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Teen Podcast Episode 25 Abishai the Brother of Joab


<music> <music> good day everyone this is brother. Josh hodge with the magnify him together podcasts. This is episode number twenty five and part six six of the series entitled mighty lessons from mighty men in part six is entitled attache. I the brother of joab now. This story is really a two apart. Story won a positive and one negative now abbas one of david's mighty men is mentioned here in second samuel twenty three in verse eighteen and and he's going to do something mighty with a spear but we must always remember that we don't wrestle against flesh and blood but we take on the whole armor of god. It's a spiritual warfare that we're fighting. We want to find out what is the lesson for us. How is it relevant for us because because we no longer use a spear mike attache ided now before we get into the story of abba shy. He said to be the brother other joab the son who's air you. Can you imagine being a son of uae or maybe just a friend of one one of the sons in your over for dinner. That would be a scary meal. The sons of zehr you i abbas joab oh ab as a hell gruff tough rough men lease. That's what i picture david. David said you sons of zero wire too hard for me and david was king a faithful king a mighty warrior himself often he said that well so the sons of sorry why were actually david's mighty men but it would appear not all of them and we'll get to that shortly well attache. I was one of the mighty men he was in another group of three three. Not the first three this is now new group and it says he lifted up his spear against three hundred and slew them. That's the story that now what's interesting about that. Is you might recall something very similar happening running before the remember who else lou three hundred men it was well it was joshua beam the hackman night he slew three hundred men but we learned that when we compare both accounts josh abeam slew three hundred and he also slough flu eight hundred appears to be a separate occasion whereas attache i only appears appears to have killed three hundred now say only appears that's incredible but compared to joshua bean while that's a lot less significant. So what do we draw from this. It's almost like we're being told think of josh beam remember the lesson from joshua beam. Nothing is too hard for the lord with god. All things are possible. Well yeah well. There's a similar lesson here. We have a similar individual doing something similar just on a lesser scale and it says as of of abbas was he not most honorable three therefore he was their captain how he attained not unto the first i three and so we're being told there's levels to this. These names are like names in the book of life but not everybody. Everybody is going to be provided the same not everybody accomplishes the same not. Everybody's faith is the same measure of faith were told in romans twelve and that's the case here. Some acts are mightier than others. Some did not attain unto others others but still there in the book of life. Jesus tells a parable pair bulletin in luke nineteen and he says while there was there was a nobleman you went into our country wanted a kingdom and called his ten servants and delivered them ten in pounds and he says occupy to come make use of what i have given you. He says while the servants went off and and they traded they made use of what they were given the first servant coming back to the nobleman who wanted to kingdom look i i've i've gained ten pounds and the nobleman said you've been faithful. I will give you ten cities and the next servant came in he said i've gained five pounds and well the nobleman's you get five cities and then the talked about somebody who didn't use their pound and they'd be judged and they would not be provided anything in the kingdom age but even those who did make get into the kingdom age well some got ten cities and other five cities and that's just the point while attache. I did mighty acts. It wasn't quite liked joshua bean and in the kingdom they'll be different responsibilities vote according according to how we live our lives now that's why the twelve disciples will sit on twelfth thrones judging the twelve tribes of israel not everybody can do that and so one lesson for us is not to compare ourselves among ourselves but to do all that we can to use news what god has given us each according to our ability but did you notice how that parable arable ended with one man who didn't do anything didn't make use of what had been given him and it appears here in second samuel aimal twenty three that there's somebody else like that because it says abbas shah the brother of joab lab. Did you know jobs never mentioned in this chapter of doing anything and yet when we think think of joa we think wow what a person we just don't know quite what to think of him. David didn't didn't certainly job was mighty but was he. A mighty man of david was he mighty man of god. You remember number what all of the mighty men at in common we looked at the very first part of this series talking about the mighty men who wanted to make david their king according to the word out of your way they wanted to do things according to god's will and they wanted to support their king and while joab a mighty man he led armies against ammon and moab and eat them he also led the assault on the fortress of what would later become jerusalem the capital but he also was a mighty man but not according to god or david because he killed abner against the kings will david's will he killed absalom agains david's will he killed a massa. He offered his allegiance agents to add in nigeria instead of solomon and on the brink of death. David told solomon have joab killed. You see we're all provided with different abilities and we need to use those abilities for when christ comes back back he will provide for us according to who are measure of faith in what we have done with that faith. We've had davidge shy. I abbas is in the book of life but joab he was just a brother. It was the brother of joab. He didn't do anything second. Samuel twenty three twenty four says as a hell was there as well as a held. The brother of job job is only mentioned in directly and that's how the book of life works are names can be there but our names can be blotted out of the book of life and it would appear joab. 's name was so remember not to compare ourselves dell's among ourselves the lesson of attache and we will be granted different responsibilities in the kingdom but also remember our names can be blotted out of the book of life and as we fight our spiritual warfare remember we don't wrestle the gates flesh and blood but against the wiles of the devil gainst the deceit sutin and so put on the armor of god next time in our last time we'll put on armor of god one last time and we'll learn of lesson part seven <music> from bennaya <music> <music>.

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