Ep 83 - Cody Meets Jake Paul


What's up guys? We're gonna team g podcast. This is actually last week's episode if you want today's episode that'll be on our patriot. Right now you can get it a week early if you contribute, it's patriots dot com slash tiny meet gang. So thanks, if you do that. And if not enjoyed this one who's. A, a, a, a, a, a, a welcome to the podcast. Thank you so much. Everyone to get your eight hundred dollars Herman bro. I ordered three did you? Yeah. Nice. Yeah. Just as I kinda fashion. Yeah. You know. Is that like a I'm stuck? Did you see this on Twitter, Nordstrom took it down? And they're like, oh, were we had no idea. We didn't mean to offend. Gotcha. It's like whatever I just don't know how what are they get the eight hundred dollar Mark from. So when he explain what what it says. I mean look, I'm not seek, but oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So if you don't know Gucci was trying to sell a turban cloth for eight hundred dollars. I think it's pre wrapped I was acquitted did it say turban an in quotes? Yeah. Was it was a Gucci? Off-white collab- urban. No who says it was just what I'm saying. The title say turbine row. Yeah. It was indie. Turban. Indeterminate is anyway. Yeah. They just, you know, says Gucci trying to sell religious. I guess, like I, I think it was good. Some dude was replying saying that some designer brand to still Yama goes to. But it's just like a is it just they just run out there just trying to take religious shit now like pastor robes? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Dude. That's the next move right there. That'd be that'd be crazy. Yeah. Premium off way off ways like the most obvious one priests like votes on. Yeah. Dude, they're going to sell the pastor shawl. What else are you gonna, they're gonna start sounding like the none fit? Yeah. On ironically, people going to dress like nuns? Yeah. Handmaid's tale. Shared is. Yeah, yeah, that's the new wave Instagram is all about showing designer world is going to be all about covering up. Really is probably going to be the new wave. Yeah. Much. Can you cover? I don't think so though, grants. Too far gone. Yeah, that's true. Actually, thanks to porna- affi-. Speaking of covering up to cover of your lower body from the low kicks yesterday dude, what a what a what a wacky day. Whoa. What an absolute wacky day before we jump into it. Do you think he made you look like a bitch? No. I mean like I watched some footage. I watched some footage afterwards. Let me explain the situation. Yeah. Yeah. Go for it 'cause I guess, like you. You, you need the whole picture understand, like why I thought that maybe some of the footage maybe like a bitch. I'm just going to be straight up on. It's about this. Yeah, that's fine. So, so I met Jake Paul yesterday. Which which wasn't didn't wake up yesterday thinking, knowing that today's today that I'm gonna meet Jake Paul, right? Okay. I don't think anyone. Yeah. Exactly woke up. It was any any other day. You know I put my pants on one leg at a time. And, and I thought it was just going to be kind of a normal day. I knew I was going to go to a head. On addition kinda that. I was really stoked about. Yeah. Walked in there bombed it, and you told me fuck that up. How'd you fucked that up? And just like I don't know when I'm ever going to get to the stage where I'm like, I leave in addition room, feeling fine of saying, like it's been like, what two years now that I've been additioning for shit, and every single fucking time save maybe one or two times I walk out being like feeling like ass like being like the fuck you doing. You know what I'm saying? Like, all right. You didn't do anything that you prepared. Right. What did you do? Was that in there? It wasn't. You write me, and two other fucking people in there. Why can't I just act so stupid? So my kind of a little bit of a bad mood because it was a great part. Yeah. Characters per for me. Got it walked in there bomb this shit out of it. Maybe that's get did. He goes is actually pretty funny. He like, I did the first two scenes to the first thing, and he's like good. Yeah. Good that one's fine. Let's move on to the second one and two. The second one he was like he was like I really liked what you did that. Let's go and do the first one again and do it like less like dramatic. And I was like, oh, so you didn't like the first one yo you, you played me. I changed your opinion on the second one. You play me on the first one that was great move on when in your mind, you said this guy's not getting the fuck. Riv-. I know anyways, left feeling like we are about it. And then I knew I was going to go do Jeff's show on. Youtube is just barbershop show. Yeah. He's like a barber. And he cuts people's hair, an interviews them, and he kind of tries to make it like Eric Andre sort of, like like you sit down and he like he like insults you a lot, and he, like, it's, it's a lot of like surprises. Right. That's what it's supposed to be watched. You know, a few episodes is a great show. I think it's a great like like gimmick, like cutting people's hair because it's like not only are you there for the interview, but you wanna see like how their hair turns out at the end of it. Right. It's like hot ones, or whatever. Yeah. It's just like a nice like layer on top of the interviews. Right. So stoked to do it. And I was like I wonder what the fuck is going to happen. He was like I don't really have anything written, like I'd just like improv, and I was like, that's fine with me. And so we sat down cut my hair. Everything's fine. You know, shows like going normal, like you just like kind of insulting me. Jason Nashes their Todd's, they're, they're, you know, kind of ROY. Costing me at the same time, like they're adding their own questions ball, bottom an answering them. And everything's fine. And then he jokes that Leyla is gonna show up. And I'm like, hi. That's, that's funny. And he's like, yeah. Now, I, I mean I tried to she said that she was down, but her representation would wouldn't let her come to the show said she wanted to. And I was like, oh, that would have been that would have been really fucking funny. He's like, yeah. I was going to have her Kersee you in Spanish and all this shit. And I was like, damn that would have been a good that would have been a great bit. Yeah. And then he goes, he goes, it's wrapping up the show's near the end. And so he goes, who's, by the way, who's your who's your least favorite youtuber, and I was like least favourite he's a gal. Like, I, I don't know what I'm meet some stupid. Jug. I was like, I'm, I'm, I'm my least favourite youtuber and okay. Who's your second? Lease favor youtuber, and I was like, I don't know. I didn't couldn't think of an answer. So I just like you know, knee jerk thing jay-paul. He's like, oh, okay, interesting that you would say that. And I'm like my. And I'm like, yeah. He's like, yeah. And then he's like, you'll Reggie like opened the door and his guy starts opened the door and my heavenly. No fucking lately. Pawns. Couldn't get lily pond. How? Yeah, right. Like there's a chance in fucking hell Jake Paul is gonna walk through that door right now. Any opens the door and it's him and I'm sitting there like I'm looking at me. He's like, don't worry if he tries anything like I'm like I'm told him I'm gonna like, not, not cool for him to be you. You didn't you just, you know, he's not going to try anything with the fuck. The kid you not the kid, walks up to me like he's gonna fight like he walks like this. Like be lines at towards me. And I'm like, yo. I don't know what the fuck is going on. And he stops and he, he starts going. Hey, man. You know, I really don't think it's cool. What you do. I think you're cyber bully. And I think that you, I think that you bully kids, man. And I'm like, what kids and he's like. Just like I don't know. Like I've talked to like some girls that you have laid into. And it's like they're like, it's just not cool man. I'm not I'm not with that, like I'm like spreading positively. So fuck boy. No, I swear, this is how I remember everything. Okay. I remember it. He's like, yeah. I just I I'm about spreading positively in like you're really not about that. And I just like I, I don't fuck with that or whatever. And I was like so my head I'm like, I don't know if this is a joke, right? Yeah. Is this a bit did Jeff in him? Talk about this beforehand. I was so fucking confused because I was like he must have came here, knowing, what Jeff show is about, knowing that it's about the shock value, the element of surprise. Right. And they did that. And now he's like, you know, kind of like chewing into me, and I'm like this has to be a bit. So I go, I can't tell if he's joking or not. I'm not joking bro, and his camera dudes like. Hey, to me, you could just tell standing there fucking shaking his head. And I'm like, I I'm like, okay, man. Like you, can you can think that, but, like, I don't bully kids, like I'm not like I just it's just like shit for me to write jokes. I just need some write jokes about like I'm a comedian. I like writing jokes. And he's, he's like he's still mad Amine on my figure out this ah fucking bitter. Not I keep looking at Jeff, and he's like Jeff's like very clearly like like this is not a bit. And so, and I still can't tell if he's doing that for the cameras all three cameras round. Plus Jake's camera, right? And so I'm still like, I'm still trying to play into this thing where I'm like, oh, maybe he expects us to fuck in makeup on camera. Like, maybe that's, that's what the biggest. Right. So I'm like, oh, man dude. I'm sorry. Go in like I'm saying, I'm sorry like he's like, oh, it's cool. It's cool. He apologize. It's cool. And he dad's me up and then he's like shut shut the cameras off shut the cameras off. And I'm like, oh, so they shut the cameras off and I'm like fucking. So you just like us this. Basically play Jeff. For for a cut for his own blog where he can walk in and confront me. Yeah. And then, like make maybe sort of like get in half to apologize. Obviously, I just didn't know what else to do. So fucking awkward when this tiny apartment. Yeah. And it's four people who are dead silent, and then me and him. And I'm like, what the and, and do Jeff felt so fucking bad. He was like I had no idea. That's how that was going to go. I thought it was. He was stoked to come like he came all the way from Calabasas and, and do this. And so afterwards, where sitting there having like again, we're talking to just don't know why you do what you do. And I'm like, explain, I'm explaining to them. I'm like this is why like I, I need some Enright jokes about. It's not like I started video gone not hurt this person's feelings to give you do that. And I'm like you. But I just need something to write jokes about. And, and this is this is the only thing like it's, it's like a it's an easy thing to write jokes about, especially, like, especially when it's somebody that everyone agrees is kind of goofy. Easy. You know what I'm saying, and I'm like explaining this, and he, he, he almost like, just didn't really have to say afterwards. I felt like of course not it was weird. It was like he knew what he was going to say before, and then we started having a real conversation about it, and he was just like a we've done a Layla, and I was like lately, is a perfect example. Like I can tell that her videos, are they don't put effort into them. They're just a cash grab. You can tell they're lazy writing most stuff that's not even relevant to them is relevant to thing. It's just it's very transparent to me what they're trying to do. And I don't fuck with that. And so I write jokes about it. Yeah. And he was like, yeah, but like. But like her video and like I could just you just didn't have anything else to say after that he was, like, you know, I just feel like kids look up to you, and they and they see that, and they think it's okay to make fun of people said, look man off kit fans. I don't and he's like, yeah, but I know I've met girls in for fifteen sixteen seventeen that say you're their favorite YouTube. And I was like, yeah. I'm not saying I don't have high school fans. I'm saying you tells me eighteen to twenty four and podcast is even older than that skews kind of more male. And he was like, oh, yeah. I mean, like I don't know. I'm down the whole fucking time. And then, and then so like we like. That was basically it. And then we like, we like said goodbye took a took a couple of pictures. When I send you. When I send you are. I'm like, yeah, sap. Yeah. And he left and then we, we. Oh, yeah. In individual. He says, Jeff was like, so what the next party at your house? He's not invited to like, no fucking way. He's never coming over. Oh. And then he told me his brother wants to, like was brother hates me to Logan. Hates me shit. He's like, he's like, he's like you guys like you're lucky. This is in like an environment where like nobody's drinking shit like that. He's like, if I would have seen you at a party where we're drinking. It would've been like some confrontational. And I'm like. I don't know. Man. I'm not. I don't I'm not, you know, not like a confrontational dude. This is a hate shit like that would have just been laughing. I was laughing because I couldn't figure out like what the fuck was going on. I was like, I don't know. I still don't know how much of that was like sincere how much we go downstairs to like go for a hike and his door. His doorman was like a he was down here, like we're hurting when he was going to say. Shadowboxing shadow boxing. That's what he said. I don't know. I don't know Jesus Christ through fucking dense. Is this kid that he doesn't he doesn't actually understand what jokes are understand what commentary is just completely devoid? A fucking brain cells. I don't know. It's like he knows. He knows the whole thing was just weird. I don't really know what to think about it. I don't know. I don't know. It's weird like I can't I'm kind of glad that it happened. I liked that. I'm that I'm able to like talk about it. Now you know what I'm saying? Yeah. Just I think it would be. I don't know. I think it's pretty obvious. Would how Jake Paul would react to people that make fun of him in a closed setting. Like everything you've told me is not at all far from what I'd expect that's like when Logan saw h three at a party and even walks out to him and goes eight what's up, man? Like, you know, like, yeah. Of, of roasted you but, you know it like it is what it is. Yeah, you're you. And I'm me and Logan draws is fucking arm back and like, like closes, his fist up to evens face or some and he's like says the effect of like if known as here, that's what I would have done to you or something like that. And it's like okay like him like I guess, what I'm saying is for him to open the door and be lying to you. I would expect no less Kazan. His brother seemed like they can't take criticism. Yeah. I mean I said some shit where he was like, yeah. But like you know, why are all these people that you're making fun of like why do they have such big fan bases? Wire, their videos getting two million views wire, we're talking specifically about what lays videos, why videos, get two million views wires or so many people like liking them and shit like that. I'm like, yeah. But there's just as many if not more people liking my videos, where I'm making fun of him like that has to mean something to think that probably means more than fucking her video, getting on the trending page because she had some weird relationship with YouTube. You know what I'm saying? Right. Right. I think it was logic is plays a certain way, right? Like he he's entirely about the numbers. He's always been, you know. Yeah. And, and in his mind he doesn't make a distinction. So what is two million views? What if those two million views are fucking eight to twelve in he doesn't consider that eight to twelve year like he keeps going falling back on over their kids, their kids that like it? Yeah. And maybe they happened to stumble upon video where a someone says wait a second. This is fucking wack and makes you think critically. That's what the fuck. That's how I got into comedy and wanted to do stand up, I was fucking, eight nine ten eleven years old, and I was watching dudes thirty thirty five making observations about the world. It changed the way looked at the world. And it made me think more critically about myself in enabled me to have a sense of self awareness and, and not take shit seriously. It made me feel better about, like, you know. If kids were cooler than me, your kids were this and that, like I could look in the mirror and joke about it, I could joke about them. And that was my fucking weapon against that shit. And when people like Jake when I was younger, who may may have intimidated me, that's what an like people saying, oh, this should is lame or pointing pointing out that maybe the shed that I thought was cool, maybe isn't so cool or, or it isn't what I make it out to be in my head. Doesn't enabled me to like be funny and disarm, those people who any like I was always a smallest do grown-up I talked about this in our show us fucking five one. So I was sixteen. I got fucking clowns on repeatedly. But the thing that, like didn't make me go home and feel badly about myself, as like I might be five one bit. Your hairline is that and I can and I learn how to make people laugh at themselves. And, and so for him to be like, yeah, they kids fight. Oh, fuck them kids, man kids, don't know shit. It it. That's not. That's not to say bully kids like. An older person. Right. But you're not bullying anybody. That's what irks me about this whole scenarios he wants to come out here and act all high and mighty. Oh, you're bullying kids. Yeah. I mean like it. I did like when someone confronts you like that about, like what you do or whatever it does. It does make you take a second be like m m I am. I do some wrong. Am. I mean right. Yeah. So I told him I said, listen, like when, when I when I create a twelve to fifteen minute heat, like a like a video, right? I'm writing it out. It's a, it's a, it's a piece, it's supposed to have an fucking narrative, and all this shit right in, then I film it. And I edited, there's so many steps to that, like process know what I'm saying. It's like it's like anything else you make song. You make a thing. You can't tell right away. Whether it's good or not, whether it hit the narrative, the wanted to hit whether it you know what I'm saying? So much gets lost along the way so much gets change. Maybe it's maybe it is a little bit mean. And you just can't fuck Intel when you first make it right? But the way the nature of YouTube, you put it out there. See what people say, whatever. And so I'm like, maybe, maybe some of the videos. That I've put out have been like a little bit mean. But that's never ever. I don't sit. I'm not a fucking. We think I'm a villain. I sit down on fuck this dudes day up. No, I sit down with the intention of making people laugh. That's what I wanna do. I wanna make people laugh. You know what I'm saying? I don't sit down being like I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna fucking tear into this to make him feel like shit. I mean, yeah, well, I guess, more like I wanna make a million people laugh. At this kind of with me about the ridiculous doing. Yeah, but that, that's the point I'm trying to make is when I say fuck them kids. Like what I'm saying is kids, who watch lay ponds in are entertained by that it would probably do them. Some good to have a second opinion to be like you understand that this is a little bit goofy. The there is nothing. There's no harm there. And, and if fucking laze representation or Jake or hurt by people being like what because in my opinion, Jake projects himself a little bit into that, that was a weird roundabout way of like the fact that he didn't even address that we did a fucking fifteen minute video making fun of him. Like he didn't bring it's weird to me. He didn't bring that up at all. You know what I'm saying? Yeah. I think the whole thing was kind of just about that. What? Like I almost feel like he played it off. Like he was like, like, there are other people that have talked to that are affected by this. But I feel like about Advil, right? Yeah. But that's what I'm saying like he wants to come up in there. And like this this, then the third agley he's fucking. He's gonna come in and swing on you any, and he's he makes it about, oh, your bullying kids. Yeah, I up it. There is no fucking harm in calling Elali ponds video fucking corny Hannah stocking videos, fucking corny all that shit is bad. It's week. And, and it doesn't matter if I can if, like I just can't I can't make the connection from commentary to bullying. I don't know how you get there. And I guess I'm that's what I'm struggling with here is I don't see how he can honestly call that bullying. I mean like to just like to play devil's advocate. It's like I, I do like in that second pawns video, I do say that. She's awful. I'm like she sucks. She's mean she's dumb. She's. Like, I I'm like, you know, which is kind of bullying, I say, so maybe there is like a lighter way, I can, you know, maybe I just was in bad fucking mood that day and I sat down and wrote a video where I was like a little bit more mean I don't know man. I think we okay, I guess I keep drawing from, that's cringe. But at the end of almost every video after Maddie smokes, we fucking. We make a point to be like, don't go fuck with this person. Yeah. We always said, don't go fuck this person you like the, you know, at the end of the day, like these are these are harmless jokes, and I feel like we make a point here everywhere to be like, if someone if comedies at somebody's expense. It's like you're saying, we're not here to, to ruin their life and make them want to fucking kill themselves, and all this, and that, but that doesn't mean we can't be critical in joking way of somebody even saying fucking Lali upon sucks. Take that on the chin to take that on the chin you're in fucking entertainment. Yeah. Yeah. Fucking even like reviews in fucking variety or that harsh. Yeah. What the fucking article? I'd do robot. Post. Yeah. I mean, there's that shit was mean as fuck. It was like a six page fucking dispaced on them. How about this Jake? You don't fuck with bullying. How about you take down every video, where you've tied your girlfriend to a fucking wall and left her out there for hours with duct tape. How'd you go watch that fucking video where I clown, you for looking like a sociopath and you look at all? Those moments you're teaching that shit to kids. You don't got a problem with that. Yeah. You don't you ain't bringing none of that shit oven through this is fuck the fucking that just that irks me man. You wanna think he I think he wanted to use? The whole thing is, like, basically, like a, like, okay, Cody co concord. Yeah. I walked in defeated them bullshit out. And that's and that's eight mom set. It's like that, that's not, really the way that you. Like I just don't think you've, you've done a lot of thinking about this. I think that maybe you saw us clown you on individual for a little bit. And you're like fuck this kid. Yeah. And then you just saw me as someone who's who be real about, any to walk up to, and confront our video, and then walk away from, and it's like, yeah his buddy camp in punch me. So, of course, they're not going punch, you fucking four cameras rolling. He's never ever gonna swing on anybody. Yeah. It's fucking camera guy man. That dude that dude, it was funny. What was really funny? Jake Jake was like Jake was probably being more civil than his camera than his camera dude. Honestly, camera was sitting there dislike he kept me, like yeah. He clear. He's. So clearly fucking hated me. I don't know why I'd never met the kid man. He's like wearing these fucking his you're not allowed to make fun of jay-paul. Dude. I, I guess not. I mean like he's just one of his. Yes. Men. I guess he was wearing that, like neon orange guests shirt with a neon orange hat. He looked like a high Bs traffic cones thick of what kind of I I'm sorry man, I don't mean to get all animated about the shit it just like that. Like that should is sucker shit to the fullest, bro, God damn it. That's just so corny turned the cameras off. Oh, it's get. Oh, always get. It's getting a real in here turned the cameras off. Well, he was like he was like turn the cameras on the cameras off, and then he's like, show show them that it's off. And I was like. The dam. Is that really what this comes that you have to do that? Like you. It's not just like you trust that people turn the cameras on, you know what I'm saying. Yeah. Yeah. Like he had to get his camera to show me that it was off. And I was like, man. That's like when you're at that point, that means that you're getting it on. Yeah. You most of the time to weird shit. Just and then I'm like, like, now it gets honest. And now you're gonna turn the camera say real moment, like we forgot actually, to have a discussion like vogue and thing. I'm just dude. I'm just like, oh man, sorry, my brain is just going to million miles an hour on him getting on you for setting an example, after he does a fucking twenty minute video with Tanna babysitting kids, and they're talking about fucking each other, and all that shit all through the entire. It's just like the his his content is riddled with shit. If you wanna get down to cherry picking and being like you did this you today. You, you did that. So it's just fucking arrogant in my mind to come in there, one press somebody while they're sitting in a fucking sitting in a chair. Yeah. As this, so lame someone is sitting down, you're gonna run up on them in like. You your eye level with my chest will sub bitch. That's one and then to just man, it's that's lame. That's fucking corny. We'll see. We'll see how that footage turns out, maybe as logged today, or tomorrow or some shit. I bet you I, I, you know, don't blame me. I'm just saying, don't blame me if I look like a total bitch. Don't blame me because you gotta understand. I've explained the situation. You know that I was I thought the whole thing was a fucking joke. I really did. I was like, and I was kind of trying to play up for the camera at the same time because I'm like, I wanna make Jeff's video good. I wanna make this moment. Good. But I couldn't it was so so confusing. And I'm mad now because I'm having a segment thing about it. But if he came in there like huffing and puffing like that, I might have been flogging, how in my eyes love, I might have got punched, just by virtue of laughing with a heart moment. Hiba alpha bullying kids. Oh boy set such as. He big mad look at him. Selling it for the camera. Jake Paul a wrestler, but you would like. I've been in that scenario where people like run Obama Laguna fuck you up, and I always laugh only. Yeah, you're gonna do it. You're going to do, but you think you think you think about like an Eric Andre type show you're supposed to be getting fucked with? That's the mindset that I was in. No. Of course, this is going to be funny 'cause the joke's on me. Yeah. That's that's great. I love, it's one of the things that camera dude said, he's like he's like, when he make fun of yourself. I'm like, do I do all the time. Do you not watch my video? What do you say the Lou? I'm the fucking loser. My videos most of the time. I'm the one that died joke about not having sex and all this shit. Like what did he say? He was a cat. Yeah. I know. It was like clearly even watched videos. I know why you hate me dude. I don't know why this again. Why this highlighter hates me? You know. You think they're going to run up on Chris Dalil league that exactly yeoman. You were making fun of my brother. Like, what the fuck dude? Millions of people look up to you. And like you're teaching them to make fun of my brother. That's not fucking cool. That's not cool. I love that logic song, though. I like that. You're in that respect on that. But it's not cool. So yeah, you know what I. I was thinking afterwards I was like I was like was really awkward situation. You know. But even in the moment, I'm like, I'm like, this is kinda discount funny. I'm glad this is happening. Yeah. Because it's the same thing as I said last week, with acting classes shit like that it's kind of fun to get out there and like I'm pumped we're doing this video with I don't know if I should say, oh, yeah. Let that one that one but that one drop. Yeah, yeah. We're doing a video with some with some other people that I think is going to be really funny and it's like it's like it's the same thing. It's the same same thing. We went to Evans place and did did did started that song gonna come out with. Yeah. It's like you got to I think you've got to really push yourself to like to like get out of your comfort zone and work with other people. And, and, and you know what I mean just try things that fucking scare you just try them. Because like it always ends up being something funny story. At least this is a funny fucking story. I was pumped to talk about it today. Yeah. You know, how often you get to the record the podcast. And you're like I want to talk about something for half an hour. It was crazy. You know what I mean? I'm kind of glad it happened of if I look like a total fucking pussy. This is. I don't know. I'm sorry, if I started crying. Yeah, yeah. That's a really happened. I mean, I think you're a bully. You're right dude, love you. JP. Disappointed. I guess so mad. Piss me off of a man. So I was this close, only reason I didn't say because I still wasn't sure if it was a joke or not. He was like he was like, Jeff Alexa, what he can't come to the next party at your house jigs. No. He can't fucking come. He's never invited so close to being like yeah. I don't wanna get drugged anyways dudes. Yep. Yep. Yep. Yup. It's so lame to be like a wish I would have said that. But, like I literally was this close, and then I was like that might actually Demi me punched in the face. Fucking let I do my not trying to get punched in the face sue that motherfucker let him, let him suck you in the face. Thanks Brahma gum. And I'm gonna end U N team ten. I'm so I'm was sue. No, there's no harm in that there's no fucking foul. Yeah. I came into his show. I got sucker punched. Give me my run my bread. I know you're getting clicks off that run me my money. Motherfucker speaking of money, we gotta take a break. Six guys life can be stressful. Right. Like, when you know you're confronted by your mortal enemy in real life. For example, and Decca was a stressful situation for me stress. In fact, is a worldwide epidemic. Everyone's working longer hours. We've an undated with the constant news cycle, and we're more connected than ever stresses. A part of life, but it can be very easily. It can very easily affect our overall well, being, and that's why we're partnering with com- the number one apt to help you reduce your anxiety, and stress and help you sleep better more than forty million people around the world, have downloaded it. And if you had to calm dot com slash T, M G. 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Yeah, hinges great because it's got icebreaker prompts to let us show. If your personality okay, you're, you're a guy with moxy. You can let her know hinges award. Winning algorithm. Matches you. With people that you're most compatible with you can even let hinge know how your date went so they can match you with better people in the future. Three out of four users say they want a second date on the app because they rate over ninety nine percent of the dates as respectful and is the fastest growing dating app in the US. So if you're looking for where all the fish are at this is the biggest pond my friends at. That's great. That's great. Now's a great little euphemism there. Thank you. The best part about hinge, it actually works is it a date every four seconds, every four one. Look someone just went on a day. Wait and there was another one day, hold on someone just went on a day. And it just keeps going and that could be you. Yeah. I feel like cupid right now just saying that. Yeah. So download hinge hit the app store download hinge and and and find some damn love. Inge. Find some damn love and then delete this damn app. Whoops, sorry dude didn't mean to stink up the old studio before we record. That's a dove jacket. Thank you, man. Sorry do. So sorry I shouldn't had hard boiled eggs this morning. I'm flicking eg in Utah, egging, Utah. Uber driver that has had the gas station hardboiled eggs. Oh, yeah. And Eden was like what is that? And he's like, it's an egg. You know, here's a fucking box of Costco, hit, Costco-sized box of hard. Boiled eggs was, I was in the car for that. Maybe you were in the other Uber. Yeah. It might have been the other over this guy unsalted hard, boiled eggs, heated Costco-sized box in between the two front seats and you eaten was like, what is this? He's like, that's a neg- brother. You want one and was like, yes, I will try. And, and so he took this, like, as to pack of eggs, and he opened it up to eg juice in the bottom of this thing. Egg juice with what the fuck is add, even it takes the eggo and gives the Eden, and he has it he's like, not good. But dude. And he, he hands it to me. And I'm like, yeah, I like eggs, I'm all have onto, and I pop a pup that sucker in my mouth in my mouth hole. And I suck all the juice off of it eight it was really good. I wanna pure room temperature. I wanna puke they never go bad. I apparently they stayed. How does that possible? Anyways. I don't know why I don't know what the fuck, I think of that is the best thing. Yeah. I can't believe you've looking eight that. Uber drivers egg Delitzsch, try one of those gas station eggs, dammit, do anyways, bro. I'm I'm trying to like, calm down. I got I'm hanging. That's what it is. Yeah. Me too. I'm a little bit hanger allayed I laid into the brother and. I'm sure I will reap what I have sown. But it's all right. Oh, this is what I was gonna say it's kind of weird when this shit like catches up to you. Start on you. Like just even even starting doing that style of video is more like, well, like people seem to, you know, this guy that clearly makes funny weird or like clearly makes content. It's kinda lame. People people make fun of it. Right. So I'm gonna use it to talk about and right jokes in my own blah, blah, blah. Yeah, you do it. It's a lot of fun whatever, and then you get to the stage where it's like peop- like your, you know, like your like your videos getting more likes and there's and then they confront you fucking person. And it's like it's weird when the shit like catches up to you. I'm not like I said, I'm not a confrontational guy. Like when pe- everyone likes me. Yeah. You know, I can't handle when someone doesn't like me. I can handle it, actually. I just I prefer for everyone to be at like equilibrium was there's no like heat. You know what I'm saying? They didn't and you. Yeah. Exactly. And so makes me really fucking uncomfortable. When that shit happens has it's like, damn, I didn't think this would ever happen, sir, you know, I don't know. I don't think most people gibberish. Nah, I don't think. I don't think most people react to. Like. I don't wanna talk about it forever. I'm just saying. When you got a big as mansion with hosting ten other people living in it, and you got a lambo and other shit. I just don't think most people in that scenario would shadow box and go into a room thinking, I'm gonna pop this dues fucking face for saying videos, or bad. Yeah. That part is, is weird to me. It's like you guys so much other sick gome for your brother. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I feel I feel you in that, like you think you might have major look like see, but. And on the other hand. I know kids will be like, yeah, you got him. I think most people when you take a step back, you're like your time out of your day to do that. You sound hurt. Yeah. You sound hurt. You know it was like when the. Glares boyfriend was like for pay my bills bit. It's like after we made fun of them. Let bad. When they made merge with the catchphrase on it, I was like, what was it like what was the fair note say fair enough? They made fair enough merchant. I was like, yes. Not the right response. Get your bread son. Yeah. Now do it. Yeah. Yeah. Man go for it. I say this on the podcast, I saw her. No. You did not. I keep thinking I keep thinking that I see her around and I think I have seen multiple times. But it's always a kind of from a distance while I'm driving like see her. And I think that was her right? Some driving through the, the canals in venison. Like the way that works is, like, the, the roads are like the were the bridge over the canal, super steep, and the sidewalks that you can use to walk around the canals are like basically right there. Like a foot the exit like a foot away from where you would be sitting in the driver's seat about to go over this bridge is very driving. Yeah. Exactly. And I'm driving. And I'm almost about to go over one of the bridges, some right beside the exit, and I look left and she's right? Do a foot away from me. And she just we make eye contact straight up and then, like deep like hard eye contact where which is like during headlights. I was like, oh through the window. C knocked on the window was like roll down your window and you did. And she was like you're a fucking bully FAM your cyber bullying cyberbullying, homey, and I always does the for you didn't mention the second ago he calls you a cyber bully. Yeah. I would have laughed. What do you mean? Cyber bully fucking. Get at what are you fucking morpheus? You would have an agent from the matrix. You're a cyber bully. Get the like that word is so funny. Fucking cyber bully. It's a boy. That's a half robot. By onyx somehow. You smell like shit. Loser. So you saw. And then what and I don't know. I think she registered my face over. It's hard to say because my windows are kind of dark. They're not like tinted, but like they might she might have not. She might have been checked out and not realize it was me. Right. We were literally like a foot away from each other, and then I'll just like hit the gas went over the bridge, and then looked to my reverie MIR see if she was like trying to figure out like trying to write down my license plate something. It was weird isn't really fucking weird, bro. This is what I'm saying that shit's catching up to me, man, whatever, man, I'm gonna fucking turn a court corner and Skippy is going to be there. You can't wait for Jake Paul. Confront me to fucking full screen party and be a you. Call me fucking stupid. Yeah. I'm like, yeah. You're gonna punch me now. And he does it. And then I get to come on the podcast of the black guy. And I'm like, yes, I have a lawsuit against Jake Paul punch me in the fucking face. Dude, I'm fully I'm fully with I'm fully with suing because I'm not a gangster. I'm not like the only person like you can't be ensue is a rapper rivers. Can't sue because the whole that's the whole end to this is to being rather. But we're not that we have an argument next door is. Is. There's somebody else like it sounds like me. Jake Paul has sound like sound like argument anyway. So talking about speaking, this is all the way on the youtuber dramas chart away. Sure, sir. James Charles that's been talked to death now though. That's not I don't even care to talk about the controversy. Okay. I got a very specific. So. Leinen are on the cashier night. And one of those, like spill the T channels comes up like there's like drama China now. Yeah, I know the one of them comes up in Alina lashed. She's like, oh, I wanna know what this is and it was like the whole drama in, like ten minutes. So I said, okay, we go watch this, and we started watching it, and I was actually laughing and entertained by how li- I don't know the editing, just like I think it was not supposed to be funny, but it was killing me. Okay was dying laughing like you make the transition from they would use music that was so dramatic. It's music in a movie where someone would have just been stabbed death, or something really, really bad. You know, like, like episode six and a series were an important character dies dying. And then it will go from that to like the Nintendo music like or like superman. Mario lobby music like Denton, Dan. Dan? Dan, denton. The timeline and I are just like Bob in our heads to get really dramatic grad the couch and be like all full. Just have text onscreen like James Charles. He said, what called someone a clout. Chaser. Oh, so whatever. So we're laughing really entertained by the shit, and then they reference a kid in the video where I guess him James Charles had some dramas far as James Charles trying to bone him. And then the follow of video was his video in black and white Kazeem is gauge. Okay, sick. Yes. Sick name as a hard his gaze, gauge nine minutes, what happened between me and James Charles said, I just I gotta I gotta follow through. So I watch it right. The, the, the content of it doesn't fucking matter. The best part, though was one of his closing statements like this is closing argument in the fucking law of YouTube like the court room of YouTube. He was like, yeah. And, like people were calling me a cloud chaser. But like you guys something is possible for someone to be like the top. Dog? And they're cloud chaser to. Whoa. He goes like, that's why you're there. You're like the top dog of clout like you make the clout. Start laughing and I do. But he's right. As are dying fucking, which he was just kept on that tangent. You're like this CEO of clout saying, like if you're the president. No, I don't think you understand what I'm saying. Like think about think about some okay think about like, let's say you're the top dog. Okay. Think about what you were like, two maybe three years before that. Where are you? The bottom exactly the bottom, exactly. And so what do you need to get to the top? Cloud loud, and how do you get that by chasing the cloud? And so what I'm saying is, maybe you're the biggest clout chaser of them all. Because now you've gotten to the top. What am I am I wrong? What about this? James mirror mirror on the wall. Who's the biggest cloud chaser of them all? Look at yourself will. Yeah, maybe it's you. Y'all. Like imagine like you're the president. Right. Like in, and there's like a Konami for cloud. Yeah. Yeah. I think we're getting it. Can you delve even further? Okay. Like there's clearly a supply for cloud and a demand for cloud new. Okay. And if you take it high level the invisible hand. Right. That governs the market of clout in t- takes, its course dog and in in you understand the demand. And you know how to supply it, right? So you fucking you just you, you know you meet in the middle and like your fucking peak. You're at the top of that shit dog. You're at the top of that. In fact, dude, you're all the way up your at the upper end dog, you have a over you have too much clout? Oh, so you're saying there's a surplus he has a surplus of cloud. So then they'll you of clout. Maybe we'll be pushed down, then if we're resigned clout club conomic, right? I'm yours. Yeah. Full, but like we hold up. I didn't think about that part. 'cause then if you think about clouds, not worth that much anymore because there's a surplus. And like if you think you, you think he has too much. Then maybe he's kinda got a monopoly. And he's like driving, like value down so that maybe it can go up in the future full. I'm thinking it's like he has all of it in his hands. So he makes it all super expensive. So everybody's still wants it. Yeah, that's true. There should be some fucking trade laws against. Having a monopoly out clout monopoly James Charles, is it being forced to separate his YouTube content into three channels that are independently operated by two other men who look like him. Gauge is one of the engages one of them. Yeah. I rule. I rule that James Charles has the monopoly on emulate clout. And it must be divided. He is the Amazon of makeup artists, and he needs to be a dismantled craze. Be crazy. If like if gauged turn out to actually be like, really. He I actually ended up like changing things like this guy, actually has too much clout. Think about it. He's the biggest forever like actually damn shit. You're right. None of us have a chance. Then it's cage running a subsidiary, yo what up guys. Welcome to the sister sister channel. This is a sister company of the sister brand. Welcome back to gauge by welcome back to gauge by James Charles. I'm your host gauge showing you the new palette today, blue by gauge by James Charles and he doesn't even put any on. Yeah. Yeah. So this is a pallet. Yeah. That's if. He he, he went to Coachella with James Charles because he wanted to see if maybe maybe dues were his stick that would that was his angle, gauge. Yeah. And, and James was like, nah, bro. You've denied me every other time, but you decide to come out on Coachella weekend 'cause you wanna VIP bracelet. I'm like James us your fault. You you bought. You brought a broke bitch out Manco, Chela weekend, and you and he acted funny. Come on. Come on, man. You played yourself you played yourself. You'd say you took a Honda Civic as bitch. And you were like, I'm a fly you ought to Coachella baby. And you thought it was weird that he was weird. So way his his angle on the story. None gauges was that, like, he was, like, I went to experiment experiment. But then he denied James Charles. I so James was upset because he called gauge a cloud chaser, because he wouldn't fuck him. No, because he would only be affectionate in front of people. So like he put it like subtle signs of affection. He'd hold James Charles hand or put his arm around him or even kiss him on the cheek is he is gauged gay us, like, apparently not. He was like nah and, and James is upset by that. He was like you play me by my son. You played yourself. Yeah. That's mistake by user. Can't bring a broke bist. Yes. He he used us on. Fuck outta here. Fuck outta here. You got to you got the you got it made. And you took a best buy employees with you. And you thought he wasn't gonna be strange. He'd never been around money before, bro. That's your fault. Yeah. And why am I saying something crazy? No, not at all played himself. And he brought it got in the house. He was like, oh, shit. I can be gay. I can I. Just to bring a full circle. So what was the dry his drama was that, like we were just bringing full circle. Yeah. Gauges like it might be then he walks in that house. He's like, I'm fucking. Fucking gay James. I was I'm like you wanna see my other house back homes again gays folk? I'm really fucking gay. That was gauged the whole weekend. I'm gays Faulk. Free Al ball man. I'm the is man in this is my fucking boyfriend. Do I get the wristband? Yeah. I'm fucking gay. I'm so fucking gate. His weekend bro is not even funny. Going to kiss this dude in the mouth, gauge, I want you to be my friend Madison. Don't care. I'm not into it and she's a girl. I'm not into these girls on fucking gay. Anyway. You're, you're wondering what I totally forget, Br I watched James Charles house tour as well. Okay. Yeah. He lives in a nice ass house cracking fucking rich. Yeah. That's what I didn't realize about the, the thing I watched the whole, I was had like an hour long drive to do. So I put on that fucking girls video Taty. Yeah. Watch the whole thing. I mean I listened to the whole thing Dame Br I've never seen a colder verse that was that was that was the white woman's version of three hundred dollars by game through forty five muck in minutes minutes like unedited, too. Yeah. I don't know. I couldn't tell some parts for like cut. But like it was mostly concise statement data shit. She should be a politician with how hard she came with that shit. Yeah. I mean, like I like at the beginning, I was like I don't really understand what the fuck this whole thing is about, like if a kid like just, just forget about them, who cares. And then she goes, she goes, like I got this, I got, I put millions in this kid Bank account, I negotiated deals me, my husband negotiated deals for him and took and ask for nothing afterwards. I'm like you make this kid a millionaire and he stabbed you in the back like that. Yeah. Fucking get him. You know what I'm saying? That's cold as fog by the hand feeds, homey. That's cold. Yeah. You know, you know, the fucking weird part to me, was the story about this waiter that he hooked up with. So there's a waiter at it was at her. Yeah. Yeah. You got you got. So I watch the whole. Thing. I watched that kids video to of him or no, no, no. I didn't his parts of his video were in that, like spill the TV video. Okay. And it was really fucking creepy to watch like James Charles try to, like, he like got ahead of the kid like I met this kid like the way he's talking about. He's like it was totally consensual. It was totally agreed upon. He's he was by so it's totally cool. And it was totally like an like what you gotta keep reiterating that he he's by in that it was consensual. Wait this was in Soviet. He may he made video James Charles being he made a video of someone else some girl. And he's referencing this waiter. Oh, okay. And he keeps it's not that exaggerated. But he, he keeps kind of hammering home or he makes a point to hammer home that. Oh, he's by. It's cool. Gotcha. Cool. Gotcha. Okay. And the kid makes video saying, yeah was sort of curious. I I wasn't really sure about my sexuality, and so he invited me over, and I want to hang out with. Them and we hooked up, and then I afterwards, I felt really kind of bad and gross in a realized it just I like not gross because, like you did something that was gay. He was just like he did something that made it made him realize that wasn't for me. Okay. Whatever. And he, he like post pictures of this text and he's really straightforward. I, I was surprised that a kid could be that articulate. He was. Hey man, I, I know it went down like this, I, you know, I don't want to string you along, like a after that experience. I kind of realized that I don't really know. I how curious I am. And, and I don't you know, a hope we could be friends and James Charles get superlight vindictive and is like, like dangling that should over his head like, well, you can't say you're not gay 'cause you kiss me, so you're definitely gay. And like you, you should hang out with me, and that kinda shit, and he's really kind of pressing the kid being like, well, you kiss me. So now. Give like like almost like praying on that. He the kid might feel bad about it or like that. He felt like he made a mistake, and it was just it was like some real conniving shit. And when I saw that, and I looked at the kid talking to the camera super honest, I'm thinking I off. Y- you're James Charles. You're multimillionaire. What do you think this waiter? Like, what are you doing? Fucking texting a kid making minimum wage like just trying to live his life that you're probably never gonna see again. What are you doing, like bullying him over tax yet? I mean what are you doing trying to manipulate some? Yeah. Yeah, it must be some sort of like game. Yeah. Right. Right. And, and the fact that he even went back and forth with these people. In such detail through text and shit was like get the fuck outta here, man. And, and the thing that hooked me as far as wanting to know it gauge said is in that video, they kind of highlighted a conversation between the two of them and James Charles the conversation was him being like do not make video about me, your cloud chaser. If you do, and this, and that, and gauges response to that was like, dude. I'm getting all kinds of like hate, and this, and that and I have my own life, and my small group of friends, and my friends, and people that are wondering what the fuck is going on. So I just need to make video like speaking like my truth. Do like I I it's I'm not doing this. I'm not going to shame you in the video. I'm not going to be disrespectful to you. I just need to state kind of where I'm at in my side, and James is response to that is like you have, like five friends doesn't matter. I have hundreds of thousands of fans, this is clearly you trying to capitalize on my fan. Lines. It was like this fucking just weird, like this is all I can text them weird like power trip and shit where he's like, I'm bigger than you shut your fucking mouth. I'm like, whoa, damn relaxed homey damn relaxed. So his last check and be sorry. No. His last check is probably going to be in the form of like a spike in an activity because people I bet or binging, the shit out of his content right now or like watching videos about him. Bet you and you'll get like a little spike in revenue. I feel like because random asked people Joe Rogan's fucking talking about James Charles. Yeah. And then I feel like it will look like to think so. I wonder what the fuck will happen man nineteen dude. Like I feel like there's room for him to be like to, to realize, like, now, I guess, I feel like for a personal debt to really realize they fucked up, they need some shit like that. No. They like he needs to lose fucking three million followers in two days for him to be like, oh, damn, maybe I am a bad person right now. Yeah. I feel it was because he's had so far as Asif Illich. Yeah. I feel like most people don't tolerate predators or predatory behavior. Yeah. Like that is the auto lite. You're done. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. It's you know, like like, you know Louis. Try doing stand up in that hasn't gone over well for them. Yeah. You know because of his situation. And so I just I don't know how he could bounce back and that his damn apology was so fucking. Insincere was crazy. I didn't watch it. I couldn't couldn't click on that fucking video. I watched like two minutes of it. I've never seen. Someone struggled so hard to be sorry. Yeah. You just seen is, is like you didn't feel so it was hilarious because he starts the video by saying. I just woke up. I'm traveling in Europe. So, but I, I didn't really prepare for this video but I just wanted to flex. Yeah, but he's talking his eiser. So clearly going to like something written. That's one is like, you know, to way. I love the US are the video with the flex. Oh, yeah. Hey sorry. I'm traveling Europe and super jet lag. So tired, I don't even have a internal clock anymore because I've been travelling, so. We'll see overseas flights. I is privacy, of course. Yeah. Private, and I have been able to sleep on those just because it's still quite on a private flight, but it's still fucking up my clock. And so I haven't had time to like, truly prepare for this because I don't even know what time it is in the states, you know, I don't know. It's like he says all that new beginning and I'm chuckling like. Like every other video on his channel is like super like there's makeup. And he's super put together and I just don't know of him not doing makeup was like, like his publicist being like look to shoveled. Yeah. Look really torn up about this and like it's his him taken really long breaths in between statements like on my man. You never been sorry in your life. Never actually told anyone sorry you've never done this before. It was crazy. You know what I'm saying? Yeah. Oh, totally hundred percent. Same thing as when Logan, Paul. Did his apology? Sorry. It's like what, like just take a look, relax, take a breath, really think about this. Like just just give it a human thought. I don't see single fucking thought you know what I'm saying? I don't see a single reflective thing in your mind right now. It says, like him. Maybe I something, something that even says, like this video is kind of weird, right? Yeah. Hotel. Like, yeah, like, man. Like, I'm sorry. It's more like I'm sorry. And I didn't make how can I appear? Sorry. Yeah, it's I I don't I don't take. I don't take the piss out of people like if they make an like video apologizing. You know, I'm not ever critical of like stuttering or even reading from a paper or anything like that. Like, I, I guess I'm critical when yeah. It, it seems like they're just doing it because they have to, you know what I'm saying that they don't actually feel anything for the fucking situation. Yeah. You know it. I'll put it this way. It's. Would James Charles, the anyone Logan, Paul did. And other people when they make videos. It's the same shit. When you're like when you as a dude get when your girl like tags you for doing some stupid, and like your pride is just so big like you just are finding every way to like not only be like the only one wrong situation. When I was younger like yeah. Well, yeah. So I did that shit. You did this shit. Yeah. Whatever. Can you blame me? Yeah. I'm sorry. Okay. Yeah. I'm sorry. Vying, pine whatever. I'm sorry. Whatever is that what you wanted to hear because I am and like I love you can God, y'all. It was asshole, whatever I'm sorry. Yeah, you're right. Do I need to say it for you to know like, can't you just see I do? Okay, fine. I'm sorry. Love you. You're the best thing that ever happened to me. God. So funny, if you just pop in and was like soup like that way, about at least super era, and he's like. Yeah. Like. Fucking whatever. Is the first line. Ever. Sorry, sorry to everyone. I heard or whatever. Pulls Obas phone. Can't. Sorry to the waiter. Sorry, we've fucked or whatever you remember what the fuck we did have ran through so many dudes at this point. Can't even keep fucking track. Would you hook up with someone else dude can get over it? Sorry to all the cloud chasers out there. Sorry for any of the cloud chasers on my to hurt. And then he ends with a makeup ad. Either way my new pallets out. I don't know. I know you gotta do but we gotta make a Blake three minutes. Okay. It's like trae. Yeah. It you know what it is dude. Our podcast or like soccer when it's like supposed to hit the ninety minute Mark. And it's like no, the ref comes out and he's like plus seven plus five. Yeah. Plus three yeah. For all the delays and. Yeah, I see I see. Like that. Yeah, that's fine. Three three minutes. Extra time. I just man. I think he'll bounce back. You think you will? I, I really I mean, I think I I don't know. I feel like if anyone else where we're maybe they had like a like a s- some side to them, some like they were able to show some like redeeming quality or something. Yeah. But like he like the I just feel like he's pretty. I know robotic now like so like just in the character of James Charles. Yeah. That it's hard to really see him as like a human that could like show any like real remorse or anything about this. I saw I will say I watched like the front after his house tour. I did watch a couple more videos. And I've always had this weird feeling where I just felt like there was something off about him. And I think it was like I bring this up to say something else, but so I watched a bunch of his videos of the Lino, and we were both thinking the same thing. We're both kind of like. Do he just it's like that Logan, Paul shit where? And I actually feel like after Logan made a video he did change a little bit in his content. Yeah. And, and even on his podcast as much as I make fun of his personality for being annoying. You see that I there's definitely a shift in how he started behave on camera. And I feel like and would James Charles, it's like Logan before the suicide forest like he's just such a character. And he's such like the image that other people have made him out to be like he seems like a dude who's never off. You know what I mean, there's always James Charles. Yeah, I'm changed. So it and so I had dinner with my buddy last night, who is like an engineering dude is, you know his mid thirties. He doesn't really consume YouTube, and he the, the drama bubble up to him, like, what's up with that, makeup artist dude, he's like I kind of know who he is. And we talk about a little bit. And he says, yeah, I don't know. There's something about the look. In his eyes that just I always he's like, I know Jeffrey star is I never he's like, I know it's not because he's due to makeup has nothing to do with that. I looked at James Charles and the eyes and I, I just to something feels fucking weird about the Jeffrey starting to me feels like sincere like it feels like that's actually sincerely him. Yeah. Whereas yet James, and I feel like I feel like this is what having maybe it's just because he's younger he doesn't really actually know who he is. Holy. Yeah. And the problem is like, once you start getting all this money and stuff. It just reaffirms what you've been doing course. So, like you get into this character where it's like I'm gonna put on this little bit of an act for video. Right. Maybe it is dramatized version of myself for who I who I think, I am, who I wanna be, and then that starts making a little money, and it starts reaffirming, dude, even more start making more money, right? Yeah. More followers, whatever reforms it even more until the point where you're nineteen year old being like I don't actually know this is me. Yeah. This is me like it's like people like get themes doing characters. And then does eventually just become. Yeah. Hundred percent that character hundred percent. And, and I, I can't I I don't fault him necessarily for being that way because yeah he's young. But it still feels that there's this element to him where unbeknownst to him like he he's discovering this that he is this way in the worst way. You know what I'm saying? He is realizing. Oh shit. I'm an asshole in the most like spotlighted way possible. Most of us, we realize we're an asshole through a bad relationship, you know, or like that the normal version of that with Taty and him is, like, I don't want to be your friend anymore because you've done XYZ shitty things to me, and I just don't feel like we should talk. And then you lose a friend and you're like off was either bad person, you know, or something like that. That's what teaches you like damn. I'm dick. And unfortunately he had to do that in front of millions of people. So I don't know if you'll bounce. I really don't. We'll see who cares that. Coming up next on the clout. Cloud economy, our we're gonna make predictions on our top five we think most of incoming clout. Gainers. We're going to talk about our losers in gainers this week. Yeah, five cloud gainers this week, number one, Jake Paul bullied, Cody co on the Jeff channel. We think that for sure is going to net him some clout other gainers this week. We got fucking. I don't know. Three two lizards this week. No Miller, gets really fucking twisted up about Jake Paul for no fucking reason. Definitely loses cloud, their dumb ass. Listen, guys. I'm really, really bullish on the whole cloud market right now, though. It's up thirty points this week. And I feel like it's gonna soar even more just hopefully we're hoping, you know, that said, hopefully, China, does not raise tariffs on, you know, like tick, tock performances and things like that, because that's going to hurt the cloud market overall. There has been a bit of a feud in terms of like cloud trade between US and China. So hopefully that doesn't impact, you know, just talk, clouds and so on and in terms of domestic clout, it's a really really, I think it's the reason why I'm so bullish is because it's a really strong week for for cloud. Our? I, we have a, a lot of, like, for example, the game of thrones series finale, that's gonna be doesn't mean huge try to capitalize on that you guys. Yeah. A lot of people making good game of thrones tweets you make the right moves this week. It's going to be, it's gonna be. A strong week for cloud, and I feel like we're gonna see we're going to see some upward moving graph so season finale, guys remember, a lot of people are negative. Okay on the show. Potential cloud opportunity, be positive about the final episode this. That's what I would say to you all them. This is a sketch. Hundred percent. What's the show fucking fast money fast money with what's his face Jim Cramer? Yeah. Jim cramer? We gotta do like a fast cloud. He has one of his fucking big ass buttons ban. Big cloud, chasers. This week big cloud chasers. Let me tell you something, folks. Let me tell you something two months ago. Okay. I created an index here this, okay? Adam twenty two. One of the plug. Clough God young gravy. Chris Clements K, I call this the Melrose index now bullish on the Melrose index. Okay. I say fifty percent increase over six months, invest. Now get in while you can get a load of this. I am eight weeks into my prediction. We're at sixty two percent. Yeah. Let's make a little market where you, can you can take a theory 'em and invest in people. Messing. Build them up with crypto. Yeah, L. Yeah. All right. I gotta go. All right, guys candidates shows fucking com tiny tour dot com. Yeah. And come to the Moines. No s the Moineau s Des Moines's, the Moineau s and Fargo. Gang peace. Love you guys.

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