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APP APPLE PODCASTS or wherever you get your podcast. Hello the Internet, and welcome to this episode of Sacra Trento California. Jack O'Brien then is DJ Dana you're. Wouldn't there's an echo on your name it sounds like an anal. And welcome back to my high school experience or. Whatever Denial Signing good enough for abilities the honest. John. Hey speaking of bullies. Yes. Hashtag he's back. El Presidente Donald Trump has. Bullied. The Corona virus kicked its ass. Now he's back to bullying the rest of us. Yes. An absolutely unheard record time. Yeah Yeah. So I mean it's causing another thing that's training is trump cove hoax because people are like. That's not how Kobe works not even closer he. Is lying now or didn't have it. Lied when he said he had it. I can tell you which of those two is true. It's not the one where he lies to make himself seem vulnerable that that is it does not seem to be his style. But, yeah, the his daughter just came out gave a press conference was like I. Mean You've seen the tweets you've seen the videos. He's back man. Good. What is chill? Why even ask? Questions anymore this is. fucking machine Bro Yeah nonsense it's. Yeah, it will. We'll see how the story develops the latest Kelly. mcenaney has it as we talk on tomorrow's show about but when it seems like the the direction, the story has headed, they tease it a little bit. They said, he was probably going to leave the hospital on Monday. And now they're all all signs point to. They're just GONNA keep keep hurdle in down that direction. Keeping he's going to keep being treated at the White House. There's. I mean he's post to be quarantining. He? He should be quarantining if he was exposed to somebody with. Corona virus let alone has it like rights like what we suspected all along that he is a superhuman God turns out to be correct. I guess, is there any other news on his on his comings and goings I mean other than the way that he's endangering all the people around him with reckless abandon and it's just you know that that's pretty much. You're seeing him exposed himself to so many other people. I think the the super spreader event of the Rose Garden is going to be something that we'll be tracking much. More closely as we can just kind of pinpoint these people into whom they connected like I. think that's going to be some. You know red red thread on the board kind of thing you know Charlie with the cigarette just like right. So is here in the news here in the news here in the news here, but it will it will be legitimate like it will be necessary. Contact tracing exactly. We'll be doing it for meals and it just is extra over the top because. We have an event where people were pretending like corona buyers did not exist, but it wasn't real well. anyways. That's that's where we're at will let you know if there are any more developments in the next fifteen minutes the yet we got the Herro snarl the tyler hero snarl I don't know if DJ. Daniel if you watched a game three of watch game three of the finals. Butler. The to guard for the heat. Wins off went off. A forty points at a triple double. Didn't he? Yeah. He's definitely the I. Think the reason that they're in the finals. You know Bam people are talking a lot about Bam being their best player. But he is the new ingredient. He's the he's the guy who got added this year him and tyler hero but he's the veteran leadership got added this year and last year that didn't make the playoffs this year they are in the finals. And in it now it's not going to be a sweep. It's not going to be a it's I think it's going to be a good series. We'll see I'm I'm definitely interested. It doesn't ring the same way that like a gentleman sweep does of like the win three games lose one to give them hope and then when the when the fifth game right definitely rings of like Okay Miami here apply. Yeah because especially they're. Supposed best player Bam auto bio was out in game three still they still won. So once he's back Yeah. Well, we will see we sean, but hero snarl is the their rookie who looks like a I mean he he is a teenager I think Johnny he's A. and He after he got an and one, he walked to the free throw line and gave a snarl that was. I I don't know I. It immediately struck me as embarrassing because it looked like. It looked like my. Four year old try like practicing snarl in the mirror It just didn't. It wasn't convincing it was very self-conscious and. You know didn't come naturally but I respect it because he is. Ball. balling. I, love that L.. Yeah I. It's showy. It's fun I love the bubble right now I think it's highlighting everything. It's highlighting every player's behavior and stuff like that and you know. As short-sighted, it may be as for someone as young as tyler hero I still still love I. Still Love The showmanship. It's fun. He's Kentucky player. This is another person who went to UK University of Kentucky. and was hidden from because he he he wasn't the number one pick even though he's probably the best rookie of his class same with Devon. Booker these are guys who You know were incredible players who went in the teens I. Thank our. You know they weren't top five picks because. I have my allegiances and I'm not a huge fan of the University of Kentucky currently their current coaching. The amount of talent that went through there over the past. Fifteen years, and the fact that they have only one one title is truly astounding. Bam. Out of bio went to Kentucky also did you really? Yeah, get everybody is there's so many Kentucky guys and Anthony Davis went to Kentucky now granted he did win the title, win the title with them. He is the one example of where they actually managed to win the title but. anyways. Enough Kentucky Hey. I do love the Kentucky fans just not a fan of coach cow Pushed back movies push-back Sorry guys. You Kentucky fans who feel insulted just know that I'm having a tough day because movies pushed back. they pushed baby. Dune and Batman I mean come on what do I have to lift for. Narrow. So what's what's the latest? When was doing post to come out and when is it coming out? So Dune just got pushed back to October first of next year and Batman is also currently data for the same day so but there's a chance that Batman could be delayed as well. So says variety I think this is just you know standard fare for pretty much every movie that's being that's being you know. Shown right now or rather previewed right now while we are still in the midst of figuring out what the Hell is going on. So you know it's just it's just going to happen for everything until we have a very clear solution until we have a vaccine, I don't suspect anything to be released on time at all until we have something legit. Right. Yeah. Because tenant came out. It was supposed to be a pretty sure thing and it did not. Did Not hit the way that people expect Christopher Nolan picture to hit. But Dune just dropped a really dope trailer. So this is kind of a bummer that they're now. Were they supposed to come out one was doing supposed to come out. Dunes original release date. Is supposed to be December. Eighteenth of this year. Wow. ooh. So they pushed it back a mere ten months. He I'm Oh. Wow. Oh. No. No No. Yeah. So things are going well. generally, we we feel like we got this Kobe thing licked. As one of the president's supporters said you know we just need to make A. Vaccine out of his blood and all, and only give it to the right because because he's invincible and. So. Yeah it's GonNa it's GonNa be a while. 'til we're back to normal and even then like I don't think many people are GonNa, take the vaccine because it's become associated with trump right? So we'll see. Jay Bell. McDonald's colon baby now. Real Shit let's now I i. know we held off this long I know this is what you guys really tuned in to hear about No McDonald's of. You know the this story officially informed me many many years after you guys already knew but I'm oldest fuck. I didn't really know who J. Building was I. Think I called him Jay Glavin when I I Didn't even need rat yourself out on. Telling Myself Jay Glavin and baby? Oh. Yeah. Love it. Yeah. So Jay, Bell than McDonald's like years and years ahead of me in terms of pop culture. I did know who Travis Scott was I do listening to I think it was dough boys and they were like, who's Travis Scott? What is a Travis Scott? they got a similar young person to fill them in on what the Hatch was, but j Alvin isn't as popular as Travis, Scott Right I. mean he has a lot of record sales I would say he's definitely the most popular person than the reggae tone him and bad bunny together but but I mean, he's a huge huge artist. I would say I mean maybe not spotify numbers wise it when I put it on the exact same level but he has super super super mega hits he has thirty five million albums or three, five, million sales on album. So it's like I mean he's. Extremely popular. But I. I'm I'm excited for. Do you think maybe we get a tiny little grammy happy meal toy now do you think they'll start doing like grammy series they'll do like Travis Scott j Galvin and then who knows like Day or they'll get some other pop artists or some other people, and then just be like grammy series. like limited edition gramophones. Yeah I mean we do know that kids love award season. That, that would be huge huge with kids. Practicing their acceptance speeches. Yeah you see the clothing line that came out with the Travis Scott special though the Kravis got food. No, it was. He was selling like forty pieces of Merch that were all Cactus Jack McDonald's brandon things. Was Yes it was the food and then it was literally forty pieces of Merch that it was like, yeah. Limited quantities go after get after it and the that stuff sold out like that. Yeah the streetwear market can be. A little confusing. Agree I did love like one of his pairs of Jordan's but yeah, not. Not Enough to. Just scoop up all that all forty, the fortieth most popular. Piece, of McDonald's collaboration. All right NJ Galvin's Collab- with McDonald's is the meal he gets which is. What we looking at. Big Mac. We're looking at medium fries. With Ketchup. which is it's interesting that feel the need to specify as opposed. As opposed fries in. In, the barbecue sauce I did money. He's a wild man I mean that's the first thing you all need to understand about. Trans Scott. He loves is not live life your script who dips his fries in barbecue sauce him on the barbecue sauce. For that delivery. For it So, Jay Belva more down the middle in terms of Friday pige buttons hold onto your butts because. On the beverage side, you're not even getting a beverage instead is an Oriole MC flair. What. Yeah, my head just exploded I. Know It's kind gross actually. A clean that. Brains everywhere in this office. The yeah I mean, that's pretty like that is actually not a value if you're paying the same Matt, you would for. That male with a with a Soda Seda. Road. The fact that you're getting a little little ice cream treat, I might have to get this Belvin full support. Some of his jams they they are trading. Jams from that Jay Glavin they. Married. There he is ladies and gentlemen got him. Lit. Up. I love it. I love it. All right. Well guys that is going to do it for today's episode of trending. I will be back tomorrow with both miles and I. And a great episode It's a classic. It's a classic. Do you hear that he never says that? But then wash your hands stay inside wear masks unless you're you know ready to die for the president. be kind to each other become to yourselves. Don't do nothing about white supremacy and we'll talk y'all tomorrow. Piece of the Planet Kalemie God here, and it is a privilege and honor to be able to introduce. A new podcast creates shot no chaser hosted by queen named Tesla Figaro debut in on my new black affect podcast network on iheartradio. She is the hood whisper in the game of politics and you won't take it. She give it to you straight shot no chaser. You've been warned which you will be informed. This is Tesla. That, saying the truth is to swallow will I've learned that the more you can the truth the easier become suggests the truth is an acquired taste. I'm GonNa give you the truth one shot glass at a time I wanted to light a fire in your soul a fire that no one can put out a fire that empowers you speak to stand up and to affirm your right rightful purpose in this world. Oh, my podcast will cover. A number of topics, politics, black lifestyle, racial justice, and for the soul to inspire you, my guest will include everyone `gangstas past politicians activists you name it they pull enough. So sip this truth with me and like I always say you can either use it a it but I came make it shoes age subscribe now and listen to straight shot no chaser with Tesla Figaro on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast. Hi I'm Christian homes I've covered campaigns, Capitol Hill the White House and everything Washington for CNN. But nothing tops the importance of this upcoming election and my job to help you make sense of it. All welcome to election one. Oh, one for the next ten weeks we'll figure out the electoral process together of talk to experts, historians, and some of you will address the safety of mail and voting inform you of deadlines and make sure you know all your options. You'll learn why voter registration is different from state to state and even from person to person. I'll help you figure out how to watch the debates a little more closely and how to get a better read on what the candidates really stand for. Yes. This election year is different, and this is a different kind of podcast election one was created to help you learn how to make the most of your vote. This November listen to election one one Wednesday on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast.

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