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Are you hiring with indeed. You can post a job in minutes set up screener questions. Then zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today. Indeed dot com slash tonight. That's indeed dot com slash tonight tonight. Several developing stories as we come on the air deadly Walmart shooting authorities say the gunman was a disgruntled employee taking a CO workers with deadly force shooting a police officer to who was raised to the hospital. They believe he's alive because of his bulletproof vest also breaking news coming in from North Korea right now what they've now done our Ford correspondent standing by the Severe Thunderstorm Watch in the Northeast as we come on the air tonight as lightning strike hits at least six people today on the East Coast and the father who did not survive trying to save his eleven year old son in a rip current. The boy made it to shore horrific case unfolding tonight. Multiple family members killed than police say a man firing his way into a second home the sheriff now asking tonight. Was this suspect imitating. Jamie close case President Trump doubling down tonight describing Baltimore as hell and declaring he is the least racist person person in the world the new turn to American teenagers accused of killing a police officer in Rome authorities in Italy now revealing the seven inch knight used in the attack in the race for twenty twenty tonight in the showdown this evening with one candidate now widening their lead your privacy tonight the massive security breach what we've now learned one hundred million people social security numbers addresses stolen how to know if you're affected and what you should do right now. Rebecca Jarvis standing by the miracle toddler flirt slipping through a railing here dangling from that balcony and what they do on the ground to save him this is A._B._C. news tonight with David Muir visiting and it's great to have you with us here on a Tuesday night and we begin tonight with another deadly workplace shooting this time at a Walmart and employees opening fire on Co workers and on an officer the suspect showing up early this morning targeting those fellow workers. He shot that officer to they say that officer survived only because he had a bulletproof vest on the gunman was shot. He did survive. He's now under arrest to Co.. Workers are dead. Shaken employees gathered outside learning it was one of their own tonight the heartbreak break and the search for answers in South Mississippi A._B._C.'s Stevenson Saami lead us off from the scene tonight six thirty three this morning customers who just walked town of this twenty four hour Walmart Supercenter in suburban. Memphis say that the gunfire started in the parking lot and then the man with the firearm ran inside the store. Kinda shook a couple of really once people realized what was going on. They all just flooded out what was going on was yet another active shooter according to Walmart the accused gunman was a disgruntled told employees police have arrested thirty nine year old Martez Abram now charged with two counts of murder his alleged victims are two men witnesses say he knew Anthony Brown the store's store's manager and Brandon gaels whose family says he worked for Walmart for sixteen years. Both men were shot dead. Police arrived just minutes later. Two of our officers and candidates did the suspect house outside on the west side parking lot of the building. One of our officers were shot at this time. The officer who was shot was saved by his his bulletproof vest the other officer fired and wounded the accused gunman who was hospitalized and needed surgery and remains in police custody tonight and steelers listen. Saami joins US live tonight from the scene of this shooting and Steve. You've learned that the police there had just conducted active shooter training exercises. Yes David Police here finished first formal active shooter training just two weeks ago and I just spoke with the mayor of this city who says that the accused gunman set a fire inside the store so they're certain he intended to hurt more people and are thankful their officers shut him down David. We are thinking about the people of South haven tonight. Steve Thank you and we are also following a breaking taking headline out of North Korea tonight the newest provocation and it comes just days after they launched a new type of ballistic missile and moments ago the White House now saying they are aware of this new report board. Here's our foreign correspondent James Longman with late reporting tonight less than one week after Kim Jong Hoon fight off too short range ballistic missiles news tonight. He's at it again. South Korean news agency Yonhap reporting multiple unidentified projectiles will launch from the Hobo Peninsula North Korea's east coast today. Hey president trump insisting his relationship with dictator remained strong relationship with Kim. Jong UN is very good one as Jill. You've seen a we'll see what what happens. I can't tell you what's going to happen. It was one month ago today. The President and Kim met at the demilitarized zone trump becoming the first American president to step into the North Korean territory. I'll be okay no direct tools at all between the two countries Greece so let's get right to James. Longman live in London tonight and James. In just the last twenty four hours. We take note that Secretary of State. Mike Pompeo said that he hopes nuclear negotiations will start a quote again very soon and now this news tonight David tonight know when or if that will happen we do know the last. Communication with North Korea was last week when a trump administration officials delivered photographs of the President and came together at the D._M._Z.. Tonight the senior administration officials tells they are aware of the new launch and monitoring this situation David James Longman on the breaking news tonight James. Thank you back here at home into the news here a severe thunderstorm watch in the northeast stance. We begin tonight at least six people were struck by lightning working on a rooftop in Wellington Florida four rushed to the hospital and all of this comes as to tropical disturbances are brewing in the Atlantic and the hurricane now is at a cap four level. Let's get right to meteorologist Rob Marciano. He's tracking it. All for us live tonight. Hey Rob I david the heat and humidity ahead of this front is really made for some potent storms. We had seventy six mile per hour wind gusts just north of Burlington you see on the radar here upstate New York a lot of trees down Ithaca back through Pennsylvania's the as well that watch is up until nine o'clock Tonight Front Moves East tomorrow I ninety five city is GonNa get some big boomer's that will eventually break the heat thankfully and those hurricanes in the Pacific civic two of them flossy and Eric Eric more concerned category four now less than a thousand miles on the big island suddenly tracks weakening. We hope we're also watching disturbance right now over Puerto Rico giving them some record rains that disturbance is rolling towards the southeast will parts of the U._S.. Heavy downpours David a lot to watch these days ahead rob. Thank you now to the horrific string of of murders in Wisconsin. We're following tonight gunmen killing three family members then shooting his way into a second home killing a woman there and wounding her parents and tonight the sheriff is now saying that that suspect may have been imitating the abduction of teenager Jamie Kloss. Here's A._B._C.'s Alex Perez tonight a horrifying scene police say may have been been a copycat crime. A Rich German junior is accused by police of killing four people and may have been imitating the high profile abduction last year of teenager Jamie clause by shooting his way into the family home of one woman he may have intended on kidnapping kind of similar nature <hes> in the KLOSS investigation fishing the door was breached. <hes> <hes> shotgun was used <hes> MR close was shot. <hes> Mrs Costs Reshad authorities say German killed three of his own family members at their home in Lafayette Wisconsin before heading to the home of the woman shooting and injuring her parents and killing her before killing himself police say this may have been a failed kidnapping attempt. There's some items that we found in the vehicle the way the vehicles left and running last October just is forty miles away. Jamie clause was abducted from her parents home. Clause eventually escaped her abductor sentenced to life in prison for kidnapping her and murdering her parents David investigators say they're now reviewing text messages between the gunmen and the woman. They believe he was trying to kidnap the motive in this case remains unclear clear David Alright Alex Perez. Thank you next tonight. We are learning more about the victims and the survivors of that mass shooting at a food festival in California. You remember the pictures the gunman unleashing shing at the family event people running in panic. Three people died and what we've now learned about this case tonight A._B._C.'s wheel car in Gilroy California again this evening tonight. Investigators are scouring this massive crime scene trying to figure out why Santino William Lagaan opened fire on a packed food festival the authorities now zeroing in on the murder weapon. They say the suspect legally bought the AK forty seven style rifle in Nevada on July ninth right the gun store posting on facebook to suspect was acting happy in showed no reasons for concern we say he then illegally transported the gun into California before killing three including thirteen year old Kayla Salazar who died as she stayed back with a relative with a cane in twenty five year old Trevor Irby his parents speaking exclusively with A._B._C. Station K. G. O. Wish I could have held the when he went to Eh in all more than a dozen injure so this is actually the one that way in and out of my league bullets grazed both Justin Bates in his best friend Nick McFarland. The doctor said about five to seven different bullets grazed me. I'm a walking miracle or not. We just found out the suspect's family actually thought that he might have been a victim that he might have been killed at the festival behind me when they didn't hear from him for a long time ultimately though David they found out that he was the gunman David will car tonight. We'll thank you president trump wrapping up his attacks on Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings and on the city of Baltimore saying the people there are living in Hell. That's what he said today adding that they're largely African American and that they really appreciate what I'm doing. A._B._C.'s careful of just live at the White House tonight and cure the president also pushing back against those accusations that he's racist and here's what he said today. I am the least racist person there is anywhere in the world what I've done for african-americans endure on a half years. No president has been able to do anything like it and cure the president speaking today Jamestown Virginia Commemorating Four Hundred Years of representative government here but a number of lawmakers decided to skip the speech. That's right David Virginia's legislative Or who did show up and he took the opportunity to protest shouting Mr President. You cannot send us back. Virginia is our home a reference. You'll remember member to the racist chant that broke out at the president's most recent rally in Greenville North Carolina David Phillips at the White House. Thank you cure and tonight that issue of race in Nisa rhetoric lately will likely come up during this newest Democratic presidential debate another likely topic front runner Joe Biden even though he won't be on the stage tonight on night one in fact look at this a new National National Quinnipiac poll says the former vice president increasing his lead with thirty four percent of Democratic voters now supporting him Elizabeth Warren Kamala Harris Bernie Sanders people to judge all trailing behind aligned so let's get right to Mary Bruce. She's live in Detroit for the debate tonight and Mary. This is a make or break moment really for many of the candidates. They got to try to break through the pack and it's a large one. We'll David for so many of the candidates on the wings here tonight who have been struggling to break through. They have to have some kind of moment here if they wanNA survive as for the candidates in that Middle Tier like Amy Kluber H._r.. Beto rourke and Pete Buddha judge they're also looking for a much needed boost. These moderate candidates are trying to distinguish themselves from their progressive rivals on issues like health care and education and but they're also trying to make the case that they invest appeal to those voters in the key swing states David Mary. Let's laser it onto others because right at the center tonight Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Campaign and similar similar issues they both teamed up in the past but of course the big question tonight. Will they take each other on David. The focus here is all on these two Progressive Powerhouses Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are running on many of the same issues. They're fighting for the same voters they are close friends and political allies. Tonight is going to test their truce but both both campaigns. Tell us this is simply. not the night are going after each other David Mary Bruce with US live from Detroit. Mary thank you and overseas to Italy now and a new turn in the case of those two American teenagers Sater's accused of killing a police officer authorities tonight now revealing an image of the seven inch knife that they say was used in the attack A._B._C.. Senior foreign correspondent. Ian Panel is in Rome tonight. The murder weapon used to kill an Italian policeman allegedly by an American teenager the blade seven inches long according into please plunged into the officer eleven times sometimes to the hilt police say eighteen year old Gabriel Natale and nineteen year old Finnegan Melda from California Sonja confessing to the stabbing officer Mareo Church Yellow Rageh after a drug deal gone bad depair allegedly stole a backpack from this spot later demanding bannon cashing cocaine for its return. They were spotted on surveillance running away but when police finally confronted them it allegedly turned violence leash thanks today the prosecutor saying L. declaim he was thrown to the ground and didn't know the men were please and he started stabbing. The surviving officer insisted they identified themselves as police and showed badges. He says he's partner fell to the ground crying. They stab me tonight a close family member confirming to A._B._C. Easy News New Finnegan Elderly was arrested in twenty sixteen for being involved in a prearranged fighter to party but insisting he doesn't have a criminal record. David Ian the panel in Italy tonight Ian Thank you back here now. The president's nominee to be the nation's number two military officer defending himself against allegations of sexual misconduct Air Force General John on heightened telling a Senate panel quote. Nothing happened ever as his accuser sat behind him in that room that accuser an army colonel says he's lying. A._B._C.'s Stephanie Ramos was there tonight the Air Force General in line to become the nation's second highest ranking military officer vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff forced to defend defend himself against sexual assault allegations are WANNA stay to you and to the American people in the strongest possible terms with these allegations are false general John Heightened in today's sitting just steps away from his accuser army Colonel Catherine Splettstoezar a former aide at U s strategic command the twenty eight year veteran told The New York Times in explicit detail that heightened her former boss sexually assaulted her in her hotel room during a conference in two thousand seventeen she claims it was one of several unwanted unwanted advances but a military investigation found insufficient evidence to charge or punish heighten today Senator Martha mcsally who has shared her own experience with sexual assault in the Air Force Ghaith heightened her full support sexual assault happens in the military. It just didn't happen in this case but some senators senators are concerned while we have not been presented with any corroborating evidence the lack of it does not necessarily mean that the accusations are true. SPLETTSTOEZAR Stolz tells us she worries high will be confirmed. It says that if you're a senior general officer who is popular guy you will get away away with Felony Sexual Assault David the Senate Armed Services Committee is such a vote tomorrow and we do expect heightened to be approved there but the full Senate would would need to confirm heightened nomination David Stephanie Ramos on the Hill For us tonight Stephanie Thank you and a suspect in the murder of a former Arkansas state legislator has learned she will face the death penalty former state senator. Linda Collins was found dead at her home last month. Rebecca O'Donnell a friend and former staffer was arraigned today in the former state senators murder after the preceding of Donald began to cry looking back at her daughters in the front row mouthing. I love you before she was led away. There is still much more Tonight the massive security breach affecting more than one hundred million people new images just in tonight the F._B._i.. Rate and what you need to know how to protect yourself tonight also news coming winging skydivers colliding in mid air one person knocked unconscious before the parachute deployed how the diver survived for following tragedy off the coast tonight tonight the father drowning while trying to save his voice struggling in a rip current and the miracle toddler tonight slipping through this railing dangling from a balcony and what they did in the ground on right here in this moment to save that boy a lot more news ahead here stadium technology is supposed to make your life easier right. 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Raid after that massive data breach involving capital one bank affecting more than one hundred million people your bank account information your social security numbers and here's A._B._C.'s chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis tonight tonight. A Seattle software engineer arrested in one of the largest largest data breaches ever these images showing dramatic F._B._I.. Raid of the home of page Thompson guns drawn Thompson who goes by the name name erotic on twitter allegedly accessed the personal information of more than one hundred million capital one customers who applied for credit cards between two thousand thousand five and two thousand nineteen including one hundred forty thousand social security numbers and eighty thousand bank account numbers one hundred billion is a huge number eight means. Your data has probably been compromised. I know mine was just last month. Thompson allegedly sent this message taunting the bank. I've basically strapped myself with with a bomb vest. Dropping capital one's docs and admitting it so how can you protect your accounts take advantage of free credit monitoring and identity theft the protection offered by capital one to victims and check your bank statements regularly for fraud so let's get to Rebecca Jarvis. Who's been following this all day for US Rebecca the main question for people watching this at home tonight? How do you know if your information has been stolen? David capital one says they'll be reaching out directly to all those impacted but they cautioned. They won't be asking for personal information over the phone and if you get a call like that it's best to just hang up dating right away because at someone taking advantage of the situation all right Rebecca Jarvis with us tonight thank you to the index of other news and a father has died while trying to rescue his son in Atlantic City. His eleven year old was struggling in a rip current. The father was then pulled underwater modern son did make it back to shore and to the two skydivers colliding in mid air over Ottawa Illinois two men slamming into one another one of them was knocked unconscious before his parachute parachute deployed a backup device automatically opening the shoot both did land safely incredible and the frightening scene overseas this toddler. We want to let you know does survive this a little a little boy in China clinging to the side of a balcony on the sixth floor he loses his grip falls towards the ground landing safely in a blanket that had just been pulled open by neighbors adverse. They're finally tonight America strong and the six year old boy who just made his father proud this is six year old Brady Campbell is American flag his smile at his now famous lemonade he was trying to raise money not for himself but to take his mother on a date he got the idea from his father Brandon shortly before he lost him his dad was battling colon cancer and he and his

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