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ESPN's Matthew Berry talks Jonathan Taylor vs Marlon Mack + Miles Sanders RBBC + Avengers End Game


What up clock. Dodgers's Neil malig. No you're tuned into the clock dodgers. Podcast I can't appreciate you enough new to the podcast. For whatever reason more likely the fact that you see Matthew Berry is on the podcast. We appreciate you stopping by. We hope that you continue to listen after this because we have tons of amazing guests who come on this podcast just like Matthew. Berry they bring tons of value. We ask amazing questions we entertain you. We give advice. It's everything it's not. Boring is not like robots. It's not just a bunch of numbers we do a bunch of crazy fun stuff here and at the same time we help you win fancy football so it's a beautiful beautiful thing so I'd hate for you to miss out on that after justice episode. So if you can if you enjoy this episode. I won't even ask you to now. I'll let you go to the episode and enjoy it but if you can at the back end of it just hit that subscribed one if you enjoy what you would you listen to. All I ask hit the subscribe button. Maybe leave a five star review appreciate that greatly as well. We're actually GONNA be starting some contests for some giveaways for reviews So keep your ears and eyes open more than likely so if you want to get a head start more than likely. I'M GONNA ask you guys to drop in the review a five star review and you can say whatever you want in the review whatever kind of Love You. WanNa give it support as cool and we appreciate it but also somewhere in there. I just want you to put your favorite rookie. This season. favorite offensive rookie. Who you think's going to produce the best fantasy because I have some rookie Football cards to give away and so I want to Pick some people out of the out of the reviews who leave a new review five star review. You can leave. You know whatever feedback you have for the show and also make sure your rookies in there so that I can No that is for the contest so any the offensive rookies. That were drafted this season. This season brand new rookies Other than that guys let me go ahead and let you get to this to this episode. Super Big thanks to math you again for coming on the show. I can't thank him enough for taking time out of his day on to make this possible even more just as importantly is Damian over at ESPN. I WanNa thank him for sending us all up So big shout to him because a lot of times guys like Matthew get a Lotta love which they deserve but then Gaza Damian go unappreciated. And I'm big on appreciate and you guys know that as far as I appreciate the content creators the people behind the content creators. Everyone deserves love. Everybody so I'm big on this or shots Damien for help and set all this up Shots Matthew for of course agreeing to it all and coming on Let let me let me go ahead and let you get to the show. I'll talk down the back end after the interview. I'll talk about some other stuff But let's go ahead and into the episode again Matthew Berry from ESPN. We talked fantasy. We talked real life we laughed. We joked and we gave you some serious fancy football vice. Love you guys. Let's go ahead and get against the episode right now. You are. How locked to the clock. Dodgers pockets podcast. I'm your host Neal Malig no. Today's episode has been in the works for some time. Now we've waited for the stars to align on the night of a full moon. Mercury was at a retrograde and it's happened is taken four years in hundreds and hundreds of episodes in between but the opportunity is officially arrived where I get the chance to say this our guest on the clock dodgers podcast the man who brings you the best love hate articles. He's written a book created APPs websites. I've seen him instead of football cards. Actually I mean he's a face a fantasy football. Espn and more importantly one of the most positive influences in a fancy sports community. Welcome to the clock address. Podcast Matthew Berry. How're you doing today? I'm well Neil. Thanks for having me of course. Of course now I'm super appreciative. Obviously that you're able to do this today. I know listeners are excited when they're gonNA see your name there as a guest and you know we're in the midst of this crazy. President Times with cove in nineteen and life. Is You know sports and light. Everything's a halt right. Everything's a little different than we're used to You know we've continued to produce content here. I've seen you've been pushing content also just like just like normal which is beautiful because I know people need distractions and all this good stuff. I was randomly thinking today and I of wanted to ask you though I was thinking. What am I going to walk away from this whole experience with you know like what I did? I did it change me in any way am I did I did. I learn something new and I kind of felt like the only thing that I really take away that we need each other more than we kind thought. We did. As far as like for things to run smoothly and more successful like it helps if we're all involved Is there is there anything that you come with this for? Matthew the whole cove in nineteen thing and all this kind of stuff just like it has I I would. I would say sort of the same thing just on a different coins. There's been you know. The negatives far far far outweigh the positives. But to the extent there are some positives. I mean it's been nice like this give very small example but You know obviously I've gotten to spend a lot more time with my wife my kids which that's been nice But I'll give you one small example so I used to live in L. A. and I had a group of guys that I went to college with so people that I've been best friends with you know twenty some odd years. We used to have a weekly poker game. I'm not a particularly good poker player. None of them are but we mow you know we got together every week and we just laughed and hung out and visited especially as. We've all got married kids and careers and so when I moved away from L. A. To come to Connecticut in two thousand seven when I got the job of ESPN right. I wasn't able to go to that game anymore so I would go. You know once or twice a year to go back to L. A. And visit my brother who lives there and I'd see them but you know Gob as they couldn't be there but what has happened that since since Cova nineteen. Everyone stuck at home in what we've done. Is We all get together on a video conferencing call and we have online poker site and we all play Poker Online? And so that's actually been great. Actually see them a lot more and more regular contact with them now than I ever was because we we resumed our weekly poker game right because since it's now remote I can actually join end so And it's been really nice and I you know you sort of forget. I don't say that I forgot how much I missed him. But I It's it's been really nice to sort of reconnect with them on a weekly basis. Which you know. I hadn't done it in quite some time since I've moved away from. La It's awesome. It's actually brought you closer through this weird thing. It's school All cool so. Let's talk I I do WanNa talk about you really quick. And then we'll hop into the fancy advice Know we have guests with your experience. Level in the PODCAST. I feel like there's just more value to also get some of that out of you as well so I do start the bottom. I guess too tough moments. Some of US are in them. Now rate you call it the struggle if you will What what do you think separates you from those who feel like they haven't really had that breakthrough yet That's an interesting question. How do I answer that What do I what I think separates you mean in terms of like a? I mean like the ones who are still grinding right like they haven't reached that level of success that they you know they they see guys. You don't WanNa be that one day. But what do you think is just time and then a couple of banks so. I I certainly think it's time I also think you know. Let's be honest I worked for. Espn I worked for the largest sports media company in the universe and that that just gives me an unfair advantage that you know people that work for other companies. Just don't have right. Espn is the number. Has the number one fantasy APP? It has the number one fantasy football game the number one website the number one mobile APP just overall yet book. The number one happen sports is ESPN number two APP sports. Espn fantasy sports. So it's just you know that's just that's just a that's just an advantage that anyone in my position would have now having said that just because you're exposed to a lot of people doesn't necessarily mean that they'll like you they'll follow you. Continue to write. Do I think I think so. Certainly you know And by the way what got me to the point of Polish and popularity that. Espn was like okay. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA take a chance on you. We're going to hire you. We're GONNA put you in this role in this position and I would. I would say that I think what differentiates me from Somebody that perhaps is not At a level where they wanna be is two things number one is I think. A wide variety and skill set Which is like. I think I'm a really writer you know. I think I'm a really good writer and I think I'm I think I'm very good writer. Just in general And I think I'm a really good writer when you compare me to the rest of the people in the fantasy industry right. I feel very strongly about that. And I don't think that's bragging And I mean you know I. I wrote a book that had not one piece of fantasy advice in it and it was a New York Times bestseller and spent many months on the list so So there is some justification there for for that claim So I think I'm very good writer but also I think just by the way. I'm reasonably competent at all. Facets of the job now I'm better at some than others but one of the things that I think. Espn values about me. In one of the things that I think makes me different than maybe some of the people that haven't gotten to level they want to yet is that I can write a five thousand word column. I can do an hour long podcast. I can do a three hour. Tv show. I can do a forty five second hit on Sportscenter. I can do a three minute segment on. Nfl Live. And I can do a half hour TV show for ESPN plus so those are all the things that I do. In addition also being semi interesting in two hundred eighty characters on twitter or an instagram post. Right again I'm better at some of those than I am that others but I'm competent all right so generally tilleke that versatility in that ability to not only you know good fantasy insights be built. Communicate them effectively in entertainingly Is I think one of the things that separates me and then you know I think also just my sort of my personality in openness about my life you know when fans come up to me You know there's a few things that sort of come up but the two the two things that I get the most are. I love your column and I love your podcast. And when they mentioned the column it's always about my opening story they never say thank you for. Kareem Hunt is working at your. Thank you for Darren Waller last year. Right you know or you know or for you know telling me that you need to believe and Delvin cooker. Whatever any of the number of calls that got another people got those calls right to. I'm not saying I'm the only one that had those whatever but my point is it's never about you know a good call that I made. It's always I love the story about meeting your wife or buying your house or your bullying Tom or when your daughter broke her arms or your heart attack. Or you know your father-in-law or you know it's always a story right And that that connection and me being willing to be open about my life and the same thing on the podcasts as they enjoy the enjoy humor they enjoy the relationship. I have with sealed Stefan and Daniel top and they You know and and you know sort of my openness there and So I think it's I think it's all those things because ultimately listen. I think I've pretty good advice. I think I've pretty good analysis but a lot of people are pretty good advice and a lot of people up pretty good analysis so I I think my personality and the way I present my information are the things that differentiate. Yeah and you speaking of that. Let me let me bring up this fantasy football. You know it's a. It's a space filled smart people right analytics data people grind film all this great stuff One part that I feel is the most under appreciated and I feel like something you excel at is the entertainment aspect. So many are so fixated on the goal of helping people with this player that player but they don't focus enough on like the attention of making it fun and top notch production and all this kind of stuff. I feel like you that at a high level and I feel like it's important to you but why. Why is it so important to you that you do that in a separate from everybody in my opinion well it's two reasons number one? Is it's fun right. I mean this is fantasy overall is if a game we played a fake game. We play like let's have some fun for the love of God. I mean people are like you know you gotTa crush I'm GonNa hope dominate them like listen. It's more fun when you win again. It you know what I mean like. I wanted to win but at the end of the day this is about hanging out with your family or your buddies from college or your co workers or you know. You're you're lifelong friends like it's it's fun man like this is it's a hobby like in so. I always try to infuse my content in my you know just like hey. This is fun so I. I try to emphasize that above all else for sure and positively in and the you know and I'm a big believer in the healing powers of of fantasy football in that. It's you know it's a larger game at just a game and then the other reason is you know. Kenley Neil. It's like I'm a big believer in. Stay in your lane and do what you do best like. I'm pretty good with stats. But I'm not Mike Clay. I'm not nate. Silver are people that are better at stats than I am. And I'm pretty good at breaking down film. But like I'm not mad Boeing. You know I'm not tedy Bruschi. I'm not like you know some of the NFL players that we have already ESPN. Like I'm not one of those is like You know so it's like I have legit inside sources in the NFL coaches and players but I- text with regularly. So I have some pretty good sources but I'm not Adam Schefter. You know what I mean like so you know so I know what I do well in in what I think I do. Well is I think I take? I take my sources to take my film study. I take my stats. You know I combined that all it it you know and I take like a fairly dry subject which can be it. Stats heavy and try to make it. You Know Entertain -able enjoyable bite-size condense -able accessible in. I don't know if that. How many buzzwords got there but You know at least six or seven. But that's what I try to do right. And that's where I think I'm best at I think I am. That's the thing that I think I do. Best so as opposed to trying to out stat might clay or outsource Adam Schefter or out breakdown film Matt Bowen etc etc. Like just sorta do what I you know. The the thing I do best is being Matthew Berry and so I just sort of tried to lean into into that and bing bing myself and you know being true to what I I'm good at and not doing things that I'm Adam letting other people do thing you know and and not putting myself in that position and You know just because the people that dig me will continue to big me like I. This is Charles Barkley quote in it stuck with me for a long time which is like people. Ask going to try to `checked like you know maybe us better English or you know or not be as candidate. Barkley was like no because if a change. He's the people that hate me. You're still going to hate me and the people that love me. Well love me anymore. Screw it and he's right like there are people that are not fans of mine doesn't matter what I do. Made up their mind on me and they're they are not going to be a fan. They're not gonNA listen to the to read the Com whatever it is but the people that do and there's a lot of them If I try to be something that I'm not I think I would lose them right. I mean I think that's one of the things that people enjoy about me are like about the. I'm I'm really honest and open about myself when I screw up a call I make you know I own it right and I admit to the fact that like you know there is people that are that do things better than I do. And I don't know like I just sort of this is who I am. You know for better for worse now. One hundred percent Brian 'cause I his you know. Definitely one of your best assets Let me let me give you two situations and you tell me which one of the twelve year old version of. You wouldn't believe more. If you went back and talk to him number one that he would become the most recognized voice and face fancy football or two that he'd be enacting role in one of the greatest superhero movies ever. It's the second one the idea that I would ever be a you know twelve years old. I probably would have said what's fantasy football but the but the idea of at twelve years old living in college station Texas Having no connections to show business You know never having been on. Tv You know anything like that radio. Nothing dorky twelve year old kid Lebanon in the middle of Texas. I would have said no way. Would I ever be In a superhero movies. Let alone let alone. Neil the highest grossing movie of all time worldwide. I mean I just want to put that out to your listeners. More than anything else We'll see football blah blah blah blah. Listen at eight bracket if it's not true and I'm just saying Neil I just WANNA say here. I've done one film. That film happens to be the highest grossing movie of all time so literally status stats on a per movie basis. I am the highest grossing actor of all time quite impressive on a permanent basis. And you know what it is what it is. Listen Robert Downey. Junior has a very high Basis Soda Sam Jackson. Chris Pratt Tom Cruise. They're all you know lots of George. They have very high numbers but none of them have a higher per movie average than I do. Because I'm I'm one for one. Fantasy analysts are shooting for the Ron. Goldman should be. That's the restaurant saying it ain't bragging if it's true specs all right. Let's move on fantasy football stuff So it's always important when we're giving fancy advice that you know people know our trust level players and situations so each episode. We do try to ease the anxiety and provide some clarity. Maybe how we feel about this stuff. I'm going GonNa hit you in a few situations here. Matthew let me know whether you trust it or you have trust issues. I won rookie running backs. Jonathan Taylor and Clyde Hilar- will receive over fifty percents NAP shares for their teams in your one trust or rushes trust. I trust I trust both things. There's a reason both guys were drafted and drafted I Marlon MAC is a free agent. Season Damien. Williams had trouble staying healthy. Andy Reid if you look at his history never drafts a running back this early. So the fact that he used a first round pick on a guy on a guy like Clyde Edward. Solaire tells you something. The first SEC player in history with one thousand rushing yards at fifty receptions in a single season is a perfect fit for that offense. I BELIEVE HE GETS OVER. Fifty percent Share and Marlin Mac. If you look at the numbers wasn't particularly You know efficient last year right. He just he he he really was. I mean you know he just. He needed a lot of volume. And so I mean. I think Jonathan A lot of people had Jonathan. Taylor is the number one running back coming out last year and so I don't know in week one. They over fifty percent share. But if we look back assuming no injuries and we look backward. I have this podcast a year from now. We look at the overall season. Yes absolutely trust hundred percent. Both guys have over fifty percent Snap share the running back position for their teams. I will go on record and say just for transparency that I did stand for Mac on twitter the other day and got absolutely drilled about it but I just think he's not dead this year. I just don't think he is but we'll see we'll see I hear your own. Why why do you think he's not dead this? I just feel like the coach is not going to. He's running back by committee his whole life. Right Downton Taylor is supposed to be amazing. He's never had a back like him. But I just feel like they like Mac. If we're to believe coach speak you know And I just don't see why they would do that to Taylor. If they don't have to like why not let him? Why not use him in here with MAC? Who's WHO's not terrible And just kind of like. Why SPLIT IT UP? I don't know who's GonNa get the passing game. If hinds or Mac yes right. So that's that's the key right. So here's the thing. I agree with your premise. On on on two things. I agree with your premise in that running back by committee they still. Marlin MAC listen. They had injuries position last year. They they don't want to you. Know have to draft. You know they don't have to start a guy that was on his couch. A couple of weeks ago elected Jonathan Williams last year at some point right so I agree with all that. And you also have a veteran quarterback in Philip rivers. Who's GonNa want a guy back there? Johnson Taylor is somebody who you know. We know that pass protection is going to be something. He needs to work on in the pros. They didn't really asking to do that. That much of Wisconsin. So I'm with you having said that however let's go with the apprentice so it's a multiple running back by committee. Now he's think about okay. What are their roles? Ripe and so you've got you've got Heinz. Wanted the third down back because he's better at pass growing pass Catcher. They used them. You know even last year when quote unquote MAC was. The guy is still down back. So now you've got between Taylor Knack for the early down role and in terms of fantasy production when you get in close to the goal line who didn't want to give it in. Jonathan Taylor is like you know the shining one of the mean you know. One of the one of the great Touchdown scorers in college football history and so So I guess if that's your argument that you don't see fifty percent snap share because they it's a three headed monster fair is he. I see close but in terms of but I would argue back in terms. Your Marlin Mac is dead is just wears his fantasy value coming from splitting the early down work with Jonathan Taylor. And you by my premise. That Taylor is going to get the rushing touchdowns and hines going to get the receptions out of the backfield in PR format. I just don't know where Max fantasy value comes from because again last year. If you look under the numbers outside of the touchdown he wasn't efficient. All he needed volume for his fantasy production. And I just don't see him getting volume this year. That's fair I understand All right let's move onto the next one then Redskins rookie running back. Antonio Gibson will be flex worthy. Npr by the fancy playoffs. I trust okay. Perf addressed it. Look the thing is is that you know. Look there's a he's a special player right and I get it like you know We really don't have the one season of Memphis but I will tell you that. I know that the REDSKINS staff had him circle that somebody they really wanted. They went out. They got him. You heard Ron Rivera. Talk about the fact. That reminded him of Christian McCaffrey. I'm not saying he's Chris. Mccaffrey from a skill set standpoint on saying he's GonNa get Kinda workloads to Christian. Mccaffrey gets but the redskins offensively our challenge next year. This is coming from a Home Right Ryan. So they've gotTA figure out a way to manufacture points like they can't just like the colts the culture that offensive line and Jonathan Taylor like they can just go out a mall people they can just say like you know we're going to up the Lebanon Lebanon had on a hat hat and we're going to beat you. We think ours is better than your right and let's go right. There are teams like that right. You know that can just do that. and You know saying you know the Vikings in Dalvin Cook Right and so The redskins are not that team. They're not going to be able to go head to head out on a hat and be the team. They're going to have to get creative in. Funky and scheme and get Get Weird a little bit so Antonio Gibson when you think about the weapons the redskins have an offense. It's not a lot after Terry. Maclaurin right. We'll see if Darius guys can stay healthy but like they're gonNA use Gibson is both a running back in his wide receiver. Find Different ways to get the ball in the stands Kinda back the running back version of Deebo Samuel if you will And so I think he just touches the ball ton and Definitely has you know it in an offense by the way is going to have to throw like they're gonNa have to throw the defense is still gonNA struggle. They good defensive line but they're secondary is is still a work in progress and they're going to have to throw up. Yeah I agree with you. I like him. I like Maclaurin even like syms this year so We'll see how it plays out. We will see how it all plays out no question. They don't have a tight end and we'll you know we'll see like attias. Moss makes the team or whatever. But it's hammered Jeremy Sprinkle or whatever you know and and so You know and I think they they got an I mean. I think you'll see Antonio Gandhi Golden Golden Gandhi You know out there as Katie golden right after that I got sorry But anyway like I think he's the number two. I think they prefer Sims as more of a a Jack of all trade kind of do some special teams more of a third wide receiver but It listen I I think you know. Listen I always say the redskins often be slept on and then I was getting comber wind up being right. And whatever happens with the raiders. So are the next two will do trust or trust issues. We want to break down within the next three seasons. Justin Herbert Jordan love and Jacobson. We'll all be starting quarterback in the NFL. Do not trust to not trust. That's a good point. I think there and Tampa Bay Bucks the Patriots version of Rob Gronkowski. Trust or. Don't trust I trust I mean. Here's the thing twenty eighteen the last time we saw Rob Gronkowski scored three touchdowns a career low. You know the numbers were bad across the board. He still was the title fantasy here right. That's the thing is like so if you ask me are we gonNA get peak gronk. Are we going to get number? One Fantasy Gronk. We are not but we're GONNA get a top ten guy. Yeah like do I think he's good as he wasn't twenty eighteen. I do so. I think he's a borderline in one. So it just depends on which you know and I do think there'll be a little bit rejuvenated. I think year off is actually. This helps him all right. We're GONNA do some rankings. Really quick we'll go with. Npr Scorn for. Let's say Redraft Amari Cooper coralline sudden Mike Evans. I rank them. Evans Cooper Sutton Okay how? Npr scoring equitor Kenyan Drake Miles Sanders Equa Drake Sanders in that order. Like with you on that one. I'm listen you just talk about how Frank Right. So He's been a running back for another one. Doug Peterson he always been a running back by committee guy. Everyone's looking at like a monster down the stretch like they had they had they starting wide receiver from the down. The stretch had no Jordan. Howard like you know Zach was in and out of the lineup like they had no one and I'm just telling you ident- the town mile sanders but even then there's still like. Oh Hey Boston Scott. Like you see the news about Carlos high bid whether it's Carlos Hyde or Devante Freeman or one of these free agent running backs there's GonNa be another guy there and it might not be a guy that you want to start fantasy but it's a guy that's GonNa take enough value away from Al Sanders that he's much more rb to high end flex than he is the top twelve guy that I see a lot of people having. Yeah if anything just to protect their investments with these guys you know like yeah you them some help you know so. I I see that point with running back by committee to Are the last one for the rank them in order of who has the best chance to finish in the top. Fifteen at quarterback drew lock. Joe Bureau or garnered shoe was the order. I have them all very very. I have locked over borough over Menchu but I would say that I think that's how I read them ranked but if you're asking me Best chance to finish inside the top. Fifteen maybe borough I've locked at eighteen Berlin nineteen right. Now I'm right next to each other today. Do like Minhsiu too so I mean they're all right there at all. Three guys have shot to quarterback of course as deep. It's a fun group all right so if our no foul. It's actually my favorite part of the show. We have a guest on. I'm going to read to you. Statements their statements. I've found online. Social Media. Websites might just totally made up You'll give me a foul if you disagree with the statement or no foul if you agree with it The first one Dak Prescott will be the qb one and fantasy points. Twenty Twenty Baranov L. I would say foul because I think it's it's going to be mahomes Jackson but I have. I have that Prescott. It's my number three quarterback. I'm very high on that. I put out at three in my initial rank and got so much feedback. Like you're crazy. That's insane and now. I've started to see other fantasy. Analysts come around to back on threes. I'm like that's right. That's right was like what about Russell Wilson? What about the SEAN WATTS? Dak Prescott was the you know. That Prescott was the second best quarterback and fancy last year. Right as people forget that. Be Good Henry Rugs Will Sean Jackson like rookie season. John Jackson Sixty two receptions nine hundred twelve yards two touchdowns fowler no value. Think he could do it. I would say What'S THE ONE. If I agree. No valid value. No foul no foul. All right I like rugs this year. I think he's A. He's one of my favorite playground flyers. And he's the highest rank rookie wide receiver. I have nice. How about this one? The in nineteen situation will impact the current. Nfl season meaning. We should adjust SPY FADING ROOKIES AND PLAYERS. New Teams Fowler. Novell she faded not about others No foul okay Yeah I mean I agree. I think I don't think we need to adjust you know massive amount but it's certainly going to impact all right. Here's to fun. Ones Really. Quite close out Raiders owner mark. Davis is haircut is still worse than former titans presidency. Eeoc underwood's Mustache Fowler NFL worse than I'm using the mustache. He stepped down. Titans President Steve Underwood crazy look ask. I'm going to say foul foul the most source in the last one ironman sacrificing his life to save the world from. Domino's is a bigger sacrifice and Brian Westbrook sacrificing fantasy teams by taking knee touchdown. The fancy playoffs no foul slightly agree. That's a much bigger second. WanNa give it was like all right so I appreciate it matthew. I know you're I guess I know your time thing here. What we'll do is normally. This is where I actually guessed you know. Let listeners know where they could find them and stuff kinda like they don't know where you're at this point it's Kinda like you'd probably dialup internet or something but either way go ahead just kind of plug something if you if you want to plug anything you're telling where to find you upcoming projects anything you want it though in here matthew. Obviously you can listen to finish. Focus podcast the fantasy show on ESPN plus but check out the fantasy life. That one hundred percent free the alerts absolutely crushed. There's a reason we're at five stars on Android four point eight plus on Ios over thousands reviews on each again hundred percent free go to fantasy life. App DOT COM to download it for free or wherever you get your APPS CIGARETTE. App It really is all right. Thank you again. My at the super grateful man again. You know the I really appreciate you coming on. It means a lot and an until next time man appreciate it. We'll take care. Sorry I have to run. That was a fun episode again. Big Shout Matthew Berry. Espn and all the hard work and everything he does over there. We appreciate it for him for coming on Is Important that I get across. We have all kinds of guests on the show. We had them on for different reasons. Sometimes it's just straight up. Fancy talk right destroyed fancy football sometimes. It's not fancy at all on with Matthew. It's a blend of both I obviously wanted to talk fantasy football with him. Even though even though the time was pressed right we didn't have a whole lot of time together. I WanNa make sure we got you fantasy content fancy advice but just as important matthew has so much years of experience in the business and it even if you don't want to write in Fancy Footballer do podcast and Fancy football or things in sports. In general there's so much value that can be applied to every other part of your life whether it's a career your family and whatnot so I felt it was important to dig into that content. I wanted to make sure I didn't miss out on that opportunity so hope you guys found value in that as well So again be shots. Matthew be shot to Damian for help set this up time wise schedule-wise all that good stuff And thank you again to everyone. Who's listening if you're a first time listener you know you've seen the name Matthew Berry. You wanted to hear what was happening with Matthew and wait what's going on. I appreciate you just for the into this one episode. If that's all you do great. I appreciate it more importantly I would love for you to stick around our love you to continue to listen to the dodgers podcast as you can see just from this sample that we do things a little differently here You know we're not going to beat you over the head with numbers or or film or this now we're going to give you a beautiful blend of all of that but at the same time we find it super important to make this entertaining. You know high level production. You're not gonNA hear all kinds of audio issues and and ridiculousness So we take a real pride in this And it's not just fantasy. It's real life right. I WANNA connect with you guys in a real way. I'm not just spit a bunch of facts at you and and you know help you. You're we we want to connect with you for real. I'm not just connect you with WS fanciful. Both are great though So big shot to Matthew for joining us. If you subscribe to hit hit that button feel free to leave a review Let people know you know. You know those five star reviews go along way. It's really the life blood of what we do because imagine when someone goes in there and they had searched fantasy football or search. Nfl and they find us. That's great right but what matters even more is your review. 'cause they go and they go well let me see what other people are saying about it and so while we got a five star reviews on that kind of stuff. It's great when they see your name. What you thought about it why you listened And like I said in the intro. We are going to be running a contest. So let's go ahead and just get the the the details on why I said it was a for sure thing on the back end here because those who are still listening deserve the perks So yeah we'RE WE'RE GONNA run a contest in the review section. You just if you already subscribe you to say clock dodgers search for. You'll see an option that lets you in. Apple podcast leave a review Hit hit leave a review. And when you're in there just do a five star review Leave your feedback. Whether it's you know a production thing with how much enjoyed the Matthew Berry interview whatever. It is But most importantly as well. I want you to put in their rookie player. That you like this year Do you think it produced a best? Now I'M NOT GONNA pick a winner by. Actually who produces the best? That's how we're GONNA do this. I'm just GONNA pull people at random maybe one or two independent. How many people participate and I will actually contact you guys. I'm going to need going to reach out to you again. So you're the future podcasts. And you one So I can actually contact you in some way on social media email whatever. It is But I'm going to actually give you got the opportunity to win some rookie cards So we we have all different rookies If I don't have the rookie that you really want maybe I'll even go get it for you if I don't have it already But just options. That are out there. Bryan Edwards Raiders Wide Receiver. I'm sure you guys are really familiar with him. we may have Johnson. Tanner Rookie Card for you. If you're looking for something like that if you're against me a MARLIN MAC. It would be pretty funny to send you a John Taylor rookie card Possibly adjusted in Jefferson rookie card out to the Vikings so there's GonNa be a lot of options. Jk Dobbins all kinds of guys So I wanNA give these away I wanna I wanna Hook you guys out with some really cool fantasy I mean really. Cool football stuff So again all yet to do leave. A review has to be a new review. Five stars leave some feedback. Whatever you think about the show just say love the show. This can literally take two seconds and you have an opportunity to win a rookie. Nfl garlic and how fly it? I'll take some pictures and show you these rookie. Cards are so they're so bad as But all you do is five Star Review. Leave a comment on there And then put up. The name of the player that you liked the most is upcoming season. I guess it doesn't even have to be who's gonNA produce the most. Just who your favorite is. I want to see what the listen who listeners. Like the most I Know Henry. Rugs will get the least vote because that's who I love and you guys are continually Raider haters now But seriously just put your favorite favorite rookie player in there. And then we'll pick one or two people to win rookie card. Just five star review some feedback. It could be anything very symbolic Matthew Perry's interview and then a name of the rookie that you like the most And if you WANNA You know it could be an offensive player can be offensive rookie of onto. I'll show love to both sides of the ball. Could be the kicker if you want you know whatever you feel like doing Are The net guys again. Thank you again for listening to the PODCAST. You know. We're continuing to grow or continued to expand. I'm I m looking at possibly a potentially creating some kind of private chat for clock Who knows I I want to be exclusive to be a special group tight? Knit Group Where you know they get. We know some Extra Access Whether it be Podcast episodes that everyone else is getting nor maybe or early access to the podcast. Or some input on questions for the show and guest input Maybe a question for the guests on instance we have Matthew Berry on. I'm you would know ahead of time that Matthew Berry will be on and you would have a chance to question for that. I'm so we're GONNA have a lot of fun in there and you know like I say giveaways and stuff like that. We haven't clock dodgers gear to give away beanies and stuff I'm thinking about starting to private group Thou I want to keep it exclusive so that will likely be on a patriotic basis. Something to that effect so keep an eye out for that or the MVP questions about it other than guys. You know the drill as always be kind be great he's dot.

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