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Ep. 352 - Wrong is Wrong. The End!


If all the wrong things. Sorry. I'm. Three hundred and fifty two of three sixty five Saturday the seventeenth of November. And go to say, I've just seen something in the Compaq downstairs, which it's kinda my me laugh, but it's also frustrated me a little bit. What it was was a preprinted card that sits on the dashboard that says sorry, I blocked your driveway. And it's got a spot there for you to fill in your phone number. And the funny thing about that is someone's taking the time to acknowledge that they're gonna do the wrong thing. I'm just going to try and be bit nicer about and try and be more useful about it. Forget about the fact that these things actually viable in shop in a stationery store or something already preprinted. But it kind of brings me back to I think it was episode seventy four the show where I I asked the question if you do the right thing for the wrong reasons doesn't matter if you've done the right thing out of shame fear or guilt, or whatever. The the motivation was doesn't matter. The fact is. You've done the right thing, and this is kind of the same thing. But in reverse does doing the wrong thing for the right reasons or trying to do it nicer does that make it less wrong? It doesn't doing the wrong thing is always the wrong, bloody thing, and I think anyone that lives in Malaysia seen a thousand times. We just have this habit in Malaysia of blocking people in double parking front of people. And look the nice people a little note like that in the car and say if you need to move just give me a call his my number. But and a lot of people tell you it's because there's not enough caps. And in some cases, that's true. But frankly, people just don't even bother trying anymore. And so a lot of people have just said, we'll bug it all just park in front of somebody doesn't really matter. I'll even night doing the wrong thing. But I'll be nice about it. But look, you know, to me, it's nothing genius. I think they're doing the wrong thing is always the wrong thing or that's thanks for tuning in. I will be back again tomorrow. So you. The podcast. You just heard was made using anchor ever thought about making your own podcast anchor. Makes it really easy for anyone to get started. It's a one stop shop for recording hosting and distributing podcasts. Best of all. It's one hundred percent free. Sign up now at anchor dot FM slash new. That's anchor dot FM slash new to get started.

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