Voice in Canada - Alexa Connectivity for Toyota 2020


Skills all right. Are you in the market for a new car. Do you like toyota would've vehicles well then. You may be very interested in this little bit of news. Just recently announced was the news about more connectivity connectivity options for toyota and lexus vehicles for twenty twenty so the models they've mentioned that these connectivity options are going to be included included in our the toyota sequoia tundra four runner as well as the tacoma and the entire lexus rx are ex range so why is this relevant to us well they are allowing these cars or they're setting up these cars to have connectivity options where you can actually control control multiple things locking and unlocking doors starting and stopping the engine checking the status of windows and sunroofs checking the fuel level locating your vehicle and even monitoring guests drivers drivers and of course relevant to us this can be controlled by lexi so it will allow drivers to perform remote vehicle commands and by using an amazon echo device at home so it seems like almost every day there's another car company that is adding lexi to their cars so if you're interested in this and you are thinking about maybe getting a car and you love using lexi to control things then you might wanna look into the twenty twenty models which will be coming up very soon all all right have a great day talk to you tomorrow brief cast dot f._m.

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