard. Nobody's ever gotten this question. But we thought maybe you might be the first. Confucious confucius. All right question. Number to Sacramento is the capital of what US state. Bonus question bonus Rouge is the capital of. You guys say it, you know, we're just to give you the third question on our list here, which is some animals hibernate for the winter. What does it what does it mean to hibernate? Leap to lay out. Nice tie game right now. How many centimeters are there in one meter? How many fifty six sixty? Oh, yeah. Knots. Thirty three thirty three percent thirty three yoga. Yeah. Dang it. You were really good though that was it was a great job. And thank you for playing our game. You're such a great contest. What we're going to send you the home version of our game. Psychically just did. All right. Have yourself a great little weekend. And we'll talk to you get. Well, we probably won't probably not talk to you again. Ever. But. Yeah. Coffee. I like little crash Manila see him, but the rest of us probably kind of sad. But that's I mean. All right. Thanks a lot. He got to. Go to Brittany now in. Brittany. Hi, you so Chipper this morning unit. Good mood. I am to do. Is it because the saints are are in the NFC championship game this weekend. All right. Yes. A day. About the same thing. All right. We're gonna ask you four questions. If you don't know the answer, just take a guess, and you can't ask anybody for help. Okay. Okay. All right, number one. What is an antonyms for cold? An antenna him for cold and Hanson cold. Yeah. Cold. Way. Boone's spoons is an antonyms for cold. Yeah. See only one actually mine comped is the name of what? Maybe a little premature. We'll give her second year. Mine confidence. The is the name of what? There Britain just thinking for a second. Brittany. They're there. Did we lose Britney to hang up Britney Brittany? Bring me Britney bailed. Wow. That's sucks for New Orleans. Britney new. Are you still there? That's. Bucks. Okay. Would you accept to play the quarter, and you hang up during the quarter at any point in time four fit the quarter which equals zero big fat zero for New Orleans in the top part of the second quarter. All my. I'm concerned about this. Now, I go we got so we now we need a contestant in Los Angeles. If they can do any better. Hopefully that will be forthcoming before the end of the show. There's no guarantee that's going to happen. There's no guarantee in Los Angeles that could happen. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three me while we wait for a contestant. We can we can discuss a little bit further. This. Can't happens every time everytime. We start into other mode. We get that Jake in. California could California. Hey, jake. Hi, how's it going? We're doing thank you for asking you really concerned or you just making small talk. That didn't seem sincere. All right. We're gonna ask you four quick questions. If you don't know the answer, just take a guess, you can't ask anybody for help. Okay. All right question. Number one. What is an antonyms for cold? Damn that was. You know, your antonyms don't ya? All right yellow bit. We don't talk down to us. You just knew the answer. Good mine. Comp is the name of what? Hitler's bookie wrote in. I'm gonna Rhodes scholar on the line doubt. It's also a new clothing line from Nancy Pelosi. Yeah. Look for that at JC Penney coming out soon, which ancient people are credited with building the pyramids. They did you can we accepted? Okay. That wasn't the Flintstones about the flu built. Well, they were okay. If you've been awake for two straight days. How many hours have you been awake? Eight forty Kim did not even didn't even hesitate. Wink, jan. Are you a doctor just pretending to be a convenience store worker? The actual employee. Do you own the place, Jake? Okay. Well, you're on the way to greatness, my friend. That was awesome doubt that you got to all four of them, right and done. It's never been done history of the game. So congratulations, shake you've done. So well, we're going to send you the home version of our game psychically. Oh, yeah. Just that you get it. Okay. Good. All right. Thanks a lot. Have a good weekend travel times quick. Kicked a little button, the Los Angeles Rams, baby shoot. So what six to shoot the Rams are gonna win this. I. Norlin 's. He wants to because of Tatum. This are being. Kind of like the Swiss army knife, actually. Yeah. He's awesome. Yep. He's awesome. I'm open. Drew's a retire at the end of the year. And then they. Make him starting quarterback next year. He might if they were to continue out if they were this game and go on to the Super Bowl, he might. But I think that if he if they don't go to the Super Bowl, you may come back. Yeah. If he has to Super Bowls under his belt, I know his chance because it's been what he's like almost forty thirty nine. I think isn't. He might just turns actually. Yeah. He might be. Yeah. He's he's almost as old as as Brady, right? He's forty. Yep. Yeah. Just yeah. Just last week. Out give somebody else's chance. Come on. It's time. You work. All right. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. We still have the second half to play with New Orleans and Los Angeles on more on trivia that's coming up in a second. When was the last time you had your ears professionally cleaned if ever if you have itchy ears. You have painful ears the field plugged up or your constantly asking people. What? If this sounds familiar if you're saying how's that like eighty nine years old, and it might be something other than wax up? Whipper snappers closer. Now, you professional results at home with wax Rx. This is available now without a prescription. There's no more expensive trips necessary to the doctor more wasted time. Using cotton swabs or something worse like candles. It's just dangerous stuff. So don't do that try the wax Rx system. Risk-free today. Just go to wax Rx dot com. Use the offer code radio at checkout, and you'll get free shipping. So this is a real solution. For stubborn earwax build up. Use wax Rx dot com. This actually works. It does. I have used before. I still have it works. Great. A love it it. In fact, you'll be surprised at what could possibly come out of your ears gerbil came out of yours. Right. A gerbil. The on hold music when you call nine one one household. Transfer you three or four. Your calls important to us. Very it doesn't feel that. It is very important. Have a higher level of urgency names? It seems all right. Use wax Rx dot com. Offer code radio. All right, second half of more on trivia is coming up triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. If you've got a flag on the field. Although I think this thing has gone smoothly. And there shouldn't be any penalties here for the first quarter. What are you talking about? All right. Six to Rams over the saints. Yikes. More more interview coming up. Gray. Nine hundred ninety three we are heading to the second half. And we have a contestant indoor liens named Charlotte, Charlotte. Hi. Are you a New Orleans Saints fan? Yes. I am. Who isn't right? I mean who isn't it? Sure. Favorite player on the team. Do you like? Thomas. Michael Thomas in. Yeah. Thomas is good. Yeah. It's Thomas to you. All right, Charlotte. We're gonna ask you for questions. If you don't know the answer, just take a guess, and you can't ask anybody for help. Okay. Okay. All right question. Number one. The term not ical is most often used to describe what? Nothing. But it's used to describe something naughty that anything naughty is called nautical. Yeah. Yeah. All right question ever to who is most well known for beginning speech with I have a dream. King Martin Luther important one. They're good job. All right, number three name this popular Star Wars character imitated. This isn't the actual characters. Don't get too excited. Dubai. Dr woke e-. Yes. No, right. It is. Got it. Bucknell. And she said you that's to buckle wrong was the buzzer got excited because. Actually recognize and no it's actually Louis Armstrong. Some people com- Satchmo. Are you from New Orleans? You must appreciate Satchmo. Yeah. All right. How many days are there in the month of January? Thirty one right. Just like the wonderful flavors at Baskin Robbins, thirty wonderful flavors. All right, Charlotte. Thanks for playing our game. To this. You know, all right. Know. Is not Java. The though, right? Yeah. Close. Six to four Rams. Did you get to? Okay. So if the Rams contestant here get's three answers. Correct. Then we're essentially done mathematically, eliminate the knowledge and saints. That's happened. More trivial more attributed as know the scientist science. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But in my home, you know, watching the games you have a feeling that perhaps the Rams will defeat the sites. I do believe that. Yes. I do believe that as well. Now, even with the help of. Do you see the touchdown passing through that was held back last week throw? Devastating back to. It's rub quarterback. Drew Brees had thrown a better pass to him. He would have been touchdowns caught a touch. Tuck any through one. Yeah. Breeze would have just put that out in front of him a little bit. But he had his band beat by five yards is those real how many centimeters would that be? Nobody knows what he knows what it till. So I have a little concerned out of these. We'll Dow's in where set to us concerned because. Ratings. It looks like these are so cool. They also made BYU ones Nebraska ones for for Keith. There there on the screen. No little concerned about my hairline here. Far airlines. Get my hairline make sense take off your hat. A little concerned about my belt long. Why? Because it seems that they've put an extra extra stuffing. It was needed. They are. They're so good. They're so funny. Khloe nice job. Very nice. Thank you. A lot of hard work in the the the frogs. Yeah. Tired of the stuff of the water? That's turn to the frog. Frog gay. Yeah. There's there's one of the gay frogs right there. Good. All right. That's great. Thank you so much. All right. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three words six to four. If we get a contestant here in Los Angeles, and they get three or more answers. Correct. That essentially will end the game because there's no way no orlands can recover from that. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three. Let me tell you about. The resolutions we make you know, we we wanna lose weight. We want to eat healthy wanna save money. Sometimes you want to get a job all of these could improve your life. But here's a resolution that can actually save your life. 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And in the words of Sarah Gonzales from the news and what matters yesterday, which I was on. It's almost like a laser bullet. It's almost like a lazy almost. Almost like that. Yeah. It's cool. So go to the letter. I then target pro dot com and check out the video choose your caliber download the app, and then you're ready when your system gets there this month, you can also get ten percent off plus free shipping. When you use the offer code Pat to purchase a system, so save money. Save time. Take your skill to the next level with I target pro dot com. It's I target pro dot com. Offer code, Pat. These Pat gray unleashed. And he's on the blades. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three and Pat unleashed on Twitter. The bottom half of the third quarter in more on trivia, and it is six two four Los Angeles. We're waiting for contested in the greater greater Los Angeles area, right which could include anywhere from Mexico all the way to Washington. That's a it's a large area. It is a large greater large area. And so we just wanna contestant is what what here here's the. Here's here's the letter that President Trump financing Pelosi yesterday to the honorable Nancy Pelosi speaker of the house of representatives, Washington DC, dear Madam speaker due to the shutdown. I'm sorry to inform you that your trip to Brussels, Egypt and STAN has been postponed. We'll reschedule this seven day excursion when the shutdown is over. In light of the eight hundred thousand great American workers, not receiving pay. I'm sure you'd agree that postponing this public relations event is totally appropriate. I also feel that during this period. It would be better. If you were in Washington negotiating with me and joining the strong border security movement to end, the shut doubt. Obviously if you would like to make your journey by flying commercial nad, be certainly your prerogative. I look forward to seeing you soon and even more forward to watching our open and dangerous other border finally received the attention funding, insecurity, it's so desperately deserves. Sincerely, Donald Trump. Great, Phil good. So I don't know if it's true. But it was also reported, and we, you know, obviously, it's funny, and it's great, and you can call it, Patty, or whatever I mean, we waited for a couple of days, they were they were all waiting for bated breath. Is you respond to Nancy's cancelling the state of the union? I mean, and he did take that. Did I realize that one of the one of the things reported yesterday? I think that the wife of flew down to Florida after this. Oh, yeah. So well, Trump was scheduled to go to DAV os. And he cancelled that trip to not only to cancel her trip. He cancelled his own, and plus, and I don't know who paid for it though. So he might say, you know, of course, you flew out a military jet. She's the first lady, but I I paid for it. You know what? I mean. Yeah. So good over. Yeah. And paid for the hammers the other day. So he's great, by the way. What did he pay for damn the hamburgers? Thank you. Burder? Impeach him for that tweet. I think that's a high crime and missed both rolled into one. Chick-fil-a? But you can't get hamburgers chicks. Get hamburgers anyway, anywhere because they. Ever. His. Never been a dumber thing that misspelling of the word Hamburg. Bean. Well, there was this for Barack Obama like me, Eric married up. He and his wife, Dr Sharon Malone, nationally, renowned beginning been great friends to Michelle and me. What good grief? You're right so hamburgers. Second. Dumbest thing. Hampered. But he said that was close that's close to OB gyns. About after we get this catastrophe, Los Angeles. Okay. We got Tony in Los Angeles. Hey, tony. How you doing? Doing good. Thanks for asking. Are you a Rams fan somewhat? Yeah. That's pretty much everybody in LA. Feels isn't it somewhat? Yes. Somewhat and go to the game or watch it on TV. But if they win this fine. That's kind of where we are. Yeah. Tony we're gonna ask you four quick questions. If you don't know the answer, just take a guess, and you can't ask anybody for help. Okay. All right. The term not is often used to describe what? Nautical? Yeah. Nothing. Like something. Really awesome. Like, that's totally nautical, dude. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Cool is the most. Well, who's no most well known for beginning a speech with I have a dream. This xactly, right. Good job name. This popular Star Wars character impersonated. Do John wall? That wasn't the real character. I think it is a person who is it really. Scare listen here. A lot of people think that no no Christiane Amanpour from. Yeah. Yeah. You probably don't watch. How many how many days are there in the month of January thirty one thirty one is right. All right. My friend. You did really well represented southern California quite nicely. Doing anything this weekend? What do you got going on a working working to the game? What do you pull down a year? Yeah. Your job thirty five grand. Thirty five grand thirty. That's not bad. The assistant manager. OT OT. Yeah. What time and a half for overtime. Nice. Nice. All right, man. Well, invest that money wisely. All right. Yeah. Okay. The cover your foot the Bill for that. Macaire still. Yeah. Okay. Now, the Obamacare's great. That's awesome stuff. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. What are you still on your parents ObamaCare you twenty six yet forty eight forty eight? No, you're not. Yeah. Twenty five. Seriously. You're forty eight. I don't look it. Either. Bet you don't know a damn handsome man before we start hitting on you inappropriate. We're going to let you go. Okay. All right. Forty eight now surprise that was right. That's was no way. I thought he was a kid about Macaire. Bombardier? He's beyond his parents insurance at forty eight. Yeah. Maybe. Yeah. So they did it. Right. That's three. Can we can't do it? He only got two. Oh, you did. So technically. Good. Okay. So what do we got eight two four eight four. All right. Well, if we can get a contestant in New Orleans. I'm ready to keep going back to Barack Obama who I do not miss. You know, they they made such a fit over Trump buying hamburgers and pizza for the national champion Clemson Tigers. And then they, you know, people, of course, the right we're making showing videos. Remember when they made such a big deal. How cool it was. When Obama went to the hamburger joint and took the two left the oval took the car and drove it to the hamburger place and got all bought all these. To the oval. Brought it back to the White House. It was all really all cool that it was really. And I was thinking the whole time. I watched it. I I cook myself for actually watching it because I was like do not miss this guy. Oh, I know. I know, it's pathetic pathetic. And his gaffes were so much worse than what Trump does. And they never said we're not one word ever from Fifty-seven states on. They just let everyone of those role Robai it without commenting on any of it. And in fact, as we've said a couple of times SNL said that they didn't make fun of him. Because there was nothing make fun of nothing. Funny about him. What kiddingly? All right. I mean, whatever, but couldn't make fun of it because it would have been. Yeah. I think that's there were afraid and they love him so much that would you make fun of him? Yes. It was nothing to. Yeah. Just he's perfect human being. And I know it was it was Michelle's birthday. I think Esther day, right? Oh, was it. It was because I saw posted said happy birthday Queen if about barf. Yeah. But those arms what about those arms Queen of the arms, the most incredible arms in the history of arms. But it was a birthday wish. It was. Yeah. Birthday wish to Queen ill Queen of arms. I mean, she's got the Queen arms. That's for sure. Because those arms were incredible look at I didn't say anything. No you need to though because arms haters a racist. Can't even depreciate those incredible arms of hers ever seen him have in their amazing. Right amazing. The most incredible arms that have ever been since arms became if if I say, no, well, then you're a racist douchebag credible or thank you. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three you know, what would be a good idea. I think is if Rudy Giuliani just stop talking. Hey. TV route don't talk anymore. Yeah. If I were if I were President Trump I'd be saying Rudy. No more appearances on any of these shows. No shows zero no television for you at all. In fact, what are you doing? You know, what you're not my lawyer anymore. Stop saying that stop saying my lawyer because I don't want you might be a good start. But even if he's going to be the journey, just, you know, if you're gonna if you wanna go on on some sort of program run it by me. Yeah. Yeah. And then you stop saying stupid things. I just keep him off TV, and frankly, I would get rid of him as as lawyer. He's just a he's a liability. I don't know what happened. Is your awful every time. He opens his mouth, it's something ridiculous. I never said there was no collusion. What? And then he's tried to walk. It back yesterday. Did walk. Did you want to play? This. The comments originally said. Yeah, let's here's what he originally said to the world, which Mr Mayor is saying that nobody in the campaign had any contact with Russia. False reporting is saying that there has been no suggestion of any kind of collusion between the campaign and any Russians because now you have Paul Manafort giving poll data leading to this coincidence. Just misstated my position I never said there was no collusion between the campaign between people in the campaign. I have not I said the United States there's not a single bit of evidence. The president is states. Admit here again. This is not the main point of this discussion. But man, I point out. There is no are in the word idea. There is no are in idea. Right. So you're not Steve. Dea click do speech rules or just since the English language, which is fairly new. You know, it's not the oldest language on the planet. It's been a while around a wine. Let's hear the rest of us. Because now you have Paul Manafort giving poll data. Leading to this coincidence. You just misstated my position, I never said there was no collusion between the campaign or between people in the campaign. I have not. There is not a bit of evidence. The president is states committed the only crime you should mitt here conspired with the Russians to hack the DNC. Okay. So he's walking that back. I represent only the president not the campaign, and I can only speak of what I know. And that is that I have no knowledge that anyone on the campaign illegally could looted with Russia. I guess he might have legally colluded. I don't know. But I can speak me. He didn't actually say that part, but I can only speak definitively about the president as he is my climate, please just stopping just stop talking. Just stop talking. You know, he used to be a guy of decent commonsense. Right. I mean, I know it's more liberal than we'd probably like as if you're looking for a presidential camp presidential candidate because he's pro abortion, and he's not great on gun control and some other things. But at least he had some common sense. And he was really good stuff died eleven and even. Eleven as mayor of New York cleaned up cleaned up New York. Maybe he did meet it better Blasios keeping that program going. Well, yeah. Isn't he though? Why you should have gone out on top though, isn't it Giuliani that brought in Disney into Times Square made that at all up made it a nice area is opposed to joke who's a junkies whore houses. Yeah news. Yes. It was going down. Yeah. All right. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. So like. The Rams are gonna sit on this lead looks like they're gonna. Yeah, we're gonna they're to. We're not gonna have time stall the game out is what's happened. The clock the clock just stopped. So yes. I hate this. But the final is eight to four Los Angeles. Yeah. So more on trivia is predicting that the Rams will defeat the New Orleans Saints that I don't like it at all going to be rooting against Moore interview this weekend. Yeah. So I know what rooting against Moore. You Pat, it won't matter could route a good science think the Rams are going to beat New Orleans. They didn't last time. So so. I know it's playoffs. The playoffs. Bro. And you got drew Brees against Jared Goff. I'll take his everyday all dad Goff. You bet. I know I'm picking picking drew I, and I, but I was I kind of thought the kind of kind of the same thing against the colts. And they destroyed the first game was great for both quarterbacks breeze. If I remember right had something like four hundred eighty seven yards passing or maybe that was the total yardage, but they were both way over both way over three hundred yards. I think and bowl teams were close to five hundred yards of total offense. It was a it was a great game. And so the the other game was a New England Kansas City. The season two. So it'd be a couple of really good games on Sunday. Looking forward to it that Patrick Mahomes is just is a talent. He's unbelievable talent. I know guy can run he's letting he can throw every pass pretty much with both hands without looking no look past. Yeah. He's he's really fun to watch is he's he's a special talent. So and then you got Brady, and and you can never count him up every time they do, and they did again this year, I know season law, even with, you know, even with our stupid little football thing that we do here of the season, which by the way. View are the one that owes looked from. Yeah, we're still. But again, we we joked about it. I picked New England to be a plus eleven point five. What were they eleven? I lost that they want eleven over eleven. I mean every year every year. It doesn't matter. Patriots fan was telling me, and I haven't verified this. But yeah, the patriots their only losses this year where two teams that didn't make the playoffs. Really weird. So get up for probably. Yes. I remember that that was one of our more on tributes here. The arrogance in game as always all right? See?

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