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The Baldwin Of Our Discontent


The biggest news of the week. Khania west met with Donald Trump in the White House. And will that that on Tani on the way to the bottom of it. Thank God. That you guys got everything? Yeah, you other news y'all. I'm is love dead. I think love is dead. Love dead Arianna Guerande, Pete Davidson engagement off. Do you guys remember when we were bonnaroo it, they were my keep it which I sort of feel bad about. I don't feel bad about it because I, I continue to believe the news coverage on them was asinine, but I have since become a little bit of an arena STAN. But it was just at bonnaroo where I was like, why are we talking about them so much and already done done a Romeo and Juliet of stones at Disneyland. I thought they were gonna at least get married. I thought they were gonna make it to that. And then whatever happened was going to happen thirty day marriage or something at least get married. Yeah, this basic pop culture take, but when the tattoos get involved, you know, it's doomed so many, tattoos, they got, they got more than one. It's like they're, they're clearly rolling on the relationship. It's like, I know you're going to come down from this that plus she named a song after him, right album called Davidson. That was clearly assigned things. We're going to go back. The only funny line in that terrible SNL sketch that he did about their relationship was that he wasn't going to get royalties from the song. So I guess that worked out for her. And it works for him. He does not have to spend thanksgiving with Frankie 'Grande anymore. That is a monster ninety. I actually think that would have been just desserts because Davidson played that gay character. And that was that zoey Deutch movie on Netflix anyway to be around upset us all the boys loved in the elite. To be around Frankie Rhonda after that would have been pretty poetically just I think I feel like they're getting back together though. Let's be. So I'm starting to wonder what if they're like a Liz and dick, wow, they're they're on again off again like they get together with other people like chalices across the room at each other monotony. But in a cool wet, I feel like he throws away a Dave and Buster's commemorative Cup show across the room forever though if they do not get back together fear, yes, that he got to sit VIP at a Rita. Franklin's funeral next to like Bill Clinton, like acting like p Davidson. Was worthy of that. I mean, we knew whatever we knew he was her date, but that will those pictures can never be a raced right? Because if they never get back together, that means that years from now, people are gonna look at that. Exactly this joker hair Fantasia had to storm passed him to get to the state. Well, hope you. Okay. Are you Ana at least the album's good. It's probably for the best and you got the tour coming on. You know, I'm just do that. Rush that pony tail put on some of those high boots girl live your life pig. She said a Walsh shit fall on her, do have to say, so I am Sheree Asli rooting for her a year, but that's how you become an iconic popstar true anyway, cutting out later in the episode we're going to be talking about voting and how you can save. Beca staff, but but also America l. k. capital Tashkent we're gonna talk about vote, save America. Funny here. I just didn't understand the word. You're saying guard comedy. Sometimes. Well, you know, I feel like I'm the UNESCO of crooked media. He's Romania very good. We will also be chatting with author comedian and rival podcast, Phoebe Robinson, how dare she come on this show. We'll be right back. How many episodes are we gonna open talking about what the t- the girls are fighter. The answer is going to be most. I can't stop thinking about the phrase of the girls are fighting. I wanna use it all the time. So bags isn't trenchant get another Twitter feud this time with Lana del Rey. The fight began after Lana criticized Khania Wests I'm sorry. Mr.. Kardashians support for Trump and his remarks calling for the repeal of the thirteenth amendment. Zia tweet it back at Lada. Wow. Okay, Lana. This would be cute. If you were consistent with your outrage and refuse to collide with ace at rocky, who was physically assaulted win to to me, this just looks like the typical white woman using our weakened target to pretend to be an ally. Kept going on and. Ass threat has multiple are usually see one point, and then that's when my stop is, and I'm like, I'm going to get off the train and look at it later Lana in response to hope, zillion on Twitter. Pull up, say it to my face, but if I were you, I wouldn't. I wouldn't fuck you. What was so funny about this response from Lanta was we didn't really initially know who she was tweeting it right because her handle right. First of all, I always forget that as handle at the moment is like shot cheapie x. because she's she's selling her on her soaps. It looks phone came up with that name on. I'm glad she changed because she blocked me a couple years ago. You're backing? Yes, she blocked me. And so I had missed all her tweets and now I'm back in. I remember what I was tweeting about liking her new song. She tried to come out may with of belief you shaded me many times in the past, and I said, I was a shading you. I was calling you out for the racist thing about saying now, but I always liked the music and then she was like, oh, okay. And then she followed me. This was like sell. Like I feel like I have to say this. Every time we talk about this girl, but she so frustrating because she's never fully wrong, right Landau it was like, did maybe lenna del Rey just really hates Trump and racism. I don't know, but it's like, did she say anything about Roseanne and it's this conversation. I think she's already had about like she did remember. She did witchcraft to try to curse Trump on inauguration day, which, okay. Thank you, but it's like it is the sort of selective thing with some white celebrities or whatever where you're like, what you're going and uncon- Konya and there's a lot which yes, you should, but this also should be a general criticism. You're leveling leveling towards people like this, a free for all. Yeah, go after everyone. So she's never as never fully wrong. And then what she always bucking does is then says something about their appearance because she's actually pretty funny and usually on point when she's trying to make her like normal arguments. And then as soon as I came back to her, she was like. Yeah, ruined. Exactly. Also, here's the thing. Just the prizes me that land responded at all. Because as you'll have is sort of like, appears Morgan figure on Twitter where it's like always in it. For some reason. I don't know what credentials you need to be a part of the conversation, but she is always in the middle of the conversation. And for that reason, you can ignore that person's. They just insert themselves appears more than tic. TAC Laron. I am always so mad when people quote sweet that son of a bitch, how I did that much. Threat. It's just like I had him, blah. I have do not wanna hear anything. Piers Morgan has to say he only thrives from the attention that people give him when they try to like dunk on him on Twitter. Yes. Remember we like a stretch where I got into it with him. This is like years ago, like pretty consistently. And then one day I was like, no, I'm better than this and I blocked him. And that was right. And everyone always thinks it this joke about Piers Morgan is going to be the funniest one, and he's finally going to be ended and stub it. I don't wanna know what he has to say. I don't even know he exists tomb, you, you clearly didn't much the first season of America's got town where he really nailed it. I'm kidding. It was horrible. What is he good at? He had a newspaper before, like what? Fighting Omarosa on the celebrity appraiser surprises, Yulia and Piers Morgan. Haven't had some weird crossover event yet. Oh, yeah. They just seem convention troll. Yeah. Right. Won't maybe after you know, Landa, pulls out moment with musk, show hop on the Piers Morgan train. That was also weird was when Lanta tweeted something like the, I was the only person that supported your had your back. And I was like, what that was where, because I'm like, you know, used to kick it right. That was when I was like, Linda, you're overstepping this, you're ruining this because you had it with your little pull up thing. That was cute. That was funny when she came back to her about the plastics. She was like, I'll give you my surgeons number and I was like, what a funny response was kind of ablest was, you said I think you're off your meds. Yeah, it just like everyone. Everyone just before you want to stop stop. That's a good ruler. Something even wanna keep going stop because both of them would have come. This would have been like a more. It would have been like a funnier sort of back and forth, and then it wouldn't have gone ugly. We're, we're all like, is this your basic out of touch. Ella tick, but I consider a very serene person like someone whose entire thing is. I'm recovering from a difficult nap like all the time. So I'm very shocked. She just went for it that hard and had that much. I'll say it comedy in her. I feel like always is skirted with, you know her adjacency to hip hop. So I feel like she always enjoys when she gets to, you know, be fo- black for bit. Right? Because that was like, listen, Zilya is a lunatic. Zillion respond to there. She said, she said, DM me what's your dress LA. We will fight 'em public. We could film it exactly. 'cause she's desperate and unstable, and that combination of traits is very dangerous has like she might kill you, like you're, you're doing your tweet, but I was like a Zulia serious also, didn't she also tell your lawyer? It's a promise, not a threat or whatever. It's yeah. What are you? Sean Claude, van Damme. Girls are fighting. Also mostly about that. This happened literally seconds after we record it. Yes, why we hate that. Why do why do people scheduled their nonsense for twos down now when we record right, we got this fervor for seven days. Have you also these fights are so much better on the weekend when you know, I don't wanna read like Trump news. Yeah. So just give us the celebrity drama over the weekend. He hasn't gonna fight a Sunday evening. Chore would be great. Give it a little time to breathe, give us some time to cultivate our takes come in record, particularly. 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Wasn't that on Netflix in my crazy. No, it was on ABC right after the Oscar, but it was a preview. I miss them BC show years ago. What's so weird podcast, right? No, for somebody who is deeply temperamental and deep and kind of obsessed with like having quotes that blow up in the media, he is also obsessed with witty or pardon me, light banter. He's like, I need to have a podcast host the match game. I need to have this show on primetime. It's baffling to me work to do everything. He's an unemployed actor. He's in every movie. He was in black klansman. Right. He was good in that though. Unfortunately, he is talented. That's star stars bored. No, he's not. He would. When alley does SNL it's Alec Baldwin's the host. He goes up. Ladies and gentlemen alley. He accepts into a lot of stuff. Yeah. No, you don't think about him. He he played the husband of two best actress winning roles in the past ten years, blue, jasmine and still Alice. Just again, you don't think of those movie starring Alec Baldwin. They do start like all Baldwin dick gets you an Oscar. Okay. Okay. That's. And also by the way after Hailey Baldwin, we've been inundated with her just I deserve a Baldwin break. I've been very attentive to pop culture and I've had too much. But Hayley Stevens daughter, correct. I feel like we don't get enough Steven or like essence, that Haley is Baldwin. Really. It's I feel like we just talked much about Justin Bieber in the media, and I really wanna know more about. I feel like maybe she has a journey you think I feel like from Calabasas to Sherman oaks or wherever. Maybe she stopped at anthropology on the way, shake shack. Oh, yeah. Just you pick up some crystals. Okay. At home? The son for her UPS delivery. I wanna know Haley. Yeah, call in. Pull up, but in a polite way. Oh my God, no, Alec Baldwin. So this week made somewhat incendiary commentator about rose McGowan so and about black people list. Oh, that's well, that's no. Let's talk about that. Go ahead. This nigga. I give a Hollywood reporter interview. Were he said. Ever since I play Trump black people, love me. They love me everywhere I go. Black people go crazy. I think it's because they're most afraid of Trump. I'm not gonna paint every African American person with the same brush, but a significant number of them are sitting there going. This is going to be bad for black folks finey to. I want to people who went quote, unquote crazy. Just to black people because there's before this quote, there's an extended moment in the profile. One name Tyrone walks up the as like Allie you, the man. He seemed like a plan. Right, exactly. That did not seem real. That is also not what I would describe as going crazy walking up to someone on a Manhattan street and saying, hey, out Baldwin is not going crazy for his ass. My favorite part is when he's like, I don't wanna pay with a broad brush everybody, but then he's like, but about ninety percent of them with my ass. The funny thing is I, it sounds like he interviewed all black people including YouTube. Why did you say you love it so much. He says he doesn't wanna paint them all with the same brush, but he thinks a significant number of black people don't like Trump. That was his quote. He is still insisted that must lack for left, but he did not hedge on that. It's also like that doesn't. Do you think liking you and disliking Trump like they're, they're not really related as much as you would like to think like, oh, our savior, Alec Baldwin is making funny faces on SNL and because I'm terrified about Trump's stripping everyone of their civil rights. I'm now in love with Alec Baldwin. I don't understand what you're trying to say. That flow chart doesn't flow. First of all, how many people who are blood are still watching us. Ever right also can. This is. Yes. It's surprising to me always that his impression of Trump is so ultimately toothless like you just never think about it. It's like a face more than anything. Just the lips that he's got a tan, you know, I, I guess thinking about old SNL impressions that stick like the Sarah Palin like Dana Carvey George H W Bush. They benefited from like adding a Daffy folk seen as to the character, but he really adds nothing. And yet we gave him an EMMY. I'm sorry, let's weird. EMMY mistake. I think the Emmys rarely wrong. He's played himself because his Baldwin is basically Trump here, especially like you remember when Trump gave that interview to Albany talk radio, and he said, I have a great relationship with the blacks always had a great relationship with the black lacks the black, the blacks, at least Alex said black people that is like slum, Lord, vocabulary. The worst. He also had some words to say about rose McGowan. He said, she's a tragic front person for the me too. 'cause and I say that because you don't stand much of a chance getting where you want to be. If you're going to arbitrarily alienate at exit innocent men, it's like all of a sudden she's one of the crypts, the head of her own gang. He pauses smiles and ads. You can print that by the way crazy. What do you mean arbitrarily? You can print that by the way. What is crate also Frank Sinatra tossing off bone mutt I, she's clearly more of a blood because she wears the red lipstick and it is better for her complexion starters. Alec rose is not even the front person for the me too because they don't like her. She is always in the media being like eight, it's Toronto Burke who started this shit years ago. Movement. It's not rose McGowan. It's not any of these actresses she'd been doing this for years already. I mean, why? Why would we expect Alec Baldwin to know that I don't even miss learning something about this from him? Yeah. He just wanted to say something about rose McGowan and he's defend. He's not been a unsurprisingly a fan of the metoo movement, but like it is it's one of those things where going after Rosemary rose McGowan. It's like the only kind of in that you have like she's been. She's been a little unstable and inconsistent controversial little bit. So that's the only sort of person that you can probably lampoon and that enough people will be like, okay, you're she has had moments that we don't necessarily agree with. Prizing though because you would normally, I mean, like five years ago, you would list him next to like Michael Moore and Jane Fonda famous super liberal people, but then he like wanders into this lane it just he's like a kind of confounding person secretly. Other than being like a hardware guy, what's Friday about his connection with rose guy would is, I don't know either. Have you saw her TV show her the Documenta documentary in the premiere. She's an a just I think, like a gas station or something. And this black man comes up to her and it's like. Basically giving her a pep talk, like Morgan Freeman in any Ashley Judd. And I was like, who the fuck found this black man to go over here? It'd be like you do it a good job girl. Wow, that cast that probably probably tyrod. There's one black person who goes crazy for these people, and you know what? I hope you're collecting your checks Tyrone, hope you getting rich off of this nonsense birthday frequent. Can't wait to meet this Mark. I watched that show. I forgot all about it. Yeah, I mean, right? Yeah, right after the the first wave of Harvey Weinstein, that's less than a year ago. We're all in our nineties. Now. It's been a one year anniversary of that on like October tale, like forty five fucking years also by the way and like nine. We obviously there's been. Yeah, we were politely ignoring that you say, no, I was leaving the room. No, we'll be able to ignore it when I e. Got that's crazy. Or the thing about me to the impression everybody has is that like so many people have been outed by meet you now? It's like, no. We just had like about thirty stories or something. Weirdly it still to me just feels like deeply the tip of the iceberg and half of them got their jobs back, right. Yeah, we forgot about most of them, right, right. Because this week we also have bride Sagar knowing social media saying that Esquire is about to publish a false story about him as a takedown before his new movie. But he Mian rhapsody comes out so. Is your movie when you get fired athletes? Got fired. Yeah, it's not your movie. Yeah. Also, that's like another person who like we thought he was taken down right now here he is like slithering back up like either news ready to take on a new movie also. That's so I mean, like I know Esquire has legitimate journalism in it and stuff, but they're gonna publish that expose and they're going to publish ten more photos of Ryan Gosling in a wet white shirts. You know, just a very, it's a packed issue that is important. Dribble a, no, I man all wet. I don't know. I can't write copy. I. I, I. What are we doing. Derail conversation. Woodward back Phoebe. Robinson joins us. If you've seen the movie double indemnity you now that life insurance is not always sexy, but also really important. And that Fred macmurray is weirdly hot, even though he hasn't lantern jaw, go on. Let's sit one. Third of people don't have it. They don't have life insurance. Yeah, that's because it's really hard to buy. You have to work out what you need, then do the research to find the best quote and hope you don't get swindled along the way by the great brain. 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You can take a listen to his interviews on crooked conversations and read those essays at votes, have America dot com. Slash restore the vote. Here's more on the episode. We're nearing midterm elections at breakneck speed now, and a lot of people still have not registered and many others just won't turn out to vote, but millions of our fellow citizens don't even have the choice to begin with. Currently six million Americans who have been convicted of felonies are prohibited from voting by their state governments for that reason. Earlier this year, I visited San Quentin state prison in northern California. I didn't realize. How what of voice was I think I kind of took on the stereotype of my vote. Didn't matter before I commit my crime. I have the right to vote. I didn't value it. I didn't take it seriously until I lost. And I realized how pointed this look at rehabilitation? This part of getting acclimated back into society, voting feels like you're being responsible. Listen to more on crooked conversations. This episode is called restore the right and check out, vote, save America dot com. Slash restore the vote to re personal essays about voting written by prisoners at San Quentin. This show. Sounds amazing. Out everyone. Check it out. So Disney is at it. Again. They have had a lot of casting controversies lately. There's a lad end because both of the two actors were playing jasmine and Aladdin are not Arab. There's that whole Jack Whitehall playing the company's first gay man who's supposed to be a feet and full of camp for what is it river cruise. Death on the Nile. I don't know anyway. There's also now rumors that lady Gaga may be playing Arcilla and people are in an uproar. That's terrible casting. Yeah. Well, to get into it, we have joining us author, Phoebe Robinson. Hello? Phoebe meeting caster. Yes, clean weekend podcast on keep it rival. Do you think that these Disney casting decisions are trash. You know, I just think they're not well thought out. Like I, I know the lady Gaga Ursula thing is still just a rumor at this point. But I am just kind of like guys, she can't play her. Player and I love. I love her. I think she's amazing, but I'm just like just get someone who's plus is just do it. Like, what are we? What are we waiting for? Like, why are we just trying to avoid it? And like everyone wants to talk about by positively and representation. And it's like when you have a softball like this, you just can't even, you know, knock it out the park. I just I don't understand right, like Lizardo or so. People even suggested like a Latrice royale because the character was originally designed after divide. Yes, yes. You know, who has the flavor of Ursula to meet Jennifer Lewis actually, that'd be pretty hilarious. What an I so funny. Yeah, I will. I also want to know, do we need live action disease? I hate them. I hate them. These Vanity Fair shoots turned into movies, stand the. Like, let's just my favorite Disney movies, just put through a computer and make it HD and release. It can't do that. I would just go see a rerelease of Aladdin just cedars. Exactly. Yeah. No, might might controversial tickets. Genius should be drawn. I don't want to see genie in person taking up space, not cute. Take that Barbara. That's no. Besides. I'm dealt with the live action remakes I'm I'm for it. I think it could be. I don't. I don't know if it's going to live up to the, you know, animated originals, but I, I don't know. I'm just kind of beauty. No. The live action originals. Okay. I'm open to them. I'm not racing to the theatre to see them, but I. Do you know. I honestly think I've only seen beauty and the beast, and I've seen the Allison wonder leads I don't. I haven't seen Cinderella. I haven't even Cinderella. Yeah, I haven't even seen Melissa sent. We'll show you saw the old one hundred one donations live action. Oh, okay. Well, I feel like. Different era that barely counts because that was like, I don't think Disney is like doing wild shit like that anymore. Like, let's have Glenn Close to running around in these jackets, try to kill dogs. Because you know, they, you know, they've been taking forever to make the. Of the Oregon story. They have Emma stone attached to a Cruella origin story, but they can't seem to make it work. I'm like, yeah, I don't know how you're gonna make an origin story work where this woman is just killing down nation, Don Keller one other question. What's your favorite? What was your favorite Disney movie, and who would you cast in it as the lead? My favorite Disney movies, probably The Lion King Lion King what beyond says in that one. So. That's perfect casting. Yeah, yeah. That liking is just like, I also love Mulamba's. Very cool. I really wanna see a great mouse detective, please. Yeah, remake that that would be fun. Yeah. We make our rebate Hercules with that. Noah Cincinati boy. Can he saying listen, it doesn't matter. The price is right. Off the certain I'll be like, oh, those are vocals. Never the same. Never never be the voice actor and then they used to have a little Marnie exa. But now they want people to saying though. Yeah, yeah, you have to. Sorry, actors. Gotta have hair body and face. By a stars. Your second book which is out now everything's try, but it's okay. And I just wanna know how you read all these damn books girl. I am workaholic through and through and I tell people, I'm really not that exciting. I stay home a lot. If I go out is I try to go like I tell the story before about how I went to a friend's bachelorette party. We like organize this whole evening out and we went dinner at seven strip club at eight. So we can you back at the hotel at eleven, let's get the hell back. So, yeah, everything is trash all the time. What was it like having to Wade through? I just assume monster piles of trash to write this book. It was I, I will say this. It was kinda stressful for multiple reasons. The first one was mostly my fault in that the book was originally supposed to come out next spring, but I had to queens, come out, you know, February. And then this movie I was in on Netflix caught a b.'s came out in may, and I was like, wouldn't it be great to have something in the fall? So it's like a nice trifecta. And then everyone at my publisher with plume, which is a division of penguin and they're like, yeah, that sounds great. And they're like, well, how far along are you in the book? And like totally like lied. And I was like, oh yeah. Oh my, you know, they're the way done. Like almost halfway done. They were like, awesome. And I was maybe like five percent. So I just really had to cram and like just any second that I wasn't like doing stand up or like shooting something. I was like in either my apartment like or hotel room without pants on eating cheeses and just writing, and I was able to to get it done. But I think you know, just the sort of climate that we live in as been kind of like a sucky one where you're like, oh, these are some dark times. And so it was nice to kind of sort of escape with this book. It'd be able to like make myself laugh. And I'm talking about how I was avoiding Oprah's phone calls initially because she blocked her number and like I owned forty five thousand dollars in student loan debt. And I was like, oh, I'm not answering this phone because I don't know who's going to be. So like those kind of moments like made it better when I had to like go on the internet and see the news in and see what's happening are get that. And I really love the first book. So, I mean, you can't. Touch my hair and other things I still have to explain was in New York Times bestseller. So I know this one will be too. I hope it will be a sous stare. I don't know. I was gonna ask you quickly also like the three of us on this show like probably never thought in our lives. There would be a thing called podcast that would be doing podcast, making money doing this weird job. What satisfaction do you get out of hosting a podcast that one people love and to where you actually discuss things that probably need to be heard. I mean, I think to queens reason, you know, one of the reasons why Justin I wanted to start working together outside of really enjoying each other is just seeing a bunch of comedy shows or being asked to be a bunch of comedy shows are just straight white guys on it, and we're sort of like what we know. So many funny women's funny queer, people's funny people color. Why are these people not on the show? And so when we had to queens where like this'll be our chances invite like are funny friends on and just have a sort of host up top and just have the sort of banter about hot topics or things are going on our lives and just sort of. Of sound like to, you know, average black women just hanging out. I think we thought it was going to be fun. I don't think I there were like, oh yeah, this is going to take off and blow up. And so I think we're really sort of kind of pleasantly surprised at how much our show like resonated. And you know, I just I love film and TV and flicked. So many times celebrities are like interviewed in a way where they have to feel like, hey, come by. My thing come watch. My movie may sometimes you feel they wanna have more fun, but they're like, oh, I gotta see a message. And so I think with both to tutto queens and so many white guys, I was able to just kind of like talk to people in a real way in really try and get to know them and make them feel comfortable, make them laugh and reveal size themselves. And I think that's kind of worked out so far. Thank you so much for being on the show, Phoebe, you know, we love you. Thank you for having me. This was great and pick up fees, new book which is out today when we were. Recorded. So by the time he listened to this, it'll be no already shipped to you. If you're an Amazon prime. Or you can walk, you can use your legs and go to day shipping or or working mortar it from your local mom and pop Barnes and noble the one last border. But last. All right, five Vivey guy sakes. When we're back to personally save America with voted. Thank you. Election day is so close. It's getting real voter, registration deadlines are flying by an early voting is happening. I've already got my ballot. It's not about, but it is. It is sitting on my kitchen table. I registered to get my valid by mail. These, I'm going to be out of town. I'm going to be in Canada. So depending on how this goes. We never see me again. But it was super easy. I got my ballot by mail. I am ready to go and ready to vote on November six. I'm deeply conventional Miskin, go right up to that booth cry than filled out. Walk up like a suffrage set. Yes. Oh my God. What if I dressed like one that be really stupid, I don't do that. I'm, you can check out the voter guide at votes, save America dot com. Then get your friends to sign up at votes America dot com. So you guys can decide what you wanna legalize together. We call that democracy people, and sometimes you have to read through a few things to figure it all out. It's an info being informed, goddamn voter people, the spirit of votes America launching the interactive voter guide. We wanted to highlight a few initiatives in a game. We're calling bitch vote to shits bed. Title. So was calling it that Kevin. Or intern, Travis. Perhaps somewhere anyway, are we ready played game? I got the first question for you. We're talking about Louisiana. My my mother country, the television show. Tra- may go on. Of course, of course, amendment to this measure would require a unanimous jury to convict people charged with felonies who supports it, the Louisiana, Democratic Party the Louisiana Republican party, and John legend who opposes it, the Louisiana district attorney's association. If you vote, yes on it, you want to amend the state constitution to require unanimous jury verdicts to convict and felony cases if you vote, no, you want to preserve a Jim crow era law that allows non unanimous jury verdicts to convict in felony cases. Is this a real amendment? I believe the political leanings of John legend's. I'm gonna go big old. Yes. You know. I'm gonna go, yes as well. You guys few are correct. This is a must pass amendment in Louisiana right now. Only two states in the union do not require unanimous jury to convict someone of felony Louisiana and Oregon. We're all out. Louisiana only requires that ten of the twelve jurors believe the person is guilty. That means in Louisiana. Someone could get sentenced to prison for life. Even if two jurors believe there's reasonable doubt. In the case, I don't like that either Louisiana and Oregon need to start trail in behind the times. Jerry Springer final. All right question over to. Missouri amendment, four. This amendment would remove the constitutional ban on advertising, bingo, games if you vote. Yes. You want to remove the constitutional ban on advertising, bingo, games if you vote. No, you wanna keep the constitutional ban on advertising, bingo games is this a real amendment. It feels so silly that it feels like it. It is. That's where I am to also by the way is big. O. technically a game at somebody saying numbers, moving on. I'm going to say it Israel because it is baffling. I'd rather dramatically play Mahjong. That's what I'm saying. My fiance's mother, crazy rotations, call out. It is a real amendment is yeah, Missouri has a constitutional ban on leading organizations, advertise bingo, games. So bingo was a legal in Missouri until nineteen eighty when voters decided to permit bingo in the state, as long as those wild crazy, bingo organizations only advertised on their premises and made sure the person running the bingo games had been part of the organization for two years. The ballot measure would remove the constitution of ban on advertising, bingo games lessen the amount of time the bingo master needs to have been part of the organization to six months master since printed reading. I've turned g fifty nine moving. We are now down the Rockies Colorado amendment. A this measure would amend the state constitution to repeal exception to ban slavery. Wait a minute. This measure would amend the state constitution to repeal an exception to ban slavery which allowed compulsory labour, involuntary servitude or slavery as we like to call it as punishment for crime who supports it, the Colorado Democratic Party and abolish slavery, Colorado who opposes it. Who opposes, I assume the KKK the yes vote. You would want to abolish slavery in the Colorado constitution. If you vote no, on this amendment, you want to keep a form of slavery in the Colorado constitution gentlemen, is this a real amendment sniff poppers to get through. On the ceiling. Yes. Real. It is real is wild article, two section twenty five of the Colorado constitution says they're never be in the state, either slavery or involuntary servitude, except as punishment for crime whereof. The party shall have been duly convicted. This amendment would change the state constitution to read their shall never in the Peter sleep for your involuntary, solitude, crazy that you have to put that in constitution. This is all pretty straightforward. A amendment like this actually failed by a narrow margin and do sixteen because the wording had a confusing grammar guys. This feels real fucking straightforward, Colorado get your shit together. Please tell the get you. I was in Colorado, once. Got arrested. That's high, worked for BuzzFeed for you. Traditional origin story. All right. Here we go. We're in Idaho, no Luther Burbank country. This measure would amend the state constitution making cannibalism illegal. All circumstances who supports it the ACLU and pita who opposes it, the Donner party's living ancestors. Now, if you've, oh yes on it, you want to abolish cannibalism no exception. But if you know, you understand, sometimes people have to turn to unfortunate means for survival. Part of me wants to vote now just because I don't like pita. If pita hates cannibalism, I love it. I am going to say in my infinite wisdom. I think this is maybe not an amendment. It is not an amendment. I have to say, I underestimated how Zanny yours would be almost come up. The ones we read it was like maybe have to think for that right for just a second. Although the current law states that cannibalism illegal except under life, threatening conditions as the only apparent means of survival. This sound similar to Florida's stand your ground laws. So if you ever get the taste for human flesh, head over to Idaho, put yourself in a threatening position and champ away. Idaho sounds sounds like the backstage of dynasty. Stories. This skin is burnt. Good. I in Carol shoutout everyone. If you live in any of those states get your amendment voting plan together, you live in a different state. You need also figure out what you need to vote on. Goto votes America dot com. And please vote on November six or I'm going to be really irritated amnesty in Canada. Never see people again, that's that's the threat, not the looming threat of our democracy crumbling. It's Karume span. Cancer care will build a new life in Vancouver. Who are we going to have to replace with? You know God? Yeah. Who would it be? Domingo general brain. Maybe her go through that coming up, keep it. I feel like I'd mostly just want to keep it to the world. It's been a week the year. Decade the CARA, what is your keep it. Let me just take us back to October twenty fourteen when young writer named care Brown started a column at bell dot com. And she called it shade court, and I tried to spend my brief and finite time on this planet trying to help you. God damn people understand which shade is. It seems I failed. I'm reminded daily of my failure, and I was reminded again this morning when good Morning America had Pete Souza, the tougher, the White House dog refer on the show. He is a book out called shade, which I have already voiced my objections to. But today, good Morning America called him the king of shade, the king of shade. They called this man who just posted a picture, a Brock Obama every day, doing a thing that Trump was doing on that same day shade him. It's it's, it's not shade, and I feel like I, I was actually still writing shade court when he started doing this because so I put him in shade court. If you times an, I ruled numerous times the shit wasn't shade and as usual, no one listened. I wasted my in my life, my effort, my time, trying to just help people. It just seems like we live in a world with a riana in it. So just to immediately assign this person, the new, the king ranting, king of shades seems a little wrong or people who think that this is like stupider frivolous, whatever like it, really. I, there's like the jokey portion of this, but also that language exists and it's a real thing. And I think to misuse these words and then to ascribe it to a straight white dude. When like this word came about in the ballroom scene, Dorian Corey watch. Paris is burning. It is not a book, but it would also be structural for you mother fuckers. So there should be a pairs of burning pop. Yup. Total, but it's like this, it's it's this. You're just taking this language that like mattered and meant something to a group of people in had needing. You can't just decide that it's something different. And then in particular to be like, this white man is the king of sheet, and I know none of these people are talking about. They have no idea who during Corey is they have no idea what pairs is burning is, but it's fresher. But he is still the Kenosha is will forever be the king of shape. Just go sit by his tombstone hill. His from beyond. So God damn good Morning America. Get your shit together. That is very annoying, concur, Louis, what's your keep it Mike, if it is to Oscar movies that are what I call to-. Ask te'o w. ASC which is there's one woman. She's concerned. The new movie in this vein is first man in which clarify thinks things like, I don't know if my husband should be a wonderful astronaut I'm concerned about my wonderful astronaut husband, my wonderful astronaut husband did it anyway. There's a whole category of movies, competent men are hurting my husband. Who's radio back on this is Ryan Gosling? No. And who's new Armstrong? One of the bigger sign? Yes, he did a good job. Yeah, worried for nothing, but, but the whole movie to is get getting into Armstrong psyche and it's basically that their daughter died. When she was young and he became emotionally closed off. And so he's just an right. Right. He wanted to leave this planet. I like I love just by the way how gravity goes by the way. Sorry to interrupt you. I love clarify way. So this is upsetting news. It's very disappointing. I was ready for her to serve. Yeah. I mean, I'm sure she's great. She just probably as you pointing out Lewis is given little to nothing to run. On YouTube. Totally. This is just a category of movie going back to like the deer hunter Merrill, just like as she put it herself, they needed a woman to stand between the men. The king speech is a little like this with Helena Bonham Carter giving an Oscar nominated hug to her husband shit like this. It's just like when like the only novelty of the characters that it's the, the one woman, it's just that's not like a related character. That's not it's sort of like if you saw the movie the post, which is not a movie like this that I'm talking about, it's if the only female character and it was the Sarah Paulson character who's just like, let me tell you the stakes of what you're doing. My husband that kind of role spotlight. Right. Well, well, that's an interesting case because she is the one woman, but I would say she's the least developed of those characters and still just concerned. So it does count. Yeah, imitation game. Another movie like that. Moving the Hello on while there shouldn't really have been a woman in imitation game anyway. Right? Yes, even care who's like I finished this crossword puzzle or whatever. For her part in that movie should've been another man for him to have sex with. The Nick machine was his anyway. Yeah, keep it to that. You know, that's from j. Damian Chazelle the director of LA La Land, but also whiplash which I do love an has no women in it. Sorry, moving on anyway. My keep it this week. I feel like I just keep it to democrat party. 'cause they have been having a week annoying. The fuck outta me first off Hillary Clinton thinks she is sink. She and her husband are being on saying, Jay z. as they're embarking on this tour together, and she was recently asked on CBS during the show Sunday morning. In retrospect, you think Bill should have resigned in the wake of the Monica Lewinsky scandal. And she said, absolutely not. And she was asked, it wasn't an abuse of power and she said, no, Lewinsky wasn't adult. Well, that's bad. I wish she didn't say that. He just you just what did your pantsuit? Why are you doing this for like a month out from the midterm. Where are you talking unless it's, hey, Georgia, unless it's driving people in fucking Georgia to the poll? I don't. I we have right now. I would love Hillary just pulled up in a bus, a moated, some voters and took him to the poll go to Indiana charter every bus in Indiana. Like, yeah, it wasn't just her though. Elizabeth Warren, one of one of my, what are you say? She's a white Fave instead of watching ballers and my own business, she decided to respond to Trump's incessantly racist comments that she's polka Hanis because before she said that, you know she has a native American person as one of her ancestors. So she finally released DNA test this week, deep Maury cred providing quote, strong evidence that she had a native American in her family tree, dating back six to ten. Two generations. I almost give credit for what she said. Like I guess Trump's that if she found evidence that he she, he would donate money. But then of course, guess what he did said, literally, who cares and his moved on right play with him on his level. He doesn't care. He just dismisses you on doing stupid shit, look dumb. I was I was on the plane and saw two people watching Fox News where you know that evil villain, Laura Ingraham was cackling about this with a panel and I was like, I can see why this is funny, right? It's so absurd, six to ten generations. Aren't we all related to each other at Cherokee then? Yeah, right or whatever. No, I don't go around calling by self white, but we know slave masters of a good time that certainly wasn't fifty ten generation. That's like three to four. This is like with Demi Levato tweeted that she one Africa. Raven. Simone says she was from every continent and Africa, except for one Elizabeth. Florida's from every native American tribe. Generally, if you do a DNA test, maybe just keep it to yourself. Yeah, I think I don't know that we ever ever need to the weird, murky thing of like eugenics words like white people. Love talking about how you know DNA determined certain things and it's like, oh, it's fun. Like I have this native Americans again a in me. But like what about actual native Americans who are actually part of a native American community didn't we just disenfranchise. Jakoda who like so many of them are not going to devote because of a raises fucking law that they that you have to have. You can't have a PO box as an address to vote. You have to have like an actual, you know, whatever like street address and so many people who live on reservations. They use PO box addresses. And these people know that which is why the law traditions, how they made their streets and things and they, they also have to have PO box because we shoved them on exactly. You know they're not just down the block from your local kolber shop. PSU think when Trump does is next rally. He's still not gonna call her focus exactly. The also grocer sort of thing about when she came out with this is it was also sorta proved that because part of the Pocahontas thing was the fact that she used her native American ancestry to sort of get jobs like her teaching job because it was like an affirmative action thing, and it was sort of releasing this and being like, I got this job, you know, because of my skills because I was smart, not because of this DNA and I'm like, it's sort of this weird thing where it's like a look. This didn't hinder me like, right, I'm smart because of a white woman. I don't. It's the whole thing messing messy. And I wish he hadn't done it just it's a good lesson that every time you try to. From several you looked on, there's no one who ever best him because he's so stupid and he's willing to go so much lower than you and like the stakes of all. This are stupid, like the stakes of release your DNA tests. Now donate money. That's stupid. You donate money. You don't need Trump to donate money. Carnival, he's not the only person with money and like, oh my God, if he doesn't do it, they'll never get it like, it's just the stakes are dumb you only ever looked on, and it's crazy to me that after two years of this shit people haven't figured that out. And when it's like six to two generations ago, that's just going to be fodder for people to make fun of you. It's not like it was your your dad. The test has. Its final person is sometimes democrat, Bernie Sanders only when elections coming up. He told Jake tapper who recently on following me because we dragged him about tweeting about Obama beyond onto, yeah. He told Jake tapper I am not a great fan of being rude or disrupting activities when it comes to liberal protesters, sir. Mr. I marched with Martin Luther King, are you out of your guy, Dan mind, eights, like everyone, forgets history. Does anyone remember the Boston tea party? Does anyone do you remember the revolutionary war? Do you know what the word revolution means? It did not mean that down and chatted what is wrong with no one knows any. I mean, the Boston tea party was an actual tea party. I had a lovely time. It's just such a like a historical bazaar weighed at again. It's like you don't. Why even why? Why even bring that up? Why talk about that the the wording of that is real bad, really gross. My final point is people doing too many stunts giving too many interviews when we are mere weeks from midterm elections buses and take people register doing voter turnout. That's what you should be dealing. Yeah, you don't need to be on CNN doing whatever. What was he? What was even like origins for this for this interview hockey about he's just talking the Jake tapper. I don't know dance competition show. Yeah, he's got to promote. And also this is part of the stuff that prevents young people from wanting the vote because they see politicians pulling stunts and like making a mockery out of things, and they don't feel like, you know, wanna be involved. Also look at, like, for example, like the parkland students were like they have. There was this wave of demonstrations in protests that they've been spearheading and it's young people and that super important. So then to have this old, ask white man be like, I don't believe in disruptive politics. It's just like, what are you doing? What are you doing? That's literally the thing that is energizing people that's making them feel like they have any fucking control over the country. They live in. Why on earth? Would you say anything that can maybe even stifle that at all to suggest that like the status quo somehow preferable. That's to me what that quote says. So, yeah, that is gross in very much the opposite of the spirit of the parkland does black ladies who who shut him down. That rally, four or five, whatever the month was probably about. Okay. He was like, can we be little nicer? We know do this March, you know, on a on a Sunday morning, people aren't trying to get to work. Shut up. It. That's what happened. Well, we'll never know anyway when we're back. Nothing because that's show by.

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