Grant Black-Owned Businesses National Sovereignty - Marcia Belsky Tries Her Best


Forever welcome to brain machine network DOT COM. Yeah I I don't know I just feel like I'm I'm on a on a journey during we're GONNA call it a journey. Ah That's why my love language. What's the word Shit To John. Yeah Oh man I love that. Yeah way something like what did I do. There have been moments or you. You didn't say anything like anything. That was like lovingly means to me and I was I I. I don't know it's it's very easy to think you're mad at me. That's just my. That's my way I know I know instill every time I know every time you really working on it. Yeah we're here. Well everybody we a minute we are emitted into a new week of of Dr Tank your weekly reminder that That white people are very thing there are thing everything. I'm sitting here with three very funny comedians. My good friends chalet. Sharp is the voice that was being lovingly disdainful to me. Just now everyone. I'm fine how are you. I'm very good all right. Okay enough out of they pay rent out doing this. We're here never doing. The other voice is a dose as slowing Ma. How you doing hello friends? Hello we are here. Yeah Yeah we're out here in these proverbial streets and our Jennifer. This episode is very funny. Marsha Belsky how you doing hello thank you for having me back for the live. Show not the studio on the live. Show yes So as far as anybody knows you never take the show first time time first time longtime listener first-time longtime listener first-time caller. How are are you doing? How have you been since the last time I saw you? What's going on in your life? Oh you know pretty good Just settling into getting dark at four thirty pm uh-huh and when you say dark okay okay. We got jokes Yeah and just getting used to the winter but everything good everything same. Yeah Yeah Yeah here. fun fact. Yeah absolutely yeah. I didn't realize that dark tank was a play on shark tank. He'll someone told me that. This is my third time on. You're on television. What did what did you think it was fun? Name didn't realize it was. Yeah you don't want maybe four. Maybe I need to tell people I don't I've had so many people like at the end of like after sitting here for an hour or even doing the live shows people like we'll walk up to me after the show is over and be like. Oh okay I got I got I got it for Noor makes way more sense. Yeah Eh very clear. I don't know we knew her. That word for the first time. ooh You don't use club actually matthew over that word that makes track. I don't think I even like like posted. The whole concept of the show he posted Bernard yes absolutely excellent weekend bully. Yeah jope where he would talk about. Eighty movies like taught us his bone structure. That's what I'm a saber. He's like a snap. My he is the guy he liked comes down. Sprays the snow on your face. And he's like you're never coming to our lock in or it was never going to date. You was that Disney channel movie. where it's like skiers versus snowboarders? What is that movie called? Ah Years versus snowboarding. He's a surfer in Hawaii and then he becomes a snowboarder. Johnny Johnny isn't it. Yeah Allworth way is that the native Hawaiian becomes a snowboard Vermont or something. Because why would you take us out of our natural habitat is is weird. It's weird 'cause he leaves. Hawaii goes to the ski town and one of the other. SNOWBOARDERS is the kid who plays Jesse Jackson. Yeah that I just found founded our border. Yeah the guy played the famous. Jett Jackson was either I think it was something Neha you don't want them. C. S. is and then he was. Yeah Yeah wasn't in it. Yeah it was just over sorry. I'm mentally check out anytime anyone says Disney. Because I am baby I am almost fifty one so no and I didn't grow up with cable so no no all the time. Yeah well I I definitely. It wasn't wasn't a thing when I would have grown up with cable and cared Way older than y'all so this all of this is all original. Programming wasn't until like the ninety S. Right yeah hit the nineties. Nineteen Ninety so I for sure checking Disney when it hit and the big hype was like in the two thousand original all the shows we. Yeah Yeah Nickelodeon. Because they were. I think it was because Nickelodeon Disney were competing driving each other. Yeah to do. Those shows were like Middle School Highest goal that would have been like late nineties. Early two grown ass. Yeah Yeah for sure. Yes I ex- RULLI I. I Still Watch Arthur Sh. Okay Yeah. That's a good show. Charlotte classiest slab clashes went onto those in the seventh grade. And how long has it visit visit him. I didn't again. I didn't watch it but I read the books I lives aren't Yeah No. It was based on the books. Yeah yeah so that's it. I didn't didn't I mean I definitely checked out because they really changed so he was drawn in the books and they look like an actual aardvark. Yeah to be honest with you. I wouldn't mind looking like a fun. Yeah you know what I mean. W She's like sometimes. You're rooting out things up. Sometimes that's a mother's love censoring her. I plants twelve thirty this morning at eleven a fight every what are we talking about. What are we yeah? We talked about how Arthur looks like John Legend in then we're moving on cusak about alive and everybody went What's I'm I'm fine with it? I mean rally the controversy. There is that three people who have been on the voice have been voted sexiest man alive. Talk About Losing I. There was some like clear connection that somebody was talking about. Adam Levine and Blake Shelton and now John. What's it has to be whoever runs? How Does Parral Feel How urshered surfing or how who cares how CEELO field and how Ryan feel not winning it considering he he looks exactly? Like Adam Levine. y'All Franck about that off Kobe. Bryant look exactly and when you see the when you see you. Can't UNSEE mental side Rice. That I'm telling you. Adam Levine Koby Bryant. Yeah same knows it's the not for me. Let's let's while I'm looking this up. I just think the notion that of all the people in the Dungeon family CEELO would win the gun in for it. The hardest edge memory serves me correct. Yeah it's going to be the one that would be mad if he didn't get. Yeah absolutely knew that Andre wasn't gonNA come on. We do not fighting for it. But he's GonNa get even even big GIPP in like A. Oh you know sending a nerd to the sweetheart's dance in court or whatever kind of jokey way even big gipp would get it before Let's see that would would wanna see low threatened people's careers to get it edgewood role. Yeah and he wants to be on it like wearing a white suit with white cat. Okay so here. Is Kobe Bryant. Next to Adam Levine. Someone else has already said. Yeah no I mean because that's because this has been the case forever. I'm certainly not I. I don't see it reason. There's a picture of Kevin Hart in this yeah. I don't understand why that is either but John I I will not be extorted Adam. Devine had his a house party show. I was talking about like my manager was talking about like pitching me for it and doing it but every time I talked to him about it I would always say a animal green Adam. Levine's dance party every single fucking in time and see that I'd want to see and then I'd WanNa see you on who Adam Devine I always. Let's get their names confused too. It's like hard to keep streets swore there were so many times where I'm like okay. I'm right and then it was absolutely is it. Not Adam. Devine's Dance Party is Science House. Okay well I mean if there's no dance and that's a Lousy House party so yeah that's true well actually say Levin instead of divine fine I mean anyone any of the first one divine family. I WanNa know what other What other white dudes look like lectures because I matthew bussard and I have talked about how we When my hair was still the same How we are the same person physically? I'll in the same shape. I okay maybe the same basic bill was Maroon what's his name and and Mambo Mambo they have the same like the nose like the facial. What did you just that was his nickname right? Mama Mama who's Kobe Kobe Threw himself so okay. Can I absolutely I noticed. Like I noticed commentators racist but I didn't know they'd gone that far. Oh no no no. That's not I'm not himself. Let me yeah what are what are what are you yeah. He's running around the European League. Like the I mean he lived in Italy for a long time so I I bet it's so it's it's like Oh man I think eventually it was cheaper to keep her. Yes she keep her. That's a good name for a reality Hey Hey because she waited. She did that that California thing where she waited until they've been married just long enough so that if they were to get divorced she can't get half she that's why all that. Yeah that's when all of the most recent stuff about him cheating on someone and she kicked him out and all that stuff and at first I think he was going long divorce her but then when they looked at the numbers he was like. Please baby baby please baby. And now they're now they are. They worth our. Yeah my and my mom that was like like two thousand eleven twelve girl in Denver. No no no no. This was before no no. This wasn't this was like years after that someone who worked for him or something or someone who was was in the House who had turned out he had been cheating on her with a few people so he turned around and so yeah so she just kind of sat on that for a while. And then win that clot struck ten years was like Ooh I guess so. Yeah it was very oh are they divorced yeah. I didn't know that love and hip hop back. The campaign was I haven't where because since he played for the magic for so long They lived in Florida so residency. It was Florida right so divorce because the rules are different in Florida. So how old ten years. Well that's what Tom Cruise did for Nicole Kidman as well so they celebrated being together for like a ten year anniversary but then when he went and filed divorce he said they were only together for nine because because that wasn't on their actual date party and celebration was they actually weren't quite at ten years. Yeah I'm saying yeah fifty fifty scientologists island. Yeah so. That's what she did she set up residency in California The she bought a house And after a year then she divorced him oh nine but since her residency was out of California not out of Florida. Yeah it fell a lot of. It fell into California's divorce roles so she was able to get asked. Because if it was Florida no yeah bag doing divorces divorces like university is. They're they're like we'll have. Someone moved to New York for a year. So you can go to Suny for free exactly divorce. It might have worse is going to have to wish Enron board. I'm a divorce. Yeah that's nice. Oh this marriage in somebody's in the dirt here. I've been to too much legitimize. Leave me and still be alive fucked. They're playing this tape back in March all. It's always natural causes. Maybe it is figure it out. I think murders figuring out. I'm not saying saying is we found on paperwork. We figure this the fuck out into too much to get your monkey ass in here. I'm not doing this. You must really love this in that you have tricked into staying with. Nobody's GonNa love me the song as you can you. I can't say I am someone who has received alum that I became one divorce papers. I've never been married way. How does that how does that? I'm a Ding Dong. I rolled over. my Ex's job. Kept I kept joking with what I was gonna give him divorce papers. He's like give it to me just as a joke dating. And so I pulled up his job at a Manila envelope below it was. It was like bitch as I gave him divorce. It was in. That is hilarious. You could file for divorce. They don't they don't look at it like what. Do you can do anything if you put it in Manila. What we've learned Lou Back in Manila envelope? You just went online and found like a copy. Actually I found. TMZ released very early days of TMZ released a copy of like Britney Spears divorce papers so I was like okay before matting getting an average number judge Kevin Federal Line as long David Johnson. And I mean I had clauses and and stuff even though we're getting divorced is still time car repair you committed. I am. He's still has them well. He refused to sign him up at the lawyer. It was like I'll take the check. So when he was in two thousand seven and two thousand ten when he was in Afghanistan. I needed some money because I lost my job and the wire transferred the memo on it said separation funds so on going fit nine million him. Okay Yeah Okay Look. Some people love the comedy game more than I. That's why you're on the daily show. And that's why he's married to a woman built like a canned soup cream and it is. She ribbed her name. She came with a label jar. All right you open at the top Jaguar. Nice figure right. Yeah they go win on a Campbell long hourglass going more more more like a stew more like a hearty stew. I haven't help the lady but she looked. There's nothing wrong with being thirty right. I've been starting my whole life unknown with the in story. You know what a Canada Akano body goes very whoa with Dick. And that's exactly what he had bigger so I have nothing but support for you. Thanks for the we need. It was face broadcast like disorienting video. podcasting they do or it's just flashing face to face and those conversations. They've said something yes to them. They're not moving and they just shut up and it's just so quick oriented. Editing was wrong like after the the show the other react. Yeah Oh it's pretty prince junior talking in the background and some guy you have no idea who he is nodding and that guys on camera for. I do a Parker hybrids I duNNo. Does he things. Oh good for him. I don't know I I was talking to this clip going on about him talking about star wars and it was just funny talk. Yeah I'm pretty sure. Yeah it's take different. Oh Yeah on the Internet Twitter confuses will be doing all right. I guess we're solving racism and Marsha do you have a you have a plan I pitch. I'm ready it. Sure all right first of all an honor to be here. Thank you so much for having me and My pitch. Yeah so at the live show. I I pitched Some sort of machine that would trap white people in place when we get too excited until somebody yes you were. Yeah somebody somebody can. Unearth like sort of someone. Technician of color has to come and acknowledged figure out the situation while we gotta figure it out like a paid positions. Yeah Yeah Yeah. So when they think of thing they they're frozen so I mean if you don't want to you can just keep them frozen right. Oh Yeah Whether it's sort of annoying excitement we can sort of nip those things in the bud so my pitch today to solve. Racism is a short version to make black owned businesses into sovereign nations so basically so so black owned businesses. Like you know. They'd have amnesty like you wouldn't have to pay taxes if you belong to one of these nations and you have a seat in the US like that would be. I think I think it'd be cool. Is it better than Being classified as a church we don't put taxes so it's like you have your own passport. Basically it's it's it's the way that's like how they act as though they treat indigenous communities in America where they have if you're on indigenous land you are self governing can you follow your own laws. They have their own. Yeah but then also thinking in terms of like so that the justice system couldn't have like power the same individual power it would basically be like you have sanctuary in a black owned business and only under an extradition treaty which you have to face the courts talent me some shit popped off. I could just run into Hattie made chicken and just beginning chicken spot. Yeah if it was registered as a nation state and you were a citizen. I was imagining. You have to see how it sort of plays out once we actually get this system on the ground but it could either be like. I imagine it's sort of like a nation of islands where it's like each has its own governing body but it's also one one okay. One sort of larger nation state like Micronesia. Right exactly. Yeah so but then it would be like you could have like a passport a sport and like so. You'd have dual citizenship. Basically so you wouldn't have to travel within American pass where you could travel with the passport of your like nation state. Okay you wanted wanted to opt so you could sort of opt in and out at leisure. Okay Oh yes so I think you know basically could work downcycle no paperwork. Yeah definitely a lot of paperwork. Downside law paperwork I do see there being an issue where white people pay right blackwell the front that they own the business right and so you know I don't really you know what the investigation process of because you don't WanNa harass real black business owners so that's a pickle Michael so that is definitely a capitalistic approach. But in a way that focuses on small businesses you know so and I I think it would. So it's like they'd also kind of duty-free like shop so you would be like even non-citizens of these nation states would wanna go there to shop because it would be. We like a duty like when you shop on an Indian reservation. You don't have to pay taxes. I used to buy cigarettes in Oklahoma two dollars a pack. 'cause on native land and so two. Yeah they check back taxes back to Philip Morris and sort of paying. Oh that's great. I feel like they should do that. Everywhere yeah you wouldn't be paying fifteen dollars. Property do here in the city makes good money. Yeah it's conjure up. Yeah I did make me quit. Smoking and Yeah I I was smoking a lot and then. I'm sorry that you guys have that problem. I don't smoke either. I'm just aware of no. You know you know until Julie start taxing cookies like that. I really have no problem and now that you said that they literally came to tax you on the record. Oh they don't want US detects cookies on the agenda. Yeah see the nation state. You're apart of could fight against decisions like that. They'd have lobbying power to it. Wouldn't be like you know what I mean. Would they spent their own money. That's always thinking. I was thinking it could be in some ways. Like paid by like impose reparations perations or it would be like the nations. I don't know how they actually did it with indigenous land. Because I don't think they did it well and I don't think those lands are treated well and they're constantly taking them no way no. I'm like my one earns. It does feel like a quick way to get a pipeline through Tulsa. Just right yeah yeah oil pipeline. Yeah that's true. Yeah Yeah Yeah easily exploited uh it was like in a perfect world. It's a great idea right but what are we now in a perfect world richer. Also I don't think the United States would allow nations with in it. Will they do Auburn Indian or native Americans those are like treaties technically. They still use our money. Yeah so I'm thinking a similar type of train they still have. US citizenship sure. Excellent so it everybody who is like a part of these different nation states so if we did it so I don't know if reservation will work art becau- well you just have to be run reservation like a real like a president. You have to look a government. Yeah the LEXA money and everyone needs and I don't. I want to have chicken for an election. Debate will be like. Yeah and you don't want it to be like the owners are the kings kings and Queens. So what would happen. Yeah so definitely some kinks to work. How tiny just a few view tiny exploitative risks Heine Kingdoms? Yeah and we might see a lot of American funded coups at barbershops. That'll be thank hanging out and quite a lot of barber shops. But they're already they're probably buying the place. You probably have a presence there Bryan race face giving nice if somebody was like being like persecuted or like in the court system or something that they could just like run to a business and then like declare amnesty. You know what I mean within America. Because it's like you can't always get flown out to Europe's like escape crime especially if you're like falsely accused like right you know Roman Polanski. Okay right and most people are not here which most people do not have freedland do is go to train US cakes and stay there for as for the rest of your life hangs in the terminal movies about tournus. Cakes Scott's a totally that sounds like a music video porno Ashley. I'm not allowed to go back to his home country but he's not allowed to go back to the country he came from so he's like stuck in the airport. Yeah based on a true story. MOVEYSA visit the Toronto. Oh yeah okay. So he's like trapped in the airport because he like isn't allowed to go anywhere cause something something I don't remember he can't leave worry Roy Because it doesn't have something happened it was like I can't remember I don't know maybe a political thing. I'm not sure sure. Yeah because honestly I'm just gonNA leave the airport. where he we like? Hey here's his Marriott. He can't even go to the hotel or the airport. Mary has to stay in the airport. Damn what alive alive because it's like International. Airports are weird because like sometimes when you're going into an airport is like oh now you're on American soil and I'm like I'm definitely in Cancun. The terminal six all of a sudden America's Arkansas is you can be in Guam and it's like American soil I feel like that's how they want the territory so that's it is yeah. I wonder if they treat the airports like that though where they're like. This is ours year in customs or whatever and when you're gone I know when you're going through Canada's like that but I think thank you literally walk into the United States if you're in Montreal you're still an American police like stop you at the border then Canadian. Please stop you on the way in I. I think I've never driven into candidate only form. I've driven out of Canada. I don't travel sure eight I don't try them. You know. No No what's the furthest you've been from From the East Coast again California yeah I hear they know how the part that foreign trip though right now but. That's that's literally. Yeah no I don't Never Canada and Mexico I've never been to Mexico Me Neither Yeah Bene- Canada I. What was for work in the second time? No it is 'cause me and my mom for Christmas last year to Mexico. Yeah went to can't go off. He's all those late night. Commercials go into those three. AM commercials. I saw a lot of steel drums bing bing bing bing better now I have seen Commercialized Lewis I'm gone while the girls gone. Well commercials. All you know. It's funny. That guy got in trouble because people like there's never any black girls needs show that don't understand. He was in an interview and he was like black. Girls won't do it. There will why he's like because we don't pay them is in black robes. Won't do it for free. He's a white day shoulder or whatever he's there but we don't have black women 'cause they won't do it. They don't need a rebel. In that way way up showed me it's UNBELIEV- like it's really is psychotic that work there like we'll give you a two cent necklace and you show your tits on a permanent. Va just say. They're tricking like drunk. Girl students like a crime. Yeah Yeah Adolescence Waiver. All right it's over Jack. On my girl. I went to college with WHO is sitting right next to like one of those like open jeeps as and some girls like I wanna go to college. It was sitting in the jeep with girl going on. She's like she's got a smile and she she's like I don't know and now she's on 'cause like when a commercial came out we were at school like next our did and she was like now. We're like now based wait the whole Alpha Game House that was you. Don't play me just like a the type of shit though. We're like if you saw somebody you knew in like any type of pornographic thing. Would you be able to tell who you tell I know. Tell them do. Can you tell that's true. That is the end and the people who are really comfortable like going out to girls. I see now your video whatever I was doing summer stock in quakertown Pennsylvania and L. is a great time Girls Gone Wild came to a bar that was Near where we work because I was like thirty minutes north of Philly and girls gone wild candidates bar that was like near where like quakertown and we as as soon as you get there. There are giant posters that say in the state of Pennsylvania it is against the law to exposure breasts. You will be cited you will be and it's just countless countless posters. All over this bar and I was like. I don't think anybody told Girls Gone Wild. It's illegal in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania exposure brass. Because you'll excited and so and then while we're there it's ninety percent dude this bar so chose her so. I believe they weren't asking me so when I got there like a bunch of people's Ziater and I think it was ten dollars to get in and I just saw the girl at the door. She's like ten dollars and I was like Napa Bar in quakertown Bethlehem. I can't remember like Alan how we weren't in in Philly. I'll tell you that there were just giant posters at like the school posters like Neon Pink handwritten acts on one of them. Ah Folding Science Board like this is just down and you've never won the first the camera crew was there and then you see them packer. I was so they're just the smallest bit of research would also this bar owner was like come. Yeah sure there was like get me. He'd be held liable. Yes you allow these people to come here and get a cop. Come in you know as the dry Titi detail. Six is the the town from St Louis De. Show her tits the the more. You're next song doing take it take it. It'll always. It will always live on this recording. I came onto onto agenda for now I'm taking it in profiting off of what else you got. I mean now mostly my idea it was just the nation states. I should have prepared more because I was trying to think through the flaws and stuff and also what it would offer offer and it was mostly just like yeah offer a place that had like legal safety status asylum. Well like you said it will be complicated with the elections and the self governing and kingdoms fiefdoms. Yeah there'd be fiefdoms but I I think it would be like a good lobbying power against the United added states if there was like an actual verified nation like diaspora nation in the. You know what I mean. I think it would be able to help show because America likes to act like the black people don't contribute to the economy in any form or fashion. Yeah although we're the only reason that airports all over the country run And and various other monies we spend it on things but I think if that was the case you could see like every if every black on business became a nation nations in every GDP would be it'd be gop. Yeah so it just be like okay. So we're part of this nation but now you know we all live at a footlocker. Would it be territories were then like certain neighborhoods in the vicinity. Could be a part of the nation. Stay Magic Johnson Theater. Yeah so I don't know this same mall. It shouldn't be right after cab mall and Greenberg reports the studios in and that's a big big space. He's like opening up now. This whole new. Yeah we were talking about it at work. And then he's opened up. The studio in Ireland went. This is also his third studio. Yeah yeah but I think what because he bought Fort McPherson. Is it out for me. If you're on Fort McPherson. Is that where it was okay. I thought it was evanger. Holyfield's Ole spot I think that was well. The second one he had south of the the what you know build own damn damn near county or how does house on it and I thought that He. That's where thoroughly Perry set up shop. I see. I drove by like what I thought was as well. He's like a little house well. He had a smallest the Eto the other studio. That was the one where they film the family that they give. Praise Lake seen that they have where it's Alfie woodard and Kathy Bates that on the land of love like right behind you the studio there and I think that was over by like Greenbrier area. Yeah yeah he has so. There's that but I think that was the second second one. Perhaps 'cause this is the biggest one he's done unless is close to the city like Fort McPherson close. Yeah because he bought Fort McPherson. 'cause Fort McPherson I stopped being a working Fourth Twenty eleven right and then it was. You know we're trying to do like a mixed use thing right and it's just it's just fucking because like an organization that I was in. We would have a scholarship luncheon. Athletic Club at Fort McPherson 'cause they just had like a the. The golf course was the only thing I think is still open right. So the golf club. There we would have events for the scholarship. Wanted was so his properties. It'd be like the Honolulu of nations. The rest would be all of the things that come out of. Excellence Street. Tires things about You know cakes cheesecakes going to have a huge lobbying power gotta watch out for this. Is it uh-huh that's I'm naming legit places that will become. Where would the military power of come from? I guess the military that's not gonNA work. You don't need a little tougher. Whatever title literally literally Jeez? Yeah what's walking doing. Probably could lead up a few things. He's the gallery shot to tighten up. I'm thirty I'm like I can't do this forever. Sleep at the airport. I was trying trying to say was that we were just surrounded by like children so like the first kid ran into him was like no it was like he was in the airport a couple years ago it was like this twelve year old. Why do comes up to him and then I guess I guess? I'm not a kid whistle. I don't know how they work. But all of the League it was not a single adult talking to him. They're sixteen twelve and he's just around just even just trying to get to the gate just like Tom meet him later on about my life and then I saw him. That's all I'm again in. LA At a rose battle uh-huh 'cause I guess he'd like come into a judge or something. You know boo chocolate was always up there. So boom was doing The Tina Turner routine and my favorite thing was watching walker flock the bone because heels mirrors on the other side of the room. Some standing next to Clayton so because once the skirt comes off so the scarf and you just. I'm telling you I was look I could not breathe. I was laughing so hard at watching Wocka flanker wide I e Tina Turner is the funniest thing we do. You have positive things to say Hian say anyway. But what is what it is is like your. Who's chalet was saying? Nothing's actually probably worse. It was looking at his face. Gave me very monkey monkey with a math book. where it's like? I've got a fierce out but I don't know what I'm doing and I don't even know what this is because I'm Washington we. He's just like he's shaking his head and he would go they give you just watch them. Calculus is what I did like. It was just. He's trying and again trying to launch the space shuttle and somebody gave him Dixie cups and string and he's like 'cause I was like it's just a it was a lot of things while he was like. This is not okay. Okay okay okay. What's happening on a woman with what you're trying to comprehend drag drag? Which is monkey with? Mac Book is is it is it is quite a leap. You didn't see his face because win them because its onboard was trying to be like hey man comet over Komo cable. We didn't get it. We were like man. This is wild. So the homeboy trying to talk to him about how one of them can get it. Walker flock is not even look. I'm I'm like Bro. He's like he's going. Hey Man I just need a second. Like he's like the only other time I've ever seen that where there was a Jamaican restaurant in Miami that was owned by Chinese many Jamaicans and so every time people would come in and they would see Chinese Jamaicans for the first I had a couple of those in Atlanta. There's one on rock road. I remember when open and going in with my dad and I was like Oh my dad said no that happens. That's like you'll never say. Yeah yea from Saint Kitts Man. If you say Alex Analogy to Jamaica Doozer you sit by the door it because there are so I mean the line was out the door anytime anybody new came in. They'd be like a watch. This at one time to the daughter with the MOM zone at the sun is I'm just saying to get his food and then she walks out and he goes And she's like yes I'm Chinese Jamaican. What do you need is like? I just need a second. She's IRA staying with them you. What is a group of people inside going out? They forget what they have to order like. Cable curried chicken not confusion non-drug. That's happened to let me right now. All right and so that's who runs the blackout. Yeah actually let's. Let's get dose and charge. I think that's that's a good start. Nah You don't have the responsibilities. We'll have assistance to run. What Trina cakes six or you know you run the You're on the government. The Mint Right. ooh I mean there will be. Harriet tubman twenties. They were there will be heritage that what will happen if your girl is out here. Minting things. Yeah you're right. Let's have you be the treasurer of the sort of or Noel while ago. No no no. That's runs them in the treasury. Oh Yeah you'll be the Steve Mnuchin of molding they go. Oh yeah need money. Money has absolutely I mean. Our money has no value anyway. Because when I'm on the gold standard anyway but they didn't make it equal to the Euro I think like once we like implemented 'cause the euro's twice the dollar but I do think there's enough gold in our community to really back this money up Yeah it's all disclose it to the IRS. Anymore I'll just find him anymore. aww That's adorable man. I mean as long as we could just get Paul on our ranks. I think we got enough goal. It's just the baby. Yeah Powell on the baby. You know what I was looking to the end of the day there are the concern is so I mean it's I guess it's a good jump off point but it definitely just the paperwork alone right. It's alive yeah I mean if we can just a human element out of it thought it could. It could end up backfiring the big way. Yeah there's going to be let instead of trying to make your own nation here. Go back Africa. You're like man I can't go back. Come to somewhere somewhere. I've never been beyond. You can't go back to being either. Go back to Africa. I'M GONNA go back to Roscoe. The electromagnetic field was my better idea. Yeah no that one was great. Yeah I liked. That one started strong with white people. Don't know the free if we get too excited. ooh Yeah Right. So you're Kinda like you could be in the middle and then someone else to come and decide why you got excited and if it's okay and there's the timeframe for longer guys I think we've come to the end of art. Okay Man. This was who anti-climactic. Ah I don't know what to tell you all right. There are people in the room. Yeah Okay I'm I'm not saying we can keep wish keep going the quill. Where can we find you guys on the Internet? The same place that video actually one hundred fine China's it is on the Internet. What's the whole Internet? That's what she told me this video was asking about. She's like it's on the Internet. You know that one pretty prints. Yeah Oh oh yeah. I've not seen it I would like to ceiling on. All of the things is Dole. Say Sloan yes Hi everyone this is Sheila. You can find me on various social media. Things your Instagram your your twitter. You're Ben Mile at Silky jumbo all when were traditional spelling. Okay come on quiet storm. NPR like thank thank you for listening to NPR. Quiet Storm. What was already doing? They're tiny desk desk. Ask Your main happy I made me. There's always a woman with chunky jewelry. Hasn't eaten vegetables as nineteen seventy six. It turned on. I'm sorry meet. Since nineteen seventy six turned on tiny desk and it was. Megan is probably listening to why she was walking through a whole foods food and the Washington public on the drain. No screaming in an apple store. That's how lady they just don't you I'm Marsha Belsky Marta. Emily Resi AMMO. You see thank you so much tit lose. It's always nice show mouth. The no one knows what I'm talking. Well I watch Disney channel. I'm professor a on everything You know me There's been another episode abducting for listening to me by art. This has been production of forever dog. In the brain she never executive produced by Brett Bowen Joselito Lady Knocks and Alex Ramsey for more original podcasts. Visit Forever Dog podcasts. Dot Com and subscribed shows on apple. PODCASTS spotify forever you get your podcasts. Keep up with the latest forever dog news. Follow us on twitter and Instagram at forever dog team and making our page on.

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