January 21, 2020: Senate resumes impeachment trial of President Trump


Five things is brought to you by the real real. The leading reseller of authenticated luxury consignment by in store on the APP or at the real real dot Com and received twenty percent off select items with Promo code real stay tuned after the episode to learn more. Take Good Morning Time. Clare Thornton filling in for host Taylor Wilson. It's Tuesday January twenty first yesterday on twitter. We asked if you knew when Mlk Day became a national holiday. Only thirty eight percent of you responded correctly with the year nineteen eighty-six. We'll be seeing how much you know about top stories with a new question on twitter after today's podcast follow us there at USA The USA. Today podcast join in now onto the show. The state of emergency around Virginia State capital expires. Today no major incidents were reported at yesterday's gun rights rally in Richmond. The hour-long demonstration Asian concluded a little afternoon with only one arrest police estimated. The size of the crowd was twenty two thousand people with six thousand thousand people on Capitol Square a grassroots gun rights group called the Virginia Citizens Defense League led the rally. They strongly oppose gun. Control legislation passed by Virginia's Democratic Lead state legislature those laws include a limit to one handgun purchase per month a universal background background check requirement on gun sales and a rule allowing localities to ban guns and some public areas a proposal for a red flag law which allows authorities to temporarily take guns away from anyone deemed dangerous to themselves or others being considered while the laws could be challenged used in Virginia courts. Similar proposals in other states have not been struck down as violating the second amendment. ooh The Senate impeachment trial of President Trump resumes today. USA Today Politics Reporter Savannah Bourbon. Men tells us what to expect. Here's Savannah the Senate convenes at one PM today where they will debate and vote on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's organizing I think resolution for President Donald Trump impeachment trial in the senate. The trial resumes senators debating on how the rules for how the trial will be conducted but and potentially the star of opening arguments from house managers and White House lawyers the democratic impeachment managers and the President's lawyers would be given twenty hours each to present their cases under these just rules each side's presentations take place over two working days in the Senate meaning. That presentations could go late into the night following the presentation. Senators are allowed to question in both sides for a period of sixteen hours the House of Representatives Impeach President Trump on December eighteenth on two charges abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The president's legal team said in a brief filed Monday but the two articles of impeachment quote do not identify any impeachable offense votes on calling witnesses or or documents will not be allowed until after the question phase of the trial. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has said quote. It's clear senator. McConnell is hell bent on making it much more difficult to get witnesses and documents and is intent on rushing the trial through it. Simple majority of fifty one senators is required to pass a motion to call witnesses or documents admits there are currently forty seven Democratic senators which means four Republicans would have to join all democrats in voting for witnesses. Democrats have expressed wanting to hear from former national security adviser. John Bolton Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney Senior Adviser Mulvaney Robert Blair an office of Management and budget associate director Michael Duffy. There's no mention of motion to dismiss the impeachment articles into organizing resolution something that the president and his allies on Capitol Hill. I'll have pushed for. But trump's impeachment trial will likely start with a fierce debate between Democrats and Republicans. Today is the deadline for or states to opt into Federal Refugee Resettlement programs for twenty twenty so far at least forty two states have opted into the program earlier earlier this month. Texas became the first state to bar refugees by opting out of the program. Texas governor Greg. Abbott said. His state has big big resource strains from dealing with a quote broken federal Immigration System Unquote the state's largest cities refugee advocates and Evangelical Christians. Christians all pressured Abbott to remain in the program. Texas has historically resettled more refugees than any other state but they seen a sharp decline in the number of refugees. Refugees resettled since two thousand sixteen in two thousand sixteen. Roughly seven thousand eight hundred refugees resettled in the state according to Church World Service. US that number dropped by roughly three thousand people. The following year in Twenty Nineteen Texas settled two thousand four hundred fifty eight refugees. The head of a Chinese government expert team has said that human to human transmission has been confirmed an outbreak of a new corona virus. The development raises the possibility that it could spread more quickly and widely respiratory expert song. Nonchalance said to people in Guangdong Giang province in southern China caught the virus from family members. Some medical workers have also tested positive for the virus in Geneva the World Health Organization announced it would mean an emergency committee meeting on Wednesday to determine whether the outbreak wards being declared a global health crisis. Such declarations are typically made for epidemics of severe diseases that threaten to cross borders and require internationally coordinated response previous global emergencies have been declared for crises including the ongoing Ebola outbreak in Congo. The emergence of Zeke Virus in the Americas and twenty sixteen and and the West Africa Ebola outbreak twenty fourteen and last up super bowl. Fifty four will be between the Kansas City chiefs chiefs and the San Francisco Forty niners. The chiefs are back in the Super Bowl for the first time since they won super bowl. Four following the nineteen sixty nine season. Listen the final time the NFL and AFL champions squared off before the leagues merged in one thousand nine hundred seventy separate Cisco joins the nineteen eighty-eight bengals angles and one thousand nine hundred ninety nine rams as the only teams to reach the super bowl a year after winning four or fewer games the niners are now one win from securing their sixth Lombardi trophy which would tie them with the steelers patriots for most ever. You can catch new episodes of five if things Monday. Through Saturday on Apple podcasts spotify and wherever else you get your pods including the Google home. An Amazon Echo and I'd love you ought all to subscribe and leave us a rating and review. Consignment is one of the simplest ways to reuse resources and contribute to a circular economy. And the real real is the leading leading reseller for authenticated luxury. Consignment sell your men's and women's luxury fashion fine jewelry watches art and even homegoods. 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