DNB: Biden Declares War On Ghost Guns, Law Modeling, WH Brings In The OKC Retreads & Unvaccinated Troops Called A Threat To National Security


The drive time news blast thirty minutes forty five per patrons news of the day from a perspective of truth liberty and justice. This is monica parang. Brad biggie our top story. Joe biden coming down with executive orders and other directives to respond to watch. Cnn so completely tellingly propaganda. Aesthetically says they literally start the article by saying facing pressure to act after a recent spate of high profile. Mass shootings president. Joe biden unveiled a package of moves. Thursday that seeks to address the scourge of gun violence he deems that a blemish on the nation. So the for the whole thing straight out of the gate on. Cnn is all propaganda but the there are many details to this. That really triggered me. I did not do not think they released the actual executive orders yet. I will say that the two big focuses and it seems to me what they do is just chip away chip away chip away at the second amendment and what they're focusing on here. Is this idea of the ghost. Gun the ghost gun. Which is an expression i had never heard before. I assume that it's meant to take aim at three d. printed guns. That is something. That merrick garland the attorney. General is going to address specifically the three d. printed guns but the ghost guns are self. Assembled firearms often put together with parts sold online four. They do have serial numbers parts. Do not require a background check. Some ghost guns can be fabricated in as little as thirty minutes. I mean thank god if you're like a victim of domestic violence and i've been stuck behind a waiting law but i guess you can't really get stuff online that fast so they also are looking at the department of justice is meant to consider publishing model red flag laws and those are tantamount to a federal law because they have these associations of governors and legislators fat coordinate legislation across the country so that to me is a flag that there's a federal approach to this. Obviously the reminds me of what the guy was saying in the rocks and video about the un. We created all the walls. If the so you guys can just follow these laws absolutely. That's what model laws are forest. So i never like those. That's why i paid so much attention. When obama had the task force for twenty first century policing mrs they are getting ready to write. Model laws and model laws are often adopted. And i'll tell you the kind of person they're adopted by so i'll tell you in a second. This is very important who who biden tapped as head of the atf. Back on firearms. There hasn't been an official had in years. This guy is going to be the new head so he let me just finish with. Biden was saying the things that really triggered me about what he was saying. He said this is a public health crisis. Go it's really important that he's using those Those expressions because that's the way the executive branch gets away with violating the balance of power's. The checks bounces. Legislators are supposed to legislate if they call it. A regulation like new york. They couldn't get smoking banned from bars so bloomberg and giuliani booth kind of used health regulations to get it to circumvent the will of the people. That's very important. And of course the covert thing has got everybody on board who completely putting themselves under house arrest for year at the cry. that is contradicted. The facts are contradicted by the policy when it comes to actually the health impact still people will just a- defer one hundred percents of that. He says he said a couple of things that really made me not so two more things. he said. No amendments of the constitution is obsolete from the very beginning. You couldn't own any weapon you wanted to own. From the very beginning. The second amendment existed certain people weren't allowed to have weapons so the idea is just bizarre to suggest that some of the things we're recommending are contrary to the constitution so fat check that a little bit because they thought is he suggesting that there were federal laws against certain weapons and the way he said it so he had said before that you weren't allowed to own a cannon during revolutionary war time something like that which of course cannot be true. How the hell else did we win. You know unless the ban was from the british and it was fact checked bad. That was absolutely not true. And that even if there were bands on cannons it would have to have had been at the state level and many of the states didn't even have constitutions at that point it is possible that certain people weren't allowed to have weapons. I couldn't find any example of that. But i guess it is possible that like benedict arnold whatever but i would assume that it was well. I'm not gonna make any assumptions. But i i don't i cannot see what he's talking about and just to double check about what the second amendment actually says it says a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Now i personally think that this this actually makes a puts an onus. A if there's anything in the bill of rights that i can think of off the top of my head that actually creates a positive obligation. It would be this reference to the militia that we absolutely should have militias in the state because they are necessary to free states but people get caught up in that. Because they think what i'm saying is you should only have a gun. If you're in a militia the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Help biden is talking about. I mean. obviously it's just propaganda. But the thing. The absolute kicker with what biden was saying is the best he said. This is freaking hilarious. This is i think in the cnn. Article put it give it to you for the show notes. The only industry in america a billion dollar industry that can't be sued. He said imagine how different it would be. If the same exemption had been available to tobacco companies let me ask you basically. Can you think of a product or industry that is exempt from liability besides tobacco and firearms vaccine in pretty much. This is i. Could this article be ten years old. Because no one in their right mind could possibly suggests that. It's the early industry that is free for liability and it's not free from liability the the this is not free from liability. They you can. If you're if gun was shoddily manufactured fraudulently advertised and backfire. To the point where it kills you because they made false representations. You can bet your but that that you can sue the firearm company but vaccine does that. You may not sue them. Vaccine does the equivalent of that. You may not sue them. They are free from genuine tort from negligence. All that stuff. You're not allowed to sue them for that. So that i call complete and utter bs on that. But i just put the hypocrisy right out there in front of you. Like people don't see outside their logic proof compartments. We hear about the vaccine stuff. All the time about how they're not they. You can't sue them because of this. And then we're talking about this and it's like it's like it's on another planet. I made the mistake of looking at cnn. Which i never do. And my guess is the people who are targeted by cnn. Actually never do hear anything outside of that narratives goo point but the but i will say like to the extent that he's talking about the constitution the department of justice and the fbi are completely outside the constitution and they are meant to be. There are no the reason they were established was to force onto states unconstitutional laws. That states could otherwise nullify and were actually nullifying especially in the south. So i completely object to the concept that the concept that the supreme court has the right to adjudicate on the constitutionality of congressional law. I feel like the remedy is state nullification and that we know that's the remedy because there's no enforcement mechanism for federal law in the constitution. There is no enforcement mechanism in the fbi or created afterwards. But i have to tell you about this. Atf guy. seem as david chipman. And all i saw all i saw was it said. This guy is a twenty five year veteran of the atf. And i'm thinking to myself immediately. First thing i thought of was twenty five years ago. Oklahoma city was twenty five years ago. And the atf was definitely on the inside of that because there was an atf. There was not up office in that federal building and they did not turn go to work that day. They like at a field trip or something. So i'm thinking twenty five ago he was probably one of those komi types one of those like infants that they were just little teeny. Whatever like young newbie where they were like. This guy may be genuine sociopath. Either way he's reacting to this boy. He's a keeper. I think mike lee if this his first foray into oklahoma city then maybe they knew right away he was there kind of guy. Yeah so i went back so but all it said was twenty five year veteran of vhf and i was like i look. There's no kapiti entry on the guy. I wonder if he had to do with that. Holy cannoli. i'm glad that i well. I hate being logged into linked him. I don't even know how. I have an account but i am. I guess locked into it and they can track you like they will tell the person who looked at the. I know you setting where it doesn't do. Well i don't know. I stumbled upon it and opened it up and there was all the information in its full. Glory which i m pretty confident since i tweeted it out. It will be taken down a sap but this is what it said. I mean you are not going to believe this. This guy he was Let me let me actually read you. The unbelievable blur it says there. I haven't pretty quick so let me. Just pull it up so it starts with. The guy shows his his resume and it goes back like thirty years. He doesn't really look that old. First of all he of course got he went to american university. Which is where i think. Jfk got fingered because like marks for death because of his last speeches at american university. This guy got a masters at like what. What university was you think would be like a sure sign. The guy is a deep stater. Harvard yale. johns hopkins see. I know. there's a lot but johnson do that. Actually because this guy's mentioned in the story that have they also okay so he. Most recently is a senior policy advisor at the gifford's courage to fight gun violence institute where he focuses on ghost guns so they're just taking away before that though he was an. Svp at shot. Spotter shot spotter. Which i am telling you ten years ago or eleven. Nine years ago. I started talking about shot. Spotter and i had all the frequent neo-con saying you know really just for safety shot. Spotter is where instead of just having cameras. Everywhere they also have microphones everywhere and is in case. This is it. The whole world is blanketed with microphones. In case a gunshot goes off somewhere so that without someone calling it in they can just zip over there but of course picks up voices as well atlanta has this right i remember you talking about it. I think so. I don't i mean it's it's done like it's definitely unrolling but it was shocking when it first came out anyway so he was longtime. Atf guy. He was the an a fellow at these kind of things. Make me absolutely insane. And goes to the model lost the international association of chiefs of police. First of all. He wasn't a police chief and second of all. Why the shit is anybody oop sorry. Is anybody in in this country and an international association of chiefs of police. Why do we want to adopt international standards for something as local as the chief of police like sheriff. Israel's into that stuff to it really pissed me off sorry okay. Then he was. Atf for twenty three years. Okay where are these. Things have to go back to his early thing okay. He was a special agent in the houston in the houston field division. He was a case agent in the branch davidian trial. He responded to the oklahoma city bombing as a member of the western national response team. Boy i i actually how i found this was that i just googled his name and oklahoma city and i knew something would come up and then i go to at it and find in this page and then you find it was way at the bottom special agent washington fields vision where he was in. And this is another thing i was like. I wonder if he was on that. The world trade center bombing response team from the northeast national response team so he happened to be in the northeast national response team in nineteen ninety three when the world trade center ninety three bombing which was an inside job. We have evidence of that. Actually kill people and then he quickly moved to the houston one where he would be johnny on the spot for the oklahoma city and all that. I'm sure there's more but he also was some honcho and overseeing asset forfeitures which it blatantly states in his resume was oversight of assets forfeited as a result of a criminal investigation. I don't know if you're familiar with the asset forfeiture scandal. They take away your assets because they are investigating a crime. You're accused stuff. You don't have to be convicted and you never get the stuff back. So it's a. I rose from you. Yes and here's the problem and there are federal incentives to locals for doing that so you can do it just to get the money. 'cause you get a vague or whatever percentage but you could also target something you cut it. I mean and they've done that so we're like somebody they'll say a pot on your land. We're gonna investigate this because of the city wants to get your land. You won't sell it to them where you're asking too much you know that kind of thing is a very horrible program horrible fence. It shocks the conscience that program. So this guy. David shipman not wouldn't be my top choice. I was thinking they were talking about him in the article. One of the articles. I brought to. I just looked at it. They aren't talking about him. They're talking about. Merrick garland who also helped investigate oklahoma city. Of course bring these domestic terrorism. The retreads back who worked on issues similar issues in the past and they bring their experience to the future. This goes to a question that sam ship liaison the last union of the unwanted which is how do they get away with this. How many people are in on it. How do they keep it a secret. This stuff demonstrates that they have anybody who's in on it who's like they don't have to throw out of a helicopter gets through that first trial. They've retread these people over and over and over again and that's this is proof positive that that guy was in every one of those things merrick garland has a couple to they just know the guys they can count time. They reach right. That's why why would bill barr the ag. Couldn't you get somebody who would give you a little more pale than bill barr. He's a he was a has been but he was the guy who knew where the bodies were buried. He knew how to get that kind of stuff done he was just. The deep state is deep. Stater it's like they had these specialist for all the different issues. Kinda like stacey. Abrams is a specialist in the voter suppression issue and twenty thirty years from now stacey abrams. We hadn't heard from her awhile. And there's another voter suppression issue. That takes charge will see her brought back and inserted into it. I feel like they are a lifelong a handful of issues. And there the guy you call. Maybe they see domestic violence. They pops up on the news guy stars prepared to stuff honey. I'm to be called it again here. In a minute like garland thing it was domestic terrorism because okay see was supposedly the militia guys so these guys do have a theme absolutely. That's a solid ski talks about that. He says you find your issue the thing that you are specialize in and you champion that and you become the person who everyone looks to every time that issue comes up man. that's crazy. I mean this is just anybody who thinks there are two sides of two teams. That they're not all on the same page of the same agenda is out of their minds they all got the jerseys for both sides closet on the domestic terrorism thing. Definitely it like they've passing the baton from middle east stuff to domestic terrorists have not that they won't keep it going with the middle east. The colorado shooter bombing. Sarah all that stuff is gonna you know. Maybe they alternate is similar tone. The biden administration is stepping up its federal efforts to combat domestic terrorism. They announced early on his administration. They were gonna make that a priority over the past week. They have amped up that priority and they are weighing strategies that are historically used a foreign terrorist groups. Which we know this a way to subvert people's rights and subvert the constitution by classifying them the same way they classify foreign terrorism. And they're doing it all on the basis of what happened on january six that's continues to be the basis of a lot of future actions similar to how biden ran for president based on what he says he saw in charlottesville and twenty seventeen the attack which that was also kind of a fabrication. The story that they based all of that on this fabricated stories become the foundation of policies. For years to come people hear him so often. They don't even question the fundamental assumptions which oftentimes were completely made up. Maybe kernels of truth but the takeaways were definitely made up. So here's what they're doing the homeland security department the therefore they're making it a national priority and they're going to be requiring seven point five percent of the billions and grant funds to be spent in combating domestic terrorism. So part of their seven point five percent of their budget now is going to be going to focus on domestic terrorism and binds campaign. Said that they're going to try to establish laws that respect free speech and civil liberties while making the same commitment to root out domestic terrorism as we have done to stop international terrorism perfect. Yeah so they wanna. Libertarians always said don't guantanamo. Don't do these things. You can't categorize these guys as outside the laws enemy combatants. They are like pirates privateers. You can use letters of marque and reprisal what you have to stay within the confines of the constitution. Otherwise you're you're going to have a slippery slope where we do not recognize these fundamental rights anymore and bill barr now. Biden are calling for that very line of thinking absolutely. Here's a quick list of some of the measures. They're going to be taking. They are going to be discussing with congress. A possibility of updating the criteria for the terrorist watchlist to include more homegrown extremists. They are going to be considering domestic terrorism czar at the office of the director of national intelligence. I'm so tired of this. this labels. Czar it sounds like it's a serrato kratsa's czar was like the last of the autocrats person with total power. This is an interesting one here. They're going to be analyzing traveled data. Federal travel data to trace the patterns of possible militia members and extremist especially groups with increasing connections to europe. I actually my gosh. Wow so it's international its domestic but it's international right other domestic domestic just means whites i guess and not even white wave like what are what is not like there's a bunch of people of pure swedish descent running around something. You know that they are doing this but They they're going to be working with private media companies like facebook and twitter to spot the indicators of violence to prevent the backlash before it happens of course but yeah pre crime. But how can they include militia. Militia is a constitution. I would say the only constitutional. I would argue. It's a constitutional requirement that it's like the only thing in the constitution that is required of the states or the people is to have militias right. Yeah i mean they wanna label those militias. The problem yet there were state. Laws probably like swiss switzerland where you will were required. You know not like a draft but like everybody needed to be armed i. I'm pretty sure there were lost like that back in the day. Listen to this aspect of it. It's related to mental health. The department review is focused. Not only on clear acts of terrorism but also on those who are pushed to commit acts because of a combination of mental health issues grievances and ideologies that provide a perceived justification for violence. So this is this. Say that again. The department of review. They're going to be focusing on for the domestic terrorism. There amped up effort is going to be focusing not only on clear acts of terrorism but also on those who are pushed to commit acts because of the combination of mental health issues grievances and ideologies at provide perceive justification for the violence. Think about that. This is all about pre crime really. Yeah it's all of how profiling people as pre criminal so that you can stop them before they start and let me just tell you hand in hand with this. Are these red flag laws. That garland's can push down that deprive us of our liberties without due process of law. They're going to say it's due process of the law because they're going to write a law that they're going to abide by but the the law that we're talking about here is the constitution right. He had a trial by your peers before they're allowed to deprive you of life liberty and that saving up to to void that in hand in hand with the red flag laws no doubt and they do try and give you a way out which they were putting seventy seven million to train police officers to help them to share intelligence across states. So they're gonna be trained to give all their data to other states in federal government. I know who used to lead the charge. With that was obama and eric holder and i did many shows on that people were back in the day people walking out of like the department of justice and stuff because it was such an egregious violation. I think the one thousand nine hundred and four privacy act but just the general principle that you do not want this kind of surveillance. It's bad as against the. What is it the the fourth and fifth. But i think the fourth amendment where you can't you're not allowed to just surveilled people and monitor them. They need to be looking for something specific for a reason that they're committing a crime and you have probable cause and get a warrant issued totally and one final element of this. I have to throw this part in their is. They're going to be doubling the number of grants that they're going to give to organizations that are developing projects to research prevention strategies including off boarding those who are vulnerable to rattle a to radicalization off boarding them. So this is the stand de radicalization programs. This is the re education programs that we're talking about. This article also talks about how far behind the united states is behind germany and having a system of de radicalization set what is off boarding de wrath. Leising off boarding is say you ask somebody who was in word instead of being on yard. Try to capture them as they start to question their cunanan beliefs. Maybe you try to capture them an off board them into accepted narrative before act somebody else radic created apostates to make people who come in. Like i've seen some of those. I escape from q. No like it's a call to mind control cult which it isn't because it doesn't. It doesn't do those things i called. Do tear you down and then build up. Why better yeah build you back better. So in our last story of the free thirty. We're gonna talk about the white house's concern over the one third of those in the military who are not getting vaccinated and what they hope to do about it but before we get to that. I want to tell you about what we're gonna talk about in the patriot. Fifteen which is about how vaccine marketing has hit a new high or low depending on where you stand and of course a big. Thank you to our sponsor of today's show. I am super excited to introduce to our newest sponsors. 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They they don't believe according to this article is out of the new york times is they don't necessarily believe there. Vast numbers of white supremacists in the military but they are concerned about what they are. Calling a more insidious infection of extremism in the ranks. And how it's showing how it shows a shockingly high percentage of troops who refused to take the covid nineteen vaccine so that they consider troops not taking the cova nineteen vaccine as an insidious infection action of extremism in their ranks. Think about that for a second. They consider extremist not to just bow down and take a vaccine. They say it's dangerous national security and in an increasingly complex digital world. They need the troops to guard against disinformation. Trust the data and believe in science because it is increasingly vital on the battlefield says as data and believe in the science. Yes they not reading the stuff coming out of astrazeneca above the fold today. britain main vaccine hit by setback. They're telling people into thirty not to take it because those people are under no threat of death from kovin on their otherwise seriously ill but they are under threat for this blood clotting which they were denying the whole time. i mean. that's what happens when something is not. Fda approved emergency authorization is just that yeah. I mean this is really. I can't believe that. I guess they cannot force the soldiers to get it because it has not yet been approved. Exactly listen to this. This is their words again. The troops crisis of confidence in the vaccine is potentially watershed moment in warfare. A watershed moment for the first time. Ever online disinformation is directly threatening the united states military readiness talk and then they go into talk about logical operations yet right so not taking the backseat military readiness. Surely i read a public letter an open letter that the history homos guys sent me saying that. He's william from england of a doctor who said this is crazy. We have entire departments who are not showing up for work because they go and mass at lunch time to get their vaccinations and they're all sick the next day. So if it the chances of all the soldiers getting deathly ill from cova at the same time has to be weighed against the the pretty much common extremely common side effect. I would say most people get really sick after that second. Shy yup. Well here's the kicker of this article is that if we allow the disinformation to cloud the judgment of the service members and erode their trust in science than we weren't we won't be ready for the next fight and russia and china. They know this and they have online campaigns to sow doubt and our vaccine so the pentagon must step up and deliver more aggressive campaign to counter that russia and chinese disinformation in the first step is to just get the troops to take the damn vaccine. America will be stronger once they do. I guess you don't get a promotion if you don't get vexed. Perhaps that's a good point. That could be where this is going. I'll tell you in the patron fifteen. How the symbolism for ivan vaccines freely is flourishing flowering. If you will so. I have a couple of shoutouts want to alex. Thank you very much alex for your support. He's a new patron. Saint the newest patron saint and also our friend justin who i refer to in the sponsorship shoutout. Justin wants to shout out the discord server. Anyone who wants to so. This isn't not to be a patriot patriot. On anyone who wants to can come join. They chat there these rural propaganda report listeners. 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News blast every weekday after the proper port dot com or your favorite podcasting platform propaganda report. Podcast feed if you want access to the extra content that we drop everytime we drop. Dnb go to patriotdepot dot com slash properly report and become a patron or you can check us out at rock dot com slash propaganda report. We were do deep dive video. Podcast de constructions. Talk to you guys in the patient. Fifteen or tomorrow. Have a fantastic rest of your day.

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