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Tonight breaking news the US travel ban expanding the US now including the UK and Ireland in sweeping travel restrictions from Europe. Plus the president now recommending Americans not fly even domestically also breaking tonight president trump saying today. He has been tested for the virus and answering questions about his own temperature members of his cabinet. Now be monitored as well the death toll from the virus rising in the US as the number of cases here surges past two thousand the rush tonight to get more. Americans tested with drive thru centers popping up around the country and the new restrictions for nursing homes to protect the country's most vulnerable residents mounting concerns after the president and vice president announced. Google was launching a corona virus testing website implying a large scale operation but the company. Now pushing back on those claims saying the site is in its early stages currently only rolling out in one state the headline just in Europe's new hot zone Spain set to go in virtual lockdown as cases there spike towards six thousand more than fifteen hundred new cases in a single day with the virus continuing to take a devastating toll on Italy. The big question tonight. Our hospitals in the US prepared to fight this global pandemic the stunning admission from a doctor on the front lines. And the show must go on the Broadway star recruiting young voices to help spread hope to a world on edge for US. This is ABC news tonight. Good evening thanks for joining us on this Saturday. I'm Tom Llamas. And we begin to that with many breaking developments in the worldwide corona virus emergency president trump extending the travel ban with Europe now including the UK and Ireland the World Health Organization calling Europe the center of the pandemic while here at home. New York State reporting it's first fatalities drive-thru testing getting underway there in north of New York City in New Rochelle Catholic masses canceled throughout the archdiocese of New York tomorrow and President trump surrounded by top advisors at the White House Today. Revealing he has taken to. Cova nineteen test and is awaiting results saying his temperature check was quote totally normal shoppers continuing to stock up emptying shelves in some stores like this. New Jersey Walmart and apple stores around the world closing for now except for China. Which at first was the heart of the contagion but Chinese officials now reporting a steep decline in cases a lot to get to tonight and ABC's Motoko Abby starts us off tonight the trump administration's thirty day European travel ban growing wider to include the UK and Ireland amid the corona virus pandemic. The president has made a decision to spend all travel to the United Kingdom and Ireland effective midnight. Monday night Vice President Mike Pence adding that American citizens and legal. Us residents in countries affected by the ban will still be able to return home through thirteen designated us. Airports for screening. But those Americans are being encouraged to return home and self quarantine for fourteen days. The expansion of the thirty day restriction comes as Cova Nineteen has infected more than eleven hundred in Britain and claimed more than twenty lives and with Major. Us airlines cutting many flights to Europe. Americans like Scotty or have been rushing to return stateside and overall is just a very chaotic situation. But I am glad to be in my home in America now safe here in the US airlines like United Delta American also cutting domestic flights due to a decline in demand president trump today with a stunning statement telling Americans to only travel domestically if necessary. If you don't have to travel I would do if you don't have to travel. We want this thing to end all right. Mona join us now. Live from Reagan National Airport in Washington the TSA now relaxing one of those nine eleven air travel restrictions. Aware people are with hand sanitizer. That's right Tom. Tsa At least temporarily is allowing travelers to take up to twelve ounces of hand sanitizer with them through airport security. Tom All right. Mona Kosar Abdi leading US off tonight. Mona thank you. After days of saying he didn't need to test. Despite potential exposure today president trump revealed he has been tested and is awaiting his results after he declared that national emergency. The House voting overnight to approve a massive aid bill providing enhanced unemployment benefits and free virus testing with the Senate taking it up on Monday. Abc's Trevor All with more precautions tonight at the White House today president trump stepping before the podium to tell the American people he's been tested for the novel Corona Virus. I decided I should based on the press conference yesterday. People were asking that I take the test. Whatever it takes a day or two days whatever whatever it is they send it to a lab for days. The president had been saying. He didn't need one even after concerns. He'd been personally exposed to the virus. I don't think it's a big deal I would do. I don't feel that any reason I feel extremely good. Let's put it this way. I'm not considered. Are you being selfish by not getting tested and potentially going to be tested? Are you going to be most likely overnight? His personal physician releasing a letter saying test for the virus was not currently indicated as he said. The president was low risk despite coming into contact with several Brazilian officials who have since tested positive including communications chief. Fabio one garden seen here next to the president. The Brazilian delegation also met with Miami Mayor Francis Juarez and he too is now infected. And Brazil's President John Bolsonaro. We'll be tested for the virus for a second time on Friday. Thank you very much though. With officials urging social distancing the president's also drawing criticism seemingly disregarding advice from his own agencies shaking hands after hand Friday in the Rose Garden for. Why are you shaking hand circus? Because it almost becomes a habit people come up to me. They shake hands. They put their hand out. It's sort of natural reflex. Shaking hands is not a great thing to be doing right now. I agree today. The White House unveiling new measures to limit the threat of exposure inside the West wing facing members of the media getting their temperatures taken before entering the briefing room. The vice president's office saying one journalist was denied entry because his temperature was too high when asked if the Corona Virus Task Force assembled at the same podium as the president and Vice. President were also being checked. They all nodded. I hit my temperature. Check to even the president telling us as he left the room temperature. Trevor all joins us now from the White House and Trevor. You were in the briefing room. There and the vice president said he had not been tested for the virus. This is the second time in two days. He and the president have appeared next to each other. What's being done or are they ignoring the social distancing recommendations well Tom? Abc News has obtained an email sent by vice president pence this afternoon to the entire White House staff urging them to avoid physical contact it says the CDC recommends home quarantine for anyone who's had prolonged exposure but it does specifically say that doesn't apply to handshakes and photographs and Tom. President trump says it will still likely be a day or two more before he gets his test results back Tom. Alright Trevor. All with all those new developments from the White House Tonight Trevor. Thank you next to the scramble for information and testing for the sick so many people taking officials warning seriously and hunkering down now at home hoping to stop the spiral of cases New York State reporting. It's first two fatalities here's ABC's Diane Macedo Tonight. New York is reporting. It's first to corona virus deaths as Kovic one thousand nine hundred spreads across the country. Mayor Bill De Blasios confirms an eighty two year. Old Woman died after being admitted to the hospital last week in critical condition she was also battling advanced emphysema. It's unknown how she got Cova. Nineteen and another sixty five year old victim with underlying health issues died in Rockland County. We're going into a full crisis footing. This as a wartime dynamic. New York State is now reporting the most cases in the country. Five hundred twenty four. This is a virus that does not threaten all segments of our society equally. This map shows what nationwide cases looked like just two weeks ago at the time the virus was confirmed in just nine states and the first death had just been announced in Washington tonight. Forty nine states are confirming cases plus the District of Columbia with more than fifty deaths. Nationwide West Virginia is now the only state with no reported cases of cove in nineteen the common complaint lack of thorough testing. We don't feel like we have enough tests. I don't think anybody feels like they have to test right now. Local governments are trying to catch up with drive thru testing sites in San Francisco. Seattle Denver Birmingham all the way to new Rochelle New York where residents with symptoms have to call a hotline to schedule a test. Each city has a different protocol. Meanwhile the president is promising. A website to help streamline the testing process but tonight questions are mounting about that. This is nationwide at least forty. Six thousand schools have closed keeping some twenty six million students at home for the first time ever apple is closing all of its stores. Worldwide with the exception of China for two weeks and tonight retailers say. They're working with suppliers to keep up with heavy demand for cleaning supplies. Toilet paper and hand sanitizer. We're still replenishing and shipping it but as soon as it hits the stores it's going all right. Diane Macedo joins us now live from Time Square and dying? We are just getting some breaking news and as you were reporting there about an outbreak not too far from Times Square and nearby New Jersey. That's right Tom. New Jersey is reporting eighteen cases. The mayor there is no asking people to quarantine there and not leave their homes unless absolutely necessary. He says he believes people may have been walking around with cases for four weeks now so again. Tina Tech Teaneck New Jersey rather asking residents there to self quarantine using language that this is now ground zero for this virus. Tom Diane Macedo with that breaking news just in tonight. All Right Diane. Thank you next to the president's claim that Google is launching a corona virus testing website. But tonight the check here's ABC's Rachel Scott. Are Tonight mounting questions about the program? The president promised the American people. It's going to be very quickly done unlike websites of the past to determine whether a test is warranted and to facilitate testing at a nearby convenient location touting. Google's work on a website with easy access to corona virus testing information. Google has one thousand seven hundred engineers working on this right now if tremendous progress and it wasn't just the President Dr Deborah Burks of his Corona virus taskforce holding this chart to explain how it would work where clients and patients and people love. Interest can go fill out a screening questionnaire the vice president jumping into and then the same website. You'll be directed to one of these. Incredible companies are going to give a little bit of their parking lot so that people can come by and do a drive by test but about a half hour. After the president's event concluded Google tweeting. This statement on behalf of their sister company verily their website as of right now is in the early stages of development and that it plans to roll testing out in the bay area with the hope of expanding. More broadly over time. Today the vice president was pressed for an explanation for the discrepancy about the website. Google's we're working literally around the clock and I know that our whole team working on his public and private partnership couldn't be more grateful to all of the hardworking people that Google that are helping to put this website together but tomorrow five o'clock we'll have very specific very specific Description tomorrow all right. Rachel Scott joins US now from Washington. Rachel Vice President when asked repeated that more information about this website will be announced tomorrow at five PM. Exactly Tom but again. The website says that it's an early stages of development at least according to the company behind it now Vice President Mike Pence that there were plans to launch a version of this site in the northern California area on Monday. But as a more detailed timeline of a possible national rollout. He says that will come tomorrow evening. Tom All right Rachel. Thank you in this program. Note tomorrow morning on this week. Giancarl goes one on one with infectious disease expert. Dr Anthony FAUCI and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and overseas to Europe. Now where cases of cove in one thousand nine have been so rapidly expanding the major announcement today from Spain heavy restrictions on movement for forty six billion people effective immediately plus new measures in France Germany. And of course hard hit Italy million staying home in hopes of writing this out. Here's ABC's Julia McFarland tonight. A new hot zone in Europe Spain announcing a nationwide lockdown oft already declaring a state of emergency authorities saying any movement by residents needs to be justified. They're only allowed to leave their homes under limited circumstances to do things like buy food to the pharmacy or the hospital. More than five thousand seven hundred infected with cove in nineteen already phys dot number could soon reach ten thousand in just a few weeks. The outbreaks epicenter swinging from China to Europe with devastating effect in Italy alone. Cova nineteen claiming. One hundred and seventy-five lives in the last twenty four hours north of Milan. This Bergamo newspapers Friday obituary section larger than normal ten pages long in Rome lockdown residents gathering on their balconies applauding the efforts of medical workers. More than five hundred people recovering from the virus across the country in the last day and in France the prime minister announcing that non essential public places will be closed including restaurants cafes cinemas until further notice and those strict restrictions in France now being replicated in Germany. Julia exactly. It's home tonight. The Berlin Senate decided to ban all events and public gatherings of fifty people or more bauza casinos cinemas museums concerts and similar businesses. They're all going to be close to the public. Restaurants may stay open but only if the tables are at least one and a half meters apart that serious about stopping this virus in. Its tracks. Tom Julia McFarland from London tonight. Juliette thank you next back here at home to a focal point of so many concerns tonight elderly Americans especially those living in nursing homes the stark measures to keep them safe and the big warriors tonight. Here's ABC's Marcy Gonzales. Tonight in that Washington State Nursing Home. We're more than two. Dozen residents have already died amid the corona virus crisis. Several people are still waiting for test. Results families on edge as the National Corona Virus Task Force Announces New Measures to protect the elderly in facilities across the country. Nursing homes should restrict all visitors effective immediately and that includes all non essential personnel on. There are some exceptions for end of life. In addition to that visitation ban all group activities including communal dining at nursing homes now cancelled and healthcare. Workers are now being actively screened actions. Charlie Campbell hopes will help other patients like his father Eugene. The eighty nine year old was among the residents who contracted covert nineteen at the life. Care Center in Kirkland Washington because of his age that It was pretty much a death sentence but a week and a half later. He showing positive signs of recovery. Pretty good chance that you'll survive. Doctors are cautiously optimistic today. The Nation's top infections specialist Dr Anthony Fao g offering some optimism for healthy seniors stressing that without any underlying conditions. The risk of infection is significantly. Less Tom Marci Gonzales for US tonight. Marcy thank you and be sure to tune into our ABC News special on Monday night. Twenty Dame pandemic what you need to know beginning right here at ten o'clock eastern back now with report from the front lines in the fight against the corona virus reports are coming in warning. That hospitals are about to be overwhelmed. So let's bring in Dr Todd Elwin from Newton Massachusetts. That's in the Boston area. He's director of Infectious Diseases at South Shore. Health Dr Ellen first off. Thank you for joining us. I know you're incredibly busy. Take us into the ERS. What are you seeing right now? Thanks time so basically what we're seeing in our emergency departments and in the hospital is we're seeing record breaking numbers of patients coming in with flu like illness and pneumonias and this is something that we usually don't see when we're in mid March as we typically see the end of the flu season and we're now seeing unprecedented numbers of flu like illness and ammonia Dr. tonight there's been a lot of back and forth about a nationwide website that people can log onto to basically figure out where they can go to these drive through testing locations in their areas. It's not up and running yet. Can you talk to us? About how important is to get this site. Created and activated. Well I think the testing is really everything right now because we have to figure out which patients have the cove in nineteen in which patients. Don't why because we have to isolate those patients to make sure they don't spread the virus from one person to another to so to have websites or to have really centers around that are able to test both in the ambulatory setting and in the hospital setting that's critical so we can diagnose isolate and then figure out you know the close contacts to the index of other news in the severe storms slamming West Texas video capturing the thunderstorms sweeping through the area bringing dangerous lightning and a reported tornado storm destroying an RV part in Reeves County. Three people were injured and the warning from the Pentagon tonight after a second rocket attack on a base housing. Us troops in Iraq. Three Americans were wounded in the attack north of Baghdad. It comes days after a rocket attack on the same base killed two. Us troops a Pentagon spokesman tonight repeating comments from the defense secretary saying you cannot attack American servicemembers and get away with it. Finally tonight a positive note amid the corona virus outbreak the young performers impacted by the virus. Letting US know the show must go on for many famous Broadway stars like Tony Winner. Laura Ben Auntie high school productions were unforgettable experience so when the corona virus shutdown high schools and their musicals she understood the disappointment posting this casting. Call on twitter. If you would like to sing a song that you are not going to get sing now and tag me I wanna see you. I want to hear it. The Post going viral response is coming from high school students across the country. That's contagious Sankoh. From New Jersey singing waiting for life from once on this island she already has more than two hundred thousand views and counting and take a listen to Matilda from Columbia High School in New Jersey. Some incredible voices. Thanks so much for watching. I'm Tom Yomas New York Jimmy and this week in the morning. I'll see you tomorrow night. 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