Rob Gronkowski


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That's one more time squarespace dot com slash the corporate for free trial when you're ready to launch us the offer code the core to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain all right here is Rob Gronkowski. You're listening to the core presented by Barstool stool sports. Okay we now welcome on the corporate. It is Future Hall of Famer Rob Gronkowski from from the New England. Patriots not retired yet. It's coming back week fourteen. I'm like half retired half tire every time he also is big in the business. This world and you guys linked up. Let's actually tell that story to start how A-rod and rob you guys. I linked up you invested acid you invested in his brother's company or yeah sure so his brother. Chris came on who graduated from Penn who's got a great business mind and we call it a math the money mind he came up made a great presentation and is called is Shaker and it was a great concept where you can travel with it. It never bills bills. Never gets hot and never gets cold is just perfect temperature. Mark and I took a stake in the company and we've been Mark Cuban humble. Brag name-dropping and we've have done incredible job that the company was making eighty thousand dollars trailing twelve. We're probably GONNA do over five and probably do fifteen next year so that's how we got started. Five of them came out together. Four brothers five others total count together. It did this big thing. It was one of the most watched shark tanks all time it was were you on that shirt tanker. You were my brother went with the presentation. I four brothers after came out for a good time minutes and I was on and that was my shark. Take debut right there and it was rushed to it. Was Your debut you too yes and that was that your first day the first or second it was the first or second and it was such a in my wheelhouse. Obviously I'm a huge fan of of Gronk could could good buddies with Tom. Brady name-dropping again that's okay and Robert Kraft Nassau close with fellowship but I like Belichick anyways I deal I understood did and we were able to put it in our gyms and Robin now have now connected in a second business venture in fifth plan which he is. He's GonNa talk about his his health is wellness his business acumen his father was a businessman so I'm excited to get into our second venture together. Yes asked me to man you know it's kind of cool because Iran around you you know you invested in with my brother and then as has Chris's brother the brother came in and I kind of you were Nice enough up to let me get the portion back yes so me and my brother and I could team up so that's pretty cool that you bought it from my brother than the other brother came in and and and rebound off you so let's do some business deals right there within the family which is pretty pretty dope so let me walk you through entrepreneur and how smart the families so Chris Cosmic he goes. Hey Rob is now retired as you know in the whole world knows he would like to buy the shares back from from you and we've done so well and Krizner such an amazing job to drive revenue for us. I said great and he's like well. What's market. I said well forget market. I'm GonNa give you kind of friends and family deal because I feel like I'm the six brother there you go all right and and I said why don't we do the thing he can come. In My podcast we can talk about it until story till and then the other part is I own another company V plan. I said this is right in his wheelhouse. What isn't he come in. He goes. I love it. Let Me Talk to Rob. Chris Hits Me Apples twelve hours later. He Goes Robbie's all in he loves it and about a week later. We close the deal. That's awesome damn man. It was awesome in that just fit plan to I mean when you brought that up to me. I said you know something I was working my way towards that you know. I've been working my way. I want to get in the fitness industry. Health Industry and I WANNA do like fitness videos and stuff and and give my knowledge out there what I been through to to people that want to get fit that people that want to exercise exercise so when that opportunity came it just worked out perfect I was looking for something like that. Yeah there's things out there and everything a lot of that was the one right there just made it easy it made it easy fit and Arab brought to our attention and it just worked out perfect. Man is great. I'm excited to do it when I don't even know when I shoot. I shoot well first of all authors author six. Now you're down to forty. S I think in fifth plan you'll be able to describe to all your followers really people that want to know. How do you look so good you checkup checkoff plan. You're going to let everybody know what the key to success year business. We need to kind of get it. Yes I can't wait to see the the one thing I will say. Is that so gronk. You're you've lost this way. You obviously take fitness very seriously. You know your brothers owner Jim or did owner. Jim Correct call well. My Dad's dad my dad's been in industry for twenty twenty eight years years now. He's been selling fitness equipment. He's been doing retail and he's been doing it commercial and he's in he has like twenty stores out there retail and he's been doing commercial to like colleges. NFL teams pro teams for twenty five plus years now so he's always been in the fitness industry and then that's what you know. That's how we've been involved too. I I mean these just passing the passing it down generation but we expanded a little bit more we taking its next power because we're more Jack Than My dad's Nice Little Aubrac but the one thing I always respect about eras he retired and he still works out probably more than you work out more than you did when you were actually playing when I feel like he stopped working out. I wish I was as great a shape but as Robbie in the gym at like one in the morning and then Rob's Rob's doing the same thing he retired that commitment to staying in shape staying in that athletic mindset is pretty rare. I would say for most guys I think sports. It's business media entertainment. Health and wellness is all one big circle. You know used to be a square. Now's a circle and I know you love it. I as part of my life is like you don't live to train. I almost trained to live as part of it right. You train the live. I liked that. That's a great put. Write that down US US so gronk. I always wondering I've heard these stories and it fits in perfectly for this type of podcast you. The story goes rose and you can correct me. If I'm wrong that every dollar you made from football you saved and then everything you made outside of football. You used to spend on house cars. Whatever vert the disposable income is that true yes yes that's true and you know. I wasn't never that big of a spender. He's at all anyway. I was still wearing the same frigging cargo shorts sports. I had my friend always jokes like you know that Vietnam. He goes the last time some cargo shorts was getting a hand job in Vietnam or something you you know that that that joke. He's always ripping on me. That's how how long I've been wearing my cargo shorts for but now man if you just keep it simple. That's how Ben you know but you know. I like the place where I'm at because I always knew that you know I always south football. You know doesn't last a lifetime sports and lasts a lifetime so I just always wanted to be financially secure too when I when I was done playing so it's nice every some them through. I'm so excited to know our listeners are going to be feel the same way as you know so I work with a lot of athletes you know a lot of athletes have gone bankrupt that our financial stress and up to sixty seventy percent sometimes are in trouble. What was the the thing for me was fear that drove my business. What was the thing that drove you to say. I want to be financially irresponsible and frugal. You know something I think he was just the way that I was brought up. you know when I was playing sports hockey. I never had a new gear. I never had new equipment. I my oldest brother. Six years older alerted me that his hockey equipment his baseball gear would be passed down to my second oldest brother then from there it'd be passed out to my third. Brunner than by the time a my generation came I would have this baseball and it would be so broken in like it'd be just be flopping like that. You know I'm talking about broken in baseball. You loved it and it's flat on the ground. You could run it over over a million times. A glove is not getting any more broken in you know. It's just always been like that. In my parents you know never really handed Hannes handed us anything over easily on. They made us work for everything they made us work in the sports world for for money whenever to go get a job and it just it was installed in mouse at a young age. I feel like yeah yeah. I mean that's interesting because like you said fear and that versus. Maybe someone who from the beginning knew the value of a dollar. I'm just always I'm so fascinated. I need you literally saved every single dollar. Where'd you put it. Give me the routing number routing number. It's a pretty good. The amount was not as much as Al so we can put together an investment. Let it grow okay. Let's do Roy. I WANNA follow up on your question but as far as I don't want him to be like you wiring instructional that where the money is but I would like to know from your you're thirty years old. You've you've you have a lot of capital put away. What is your long term view in investing you know I keep it really simple. you know. I really don't go that crazy at all. I mean in the stock market and everything I've actually I don't even want to say I never I never lost in the stock market. Let's just crazy. You're like Lenny dykstra yeah. No no I never I also never went like crazy in either but I- which is pretty cool and just do easy thing some bonds and stuff and municipal bonds and keep it easy I mean I'm not really spending like that. I mean I love it so keep it simple. Keep it simple and keep it. Keep it easy. What's the one thing that you have. Maybe been like you know what I'm going to buy. This like I gotta buy this. You know I started. I started splurging more and everything but there was one thing that I bought and it was it was a chain. It was a diamond chain. It was six figures and I got I got about a year and a half ago and I probably wanted to times yeah what what the hell on it two times. I wanted to bring ceremony this year. Because it just wasn't good with the Blang War I had it out and it was kind of weird because all the teammates were looking at me life where you're looking at me. Like who do you get that up. We'll play your thing now on our way right tastic so you retired obviously after the Super Bowl after you win super bowl in February. How how do you feel today. Do you still feel like you have some of the nagging injuries this. Is there some stuff from football. That's never gonNA go away. I'm always curious if like when you retire and you stop living in the football mindset if those injuries he's kind of go away slowly or is it boom you feel great. You know because you're not playing football right now. You know I was definitely beat up after the Super Bowl and beat up basically every single year but I really truly believe that I found I found a way to be pain-free away the human body and that's why I stepped away from football. I was doing it while I was playing playing football but I was already so far behind. You know what I mean like so I I do it all week but then I go back out in the game and I just ruined myself again but then I you know I play catch up again that we can go back out. Take another big hit room. You know ruined ruined myself again taking take another big hit the next week so that's what's going on but that's why. I walked away from the game because I felt like I had an opportunity to that needed to take off and heal myself and so right now man. I can tell you this right now. Get up. I can do anything I'm paying nine surgeries injuries. I had like like literally twenty concussions in my life. Probably five blackout concussions like where. I don't remember anything for like ten minutes but I do all the right treatments and do everything right. started eating right because I I felt like that was huge. Man Like the eating pyre. I feel like the you know foods. Heal your food and medicine right and That's the way to go. Somebody your diet. Give us a day in Rob's diet. You know well. It was a little different because I wanted to lose weight so sometimes I was fastened for eighteen hours and it wasn't easy thing. I'll just drink water for eighteen eighteen hours because I wanted to get rid of that like extra inflammation on my body. I know I talked to other people had done and they say you start feeling light. When you do that like you know what I mean you ever feel heavy. You're just I have a you you after Iran go for a five mile run the next two days like you wake up and you feel like you're literally a thousand pounds right like I didn't like that feeling I had it way too much. I wanted wanting to get rid of it and that because it was inflammation your body when that occurs so I wanted to get rid of it all. I wanted to get rid of that bloated wait. I felt like I have bloated. Wait on me. He likes because I went. I was two hundred sixty five pounds leaving high school. I never been under to sixty in my life. This is my first time at thirty years old under to sixty and when I put at that weight on I put it on with cheeseburgers all the fast food all all that crap because you know high school. You just felt like he was bloated. Wait so then I talked to other people how to lose it how they lost other athletes start going down that organic veggie route because I wanted to lose that extra bloated weight and I feel like I have big time like I feel like a trimmed up. You know I'm very lean like the feel like that. I feel light so that inflammations on me and so I did a lot of fast. Also I like to do a Lotta juices organic antic juices man like so some days one fast but I would drink juice right. When I wake up I want juice in the morning like one juice like a whole thing of beet juice in the afternoon and then like maybe the whole thing of like carrot juice now. Let's see let's get everyone take. He's got to he's got. This is rain shirt. I'm sweating right now. Why because the word whole from Cornhole we had the most epic game of Cornhole ever. I swear we thought it was. GonNa be a blowout. I Made Four. I think it was my first. Three shots went in the hole all right and but then they made a comeback it was nine nothing they made a comeback they they almost took the lead then started going back and forth like sixteen fourteen then it'd be like nineteen fourteen and it was great. It was one of the best games okay so that actually segues to a question. I've always been curious about with the Patriots and specific because you know everyone talks about Tom. Tom Brady Bill Belichick. You guys are in the playoffs every year. You're in the AFC championship. No matter what every single year was it hard to get that competitive fire up in the middle all the season or was it something that every Sunday you're ready to go. Well first off Alex that that fit plan. You know that we're going to have to do it with the shirt off yes we. We got to show him. I made improvements. I'm rippin. That's why I'm all in. I'm all in these can shirt off shoot. has anyone done that yet. You'll be the first the first time in your plan your way. I'll have my shake or to be drinking. What I actually have mine out there. I left it out there. You know big commercial got it. Yes one big commercial. That'd be everything everything all well. How did he do it. Wayne's world yes then you go. You're asking how how did I get excited every single we can't do you have the same fire in the the middle of October as opposed to a playoff game and is it hard to get to that level all right so I'll phrase exactly we have saying I know what well you're asking and I would say it depends on where I was at in my career to you know might my rookie. Year is my first few years. You always had that fire and then I would say my last. Two years was kind of just getting through it. You know what I mean like. The joy like the first seven years was was different. You know you just love the game but I learned. That's why that's why I had to change my lifestyle. I had to change out of change my diet. I had to change everything because I was just getting through. It and I was wondering why. Why do I feel like this. I don't feel like I love the game. I don't don't even showing up on game days and I was like another game. You know like I gotta just get through this and let me just do what I gotTa do my job. I was doing my job and I had to do my job. I wasn't truly like man. That was awesome. Man Like that was awesome with a huge smile and everything like I was at beginning of my career but that's because I was just you know everything caught up to me. I I had inflammation in my body. All the heads surgeries. My body was fighting against my body. I was fighting against myself and that's why I'm taking this row now because I don't WanNa fight against against myself anymore and I was annoyed of it. I'm sick of it. You know the joy of life was goes away. If you're fighting against yourself I mean that's the biggest biggest this you challenge yourself inside and now I truly believe and so that's why I'm just trying to take care of myself in every way possible and learning and then you know can help help establish other people down in the future. would joy come back though when you were in the playoffs the last couple of years like would you feel that spark kind of. I would say I would say I would say in that situation the playoffs. They give you that spark though to get you going more right it did for sure. I mean I would say the regular. Season was kind of like whatever regular season let's get it over but that playoffs definitely gives you a spark no matter where you are at your hurt playing that spark it's a total different spark when you hit the playoffs in in the NFL and then in the Super Bowl. I'm very curious about this. Everyone always talks about the super bowl moving way too fast start off. You were in many super bowls Jesus. Is it like the Super Bowl. You'RE GONNA get the rams. Does it move it regular speed because you've been in that game because that seems like an advantage to the Patriots. If you come into the Super Bowl and you're like we've been here. We've done this. It's not moving fast. This is a regular game for us. You know we treated as a regular game and I swear what is real. What is really true. I mean I. I'm not just giving a Bilbao Jug answer. It's it's the bill against it. That's the truth though I mean we did treat every game like it's the same even the super bowl and it's hard hard to say that we even prepared more for the Super Bowl Games. 'cause we prepared literally the same every week inside out matter who we were playing. I swear if we were playing like a team. I was like Oh Anton. He like prepare harder though really to be because he you know you. You don't want to be that team that that loses that game but you know. We treated the Super Bowl the game like any other game but there's one time there's one thing that is a little bit. Slower is the halftime for sure but we even prepare for that like during the week he would we would practice in and then he makes us go inside for thirty minutes and then we would go out to practice and finish off the last forty five minutes. I mean that's the worst way to practice right like who wants to be a middle of a sports practice actors. Go inside for forty five minutes. 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I mean just to mention a few obviously Michael Jordan Magic Johnson John Wooden George Steinbrenner Wayne Gretzky on and on and on. I I feel that the best trifecta in the history of sports is Mr Robert Kraft Bill Belichick and Tom. Brady two questions one ranked them for me and then I want you to give me one asset from each one of them. That makes Kim the best the goat while I truly agree with that that tri factor right there is is the truth I mean you never ever seen three key legend names together like that and then sticking together for I don't even know what is it seventeen eighteen years. There was like twenty years it doesn't there's no lords has that ever happened in sports guys sticking even to teammates or owner and teammate sticking together never never never been like that. It's hands down the best winning Combo in history sports and what may what what I will take from. All of them is just a businessman that Robert Kraft is he's not just this is. What makes awesome so great is that he's not just football owner. He's there every single day. He's in the locker room. He's talking to guys he seeing what's going on. He's feeling the atmosphere. Sometimes sometimes you get players from other teams come in and they're like what's Mr Craft Dune in here like what like the owner hangs out with us. They never seen the owner on the other team. So that's what what makes him so special is that he loves the game football. He loves the business of football and he's always hands-on. He's always there to make make sure everything's running right where everything's smooth in if you his own the team you don't love on you. I mean how like where's the passion there yeah yeah. The players are going to feel so the players feel Mr Kraft's passion for the game. He's always around always interested in what's going on. He's just does a great job on the field with US and off the field to doing great things in the community and that bill coach ballot check. I'm telling you ain't ain't no one prepares like this guy. I'm telling you man this guy breakdown film. He can dissect any rule better than anyone else. He can dissect any play better than anyone else and he can dissect. What's GonNa Happen in the future. I swear he'd be like this is the situation. He pulled like some crazy situation. Asian up like from like ten years ago like say like a player drops the football for before they entered the end zone. He'll pull up from ten years ago for some reason and he'll be like this with this is what we're not. This is what we're not doing my we're no. We bring that football. You're holding and you're not you're not celebrate like that and then somehow that we that happens happens. It doesn't happen in our team. It happens in the League and then pulls out a backup. You go see this is why we went over. It happened again and again. He pulls up just crazy scenarios crazy situations that you're like. Why is he pulling. This up happens at game happens that week. It's just the way he prepares in the wake and breakdown film. It's just he knows everything from the offense to the Defense France to how to utilize that's what he can do how to utilize a player's talent. That's why you see a lot of guys. Come in from different organizations. You know they only really do like so much with their team and then he brings them over here and he knows how to bring him bring around. Put Him on special teams. Put them somewhere on defense. I mean how many two way players have you seen in his histories. Julianne Troy Brown going to ways slater offense defense the ever have a heart to heart with you that you think he major from good to great. I mean damage and you'd be in House Feature Hall of Famer Aamer. Yes gave us an example of Belichick made rob better man he he always does and just always little technique. He's a technician a little technique there and there and just to teach you how to catch the ball when the put your hands out just little tiny tips like that because in the NFL to get open. It's such a challenge yeah. I mean you see guys. Sometimes they catch the ball. There's a defender right here and he catches it like that. It's put in by a quarterback and you're like that guy was open. It's something that we wasn't like you know in in high school game. Maybe they'll be like no. That guy was covered right. You need distance like that but you know he would teach he would teach you how to get open when you're covered like that he would teach a little details on what to to do how to how to get off a defender how to block how to use your body how to use your hands wanted to do and he tells you what the defenders thinking what the defenders doing so he can help up big time he just knows a little little details like that and it's just unbelievable learn from him and Tommy old-timey man. Tommy's Tommy prepares like no other first off. That guy's body in his mind is is to another level another level of football the on the field. I feel like that's where like I said when you got health you got more talent like your health means everything in out there you know when I was feeling having an stuff. The game is just so much faster. Everyone's so fast and everything but when you're feeling good when you're feeling light the game to slows down for you. Just read the field. You just read the covered and I just feel like that's how Tom Brady is in the pocket. I watch him. He just relax. It's just so healthy he can just read everything and that's what makes them so special is that he knows every single route. He knows when the wide wide receiver is going to be open. He knows like one is tackle is. GonNa make a great block that he can just sit there in the pocket. 'cause he can just read that. Al Because he just just has it factor and what makes them so. Good is the details in a row game the details he knows he knows coverage is like no other. He knows where the defenders are. We're GONNA be studied film like no other. He loves the game of football so to say like you know. I'm you know I'm not running not running that fast day I swear he he knows every player like inside and now he studies everything. He knows. It and he's like rob. You know you're not looking so fast. They you know but but we gotta get you the open still he knows every technique if you know someone like on the day. I'm looking fast. He's like go go deep. I got you I'm like I'm football some as fast as other racist the beating on the body body and stuff like that so and then you man you're not looking. You know this is what we're going to do. We're GONNA you're. GonNa run at the guy. You'RE GONNA run at the guy. You're you got your big. Still your big. You still got the strength you gotTa Linebacker on you. You'RE GONNA use your body. You're not running past this Guy Rob. You just tell you straight up. I was ever get pissed off because you always perfect oh back in the day for sure and he we just figure out a little different detail on how to get open. He teach me like this is how you use the body. This is how you get off. This is what you should do with inside the rules to never push off get low used that body come out and then he would read how do it and then when I use my body and come out of the break he already knows it because we already practicing boom. The ball would be right there and it'd be the only way to get open open but he figures out the only way to get open to make the play all right all right one last football question. You obviously were tight end but I'm sure you did some things with with Dante's Karnak. You who by all accounts everyone says is the greatest offensive line coach the NFL and it seems like every year they even you can even see it when he retired for a couple of years then came back the Patriots Offensive Line change that quickly did he. What did he teach you. It's crazy just thinking about like the entire dynasty dynasty all the little pieces that go together but I'm sure he's a very important little piece. Oh He's such important little BS and he's he's. He's such a beast to as a coach coach. Scour Nekia is is just noses football inside and out and was crazy. Is I mean. It's not like he's the size of a lineman. He's he's just A. He's just a normal normal size guy who's actually in great each shape for his age but he just understands technique. He understands away. Alignment should use his body the way the Lineman should you know what techniques techniques he showed us how low he should be when he should punch his hands and he just knows that defense so well on how they'll make what call where to make the call and that's what makes them so great. I swear where he knows his football inside and out like no other yeah fantastic all right so the other thing. I wanted to ask you so you you now. You're retired. We've talked about business. We talked about you know the saving the money. What is the big thing that you WanNa do besides investing and being a businessman in your retirement. Is there like people talk. Acting people talk TV. Is there one thing that Rob Gronkowski like I can't we do. XYZ Oh man that's a great question man. Thank you uh-huh finally a different type of question but the I traveled a lot you know a lot in the US but there's one thing I wanNA do definitely is is travel around the world like glue all of your up in Australia this year I wanted to Europe all those countries. you know name another country. I'll probably want to go to Russia over there. That's why Italy you go there. Thailand Thailand go there okay. I just want to travel man. I just want to Iceland Europe Israel Israel there we go. I'm actually they rob. You WanNa know what's crazies. I'm going to Israel a week from Monday clearly. Yes I am from Monday. I mean Bob Kraft now. No I'm not going with Bob Kraft but he's always out there and he's a legend out there but I'm actually the the my the CO CBD medic is actually a big part of Israel and that's where actually was created. THC was actually found there so in one thousand nine hundred fifty eight. I think it was okay. That's where it originally started so he's the is huge out there in Israel my my CEO Perry of CBD Matic. He is always these reality. He does a lot of business out there. That's where a lot of our our our companies businesses from two so he's telling me he's like rob. You got this this date open we. He's actually over there now. He's got this date open for photo shoot here here. I was like dude. I'm not fighting back the foxborough the do a photo shoot for one hour. He's like he's like. He's so you got that week off. He was looking at my schedule next week. He's a house like yeah. It's totally off because well. We'll be an Israeli goes. Why don't you come out there. We'll just shoot for four days. We'll we'll do everything and then you'll be good for a while and I was like you know. That's a good place. I want to get out of the country travel in doing businesses gas way to do it. I eleven yeah so give us one day like rob. Look like wake up what time what time do you go to bed. What happens in between you know. I like to wake up and get going right away. You know I got to keep the body not moving a little bit of a rebound in my house. You know those little trampolines again on that balance for five minutes a guy who actually rebounded basketball. It's actually electric shock at home or something. Oh my dream is to have a half court. My house in just have someone that rebounds for me all the time yes. That's actually the best and you know when you're shooting playing horse and stuff yeah you three point games that sucks that sucks reebok worse. Let me get to sell it and I go all right so you got the rebounders. Sorry going whatever maybe go. Get a workout in and I like to give a lot of treatment massages. I I go up the TB twelve a lot right. They in Foxborough are whatever city I'm in I find someone asked friends other football players. I'm about where to go. Get some treatment on get the massage workout and then just activities. I'm an activity guy gives an example with an activity cornhole corner one day one day Eh. I play basketball game three in the bucket. It's a three point game. Just adds up you make a three and then someone else makes it three six points and there's someone misses they get to six points okay so I played from one eight one day. We a couple friends over. We played fifteen games with three in the buck in about twenty five games with Cornhole so I'm like activity. I activity Junkie Jonky Ban. I really am an activity junkie and also would also you know business stuff to just keep me busy. I gotta stay busy. I hate to sit in there. One once a week. I like just chilling on the couch. Maybe once every two weeks but I can't just sit there man and it drives me crazy. Just sit there and show and then you know I even use this as business stuff here but I just it's active though get to come to New York City. Do something walk around the block or love. You New York City just crazy walking down the street. It's crazy. Yeah it really really is it's pretty nuts and and then also other things too like. I'm doing a puzzle right now. My House seven hundred about that one hundred fifty pieces. It's actually of central Central Park. I think it was in my house. I looked at it. I try to do at one time like six months ago and I was like no chance but I like to. I like to keep that brain going stimulate the brain. I feel like that's part of the healing process. You know if you sit down and brain ain't moving how the how the heck the bring a praying going to heal so how how how are you got like six hundred pieces is right now five hundred fifty six hundred so I got the top left but it's all the trees and all the stick branches and it's really tough part but I haven't done in two weeks. I gotta go back when I get back home. I haven't really been home so much so when I get back home I'll do it united style reading a little bit to read books. What do you want man. It's it's so great. I'm not lying. I swear I used to never be able to talk doc like this like now. I can talk all day. Talk fast comprehend everything going on. I swear I wish I read when I was younger. I'm like Damn. I should read the books when I was younger. I need to read to go to University of Arizona. I pretended I did I. I looked you looked back in the book and did all my book reports. I had enough skills to do. I could pull that off and I have not then. I have not stopped thinking about the APPS. Those are some great apps now when you have apps like that and you're playing for for the Patriots and you have all these championships tell us about dating life as a superstar in the NFL. Oh man well. I got a girlfriend actually yes hello. She's amazing and she was just on the cover of sports illustrated this year amazing. She's been on like sports illustrated she's been. She's been destroying it destroying and she's he's been building her brand on unbelievable right now and she's actually for fashion week right now. She's running around. Doing our show a great opportunity for Camille. What's illustrated which I'll tell you later on. I GonNa love this all right amazing. So you know it's great. She's been great. She's been there. I've known her for about five years now and you know she's just before Komo before I mean it was a little crazy. I was a little reckless example man. I would just go to a party. You know just go ham ham dams. Oh party real hard. I didn't Care Party so hard. Going hand means you go to blackout concert. Go though a blackout to be up there with my shirt offer. Let any you know grand girls just running up you just try grinding and maybe put on the Mascot Mascot head on toes as you hopefully watch two girls make out at the barstool part yeah. It's year like you know girl flashes. You absolutely go. Ham like Oh. This is back in the day. It's online anyway. I don't think anyone's wants like Oh. My God Rob News Away. I'm GonNa Twenty four twenty five years old and you're winning super bowls it girls walking up to you is a damning you an instagram. How how does someone get to meet you back in the day and how would it happen. I would say pretty easily 'cause I just you said that mentality like just a normal guy just going in somewhere but just like I always do. We were going ham like that since like frigging seventeen eighteen years old since college and just walk in and just south everyone. I'm here baby everyone would just you know just getting not sometimes there sometimes is we have like a record. We'd like thirty five girls and our section and all our friends would be like oh man. This is crazy like we're all young twenties. You know when you're drinking. What are you drinking we were drinking anything inside honey bottles vodka. We used to just pound it but it was crazy man you know as you. I'm glad I actually went down that route. You know I learned learned a lot from it and I've really learned a lot. I've taken some beatings from it and a hundred percent and and I truly believe it led me to where I am. I am now too. I mean I really don't believe I'd beat his ripped. If I never partied hard yeah right yeah well yeah but I also use party as a work because we used to go so a shit. The coach would be like what are you doing like. Why are you getting my workout in. 'CAUSE WE DANCED. Forget jumped around right hours straight. We I know I hope sweating. You be everywhere. It'd be a workout. You know you start as you get older. you start feeling those those bottles that you just be chugging down gotta slow. This has been awesome. I I don't have any other questions. It's been so much fun. I enjoyed short having you on rob. Do you have anything else. Alex that we want to talk to graff about I think first of all congrats on an amazing career congrats and being so genuine obviously great parents great siblings and I am thrilled to be your partner in fit plan. Come back anytime to Borstal and the Corp and and we wish you the very best yes. We're GONNA have to make it a little daily checkup once I do the fifth plan shoot. I'm going to have to come back. I need your cell phone partners sheriff. Maybe coming on your show. Hey because I'm not an I'M GONNA have to part of my but as for cut for years so you get Phantom stock you get some fancy. Oh Man all right. Thanks no problem. Thank you yes uh-huh.

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