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Plants capture CO two. What if we could help industrial plants capture it to thank you? We could help lower emissions. It's one way. Exxon Mobil is helping industrial plants be more like plants. Cried passion, then pageantry of college football leaves here. This is the Paul finebaum show, our to podcasts. Welcome back with the marr, sitting in for Paul finebaum. Paul will be back in this chair tomorrow. And for the next three hours, we're here to take your calls at eight five five two four to seven to eight five. It is it was a quick. I our we got three really good hours yet to come. So Mr. Randall, who do we still have left coming on the show? Well, we have coach Bill curry coming on later in the show. Former Alabama UK k head football coach was one of those who eulogized Bart Starr yesterday in ceremonies in Birmingham, Chris lem onus, the head baseball coach, Mississippi State first year at Mississippi State, but he's got the BULLDOGS back in the college World Series. My good friend, Mike Griffith AJC's domination. He talked to David Pollock not too long ago about the transfer portal David Pollack, you're gonna find is not a fan, of course. Good way to wrap it up here, almost at the end, David Delucci, our SEC network baseball analyst, former major league player looking forward to sitting down with. David because it's a special day for the ACC. Let's come back and let's go to your calls. Let's go to drew in Georgia drew its Tony Barnhart. How are you? Yes, sir. Tony. Thank you for taking my call. Sure. Caller, and big fan of you and Paul. And you know, Tony back in nineteen eighty I was in the navy when the dog was one of the national title and I was pulling that up looking at you recently online, looking at the schedule looking stuff. Now, don't get some BULLDOGS, some hope because of nineteen eighty we opened that season in the state of Tennessee. Well, this year, we're open the season and right at Tennessee, Texas, AM came to Athens, the next game, of course the next game this year, but picks AM's coming back. And we played the fighting Irish and low and behold, we're playing the file the fighting Irish again. So I don't know well, but that you, you, you never know you never know it to me, the Georgia Notre Dame game is going to be interesting because I've I had a chance to spend some time in south bend and actually went to high spring game and saw. And they've got they've got a good football team. Now, I will say this their, their first Twenty-two is significantly better than their second. Twenty two so depth might be a factor. But you're talking about a, a top ten football team that's coming Athens for the very, very first time it's going to be it's going to be a night game. I can promise you that right now. And it's going to be a great great atmosphere. And I to me just like it did in twenty seventeen. I think the Notre Dame game for Georgia's sorta sets the table Georgia came out of that Notre Dame game and south been, you know, with all those fans there and all that they came out of that game with a lot of confidence and played really played really, really well. The rest of the year. So that's know we'll say that one more question for you. Sure. It's real quick. And just I'll hang up. What in Tony, what do you think about this? You know, year two years ago about, you know, getting zuri back in the west and bringing Auburn open to. And I'll hang up. Thanks for taking my call. All right. Drew, I appreciate that. You know, I I get every time I speak somewhere. This question, always comes up and the feedback and fund, the folks the SEC, they just go to look at you like it. You know, listen, it's, it's not simply the geography part of it, because if it was geography, then. Yeah, Missouri would have been put in the west, but they obviously Texas A and M had to be in the west because they traditionally play LSU and stuff like that. So the easiest way to make the transition was going to do that. But we to put the Missouri in the east. I'll run might like to be over in the east and might make some sense for them, but they do they would have to give up some Roberts. I just don't we've, we've got the current scheduling model right now in the SEC goes through twenty twenty five. I believe it is. I don't see any kind of change at all like that until we get to the new this scheduling model comes to an end. We do the new contracts. So I it's always a great topic of conversation, but I do not see it happening or happening anytime soon. Let's go to let's see Trey and Troy, Alabama hot trae. Hey, what's going on? Tony. First time call just curious to get your opinion on what you think about Obama defense gonna look like this year. I think the Alabama defense is going to be fine obviously the issues last year in secondary. But I think I think they're going to be in a much better much better position than. They were a year ago and you know. Everybody wonders about thing about Alabama Alabama has recruited so well is that people tend to try to put too fine a point on. They have a lot of really really good football players. And you I think Alabama's gonna win every single every regular season game. They play they're going to win them all. And then I think they're gonna play Georgia in Atlanta, then I don't know what's going to happen, then I'll, I'll have to do some by then I'll have to do some more homework. But I think Alabama's defense is going to be just fine. Okay. Don't tell me, thanks for taking my call. All right. You're certainly welcome. Let's go to let's go to Dexter in Alabama. Dexter. It's Tony Barnhart. How are you? Tony. How you doing? I'm well, thanks. I know you cut me with collegiate athletic, and I'm cutting tents purported, y'all talk about on the show today. Well, what do you think what, what, what, what do we need to do? Is it good? We need to do something about it. What do you think? I got mixed opinions because familiar with college scholarships for student athlete in, in college sports. Sure. Scottish, not for you agreement there you to you sign fellowship. That's what they do now that they think they have made provision that if you want to do it, you can. But most most schools, choose not to do it as right? And that's why I'm wondering 'cause we always talk about the one that doing athlete, but we never think about the one in doing that. We're not renewed. Scott us just not renewed. Yeah. My point is that we're, we're coming down on those athletes transfer. We don't look at it was at least though, Scott renew. So if it's kinda sports willing to NCA Goethe guaranteed for your scholarships, I was support not loudmouth fast. But if they don't wanna give for your complete Dallas, then they should be able to transfer. But if they would your to your scholarships and at the end of the scholarship, it'd be the fence, so Dexter hear what you're saying correctly. What you're saying. If you guarantee a four year scholarship, then the transfer rule would be you sit out, no matter what. That's right. And I'm a former collegiate athlete than I have to spend my scholarship from year to year, right? If I don't get the sign if I don't resign, then I don't have to come back. But if you if I signed a four-year deal, then I need to stay for years. Well to me, that's to me. That's an interesting way of looking at it. I don't know that we'll ever get back their again because the coaches don't want to give up give up the control. They're, they're concerned about guys committing to a four year scholarship than basically tanking it. And you know, not showing up for practice not showing up for class things of that nature. But I, I will say this, if you're going to try to restrict the athletes mobility, certainly within the portal, then you're going to have to give up give them something for that, which is why don't I, I don't think it'll happen. But you, you put us way, as several coaches told us in Destin a couple of weeks ago, the portals not going away. It's not it's not going away. So you're gonna give the athletes this freedom. If not then you gotta gotta do something else for him, but they're not you don't give once you get freedom. You don't give it back, but Tony most of your callers. Assuming that a Scottish soup was four years. Yeah. They don't under. And there's some Scottish, not for. Years. So college contract might be a coach might be five. Your country. He can leave. But if my contract is only one year I have the option to leave after that. If team wants to keep me before years, and I'm good enough to be a four year contract, then signed me for four years, if not maybe a good year through an athlete, and I can leave after one year. All right. Dexter makes a lot of sense to me. I appreciate you calling. We're going to take a break here. I'm we're here until the seven o'clock hour. We've got a full list guest coming up Bill curry, the former head coach at Alabama and Kentucky is going to be here to talk about Bart star. We look forward to visiting coach. We're here to take your calls at eight five five two four to seven to eight five. This is Tony Barnhart, sit in propel finebaum. This is the Paul finebaum show listening to Paul finebaum show podcast. All right. Welcome back. We have joining us now. A teammate of Bart Starr here. Our next guest played for Bobby Dodd at Georgia Tech, he played for Vince Lombardi he played for done Shula. You talk about the triple crown head football coach at Georgia Tech head football coach at Alabama, Kentucky and began the program at Georgia. State also proud to say he is one of my friends, we welcome, welcome. Coach Bill curry the show coach. How are you today? Sir. Coach car you with us. You hear me? Yes, sir. I can hear you now. How are you, sir? Okay. I'm fine. How are you? Tony. I'm doing very well. I'm doing very well coach. Let's let's get started here. If he would please take us to the memorial service yesterday and sort of the field because in Bart star. We're talking about a man who was so held in such high regard, not only as a football player but really for the kind of man, he was off the field. What was that? What was the tone of that memorial service yesterday? There was a distinct tone, and I hadn't frankly hadn't thought about it until you said those words, but. The obvious cinnamon and heartfelt remarks, not just from the people that stood at the podium. But the people in general who came up before and afterwards to talk, the fact of bar, the a great person much more important than being a great football player. He is by actual record the greatest playoff quarterback of all time. His numbers are better than any other quarterbacks in the playoffs. And if you if you want to really be specific and looked at the final drives in those big games, that's when he was at his best. But nobody talked about that much mostly folks talked about his kindness is worn and his capacity to reach out to people when they were most in need, I should say when we were most in need. Coach. You've told many I heard you speak many times about how it was to be a rookie and a half players. Take you under under their wing as you're trying to learn this profession, how to survive in the profession of professional football and Bart Starr was one of those people as I recall, who took you under- his wing. He did it in the first twenty minutes, I was on, on the campus, a reported to Saint Norbert college I was late two weeks late which was excused because of a game called the college all star game that that used to start the season every year in the summer or a bunch of college kids with play the world champions. And I had just reported from that. So I was walking by myself, I didn't know anybody in the training camp. And I was walking to dinner and I really was terrified because I heard all these awful things that NFL veterans rookies and. And I realized somebody who's walking beside me, who hasn't said a word and turned looked, and it was Bart star. Now almost passed out. I said, Mr. Starr, you said, No MR stuff. Just just call me bar, and the first words out of his mouth were. I don't know what your fates is. But we have a wonderful minister at our Methodist church. And I'd like you to if you like go to church with us tomorrow morning and come to have Sunday dinner at our house. That's the first words either Bart Starr's we hadn't talked about the snap count when we hadn't talked about a football. I mean it just blew my mind and I didn't realize that I was being adopted by big brother. He really never left my side since nineteen sixty five. We're here. We're coach Bill curry talking about Bart Starr, and his legacy coach. I have heard these stories, and, and maybe you're more familiar with than I am. But what the Bart Starr was one of the people Lombardi could be very. Rusk very to the point. But people have told me when the time came Bart Starr was not afraid to push back on the great coach if he thought that was necessary. That's right. And I it would he would stand up because somebody in coastal Bharti, accepted, because he was his leader. He was Vince Lombardi's leader on the field. And, and I wasn't on the team when this happened, but bar toes story of when he was a really young quarterback and go somebody chewed him out in front of the team one day and bought went to his office and said, look coach chew me out, anytime I need it. But how about doing it in the privacy of your office rather than in front of the team if you won't be linger quarterback. It's not gonna help us if you written in front of, and he never did. When he did Lombardo felt like he was going overboard, which was rare. But we thought he was going overboard, a lot, but Bart would would confront him in front of the team in Costa Lombardi allowed it, it was, it was really a powerful thing to be a part of. Coach. You mentioned that the, at the top of this, introduction that, you know, Bart Starr was not all that highly recruited a player he was signed in, like, the, the seventeenth round or something like that, by the Packers the fifty-six drafter somewhere in there. But obviously Vince Lombardi in the staff saw something in Bart star that made them believe he was going to be a very good player. What do you believe that something was? Apparently, according, this is just folklore now I don't have any forty to say this definitively. So this is this is hearsay but the hearsay was that Lombardi didn't think that bar was tough enough. And he really tried other quarterbacks. Like Lamar McCann is one that comes to mind kept putting him back in there and take embark out until Bart in a brutal game with the bears fought through a really tough situation and apparently one coach Lombardi over and start. After that, for the rest of the all those years. But I don't know really how that came down a lot of that stuff becomes legend. You don't know when he saw it or if he saw it, but I guarantee everybody in the world. So once bark got establish right? Well, I wanted to ask you about this because you alluded to this about the closing his numbers in the playoffs particularly in closing drives to win games. I mean everybody remembers the ice bowl in sixty seven they remember him telling Vince Lombardi, we need to run the quarterback, you know, under Jerry Kramer, Jerry Kramer can block Jeff throw, you can get him out of there and we can win the game what they don't remember lets you go back and watch it is that Bart. Starr may big pass after big pass in horrific conditions to put his team in position to win the game. He coach. He was a very, very accurate passer. Hit by actual by numbers. He is a D most accurate passer in play offs in the history of the National Football League. You, you. I don't see those numbers posted very often, and they ought to be because that's when it counts the most, and that's when, when you've been playing a long time and some guy sticks his head in the huddle. It's your quarterback. And, you know, he's the most accurate passer in the world when the chips are down. That's fun. That's just fun. 'cause, you know, we're you know we're going to win the game and was more important than that, you know the opponent knows that we're going to win the game. It's fun to play with a guy like that. And they're only a few that have ever lived. But he's the best of all, you know, coach last question from me. One of the things you talked about yesterday in your eulogies. The fact that Bart star really gave you the confidence to be a coach. And you became the head coach at four different forever, different universities, including the Alabama, Georgia Tech Kentucky and you built the. Program at Georgia state, but Bart Starr was the guy who made you believe you could be a coach is that fair. That is fair. And, and he told me he was gonna do it. And then he was going to hire me, and I went and coast one year at Georgia Tech for pepper Rodgers. Then he hired me back at Green Bay. And that was a controversial higher. Because I only have one year of experience and I coached his offensive line, and it was a great privilege. And he really had a way of healthy you to believe in yourself. And of course, he did it for the whole team. I just wish had not gotten all the injuries that happen late in his coaching career. That's what cost him his job. I write very good. Coach Bill curry coach, wonderful insights to your teammate Bart star. And I know it was a very moving moment for you yesterday at the services. But, but thanks for joining us. I really appreciate it. Thank you, Tony. It was a very moving moment for every. Nobody. I believe, and I really appreciate you haven't Neil. All right. Coach Bill curry are always great stuff. From coach Bill curry, okay. We're gonna take a break. Now when we come back, we're here to take your calls at eight five five to four to seven to eight five. This is Tony bar at heart, sitting in for Paul finebaum. This is the Paul finebaum show. You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Welcome back and good luck and farewell to big tin, John mean, I tell people all the time that said, Tony, what do you what do you like most about working for the SEC network? And I tell them I tell them all, it's the people that I get to work with John Hayes was one of those, and we are, we are absolutely going to miss him on the show, but there are things out there in the future for him. And it's nice to see young people develop their talent and do various special. Thanks. John tip of the hat to you, my friend. Let's go to the calls. Now, let's go to Steve in west. Virginia US Davis, Tony Barnhart. I'm doing great. Thanks. Well, I want to say first of all, I love when you do Paul show, you're one of the great voices of SEC football and everything. So it's a pleasure to talk to you. The pleasures mine, thank you, Steve. I want, I don't know if you've seen, but here an and our great university, we've had fourteen guys go into transport portal this season, since coach Brown has came up here, and I don't mean to talk ill-will out catches leave. And, you know, I understand it was ten Texas and all that, that. And they want some games through, you know, gas back on the map that against her transform like, general. Gentler. There toba Mike. They were troublemakers on our program, and I'm not saying that they don't deserve a second chance close. I heard Paul say us the way about a guy when he first went down Dame that he kicked off the team. And he didn't told, you know, he said, if you get rid of everybody, you're not will be able to play. But the one thing I don't care that you want to transfer. The one thing I'll say is he sure and conscious get jazz every overweigh from somewhere else and all that. But if you got down kid almost scene for four years, you know, let's honor that so that, you know, everybody's talking about the kids, you know, wanted to transfer thank that. Justin thrills and take more tales to be eligible to play 'cause they couldn't beat out whoever they were starting in front of them. But that's the only thing to say about it is you give me your comments on thanks for taking my call. All right. Stay. We appreciate you calling. You know, the, the issue is invariably when a lot of guys go in the Portland. The coaches leave people are gonna say, well, we didn't want those guys. Anyway. That was the problem. The fact of the matter is, is west Virginia's going through a coaching transition and some guys don't like the transition. Some guys are going to leave. It is absolutely a fact of life, and I'm gonna go back to what I've said several times during this show is that the transfer portal is here to stay. All right. I wanna find a way to manage this thing where we have some confidence in the. People who are making the decisions on whether or not to grant the waivers, if the waiver was not an issue if everybody knew they had to sit out a year where everybody knew they didn't have to sit out a year. What I wanted some kind of consistency because some kind of transparency, some kind of accountability, and we don't have that now and that's what's driving. Everybody nuts is that we doesn't, there's no, Rommel, reason we don't understand. Why Justin feels got a waiver and take Martell gets away ver-, but Luke Ford does not get away her. It doesn't make any sense. Now, they'll, they'll come up with an answer for you about, you know, the proximity of the house, and, but it doesn't make sense. And right now, the incidental, I in my opinion, this is strictly my opinion they lacked credibility on this issue. They need to figure out a way to bring credibility back to this issue. All right. Why don't we take another call list Joe? Let's go to Chuck Chuck in New Mexico. Chuck you in New Mexico. He s I am you do. Live there. How's it? How's it Mexico? Like today. Seventy five degrees and breezy. Swind Ciro humidity. We all Chuck, I'll tell you I had to relatives that lived in out in New Mexico, and they talked about the lack of humidity and we, we gave we just gave a friend book about all things southern this book has a full chapter on humidity. Okay. What does that tell you? That's what, what can I do for you today, Chuck? I wanted to share if I could just a couple of stories that happened to me on a experience. I had with far star. He was such a great guy. And I was working in nonprofit. Trying to do a fundraiser one time and booked Bart star for speaker. And you know it went through the talent agency and everything. And, and it's was very clear in the contract that Bart had a was to receive his payment, the but then I class, non-refundable airfare, you know, or refundable, airfare, and everything else. And as soon as I booked, the, the speaking engagement with him, he called me within half an hour, and he said, you know, that part about the first class airfare, he says, I know you're trying to do this for, for to help people in your community says booked me on south west airlines, and that'll be fine. And I just thought what an impress. Thing that a guy like that, you know, cared enough about, you know, the people to, to offer that, so what, so what he did said, you don't have to fly first class because that way your club will save more money for the cause that you're raising money for. Correct. And then as a follow up, we were sitting around the table, and he was telling us that at that point, he, he had a restriction on how many how many pieces of NFL gear he could sign for us. And we were sitting at the table talking about it and a young man came up from the military holding a football. And he said he said, you know, I just got back from Iraq, and he said, my little boy, sent this football with me to see if I could get your signature on it. He was one of the guards for the event and Bart Starr looked around the table a little bit. And everybody was looking at him. And he turned to me, and he said, and then looked at the guy and he said, you know, I think I've got to go to the restroom, and they stood up. And I, I was in charge of his security that night. So we worked for the restroom, and they walk in the restroom, Bart star said, let me see that football. And he signed the football for that military veteran. That's great Chuck, I'm so sorry. I've gotta run and take a break, but I appreciate your call those a wonderful stories about Babacar this. We're gonna take a quick break. When we come back, we'll be joined my coach Chris lamonica, Mississippi State. This is. Tony on art soon for Paul finebaum. This is the Paul finebaum show to listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. All right. Great stuff from Jake Mangum. Welcome everybody back. It's Tony Barnhart sitting in for Paul finebaum. And our next guest is the first year head coach. At Mississippi State university built the program at Indiana for four years before taking over Mississippi State, and now the BULLDOGS are back in the college World Series coach Chris Lhamo coach. It is good to be with you. Congratulations, thanks. It's a man. It's been a fun couple months, and the last couple of days. Here were just you couldn't write the script much better. You know, I was thinking that last night, you know, I I'm an old guy, I've done this a long time. I not a whole lot gives me chills anymore when it comes to because I've seen just about everything, but I was thinking when McNamee was up there. I said, what if this guy goes long and parks this thing, this is right out of a Hollywood movie, the all time leading hit guy for you? And then this, this guy who's been such a big part of your program. Just absolutely Jackson out of the park that the, the emotion running through that stadium. Do seen a lot of great things that duty. No emotion. Must have been incredible. It was amazing, the curtain call. Ause. I mean, they're having to tip their hats, even before their pitches, and our fans have such an appreciation for our players. I mean, it's just such a different relationship than you see most places. So our fans knew those were the elastic bats are thought those were the last at bats, and then for those guys do the things they did. It was like I said earlier, it was magical and it has been a tough week for Elijah. He doesn't go draft. And Ryan, you know. So there was a lot of emotion. He was probably as low as you could be on on Monday or Tuesday. And then by the time we got to the weekend he was floating around those bases. And this is coach. You're so happy to see a kid just keep fighting through and persevered and, and walk out of that stadium as champion coach a hurt. Somebody else interview about this, obviously, you had built a wonderful program at Indiana, but you felt like this was too good of an opportunity to pass up. You just don't pass up Mississippi State and what we saw last night, what your first you what does that cause you inherit a very. Very good baseball team. And what is it like when, when that happens, and you've got special guys on that roster like the guys who who excelled last night? We just get we have great leadership, and I was fortunate I went into an Indiana program that Tracy Smith. It started and Vendome Mahal with and able to keep that moving and then to be able to come here and continue on what happened last year and our leadership of our older. Guys, Jake Mangum the and Smalls the co Gordon who's been Mr. postseason here, Mississippi State. I mean, we just have some, some great leadership and our program, very talented players. But the culture and the makeup is what makes us special well in a lot of people don't know this. Your, your dad went to Mississippi State and so you, you had some working knowledge of this place when you were making your decision. Well, that's that's been a neat piece of it. We've always had a cow bell in the house. We weren't here all the time we were all over the country, but I lived here as a younger kid. My parents lived in married housing. So it's been a neat experience. Getting back in my parents only live with my parents are in Birmingham. They live two hours away. They're at every game. I mean they were there last night, and it just it's been something special to share with them. I know how much it's university means to them, you know, just thinking about the seniors on this roster. We talked we talked about the other two guys what you've got some other important seniors on this roster. And I thought Jake probably said it best, these guys didn't come back just to get to Omaha that came back for something bigger than that. They did. And they they've been on a mission since we got back. I, I met with them on the day they got back from Omaha last year. And it was a very disappointed group of guys. They're getting a new coach but the message was clear and it was the message was from the players that they still had work to do. And they've been on a mission all year long the way they play the way they work and like everybody going home. Hall, you're going there, and your goal is to bring that trophy home, and our guys are very adamant in their work, and everything they do to hopefully, make that happen. You know, coach when you talk to other coaches who have been to the college World Series, they'll tell you that, you know, this, you got to have a plan, you gotta go in 'cause it's really unlike it's eight teams. And you can go stretches if you win you go stretches without playing what, what basically, I'm not gonna ask you to give away your plan. But it is true that you gotta go to Omaha with a plan. Right. We do our plans to throw eighth and small game once. A little bit. Yeah. I've had an opportunity to coach there. Three times, was on a team you know as a player, as you know, coached there within the big ten you have your conference tournament there. So I have a lot of thirty with Omaha with TD Ameritrade with how the winds blow. And so, you know, our guys for us to get there and play good. Baseball's the biggest thing and how we match up you need a little luck. You need to match up in a great way. And then you need to play good. And last year's team went in there and play good. And the good thing for us when you play a duty noble. And it's so crazy all the time are kids or is used to the big environment is anybody. And so the, the chaos piece of Omaha I think we'll be ready for well, and I was going to ask you, do you have to have a conversation with your baseball team, saying, hey guys, we just experienced something great, which gives us the opportunity to do something even greater but everybody's got calm down. Everybody's got to forget, you know, let's don't dwell on the past and let's focus on the next task at hand. That's really the way you gotta approach it. Right. Well, we had that conversation about twenty minutes ago. And that congratulated them because it was such a special moment last night and what they've done here duty noble all year. They have dominated playing at home. But then we changed the conversation to where we still got work to do. And then and Mississippi State hadn't won a national championship and in baseball. So it's a, it's a big piece for us, and they know it our fans remind you of it, but it's a it's a neat thing, and it's our goal and it's been our goal since day one. Well coach it was an incredible thing to watch. And we those of us who follow college baseball a little bit enjoyed it last night. So congratulations. And good luck in Omaha. Thank you, hell. State. All right. Very good. Coach Chris lem onus of Mississippi State, we've got a few minutes before we have to take a break. Let's go to Joe in Georgia. Hijo. Joe? Grandma, and I really enjoyed that and you're my favorite sports personality, not appreciate you. But I have a story about a Bill curry I played against him in highschool. He played for college park high canoe and I pray play for hateful. And one of my jobs was to block him. He played linebacker on defense and. Has got to him on the first time we'd heard about him. He's a real great player and I was used to having the my way with linebackers and just as I got to in blocking he turned, and stiffened, and it was just like I hit a brick wall later later in the gang metro three or four blocks. I notice he had blood all over his jersey and I thought, all right? We're getting to the famous Bill curry, but at the end of the game, which they won. I realized that's our blood, not he is. Well, he was he was a special player at college part, went to Georgia Tech to play for the great Bobby Dodd, and he talks, how tough it was there. But he somehow he managed to be a great player at Georgia Tech to play in the NFL for two years to play in two Super Bowls. And to be the head coach at four different four different schools. So that must've been it must've been quite an experience for you. Yeah, it was in one more thing. He he had a sister named Linda. She was a couple of years younger, and I got a date with her. And I went over to pick her up his house in his father, wouldn't there. So he came to the door, and I had to reach on shake his hand, and I have a big hand, but he wrapped his fingers around my hand and shook. My hand it said you bring her bag just like she left to your and I made sure she said on the side of the car all night long. Oh, goodness. Bill curry being the big brother that good myth reshape the call. Tony by Joe. I appreciate that. Yeah. It's it's been an interesting thing watching Bill curry and his career, obviously got to know him when he was the head coach at Georgia Tech. And then later on when he coached it Kentucky when he goes to the Alabama and he's a very, very special person. One of the best public speakers, you are ever going to see we have time for one, more call. Let's see. Let's go to Jim, in Texas, Jim we've got about two minutes. Little bit less than two minutes. How are you today? I'm doing just great. Thank you. I got a couple of stories about Ben star and Bart star. I went to the same high school Bart star, which is thin linear and Montgomery, Alabama. And of course, he was the big hero here in Montgomery. There's also base in Montgomery called Maxwell air force base, where BART's daddy, Ben star used to work, and he was an old retired marine chew on a cigar all day until it was completely gone. But anyway, he was a colorful man and one day, his son Bart visited the pool. And of course, it was crowded with, you know, a couple of hundred people's a big old pool there on the base. And those kids were all over Bart star. There were falling all around, and if bark was as tough as his daddy, and I know his daddy was incredibly tough just from the fact that he was a grisly. Ex-marine and he did things right. That, but anyway, I just wanted to share that little story about two colorful history of both Bart and been which I was blessed enough to, to have an association with both of them at one time, Jim, I appreciate your call them. Those are great stories about botch star in his dad. So folks, we're gonna take a break, and we get back. We're here to take your calls at eight five five two four two seven two eight five. We'll be here until seven o'clock with updates on baseball. This is Tony Barnhart, sit in for Paul. This is the Paul finebaum show.

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