Soulful Leadership, Brain Chemistry, Proactive Learning And The X Factor With Arthur Ciaramicoli


Mizo juxtapose episode two eighty four my country is the world in my religion is to do good. The Senate chopping wood which seizures energy throughout the base of spine to the crown of four thousand. Of this. Ancient wisdom has been stopped. Measure to disable. What are the functions of these images and cook these Chuck help you unlock your desperately and find your purpose? Welcome to my set of chocolate. And now your host a Didia Gye Kumar. What's up action, Dr AG here host and founder of my seven joker as the show where we provide you wisdom inspiring stories and action steps that will help you transform your life. So if you're new to our show than I want to give you a warm, warm, welcome. And know that you are in the light spart if you are interested in working on your jackass before we begin our episode, then make sure that you attend our live webinar that I'm hosting this Thursday online. I'm actually going to gawk about our fascinating human energy body. You learn how to use sound to heal your chocolate and by the end of our time together, you will discover how the balance and clear three very important Jaquez in your body. So if you're a regular listener, and you're curious about learning more than wisit, my seven Chuck dark on fall. Slash life draining. That's my seven is a word my seven jeopardize dot com slash life, chaining once again the link that you need is my seven jeopardize dot com. Flower slice live draining. See you there. And with that. Let's bring on our special guest for today, Dr author Sierra MacAulay, so other are you ready? See you again good to see again. So Dr Arthur CRM E is a licensed clinical psychologist who has been treating clients for more than thirty five years. He's a member of the American psychological association and today, we're going to talk about his book, the soulful leader, author has developed this approach during terrified years of consulting ridden, and concerning leaders and business education politics, and on athletic deems, his communication and leadership groups have been ongoing for over thirty years, which has allowed him to study the force smell characteristics that lead to excellent leadership skills. Now, this is not enough. I interview our first session was over a hundred and fifty episodes back on episode one one eight where we spoke about this breed of previous book the stress solution. So if you wanna listened to that episode, then go to my seven Jucker dot com. Forward slash one one eight and since I before beginning our station. Let me tell you that I'm super excited about the topics that we are going to discuss today. Many because leadership in my opinion. His witty connected with our jugaris because on an energetic level in order to be really authentic and empower leader all your truckers must be aligned in particular, your turn. I check out for intuition your counter for a purposeful connection to the universe. You're russell. Then you can express yourself in give speeches and also listen attentively and your heart check-up to connect with employees and members in your community and your route as well. So that you can be grounded and really firm in your approach. So we're going to dive in and here's why you should listen delivery end. We're going to talk about the unique traits of an authentic leader. How you can go about developing these skills, how leadership affects your brain chemistry and much more. So make sure that you listen deliver. Very end desserts. Unexciting salutes get started so author. Thank you so much for Jani on today's session to begin. Today's episode ward is one inspirational court that you live by especially these days, and how does it impact your life? The quote that is most inspirational to me Jay is, but Thomas Paine in my country is the world in my religion is to do good. I love that. Because it's all encompassing. And you know, it means that I'm brothers and sisters are all throughout the world. Not just in our own clan. It's it's a statement that I think expresses an open heart and an open mind, meaning that your whole open to all religions and all the major religions have one thing in common. I think is to be of service to good. So I consider my country the world, and I and I and I learned from all religions, I'm I'm very spiritual. And I I like to take information from various diverse sources than I think soulful leaves do that consistently. Warneford Warren fulltime Salah for shading be of service. Do good open your heart and realize and recognize that you have brothers and sisters around the world, and we are just once thanks for sharing that profound wisdom. So what inspired you to write your book, the soulful leader? Well, I didn't know if I was gonna write it on book AJ, but I became so disturbed by what's happening in our country, politically and in the corporate world in the business world, I think we have many studies that indicate that we talk soclean his throat the corporate world, and we know in congress, we have toxic leaders as well. So I became very concerned in their studies that indicate that Americans in particular, the leaves over sixty percent of Americans believe that this is the worst time in their history in our culture. So I wanted to write something about successful leadership sofa leadership and how to change the brain. So that you. Can lead people to be more creative more happy and more enduring they wanna belong to your purpose. They share in your mission. And I think, you know, one point or another we're all leaders whether leaders of families, or we are in a position of leadership at some point. But I I was just very very very instill him very concerned about the direction of our culture currently. Got it Qatar. So dating Deepa could you talk to us about the process that you went through in writing this book. Well, interestingly the stress solution took me three years to right? Yeah. I wrote the first draft of the soulful leader in about a month because I was so impassioned to write it in any ideas about with what we need to be doing now. Instead of what we are doing, right. Been in practice for a long time as you know in. I have never in my thirty five years in practice had so many people come into my office and talk about politics in the in their work life ever than ever before. Almost everybody was mentioning during the primaries during the election after the election on one side of the other people are more concerned today about where we are ever before not only not only in the political world in their work life. You know, the workplace bullying institute indicated this sixty five million people working in this country. So they were bully either directly or they witnessed bullying and sixty percent of those people that. Knowledged being bullied never said a word about it. They just left the job because they refrained of being stigmatized by their employees in that it would follow them in their industry in all our industries kind of small worlds. So if you're an engineer or an accountant and your bullied or whoever you are you worry about your other than getting out to other people. So it it really says something about leadership. I mean that we we allow this to happen in our in our work life. Seventy percent of Americans say they wake up every night, you'll due to stress because of the thoughts about working the next day and over seventy five percent of people in the workplace said that they are hesitant or afraid to even Estelita requestion because when they ask a question, they usually get a demeaning response. That really provided a lot of energy for me to write this book and change the direction that we're going in. And it's why I talk in the book about leadership authenticity, integrity, empathy in the brain changes that that come about. When you lead that way. Got it got it took barley speaking. If you look at leadership in general introduce age, what are some types of leadership that you see as as an expert in and as someone who's been in this field for quite a while. I think there are many people who lead through aggression and fear. I don't think they realized that when you do that when you cause fear in another person and employees, a friend or spouse, you're you're creating the stress response, you're creating the release of cortisol which produces black and white very narrow thinking and really Kerr tales creativity. A great deal. And and we know now that empathic. Environments, the leg lady geek is a consulting group in England. And they they surveyed over five hundred companies to find out where the empathic companies were and what and the ones that are lowest in an Catholic culture the ones that were at the top the top ten percent at twice the prophet as bond from ten percent. So when you lead with empathy and integrity, and you are authentic in the same person at work as you are at home, you produce counting neuro chemicals and people which make them happier. Happier. People and more creative and creative people and more productive improv. It's go up. So I I wanted to share that wisdom with people and share the the data we have from those credible studies because so many people lead for fear, and aggression, and they think that's gonna make them more profitable. It really doesn't. And they see empathy and integrity as is not useful skills there. They almost knew them as soft skills that they have to threaten. People to get them to work harder. When you threaten another human being you create tension and stress in exile. And they want to undermine you. I've seen it in business for many years. Even if my bonuses dependent on you, if you treat me a demeaning way over and over again, even unconsciously I'm gonna undermine you. I'm not going to get that report you desk on Monday when you need it because I don't want to help you. I don't like you. In when you don't like someone, and you feel demeaned by some of that you're reporting to you're going to produce a much lower level than you would if you felt respected and kid for in an authentic way. Kadett cottage. So moving onto the traits of an authentic soulful leader are some traits that this type of leader exhibits. Well, they lane with passion. They are authentic. When you know, so many companies have mission statements, but the employee is kind of behind the CEO CFO's back. They say they don't live only that way mission statement is still the public is all street, but they don't really live it that we don't we don't function that way. Anyway. So when their mission statement is who they are they lead with passion their offensive, and they have a deep desire to be of service to other and they loved jeez. Out the potential of their employees of other people like a good father or mother who loves the teach out. He's out the potential of their children. They also leave from the bottom up not the top down. They don't only associate with people at the top. They know their organizations intimately they know who cleans the floor. They know who plows the snow. They know who does the landscaping they know who fixes their computers, and they know something about their employee's lives. They know whether you're married or not or what your husband or wife name is what your children's name. They display. Way an interest in the human being the on the bottom line. So they they encouraged when they walk in the building people are happy to see them. And you you can sense it when you walk into a building, you know, I walked into a small business not long ago, and I went up to the receptionist to tell her who I was from the main for my meeting, and she was looking she was doing a crossword puzzle. She looked up and she looked down. She was still finishing the crossword puzzle. And then she said, yes, you have an appointment. Yes. I do. And you know, she not rude, but not kind not warm, and you know, from the moment, I meant it in entered that building and interacted with her. It was that that was the culture of at business. I three people as I was going to the room that is to me. The CEO, none of them spoke to me. None of them said. Good morning. They walked right by me. I felt like saying human being passing, and you you content sense that the culture of that business was poor. That people were not taught on modeling being interactive in kind of Pathak way, and the CEO was pretty much the same. It went throughout the building from the from the minute I entered with the receptionist to the end meeting with the CEO nothing changed. Got it. Got it so action drive if you're watching or if you're listening, or whatever you're doing I hope you're taking down notes and listening to what is being shared because what we're learning is that. A soulful leader and authentic leader leads with passion is all about services authentic in terms of who they wanna serve and how they want to show up each and every day at work leads from the bottom up. So they might know people's names were they do they don't treat people based on what position they have in the organization on the community. And most importantly, what they do has an effect on the dark culture, and everyone in all the interactions, the ships all the interactions like Arthur mentioned, that's how it works. Bert. Thanks a lot for sharing that with us author. Now doctors about what's happening in the brain. What's the connection between authentic and sold for leadership and our brain chemistry? One of the most amazing things AJ is, you know, I wrote a book called the power of empathy in the itch thousand and at that time, I sense that when you give and receive empathy with another human being that you change the brain. But I couldn't prove it. But now, we know who functional MRI is that when you and I exchanged empathic heaven empathic interaction we produced oxytocin in our brains oxytocin is a near miracle. Neuro transmitter it makes people feel generous it makes people feel safe secure. Trusting, it, reduces inflammation, it increases longevity. It helps people heal from injuries fiscal injuring faster, it it is so powerful that it actually is being used for addiction. Now that there is a a nasal spray oxytocin really shouldn't experts spraying the nose to make people happier. And then they don't they don't have to use a drug to produce it artificially. They're also using it nasal spray about see tocine for. Others. Trouble bonding with their babies and they find what spray Luxy toasted into noses all of a sudden, they're warmer in more generous to their child. So imagine an organization where. People have oxytocin at another neuro chemical serotonin with which is which produce when you relate with empathy in their brains. It makes them more creative. It makes them more accepting more trusting in it makes you a easier to negotiate with other people because if you trust me, certainly might wanna buy my product a lot more than if you don't trust me. The opposite is when you lead to regression fear as we would discussing earlier, you create the release of the hormone cortisol. What does that it takes your Pathak range from out here in brings it in here in produces obsessive repetitive thinking, so you can't get out of your own way in it reduces creativity significantly, and it creates distrust, so that environment if you create that environment, you are not going to be more profitable unhappy employee's or have a happy family if you produce if you know how to relate authentically in pathologically your actual. Really making the brains of people happy in people follow that model. They follow the behavior of a leader. Just like children follow the behavior of their parents. So when we model it and remodeled it, successfully we don't even have to be in the building people are just acting that with people realize that it makes them feel better. They can produce more and more creatively, and they feel respected and they wanna get up and go to work. They wanna be they enjoy being in that environment. You might just be one skill away action. Think about that for the moment after conducting all two seventy interviews on our show evidence that people who are successful and influential are always honing the skills learning new things and upgrading their knowledge. 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Try get two months Streep. That's like jet is offering my seven Chuck listeners do months of unlimited access to thousands of classes for free to sign up. Go to skill shed dot com slash action. Drive again. Go to skin share dot com slash action. Drive to start your months now. That's skin share dot com slash action. Tried because the truth is that you might just one skin. Section drive. If you have read these stories where the story is about leader who sort of rallied, the people towards a common vision and the help them achieve some things. A lot of times you might hear this fears that he was not just a leader. But he was healer to right now. Yes leader, but healer today we're coming now. Because of what happens in our brain that authentic leadership soulful leadership can actually heal the entire organization and the culture now, Arthur if you can tell me has the emergence of the internet, and the popularity of platforms like Facebook, and Twitter and Instagram has that changed leadership as we see it today. Well, you know, it's into debated topic. As I mean, some people believe it's helped than some people believe it's hurt one. No is this a lot of misinformation on the internet and people have to be very careful about when leaders are telling them. You have empathy is factory. It helps us slowdown in obtain the objective facts of what someone saying we see it in the media every day, we see by people tweeting everyday seventy two percent of Americans resemble, you get all these the ticks and people don't even know where they come from Ned unless you you have to examine only not idealize leader. You know, a good group. I was saying this in one of my groups the other day because people were reluctant to say some they they didn't understand something. I said a point I made. And I said, I notice the people being very hesitant to confront me. A challenge me, I Clement I made. Honestly, I don't think it made much sense. Let me try that. It again. And then we talked about their fear of addressing forty in. How they learned early in life because they grew up with parents that raise them through aggression and fear that they seldom able to to question people in work in the work environment in what I was trying to help them as unlearn that. So that you don't just idealize the leader in accept what they're saying. And I think you have to look again for the objective data the proof. The truth empathy is truth oriented when somebody is leading and trying to sell in their marketing themselves, we have who's all over the place that the doing this daily, and we have so many people that the spouting conspiracy theories and their leaders, and they're saying look at the conspiracy theorists said Newtown didn't occur what they will all actors these children are still alive. I mean that shattered the parents of those young people because it was ridiculous. But you know, there are people listening to that leader. If you have if you have a voice. Choice me you have a voice in respect you. I wouldn't be on this show. I mean, I I know you're working and you have interacted before. But I don't wanna be on anybody's show. Just just to tout my book. If I think you have no integrity. I mean, what would that make me a soul less leader? So in terms of the internet Facebook Twitter, all saying be careful to the leaders that you following because make sure that person is one of integrity. I don't think you would have a following. If you more to person of integrity, I think it would be a fly by night show. You know, what I mean, why would people fall folly with week after week? They thought you were just telling no things that they find out later or not true. They're not even affected. You know, I mean because a lot of leaders once they sell you a product you buy the people selling vitamins and supplements and look I use supplements. But I may search them I so I don't just take anything one of my clients came at a few weeks ago and said I'm losing weight. This is great in the said, can I look at what your you wanted me to look at what he's taking because I used to direct alternative medicine center in the there were four herbs in the supplement that all die Radic's. And I said are you urinating aligning all day long? Let's be informed vigilant do your due diligence, and nobody leader ask questions and don't be afraid to question a holiday, which brings me to my next question is uniting your book, and this this is what got my attention. You say that proactive leaders are authentic leaders are proactive learners, and this is one of the traits of soulful leaders waters being a proactive learner involve when it comes to leadership it rules that you're willing to learn from all sources, you know, we know from credible research AJ that the most productive groups are the most diverse goose is interesting if you take ten white fifth year old man who all born in the east, and you put them together and try to strategize about bringing a product to market. You kind of have different people preaching to the choir. If you take people to people from Indio to a woman from China someone from Spain Brazil to two men from the United States one from the south run from the midwest. And you put them in a group. What happens they see all the variables in the world. And what happens is that? It's a more creative interchange a soul from meter is open to diversity a sofa meter loves diversity because they realize that you don't be on the surface. And this is where empathy comes in again. We're all more like than we are different. So we don't reject somebody by the color of the skin or by their gender about what country they came from. We actually welcome diversity diversity makes environments thri. It raises the spirit of people in teaches people to be more. Open minded, open minded, people more creative creative. People more productive and prophets rods. Got it got it. So I love the fact that you're able to relate these qualities such as, you know, being happy and being satisfied to productivity and our profit because that's important, right? When a company is in business it's about profit, but you won't reach that frosted or you won't increase your revenue, unless your employees are happy satisfied. They're happy. They're thriving the feel like they're they're allowed to be creative. And like you mentioned that happens when you bring a diverse set of population, people of maybe different cultures different traditions, different skin colors are different genders, but they all come together towards a common vision. So that's that's a wonderful pitcher to paint. Now. How does one go about building leadership skills? Not just roll based in an organization or at a corporate, but informal authentic leadership that makes people gonna follow you harder. Somebody grow more doing there. I think. The most important characteristic of the soul for leader can have. And I actually think it's the most important characteristic even being can have is knowing how to listen and Pathak listening. We are we have become very poor listens in our culture, especially people talk. Oh, each other all the time. They don't slow down and use empathy to look beyond the surface into the heart and soul of one another human being saying, so from leaders know, how to listen they don't respond quickly to not quick reactors quick react as always coming from some historical hurt in the past. And they immediately identify something in their react quickly soldierly is react, slowly, thoughtfully not unusually slow, but they want to understand because they have a natural curiosity. But how can you really understand someone if I asked you a question as soon as you start to answer him talking over and because most people are rehearsing what they're gonna say while they're listening rather than relaxing calming down. Down and actually taking in what the other person's saying, not only verbally, but non verbally. That's how you learn about another human being you learn what how they're thinking how they came to a certain point how they arrived at that point. When you do that as a leader other people, do it to you see soul from rita's seldom are people interrupting in their staff me, very, very rare. You look at an oath. It is that is driven by aggression and fear. And that's how the leader tries to influence people. And you go to those meetings in there. They talk over each other all the time. Ride aggressive docking. Always other. I'm right, you're wrong. This is the way this is the right way. Right. So that's that's no longer something to do in two thousand nineteen if you want your company to help siding culture in if you want to be that authentic soulful leader. Arthur could you talk to us about could his MMA, some leaders, possessive, some call it the x factor as an expert who's worked with the leaders of different types. What exactly is that charisma could break it down for us? Well, you know, some people think people really warm with the you're not. Yeah. That's true. I think charisma and the foundation for Charisma's often testing if you are yourself, you're not gonna tending, you know, authenticity attracts. It makes a person charismatic. It's it's interesting that even relatively quiet person can have charisma because when they're real when their offensive when they can acknowledge their mistakes. I call an imperfect success when they Manege Manege allow you to see but understand the process by which they go to arrive at a certain point when they make us mistake. They acknowledged that. They don't deny wherein wearing a social culture right now where people deny and hide their mistakes all the time. I didn't say that. And then you have it on video that they did say the and lying is made. I wrote I wrote a piece on lying in this book because people allying all the time in business in the political world, it that is not charismatic because once you know, once you know, I'd like to you. I cite a study on your show, and I say eighty seven percent of but whatever and listeners look it up in the same. Where was that study done said Harvard Business School, and they go to the Harvard Business School, and they look at the journal that month, and they say there was no such Saudi. I just made it up. Now that is going to make you an I look like. Fraudulent because it's certainly not going to attract us anybody to us because they know we're distort facts. So charisma in authentically first cousins, I think, and I think when you're when you're offended. You're more creative in your mom likeable. And that makes people more charismatic as well. And it isn't only the outgoing people that can be charismatic people that a warm look, the golly Lama is charismatic. Our not Lama is not an aggressive a spoken. He's a relatively soft spoken person. But he walks on stage in people with smiling. Why is that because he smiles? Yeah. I remember a story that he shared in your book. And I think that was along the lines of him inviting a certain scientists to research the mind right because they're losing a lot of meditation. And so the people from the science bag on said that if you believe in science, how come you believe in reincarnation, and and so the audience was like, what is he going to answer any said he was willing to be wrong. You said if you can prove naturally incarnation does not exist that did self advisor tax, and I'll spread the official message. And but they, but they can't. So he won that respect in the sense like, and then we out laughing. Laughing. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Right, right. Thanks a lot for sharing. Now. How did you get started in your field? How did it all begin for you? That's interesting. I, you know, my dad and mom often had immigrants from other countries. Staying with us. We we often we used to complain my brother, and I sometimes we didn't know who gonna wake up to my mother was a very good listener. And my father was a motivator in my father and mother, but more my father to in in in because he they they had their own business. They had a small furniture store, but in that store oftentimes if you walked in the store, my father would be in the back talking to eight high school kids about going to college or what do you wanna do with your life? And so he was always involved with people that way, and I think it just became a part of me, and just, you know, being of service, I saw the reward that he got and I saw the reward that my mother got when my mother passed away there were so many people from different races and religions there that my father looked at me. And he said look at this. It's like the league. Nations. Is someone of every race? And every religion that we know of here that was your mother because my mother work after my father sold his business. She worked in the ER. And she would you know, come and get the information from you. What was wrong in figura which discipline you needed to see and so forth, but she had loved for for difference had love for interacting. And even when she was older. And my mother was practicing yoga in the fifties. And that was very common for a woman of her age, and she would read whatever I would be if I knew every I would come home, and she would see that. I was reading a a great deal at that time Buddhism, and she would start reading those books, even though she was raised Roman Catholic, you know. So she had that that desire to learn more in outside of what she was exposed to initially. So I think it was just natural for me to want to be involved with people and tease out there potential. You know, I I wrote in the book that. People often think when they come to see me that I'm gonna probably go. What's wrong with them because I'm a clinical psychologist what I really love doing is pointing out instant teasing out. What's always been right with them that they've never known because of their condition, you know, of neutral, you're not very bright when you're young you're not very attractive inaugural, lack you grow up believing. It you look in that mirror that that were faced with trying to decide who we are. And it's sometimes it's like looking at a circus, Mary, you know, you you you don't get an accurate reflection of who you are. And then my job is to tease out the actual truth of who you are. And find that lake immensely gratifying me, and I have a client who came to me. And she said she wasn't athletic once. And now she initially ended up being a tennis coach in high school. Mantras refiner said girls don't play sports. You know, all of these kind of things that you hear about people been people have grown up with that are distorted views themselves in once covered their true self. You see them Risa, and they become leaders in their own spheres. Like this woman was enough. Letting later she became a coach in all our life. She thought she wasn't athletic turns out, she's very athletic got it. So so we've spoken about you know, the stories rebel ourselves. Woken about being a good listener a good learner being attentive. Let's talk about the challenge. Now, the crisis situation the talk about let's talk about resilience because how does adversity entices shape a leader because that's inevitable. Right. What does the leader do in such a situation? Sofa leaders when there's a significant conflict in their organization or in their group. Just like a SoHo Karen when there's allot conflict in their family or extended family. They don't rush in and make decisions they slow down. They listened to the facts, they listened to both sides or several sides points of view. And then they make decisions they wanna take in all the information. They're curious about the problem. Why does the problem exists? Why is it that these four people can't work together? What is it that gets in the way of you working together? What what what is it about Henry that you that you find so difficult to be in the same room with him? And they tease out what actual which actually happening. That's truthful versus what's people's own biases net worth would shouldn't be in the room. And and they try to focus on the facts and and their conflict resolution people they they they did not. Intimidated by conflict. They know that they're noted for going into a situation in teasing out. The variables that really met God gutter, and as as you would explaining, you know, the situation what came to my mind was Marcus Aurelius. You know, the act of strikes ZIM to look at the situation on a difficult day are an obstacle and take out the emotions from it. But to really analyze what's really happening dissecting asteroid questions. Get all the information and then make a decision wonderfully that explain thanks for shedding that now throughout history. There have been many leaders of all shifts sizes who's your favorite as on today. Leaders that are alive today or leaders, and it could be anyone actually. Well. Well, Jesus the Dalai Lama Desmond Tutu. He'll get Ron. You know, I love LeBron's writings. I would I would say those are the people that come to mind Mother, Theresa absolutely the people that exude goodness. You know? It's interesting now, there's a there's a psychologist in Canada who is actually believes this goodness, gene. Because he's an studies with twins over twenty five years. And I think are all people who exude goodness, they're they're the best of us. They bring out the best in us. And right now, we're in a culture that's bringing out the worst us, you know, race relations are in all time high. The poor empathy is down narcissism is up greed is up our our society in the United States came in first in depression and stress and anxiety. I mean, we're not in a good place. But we could be and need people to be more soulful with each other not just in leadership, but even interacting with each other. We need to bring out the best in NS because it's all. All in us. We're all born with goodness. Tyson or for shedding, and what comes to mind is. I think less Brown said that we all possess a model. Goodness. And it is that very goodness. That can turn into greatness so action drive to read the Dashiell Nord's for today's episode. Visit my seven jerkers dot com forward slash Stu. Eighty four. That's my seven chuckle nuts dot com forward slash two. Eighty four. You'll find the inspirational court and other nuggets of wisdom that were shared on today's show so action tribe. I hope you're enjoying recession about authentic soulful leadership. And before we move on. I want to remind you that sometimes and quite often life is not easy. Life has a way of presenting you obstacles and difficulties and roadblocks that tend to appeal when least expected and the presence of these difficulties might make you lose hope and feel is really d- motivated, but realize that these challenges are here in your life for reason here to help you grow and ascend to the next level. So don't feel disheartened are defeated when you're in such a situation. Instead look at this opportunity as as a whig find out what you really made off a wiccan in inner hero. And then proved those around you that you are stronger. Than this. Because as the Levin president of India AP Abdul Columbia said when we tackle obstacles, we find hidden reserves of courage and resilience, and if we did not know we had and is it is only when we faced when we are faced with failure. Do we realize that these resources were always dead within us? We only need to find them and then more on with our lives and with that real onto the last but important and final round for today's show wisdom around. Now before we mourn action tribe. If you're used to listening to our podcast, then wanna let you know that we also do a live video podcast as well. On our Facebook page this way, you're not only hear the conversations. But you also see me, and my guests, including our faces are expressions gestures everything like that. And there's a whole lot of fun. We do a new livestream every Saturday. So make sure that you hit the like button on my page my seven as and you'd automatically be updated. Whenever we schedule a new livestream again. Go to Facebook search for my seven checkers, and like our page to get all the updates any fuel listening right now the ticket screen shot on your device and Dag me on Instagram. I am at my seven chocolate seven is a word at my seven shirkers and let us connect and with that let's head onto the wisdom around. So Arthur ward is the best piece of advice that you have received. Oh boy. Sounds simple. But be yourself be yourself. My mother would always say that just just be yourself in the I know it's been said, you know, millions of times, but it seems right now in in our cultures very hard to do the people can be afraid of just being they are d herself imperfectly. No, don't don't strive to perfect yourself because we we are a culture full of perfectionists the when you when you become your Athetic self ninety nine point nine percent of the time. It's more than enough. So if you could turn back time and spend one hour with someone who is currently dead or living who would it be. Jesus. Got it. Thanks for shedding. And what does that one thing that you do in the morning or maybe in the evening before going to sleep, then has really improved the quality of your life. I pray on my knees at the end of every day. And. It's a very serene time for me. I I pray for our world and for the end of terrorism. I pray for peace. I pray for all the people that I know who are left this earth that they're in God's presence. I prayed question my family, and that I can help as many people as possible live, healthy spiritual connected minds, and that's is a very important time for me to end the day. And I pray throughout the democrat in the morning as well. But that that nighttime prayer just hinged on my knees. You know, it's a it's a humble position to be. And it brings me back to my own self in many ways. Wonderful thanks for shedding. Now, if you could recommend one book for our listeners, what would it be? I think the art of happiness by by. Golly. Llama? When probably be the most influential book. Got it. So thanks, thanks. A lot action. Dr would you like to receive this book for free because audible dot com is offering action tribe. One free audiobook download with the free thirty day trials. So that you can get to check out this amazing service because the truth is that listening is the new leading. And I definitely love listening to my own audible books of a hell on my phone. And if you're listening to the parkas, it truly proves my point, right? These books are on your phone and most often the author themselves are reading the book to you. So do check out the service to download your free. Book your first audiobook, go to my seven Jucker dot com slash free book once again, that's my seven Jucker has dot com slash free book and start listening. So Arthur thank you so much for connecting once again and coming on our show for the second time. Before you go dillas one thing that you agree to for today. And the best way that we could find you online. I think what I'm most great grateful for right now that I have we have two grandchildren. Come is five Arianna is too. And they're just the greatest joys in my life right now. So I thank God for from bringing them into the world is little angels. So I'm extremely grateful, and my website is balanced. Your success dot com. People can order the book there or read my other replugged other articles that I've written and interviews that I've done and also can get in touch with Smith. They wish. Awesome. Thanks, larva shedding. And for listeners who are listening to the audio book. I mean to the argument session off today's episode, then they can go to my seven chocolate as Darcom forest last, two seven eight book miser, jeopardize dot com slash Stu, seven eight book, and we'll create a special page where they can check out your book read more about it. And then ardor it that actually on Amazon. So Arthur, thank you so much for joining me talking to us about soulful authentic, real leadership and digging us one step closer to a human revolution that you very much for the light to interact with I do believe your soulful leader who. Who? To my second Chuck Goto mind as and shoppers dot com. Download your three get inspired take action. Transform your life today.

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