Matt Minich's Bengals Chalk Talk w/ guest Sean Salisbury giving his thoughts on Joe Burrow


So at big points a screaming night. WanNa mess with us a joke guy. The one you WanNa Cheswick the battles company you won't get a few seconds to Bengal fans. My name is Mick and this is the bengals chalk talk today. I have a very special guest. The bengals are about to draft a brand new quarterback so we are in need of an expert opinion and is just what we have got today. Today's guests has eleven years of experience in the professional quarterback mostly in the NFL but spent enough time in in the CFL to win a Grey Cup Championship in. Winnipeg blue bombers. It is Sean Salisbury missiles. How are you today? Matt? I'm doing well Matt. Thanks for having me on. Yeah appreciate you being here so You're the host of this Sean Salisbury show which is on Talk Seven nine hundred in Houston from six to ten. Am central time. I also find it on the iheartradio APP So if you're eurest and follow along now Long before Wilpon and Kornheiser there was Sean Salisbury. John Clayton the original two guys arguing about sports on TV I I've gotTa know as long as I've got you go on D. in Clayton always disagree or did you just kind of you know Make it interesting by arguing opposite views. Unlike the stuff you see nowadays it's scripted and planned out and hot take artists with John and I did. And we're still to this day on my sports. Talk seven hundred show and he comes on on Fridays and echo on his. Espn seven ten. Show in Seattle on Tuesdays. Every week we still play for down shows And it was the first one. How can decide if they loved it or not? I still get people asking me questions if you hate John Clayton. John is one of my dearest friends and preparing we love. We love competing against each other but whenever scripted that ever in An Giang USA. And all this and it's not hot take just to get people because you know. We weren't doing twitter. John I started that and it was before all the up the phone and those guys you know people that are doing a good job at it was at scripted. They'd ask us both about ten twelve questions. And they choose the four or five that they know the four downs and then if there was a bonus question or bonus down so John I have great respect. Very good friends. It wasn't there's no hatred there was like I said we're dear friends but when we turn just like a game. I got buddies that I played against my whole life but I had a chance to hear when I was in the pocket. They're gonNa hit me and then shake your hand after the game and that was the way John and I went about our business and we're proud of that work quite frankly I think we both believe it should still be on TV and bring it back. But that's going to be up to somebody decides to do but we loved it and I compliment that he was Very hard working you got some good zingers and deleted after it but that was never ever did or we never told what to say. Yeah that was. That was great. We look forward to Now you you have the Let it rip quarterback Academy We coaching a lot of young quarterbacks. You also coached Adam Sandler for the remake of the longest yard and you appeared in. Bench warmers within their What was it like coaching an actor? you know as posted to coach in some of these young quarterbacks. Well I've been well. After the hence the the name should be able to emulate or learn quickly how to impersonate something right and and I can remember an Osama still to this day a very different way. Talk and text often. You'll come on my show. There's new movies coming out Fortunate to be three of his movies and we had a plastic film and all of them in house bunny as well but the bench. Warmers was a blast that within out in that crowd was the first one and when I get quick story about it I was. You know doing ticket. Espn and I got a call at my office was left on the voicemail. It said this. So and so from Happy Madison productions. I talk to you call back. I thought one of my buddies joking I never. I didn't call. I just ignored it but a week later. Got a call again and said the callback and so I called back and it was buried Bernardi called and he happens to be like executive producer and one of the bosses for Happy Madison and they had their lot at Sony Pictures. So I call it says Sony Pictures I buried Bernardi please and they right there. I suppose this is strange and I got him on the show. Berry and just call how you doing Colonel Affect Him. I thought it was a joke but I guess this is real and I can do for you and he said well you know I haven't heard goes remaking the longest yard coming out and I said Yeah I loved original anything quote we Adam Sandler of his syndrome on television and I didn't Know Adam. I'd met out a ten seconds that a game and Dan out tonight. We're doing the chargers. Pregame shows that when I quit playing I was doing the Stephen Games shaping up precede number game but preseason games here the play by play. Color Announcer Sandler come in because fouls waterboy at a game in San Diego and she said Hi to Dan they talk. He introduced me and said I'm a big Fan. That was the of it. Well yeah that was that was used before August art. And so I- he goes. We'd like you to train remake. We'd like you to train Our quarterback Paul crew you know play Paul crew. Which was Burt Reynolds original icicle? Who's playing full crew? And he said Adam Sandler. I laughed whole tough guys. It's channel. We laughed and he said he's GonNa play it. I said boy. You're GonNa make me really coach. Aren't we laughed? I said if you want me to make Sandler taught me a lot of money and he laughs. Drop sweet joked about it and I said I'd be honored instead of out here in the next week. So Egypt out there walk into pictures lochner and their sailor and spay and Scheider the producer of the director and walk in and you guys walk around Sandler's and a pair of big baggy cargo shorts high top tennis shoes with a t shirt. And it's just like you would imagine him and such probably twelve to fifteen people in the room and I'm like man. It was intimidating. Watch all his movies. I'M A fan. I'm looking at these guys. I'm thinking this is not my element. Well and incisive. Just tell them what you want because what you expect went through it and and I really I just I can listen to. What do you expect for me? And then he said. What would you expect from me? I said well I expect you to make the throws because my reputations on the line training and we'll get this done right and they work and can't the deal with signed the contract. We get done that day which was nice and Salmon. I became friends training for about four months. And then he put me in the longest yard. The rest is history and he'd today great job. He you know we did everything from a break. The huddle how a quarterback looks at the line of scrimmage to throw and he trained hard the next day. We went over to his house and he goes. I wanted to know how to throw it forty yards. But we're GONNA have to do more than that. I show up at his house in his pajamas in his dog. Mops ball was hair. Aim to come on and off just fine and I waited. He got dressed went to the park. Grew for about forty five minutes to an hour and then we started training. We'd always play basketball before every training session over the phony lot or whatever we were trained. We had to play basketball I. He loves hoops. And so we trained trained to this off and the rest is history and he did a great job in a movie and you know when he told Dan Marino on. Hbo Back in the day when he told Marinas Shock Marina South Spray. Trained you and Dan and I are good buddies instead. Sean couldn't the ocean if he's standing on a beach and so we still joke about that at this day and so that's the only thing I'll ever have better than Marino that I got the train. Sam didn't so fan man's been a good friend ever since and he's exactly what you think. Classy loyal honorable great family man and a great friend and yet some of the best lasting my life. Not only on that set of Chris Rock but on the other night did and for mainframes ever since it was an honor to train them. I'll tell you what he's when when I laughed with the guys you know him being Paul crew with Barry Bernardi. He actually turned out to be a not only the play the role. Well but. Burt Reynolds obviously was Emma. Seth onto a different role that he threw the ball. He Spun It. He didn't from the from the drills. You saw him do while. They're in the dark while he was trying to pick his team and flicking the ball. We practiced that had links fingers. The Eye Black Wars Tau and all that stuff and copy them back and throwing and he did it all except take the hit so proud woman still an honor to this day and people still talk about it but more importantly as friendship and how hard he worked to make sure that role was. Believable is what mattered in I was in over my head because all those guys are in their element but it was a pleasure to be around him. We had a blast. It's really cool. I am I can train sandler. I kill quarterbacks I can train sandler to be good. I can imagine what I could do with Joe Earl or one of those guys right to be. It'd be He. He was fun to train and he is as good a guy when you think about him class wise which you think about him as a good person is he. He's he's of these great at what he does with the movies but he's ten times better human being so. I was on an apartment. We mentioned borough. So you know we had some fun questions there to start with but obviously brought here for your quarterback expertise So borough coming off arguably the best season in college football history What are your thoughts about borough and how he might transition to the NFL? Well I think it was. I don't think it was what may have been the best college football season I. I've ever seen one better. I just haven't and I am a huge you know. Lsu Football Fan. I want to ask you the my former head coach. John Robinson is a consult Fred awards round there some and I almost took a job as is in a an analyst with them The the summer before the boroughs first-year Lsu But because I quarterbacks and guys they were recruiting I couldn't take it so I went up there and visited with them so there's a special sanity from being. I can remember at origin saying that. This kid coming from Ohio State Graduate Transit. It's a transfer not a greg transferring. You'll have two years and I said who he goes. Oh Yeah I remember high school and the rest of it and what he's done he goes. He's coming in he goes. I think we got a pretty good player coming in employees right. They're not first hand. You know he he learned then they got the offense Joe Brady and and spent working together. I listen man the only knock on. Berl the you're GonNa hear or the you should I understand. Let's put it this way. The only knock is well. He did one year and and we'll look at all the weapons. Well I can say well too. I did a two player. Look at all his weapons or look good football players. But I've seen a lot of good quarterbacks football haven't been very good so if you wanna say I gotta see borough do it again. Well that's fine. And you're not gonNA see sixty touchdown passes but if you see that guy but what's not delight attitude meetings swagger and it's not fixed ladder. There's plenty guys who throw fake slack. Ernie that's not your girl. And let me backtrack the Cincinnati. Bengals would have to be drug tested on cracks if they did not draft him orange. Get that ticket better before a hole so big. Did we look at the team that gave the hall and say are you guys crazy for giving up that much for Joe? That's how that's how the the regard I hold Berlin hometown. Kid You have to taking but you don't just have taken hometown because he's best quarterback out there right now. And I catch my quarterbacks on I watch them and when I evaluate him. There can't be especially when you draft a quarterback in the first five picks you. You're not draft him just to be a starter. You're not going to be an elite franchise quarterback who is a hall of fame type player. That's what that's what project out you I do. I don't drive the stick of the drops. Just be a good player. I draft him because I think twelve years at twelve years later and then five years after that that he may be wearing a mustard colored jacket. That's how you gotta think when you're traveling and evaluate the toughest position in courts to evaluate a quarterback. Well the only F is well. What if that was just a one hit season and I summoned up to tell me it's not and here's why aside from the slager the real swagger did? I don't what I needed to see. I saw it was the last and I saw other stuff. I know how he could overcome getting his asset until early in a game. I did I needed to overcome. I need to see him. Come out the wobbly ball. That was behind the maybe throw ball. That should have been picked to struggle early. You Know Big Game Win and he played a lot of obviously with their schedule and the tough get they had me. I know but the cleaning and national title game or Games just different if I needed to see him go through. Wasn't this case they were kicking people's asinine fifty points a game. He was playing against teams even though they were great teams like they were playing seven on seven. That's how good he was. And then he enjoy breeding answering all just kind of fit perfect but I needed to see him. Struggle in a game meant something big and how he overcame for me and he didn't just overcome it the deep ball. He started off and he was like. Whoa what's up with Joe? And then he got into his rhythm and that's how my that's my number one mentally emotionally and physically. How tough for you. When when the crap hits the fan anybody can play. I can still play when when we're up. Forty eight to seven. But can you play when you started a little slow? People are starting to start to hear the whispers in the State Stadium. You start to wonder start to read. I mean how come that. Well he did and so. That's the only yes well. Was it just one but I saw enough accuracy incredibly thought that many balls and only like four point. Eight or less than five percent of your passes are uncatchable drought the season. It's it's crazy. Think about this now. I saw a stat. I don't know if you've seen it here. Sixty touchdowns and forty ball. We're not catchable throughout the season. I want you to think about that. We're off target. He threw more touchdowns it off turns passes so and don't get caught up in all this offspring. Oh homes arm who does who does trump down. We played we through on the same field. Steven giessen arm. Drew brees decent arm. Joe Montana Ethan. Arm but what? They all had accuracy on kind cuff where they wanted to throw. Girls got that kind of accuracy. Plenty of arm. Then he throws open instead of wait till they're open you know it can be coach's kid he's got all those things you want and the players love him because he's demanding. He's demanding demanding of himself. And just he's one of those guys when you walk in the building you think I got a chance to win and Cincinnati Bengals bus. Make this choice in an in my mind without question the right choice. And he's got great feet outside the pocket he's probably and this is my favorite thing about him. When it comes to the measurable we never know how I think it's hard stare. We've seen that toughness all that. I don't have any questions about any of that. But his pocket presence is about as good as you'll find in a quarterback in the last two decades. I'm just talking about the ability to reset shuffle. Keep your head up the field out a window win to throw it away to a phenomenal at pocket presence without stare at the rush coverage and feels the rush. I think Cincinnati Bengals. They've done some good things this off season by going and getting suppliers and spend some money finally and they've got good receiving core hopefully J. Green sticks around for a longer time because he wants to be around. Joe There could be some major steps forward. This your respect Andy Dalton but you have to draft the guy he special and there's a he's a different cat and I like that. Yeah absolutely I love what you said about the versity face against Clinton You know that that's a team that First of all their defensive coordinator is as good as any. Dvd coordinator in the NFL Orange defense is loaded with. Nfl talent Year in year out. So you know. He's he's seeing basically the same level of competition that game and with extra time to prepare for a championship game like that that he's seeing the NFL and really. This is an incredible year for championship games because what we saw at Birla necking but similar to what we saw a home in the super bowl were mahomes. Mahomes wasn't killing it at the beginning of the Super Bowl. Yeah they were taken away what he wanted to do. They're keeping them a pocket they were staying top of the deep ball and he just kept coming in to me like both of them just showed you know showed that toughness and then ability to overcome adversity On the on the biggest stages They've ever been on. Yeah I trained quarterback I said all over and I can tell you one thing. There's something I can't teach height. I cannot teach how fast they are now. Better strength and conditioning coach then he can help get faster into that. But I'm a quarterback. Coaching all the drills. I do in the in the film. We study related to that position and how to be better at it aside from kind of a better young man. We make veteran my job to make them better football player. That's why they come to me so I can tell you this. I can't I can't teach guts. You got that you don't. You can't force something. I've got some shirts. L. Can't teach Tom Brady coming in a six round. And he's got that good under pressure this whole career twenty years so far so I have that. There's that call it whatever you wanted. Describe that as the thing that we can't really it's not tangible the we don't quite know we think they got it and then they show up and they got it and you know. I asked L. witness question. We were both plan. We just golf tournament beer together and they sit down. What is it. People didn't watch elway. I mean I was fortunate to play. I was one of them. But I played during that era of the Golden Era quarterbacks. Now we're getting a new one now but elway Marino Kelly O'Brien Montana Farm Young Warren Moon. The list goes on and on. It was the best. It the golden quarterbacks John elway less I mentioned damn so John were sitting there and I said Jim Kelly the group I said John. What is it about you when you know? It's GonNa be Great Layton Games because there was. John would go three for three quarters. That would look kind of slug. She'd be often and all of a sudden a forecourt. Bom Eight minutes to go six minutes to go. Thanks change he said Sean I would like for some scientific explanation began. We worked on talk radio because I did it once and I did it a second time and everybody started to believe that it was just going to be a regular occurrence and it was but it was. Danny just any and so you say well or did that come from well obviously hasn't his DNA and burroughs got that and you mentioned the homes homes without plate by Garoppolo for three quarters for the most part he was and then the forty niners made the big mistake of throwing too often in the fourth quarter and too many getting off the field and giving the homes more chances great players will eventually get you a great hitter. Keep you know that he fouls two of them off and then you throw him one right down right down the pipe and right down Broadway. He's GonNa hit it basketball player. He keeps shooting eventually steph curry from beyond the arch GonNa hit three pointers and bury. Keep letting them shoe and not defendant thing with these guys then it eventually. They're gonNa get you and I always listen if you show me a quarterback who never went through adversity their undefeated they kick everybody like we said and then they. They faced adversity in moments of games. But this is the biggest one and he's also facing the quarterback that everybody thinks the best thing in the last forty years and trump right. No here give your your faith in that. Will you know Lawrence the better player Willie outplayed? Laurence the Laurence special that all the things talking about but so you got all bs and you like okay. And then he almost took a deep breath and sound back in and quarterbacks who that been just like a human being you gotTa go through rock bottom to understand what that looks like to come out on the other side. I'm better life than I was at quarterback because I know rock bottom looks like in both but I was able to overcome life rock bottom at times better than footbinding would cause me more trouble to trainees. I didn't overcome a bad play fast enough. I what I saw my mark at me said Dad. You should have overcome that benefit. But I I'd let it fester early microbes fine college and they started. It's cooked meat. I I'd let it fester for three place which may turn three more bad. Plays guys like girl guide halt mahomes they give a rat's ass then meaning they care about the game but also what it's it's an incompletion big frigging deal. Oh pickle and who doesn't in the process of doing that they end up become better players and I I just I love Jell Joe. Type GUYS COACH. Type Guy. You WanNa lock type of guy that can go through two hundred receptions and it's going to happen watch each three picks in a game and it's GonNa look ugly and he's going to find a way to win in a game that maybe the people have gender team picked because we're still wonder if the bengals are gonNA rise up and he's going to have a game where he's struggling and then all of a sudden it's GonNa Click in and he's GonNa find a way to win when he wasn't playing it as best and you're GonNa get all the answers need in that visual even more so than you would when they win thirty one. Two three eight throws for four hundred bucks. That's the Rio casting you will see that and you're gonNA see a guy who's a different level toughness mentally emotionally and mentally emotionally physically than you've probably seen Andy's player but this is different. This is different player. Thing you mentioned Steve Young in the in the golden era of coq of Of quarterbacks and I remember growing up watching TV and he was my favourite non Bengal the wash but his best games were like three interception games. everybody running around like crazy and throw four touchdowns and they'd win the game So yeah definitely got it. Has THAT QUALITY Now there's a lot of talk nowadays With the way it is about a striking you know in the window that you have with a quarterback on a rookie contract In the you know the importance of the Super Bowl within that window Do you think the bengals need to be ready to to strike within the next couple of years here. Yeah and you know you can't turn it around. Quit not just the bengals anything. We've seen teams like Jake. The Loans Carolina Panthers Dole from what two and fourteen and internal later on playing in a super bowl. We saw the forty niners. Everybody said the forty nine probably a year away from two years away last year for being competitive really competitive in the NFC west. Well you saw what happened to the front seven physical. They get committed coach to the run game and a great front office guy. John Lynch not a free spending money and taking chances. They draft well. They get their Swiss army knife knife and both Samuel. And then they get a quarterback in a trade that they stole for a second rounder and you put it all together and they protect the football and knock you in the mouth and beat your ass defensively. And they're in the super bowl before we thought they'd be so you can see how quickly and it starts right there. Better be physical. And you're GONNA have a quarterback and if you're if only one of the other get close let me let me give you an example. The Houston Texans Coaches. Made some suspect decisions as a general manager. Got Sean Lots so every game. He got a chance to win you. Donald Trump. Now you lost Hopkins. But they're good enough to go. Tim At six with their previous team. But they're just not quite physical or good enough to close out. Kansas City when you're up twenty four enough and you've got to lead heading into halftime. So that's it and to me and Bengals fan sustain this movie. Get to the playoffs to not win a playoff game. Listen I I'm just gonNa tell you how I feel if tenants can get into. The playoffs is good enough. Then you're telling me and I'm not saying I know what the Bengal fans that believe their fan base. I know what they crave. I believe we also hard to me get to the playoffs and loose now with fourteen teams going to the playoffs. Even we had it at twelve. We need just. Everybody gets a ribbon that it's the feelgood. Hey Man we got to the playoffs. We got a little extra paycheck and so finished in twelfth place because we are in the wild card game and got beat. That didn't crap from me. It's great you want to win the division. Would you WANNA finish third? But you know. What isn't the goal? It's not just to get there and Bengals fans have had to suffer through this for a long time. Get there or not when they get there to beat and they've had some towns that team so quarterback Dome Centers. Tammy but there's guys make a difference. Look the homes in two years is done in Kansas City? Look what the tumors are starting got a MVP and a super bowl rings. Look what those guys do. Those types of players Russell Wilson Seattle due for a franchise. So it's better be physical at the at the point and then I know that sounds so cliche and element. But you have to and while finesse done win championships. That'll be the aberration. Talk all about the Patriots and the days gravies and the gun they knock the hell out of Ya. The San Francisco partners or you are looking at the Super Bowl. Kansas City had to play physical and then the quarterback bails out. And so it's the same here. Be Physical have quarterback so Jones got to play a little bit before we know but of course you wanNA capitalize on it. If asked me a now are they close to be in a super bowl team. Hell no can change quickly with an attitude at Cochin in bringing Berlin and spending money. There's already a few good feeling in cincinnati right now because decreasing. We're going to get the quarterback and we spent money this off season. So maybe just. Maybe there's a commitment to this in. Cleveland is going to be better than they were last year. We know Senate Pittsburgh's going to be better 'cause Ben's back and we already know about Baltimore because they got the reigning NBC and they're Pretty Damn physical and good to all right look at the commonplace. What Cleveland quarterback play? Well last year did end up. Well Pittsburgh steelers bedrock route the sport. That doesn't apply. Guess what happens that that. That team doesn't play very well. It's the same thing here quarterback plays well it all starts there and then if you're physical buildings so yeah you want to jump on it. I'm not why would I as a coach? You think in six years. Six years from now The veteran doesn't want to hear that. Let's go win. Go in now. And you'll see a change in attitude and it just a change in how they feel about this offseason in the quarterback when they jacked you'll Berle it'll feel different and I believe it's GonNa look different but it's a competitive division filled with the the other three teams in division. Pretty Damn good. Yeah and you know. Obviously the the contract helps B because you're not spending all that money in one area so you can. You can do a lot more. That's right we've seen in the past In in in this century the majority of the Super Bowl you know have involved at least Somebody named Brady or somebody they manning manning so You know so. We've seen veteran quarterbacks like peyton manning like Tom Brady Lake breeze win super bowls And you know beyond their second contracts And be able to win to win the Super Bowl with the team. That's able be built around them in the You know I think people have said that well once mahomed because pay their done You know do you think guys like Mahomes guys like Russell Wilson Do you think they're talent transcendent enough in today's NFL To to be able to lead a tough but maybe not maybe not the most talented team because they they don't have enough money to pay those guys To lead that team to the Super Bowl even when they're eating up a large chunk of the salary cap themselves. Yeah well what was it the the talk about Kansas City going in this year everybody said? Mahomes can cost but we were concerned that their defense was good enough right I mean we. We wondered before during the season was a defense really good enough to to to stand up. Even though mahomes could and they did find great. He's been on plenty of teams that weren't loaded with pro. Bowlers Hall of Fame Super Bowl type talent and the elevated because bill checks brilliant guiding. You find guys. Don't own people over. Thank the you know. Well man we gotta have all first rounders. Don't matter of fact. The draft will be made by the quarterback. And by which you probably after the second round Kenneth Forthright or make team and end up in the pro bowl I hear. Here's what I hope. The Cincinnati bengals aren't thinking about chill borough second contract right now because if they're thinking about that if that if money's on their mind because I can manipulate as GM today somebody hired. I can find a way to go to players and change their contracts. Give them more. If you want to manipulate salary-cap legally but do players that you have a group guys that are committed to winning. I can move the salary cap around where I can put it this way. The Houston Texas could've afforded the key to pay channel often one hundred seventy five million when it comes up because that's what he's GonNa make thirty eight million bucks a year somewhere in that range. They could have kept the Andre Hopkins and paid him and it could've kept DJ reader. They could've moved it around and say hey. Jj hit you can move things around chesapeake as well enough to win is an I hope and you ask a great question. I hope the Cincinnati bengals aren't thinking let's because when Joseph contract comes up we're not gonNA paint so he's going to leave anyway if that's their thinking in the front office. They've got no shot they. They've got those shot and I know that people pass will they? You know they've they've gone on the cheap and their scouting department and they're they're behind and all that stuff. I don't want him to think that way because the fans expect more just like the Cincinnati reds fans. They want the big red machine back. Okay just bengals. Fan Want boomer at science and and the family I mean. They want that type of play where they got a chance to compete. Every year I don't WanNa hear you can build salary. Cap Team can pay your quarterback plenty of money and make him the highest paid guy and still go win championships. But you've got to be smart. You GotTa addict staff you trust you gotta have a GM with balls and moxie. You've got to have an owner. The science checks trust the football and gets his ass out of the way. And that's and that's what the good ones do in Pittsburgh in in Seattle in New England in Kansas City. You'll never hear about any of that stuff. They do what they need to do to win. So if bengals and fans aren't I don't you and I are and I'm shot players aren't but at the Cincinnati bengals biggest concern right now is a front office. Is We got to win now? Because boy joe plays like he's capable of we're going to have to pay him one hundred fifty million dollars or one hundred six hundred seventy five million dollars four years from now when he wants his new contract. Then if that's thinking then in there in the wall business and then they ought to get into some other kind of business and get out because lit. If money's the first thing on your mind you ain't gonNA. You're probably going to spend time finishing in last place and the bengals be better than that absolutely and and You know were the great tanning via Bengals Fan obviously very save for. What's what's coming up here in about a week. and You know we're we're all looking forward to the to the win into very long term situation for Berlin Cincinnati so Thank you very much for joining me. Today Mr Salisbury. Where can people go to follow your work? Well they go to sports. Seven at comedy. I heart radio unless six ten or you go to sports seven hundred DOT COM and. That's the blogger the podcast runs. You can follow me at Sean. As an unfiltered Sean until on twitter and it sure great to be honest with you. I know we had a good conversation but anytime you need not be happy to go on and good luck you put it. If you don't want to be taken. I often so they got the guy. Finally I in the next couple of years but Great Sports Town and it's great to beyond what you meant Yeah appreciate you too so we are closing in on the NFL draft. Get lots of great stuff coming up here in the PODCAST. Great shows coming up More great guests lined up Awesome covers throughout this Django platform All the indepth Breakdowns of the selections after the pick We'll be we'll be available there so make sure you're checking that stuff out. I am my guest. Today was Sean South. Very thank you for your work.

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