Tuesday Tech Titbits - Microsofot 365 Alternatives


This is your Tuesday ten ten minutes from Joey's totally Tech. So you don't want to pay for Microsoft Office or the subscription for Microsoft? 365. I don't blame you. That's why today I'm letting you know about other Alternatives both free and paid today on the Tuesday Tech said bit right after these messages. Do you like the song a good sound effects? We're using on the Joey's totally Tech podcast. Well, we get the licensing for this music through epidemic sound. If you're a content creator created video on YouTube or other social media platforms or a fellow podcaster visit bit. Ly epidemic. That's a bit. M y / jtt epidemic and you can sign up for a subscription for as little as $15 per month. They have a wide variety of genres of music as well as Sam effects. You can incorporate into your content. You don't have to pay royalties. You just pay the monthly subscription fee or you can also by birth Lifetime licenses to a particular tunes and effects too. So if you want to use some fresh music and help support this podcast to check out bit. M y / epidemic and sign up for epidemic sound today. Microsoft Office 365 or now known as Microsoft 365 is $70 per year or a license is $150 Microsoft does offer an online-only version of the popular office apps at office.com that are free. They do lack certain features. But the Callback function. Ality. Is there of course, there's also Google Suite with Google Docs. I like using this particularly because I want to easily work a document on multiple devices and it's easy to go there and load it into my web browser. But you may want to install an office suite till your PC LibreOffice is a great free and open source alternative to Microsoft Office and over the years the suite that's based on the open Office code has become quite good and very Are you compatible with Microsoft files? You've got writer the word processor calc this spreadsheet program and press four presentations similar to PowerPoint off drawing program math, formula program and a database WPS office is also a nice sweet available for Windows Android and Lenox. It's not open source, but there's a free version in kingsoft sells this software with additional features added to it. And if you have like, oh double UPS account you can sink your documents across all your devices and platforms. The free version has no access to pre-made templates and off assets from the WPS online resource. However, advertisements support the free version you can't edit PDFs and there's no OCR the free version log. WPS license will cost you $89.25 right now for the windows version, which is cheaper than the $150.00 for Microsoft 365. Only office has a great free desktop sweet as well. It's available for Windows Linux and Mac. They do have much pricier editions for Enterprise users. But that's something you put on a server. They also have desktop editors for Android and iOS, the desktop Suite can do word processing spreadsheets and presentations. The documents editors are open source to finally there's free office from softmaker also available on Windows, Mac and Linux. This has a word processor spreadsheet application and presentation program all compatible with Microsoft Office files to this is essentially a long trip down version of soft Baker office free office wax quite a few features that you'd get in softmaker office which quite frankly is not priced nearly as how I leave for the subscription as Microsoft 365 as softmaker office in X home edition is $29.99 per year and took off Baker office. Index Universal is $49.90 per year. Of course, there are probably more great alternatives to Microsoft Office. If you really want to get into it. These are just a few that I know of personally and have you used this has been your Tuesday Tech tidbit for September 29th. 2020 on Joey's totally Tech and I will catch you next time.

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