How to Make Sense of the Emmy Nominations


Hello and welcome to little Goldman the award season podcast from Vanity Fair. It's such an honors present this next award nominees and the group and I can't deny the fact that you like me on the mistake grew like you guys won best picture. I'm Katie rich the deputy editor Vanity Fair Dot Com and I'm here for our Special Emmy Nominations Day conversation with our senior editor in Robinson Hi Katie and and joining us again we have our TV critic Sony Suraya High and our Hollywood editor Hillary thesis hello so we're a few hours removed from the emmy nominations. We've all taken some time to process it. Figure out who we're morning for who were excited about Hillary. You have been kind of assigning editing all the stories about it so for you what's kind of the story of these emmy nominations. If there's one big takeaway well so the obvious big takeaway is game of thrones getting thirty two nominations for season eight. It was a divisive season. They got a lot of flack throughout there. Was the Coffee Cup. There was the water bottle. <hes> more important things that went wrong there was there was a lot of conversation about the writing <hes> I think that wasn't there some story about who if you Google bad writers the first thing that comes up up now is which is very mean by the way the Internet Nicolette customer Waldo defending them and talking about the room so generally speaking the the conversation. If you've been paying attention to the Internet is like him thrown season it was bad and then here here comes thirty two nominations the most nominations ever given to one season of television <hes> which is pretty amazing so H._B._O.. Must be feeling pretty good right now. <hes> that's that's like it's the biggest story the bigger big story as well <hes> that is kind of heart warming arming is much smaller but shits creek got a whole lot of Emmy love and has never got nominated before <hes>. It's very adorable like heartwarming comedy. <hes> and I think that a lot of people are very excited to see getting. It's do you any you're too story about the game of thrones hall all kind of the same things that Hillary did the despite the online backlash it it did find. Do you talk us up to just the emmys liking what they like and wanting to do the same thing over and over again or is there something that that we all got wrong at the EMMYS got right. No I was I was personally like even though I agreed agreed with a lot of the criticism of the final season I never doubted that they would get a huge emmy nomination hall and probably huge Emmy Nomination win. It just feels like the television academy has never been exactly on top of the same aim things that the fans are the critics have been topped of when they don't like us. He's in like there was one year. I talk about this a lot peeved English is enormously talented but there was like one year they gave him an emmy. First season that Tyrian did like basically nothing and was barely in they just sorta felt like they weren't paying attention and there were like Oh give the thrones. That's a big show. Peter de Jesus go you know and so like I didn't think it would hamper their ability to get all these nominations nations. I was extraordinarily pleasantly surprised by some of the numbers because you know last year they broke the record getting twenty two this year is Hillary said they got thirty two and those ten extra like a lot of those are acting nominations which is really fun because is like you've got first time nominee Sophie Turner Great. I I'm nominee out the Allen first time nominee Gwendolyn Christie crease on Houghton in the guest category like there's just like room for all these things beyond the lake core. The lanes are siblings. Things have been nominated year after year you know and that's great but like just to give these other people Alfie Allen is just like I think that's my that's my big story today alcohol and getting an emmy nomination sounds like four Joanna specifically going to be so thanks to the television academy. I appreciate it yeah. It feels it feels. It feels good. That nomination for me feels good. I and another thing to to note is one of the big criticisms the the major episodes that are nominated are the lung night and the throne both of which were heavily criticized the long night criticized because people literally couldn't see it and the iron thrown is the finale criticized for a lot of different things. I didn't check this. I probably should have Joanna. Do you remember as the long night up for cinematography and did not get nominated for someone to talk fee that the cinematography award went to iron thrown okay. Is that what he'd been an amazing trolling they got nominated for editing and like both the sound design awards went to the iron thrown <hes> directing the headed F._i._C. screening of the long night at grauman's Chinese theater in all the settings were correct for it and it was on the big screen. It was in the dark theater and you didn't have to deal with the H._B._O.. Compression rate which like sort of muddied everything and everyone who saw it at that screening was like it was a masterpiece and like even Sonia mentioned this Nicolay Coaster Waldo was that was at this can game of thrones convention this this weekend he was like okay. Even at home was like who is that is that me is that going on. I can't see you know so like he was like yeah. I at home was really upset. By what I saw. It was like a big piece humble pie for us to like be like work really hard on this episode and go online and see all this backlash and yeah and then the academy decided to award what they saw which for many of them at that F._i._C._A.. Screening was a masterpiece so oh I think it's I think it's funny 'cause like even the highlights of the season like things people agree on like the brand ninety seen in a night is seven kingdoms seven kingdoms the second episode of the season which a lot of people or me at least think is the best was is not nominated for anything so like it's just like it's got all these nominations and all these nations for things that I'm like okay wasting buddy up for the only writers that got nominated for this final season okay. That's not what I would have done but okay yeah and going back to <hes> something that you said about Peter Drink Ledge and his parade of nominations especially the time that you know he won for one of his less active seasons on something that Sonia said before we came here was that often kind of seems like like the emmys voters see like six shows and they really like those six shows and so they're just like you know. Let's give a nomination everybody in here. <hes> and I think that there are years where that's more true <hes> and years that we're that's true but there's definitely it seems like there's definitely some evidence of that get in here. This is the more year because I mean to speak to some of the other shows that were nominated. This is US Mandy Moore gets her first nomination alongside Sterling K. Brown and Milo Ventimiglia who the academy Love Lake for for reasons that are like fine the answer before they announced the nominations about Sterling K. Brown Kim Jong <hes> from the mass thing or my favorite show and Darcy Carton from Barry in the good plays a okay there banter went on for like I want to say it was excruciating but yeah they were all these but then filled with all these self-referential jokes about how excruciating it is you can't do both you're not helping. I know my takeaway from that was I hope the Emmys don't don't have host after all if this is what it's going to be but and then so fleabag <hes> which got a ton of nominations none for the mail <hes> performers which is very interesting but I mean but gave fleabag bums me out not just doing the concept of men. That's obviously that's actually yeah so not just B._B.. While her bridge Sean Clifford and Olivia Colman who are regular cast members but Kristin Scott Thomas and the castrol she'd have very cool guest role cool monologue and feel shaw who is literally in one scene worship. We're fleabag goes to get therapy and it's like two minutes long because she's not good at it and Fiona Shaw <unk> says it's possible to fuck God and that's it. She got an emmy nomination for killing Eve two right she did yeah goodyear in the supporting role yeah yeah and there's May is a much bigger part which is a much bigger part yeah and then another show that just had like a huge spread of nominations is Berry which you know show that I love but I'm still sort of like reeling from the fact that Anthony Kerrigan who has no hang Stevens who's Fuchs and like Henry Winkler who already he had like made never had an emmy nomination and now one last year and now has the second one and Sarah Goldberg and even Sarah Goldberg right like it's just amazing how many minor performers which really leads me to feel that like a lot of voters were not watching that many shows they were watching. Maybe a handful of shows and the biggest overlap is where the nominations hit <hes> so they definitely watched when they see us yeah yeah we'll see how much they watch Fossey Verdon on top of that the it's like they picked one in each to obsess over. I think you're right yeah yeah and there's also the store that are still there year after year. Even though it seems like they're moment has kind of past like I was kind of surprised to see Viola. Davis sneak in for <hes> actress in the drama when I feel like nobody's mentioned how to get away with murder since she one which was years ago but my take is that that's her widows nomination. Melissa McCarthy can win an Emmy Friday so nobody saw widows but everyone who did is in the EMMYS Academy Americana. Hey won an Oscar Oscar for two detectives so it all all kind of cycles through is this race to talk about my favorite rule. which is the hanging episode rule? Oh yeah the for the Yes for here. There's a lot of confusion this morning in terms of like shows are. I have to air within an eligibility window and it'll be considered for series wide nominations but you can still get episode specific nominations if you sneak in <hes> with a hanging episode rule which means if you had enough episodes airing in the new eligibility window you can seek something in and I think that's how handmaid's tale right got gun the nomination in nominee to in <hes> because of that but Elizabeth Moss's ineligible because the bulk of handmaid's tale did not air and the eligibility window so weird so it'll have to have another crack next year right like right and him until he will be eligible next year right but it's just like it's so confusing because like ah this this makes the other thing that I always find so confusing about the Emma's like win. A shows first season is kind of nominated sometimes for a second season if the second season is airing in the emmy nomination window. You know what I mean is like in view voters are thinking about the <hes> the season that's currently airing when they cast their vote for the first season. It's all very like money. It's it all feels muddier than the Oscars do and I think that's because they don't Hook it around a calendar year. Grammy's uh-huh sure I don't understand how laverne Cox dominated to was orange the new black eligible except for guests categories or as oranges new budget irrelevant. I think it's more that the last season of orange the new black lack was irrelevant than I mean. I think that maybe Netflix is kind of keeping its outer drive for that shows last season which is about to premier in a wing and I think that maybe they were just kind of putting more effort behind you know the when when they see us even Ozark Ozark yeah seriously because Netflix is really missing. It's like big power players rates missing the crown. It's missing <hes> like a good season of new black and house of cards is is like in disgrace right and so it didn't have like it's usual Emmy Emmy power players in those categories and so it really anywhere to this great piece on like how many of its dollars it pushed behind Ozark and it's forty five point five five percent of its marketing distribution winter ozark. Oh my <hes> yeah so and the bodyguard thirty six percent this sorry that's just for drama but like still that's like so much <hes> and then like narcos little tiny bit house of cards little tiny any bit but there were like okay. We're GONNA do that Bush because Jason Bateman got some nominations last year so we can push it to get it into the main category which they did got nominated bodyguard got nominated but it was funny because I was like I was seeing Ozarka the top of all these like Gold Derby prediction enlist and I was like why because nobody talks about that show why and then and then I read up about how many how many dollars like apparently probably if I lived in L._A.. Wouldn't be why I'd be like sure that's exactly yeah. Well you mentioned bodyguard. Maybe a good time to talk about some snubs because Joanna we talk last week about how you were really pushing Richard Mad and not just for a nomination for bodyguard prefer a win and it got ways series nomination but he didn't get nominated. How did that happen? Hope harassing thing for me. I made me right <HES> NO I. It seems like a Sony and I were talking about this little bit this morning he just he does. It feels like a choice. I think is what's on your side. It's like and it's weird to me because like I do I think I think that should be flipped. I Richard Mountain is great in that series and I think that series is spotty at best and so I'm just like shocked for it to get a series nomination not a nomination for men who like holes it all together like is it starts. It's a really strong and then it really falls apart halfway through and so it just seems like a real miscarriage of justice for like I would prefer a blinking snub to this particular combination of nominations so that's interesting. I was surprised that <hes> homecoming the Amazon on series didn't get nominations. I'm especially in opera. Julia Roberts because you know it doesn't feel like that long ago whenever that when a giant celebrity made a T._v.. Show it was a big deal <hes> and it was like Oh my God. Can you believe it doesn't feel like they're stooping to do ATV but it still feels like a surprise <hes> and yeah homecoming wasn't particularly buzzy. I think that maybe Kinda had a brief moment and then sort of receded into the General Scrum of P T._v.. But still you know when Julia Roberts can't get an emmy nomination that just shows how competitive the market is and just how many shows there are yet it is interesting because fleabag <hes> kind of launched Amazon to a good year you know with Mazel and fleabag they've kind of they've got to back to back yeah all Maazel nominations. It got the most nominations after game of thrones <hes> which I guess just show Sonia that you and I are D- what the only people who didn't likes listen to this surprising to me. I don't understand what they see it but this really does go back to this whole thing about their now. They're locked in there watching the show Oh and then it's like there's just so much more room to give them some leeway. I guess with me with talent with style. It still looks beautiful. I'll give and they also like nominated like I don't think Luke Kirby got a nomination for the first season but he plays Lenny Bruce Awesome is really great like a it gives room for the deep bench of people who are on that show right. Yes it's not just Rachel rows ahead and Alex Abortion and actually speaking of House of cards <hes> Robin Rate and Michael Kelly Net nominated which again I think indicates that like even when these shows our lake disgraced or ending cancelled or whatever when people are locked in when when voters are locked in there still watching these shows they care about yeah. I think I think that was kind of like a I was somewhat expecting robin right to get nomination as a sort of like good job you for soldiering. I don't know I don't know rhapsody thing like usurp. The bad man mission you've got rid of the Batman and you carry it on Youtube Michael Kelly you did it. I don't know the I did want to talk about something that that Mike in Mike's Absence I was on the Mike loves to talk about which is the like double triple threats or whatever they get nominated so Jason Bateman getting nominated for acting and directing Natasha Leeann getting nominated for acting and writing for Russian doll phoebe while bridge acting and reading fleabag Bill Hader directing writing enacting berry and these these triple double threats are the people that Mike Lakes Assay often win like it's why you see like sort of like Donald Glover's. I'm like you know like a ah the when someone has so many talents brimming over so many talents that the television county often likes to award them with a win but do we think in that actress category and the Comedy Series Actors category does anyone have actual actual shot against Julian louis-dreyfuss or is this just like sort of the victory lap for Julia and veep. I think that the moon would have to crash before anybody one that emmy besides Julia Julia Louis Dreyfus Yeah. It's really hard to imagine especially because she didn't win. Last year like Richard Brosnahan got her year to try it so it doesn't feel as exhausting as it might have if it were just a nonstop streak. It's not just the cheapest great. It's not just the Julia Louis Dreyfus Great. It's that that it was last season's that she had cancer. The narrative is all the lineup of actresses who were nominated leg. It's such an amazing group of people like it is just exciting to think about the mall in one place and like Tasha Leone talking if he'd be waller bridge edge talking to Catherine O'Hara oh my God Catherine O'Hara getting nominated Hillary mentioned Shits Creek at the top but like we talked a little bit about it last week is a show that kind of got bumped by Netflix having aired on pop for a while but just seeing how much the emmys really jumped on board shits creek was so exciting and seeing like three like if you looked on the the television academy said this little spreadsheet which is what I'm currently looking at which has like Blah Blah just a CPAP TV and they're really excited for some. It's an incredible. Though I mean like I <music> I'm like it seems ungrateful to be like three Nominees Shits Creek but they missed in Levy but like I don't know it seems it seems sad not have Dan Levy nominated me and Andrew Scott like you know yeah so much but couldn't you just give us. One more thing also got. It was really Katie. We were talking about this on twitter but I was kind of shocked just looking at the grid of pictures to realize that all of the comedy actresses were all white women. I think that flea she'll Rishaad was nominated for something and that was the only performance the only performer I could see that was a person of color and then like Sandra. Oh is nominated <hes> in vase. That's on the drama side is <hes> nominated for and Sterling K. Brown on and on the comedy side and then totally just white women in the other side. That's Kinda surprised me right but then and then you see when they see us like coming like there's a lot of nominations for when they see us. which is you know? Veronese Netflix afflicts in the limited series degree rape that that is like bringing some non whiteness to the board and then also like Billy Puerto nomination which is bringing Grosso out that and Mahershala Ali who was nominated even though true detective objective was not except for outstanding opening credits. Yes my favorite yes. It got to nominations for Sterling K. branded opening credits. The opening credits were so good so really and also I. I also WANNA shout out <hes> A category that we haven't talked about <hes> which is animation <hes> which Sony and I were both thrilled to see Bodak horsemen finally get nominated for outstanding animated program. It's the best show on T._V.. Oh Wow yeah so. The nominees in that category are really interesting. There's some categories where it seems like. Just the same. Things get nominated year after year after year. <hes> variety talk series is one of them now. At this point. The lineup seems pretty set <hes> an animation you know so it's pretty typical to see Bob's Burgers and to see the simpsons seats South Park which didn't get nominated this year <hes> but there's finally a couple of new shows breaking in big mouth also snuck in there which is great. <hes> and I don't know it's nice to see that there are ways in which the emmys. These are paying attention to newer things yeah so like for example also pen fifteen <hes> who lose like middle school comedy from Comedians Meyer Scannon Anna Konkan got a writing nomination which is just like so exciting that it could get got enough ground school behind it to get a nomination. I mean when I go into the emmys like I'm never expecting like my super. True faves to really get honored whether that's like you know Rami on Hulu or like high maintenance on H._B._O.. which are like I know that their Indian they're sort of niche but then to see pen fifteen get honored to see big mouth get honored? This is like so exciting and Oh in documentary now the the Song Todd documentary I mean these are like really like such successful. Little nuggets little gems that <hes> of conduct reality show last week. I talked about how I wanted. Marie Conde to have more amy buzz and she did. I didn't know it I she's nominated up in the category that also includes Rupaul and then Amy Poehler Nick Offerman is a team like what a a group of people getting those people in a room I y no I want. I want to come to the emmys and do her bow. You know do like how she wanted to do it and then I want her to clean house yeah. She's GonNa Touch Jason Bateman and you don't bring joy and also in reality. I was really excited that nailed it made it into the competition lineup. I believe that's the first streaming reality series to make it into the category the way I really wish Nicole buyer had also gotten host nation since she she has brought me more joy on television than anything else this year and repulse drag race got fourteen nominations throughout the reality categories yeah. That's that's the reality Juggernaut now that's just incredible the the fact at that show turned into the unlikely nominee into like an awards juggernaut is like amazing <hes> then we were talking about it last week. I was really worried that a sharp objects was gonna get completely overlooked because it has been sort of muted reception its beginnings of nominations but not like the high accolades that I really wanted it to but it both Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson got in there got eight nominations so the television academy has not forgotten about sharp objects and like dot e miatas performance <hes> because I'm GonNA personally start screaming at academy voter until they vote for that's my such a good performance in its I mean while you guys hey Vanity Fair Cover Star Patricia Arquette I do not hey our cat. That's the problem I really liked Patricia arquette too. I just felt like Amy Adams. Performance in sharp objects just like really like like rattled me and got under my skin and I I just feel like that show <hes> about Siri. Let Limited series rather did so many interesting the things that kind of got forgotten about it's really been Lady Academy. <hes> and I mean Patricia Arquette has like a pile of award he does have a out of trophy must lead nominations. I mean just screaming Adam. Yes Yeah Merie conduct could like come an interpreter cat. How does the like tiny up her awards and then she would look at Amy Adams empty shelves and be like this is sad? You need an award I mean this is how much fan fiction the awards already setting us up for because we have Catherine O'Hara we have very condo like we can just start to like really build narratives in our minds. That's what's television is four exactly yeah I forgot about shits creeks most exciting <hes> nomination which is contemporary costume. Oh my God so I'm really is wardrobe. GETS GETS THE WIN for real hair showed up to the emmys character all spontaneously combust amazing leasing and then she could do a performance from cabaret. Oh I'm so happy that we've decided to just fully into writing fan fiction. Do you guys want to start leaning toward potential winners like obviously we're gonNA spend a while talking about a lot of these but does anything about the the nominations tally. Tell us anything about who we think is GONNA win other than I guess that game of thrones in veep as expected or still massive contenders something that we actually haven't talked about yet <hes> but that going back to <hes> Amy Adams and Patricia arquette is leading actress in a limited series or T._v.. Movie category is really brutal because Michelle Williams is so good and Fossey and like I would be so thrilled for any of those three women to win but like I mean this is also just because as you know it's about musical theater and that's the topic that I care about maybe more than escaping from prisons and self harm but I thought you burden is so good and Michelle. Williams is amazing in it. She just this amazing transformation gwen Verdon I don't know the show got a lot of nominations nations but it still feels like it doesn't have quite the same momentum behind it that I think you might need in order to actually get those nominations translate into wins but Michelle Williams I think Chernobyl Stole Fossey Verdon Edmund <hes> because I think anyone was was really expecting that series to do as well as it did and it got nineteen nominations which is so crazy when you think about the fact that it is like led by like old suffering from Radiation Soviet men and we're like suffering through our landscape like it's kind of amazing story time we'd rather watch bleak like ration suffering or when they see us which is one of the harder things watch. I mean it's so it's like so necessary but I had to start and stop the first episode fifteen times finished it and it's just really interesting to see those two up against escape ident Amora sharp objects fuss evert in which feel a little bit more like prestige awards bait types of programs. It's very it's really interesting time a guy who would you guys like what would you say would win for limited series of this point because I'm leaving seeing that because I thought when they see us how the strong showing because they handle is acting nominations but Chernobyl had the highest tally but it makes it hard for me to think of who would be the favorite in that lineup yeah I feel like Jared Harris wins actor maybe and when they see us when series ending when they see us absolute win series. That's how I feel too I mean I think it's such a just because it's the relevance of it is very hard to because even Chernobyl which also has relevance this is not as relevant yeah especially with politics. I mean who knows where we're going to be politically in September but I can see politics <hes> stuff yeah making people want to vote for when they see us not just on marriage the series but as a kind of like rebuke the trump administration you're saying he's not going away before September. I feel like they were real world consequences from when they see and I think that you say like low behold <music> the power of T._v.. All those influencers go into taking the the one thing we consider like even with all these game of thrones dominations nations the fact that eleven of those nominations are acting categories means that they could easily cancel each other out right now so it'll be you know there's three supporting actor nominations and three supporting four supporting actress nominations which is crazy see so like you know Hey Fiona Shah for killing you might get in there because all the game of thrones actresses cancel each other out or something like that so I don't know maybe too many nominations is is the problem I mean it's hard to imagine they wouldn't split the vote in those very full categories. Yeah I mean or it's just everybody is like oh well Peter desolate why not right Yeah Poor Alfie Ellen Peter Gingrich again. It's like why he was very good this season he's really but he has many you know it Scott Emmys Peter Given to Nikolai or Alfie and like you know Lena he if Lena hedy wins which she hasn't ever one game thrones if she wins it will certainly be like a series long sort of anemia. She earns yeah. You'll have more insight on this because I was kind of disappointed not necessarily that Amelia Clark and Kid Harrington were nominated but that they were nominated in lead like I understand why sort of conceptually but I sort of felt like I always feel like the the WHO's who's elite performer and who's a supporting performer on game of thrones is way more complicated than we'll yes these admitted in lead last year and got snubbed. They didn't make it in <hes> when they submit inle last year until I was expecting it until like Tuck tail and like Bop back down to supporting but they're like nope. Let's do it again but I think I would agree that the way that this season was framed. It really was John. John Harris season so like this season more then last season when they tried it I._B.. Like yeah they're they're the leads of this end game of thrones yeah but neither of them is GonNa win. I mean I don't know Emilia. Clarke did so much so little actually like I would. I might might be tempted to vote for her given everything that she had to like. Try to make make sense I'd love to she won and just got like okay. Here's how I really felt that would be beautiful. Yeah elite actress and a drama is tough. It's Emilia Clarke Jody comber Viola Davis Laura Linney Mandy Moore Sandra. Oh and Robin riot men the fact that Sandra Owen and Jodi Kumar going up against each other is another really interesting thing I mean I'm very excited for both of them. I think they're both fantastic performers but it's I mean it's impossible. It's a very difficult to imagine that they would not split the vote against each other. Other doesn't Sandra Oh have the benefit of being the more famous one and having been on television for longer and like she got the nomination last year she didn't win. I feel like if I wanted to award killing eve I would easily go for her but I think in the second season became more of a to handwrite. It's funny because I would give duty comber because got nominated for season and got the globe you know so it's like okay. We've acknowledged Andro but jody comber is just so incredible on that show. I wonder if there will be like a more a bigger groundswell of support for Sandra though just like because she didn't win yet last year but her nomination was such a big deal and was so meaningful to so many people and I don't know if that might put more fire behind. Signed her this year. Absolutely I mean it could very well could <hes> there's so many factors that play I think the narrative of in the lead actor category the narrative of like is this finally Bob Odenkirk year after having been nominated so many times upset it would be really fun if that were the case so I learned my listened last year because like everyone was like okay. It's finally Matthews's year and I was like Nah. They're never GONNA do it. They're just never going to do it and then they did. It and I was like okay I get on board the it's finally so and so's year narrative have absolutely not academies turned really receptive to us. Haven't they like they're listening like lick. The fact that Shits Creek and fleabag got as much attention as they did. I do feel like it's an we're really seeing more open academy. They're innovative <hes> yeah. If it's a if it's it's <hes> the finally his year narrative I would also like to put in a plug for Jonathan Banks and supporting actor because he's been doing such great work for so long as the man have to do and I have to say in this season. His art was devastating. If you guys saw better call solve the Germans and he had to kill one of the Germans and it was just you knew it was going to happen the whole time and it was still so heart-rending. He's amazing so yeah. If the game of thrones guys <hes> cancelled themselves out maybe then it will leave room for Jonathan Banks finally yeah I think Peter I think the year that I always harp on that Peter Damage one that I don't think he should have one is the year I really wanted. Jonathan based away this year. He gave his speech about his son and I was like no when in yeah and then petered English one and I'm like got one already but what are you doing here anyway. <hes> I WANNA call attention to one like hilarious category which is <hes> outstanding variety special prerecorded <hes> and the nominees are Hannah Gadsby ninette homecoming a film by beyond say springsteen on Broadway <hes> Wanda Sykes her special not normal and last but not least Carpool Karaoke when Corden met McCartney live from Liverpool it just I think the reason lake it so much as I feel like it also just like net is such a like. It's like this weird stand up special. That's like also kind of performance are also kind of anti comedy and then there's homecoming like bay cello literally Bay Shelhah then there's springsteen on Broadway like like the I mean Bruce and then Carpool Karaoke and Wanda Sykes just rounding it out. There's a lot there. There's a lot in competition with each other T._v.'s weird there's also like I just WanNa note because I think it's so weird that one of game of thrones thirty two nominations for V._R.. Experienced created where you get to bite zombies. So you know Oh Jeez Oh unlike John I I think Jonathan Banks is also nominated for a better causal web series Yeah Better Call Saul employee training is nominated hack in Lebron's Brad City yeah yes that was it employee training and I was just like I don't even know he did this. Extra thing on the side but it's totally it's totally the emmys I believe that repulse drag race is nominated for like the show itself and then also for untucked which is like it's discussion show that always seemed like part of the actual show to me but I guess they're different enough that they can both be nominated for emmys. What a time to be alive what time adding a Lotta also got acting nominations for short form comedy drama series because it's a this is strange world out there also rent live is nominated opposite the Oscars and and the Norman Lear special rent life has six nominations from my question is is it for the dress rehearsal which aired or for the skidding? It's obviously for what aired but what a weird night that was yeah yeah rent nominated for most broken leg like how that's the weirdest category because it's just showing up guarantees you nomination like the Oscars didn't have a host nomination yeah I I wish that I could defend rent lives inclusion <hes> as a as a longtime rent person but no that was that should not be there. It was a special moment in time. Remember Jesus Christ superstar live got a bunch of acting nominations to so it could be more present that was is great. Jesus Christ superstar actually was live yeah and had John Legend good performances and you have Valentine not jumping on a table not to get too far are into rent line. Do you guys want to close it up. I just picking some personal favorites like we'll have lots of time to some for who we want but as of today who showed up on the list that you're gonNA say all right. It will make my heart leap if you manage to to win for this way. I don't know if you know the this about about me Katie but I'm a big fan of Allen's work on Gema thrown. I've never heard you discussed the first time anyway. I'm just GonNa like from now until September twenty second. I'm just going to like be writing Allen's Allen's name over and over again and like my journal so they now the m. e. voters read that I think so I sent a copy to them. I started freshman. I'm picking my personal like cheering section for my Rudolph as the judge and the good place who's who's a nominating the guests actress in comedy series opposite. Fiona Sean Kristin Scott Thomas for fleabag Sancho Emma Thompson for hosting S._N._l.. And then Jane Lynch on Marvelous Mrs Mazel <hes> it's kind of a murderers row. I have no idea what my odds would be but I love her on the good place so much yeah I'm GonNa put in a vote for the good place itself <hes> which got into the comedy series category <hes> It's the best it certainly the best comedy on Network Television One of the best comedies on TV period <hes> and also I will plug Ted Danson <hes> offer lead actor and a comedy because he's so great the comedy lineup is so good commies right now are so much better than dramas. I'm just GONNA say it <hes> I would say that I'm very excited for Bocek horsemen to be nominated and I hope that it I don't know oh I i. I don't actually know the stakes of the best animated <hes> category brace this year but I created is so the stakes are not that I guess we're probably not that high but if they could win I would love that. I'm also just really excited for Catherine O'Hara. It'd be nominated to return turn to this continuing Catherine O'Hara at the emmys thing but I just think that it's amazing. I would love it if she I mean she's not actually GonNa win but I would. I'm just really happy she's there. I'm also really excited. That Stephen Route was nominated <hes> for Berry because it's his first <hes> acting being award ever had. I'm sorry if I already said how it's News Radio Stephen Route. It's just I I mean nomination it which is insane. It's the same way that Henry Winkler right. It's like it's interesting that this is like bill haters. We'll houses like finding serve actors and yet also like Oh my God Steven Rue totally deserves an emmy like this is amazing who him or no Hank I you care again is so good. He really I the his it's so weird what he's doing and it so so good. I don't know it's hard because also like Berry requires its actors to be funny and then also to be quite serious and I think that Anthony and makes me laugh the most but Stephen route like sends fear down my spine in that show <hes> so those are both good performances but I don't know exactly which is which well they'll always Tony Hill so yeah that's ever to lose the least I don't know the Kaminsky method. Keep surprising so who knows what eleanor can might do in the lineup to they are not the Globes though thank you probably we can just keep that in mind yeah we do keep having to remind ourselves to that because I think the Globes of take up a lot of mental real estate on these things for some reason <hes> I was really surprised in happy that Margaret Qualley was nominated for Fossey Vernon. I just spotted that and I just wanted to say something about that. She was great it on the leftovers <hes> and she was really good is an raking in ranking my saying that raking in <hes> in Fossey Verdon and I just <hes> we're going to be seeing more of her because she's in once upon a time in Hollywood <hes> so it's Kinda cool that she's <hes> she's going to a moment. I was thinking that Fussy Verdon didn't have as many acting nominations as it showed but then I couldn't figure out like meaning you've got like morbidly buzzes petty show. Yes ski like I don't know. Is there anyone he might major snubs there or it. I just want more fussy. Verdon like Hilary Lindh lin-manuel Maranda didn't make it in for his one minute cameo as Roy Scheider <hes> which I am shocked by considering the <hes> various awards giving bodies propensity for awarding Lin Manuel Miranda for showing up I think he's already got an emmy though so he's on. He's on his way to an EGO regardless. I think all this missing is the Oh how <hes> I thought that bender snatch getting nominated was interesting. I don't know if we WANNA talk about that but it's interactive. I mean has that happened before. Have we nominated an interactive game ish thing into <hes> T._v.. Movie category before I don't think we have is interesting. That netflix had the money to put behind it to kind of. Maybe overcome any concerns anybody had about it. I don't know that the T._V. movie category was Super Competitive this year if indicated by my dinner with survey movie I completely forgot existed getting in there so maybe it was like something people had heard of and they were willing to overlook any like weird structural stuff at least makes more sense there than previous Black Mirror episodes somehow getting nominated as T._v.. Movies rich the when they were episodes of a T._v.. Show it's is true bender snatch at least does stand alone however it also has several branching endings and not really a plot so I don't know it's hard to say right. It's kind of interesting. I feel like it's the academy going postmodern all right well we will be talking about the emmys plenty between now and and <hes> September when the Emmy awards are handed out and <hes> so knit Hillary. Thank you for joining us to help sort through all this. There's so many things we didn't even get to talk about which I guess is what the next few weeks or four in the meantime you can find all of us writing about the emmy nominations fanfare dot COM <hes> and you can define little gold men on twitter little Goldman and on our own I met Katie Rich Joanna Jerus- and Sonia Sonia Suraya and Hillary filibuster with to ours this week's episode was edited and produced by Brett Fuchs and.

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