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S5: Love: Princess Diana


If you enjoy this episode on style icon and Humanitarian Force. Princess Diana and want to hear more about history's biggest names. You should check out the historical figures podcast every Wednesday. We dig up what you know about the icons you do now. Follow historical Oracle figures. Free on spotify and anywhere. You listen to podcasts. Emergency Lights flickered through the cold walls of the pond Aloma as Parisian authorities arrived at the scene smoke sputtered from the smashed ashed. Black Mercedes S.. Two eighty on the tunnels farside. The Hood of the car was crunched into the driver's seat. The authorities rushed to recover the crash rush. Victims as they triage D- they found two of the four passengers. Were still alive. One was a bodyguard named Trevor Rees Jones D. The other was one of the most famous women in Europe Diana. The Princess of Wales was trapped in the car pinned by the mangled seats horrified. The paramedics immediately began to cut her out of the wreckage. For seven ten minutes the rescuers drilled into the twisted metal trying to free the injured princess finally around twelve thirty three. Am they managed to pull pull Diana out of the car. She was barely breathing but alive. They would have to act fast if they were going to save her life. Hi I'm Vanessa. Richardson and I'm Carter Roy. Welcome to historical figures. Apar- cast original every other Wednesday. We discussed the different earn. Persons lasting historical impact unique personality and impression on the world around them are audio biographies covered big lives but we like like to focus on little known facts. Today we're discussing Diana Francis Spencer the Princess of Wales Nickname. The People's Princess Diana dedicated her adult life to founding aiding charitable organizations around the globe. She personally cared for victims of cancer AIDS in leprosy and was an advocate for dozens of impoverished nations but Princess Diana is also remembered for her notorious public scandals throughout the nineteen eighty s and nineteen ninety S. The world was enthralled by her turbulent marriage and very public divorce from Prince Charles heir to the British throne today will explore Diana's privileged early life. Her scandal ridden relationship with Prince Charles and her tragic untimely timely death at podcast. We're grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network. And if you enjoyed today's episode the best way to help us is to leave a five star review. Wherever you're listening it really does help? We also now have merchandise had to podcast dot com slash merged for more information now back to the life of Princess Diana Diana Princess. Diana was born Diana Frances Spencer on July. First nineteen sixty one in Sandringham Sandringham Norfolk. It was quiet beautiful little village on the coast of the North Sea. Her parents were Edward John. Spencer the Eighth Earl Spencer Sir and Ruth Shand Kidd Lady Althorp for the majority of Diana's early childhood. She lived in a manner called parkhouse. The word house is a little misleading. As the home was part of Queen Elizabeth the seconds Sandringham Estate and measured approximately twenty thousand acres. Really it it was more like a country palace. The home was a favourite destination for Queen Elizabeth the second when she wanted to go on summer holiday as such touch young. Diana was playmates with both Prince Andrew. The Future Duke of York and Prince Edward the future earl of Wessex although Diana Diana wasn't royalty her family was in the noble class from a young age. She was exposed to the posh lifestyle of England's elite Let her blissful idyllic childhood didn't last long shortly after Diana was born. Her parents began to fight. According waiting to Diana's biography Diana her true story in her own words. Her Father Edward Spencer was upset that his wife hadn't produced a a male heir. This sounds like an archaic thing to drive a marriage apart but even in the nineteen sixties a male heir was essential for a noble family only to maintain their estate without a baby. Boy The spencers would lose their title and likely their land. After Diana's father died Edward. I was so frustrated with his wife that he forced her to go to a clinic. In be examined for fertility problems while Lady Althorp did eventually give birth to a son unnamed Charles in nineteen sixty four by then it was too late. She never forgave her husband for his treatment of her and their marriage continued to decline align. Sadly this period Diana's life likely set the stage for her own marital troubles. She would experience as an adult. Diana's parents finally finally divorced in nineteen sixty seven both parents fought for custody of the children but ultimately Edward One. It's likely Edwards status as as an earl helped his claim life continued as normally as it could for the next few years in nineteen sixty seven seven year old Diana Anna began attending sill field. Private School in Gayton Norfolk then in nineteen seventy three. When she was thirteen she started at West? Heath Girl School in sevenoaks folks. Kent Diana struggled academically in fact when it came time to take her all levels which are standardized tests that prove English students have competently competently completed their education. She failed twice. Diana was very shy and struggled to make friends. She spent a lot out of time alone preferring to play piano swim and practiced ballet in solitude as she grew up. She came to appreciate the time she could spend alone away. The drama of her family but in nineteen seventy six when Diana was fifteen the relative peace she had found for herself was blown apart when her father announced that he had married rain. mccorkell Dale the Countess of Dartmouth Edward hadn't mentioned to his children that he was in a relationship with the rain. Let alone that. He planned to propose until the engagement was already official. Rain was known for her drinking and partying. She turned Diana's Hannah's peaceful childhood home into in the words of the Guardians. Lucy Mangan a Las Vegas Style Gin Palace. Diana founded founded all repulsive. Diana would refer to reign as acid rain and hatefully chant. Rain Rain Go away whenever she stayed with her father and new stepmother. We don't know what punishment Diana received as a result. But it's safe to assume it didn't help the domestic situation. Two years later when she was seventeen Diana moved into her mother's flat in London. She took cooking classes and did something that most Nobles Never Dreamt Dreamt of. She got a job. She didn't need the money but she loved the idea of giving back to her community. By nineteen seventy eight. Diana was working as a dance instructor and also picked up work as a playground assistant. She found that she had a gift. For helping people especially Young Children Aldrin for the next few years. She enjoyed life in London with her mother and busied herself with as many part time jobs as she could these included working as a nanny a party host a nursery assistant and a house cleaner but in July nineteen eighty when Diana was nineteen her life. Life changed forever when her friend. Philip Pass invited her to Prince Charles Thirty first birthday celebrations at a country estate as prince hence his birthday included several days of partying and has an English prince several games of Polo. Now from Diana's perspective you might be able to say that she and Charles made a connection at this party and quickly fell in love as part of a whirlwind romance but the real story is a bit more complicated hated than that in the years leading up to this fateful nineteen eighty birthday party Charles had been engaged in passionate but messy romance. What's with Camilla Shand? The couple had dated throughout the early nineteen seventies but they broke up in nineteen seventy-three allegedly due to Charles moving overseas to serve in the military. However a likely additional reason is that Camilla was seen as too low born to be a suitable wife for the heir apparent to the English crown under social pressure from her own family? Camilla married Andrew Parker Bowles in nineteen seventy three and became Camilla Parker Bowles. However when Charles returned from his military service he and Camilla maintained a seemingly very friendly relationship nations? Ship that transitioned into a rather open affair at some point in the late nineteen seventies. The Royal Family apparently had no problem with Charles carrying in on the affair so long as he eventually settled down with a wife who is deemed coats suitable to serve as the future Queen Consort in the words of Lord mountbatten uncle to Charles Father Prince Philip quote in a case like yours. The man should so his wild oats and have as many affairs as he can before before settling down but I think for a wife he should choose a suitable attractive and sweet character girl before she has met anyone else she might fall for translation. It's okay for a man of Charles Standing to have affairs. So long as he finds a sweet virginal woman to marry so in nineteen eighty. Thirty one year old Charles was on the prowl for a wife. Someone whom he could perform his royal responsibilities these with while he's still maintained his relationship with Camilla and as luck would have it. This was exactly when he encountered Diana at his birthday party. Party Charles ended up asking Diana to join him that summer. On his royal yacht Britannia Diana agreed and the official courtship began word. Soon spread about Charles. And Diana's relationship both his mother the Queen and even his girlfriend Camilla urged Charles to marry sorry Diana who was seemingly a suitable kind of girl following this trip Charles Ass Diana to meet his family including his mother. Queen Elizabeth the second at the royal family's favorite Scottish residence bowel moral on November seventeenth nineteen eighty Diana met Queen Elizabeth the second her husband Prince Philip and Charles Grandmother Elizabeth Bowes Lyon the Queen Mother Queen Elizabeth. The second later said she enjoyed meeting Diana and found her well-spoken that afternoon even at this early stage in Diana and Charles Charles's courtship the press buzzed around the couple that were fascinated with the young prince's love life but there was something especially interesting about Diana China. She was not a royal family member and a crown. Prince hadn't married a non-royal in over three hundred years. Even Stranger Charles and Diana met thirteen times before he proposed on February sixth nineteen eighty one with a ring that consisted of fourteen eighteen solitaire diamonds surrounding twelve carat Blue Salon Sapphire. It was the same ring currently worn. by Diana's daughter-in-law Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge at only nineteen years old. Diana said Yes to Charles into royal life. It may have seen that she was set but her real challenges were just beginning up next. We'll explore the hostile bureaucratic landscape of the British monarchy. And it's dark effect on Diana now back to the story. After Nineteen Year Old Lady Diana Spencer agreed to marry Charles Charles Prince of Wales in February of Nineteen eighty-one. They continued to move fast. The date was set for their wedding just six months later in July. Hi Diana soon found. She didn't have the happily ever after. She'd imagined as she was ill equipped for the media attention she faced. She began to question and if she was worthy of the royal family. This extreme anxiety was amplified by the way Charles treated her. He began to make remarks about her weight. Wait and even told Diana. She was getting Chubby after their engagement. Wrought with feelings of inadequacy Diana Developed Bulimia in late February nineteen eighty-one just a few weeks after her engagement. Every time she made herself sick she felt a huge release of tension that feeling became addictive to make matters even worse. Charles didn't exactly have is only for his future wife in the months. tweeting up to the wedding in July of Nineteen eighty-one the same month she was set to be married. Diana came to suspect that Charles was still carrying on his affair with Camilla she discovered that Charles had commissioned a bracelet for Camilla and Diana even went to his office to find the piece of jewelry jewelry and confirmed the suspicion for herself. She confronted Charles. Who at that time was known to be seen wearing? cufflinks that each bore the letter c C. N. C. or Charles and Camilla Charles. Seems like he wasn't exactly hiding what was going on. And why would he. His relationship Camila had transitioned into a public ongoing affair. He didn't see any reason why he should give that up just because he was getting married naturally though. Oh this didn't sit with Diana at all. She was so distraught by the whole affair that she considered calling off the wedding. Ultimately it was Diana's sisters. There's Sarah and Jane who convinced her to go through with it. The wedding was a massive global publicity event that was going to draw the eyes of millions of people from around the world. The ordeal was simply bigger than the feelings of just one person. Even though that person was the bride to be Diana couldn't back down and so the wedding went forward as planned on July twenty ninth nineteen eighty one. The day they of the wedding the streets around Saint Paul's Cathedral were lined with over six hundred thousand spectators trying to catch a glimpse of Diana in her wedding gown. Seven hundred and fifty million more watched the event from their televisions at eleven. Twenty a M Diana entered the cathedral wearing an ivory very dress designed by famed dress makers David and Elizabeth Emanuel it featured a twenty five foot train and ten thousand hand-sewn hand-sewn pearls to put it simply. The dress was bold. The twenty five foot train was seen by some tabloid writers as ostentatious and counter intuitive suited in that address seemed to draw attention to itself rather than the future princess who is wearing it. But that blip of controversy was quickly snuffed out up by the massive popularity of copycat styles from her very first day. As the Princess of Wales Diana had established herself as a fashion Russian icon. Once she was in the church Diana knelt before the altar and pledged herself to her new husband and the British monarchy. Not Diana from I take the Charles Philip author. George Charles Sausage rude food. With that twenty year old Diana became the Princess of Wales and the third highest ranking woman in the Royal Family following the wedding. Thirty two year old Prince Charles and the new Princess of Wales moved to Kensington in palace a grandiose royal residence overlooking Kensington Gardens in London now married. Diana had one very important task to to produce the next British air on November Fifth Nineteen eighty-one less than four months. After the wedding Princess Diana revealed she was pregnant signet with their first child but the pressures of royal life were still mounting. Diana was expected to accompany Charles to royal events around the world at the same time she had to prepare to give birth to the heir to the British throne and do so without ever seeming tents or strained. The stress was so intense. Diana actually attempted injure herself early in the marriage when she was twelve weeks pregnant. She threw herself down a staircase here case in her home at the time there was some debate as to whether this event was merely an accident but Diana herself came forward years later to say she did it because she felt so inadequate in the royal family. She didn't try to hurt herself again. At least not in any way publicly known unsourced quotes indicate that she engaged in other methods of self harm like cutting and may have even considered suicide. But it's difficult to determine where the rumors end and the facts begin regardless from early on in her marriage Diana felt suffocated by the tight. Hold that the royal family had on her life life. She courted more controversy. When she gave birth to her first child on traditionally in England a royal child was born at home but Diana wanted her child to have the best medical treatment so on June twenty first nineteen eighty two? She gave birth to her. First Son William in the Lindo wing of Saint Mary's Hospital in London. This was the first time in history that an heir to the throne was born in a hospital Queen Elizabeth. The second was upset about this decision but Diana was uncompromising she gave birth the way she felt was best. Animosity only continue continued to grow between Princess Diana and the Queen Diana began to dress more boldly at public events with her husband and to show affection to her child in public. All of this was seen as highly inappropriate in the eyes of the monarchy. But Diana didn't really seem to care she did the exact same thing with the birth of her second. Son Harry over two years later in September of Nineteen eighty-four like William Harry was born in Saint. Mary's Hospital Diana was determined to break tradition with her parenting style. She couldn't give her son's totally normal lives. They were royals and so ah she but she did want them to get a sense of what it was like to live as a common British citizen according to Patrick. Jephson Dana's chief of staff. Diana made shore William and Harry experienced things like going to the cinema queuing up to by McDonald's going to amusement parks those sorts of things that were experiences that they could share with friends. Diana also disregarded the royal expectation that her children needed a nanny and decided to attend to William and Harry Mary herself she drove him to school picked out their clothes and even planned their outings. Diana made her children the number one priority. In in her life she made sure all of her royal obligations like visiting hospitals were scheduled around them and there were a lot of royal events to to attend Diana average two hundred royal engagements a year in the nineteen eighties. She realized her visits drew media attention to impoverished communities as and suffering people and she could use that media attention as a beacon for charity and social change the best example of this came in nineteen eighteen eighty seven when the twenty five year old. Diana took up the cause of AIDS research throughout the nineteen eighties. The AIDS epidemic had spread fear across across the world. The public didn't understand how the disease spread so people were terrified to even touch victims of the disease. Public leaders were even reluctant to say the word AIDS because it was considered such a dirty subject on April nineteenth nineteen eighty seven. Diana arrived at London Middlesex. Rex Hospital to speak with some AIDS patients that day. She shook hands with one of the patients without wearing gloves. This may not seem like a huge dude gesture now but back in the nineteen eighties touching an AIDS patient. Unprotected was considered dangerous a photograph of the handshake circulated around the globe in a matter of days and help to both humanize AIDS patients in de stigmatized disease. But not everyone saw Diana's work as heroic in fact Queen Elizabeth the second publicly stated that the princess should get involved with quote something more pleasant Diana China defended her actions saying quote. HIV does not make people dangerous to know you can shake their hands and give them a hug. Heaven knows as they need it. What's more you can? Share their homes their workplaces and their playgrounds and toys. While Diana was battling the stigma stigma around AIDS. Her relationship with Charles grew worse by the day by Nineteen eighty-seven only six years into their marriage. He was growing in cold to her and would leave for days at a time. Officially Charles reported that the thirteen year gap in their ages was beginning to strain their relationship hip but Diana couldn't help but wonder if something more scandalous was afoot. Diana decided to confront Charles ex girlfriend. Camilla she had reason to believe that their relationship had never actually ended even though years had passed and they were both married to other people. Camilla continued to flaunt a bracelet Charles had made for her at public events. Diana finally approached Camila at a party in nineteen eighty. Nine Charles was apparently alarmed that the two women wanted to meet but watched as they found a private room. Diana later reported she was terrified to talk with Camilla but she was to hurt and upset to give up when they were alone. Diana asked Camilla about her involvement with Charles. Camilla Played Coy and pretended not understand. Understand what Diana was talking about by the end of the conversation. She scolded Diana for trying to learn the truth. Camilla's said quote. You've got got everything you ever wanted. You've got all the men in the world to fall in love with you and you've got two beautiful children. What more do you want? Diana responded I want my husband following this encounter Diana and Charles had another fight about his infidelity. According according to Diana Charles got angry scolded her until she cried. He didn't comfort her and even worse he continued his relationship with Camilla. Mila the rest of the royal family didn't seem to mind that Diana was suffering without any kind of social support. She sought solace with a childhood friend named James Gilbey in the early nineteen nineties. Their affair became sexual and came to light in Nineteen ninety-two courtesy. Of A seventy seventy year. Old Retired Bank manager named Cyril Reenen Cyril and his wife enjoyed listening to noncommercial radio frequencies in their spare time. It was in one of these listening sessions that he recorded Diana and James Gilbey talking intimately. On the tape Gilbey affectionately Atlanta called Diana squidgy and squid and Diana talked about her concerned. He might have gotten her pregnant. Unfortunately for Diana to reporters from local newspaper The Sun caught wind of serials recording of Diana and quickly acquired a tape on August twenty third nineteen ninety ninety two. They released it to the public. This tape quickly became an international scandal nicknamed squidgygate. After the unusual unusual pet name Gilbey used for Diana it proved that Diana was unfaithful to her husband and the crown this controversy May Diana deeply paranoid paranoid about the press and the royal family. She began to suspect that she was being recorded or even bugged in her everyday life but she was not going to backdown easily in the early nineteen nineties. Diana decided to fight fire with fire. She was going to reveal to the world the dark underbelly of the British monarchy. They would understand who their future king really was up next. We'll hear one the most scandalous stories in the history of the British monarchy. Now back to the story in the early nineteen nineties. Princess Diana's is public image was suffering. Her affair with James Gilbey had become global story and she was now being accused of harming the royal family's image wjr in nineteen ninety-three. She described her feelings at a public luncheon was not aware of how overwhelming bash attention would become nor the extent to which it would affect both my public duties. and My my past life in Amana. It's been hard to bath the more Diana made the public aware of her situation the more sympathy they offered her they wanted to understand what was going on behind the scenes that the British royal family. Dan took the opportunity to sit for a series of interviews with her friend. Journalist Andrew Morton to document her side of the story in these interviews. Diana revealed graphic details tales of the long affair. Prince Charles had with Camilla. She even divulged recorded phone. Conversation between Charles and Camilla from nineteen eighty nine. The conversation between the two of them was to be blunt graphic. This story which came to be known as Camillagate was so scandalous. That Charles Right right to the throne came into question. Diana herself said the tape was disgusting and prove that Charles wasn't fit to be king both Charles and Diana were using the media as a weapon against each other exposing the others. Worst secrets to the press and the world by nine thousand nine hundred ninety two. The couple was officially separated. The Prime Minister of England John Major formally announced the separation of the Public Charles even went on TV and confirmed to the world that he had been engaged in an affair with Camilla since nineteen eighty six though in reality they had likely been carrying on since long before that date. Diana enjoyed her time away from her estranged husband but became acutely aware of how the constant negative attention on her marriage might affect her two sons. She made the conscious choice to take a step back from public. Events ends in the interest of giving her sons some semblance of privacy. Over the next few months I will be seeking a most suitable way of combining running a meaningful public role. We've hopefully a more private life. This vicious back and forth was too much for Queen. Elizabeth the second to a bear on December Twentieth Nineteen ninety-five she sent letters to Charles and Diana advising them to divorce as soon as possible for once Diana and Queen. Elizabeth agreed on something in February nineteen ninety-six thirty four year old. Diana publicly announced Tur- divorce this to upset the British monarchy who wanted to manage the publicity surrounding the split. Diana's audacity was seen as uncivilized behavior a few contentious months later in July nineteen ninety six. The couple finally agreed to the terms of the divorce. Diana would remain in Kensington Palace with her two sons she would also receive a lump settlement of seventeen million pounds or about twenty seven million dollars. I each year. After the split she would receive an additional four hundred thousand pounds or six hundred thousand dollars but Diana would no longer carry read the title of Her Royal Highness and was prohibited from talking about the divorce. In any capacity. The divorce was finalized on August. Twenty Ninth Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety six after the divorce Charles was free to go back to Camilla not that this was any particularly major. Change Change for him. Since they'd been carrying out the affair for over a decade over the next few years Diana continued to raise money for AIDS research in Nineteen ninety-seven thirty five year old. Diana auctioned off seventy nine of her most iconic dresses and donated all of the proceeds to support AIDS research. And she too soon found new romance far away from the British Crown July of nineteen ninety ninety seven just after she turned thirty six. Diana begin dating doty fired a forty two year old Egyptian billionaire and film producer. who had worked on films like Hook and chariots of fire? The couple embarked on a six week vacation across the Mediterranean Sea. Much to the delight of the world press which was still very invested in Diana and her love life man. Diana seemed very invested in Dodie. She even had William and Harry Eerie Than Fifteen and twelve flown out to spend time with her and Dodie on the trip tabloid reporters eight this up. At that time Dodie was still still technically engaged to the American model. Kelly Fisher the fact that he absconded with a princess. No less and was now meeting. Her children was it was just too good of a story to resist Diana who had spent years being torn apart by Paparazzi for her apparent failure to live up to her duties. As the princess. Incest of Wales actually leaned into this attention. She even sent word through her own. Press contact to prepare for some sort of announcement on on August. Thirty first unfortunately will never know what that announcement was intended to be August. Thirtieth Nineteen Nineteen ninety-seven was supposed to be just another day in Paradise Dodi and Diana woke up that morning and the sun drenched luxury of Dodi's he's yacht and set about preparing for their return trip to England. Diana had not seen her children in weeks and was eager to return home but I she and Dodie had a dinner reservation in Paris. They boarded Dodi's private jet at eleven thirty that morning and landed in Paris at three twenty twenty. Then they split up for a few hours. Diana had a hair appointment and doty had an appointment of his own he went to repose jewelers to buy a ring wing which notably was from the tell me yes collection in the twenty plus years since that fateful night much has been made about this particular particular purchase and the possibility that it was an engagement ring. We'll never know what Dodi's intentions were as he met Diana for what was to be the last meal either of them would ever eat. They met back up at the Ritz Hotel and set out for dinner at Ben Wa Paris where they had a reservation survey Shen but the couple found themselves overwhelmed with Paparazzi and decided to forego their reservation returned to the rich to eat there after their meal Dodi and Diana said about the somewhat complicated task of getting back to Dodi's apartment without being hounded by the press the employees. The services says of Anri Paul the head of security. At the Ritz Paul ensured a decoy vehicle was dispatched from the hotel. And the ploy worked a number of reporters followed the car hoping to catch additional glimpses of the couple where the coast relatively clear anri then ushered Dodie in Diana into the back of a black Mercedes S. two eighty along with their bodyguard. Trevor Rees Jones Anri Paul by all accounts had no business assisting the couple that night he was supposed to be off and he was certainly unable to drive though. There are discrepancies as to what and and how much he had to drink. The general account is that Anri Paul had at least two drinks that night before he got behind the wheel of the car. It was likely more than that. His autopsy would later reveal that he had a blood alcohol content of over three times the legal limit in France additionally nationally on Rehab prescription antidepressants in his system. That mixed with alcohol were surely affecting his motor skills. Nevertheless nevertheless honoree drove the car away from the Ritz at that same time the Paparazzi discovered the ruse and returned in time to start following knowing the S. two eighty. It is because of the photographs taken by these pursuing journalists that we know that neither Dodie nor Diana were wearing seatbelts. It's that night. Dodie asked on re to take an indirect route back to his apartment in the hopes that they would lose some of their pursuers along the way on re obliged edged and drove toward the pond. Aloma tunnel the car entered the tunnel between twelve twenty two and twelve twenty three on the morning of Sunday August. Thirty thirty first nineteen ninety-seven the posted speed limit and the tunnel was thirty. One miles per hour on ray was driving at around sixty five miles per hour. Soon after the car entered the tunnel it smashed into a white Fiat no swerved and crashed right into a pillar the car crumpled under the force of the impact dody and on re were both killed instantly the first rescuers you're arrived on the scene within ten minutes of the collision those initial reports indicated that Diana was actually fine she was conscious us shaken but only with a few visible external injuries. It wasn't until they made efforts to remove Diana from the car that the real problems problems became evident Diana went into cardiac arrest as they pulled her from the crumpled vehicle. The French rescue workers quickly moved to stabilize allies and resuscitate order now. In France. It's standard practice to stabilize an injured victim at the scene of an accident before making efforts to move them to a hospital in the decades since that tragic night British and American health professionals have criticized the actions that the French rescue workers took if they had followed British procedures and rushed her straight to a hospital. Well who knows how things might have turned out differently. The rescue workers successfully successfully got Diana's heart beating again and a doctor on the scene gave her drugs to calmer down minutes later. Diana had another heart attack. Rescue rescue workers resumed administering. CPR and then started to make preparations to move her to a hospital. It's notable that PTA Salpetriere hospital in question was not the closest medical facility to the crash site but the workers who made the call felt. It was better equipped to help Diana over an hour after the crash at one forty one in the morning. The rescue workers finally got Diana into the ambulance aunts and started making way for a hospital. The ambulance drove slow out of fear. That a fast moving vehicle might exacerbate Diana's condition. Her blood pressure pressure was dropping at one point. The ambulance pulled over so that the doctors on board could try to stabilize her once again. Diana finally reached reached the hospital at just after two in the morning. The doctors who received her only then realized the full scope of her injuries. The sudden severe the impact of the crash had actually shifted the position of Diana's heart in her chest she was bleeding internally from tears in her cardiac veins means she was in bad shape when she arrived and there was little. The doctors could do for her by that point at four in the morning on August. Thirty first nineteen ninety seven Kevin Diana Princess of Wales was declared dead. Officially the crash was labeled as the result of Anri Paul's halls reckless driving but this horrific collision and Princess Diana's sudden tragic death have ignited conspiracy theories some have claimed the death of Princess. Diana was engineered the most popular theory. Is that the British Secret Intelligence Service. Am I six killed killed Diana on behalf of the crown. This theory is best supported by a journal entry from Princess Diana herself which stated her belief that the Royal Royal Family would stage an accident to make room for a new queen consort. It's clear the royal family didn't like Diana at the time of her death breath but organizing an assassination after she had already officially divorced Prince. Charles seems excessive. Another popular theory is that Diana was is pregnant with Dodi Faez child at the time of her death and the British family didn't want their future king to have a Muslim half brother but no matter how she really died. Princess Diana's loss was felt around the world. Diana's funeral took place on September. Sixth Nineteen Ninety seven in Westminster Abbey. Her private burial followed later that day at her family's home who were twenty years years after her on timely death Princess Diana remains one of the most famous members of the British Royal Family. That's just a little ironic given she married into and then subsequently divorced out of that family over the course of her life beyond the sudden tragic and to some bizarre bazaar circumstances of her death Diana lived on in the form of her public image her status as a style icon and her very publicized. Sized charitable work much of her estate including her dresses jewelry and furniture has been auctioned off or displayed for the public with the proceeds going going to charity. And of course her two sons William and Harry have come into their own as public figures with their internationally. Televised Weddings is in two thousand eleven and two thousand eighteen respectively as well as their charity. Work the tragedy of Diana's death stays with us because of of how sudden and unexpected. It was but her impact on Britain and the world lives on to this day. Thanks for Tuning in to historical figures. We will be back in two weeks with a new episode if you're interested in more in depth discussion of the conspiracy theories we mentioned and in this episode Checkout Park other show conspiracy theories where my co-host mauling. I covered the controversy around Princess. Diana's death you you can find all previous episodes of historical figures as well as all of our casts other shows on spotify and anywhere else. You listen to podcasts. Several of you have asked asked how to help us. If you enjoy the show the best way to help is to leave a five star review and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram at our cast asked and twitter at Park last network. We'll see you next time. Historical figures was created by Max. Cutler is a production of cutler media and is as part of the podcast network is produced by Max and Ron Cutler with sound design by David Turk production assistance by Ron Shapiro. Paulie skinned and Maggie Admire. This episode of historical figures was written by Michael. Herman and Stars Vanessa. Richardson and Carter Roy.

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