EP 95 - Freddie Gibbs (Rapper/Business Man) + Coming at Livingston aka Akademiks, Building A Luxury Brand, Kid Cudi's Upcoming Podcast & more


The. Motive. GOES CRAZY AUSTIN MAKE A. With. Can Be. This. Crazy. Zach podcast now. Yoyo. Already know what the bucket is. This is going to be a whole different type episode, and this ain't my thing. Just so you guys know. Be Phone like podcast and shit all my rant and I. Say my things about you know whether it be the police Donald. Trump is things that I don't like, but for the most part you know I'm spitting about how I'm living. What I'm doin' outside jewelry. How Am Father? Is this man things you know what I'm saying, so this is going to be a little different. I just want before I. Even intro the show I. Watch you mother focus to know that Ben Humble is not going to be making an appearance on this episode. I Apologize All. You Guys I. Let's get right into this mother fucking show. Who listens to behind the ball, a podcast I? Am your host, then Fucking Ball They called me to four. It's be hip hop because I've been around this ship. All My life, okay I'm not some fake blogger. Some dude who got no culture in hip hop, no knowledge, a hip hop has nothing constructive nothing beneficial to say at all whatsoever in regards to hip hop. Look Man. I can't even call you academics anymore. I can't fucking believe your name is Livingston. Bro You were born in the ninety s in your parents named you Livingston Bro Really for Real. Men Br Douglas and you are fucking Weenie I'm keeping all the way one thousand. You talking to a mother, fucking dude, who was born raised in Korea town, Los Angeles ince town ran up in gang culture. All my life I'm a product of my environment. I didn't grow up around. No Koreans I called Brown no Asians Bro. You should do some of fucking research like for real. Don't ask no motherfucker. Who's twenty two years old or twenty six? Ask Him why the fuck it has over thirty five. About me, walking the streets, La. From other fucking blots the Compton. Lynwood, any HOOD SOUTH CENTRAL! Los Angeles my store Razz, Whitney motherfucking right next to fucking Nipsy hell store. In fact you know what hold on, academics y'all miles. Do me a favor, please. Can you pull up that clip real quick? In the crazy thing is nipsy Russell, one of the most respected men in hip hop. Rest in peace was a friend of mine. This was a dear friend of mine for over a decade Cima boy, and he kept a one hundred so right now miles. Playmate Clipper will quick about nipsy talking about how he felt about academics academics me. Bother me, so he says stuff he says stuff about. Chicago rubbed me the wrong way. Yeah, he's a bus. He Weirdo. Possessing real life. Behind he behind the camera and you guys? Let clowns clowns man. I was on I was on everyday struggle. And I walked out just because you know I just, I'm not a clown on I'll come from the world of like you make jokes about we used to fuck. Nick is ups kills me. Are we live now? To Fuck, nick is up for China. Found fights right here. Yeah Nigga. You fight what you don't with the camera we're GONNA. Make you fight. Nick it wrong with you, boy, we ain't. Covering dramas called instigating. What's up with you while you added negative? Right, so you know. Get waited out quick he. He got low. Internet Ronnie going on, but you know he's got to. Let himself destruct because he's on the path I. Check it out Livingston Allen. Bro I. Don't give fuck of Jamaican. Whatever the May. You have me so fucked up. I'M GONNA. Taser I can't believe I. got you that Matt First of all and you got problems. You should go to fucking A. or some shit. Okay, let me straighten you out. All right my first job in Hollywood. In the business. Was a fucking Jamaican restaurant, I. Owned by a black man. A black man who just won the motherfucking Oscar. For Best Actor for the Movie Malcolm X.. You might hurt this dude. His name is Denzel Washington and also norm, Nixon, and Debbie. Allen and also black socialite Brad Johnson okay. In fact so funny because norm. Nixon had only just a legendary Clipper Laker. Do and be a manager for a little bit, but that's above and beyond I worked in a Jamaican restaurant. I Dj Jada Pinkett birthday at this place. I did the Black Oscar party, two or three years in a row I was born in it. It wasn't like I was hanging out some shit. Trying to be somebody I wasn't like I said I was a product by environment. I've been around people all my life. You know what I'm saying. You sound stupid as fuck. Livingston. Like do realize. My wealth adviser okay, my wealth adviser must CPA is black, a black man from south? Carolina still lives in South Carolina okay. All right my tax attorney. And My fucking money manager adviser and handles all my day to day. Business, Shit. All my taxes, everything is a black Muslim. It's named Suleiman. Like Bro. You Know How fucked up how stupid you sound! What have I done for the black community? You know what I tell people all the time. I don't like to talk about it and I brought it up a few times here and there, but because people are listening to this episode in so uninformed in the so fucking stupid. Yemen people ask me all the time. What you connection the Seattle why you Seattle all the time besides the fact that you know my relatives, they're. Saying my wife was born there. You know shot to federal way. Owned A nonprofit organization in electronic recycling company. It is nonprofit call friendly earth. You know what we did. We donated. Millions! In, the seven years' own this this nonprofit, we donated millions and to mostly wear. The inner city. With seventy three percent black kids going to these schools donated computers electronic vitamin. Tablets things like that built computer rooms for these schools. I did that in Korea town to I didn't do it in the Asian areas until later and a lot of Asia's gaming shit about it, but it was about what needed more help at the time. So Livingston. You have no idea what the fuck you're talking about. Bro, you don't even know that I got way more accolades and hip hop game than you do. I got twenty one platinum albums. Those are include people like Dr Dre Snoop Dogg Jay Z. fucking. Repeat like broke. Who the fuck you worked with and done anything that really six nine broke. Get the fuck Outta here. You'll you know it's bad? When to Jewish dudes clown on you. And I got nothing but love for my boys. It's the real. If you wanted to listen to some real hip hop, shit, listen to them. Listen to their podcasts. No, there should they do. It's the real great guys. I, they've been his podcast game since the beginning when this Sunan you. Like academics. Bro Is bad like it's quiet for you, Bro, when when due to release in a real boom BAP SHIT! You know you probably don't know shit about your own people's music crazy. I don't know shit about. Grover Washington Junior Donald Byrd the meters Jay. Jumps ain't like. Have you even fucking know like ten earth wind fire songs I'm being real. which under hold on your Jamaican okay. Bros stop it. Motherfucker I know more about pot. Obama on Steel Poles beanie man Barrington Levy cutty ranks I broke ranks with Sinema fucking label man like Brian Listen and a fucker reggae dancehall shock cadenas employers. This shit man born Americans was homeboys boys label. Fuck with all that shit forever. Bro! You have no taste in music our. No, it's like just terrible i. that's just craziest. Fuck you make me laugh sometimes like when I look at all the shit that Freddie when Freddie was wash what he's washed. you rather way Freddie Gibbs. Wash the fuck out of you. Nobody could ever see it any other way. I I just laughed out thought the ship was funny. Okay, but you going at Freddie like you'll want any rabbit to go see my tax return this Napa. Like that. Everyday struggling pain like that. You don't know stupid ass. FUCKING! What is? Fashion Nova ads also. The bullshit broke the fuck Outta here. Don't try to flex really academics, bro You fucking. Dj Bingo fucking parties. Stop it all right I. Just seen your last video. Were you screaming at me? Talking about you? Take advantage of hip hop, African, Americ- bring not stupid. fucking sound you know that. Ninety nine percent of the dams of people that are relevant in music. Today were black. Take Out! Does do this fucking terrible? He he is really bad. We don't claim this dude. I and as you screaming, you're sitting in his fucking gaming gifted and there's a in your door. Bro, how you live in lavish. You've got a big ass crack in your door. I'm just curious bro and I don't. Even the people think people because they see me. They think jewelry and I really tried to post that much jewelry, but you know what I just finished J. Galvin's chain. Oh wait a second. Is He black rapper? Nine not. So let me straighten you our quick. You said tracks expose me. Everything tracks was ally. In fact I had attracts on my podcast so if you listen to this Livingston, tracks Zoema podcast and then when you pulled up to my hotel. You know what angle you I'm appreciate, you know. He was a man enough to pull up, but I'll be real which you when he sees me, he was like you know I could tell. He was a little nervous house. Well, boy. Boy Jimmy boy whatever and he thought using to get jumped, and I said not address this. She'd like man booming, and we handle our Biz, but everything he said about me was wrong. His Beatles with flawless with Greg, but straighten them out real quick, and there's nothing in this all good. Let me tell you something real quick. She didn't say Shell Fashionable fucking exposed me. The fuck is you're talking about. Now if you WANNA, go back to jewelry and stuff. You Know How fucking crazy you sat I'm booked ever since I started my private appointment meeting thing. January two thousand, seventeen do and the funny thing is the numbers that month is relevant to what we're talk about. Three and a half years ago. I put US private appointment. Thing on there and you gotta get one hundred dollars chain. And you've got to pay the whole of front, not fifty down whatever boom in his one hundred thousand up front and you know what I got fucking twenty one fucking jobs, and you know what I did. A refunded nine, thousand, nine hundred I was like man. Fuck this shit so I start to figure out what I wanted to do. And you WanNa know something out of those twenty one jobs guess how many people were black. Just take a while, fuck and guess. I three. Okay. And I'll be real human-like Bro, booked until April Twenty, two and twenty one right now and when I did my Takashi Murakami releases Michael Collapse and I did six pieces here five pieces here, and do you know that the only black person bought something Little Yati? And he'll tell you straight up. Little Yati will tell you for five years or five along. He's been popping three years four years. He's asked me a man. One can I GET A to get a chain. And it was like some bullshit political ship behind it but Ogden never made Yati accustomed Shane. You know when he was going every fucking jeweler people got me fucked up like and we'll tell you straight up man. Ben was on some shipmates didn't want to. And I was real selective about who I you know. Make Jewelry Four. So whether you think fan base is which way or the other. You have to understand. I've done more. Than I've done for any other race in my life. In especially in the last few months for black people. All right, let's start off with the fucking George Floyd family with the twenty five grand to them. Let's start off with the bailout another five thousand there. Let's start out with a charity auction. I just did recently from Air Card and I gave it to what? One, hundred black men of Atlanta the charity organization, one hundred black men about land, and what they do is they moult in stimulate young black men's young black kids. It's extracurricular thing you know. They go there after school and they get molded staking fucking be career driven. You know what I'm saying and be steered in the right direction. I and that's not even all the shit that I've. I've donated to I. Have A fucking black lives matter card coming up I changed a fucking baseball card on top in trying to make a political statement when they didn't want me to. In a certain way, and I change the whole car to make cal ripken. All Black I made the hole card black. I got Jackie Robinson. Card is coming up talking to be donating even more to. What the fuck have you done besides steal? From the fucking dorms Bro, really man, and then how about contributing to the death of other black men in Chicago and then laughing, and then instigating and doing all the shit and Nipsy to said the on interview like rest in peace Bro like you sound stupid as fuck. One of the craziest parts about the whole jewelry shits. Overcharging produce realize I've built a luxury brand. Been in this game for fucking fifteen and a half years. I I've built a luxury brand. My namesake, my brand I don't have no small shit like. UKIAH rolex. You hear cardiac, you hear tiffany eight. What every single head of those companies they know me. Do they know most of the fucking The jewelers instagram. They don't. That's a flex. That's the real shit I, want drew the two years in a row. You know what's funny. Probably could win the third year right. When asked me to Be Nominated Smith thing I was like man cool. I'm straight, I don't need it and that's. There's definitely a one sided thing on there right and are already brought. The issue and people know this on twitter and other places said. Why aren't there any black jewelers? Some racist Schick on involved and I'm trying to get a fucking. You know some apprenticeship going on when I free up. Some time Kovic got me fucked up, but I've been so fucking behind, do realize. A majority of my big clients. Are Arabs. And Koreans and Chinese people I'm just. Did you know that you know I'm just curious? And you know not to take away from what me cutty have done, and that's my dog, and if you WanNa, get mad at. You could spend it with me. She came out of him. Spending with Saint Laurent spent a Rick Owens and things like that. Don't even start this shit tyler. Don't tell us when she was sixteen. We've been boys for a long time. He was blocked on my page because I didn't fuck with Mike. You I mean he was always pays leaving fucking. Super Saas Shit and we focused show the whole time that in about social media, nothing obviously still falls me on twitter. It wasn't about that I blocked him the unblocked them. Recently. That's my dog. Tyler would never spend money if he thought he was getting fucked over. She knew what the quality was. Bro, the fucking crazy part is ninety percent of the jewelers that you see on instagram are selling CD's. They're selling. Clarity enhanced diamonds. They're selling H.. T. Diamonds there on that bullshit. They're the ones fucking people over Livingston. So you got me fucked up in saying savant Bro. Bro. You're retard period. I don't care if it only takes it the wrong way or whatever the fuck it is. That is exactly the specific. Perfect? Now to give you okay. What really bothered me. Is. You did some shit that only the police would do and only a bitch with. Do you got real bitch tendencies? How fucked you screen shot a DM. From January two, thousand seventeen. You screen shot a Gambro and you put that's real fed ship. That's some real whole gossip, bitch, shit, and then fuck the part about it is. It's like immune Jimmy known each other for twenty years and we cool man. This is a good place, and that brings up like a weird time like y'all you think that's going to do something for me is all good man. It might put a little fucking sour taste in my mouth, and he might be be like damn man. We just got. We've been passed this. But I'm GonNa, tell you you are a total loser. Bro, you're fucking Geek. You Ain't tough doing nothing, Bro! You have not been in fights. You are just straight up a bitch. You instigator. That's all you. Are you five hundred, eight, two hundred sixty pounds. You Ain't shit. You Ain't got no bread. You a really doing that. He don't have no fucking eighty five, hundred fucking square foot house, and then you closing in five days Bros. stop it. And I. don't even flex people like that. Don't even let me get started. What my kids kids tuitions on what my fucking car insurance! My car insurance is more than what you make a month. That's what you really WanNa go there. Do you WanNa? Go there with this shit and I'm on my like. We're during the covert time. Don't really like I will fucking clown you bro You, don't WanNa start on real estate, and what I got into garage, and what other toys and what what? I got an art and stuff like that. It's a different level. You ain't even fucking anywhere near that. You're trying to flex on Freddie. Bro! Freddie spent one, but he's A. She has more shit than you probably have ever had. Okay, and you know what? It's sad that you even have a platform. That's why motherfuckers was so heavy in my DM's. And people were like Yo Bro. It's gotTa stop like this. Dude got nothing cracking nothing positive to say about anything. Bro, you know. I don't use that word council Bro I WANNA say that's the last almost say right. If you've got something to rebut, listen all of this and you have something to say about this right here. Roman you. There's nothing you can say. On bulletproof when it comes to this, because I entered the game, making mistakes here, and there left and right, but never on some racist shit. Never also fuck shit. Never on some unfair shit, I never stole never cheated never lied nobody. Bro You are the total opposite of me. Bro European, but I have to let people know. You weren't worth an emergency podcast episode I wanted people to know off top. That your piece of Shit. And now you're a real scumbag. You call me Scom Bro. You must be fucking crazy. You have no fucking idea. What I've done for the fucking earth. You just man is said, and that's it with that I got my man Freddie Gibbs coming on the show. He's GonNa bless the MIC and to lighten up the mood. I got my man ll. He want awesome, real music and some real production real hip hop producer shit. 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We're going to get into it. We'll get into that in a minute, so you are I, know you grew up in Gary Indiana right. Dessert but how come everyone associated with Chicago so much? Because Gary Right next to Chicago so it's kind of like the same shit in. Ten minutes and fifteen minutes away. So you know what I mean saying. Gangs Same Shit, same teams auditions. You know is right there, so if his family you know by the way shot to Chicago killer's my boy bird. Samuel. Berg that's my fam you know in. Every time I'm into shy man. He got me good so. Look Man. Let's stop playing first of all. You know what actually I'm sorry. congrats signed to a major bro. I didn't even know that cutting you. Also congrats on Alfredo. If you guys have the go, get that. Alfredo album with my boy alchemist I don't have you know this I. Don't alchemists four thirty. Thirty three years four years advance. Notice that's crazy? You know what I'm saying Oh yeah. I've been in Trinidad armed like I said Man I, know you. Don't know you've been in a game since the day so. Of course it's easy days even. Eat as right exactly so she does man like the alka Seltzer that was a clean link up right there. Man said he wanted to produces all the time, so it was. It was nothing for me to go in and you know. Go to wrap school his studio. And learn how to be a better rapper him an Elliott. They really liked you know me like. That's real game. That's Bill La. While I was talking about earlier in the show and I was talking about bars, and I was talking about spitting talking about that type of Shit. Library never goes catch gibbs on like even on the treated crew mixed tape cheops was spitting. You know what I'm saying. Spin on anything he just. Crazy, I think. I'll take pride and you know have having bars especially in era right now. Would you know that mini chests with it I? Think that everybody you know. This crazy you know what I mean, it might sound weird, but everybody's kind of like monetize amusing. Does that make sense? You know what I'm saying like everybody Kinda? Like you know kind of conforming to you know what they gotta conform to to you know. I mean look is one thing. If you want to sell merch to get units and get it, but at the end of the day like Bro, you sell a merger. You selling records, are you? Are you a rapper. You I mean some people are just entertainers. They just WanNa live they want to. They want to portray lifestyle that they seen on TV or seen on the Internet whatever and. You know how down has been over the last thirty years. How much! Is Come on man I mean I mean you. Look at the game. Man Like you know it is very different. I think that in some way got better for the artists because. Like you said in the beginning of the show les broad. I've been in the game simple as you just signed to a major, you know what I mean. When I was on the freshman cover on sale, I wasn't even on a major label yet. So you know what I mean like, so I've been grinding in. found a lot of innovative ways, but independent artists to make some money in the game you. You know what I mean, so I'm Kinda like a trailblazer in on the side. I mean there's a lot of people like to use the word day model like tobacco coronavirus. There's a model for this. Where the mask for this time stay with people. Fourteen to you've set up. A model for independent artists should to get money to 'cause. Think about it like I'm not saying that you can't win on a major. But when you going against a machine that has certain things set up. They're going to have for someone who has nothing. You already built it so you knew what the advantages were. You know what the disadvantages where I'm sure going I. Mean me being an ex record executive. Right at that point, I would tell people. Your advantages to keep doing what you're doing now. The deals that they're giving out now. During my day, shit, Bro, you would live to you. You could eat. They never even think about touching merge or touring fucking like Bro. You could get paid. You know like now. It's fucking disgusting, but it's a different world but anyways. Three sixty type of thing in like. Really mean to be honest like man. You gotta go in into a partnership with a label. You can't do a straight record. Leading more than makes no sense. You know man because the really did. These niggers don't even have an ours. Working to delay was in our the obsolete. You know what I mean kind of job, so you know like they don't do things. Put things in place to break an artist so to speak. You kinda gotTa Break Yourself Man and the angle to the label. Like, reinforcement shit in promotion, and all of that you know what I mean. You can't lean on them you laying on them. That's why you have these negatives that. Come out in. Oh, they didn't mad. At the record label at all labeled do Shit Blah. Blah Blah like Matt really is not. It's on you. Of End of the day. You know they tell you grow at eighteen, but really. Focus have no idea like if you didn't really mean Bro, it's if you're serious about this. Hey, man, take some time off. The Internet takes time off your phone. How'd you spend maybe two days reading fucking everything you need to know about the business. Understand that it it'll teach you all the even the legal issues like what you're publishing. Spitzer, what you should be looking forward to, and then realize Oh, well. Should I accept that this this and this I got these quo marching fucking Ben Bala Chamber. Whatever like are they going to recoup all that? Right correct they definitely all ed I wanNA say this about a lot of artists normally from your era for back in the day like. A A lot of those guys didn't. Foresee. Streaming era in because they don't own a lot of the masters on their records, and like you know, of course you know in ninety six months other than those on Asada Fi, apple music tidal on me. You didn't know that you music was gonna be going to be the platform you have you know. Get it from, so it's like you know it's kind of. A lot of favorite artists because we streaming music every day, but they not getting paid off of it is fucked up. You know it's. A lot of things I mean look Freddie only keeping one hundred zero. Quick all right, and this is like I. Don't really talk about jewelry on the show. It's a business podcast and I'll tell you the truth. Everyone thinks and we'll get into that in a second, but like some dumb ass, mother fuckers that are fake deejays and bloggers that are talking about like Oh you steal from the culture and this that and I'm being real. What you BRO LOOK! You don't know so much about what I've done in my life and everything else and like look man. There's so many people that don't even understand how this really works the business wise. They think like I'm not going out there. Telling people on forcing somebody or you better by this show I'm not going out their land. Nobody I've I've built a luxury brand, I've made my namesake as important. Now can't go out there and fucking, and had these fools like look at me crazy, but now back in the days you know. I mean bro like it is really bad that we streaming people's music and things like that, and then not getting their paper, and and the publishing deals at these people did. Sign Their life away for a couple of hundred grand certain things. It's just like I think the people who did that are worse than the police. I'm being serious which you like the guys who took advantage of the people. Those the people that should be exposed and shit like that and you know. I got out. The business was like boom, so with that said. I was in a rap game professionally from what ninety four to two thousand and four so good decade. Right when I left, I didn't want to think about my brothers. Bob Marley. I listen old shit like only listening because just depresses me right, but shout out to. You shot to Griselda records. Is. Doing but anyways. I only have kind of like. I don't WanNA use the word weird. But I have a lot of friends who are rappers who want to be on the show Drake's boy. You know whatever could cut. He's my boy, but I've only had little on the show because. They'll be was kind of like. He's not weird, but he's alternative. You feel like he's he's. He's like an idiot savant genius in a way, but then I say. Yes I was in San. Francisco Monday him on the show so out of almost one hundred episodes. You the first rapper that I've had on the show like you know he is, but you say about. The second technically, but you the first. Because we. Gained some shit, so with that said. What's behind the ball a baby? Yeah, I'm excited about it. Let's get right into this shit. Like where the fuck did the beef start? I just logged in two days ago. I get on my twitter. And see him you talk about. You Make Ugo squeezes nipple. Wissam. What's going to try just went to your page completely in start. Seeing I'll say that was like forty minutes late from the first tweet. And I'm like what the fuck. Start with that boy really to be honest. This is started. It Star brewing a couple of weeks ago when I send out a tweet. Saying that if you were on crime stoppers, you will snitch you nominee now you know that day I. be seeing a lot of crime stoppers. She'd come across the time last August like you do that, you know you, Kinda snitch. You know what I mean like. You know I didn't directed. Nobody per se. There's something I said. Now you know. He tried to like connect that to I guess Ghana or whoever? You know what I mean like you know people were talking about. He was talking about and trying to basically say aw. Man Freddie Gibbs don't keep that same energy with these rappers. You know what I mean Orbi. Specifically, basically trying to say all the bitch and I was like look Monday. Let I, don't you know I've made a statement I? Wouldn't you know specifically speaking on anybody? But you know you bitch United for trying to? Perpetuate it. You know but anybody who you know, the shoe weird I don't give a fuck. You know anybody that not not I don't feel. So bad. That's where it started at. Now, you know what I mean that it was you know I say none of. For like lease? Interview Care and he asked me about Jesus. I gave my opinion on that and then academics. Just you know, took it upon themselves to defend, and like he called the bullets. You know he tried to jump in. The citizenship. Evolved him and you know basically say it. All of the relevant broke all of this shit. You know what I mean by Bromont. You know my son room getting your house dog, so it's just like what are you? What are you talking about, so you know? Me Really, to be honest man a month. Look him shouldn't even be talking about. Rap is like why I don't even know why you qualified like you're not. You're not. You're not artist. You never really put anything into the game. Not a journalist I've never read anything written about music, so this is like. You know as Nichols like that needs to destroy Dr. Labels are paying nichols like that to talk about artists. You know what I'm saying. He just like Gosper he like you know he'll. He liked bosses was shit. Gossip girl on any so I. Don't really pay a fuck it like that, but this bro look this crazy. He's a fucking Gamer is copy and paste I. Mean He's never broken a story. Maybe because he knows six nine and they'll go content, but he's never broken a story like you naked a cat like going to go to baller. He's GonNa go to a shade room and like maybe some hip hop site. And then whatever he sees there, he's taken it boom. Put on his side because he has a bigger platform, which is sad. To say. But like I don't browse a Dj Fan I was read man and Keith Murray's Dj. Element the the best rappers in the history of of rap. You know what I'm saying like they're. fucking serious! You had to be a DJ. We didn't have Sorrento back then, Bro, you had to be raw or us. Get laughed. The you know you had those dudes out there. That was literally world champions, so like I don't know much about dude, but he obviously don't know much about me right? You obviously know some history of me somehow some way. Yes and I want you to be honest I wanted to keep a g with me. Bro, not because we know each other because we cool. For Two straight up one hundred. Do you think any which way and I've never fucking ass? Anybody this question before on the show. You guys just so you. Do. You think I'm a fucking. In any way. Could you seem him calling me a culture vulture? How do you feel about that? I mean you got a business and people patronizing money so I. Don't look you know Spend his advance. On a chain from U. S. his fault. But sitting is look at Dobro Bro I. Don't let people do that like I'll be real like. I had this conversation with g when he got his first deal I had this conversation with? In I was like all right well, tell me what you working with, and then I like 'cause. I'm being I. Don't want to be that, dude, you know like you gotTa have some left to do whatever you gotta do. Take care of your MOM's. You know you WANNA. Get a cool whip. You WANNA GO! Don't let it be here. and. That's me broke his thousand game. You know. If. They don't learn. That's on them. They got onset nobody. Let's say you run a business for sure. So, it is what it is. You know I'm just saying. I've been blessed to eat so I don't have to take their jobs I. Turn people down all the time on booked until twenty twenty one, you know, I'm just saying when he says that he says it one way and the money I'm talking about on the cultural part like as far as hip hop. In general, he doesn't know how deep I run back in distance seventies. Bro, you. Know Been You know I'm saying from. From what you know from people you know who've been around me, who know me when I'm in the streets, probably never had no security of my life in l.. A. Bro Compton Slauson. You feel me. Nephews never see me pull up with no never ever Bro. I'm a fucking one of the most famous jewelers in the world. You never and I never been pressed ever, and I take pride in that, because I always show love to the streets and I grew up in hood. So what I'm asking like when his dues talking about hip hop, African Americans I'm taking a really bro. I'm like Avi. What does he represent Latin Americans I mean you know? One dog running around with a snitch. Anything really you'd is like invalid. So I mean. It is what it is like a guy like that. You know you can't steal on anybody's moral fabric. When yours is You know kind of hanging up at draft. So our. Academics I knew little dish. You some of my kids man. That's why not let up on this. Was? It! He said he he said care about your daughter. Your son use like company house which a mother out. You know on from millions like Esso's all good I'm not gonNA sit up bread and academics leaving like Monday about you know he's. Me Physically so you know. I'm just keep dragging all you know. It's funny. Yeah I mean even his little side. Bitch rather fuck that dumb ass, bitches, name she's. Like, it also folk. I not. Real, I'll I'll be honest with you. I don't know much. You know the funny part is she'd been on my show. She did some Shit and talked about Donald. Trump junior and a bunch of other people's in. You'll this going to be the best show? You ever had a lot to be completely honest with you. It was like the lowest ratio ever had an the fucking top charts every week. I never heard of abuse. Never met before my entire life. Have you ever met academics before? Yes idea, At a Grammy Party. He was aw All handshakes law so. It is. It is GonNa be that way when I? See Him again. It's the same thing so all. You think it's going to be awesome like all you saw. Shake my hand smile. And do alone breath, but I'm doing you know, but I'm a little no. What you WANNA. Do Slow. I mean I'm just look in the intro this. She'll already went and said my piece I'm glad I'm saying you keep. Labels. Regulators to stop paying. Pushing academics to promote the artist of a real doctors. That's really what it is like. These labels was empowered Nichols like known. Could make him feel like he can talk to away when you really can't. Though so you know but For him to get look man I've never watched any videos before. Watch Youtube. Body. WHO's a very high up executive in the music business? People was deemed shit left and right. He's talking about all I. Know a lot of rappers is we'll talk about. You'll reason why you went. Exposes because is famous representative. Fuck which you. Like Bro There's no reason why nobody wouldn't fuck with me. have been good to everyone I've donated I've done everything I needed to do. I've gone above and beyond my call of duty. As I have Asians mad at me because I've done more for black people. They feel like you know what I mean like. I'm like I didn't grow up around Asians though we didn't have the same interest. You guys listen to hip hop until fucking two thousand ten. You know what I'm saying like. Fuck was you in ninety, two, ninety, one in eighty six, but going on. I can't believe I got him that mad for him to be that drunk and screaming at me like that and going crazy. STRYCHNINE. A. Mess. Probably also watch right now, so somebody needed them. Some shit, but onto the better things on a bigger and better things. Because I'm never interviewed rapper. And I'm sorry to say like that I. Mean You way more than that? You'll business ban by the way anyone listened to this right now. Understand that Freddie has not dropped like two three eight bands ten, but he's dropped racks with me like Mercedes. Benz car money and it was nothing it was the in for him. You know what I'm saying that he was. It was like nothing. Do didn't even like I was like all right? We'll pull up with sixty percent boom, and then yeah, pulled over and then boom. You gave me the rest, and it was like it was just love, and I never really tried to. Engage or like four fake rent friendship with you. We should always have respect. I always knew who you were on the streets. And you always funny. It was one of my best friends who actually kip. Posting, your instagram stories like you. This Freddie's really crazed like this. I'm like Bro. He's the ILA small fucking when it comes to his stories are crazy so it. You just been having me dying for the last forty eight hours. My question is like. Where do you see yourself? You thirty eight now, right? Where do you see yourself in like even five to seven years when you forty-five? What would you ideally like to be? Really, don't to be honest. I'm. Going into his acting right now you know what I. Going to the next phase, a mockery deal with that with happen. You know I'm a units, an executive as markets, who signs Lawrence and stuff like that, so you know I met a I'm going to build position amok ago. Right so among. Keep mural spreading the low. Key getting her back, have you? What have you been? Have you been any movies I'm sorry dog I'm I'm just. My. I just got a Leroy for. Job. A couple other things. Coming up but. The really good acting real heavy and a best s you know that's probably not going to be my main next year. I got a lot of new the. Already recorded and you know that's moving so once. This quarantine vulgar and I get back. Lauren it'd be be legit I. Mean I. Remember when you when you met me. You told me someone asked you about me in custom somewhere. I can Germany assumption. I was like Oh. Fuck I don't remember the story was, but you were out in internationally ten years ago. You feel like. This motherfuckers who can't even get. They came to show in their own fucking state like the northern part of their state like. You know a lot of dog. I mean I see a lot more focus dislike. No company game, and they really just like local artists to beyond on me so. I've been putting in work for a long time now and you know. I think that this is finally recognized as good amount. Still you know I'll still young still got model. Got The energy to really do this away? So. That's the thing you know I. Feel like I'm in the Prime Mockery right now so I'm not really bothered woman. Next album really shakes it Freddie look man. Don't let these young focus. Se Crazy Shit on. Be Honest with you not that you don't know that I'm saying. I didn't turn up till forty. You? Feel me like became a millionaire thirty one from Selami sneaker collection. Okay, but I didn't turn up like my whole life. Turned up at forty brought forty five people like you'll look at twenty five year old. You'd thirty ut washed up forty. Forget about Bro at forty five. The fucking Ferguson Plain Jane Jamestown came out like forty, four, forty, five I was beyond Lit, then not trademark the term then I, started creating a brand every year. Get better so right now. Thirty I couldn't imagine me being thirty I'm washed as fuck right now. Thirty eight Bro! You, got Ch-. You will have your own production behold label production company for fucking movies everything you'll have all ships, and I feel like I'm I'm at the time where you know. Was Close to happen. Everything's come into play Now you know as also. Went out? You know you know. I didn't really know. On business correct now. I got you know I kinda got it under control. My last question dog is I. Don't mean to get political and it's not really political. It's just more like how do you feel about what's going on the world right now? Forget Krona virus. I'm talking about like what is going on right now. With the racial tension, the civil unrest like how you feel about this whole thing right now. Feel like. This going off year in. Your four hundred hundred. Both centuries so I think that you know. We had a time right now. We're just coming to ahead in this country and in needs to be some change, and this is not not going to be no change, and it's going to be the same things over and over I. Mean so you know right now I think the country just bleed and right now. Only, way to stop the bleeding. Stopped racial injustice I like what everybody's. You know doing right there right now. Committing itself, so you know. Different calls is different things. You know what I mean, but. You, know right now. I'm just a I. Mean Bro Ship Bush opinion on police I've been very vocal for as long as social meet has been around, even friendster. fucking my space I. Don't fuck with police I just never have. I mean police killed my friend and ninety six man so. I, don't really have no. Every show I do is fuck least. So so I don't really have no on. Our got no love authorities. You know especially the ones that take advantage of. Now, really do help. For about calls help communities. Being big. Kassar to the community. You know what I mean I'll say some shit today where L. A. was working some kind of like dispatched base on Armed Neighborhood Watch. You know what I mean. If a nonviolent crimes I think that's a good stuff, know what I mean. For some four something you know what I mean I don't know if it's a solution I. Don't know you know what I mean but. For the most part I think. It's a good step towards something man. You gotTA. Start defunding East police forces man now need Oma fucking machine guns, and all of this shit. We Army so that you know what I mean. They killing US every borough. Do you, understand I go Korea twice a year I go to fucking Hong Kong I go to. Do you know to all these Asian countries? The police have guns. London England. Fuck you know London is a fucking. Thing like some. You know midwestern whole bump fuck Egypt town. This is a you know. This is an epicenter enormous metropolitan. You know city country. And, they got nope. The police got no guns. Right. And the only time police in London. And all of those European countries guns like that is when it says terrorist threat or something. Especially unit. Special Unit Year the regular police is walking out police industry potted. So they can have at any country of you know murdering people that'd be you know at the best grade. A one thing I really appreciate is when I do randomly. Catch you vibe in out in your car. Whatever with the kids? Bro My kids in my life. I. Don't know if you say like if you watch any a month like. Anyone? Who's been following me since my first son like their EMOL, every damn I'm a big part of the very active in my children's life and I see that. Would you to swipe? It makes me I. Mean I. Remember when you had your daughter and you know is admirable Brown. Appreciate not only that when I hear music in the background is always some flysheet, it could be some fucking. Bobby Womack be Teddy pantograph e brothers. It'd be too old Shit, you know, appreciate that you. that. You liked the you know the the real og shit. Before I, let you go. Broder's the question I ask every guest who comes on this show. Is. Is there anything you want to ask me? Damon mini. Everyone you get this question. Question. Massey really said I was going to not private of Damn Israel. Hit you early. So. I'll try to get that baby up this weekend. We'll get up this weekend and and I'll bring you a few. The Stud chains diamond chain tennis chains. Jesse, let's do it man I got. Back in the game on the news real quick for some. Hey, Bro, look and let them know. I don't know where the fuck. It. How do you call even like Saint? John Legend flopped at Twenty Brady lost. Your Marlboro like. The numbers don't. Like. You can't just go off first week. Sales and certain things like do understand how long some people stay like it's just. Bro We support a lot of artists that flop so for him to say a legend. No Pun intended like John leads. A FLOP! I mean you know whatever you know, man, a guy like academics here doesn't matter, and you should keep going. Don't matter his lifestyle. But anyways. Ladies and gentlemen. That's my man. Freddie Gibbs gangs degree. A man I really appreciate you fam-. Mac you've all. I'm a catch, you industries FAM-. So, you'll man. Let's take a little break. We'll come back. Go Miles off Lakey lakes. Only. Your back man I got that negatively the system, but I had a breakdown facts. It was just sad that that dude. You know. I don't even get into anymore. Look Man, let's get on some positive shit. I spoke cutter yesterday I was talking to Scott for like almost an hour. Man was crazy. When we get on the phone man, it's like it's never going to be a short conversation. We Start Vibe in awesome. Aquarius Shit. But you always talking about the podcast, and he's real serious about it and I didn't really know what to thank you know when he mentioned I, didn't hit them up and We are not touch base would be kind of miss each other. A couple times after he had mentioned the first time and then he caught me. When all science cars and I was like Oh let me catch my boys. He was good and he's real serious about this podcast. The thing about this podcast is. and. I've already spoken a little bit about it I think he's into a lot of good for like humans. Not just on the mental health level I just think that you know it's a great platform for Cutty to win I, think he such a you know important person in fashion, not just music, and obviously again mental health and things like that and the combination between him dot. And Dennis is like amazing. Listen at Dennis Cummings Cudi's manager. This dude this is. Not only is he die diehard Ohio native? He really is like a real Ohio. Fuck, you know what I'm saying and like. Dennis. Besides the fact that I respect him so much and him being a new, you know what I'm saying. Shot to find new posh out all the FIS out there and everything. Dennis is a very. Just, straight up legit fuck human being businessman all about it, he is on point. He is extended olive branch. Many times on different things on solutions I had nothing to do with them. Just like because I was complaining about something. He tried to help me out with Dudas it. Good solid person I, don't think cutty can have better fuck manager and I really respected now. Dot is crazy. You know a met dot same time. I met cody or NAM. Sorry McCready way back when I'm talking about like when I started chicken with cutty and I'll go to studio, see dot dot is like. You know. He's very sauce spoken. He's he's quiet. He say a lot, but when he's the more here, talk the more I realized. How interesting is and how fucking kind and how just? Due to just a real decent person as well to is obviously a great. I would love to know what dots true loves our music. You know and a little bit more about his background. Things like that I. Think this is going to be a hit podcast. Show things going to be a smash hit not on how many times he's an doing it maybe a couple of. Of Times a month I'm not sure we didn't get into data, but I'll give all my blessings I'm excited. He's like y'all can't wait to have you on the show. I can't wait to be on. I can't wait to have cutty on the show so again, man, this is dope and he's got lot. She coming out man. He's got all kinds of stuff going out. Onto another thing, man Takashi Moore posted a very sad story. The other day and I kind of overlooked and I feel bad. Because we're kind of in where in conversation, and now it sounds super insensitive because. Surprisingly. He's been a very big supporter of mine, and he's helped me tremendously in in a certain part of the world and the art, world and stuff and we've done several collaborations. I just finished one of amazing collaboration, which album which I'M GONNA post like in the next few days. If not maybe tomorrow, no, but soon. And It's crazy because he has so many businesses, you know he has he spray successful. He has anything down from. Item that's fifty sixty dollars in all the way up to a couple of million. You know sculptures and things like that and he had his Kaikai Kiki Gallery. And because of Covid, nineteen company was bleeding. And he had claimed bankruptcy on shop and it's really embarrassing. It's really sad i. mean he was humbling. He just said it, and it's just it kind of bugged me up because I don't think he talked about it, but he did and message on medium the Kayla some so sorry. What's going on? I'm talking about these pieces that were making you know I know. That Kobe our projects for this year. No, no, that was another bag from I. Don't think that was even issue. I don't think he's financially fucked up I. Don't think that at all. I just think he had a Lotta love that was going into that gallery. And he had a couple of passion projects like this doc or the sci-fi series that he's doing the movie or something, and you know that took a lot of his time and money and things, which is some fortunate and I can't wait to show this fucking. J Galvin Murakami Pen collaboration jewelry pieces that we do. We do ten chains and I got a the upcoming collaborations I told him I said look. We're GONNA. Do these collaborations still? If we got to do it online, we'll figure it out so if you can't man show Takashi mer-khamis some love Manny's og. He's he's. Just nothing but a great person man. speaking of more shutouts grant east. My trainer. I don't know when com trainers only been a few times where we worked out together, but grants good dude. From Seattle like I said, and I just found out that he's super tight with my boy. Kale from Seattle. Kale is real personality in Seattle. and. We did a commercial together about ten years ago. Good Dude, again, man as Grant is great person. That's one thing that's sometimes. Hamish guys no nonsense. He fucking military stars like fuck this. You do this this this this you know this is how. He does work outs in the savvy. Do Dude actually cares about you know where you are mentally like he wants to know everything about like where you are where your head is at and get inside your head space, so you could be on some positive shit, and that's just. That's what grant grant east demand. Thank you very much again for yesterday. Appreciate you bro. onto other things I've been getting. I might have more DMZ about. Than I did about fucking Academics. But Norton. He's in a dark place. I I'll be honest with you Does a couple of things that I can't do. and has been hanging out with random people here. They're not saying he's hanging bad people, but you know he's not wearing a mask into. He's just picked up some habits that I'm not too happy and I can't really go. Smack Shit out of. Were Kobe hug or anything like that. It's a I got to protect my son in London in a so. My assistant is offered a couple times and. I've just been talking to a lot of people and he's upset about a whole bunch of things. And actually concerned now so I'm trying to figure out a way. you know I talked much as I can. So I know that he's alright, somehow at least know what status he's at. And in his head and everything and I just got to say and I. Love You and you're such a to town fucking kid while you're you're. Sometimes you make me worried about my kids being successful young age because you know you end up having eight figures before you turned twenty one. It's like fuck. You Own, you know. A hundred million plus dollar company. You know it's one hundred million dollars man. You know you're young, Dude, you're twenty fucking. Threes is crazy. You know you just. You have so much life ahead of you met. All this shit will pass our promise and anybody going through a dark time right now it will pass. I've always said this in. The worst times of people's lives. Manual tough times don't last tough people do. and. I mean you already know I'm GonNa do what I can't, and does not many options left. So you know I just? Pray for my Boy Norton. And with that said. Gavin newsom yesterday lay down the La Download. The fuck is a small low hammer called. Like not even a chisel basically look meant. He called one thousand nine counties. He canceled the fucking indoor dining movie theaters gyms like that. Man! We can't flatten curve. People got this shit on. Some political. Shit is not political. She cites. One of my homeboys man workable. In fact missing a call him, my boy ramble. He's a love, a love, his brother and I love him and he's just been. He's on this conspiracy thing with. Being wrong in this now they don't help. Like broth seen it firsthand they help. I've seen it. Like scientifically help, it's not any other thing. WHAT THE FUCK! Now now again, do I fuck with Bill Gates? No, I'M NOT GONNA. Focus vaccine. No, are there other shit going on? Maybe so is connected to cope it absolutely not not at all. Okay, and now the Bill Gates could be here and there in a in a in a big scheme of pictures. Part, but I'm talking about what's going on Israel, and yes, it really exists. People are dying. People are sick and The numbers are rising motherfucker. They're starting to get heaviest fuck you think people want to be in the fucking streets, and and may not be at home and locked in Spanish people who live in smaller homes and apartments. They don't want be locked in this shit. Be told what to do. It's a fucked up situation, so you know. I can't explain to you guys in the fucking Tulsa Oklahoma. These mother fuckers. Had One hundred percent infection rate like I. Don't know just from that rally. Seven hundred some people got tested, and a hundred percent came back positive. These are legitimate CDC tests like some at home. Or fucking instagram chains fucking Cova tests and shit like these the real deal and Tests and here is hit like twenty three percent is getting bad numbers again. We gotta calm. Shut down. And Is A fucked up situation. You know backs. The mass thing I've been seen videos where this guy goes here. I've auction meter and he's not using oxen media cities, using something more more little more sophisticated, and he's like I will here I'm going to put this mask on and I'm GonNa see where this is and he goes. You should be at this level. Right here to be breathing alright I'm like Bro. I'm just what are you fucking stupid or you just dumb? My wife's cousins that Dr she has to wear the mask for ten to twelve hours straight. I know she's out there saving lives with the bigger thing. She would pass out if that was the case. It's a lot of anxiety that people want us to be in that in under masks. Look Man I. Put a mask on my son on landed. And Ninety five mass them now I put oxygen to him. And he was still running a fucking ninety seven ninety eight action level, which is perfect. Okay, I did it on myself and I was running a ninety, six, ninety, seven, which anything over ninety five you're good, denies excellent, but when I put the mask on, it did not drop me to a number. It kept the same. So anybody, Thinkin and I'm telling you I got no reason to lie to you like I have no agenda. I'm not selling. You guys masks. You know I got I got nothing to fucking gain from this I. Just want you guys to be safe. And you guys think some political shit. It's not political when you put your see behind your car, right? It's never political. On car, you WANNA. Make sure you're safe well, it's the same fucking concept. Jesus Christ. Going to the hobby, This morning. I drove all the way to Orange County. To get all my dwight gooden's authenticated. By Beckett Beckett grading his. They're the most serious prestigious company. Do the Shit I was going to get the cards graded. But. When I. Thought about it I, said I. What I do to fifty and I do WanNa five? That's not gonNA. Make sense because when I really got into the grading. Talk with the is I figured out out of fifty five or sixty cards. You know a majority of them could be eights recipe majority. I'm talking about like. Forty five cars might be eight, and the rest might be eight and a half's. There might be nine nine half year ten. It's not common it's it's not likely. So it's hard, Saul fifty cards in a set and then some of these cars were graded at. Nine and a half maybe possibly attend I doubt it, and it's a it's it's. It doesn't make sense. If you WANNA. Get graded. Go ahead and do it. That's fine. But I like my Ben Bar seal better, but we're doing is Beckett is authentic. Hitting my autograph their certifying them. There's going to be a number. There's GonNa. Be You know like you can verify shit? It's all legit so my autographs artificially. By Beckett grading. And shots my boy Arthur. So sometime tomorrow I don't know what time you can go to. BBDO DOT COM. And I will be selling. And now because autographs have been indicated I have changed things. Sorry Ricki Henderson's going to be a lot rare than people think now I'm doing a one ten. Because the off see charge service. You know I don't know how much it costs to get. Great things graded authenticated things like that, but it's not cheap. So to make sense I raise the price, a tiny bit like a very tiny bit for the one ten, but now you have a certificate of authenticity notes legit boom. You know you have the sticker. The seal of approval I still get to use my ben baller sticker seal, and they're number that legit so there's GonNa. Be a one to ten Ben Bother gold autograph. Okay, and then there's going to be a one fifty silver. BVD see autograph, and those beat both of those are they're all both? Those styles are officially again. Authenticated official now with Beckett grading systems. It's all love. that's my Dwight Gooden's drop in tomorrow sometime. Maybe Saturday I doubted sometime tomorrow, and when that's done, cal ripken's going to happen. I might do a I. Don't know now because this stay at home, order or discount, semi-state home has shut down certain businesses. My store is still open, but if it gets any worse that shuts down, so I gotTA figure out how I'm. GonNa do meet and greet for the CAL ripken's but anyways. COBB is getting crazy man. again I. I want to say thank you again for everyone who did by by Derek Jeeter Card I. Did find out that broke the. Record for any card in in the top spot twenty so far as far as just single cards of people about ten packs five packs. Mogae broke the record for single card sales and The last thing that I really been watching a whole lot of shit and watch of nine day. Fiance here and there you know I've been honestly entertained by Freddie Gibbs fucking instagram page. He's been killing me dragging on the fuckers Larry. But there is a documentary that I do want to watch, and it's on the eighties band. This is during that whole modern rock tablet that during that era of mob, music and stuff in A. Valley girl that ship go-goes. This was a bad I. Love I was a kid at the time. You know when their pop and and early eighties. I was a kid. I wasn't even a fucking teenager yet. You Know Young. and. They got a documentary on showtime that I WANNA. Check out. One thing that intrigues me. It's funny as all Belinda Carlisle. She's lead singer of the group. She was dating. Steve Sax who was like. The fucking Mike Trout of the dodgers. He was the the baddest motherfucker on the dodgers. Know what I'm saying. He was like cody bellinger whatever knows like this was like a huge girl band. They were most pop and Shit delay, and then he was like. You know pop popping dodgers fun, anyways, Another girl in the band who was Kinda like more low key. She was dating a famous producer. In, a group called the specials, and he's also in a group, called fumble, three legendary legendary producer. and. She had to do this London and he was dating this chicken the goes. and. She! Found out later that he had a serious girlfriend back in London and the crazy thing that got me thinking about this was. There's no cellphones back then. You know what I'm saying. They're literally houseful. There was no call waiting in the early eighties I like. You only had letters, so they would communicate via letter like writing each other motherfucking letters, and he wrote her a letter like Oh i. got this perfect song for you. You know Our Lips are sealed and blah. Blah whatever and so he wrote the song gave it some and being a go-goes that was a hit. And then he had fumbled three. After the special specials were super, super, fucking dope legendary Scott Band. anyways they put the song out and they actually end up charting higher in the UK. Obviously because there are very well known out there, but it was just crazy, and she found out that he had a girl, and so they had to deal the shit via letter. Writing Handwritten fucking letter getting fucking Panin at Port Pencil who fucking nose and Shit Craig's crazy. We think about kids not can text each other you know. They send emails to do certain things. That's quick, Bro! That letter could took a fucking ten days twelve twenty days to get to you. That's how shit was back in the day. You guys will understand. How fucking fortunate you have it. I think about my kids now. They're good kids. Their little spoiled and I really got to start to taper that down a bit. Because you know, it worries me about their future and everything else, and you know I'm letting you know easing up off the phone. We've been taking drives and stuff and we jumped in a loose old, the other day, and decided to go over suicide bridge, and just take like Laslo drives man, and let us starting to really like being in the cars and stuff and he doesn't care about getting a nice car is really think about writers, the one that wants to get light. She wants to flaws in boss. You know what I'm saying. But anyways Yo, that is it I hope you guys enjoy episode as episode ninety five. We are close as fucked episode. One hundred, who was a special guest going to be out on your fucking? No, but it's going to be a milestone episode and again appreciate everybody who supported me hope you guys have hit the subscribe button. This is definitely episode that you know might have caught a hold, different fan base, and if you rock with me. Stay on subscribe telephone telephone. I and get us it meant. You'll learn how you doing bro. Oh, you don't sound Michael. Yeah, Bro, do me a favor man. Take US home, Bro! As Lake League on the beat, right? There are guys I'll see you for the we can wrap up.

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