Breaking down Denvers WCF outlook w/ Ryan Blackburn


Welcome to another edition of the premium WHO's podcast? I'm your host Mark Schindler and today we're recording on Saturday before the second second or third game of the Eastern Conference finals my we all kind of messed up. But you know in light of first game of the Western Conference Finals yesterday I brought in some Special Denver Ryan Blackburn's site editor and manager over at Denver stiffs Ryan. How're you doing name in? Doing well, Mark. Thanks for having me on up. It's been been quite interesting month for Doug. It's fans and really fun to cover it. Definitely. I'm to hear you're doing better than Tyler awesomeness today a former nugget is now. He's having a hard time if. That just look it up on twitter. Yeah. Right. So you're looking at a Denver, it's funny because I spoke cash trying to win it was it was probably three three and a half three weeks ago I smoked Atta Mars, are as of the end the are and we were doing it felt like it was going to be a postmortem on on the nuggets 'cause they were down through one against Utah. We did it probably two or three hours before game game five and then We are in on on September nineteenth. Were were into the second game, the Western Conference finals tomorrow. So I think the first thing that I just WanNa ask you you know I I. I try my best to watch every team a ton. So I probably saw thirty or forty games this year of Denver and. For somebody, who covers a-team closely? In terms of expectations that you had for the season in the playoffs in general where you kind of act coming into the bubble. Well, just based off of where the seedings were probably going to lay out it seemed like could the nuggets were either going to have to face the Lakers or the clippers in the conference semifinals, and both of those matchups were teams that were projected to be title-favourite said, and if you run into one of those teams earlier than the Western Conference. Finals. Then, you're probably going home that was at least the expectation that we had If the nuggets into any other team, it was imperative that they that they show some growth there that they continue to develop and potentially win those series. But going into a series against the clippers I projected the clippers win in six. That's just what I thought I. Think. Clearly, the national narrative was so like like it was, it was very similar to those feelings that I had. But the the nuggets they they they taught everybody a lesson about what it means to develop together as a team wise and and to not give up on hunt. Guys like Yokich and Murray and and players of that calibre who Maybe, we're underrated a little bit going into the thing, but certainly aren't now It's been really great to see their expectations just kind of lift up from what we expected before. Yeah. I agree and I think one one thing that's really changed for me so far throughout the bubble in the playoffs first of all, watching the seven man rotation or eight-man rotation when the bubble I started in. Like half the team wasn't even in Orlando. Yet that was wild obviously I mean we had I think bowl bowl was in the very first game and he did was for like fifteen points. I'm like that and they played zone defense the entire time with like. Four and a half bigs on the floor I mean Denver's just had a wild run but I think what changed for me most I always have been really high Nicole Yokich of course. How can you not you know what I mean just? Crunched numbers out have them rain from me but what he does in the fourth quarter in getting into overtime is just so effortless I I've never really doubt him but Jamal Murray hit what he's done and his emergence as a more consistent. High end threat has been eye opening for me. You know coming into this I was kind of I. Wasn't unlike the Trade Marie for Bradley beal trained or something like that. But I was just like, okay. Well, I'm still not sure where mammaries ad in his career. He's kind of going into not smart cj mccollum but you know like a guy who, sir, you know what you're getting from him but you're also not getting quite that high end like you get from dame and that's just totally changed changed for me and he competes like a Mojo on the defense venues not great but I mean he's always out there trying How things changed for you in terms of how you Jamal or did you already come in thinking that you could do something like this the I'm one of the few people and I think this is pretty pretty as evidence in what was set around Denver. I was one of the few people that actually think he had this in him. It wasn't necessarily it certainly wasn't the general perspective of that shared those that he was struggling with consistency issues. He was somebody who needed to get better defensively, he needed to shoot more pull ups threes in order to make it make himself more dangerous on the offensive end but something seem to click when he hit the bubble and really went like. When he turned his ankle a in mid January and then came back at fifteen games before Kovic shut everything down he he averaged numbers when he came back to something like twenty, two point six assists thirty, nine percent from three and that's me was was the sign that I needed and after talking with him a couple times I kind of figured that. Eastern not really scared of anybody anymore and it's starting to fix it starting to figure into his psyche that, hey, twenty three years old I have a responsibility to lead the team and Oh. Yeah. If I get spot and I continue to do the things that I need to do. I. Don't think anybody could stop. And and he got to that point and this bubble has really been a break out for him because he's consistently getting to his spot and shooting like like Hell like he is raining hellfire down on all of these teams and it's just been really impressive to see him call down and. Understand the Hey, going from twenty two years old to twenty three years old. It may not sound like a big deal but him being able to do that and ended up starting to see the floor a little bit better. It has opened up his entire game and he was clearly talented before his eyes were very hi, what he goes on on Murray flurry than than that indefinitely 'cause a lot of concern for opposing defenses, but he's starting to do it more consistently right now. That's that's really where you boil it down to for sure. Yeah. Definitely. I think one thing that's the I've noticed. That I mean, obviously, it's been well known that he added early if you pay attention you hear it in the broadcaster most time I have broadcast actually, but you know what I'm saying. That's helped a ton with with him seeking contact at the rim more monotonously. It's hyper drawn out when you look at game seven against the clippers. But when he liked gets pretty much Pyle drive at the Rim and he takes the free throws right after but I mean that's it's not that he doesn't try and seek that but he's always really comfortable finding either a floater saying in the mid range but him getting the remorse huge. That's a ton as well. In terms of just looking at the game yesterday, we unfortunately have to talk about it It was a tough game one, but I think there were a lot of parallels to this game in the first game against the clippers. Obviously, they go up in our up thirty eight to thirty six at the beginning in the first quarter and then they seem to kind of just not run out of gas I think foul trouble obviously helped with that. Or if you could say, not helps Scott Foster and Tony Brothers were on one yesterday we can get to that as well But would you do you think you could draw a comparison between that and the first game? This clippers? I think one of the things that I tweeted out yesterday was the hey, the nuggets are like they're in a position after the first quarter wear the first quarter against the clippers was basically tied, and then after three quarters nuggets were down twenty four. That was basically the same formula for what happened against the Lakers yesterday and so you don't want to set a hey, look the nuggets are gonNA come back from three one again because look at this happening in the vs match up to but but there are some parallels. For sure out the nuggets, this is a feeling out process for them. After two seven game series. This'll be their third series. They just haven't had a break at all. So some of the things that that you need from a break, not necessarily just the rest factor I think they were arrested enough yesterday to win, but they were mentally there and clearly you foul a lot. It means that you're out of position. It means that the the opposing team is taking it to you as opposed to the other way around so. The nuggets are going to get into a position now where where they have to recover and see what just happened and try to gain planet going into a second game. The really awful thing is that if they can't take one of the next two games than than things get really dire but I tend to think that tend to think that wants wants Yokich and Murray stay out of foul trouble in the next game. Then it becomes a little bit closer and then just executing a little bit better. Kind of makes it even closer after that. Yeah. Most athletes and Jeff Foster is not rapping the next game so that'll help as well. I think the I I totally agree with what you're saying about being kind of completed their mentally because it's not like they weren't competing but you could tell they were just kind of like a half step behind and that's when you can really tell us somebody's not mentally they're like I was rewatching today and notice I. Mean I think one thing that I really hope to see in the next game is maybe it's hard. With with Yokich out there 'cause he's not really a real rim determined but just trying to find more ball pressure on on the Brian Rondo at the top ski it's crazy that we can say ron was having an impact in the playoffs I was not expecting that bubble wild but I counted up I mean they did they think they scored at minimum twenty points just off of you know Lebron Rondo picking off passes in. In cuts from from the top of the key. So that's something that I look at I. Don't know if you noticed that as well. But that was something that I definitely pinpointed that I'm hoping to see improved because the just losing your man on cuts stuff that's clearly part of not being fully mentally there. Sure and one of the things that the nuggets of really struggled with is stopping the law and end it's. Obvious with Yokich at position. When when millsaps starting next to him than that, there's no real jump threat in in the front court to to really take care of some of those things i. don't know how they're going to stop the Law of that's going to be a really tough thing that yoga just has to be super disciplined in his positioning on defense and make sure that he's not getting back like that. But as you said, it's it's a murray getting back got a couple of times. It's Monte Morris getting back got a couple of times. It's Gary hers so everybody can can really attest to hate the Lakers are back cutting the hell out of you. They're finding the open scenes right? Right at the rim, and if are the nuggets said the you gotta probably shrink down the paint as much as possible shrink down the gaps as much as you can enforce that Laker. Steamed hit shots they did yesterday and that's greats. But if you're going to trust Markeith Morris to it all of those shots and Rajon Rondo to hit all those shots than that's probably the way that you have to live with the series and if they do then tip your cap to them, it was Rajon Rondo in Markeith more should be you and not Lebron James and Anthony Davis in this case. Yeah. Exactly I. think that's one of the first things I look at. Some of my other friends out Denver who cover the team mobile bit and our fans they tweeting about how mad or Reggie Miller and I was too because I a as a broadcast on for a couple of minutes until I heard this when. It was I think yoke hit. He did like that Eurostat in the lane on in an ISO on white up and under and he had I think like fifteen sixteen points and Reggie said that he wasn't engaged I was like dude, you just came off the bench. Thousand Nine Games but you know like you're mentioning. In terms of Markeith Morrison Rondo seth part now crowd tweet this morning. About just for what it's worth. If you're looking at uncontested threes yesterday, Denver went to eleven in the Lakers went ten thirteen. So that's not the whole gap but I mean. that. Marquee theat think every single one of Marquees were Justin I'm fine with him being uncontested. Honestly maybe you want you want maybe a stronger close out but when he shot like thirty percent from three in the playoffs, obviously anybody's okay with Rondo getting shot. But I think I'm have you noticed anything different in Germany grants shot former anything I think on One thing that I've heard mentioned is you know he had much harder defensive assignments in against the Clippers and obviously is defending Braun now. So maybe that drains a little bit on the offense fan but I mean, he shot forty two percent from three on five attempts per game against Utah in the first round. Now he shot you'll twenty five and a half percent over the last eight games now. So I wonder that I mean he's somebody who really need to be hitting shots for sure. Yes. Especially because he needs to be out there on the defensive end of the floor that the hey, if you have a liability out there from a floor spacing perspective. That really changes how the entire team has to guard view and I look at it as if. Grant grant has to be threat from from the from the office of side of the floor or else they just they just cannot play him and it's really too bad because he is their best defensive option Yeah. I tend to think that it's more the playoff efforts that you have to in order to stop playoff defense on top of the fact that he had to guard Koiwa Leonard in the first gay in the first series in Lebron James now. And when he's not on Lebron James He's on Anthony. Davis. which is, which is kind of the the factor that you get into here that there's there's never a break for him. He always engaged. He always preventing the easy cuts. There were a couple of possessions where I thought he had really good position on Lebron James yesterday and lowers the shoulder into right in the rightness chest and get and gets a blocking call Jeremy Grants and the CRAP NOT AS A. Yeah, there are a couple of those that you just you just kind of draw up your jaw at and try to pick it up off the floor. I I'm interested because he had a couple of Emily Games in the Clipper series where where he did make some shots game one was not one of action. No game when he was good game too he was bad game three was bad game five in game seven. I think he made a couple of threes in each of those two. I think game seven he hit two and I know milt Yak. That's one thing I will. Fit Him and MILLSAP if they're the guys who are GonNa hit threes this huge you know I mean as a special. You look at like always trying to go through it in my head and obviously matchup sir dependent styles, make fights and all that. But I mean looking down the Rosser you have Lebron ad and I think Yokich is probably in between them I mean you can. It's all my new show obvious. lebrons best player but. I think you look at the guys in the rest of starting lineups and I think I mean grant millsaps and Gary Harris depending on which offensive Gary Harris dating but he was good use. Another guy is really against the clippers struggled a little bit last night. But I think you take those guys over except maybe Danny Green in the in the starting lineup. So the role players playing huge is going to be huge for huge huge twice against your squared. In terms of DENVER, dozen series especially off the bench as well. One of the things I look at How do you think they could get Michael Porter Jr. going a little bit more when he is playing with the starters because he was phenomenal in the third quarter once the starters were out in it hit didn't matter as much. But I mean, he was kind of just spotting up a little bit. He had like one. I think he had like one put back off the cut with. Yokich in Murray out there. But I think him becoming a threat out there and means staying for out there is is astronomical for trying to win. Yeah the Lakers don't really have anybody to match up with him less. They put Anthony Davis on him and that's that's really the intriguing thing about quarter skillset that that makes you wonder whether he could provide a major impact in this series because unfortunately, it doesn't look like he has anybody to guard on the opposing side. However, you could you get get past that of Calculus was out there or Morris is out there and just live with the results at that point. Denver best lineups have feature porter grants and Yokich in the front court and a lot of the reason for that is because those guys more. So than millsaps more so than than Craig or like that they space the floor in a really dynamic in transition and trying to just just be athletic on both at the offensive and defensive glass, and then just running the floor. They move really well in the half court. Those guys are guys that you not leave no matter what you might be able to leave grant. Now now we're we're GONNA have to ramp to see how that goes but porter is a guy that he hasn't really been integrated into the offense super well, and a lot of that just because they have. So many guys during the regular season that's deserve those touches and they had a goes on offense that they couldn't. They couldn't just throw a border and say, Hey, you you now need to get into all of this end score and pass do all of these things. Now they used them as an off ball shooter in cutter for most of the season and. That's kind of how it has to be a likelihood and he had three wide open threes I think in this previous game at just just missed all three of them, and if you miss those those kind of bellwether moments for this nuggets team that they they need though shots to go in if you get a contested grant, miss it contested contestant millsap miss and that's it is what it is. But if porter hits two of those three threes in a little bit of extra pressure ended, it makes it reasonable for him to be out there on the floor because he he still has defensive issues and guys like Rondo in Lebron Anthony Davis are probably GONNA pick on. Him a little bit. So you have to be scoring on the office of ended. They just didn't yesterday. Yeah definitely, and you know I think that fees it what I'm thinking I think in terms of obviously the game was not close yesterday but I think it to me other than that running the third quarter it felt a lot closer than it may be was just because you know you know are at these these shots that should be falling aren't following some of the shots that that shouldn't be falling for the Lakers. Are you know I think in terms of way shot various everything worse? Obviously, it's a shorter series in the playoffs but I think that's something that keeps. Not Denver Fan but I am hopeful for never win. So I think it definitely would have hopeful for the coming games. Another question I would ask you would you rather make Anthony Davis or Lebron beach you because I think I have something of this. Well it's interesting I. I I've heard it both ways that if you if you want Lebron to beat was a scorer than it doesn't involve everybody else. It prevents Anthony Davis from getting involved in getting to the foul line consistently the Lakers two or really good job of making sure that both of them are beating you at the same time and that's something like like with marine, Yokich those guys like if you've. Load up too much on Yokich. is going to beat you if you load up too much on Murray Than Yoga just GonNa beat you at Cetera but the Lakers do do something similar but they can also isolate and go into the Post and run picking roles with other people that create shots for themselves I. I tend to think the Lebron. To score fifty points and you want to see him, do it on a consistent basis of guard whatever action he's going to onto try to give liberal help as possible and prevent yourself from getting into foul trouble. If you're Yokich, they're like, they're like gardening you with with Vilma gear, glade Howard or somebody like that just tried to avoid it as much as you can. But it's easier said than done and Lebron is capable of doing those things as Anthony. Davis. So I, it may just be a few times I'll thing that the nuggets are trying to do here. They may not have the personnel to really make it work but I think that you want to make Lebron into a score as opposed to a passer because he's one of the best passers we've ever seen maybe the best passer we've ever seen. So try to avoid that if you can. Yeah, definitely I think. actually I think a little bit differently, I, might change up now at the way that you're putting it but I think there's some these look I think number one I kind of wanted David Spew trying to be you because They can shots at obviously I, think Barring Transition, which we can talk about transition to because the NAGAS killed in transition yesterday If you can keep him from getting lives which I actually don't know if that's possible to be completely Oscars I don't know if you while Ben Taylor Ben Taylor had an incredible video on eighty being probably the best lob catcher of all time it's pretty convincing. Jerk one in terms of post I think I was going back and watching. after I was done watching the game we washed a couple times on synergy and you know I think if if grant in which it's hard for, you doesn't have quite the strength to contend with ad but when grant and no sap were able to to stay position on Anthony Davis and not if so if ad gets out on the perimeter and he is able to take no off the drive, it's it's that's all she wrote he didn't get to face up on Jeremy on the perimeter at all yesterday from I don't think. So but in the post, he was three of six, which still isn't. I mean it's still good. One point per possession. But in terms of when you look at lobs interest in everything when when millsap and grant were actually able to stay imposition in the post, they forced them into way tougher shots and you actually get any fouls out of it, which was kind of surprising But I think I kind of just look at axes not a he's a very good post player, but he's not like he's not Yokich. Yokich is a phenomenal post player and I looked defensively to. I almost I know yokich normally isn't He's he's trying to get loaded up so we can pass out but I wonder you can force eighty to guide offending I think that could be huge. Gazelle. Something that yesterday I thought was an issue on I mean with White Jail jail was not gonNA guess looked white gave him some some fits yes I think part of that was just Yogesh getting a little pissed off frankly because Dwight got away. but you know I think if eighty can roam off ball if you can cause yesterday I think he was on here's on no sapping just rolling off. And he was able to contest everything at the rim in the drive. So I think if you're able to force AIDS guard Yokich one, I wanted because he's playing that well on that changes I'd have to play their defense but just some galaxy brain boss that I had but I I don't know I think there are a lot of ways to go and I don't think there's any reason to be doubtful yet especially without the last two series went. Shirt and I think there is something to be What you're saying here is that if you look Lebron's chart his, his shot chart is pretty much more about. It's pretty much shots at the rim shots behind the ARC. He's done a really good job of limiting other attempts there Anthony Davis is a little bit more spread out. He has he has the propensity to settle for the mid range jumper and settle for the the twenty foot fadeaways or the floaters that's at the free throw line, and that just happened to go in yesterday there are there are some things that a Denver can guard against that they could definitely use. With Anthony, Davis you you. WanNa Guard him one on one you WANNA make him. To two scores, many times as possible. I was just more saying like like in a philosophical, how do you prevent the best player or second best player of all time whatever you WANNA say. From beating you in a series and I think the the way to do it is to guard him to on to try to get him to do his own individual scoring as opposed to the twelfth SOC- Yesterday, and then you wanted to have Anthony Davis. The same thing because what we saw in the box score yesterday was. gave his caldwell-pope having eighteen points Danny. Green having eight. More having nine cousteau having eleven Howard having thirteen Rondo having seven with nine assists everybody really got involved yesterday and it adds up to a different type of score. If you can limit if you can have Lebron being going for thirty five, Forty Anthony Davis going for thirty thirty five or maybe try to limit some of the free throws I. Guess That's probably the formula for the nuggets It's it's a tough ask for MILLSAPS for grants for Yokich for anybody that has to guard those guys but just don't out just just don't file and you'll be okay. I Now think about I I kinda misheard you'll but that was my bad but yeah I agree I think that you're thinking about it on 'cause I grew up in Cleveland so I'm used to. I mean this somehow this is not the worst roleplaying team he's ever had A. I think the Oh seven Oh eight calves might have had one of the worst rotation groups of all time man. There's atrocious I don't know how into basketball you were in at that time. I was man, how can how can you hate on Zydrunas look? Right, exactly man so I always think like, I. Try not to get you caught up in with you know who's the go or whatever I just think him. He's my go 'cause why grew up with but obviously, you know watching him was the goat of his air, I? Mean I think it's hard to compare them on but I mean that's one of the things I look I'm like dude okay. Busy was fine who's like an all star player one time but not when he was playing with Lebron like he was. Come on man. Like Kobe would say, what am I supposed to pass the ball booby Gibson like come on but yeah, it's it's it's wild to go back on but you know in terms of just looking at the series as a whole now in where it's going. What are you know if you could boil it down to like one or two things that you think need to happen for just the next game for for Denver to win so I don't think we need to go. Whole. Hog. We just one game at a time right sure. What are some things that you look to see proved on tomorrow? Well, I'd I'd like to see them make more shots like to see them just make the open ones as much as possible because that's that's GonNa be a bellwether for both teams is that you have the two stars you have. You Have Marine Yokich on one side have Davison Lebron on the other side, and those guys are probably going to be great in every game of the series has just gone of a fact. So. What can you do with the other guys? What can you do with trying to prevent the other supporting players from getting these buckets and what can you do to create some open shots for Gary? Hairs Mike Boorda Junior Jeremy Grants and candles guys convert on those looks that's the first thing. Second thing is trying to get Murray going and just just getting going into the ether state as much as possible because he has the capability as throughout these playoffs to really carry the offense and Kinda dictate things slow the way that they need to be dictated throughout I thought he had a really good game yesterday at any did have a couple of turnovers here or there there were pretty bad. But for most of the time he was dictating exactly what needed to happen made some creative passes shot the boppard efficiently up I think he's capable of going off for thirty five or forty in the series and maybe making it a more regular thing. In the more often the Lakers ascend additional help to him it actually helps the nuggets. So I'm hopeful that they can get Murray going as much as possible there because I think he is the tip of the spear for this nuggets team and that if he gets going everybody just makes things easier for everybody else no doubt. Definitely, in one thing that I kind of going off that that I'm really hopeful for I. Don't know how they're gonNA make it work. They have to find some way to to force the Lakers to not switch on the on the Yokich on on the permanent I. Don't know if you noticed that yesterday but they were they were rotating out on him so that he couldn't have any of his picking pop through that he spent lethal with the x with take notes yesterday, which obviously that's partially zillion play a on relative to two minutes. But that's something I'll look at while when he's when he actually forces guys to come out and guard him that makes a world of difference as you know Yeah, I think. So one last thing I want to ask you this kind of overarching for out here on. What 'cause I I always ask anybody who I talked about this what on Earth happened to Gary Harris is shot and I know it's kind of back. Now it seems like it. You know after the he shot forty two percent. Since he's come back if you exclude yesterday from three. But you know he's somebody. It's funny because I want to I, want to Michigan state the year after he last night you know I grew up in Michigan State Fan I washed when he was there and obviously follow them when he was with Denver instance, you know me being in Indiana Fan we almost traded Paul George to Cleveland which would have there was some yeah. Kevin Love would have gone to Denver and Gary Harrison Indiana so all mat-su in these from fissures. So. Obviously, he has had that that huge drop and. Everything. I've taken his. Injuries but I don't know if you what are your thoughts on that? Well. Yes it's it's interesting. I. Don't WanNa pin all injury because I think there has been some regression there but some of it has been injury related and he just lost a lot of explosiveness because he Finished the way the US finishing at the rim prior to prior to like in his twenty seventeen eighteen year he was flying everywhere. He was hanging in the air. He was hanging up at the rim US hitting into guys than US coming down after they were coming down. No, he was he was one of the most explosive guys nuggets on their roster and he averaged seventeen and a half game and did so very efficiently from all points. So, much of it is really tough to like any yokich offense. It is really tough to get everybody involved and to continue to play the way that they need to play to be stars and when Murray came in and showcased his talents when Murray came in and really established himself as a guy thing, need to give the ball to a lots that first. Year when they were both starting together averaged about sixteen and a half points a game in an Harris averaged about seventeen and a half the distribution after that was a lot different and and Murray was getting a lot more shots and then this year he's gotten even more shots and deservedly so like it's really hard to really hard to hate on what's happened. After you know how the playoffs has gone. You can't say well I mean yeah give. Gary Samore shots. Out You can't you know. But in addition to Murray, it's will Barton who is always creative and has the ability to score off the dribble and do those things Monty Morris who's in that same realm, and now it's Michael Porter, Jr. who looks like a star that that's just kind of waiting to age and get into that get into that star territory with more wraps of. So he's he's kind of caught up in the numbers game right now and and he's trying to find out how he can be the best player he can possibly be. To contribute to a nuggets championship in right now as a role player right now it's a somebody who went the shot when the ball gets swung to him and he's open, he takes the three but other than that it's it's trying to not necessarily get out of the way, but just just understand your role and understand how things kind of boil down to the Murray Yokich picket role as often as they do. So it's been tough I've I really loved what have seen from Gary during these play offs and and it's really difficult to. Watch somebody who was averaging seventeen and a half and playing elite defense. He's still playing defense. Don't get me wrong but but he had a lot of star potential in him at. It's just too bad that never manifested in that way because he was capable and he he may still be capable but. I don't think it's going to happen in Denver. The definitely makes sense. It's been cool Washington's defense though I think I wrote an article on it because I went back and watch to all the clipper series. well, he did when when they started acting out on the weak side in order to to collapse in on some of the drives, a PG had. Totally, shifted everything I mean you had Jeremy Grant trying to guard Donovan Mitchell in Utah Series Germs Nice Fan. But I thought of and that's just it's a it's a no-go man. That's tough. But regardless management. It's been awesome washing. DENVER. I'm excited to watch the rest of this run You know what it in looking at tomorrow what are your? What are your expectations for the game not forcing make prediction with you WANNA make prediction I'll know I'll I'll predict what they win. I think I think they come back and they win tomorrow and Yolk which looks like a different kind of player. They may create a little bit more assist opportunities for him. Murray gets to the thirty thirty five point range and just continues to be an explosive piece and then they limit Anthony? Davis is free throws a little bit and that's that's kind of how they get to that state should maybe they missed maybe maybe the Lakers missed ten out of thirteen shots to kind of make up the the wide open disparity that you shared from South Park now earlier today. But I do think that they come back in bounceback at this, this team has been resilient. They've won one of the first two games in each of the series of they've played so far. They've done the same thing in each of the series of the hat last year. So they know how to take back game too and I think they know how important it is and they're gonNA go out for it most definitely while Ryan before we get you out of here what are you working on that? You want people know about where can people find you at? Well I am the site manager of Denver stiffs and had a really good time just just covering the team over the course of the last year has been unbelievable you as confinement, Denver, stiff some twitter at. NBA Blackburn. That's that's been awesome to see that over the course of the last couple of days and we've got shirts Denver stiff so. If you're you're looking for the LA shirt than than if we've got that over Denver steps, Dot Com. So to check it all out antastic Will Ryan. Thanks for coming on to everyone listening back home Please be sure to rate and review on Apple podcasts. Check US out on spotify. Rita supreme hoops side Org go check out Ryan stuff. 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