Stat Geek Q&A: Yay or Nay? Where do you stand with the new CBA?


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The bottom of the screen with the exquisite Kevin Green hair green hair care of Kevin. We have a curtain writer. Flip Fisher flip how are you well? I guess you know Saint Paddy's Day's coming up I'm half Irish Dia Green. Maybe yeah maybe you could make the hair green p people were saying in the live chat lascaux like I keep holding up a picture of gangrene next to him the same guy. It's the same guy so I would take his bank account over mind. That's exactly the same like if I'm like if if you really are Kevin Greene then you should be donating a whole lot more to the show so you say that. So here we go. We talked about salary cap stuff last ad man. It's it's really not good. It's not good for the steelers and it could be a little bit less less. Not Good if we want to say it that way if the steelers can operate under a new collective bargaining agreement where there are not handcuffed by the thirty percent rule. Now there's going to be plenty of other things that go along with this agreement. There's there's a chance to adjust the salary cap because of some of the minimum salaries basically going up going up twenty percent per year. So that's I don't see how they could keep the same salary cap and say oh wait by the by the way you're GonNa be paying after team twenty percent more. They're going to have to do some adjusting of the numbers. We don't know what they are. So the biggest question now is what's going to happen with the sea. So here's what I'm going to do with you guys. What did you say a little bit fun? I'm going to assign you to be a person and you're going to tell me whether or not you would vote for this collective bargaining agreement. So I'm going to start was flipped. And here's The I do flip Fisher if you were if you got a vote and you are flip Fisher writer for behind the steel curtain but you got to vote on the CBA. How would you vote and why I give it away because I would absolutely be one of the French? Nfl players making the minimum salary. Forty nine year old Nfl players for reason and so from from flips perspective. You WanNa you WANNA see A. Yeah Yeah I mean you look at it. This coming year The minimum salaries jump up from five hundred thousand for first year players to six hundred thousand for for all other players that are making minimum salaries. I believe they go up because of ninety percent Sam Acho had a great great post on inflator. Oh he did. I was going to mention that so he was an Ottawa. Saying sixty percents evil. Nfl players make the minimum. So when you're when you're looking at that went sixty percent of players will actually double their salary in the over the course of the next ten years. How can you beat that? What I liked about his video because he had to we had one and then another one that he posted in the comments that he laid out. Okay who is this good for? Who is this bad for? We're GONNA get to that we are. That's what we're GONNA talk about for next question is I'm GonNa say big BRASCO. Rich snowfield season ticket holder with a friend. Just steeler fan. They give you a vote on. What are you voting? Pass it? You're voting pass it because I want to make sure we have football because my first thought is if the. Cba doesn't pass this year. There will be a lockout next year. Yes now. It's funny. I keep saying lockout I don't know is it. I don't know if it'll be the owners locked out the players. I don't know if it'll be the striking right. There will be a stoppage in play. Stop at your play field. Deputy editor of behind silk earn DOT COM and steelers podcast. I am saying I would vote. Not only what I vote. Yes I would find a way to try to to to clear my cache and vote. Yes a thousand times. I do an Internet surveys. Although I know there's no way to do that I'm voting. Yes for this and I want to see it passed because this I don't see them getting this close in the next. I'M GONNA say fifteen months I'm saying at this point next year plus another three months beyond that. I don't see them getting anywhere. Close to where they are right now because one of the things that the owners really want is they want the deal now and they're willing to give up more to have it now. The players still feel like they're not giving they're not getting enough so if you feel like you're still not getting enough the owners are gonNA come back and not even want to give as much as they did now because they're not getting one of the things they really want it so. I did go on record as saying right now. There's only three major things that we know of the owners want. They want it now. They want the extra playoff team per conference. And they want the extra game in the stuff that I have been able to read the CBA. And I'm telling you I'm not even a quarter of the way through. Its but I've actually skipped ahead to a couple of things just to look at. There's more in there. There's something there's some. There's more stuff that the owners are getting that we knew would come out eventually. There's it's interesting because it was the player. Another one I saw on twitter. I know Markey's pouncey shared it. Because it was a player who said they had their law for go through and read the whole document and give their opinion on it. Well first of all. I didn't think it looked like a legit law firm. Because the way they used all caps and the way they said stuff they call it a take. Early deal is not a taker. Leave it deal. It's a take it or leave it for this year. Because they can't they can't keep going now and and then change the rules for the year. Once a year get started. This is the last chance they have this year. It's still it's take it or leave it for now but you're gonNA come back to the table again next year so but there was some stuff in there that they brought up one of the things. Is that the whole idea of coating out during training camp. They've made some rules against holding out for training camp. Now I can see it both ways. The players like we should be able to hold out for contracts and my thing is will. Maybe you shouldn't sign such a bad contract in the first place. That's one I mean if you're GONNA sign a contract and then you don't want to honor that contract that's frustrating to an owner. They're like hey we dealt with the same thing last year with the Antonio Brown he. His Ego couldn't handle not being the highest paid wide. He was two years into a five year deal with new deal because he wanted to be the highest paid because he wasn't anymore and I'm like well. Why don't you live up to your? Why sign a five year deal? Why why why not? Yeah so I I see that but at the same time I'm like how many players flip you might even know the answer this rich. I don't know if you how many players hold out each year. A training camp is so minimal. You know those three. I probably less than five. You know what would you have last year? You had what Z. Gordon and Trent Williams were there others today probably flying underneath the was the year before was Aaron Donald Right And you make a very valid point. You know some of the concessions that the owners did give our or you know standing standing firm on like this is only affecting very few yes. I think the owners have been very smart. I think that they they have in order to what they want. They have appealed to the majority of the League. And that's not your superstars. So let's let's let's dive down this path a little bit flip. I'm GonNa side you a new role. You are the third highest pair on the third highest paid player on the Pittsburgh steelers. You are still under contract for a couple of years David Decastro. If you're David Decastro how do you vote on this deal absolutely? Not No way is what I basically get is a six point. Five percent increase for that that seventeenth game on my salary or six point two five. I think that's it. It's so mental and is is it worth the wear and tear on my body to actually do that now. Now I'm GonNa ask you this from a number standpoint because this was something in that previous. I wish I could remember who tweeted that out. The had the thing from the lawyer one of their contentions was players are playing an extra game and they're not being fully compensated for it now. They took away the provisions that cap that off but their argument of being fully compensated is. Oh they're playing. They're playing one extra game. They're playing an they're adding one sixteenth to the to the to what they play but they're only getting paid one seventeenth more because players get paid over the bye week. Do you see that as much of an argument as enough is enough of an argument there. Because they're saying because they divide up their paychecks by seventeen that they're going to give them the extra paycheck for that week. But that's a seventeenth rather than sixteenth of what it would be to actually play the game. That's that's right you know just mentioned about the The six point two five percent increase. You know Really minimal isn't it going it really is? I mean you're making thirty million. You know d care about six percent increase. Well being on a seventeen game now you know so so you say no because you're not getting enough in return exactly yeah rich. I'm going to find you someone you're ready. You're Danny Eh. You're playing playing just above the league minimum. You're in your third year. You're an undrafted free agent. You are trying to figure out you know you're trying to make sure you're making the roster. How are you voting on this deal? That's actually a tough one. I knew you want to go that route. What is what is what's he making Ola. Is this year his wall Tel you? His cap number number is six hundred. Sixty five thousand dollars. He is making his base. Salary is six hundred sixty thousand with a five thousand which which five thousand that was from a signing bonus so his actual pay would be six hundred sixty thousand dollars. I would say as only barely above the minimum so I'm still voting. Yes because I'M STILL ON MY ROOKIE DEAL. I've got years left and I'm eventually going to that minimum number. That's going to bump every year over. The ten is going to come up and pass me so I will gain something. It's not a substantial at someone currently on the League minimum. But I'm still getting enough that I'm probably going to vote. Yes now flip. See if you could because it would be a rookie deal. He would get a bump. It might not be a full twenty percent but he would see an increase in he because he's actually a second year player or player. I believe he gets bumped a ninety thousand this year and then then it'd be forty five thousand every year after that until he cites a a new deal. I mean you know we're we're talking you know is we're talking to a nice size. You Know Nice Chunk of change. You know we're not. We're not talking six percent here so so you think that's a player who would vote. Yes as well. I wouldn't think so You know we're we're talking a guy who's who's a fringe player in the NFL. I know some people might WanNa say he's going to start if we get rid of valid principle but You know But that's a hundred thousand dollars for you. Know maybe writing the pine three year Money to these guys. Absolutely absolutely all right. I'M NOT GONNA take to ask it to flip. Okay you ready. You are a first round draft pick of the steelers entering your fourth season looking to become possibly the first one hundred million dollar contract as defensive player in a in a couple years. U. R. T. J. WATT. How are you voting on this deal? Absolutely not no way so because you know he would benefit from it a little bit. Now it's not gonNA pay off for him when he's going to be one of the highest paid guys in the League. Well there's a couple of aspects here with that Right now they're what they're doing is with the with the fifth year which The steelers are going to Accept his fifth year or designate M V. I resent it So that's not only that's not only guaranteed for injury now but it's also guaranteed for performance so once a actually wants to steelers actually assign him the fifth year fifth year tag you automatically gets that no matter what you know before players could actually have that fifth year rescinded if based on performance so maybe but at three in our. I started teaching. What no I wouldn't let six percent rates in No and that's just the added. The added a risk of injury. And that's what people just have to remember. Is that some of these guys especially guys now. Not Every first round draft pick is going to pan out. You know we've seen that you know goodbye already burns okay. Most of these guys that are taking towards the top of the draft. They're just trying to get to their next contract to make their money so they're not necessarily thinking about their these four years to start because they're thinking about the next one you get even in the second third and definitely beyond guys. They just need to make what they can right now because next year is not guaranteed and next week not guaranteed during the season that they know that if the team was to make a move oh man all of a sudden. I'm I'm out on the fifty three anymore. So how West thank you. I'm pretty sure yes it was eric. Read the tweeted that out. I knew someone would hook me up. Thank you very much. That was in the live chat. The West said that with that with the whole thing with the lawyers What percentage of the team you think this benefits that they would vote. Yes I mean. Do you think it's like the NFL when it's right around sixty percent or do you think a lot of guys that are technically NFL PA members. That aren't even with the team right now. That are going to be voted. Yes to try to you know to see expanded roster and to then to make a little bit more if they can get picked up for a little bit. I'll tell you based on what I was. I really. I really think Ramon Foster Votes. Yes on this. You could by what he put on twitter that he's he's been in Spanish she heat. They're going to be certain guys and it's going to be those guys that are in that forty of that forty percent is gonna be the guys at the bottom part of that forty percent that no and have a little better understanding about what some of that sixty percent is going through and dealing with. And you're going to see some of those guys late in their career. Like Ramon foster state. Let's look out for some of these other guys on the team. Yeah and you'RE GONNA get a few more votes that way. I'd say on just about every team not a lot but if you're already looking at close to sixty percent of the league you're saying well that sixty percent. Some of those guys are going to trickle out and potentially vote. Yes or no. But you're going to have some of those guys enough trickle back that I still I see this. Probably be in around a sixty forty split. I want to bring this up because I was gonna say it after we were done but west. Beat me to it in the live chat. If he said came hayward isn't bottom sixty and he seems to be voting. Yes now he hasn't said he's very yes but if you just look at how he's been on Social Media. I I don't know that he's definitely voting. Yes I will tell you this. He has problems with guys that are just voting yes and not really given any substantive reason why or you know obviously feels like. Ramon foster is flat up flat out called out marquees. Pouncey for saying you want to scream and chat about this. Why were you never ever in player meetings? Why did you never come to the REP meetings? Why don't you come and learn about any of this? You can tell that. That's exactly Cam Ramon are completely calling out for this saying you. WanNa scream and shout and said you have all the answers but you'd never once came to the meeting to actually get voice your opinion or say anything. That's the stuff that they're the that he's upset. I don't know that I. By all indications I can't as voting. Yes because he knows what's better for the majority of the League while you're listening to this. Podcast T. mobile was busy building the largest five G. Network in America into it all during this one podcast spent years improving their network to be ready for the future wireless five g well futures nationwide. T. Mobile's five G. Network is in over five thousand cities covering more than two hundred million Americans. It's five g service you can actually use even in places where other signals diskette lock like living room or a bank vault okay. We'll find out the last one. Now's the time you get ahead of the five G. Game Not picked the first largest and only nationwide five network go to t DASH MOBILE DOT COM. That's C. Dash mobile dot com capable device required coverage not available in some areas downlink. Only some uses require certain plan or feature to CT DASH MOBILE DOT COM. But he's more upset about people that are making uninformed decisions but also you know think about Cam situation right now if if we're playing under the old CBA and steelers can't afford to give him a new contract then he's playing on a one year deal. Yeah what what. If he gets hurt. I was GONNA ask. I was GONNA come up with another player and say that. What about Big Al? All ask either one of you. What if you're big AL? You're playing the last the last year of your deal. You're making. What does he make about six million dollars? Five million dollars in base salary because he's a million dollar cap hit. I keep switching over bringing up the numbers here on my computer but this is last year. What do you think he does? That's a tough call. Because he's had a tough call you know like a like your your brother brought up. You know he's he's one of those middle middle of the road gates. He's he's the bottom end of the forty percent. Thought making a huge amount of money easy in it for maybe the benefits afterwards after his. Nfl playing career You know it's a good question I I'll throw the author that your brother and let 'em say ready the Group. I don't know someone big out. I I kinda you flip not short. He's one of those like he's that undecided voter that you're that politicians are out there trying to grab like you know we were talking about those some of these some of these guys that earn that upper forty and things that they may do here there. I just was thinking of the little hypothetical here. Okay I'll talk about a guy no longer playing in the league but I want you to think about this guy for a minute if he was in the League and making a vote on this. Okay Rob Gronkowski. Okay I see that a guy like rob Gronkowski probably would vote. Yes on this. Cba and you would say because because Rob Gronkowski has been charged his money so well Rob Gronkowski can say to himself. I've gotten mind and I'm not worried about the money that I have coming in but here I've been in the locker room. I mean think about. He's been with the Patriots the Patriots. Probably they probably are one of those few teams that have through the years of the haven't been sixty percent on his on this minimum salaries. There's years I feel. They're even higher the NAT okay. He would say I. I'm good young guys might say I'm good. I got plenty. This is by chance to help some of those other guys see. And that's because I'm not going to bring it up because it was. It was a long comment. But but wes was saying he thinks that. Albert's no because of the whole thing as a vet thinking about taking care of people after they're done playing to me. I think if you look at our vet I vote. Yes because he's going to look out for what's best for the majority of everyone and that's what was so great. If flip wants to comment anymore about I never say his name. I butcher names about Sam is our coach Sam. Acho he was up for for the NFL PA president but instead it is the center for the browns. Jc is is a trotter truck. Truck serve the tea. I know that I'll ask her that. Who got elected? Which wasn't the guy that got supported by all the guys that were voting. No that was Michael Thomas. The safety from the giants he was not the one that was elected. And the guy that they've devoted. Yes Michael Thomas was. What are the no guys and the guy that they elected is a guy that was more of a? Let's talk about the pros and cons for everybody you know. So but but the but the arch of video. I think he did a really good job of saying for. If you're a guy playing the very top this is not. You'RE GONNA want to vote for this if you're one of the guys. It's playing on a on a rookie deal where the or the League minimum. You're going to want to vote. Yes so it's not just about money. I think they're giving a lot of concessions. I mean look at these things that they were so upset about. Because you got a bit nine years ago. They didn't do a very good deal. I mean some people players the players could have got more out of that deal. Yeah they did not. They did not do a very good deal like one of the articles that they did on over the Cap Dot Com as they talked about. How when the salary cap grows the league minimum should grow with it and they didn't grow it over the last nine years like with the salary cap after after ten more years. They're going to be getting close to what they should have been. So that's why it needs to be better like you can't just go back and say we need to rewrite the last nine years in the next ten. You can't do that. You didn't want that then. You shouldn't have done that deal exactly. So that's it. We're not brown five minutes ago. You know yeah exactly. If so you can't go back and get and fix everything that you messed up with the last deal and then get start with everything getting corrected and then expect to grow from there. So that's one of the things they did get a lot of the decisions being taken away from Roger Goodell which is a different drug testing all that other stuff but so now the players can actually smoke pot for right around fifty weeks out of the year. And you know what's what's the What's the penalty if you if you end up testing us? That's reducing the penalties. They're reducing the fines. They're reducing a lot of the stuff that that the players really wanted now. Now now they took a bad deal last time and this I think is is so much better than the last one but like I said it. It's let's let's look at the flannel. Not Cop heavy. So hearing all the voices of the guys that are constantly in the media because they're the top guys in the league. They're feeling they're not getting much from this. They're very much against it. There's a lot of people that don't like that. It's not a fifty fifty split that it was a forty seven percent for the players. Fifty three for the owners of the all the other league revenues. And it's going from forty seven to forty eight. Then there's a media kicker a forty eight and a half it's not guaranteed but trust me with the deal. They're going to be getting for the TV. They're gonNA German people like why don't they go to fifty one fifty? I'm like you know what they're doing. They're going half way. They're going halfway this time so that way when they go the rest of the way. Next time it's fifty. In ten years from Earth it would be eleven years from now. That's what I personally think but the owners still have something to work with to offer if they want to go to that eighteenth game eleven years and that's and that's the thing right now I mean there's there's owners that are that are mad that the in its current version is is going through Or being offered because they wanted anything game. Yeah they did. Jerry has got to be one of those guys and there are few saying that and also saying hey we failed because we want to get this eighteenth game if I was one of those guys that wanted that to happen as an owner. I don't think I'd say I think that was set leaked try honestly you can go in all kinds of crazy theories here but could somebody kind of leaked out saying some owners kind of thing that might help get a few more yes votes those owners that leaked it. Was somebody else that I know you. So it's the whole thing you know if you don't want the if you don't want this Ebay will will offer the eighteenth game and you can. You can take that or leaving. Yeah I honestly think that if it doesn't happen now that it's were miss. We're going to be missing football next year. Because I think they're going to be so far. Apart and sow diametrically opposed. I think the owners will be upset at the players. Didn't take this deal. Because they thought it was fair. I think the players are going to think like owners are still trying to take advantage of them and there's going to be further apart than there ever going to be and what's funny is is pounds making its team like the the the non high paid players are afraid of a work stoppage. Well you know what they should be. They should be because how much I mean. I mean think about how much everyone's still says. Well maybe not everyone. A lot of people say that the dumbest thing that Levy on bell did was sit out a whole year. It'll just miss a year. You're not getting any younger for that year. With the entire league at guys that only have maybe two or three seasons in the League period because that's the average of it anyway. They're going to miss their chance. You know that they'd rather make some and and I know that's that's the guys that some of the upper end guys are trying to appeal to but it's not just that not only you're going to get a chance to you know it's a difference of all. Do I want to turn down a twenty percent raise in order to earn zero dollars next year? We that's hard. That's really hard but for those guys that have already made their millions so they sit out of here. This still got plenty in the bank. It's it's honestly is is. There was this negotiating ploy of the owners to divide the players between the has. It has nuts. I absolutely absolutely. And that's why I think that's why they structured this way you see how much how how many how many steelers are actually making over ten million a year and how many are actually banking under under one million last. You know. It's definitely divide and conquer. Having thousand dollars goes on palm ways right you know You know security after your three point three years career in the NFL is over with yeah. It's I flipped over to the number. Just say oh. I really wonder who who is not making them. If you're looking base salary technically no one on the steelers makes over ten millions of base salary but that's because they all have their roster bonuses. You really look at the cap number. Because that's basically what what takes account you're you're signing bonus and averages it out over the whole thing and I mean there you think about what the steelers. It's only two four. It's only seven players. It's only seven players this coming year. That have a cap number of ten million or more but if you want to look at players that are under under a million I mean basically. You're talking holy cow. I mean you're talking almost half of your fifty one you know. It's it's crazy just just the way they've done it so at the new. Cba benefit completely. Exactly exactly so I need to open this up to the live chat for for a little bit because I just typed in the word questions if you see it up there now the live chat anything you'd type now. I would pay attention to do you have anything you want to ask us here. I don't care if he just had a follow to set it up. You guys have been really lighting it up in the live chat which has been great so there this is a dynamic thing and I really think that this could could create quite a separation amongst the players. Do you see something crazy where people break off from the from the union and they form two different unions of lower low can. Can they legally do that? I mean of of I mean maybe I mean you already got Russell. Kun was going. They thought was going to be the president suing the NFL. Pa leadership about saying that they weren't negotiating in good faith and that they didn't follow the rules to send this to a league wide. Vote but you know what I have to say if this past the league wide vote and their complaint is. It shouldn't be valid because it wasn't half of the representatives. Then you know what I say. Shame on your representatives for not representing your league because if the majority of the players want it then the represent and the representatives should be doing with the majority of the players want. But that's just me so if either one of you have anything you want to say about that. Though you settle I I I agree. I agree with rich. Yeah Mike o'malley says Dave. We could talk to where blue face. The CBA is the biggest part of how the steelers look next year. Thought yeah absolutely absolutely no question it could even I mean I'm I'm saying at the very least. It saves one player from being cut at the least luke possibly more possibly for. Let's say I would say Vance McDonald right now? Is Probably the biggest guy? Sitting on that bubble I agree and I still think there's one other possibility with lance that I saw Lance Vance. Sorry the biggest with Vance that some people might not be thinking is the steelers might want to be working a new contract with him where he actually takes a pay cut to stay in. Pittsburgh to see if he wants to do that. Don't know if you will. But that's that's one of those things. So St that the worst thing with McDonald was basically invisible last year. But it's because you know rough and duck. Neither one of them really cared to throw the ball when he's just wide open. You know it wasn't him doing anything wrong in the year before he had his career year. I think he had fifty eight fifty six catches. And what's sad is. I thought he was going to put a big numbers with Rudolf. Comes in and that's in that Seattle game and hits them for two touchdowns in the second half so I'm like Oh this is going to be his safety net and then all of a sudden it's like he wasn't even on the field it's like they didn't even look where he was. So steelers Pittsburgh. What's to say wants to know? I heard the new deal helps retired players with medical insurance. I'm nick through that one. Yes I've heard both ways. Snl from what. I've seen. Well it's if they receive certain medical stuff. What was that read under under social security doesn't want to the League doesn't want to pay for stuff that the government's GonNa pay for it. You want a if the government's going to cover it but I also know that that could create some problems with with how things work I think there I think once again for the vast majority of former players it's going to be better for a few of them dealing with specific issues. It's GONNA BE WORSE. So that's just there's so much of the way that it works well for some but not well for others and there's a lot of complicated stuff with and I have not looked at that. That's one of those things where I'm dragging my feet on on looking at all the Bennies well trust me. I don't think the current players are doing this for you. Know they're going to change their vote based on the medical insurance for past players. I mean they might think of themselves for when they're done but but that's that's you know that's just not what you do when you're twenty four years old and try and try to make it in the. Nfl read wants to know when is the deadline for Vance's option? Is that the league year. Beginning of the La- gear. I I it's either then or or like three or five days after. Yeah so yeah I would have to. I'd have to look into that and you know what I might be able to to that here if we get onto something else well. They went live chat. So some people talking about by debris here. I'm used to bring this up because West kind of answered this. He said this is according to Otto. We says retires players have lasting disabilities as a result of their career for the people that it might not benefit. Who who it's not gonNA BE AB- necessarily obviously with you. It might be better than what the CBI has now but it just might not be good enough of what they would like if you know what I mean. That's what I'm not sure comparing it to the current. Cba The Vance McDonald options on March seventeenth. I just looked it up real quick. So that's names day before that's the day before so what? I guess I gotTa get that story ready to go. So let's see Kathy wants to know who gets the vote practice squad free agents. Technically there aren't free agents yet. Yeah technically there are some players that were released that have already been able to sign up for that practice. Squad gets the vote Anyone who paid dues to the Union last year could be guys. That didn't even play last year. Play Union there. I've seen figures between two thousand and twenty one hundred and there's actually under two thousand players. You know what? I don't know what what you have to do to actually be forced to do in the NFL because it is not the ninety man roster guys during the summer you know the cannon fodder for for training camp. They're not paying dues wrecked. This is a huge nerd in me. Goes something I WANNA learn about. Yes yeah so which is funny. Which is why both you and I kind of seem to be salary cap guys. That's why I became a cop formula guy because I want to know what really goes into this. And what's sad? Is it information so hard to get but yeah that that's one of those things I mean because last year out man I had it written down but I don't have with me because I did it? Brian Jeff made fun of me because I was talking about how many how many players actually got credited with playing one game in the NFL last year and it was it was over. It was like I think it was two thousand and twenty four is what it wants of. How many players got credited with playing a game so now like someone like Paxton Lynch he was dressed with. Today's we didn't get credited for playing a game but just somebody that guy that was only one week and was on the Kickoff Team. He got credited with the play again. The the weird number that I did miss the nerd in me and the two of them did not appreciate does it all and I don't know if you guys would or not. I'm like how many of the players that played last year played under the previous. Cbs which I would just from CBS wise. They're not going to think how many guys stick around for ten years so I looked it up and how many players played in two thousand and ten or before and played in two thousand nineteen and it was one hundred forty three players which was seven percent of the leak so only seven percent of the League right now made it ten years or more. So that's that to me. That's that's just one of those weird number of that. Look up it's crazy. There's only what set I was surprised. It was at high one hundred ten years. I I was to what was funny because some of those players like let's say for example there was a there was a a handful of really tricky to find like Markey's pouncey because he doesn't have ten years in but he played in two thousand ten and play in two thousand eighteen but that's because he missed the season new injury so there were there. Were some people like that okay. West says here's a loaded question. Would guys like Landry Jones? Get a vote. I would assume so the. Yeah because he was in with the raiders in the off season right so I would assume you would yeah. I'm trying to think that I read something. What way back and flip. You're saying it was like the number of votes that come in. I was thinking I saw that number of US come in was even a lot higher because there are guys that get the opportunity to vote just because of where they were when this is Jesse David Fox. I'm senior editor at vulture and I host the podcast. Good one podcast about jokes. It's a podcast about well. Jokes every sit down with a comedian comedy writer or director who lives to one of their jokes and figure out how it all came together. I don't sit down with a pen and the pad and physically write down everything I just has not my style turns out comedians. Take jokes pretty seriously. I like all jokes. Okay that's what I do. That's what I live with is really nothing else I care about. It's all very revealing. What did you sort of learn from this? What was your takeaway? I nothing Cayenne not. I'm not a person good one from vulture and the VOX media podcast network. Subscribe for free on Apple podcasts. Or on your favorite podcasts. At you do not use the puck. Oh what a great question Jesse David Fox and Landry might be one of those guys that fits that that was a question. I have no idea what it I know that they that they needed to be paying dues for for Twenty Nineteen. But you know what corner? They're dudes do in. What is do you? Are you forced? You don't pay a whole year end dues or do you pay like a monthly. You know it's it's stuff like that that keeps me up at night. You know what the same way of like once I think of question I gotta find out the answer to that question and I don't Wanna I don't sleep well until I do go to the very next one after West. Okay I will all come back to come back. I thoroughbred said is landry working competitor. Now though I don't know how that would change. It could change it. That's a good question to you. Mean the Mark Carmichael. Yeah go to that one from it. So he's talking about fifty three times thirty. Two is one thousand six hundred ninety six canal. Add onto the fact that there's fifty three aren't always the same fifty three so take on country for the Brian Squad added another three twenty. Five Year practice squads. Something like three twenty eight because there's no like eight international players. Yes something like that. Three Twenty eight for that then the fact that that you get guys. That aren't already guy gets guy gets brought up for the practice squad somebody gets released. Another new guy comes on the practice squad. So that's an yeah when something like that there's another person to it. I mean I mean this number Brainier. Haven't already on injured. Reserve each preserve because Ben wasn't on the fifty-three last year but he gets a vote. How about here's another one? Jane Elliott? He was that he was on and off. The steelers are a couple of times last year played. What four games? He's not a guy that you would count as one of your fifty three is but he's definitely one of the players so I think I had. It calculated that there was that there was it was like sixty eight different players got credited with playing a game for the steelers last year. You know so I mean because that's that's more of everyone look at more more of like the in the savage beating busier. Play a game. But you're talking past list. Passing Lynch was there was on the roster. Never saw a game. He still gets a vote. You know. It's it's that that number is really really go. Yup It really can and you know the extra players that you're talking about these are these. Are the Benham guys. These are the sixty percent guy. So they're they're definitely during to be. You would think that most of them are going to be the guys that are going to say absolutely. We'll take our hundred thousand dollars and expanded expanded practice squads. You know what I mean. Who Two more spots than eventually for even two more. Where like. That's I mean. Think about that. That's another sixty four guys that are going to get a job. That's sixty four people who should be voting. Yes and we didn't really. We didn't talk about this tonight. That the more people there's three Moorgate three more guys active on game days in the two after a practice. Blood Guy or four actor practice squad guys over the next couple of years you get into the you get into that. And then you get into the accrued seasons which means you know more towards Becoming a free agent and then of course getting benefits on top of that lifetime benfits for being in the NFL player. That's that's huge again. Ex- ex- per the NFL PA constitution roster players practice squad players and even free agent two aren't on a team but who are actively seeking employment with the team can be members in the Union as long as they pay their dues. So just because you know what you could be the highest paid guy on your roster you could choose to not be a part of the union correct. There's nothing that requires them to pay dues and be in the Union. That's good Yeah because my first year. Outta college when I was a teacher I chose not to be in the Teacher's Union. I still had to pay them a reduced amount of dues because technically they were still representing my contract they were my contract was still to go. Jeannie by them but I chose not to pay news and belong to the I did that for eleven years. Yeah so I didn't have to pay reduce inc. They wanted to take some of my sick days to put in the sixth day poor. I'm keep my own. Forget that and the question would be what is how expensive art. Nfl players hit reads up there and put a question. So Mr Third and fifth could be vote that is correct that incorrect yesterday had a vote on this. I'm totally certain can probably tell you what his vote was. He probably said now of course So he still trying to get millions of dollars from the raiders. When he never played a game West said that there was an article that says it could be as high as twenty five hundred. Yeah I think he's right. Cathy said he'd been. That's my one would for the evening. Great so and and you know one thing that one thing that they've done is the vote was actually supposed to end tomorrow night at midnight and now it's being pushed back until Saturday and another thing that I heard mentioned yesterday and I'm not sure if this is true or not is players have asked to change their votes and the NFL. Pa said No. You have you guys on that. That is true. Yeah I could. I can confirm that. Wes looked up and he said that technically they're number is four two thousand four hundred twenty three active interesting. I'm glad you guys have time to look up these things so by the way during the show that's stuff. I have to look up afterwards. I do not blame the NFL PA. For Sal Anybody. They cannot change their vote. If you if you weren't sure why determine your vote in before? The deadline agreed. That opens up an integrity thing of how you know. Once once the votes cast the player can't vote again but I don't know does it. Are they allowed to keep a record of what the player actually voted Right so you know what I'm saying. That's just one of those tricky things I believe they're voting by via email on it it's no it's electronically that. I've seen the name of the program that's being used but I can't remember what it is so it's Okay. Maybe it was a something was being sent out via email. Yes they had to get a secure link through an email that takes them you ever get an email that I get a season ticket holder for steelers where I have to tell you. They asked me to take a secure survey. You know what I'm saying. It's going to be something similar like that. That's a secure site that the only way you can get there is through the link emailed out so but like. I said I don't know if they keep track of the vote then be able to take that one away and go back so but I saw other people mentioned. Hey if you go out and do early voting in an election. You can't go back and say I changed my mind so it's just it's just one of those things it's unfortunate but probably for the integrity of the process. It's probably the right decision so well guys especially. There's you the live chat. Is You on Youtube? Those listening to podcast. We've God long tonight but man that's because we had flip with us we're having a great time flip it has been an absolute pleasure to have you on the show with us. We're really glad you could join us. Is there anything you would like to say? Closes out the biggest thing is I appreciate the offer you know I was. I was humbled by you. Know I I enjoy you. Know finally actually talking to some of the other writers you know and it was a great time you know I love writing for BTC. I'm just over my fourth year and the key is great. You know kidding to interact with with the youtubers is fun. It really is yeah. We're we're really glad that you came on with this. We're going to have to remember this when they're specific issues coming up or specific articles that you have is things that are important you know using using a guest spot here once in a while for you to possibly come back. Kevin when I come back and we're going to even look at some of the other writers that if they have anything they want to come on and talk about a lot of people were glad to have you. We were really glad to have you. It was funny when I when I told rich that that we might be Having some other writers for the sites he's like I said I upper going to have slipped. He's like he's like that's what I was hoping you would say. I had to say because I still live. My claim to fame right now is that I'm still flips signature line on the BT. Esi website when he went to you know I still get bashed your Stuff I said four years ago article issue problem with putting stuff out there on the Internet is it looks on forever. Yes no I mean. That's the thing I always. I was deemed a duck hater and a mason lover because I liked the pick when they picked Mason Rudolph back when I was even part of behind the curtain yet and I thought it was a good pick and resulted either. I was disappointed within this season. But that's just kind of I was flip. Looks like he's ready to show something he's got. He's got the duck season shirt or sweatshirt. Choicers my my nephew for Christmas. Right before the bills game at that game they'll get started and he's a course not a football fan but you know plus my little nephew for for getting a a. Duck Duck Gus. What's Your Anna Anna T-shirt You know we'll we'll see you know. I'll throw this out there for a little parting gift is we'll see we'll see how duck in and Rudy Square off in the preseason. Yeah we'll see how that plays out. I know I know you have your opinions. We'll save that for another time. Abso rich anything you want to send us out here tonight just Thanks for everybody's been out there. Keep things lively on the on the chat. it's always great everybody out there talking even when we're not getting to stuff people back and forth there with each other Good to say it's a great community guys. It's a great community and we appreciate. Hey make sure that you are tuning into all the podcast will have Jefferson Lance off for standards the standard tomorrow night steelers preview Thursday Lances. Yeah I said it Friday. No idea who's burning up with the question on Saturday. Then we're back with Jeff Lance homer in the hater. I don't know maybe flip. Flip might be able to identify with one or both of those. And then Brian and Tony who are also both writers with their show on Monday. And we'll be back here stat Geek on Tuesday. Make sure you're checking out behind the curtain dot com your one stop shop for all things. Pittsburgh steelers and when it comes to here with Youtube and podcast thank you all for tuning in Tele friend and subscribe. Thanks for Geeking out with us.

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