From the Bleachers #9: We're Back, Baby!


Hey there podcast pals. I'm John Stolnis. The host of the PHILLIES pod hidden season. One of the shows that make up the good fight podcast family from espy nation. Look the baseball. Season is one hundred in sixty two games long. And there's no way you can watch all those games so make sure to check out my podcast twice a week for all the fills goodness. You could ever want and make sure to check out our other podcast including the award winning the dirty inning with Justin clue and Trevor strunk and continued success with Justin and Laze Rozier. Subscribe on Apple podcasts. Or your favorite podcast APP it. Just Bush This strange the Zakar just caught a game winning touchdown like five seconds ago already had their according setup. How my laptop open the Mike Grady? This is shameless clancy from the bleachers. The backpay Oh my God that that was like the first two and a half quarters was the end of everything that was like I had talked before on the podcast over the last couple of weeks. Just because there's been so many stingers in the row that I was at a different level of embarrassment the I can remember as an eagles him at the same time. I didn't think it was necessarily as embarrassing as the Dream Team Year or last year where they went. What four and twelve twelve in two thousand twelve or in two thousand fifteen ships last year when they went seventy nine of his agonizing? You hated all the dudes on the team now. I didn't think this year was that bad but during those first two and a half quarters. They're losing to a to intend team. Eli Manning who now has a losing record first career and should not under any circumstances make a pro football hall of fame. THOUGHT THEY WERE GONNA lose that team. I thought this team didn't have any fighting them whatsoever. They would roll over and die like a dog with no dignity. Dignity Carson Wentz said. I was important to die like a dog. I was born to die. Just like a man titus andronicus for you baby holy I'm allowed to say that. Holy Crap Great Scott Boston Scott. The UNSUNG is Greg Ward. Had A great Game Greg. Better Than Nelson Igor Greg Ward signing Tom five-year extension. Let's go Boston. Scott bring him back next year. But Hey wow. I can't believe they won in overtime. I'm just like but during that drive. It wasn't one of those like eternal dreaded like I felt like they were GonNa win. The game plan is to and ten team. Cars had the entirety of the fourth quarter. He was rolling Greg words drop propped up perfect throw from Carson is best throw of the day of the night whatever you want to say hey. Jj are thankful whiteside came along. Came Alive had a couple of targets that that great contested. Catchy made down. The side would have been a defensive pass interference or illegal contact only anyway but Jae Jao came down with. He showed some energy. He showed some life somebody back city. That's been missing from him for entire career so far the Philadelphia Eagles and what should have been an easy win which should have been accountable when the relaxing at Your House and drank couple beers and relax. laxed went to bed early stuck to overtime. Anyone doesn't matter they won. Doug Peterson who was a little cowardice. This galas as a little cowardice that AH punting from fourth in whatever at midfield earlier in the game. I didn't like that. He seems like I would have went for two in the game when they were going to tie it. At what seventeen I would have went for just one game two yards from the game time dogs play Khan was spectacular spectacular. Play con from Doug for guys missing his juice this year. Who has not had the same juicy had in two thousand seventeen and did not have at last year either that was big that was like a momentum building thing just like it reminds minds me? I'm not saying the super bowl or anything crazy but I think they're gonNA play upfront reminds me in twenty seventeen when the eagles play team that played the game kicked a sixty fifty sixty one yard field goal to win the game. Three twenty seventeen. He was wearing looking good. They they want against Washington and weak one. They stumble on week to Kansas City in week. Three they you had an up-and-down performance against the giants ultimately wasn't very good. They only one two or three games. That season just like this giant team is going to do right now but what happened in clutch situation. Carson wentz stepped zipped up made some fantastic throws down the stretch. I think back to that throw week three twenty seventeen a right before jake. Elliott's feel good that fantastic out that Wednesday. Alshon Sean Jeffrey that I put them in remote field goal range for for Jake to knock death through and I think that went once was a fantastic on that last Dr Doug play Komo's awesome. That little pitch toss to Boston. Scott the screens that inside misdirection a Mile Sanders for big I get into the goal to go territory. That is the same play that the Eagles ran back in the twenty seventeen. I guess you could call twenty eighteen January two thousand eighteen divisional round playoff game. Against the Atlanta Falcons. They ran that inside misdirection direction with Nelson Aguilar for a huge game. Don't put out the back playbook. That's where I've been calling for all season. Doug go back to January two thousand eighteen playbook that February twenty eighteen playbook did things go and get your juice back get it back. We're back bay. Well Oh my God. I'm going to wake up the neighbors. It's eleven forty PM local time softly. My name is James Clancy from the bleachers on the wonderful bowling green nation radio. WHO's ready for me to do from the bleacher pot during a playoff week? I don't know if I could contain myself. I'm sweating up a storm. Oh my God I had written my Alshon Jeffery Jersey off in anger not literally Rep. Just I'm sweating. I'm in my house. I'm standing up. I'm crawling on all fours getting sweaty. Take it off. Just don t shirt and hat. I can't do it right now. That game was the entirety of the Philadelphia. The Eagles experience. You had optimism going into it. You thought you're GONNA cruise to an easy victory. Put yourself back on the map to apply playoff from now. We'll say this before I get to head myself. The Eagles are going on a playoff run. And you should join us. The bleeding nation radio leading green nation the website at Pistola dellsher on broad and Tashaun in South Philly. Fantastic Mexican place. STOLAS has a couple locations in the city. My my favorite place to drink at bestowed elsie. We're GONNA mark specials. Dal Sucks Beers. Who doesn't want to drink a beer called Dal because I thought the best named beer of all time come out with Abdus Watch the eagles crush Washington nestling team? The Eagles have really crushed. This year is the Washington you know. What's so come out? Hang out with me be. Oh Gee we'll get get trashed drink. Some marks some Nachos you know don't have the NACHOS that have all the meat and cheese though. Don't do that because the restaurant has a rule against that but come out hang out. I watch the Eagles get back to five hundred and then get ready that trounce Dallas in week sixteen. Oh my God. We're back all my God. I do that like little subscription newsletter. I'm sure awesome. You guys are aware of it. Patriots Dot Com lashing underscore clancey. I was thinking my head at halftime like well. I'M GONNA have to start writing this newsletter in the fourth quarter. I usually write it when I wake up. Super Burleigh like six. Seven o'clock in the morning before work might not have five job but I was going to start writing in the fourth quarter existing. They screw themselves game sucks. I'll start running in on the able to show in the morning a little bit. But no they just clawed their way back in the complete Philadelphia Eagles experience. Were you thought they were gonNA blow amount. And then they started played like absolute crap and then and they just kept inch an inch an inch and the right back into the game. Like Frank Reynolds going through that catch squeezing his way back in but then usually those games with the egos goes they crawl all the way back in just a fall back off the Philadelphia Eagles are Cisa Fist and the rock is the rest of the NFL inevitably falling down upon them. But this this game Carson Wentz said no and he ruled that boulder all the way top of that hill clutch clutch has been the most clutch player throughout his career. Thus far no going into this game he had a belief five career game. Winning fourth quarter overtime drives to them had been against the giants and now three against the giants for six six told US career Carson Wentz like I'm going to say like twenty Seventeen Carson Wentz but head is Mojo in the end of that game gotten rid a little bit. He'd been static but he did so. Uh with the worst slop collection of skill players that I've ever seen for the Philadelphia Eagles. At the end of the game they had one healthy Ri- Receiver J. John went off the field on that in overtime said one healthy receiver. What three healthy running back in three tight ends? There are playing twenty two personnel at the end of the game. Aw Aw that strike the earth that's classic that's classic. When's that twenty seventeen months in the red zone doesn't matter what down and as you know? The Eagles are scored in the red zone. And Zachary run a fantastic route over the Middle Carson. Wentz quick strike touchdown birds win. God what a ton Be Alive Party is say gee just texting party say baby texting when Casey Parker the guy from Pellet pistol. We're just so excited. Notice Party next week. Come by guys. If you're in Philly really want someone to watch the game come hang out with us. It'll be a blast now. Game means something. We're doing it baby. We're doing a big time. Defense played okay. I mean the giants offense stinks Did well earlier Ronald Darby played like absolute trash. Trash can defense sidney. Jones went who got got thanked up at the end one of their deducted. Go out on if it was Miller. I can't even remember I'm so like adrenaline rush. But Sidney Jones came in on the last the last time. The giants had the ball on the field old before kneeling like the last time they were actually a real dr not when they kneel but at the end of the fourth quarter Sydney that I play into the game had a gigantic Ganic Pass breakups on third and three. It changed everything eagles at the ball back and they ran some time off yet. They didn't score in the fourth quarter but it prevented the giants score and city Jones. One play one makes a difference. Jr Thankful whiteside one or two plays make a huge difference. These guys have gotten zero from or less to your two second round picks. They've got absolutely absolutely nothing from over the last two years each made a big play tonight. That helped them win. If it wasn't for those plays they would not have won the game however Roseman. Yeah I'm I'm stolen like I hate you mode but those guys had one saving grace tonight. Die Another Day Harry Rosement you save yourself a week. I was ready to come on this podcast and be like I needed to be black black Tuesday tomorrow. Mike Rowe needs the begun guys in big conscious. This show that you have authority that you're not gonNA take this bull. Oh my God. I'm not going to be able to sleep. It's eleven forty six. I don't know I'm going to bed. I might arms for like six whatever in the morning and I don't know how am I'm going to sleep. I'm going to think about is going to some playoff tailgate. Eagles made the playoffs. You know I'm throwing a big tailgate. You know I'm GonNa be out there and you'd better be there to crushing shotgun. Knock on beers with me eating some she stakes some wings a scrapple. She's sandwich in the morning. We're doing it while car weekend. I will be there. The Eagles will either because they are winning the division. I'm back just like I'm so crazy and I'm just so up and down in my life like not like I'm having trouble just my mood is just like a mall and fluctuating all over the place. I just that's personality. I live with it. The best part meets the worst part at the same time. The Eagles encapsulate that and tonight where I was just like I which is not. I wasn't even like the press about the game or satellite. Oh my God or seasons are like my usual bid I was just numb. was like these guys didn't put up a fight. I don't even want to get my get worked up over them because they don't deserve to get worked up but their backs were against the wall. I mean there have been against. The WALFORD feels like a month or two soon now but the backs were like their back against the wall climbing the wall backwards. That's the position they were in and they said no what. Let's give them all we got. Aw screw it balls to the wall and they did it. They came back and won again. The giants are naps loot dog. Trash Dog poop dog crap team but I wonder when they need to the win. They need their as as Booger McFarland. And that Guy Joe. I don't even know his last night answer. Those guys Athens suck. They're terrible their jobs. Imagine me on Monday Monday night. Football should do for these like primetime. Games can't do it for every single game can do it for the Fox and see for the National Games. You should have a have the feed. That's just a local guys for one like you should have like the national wouldn't be awesome if espn they do they do this with the big bowl games for like the you know the BCS awesome over the College Football playoff where they have like. Oh this is the clemson broadcast. Is the album broadcast the analytical podcasts the analytical broadcast this is like the young millennial how do you do fellow kids broadcast. It'd be great if like you know there was just a bit too eagles fans like me and some other like diseased freak or just calling the game and it was just like on. I don't know like ABC. Six and Philadelphia just screamed game. I would love that even if it's not me it's two other Ding dongs. I'd love it. I'd listened to I can't listen to those two idiots ever again. I'm glad that was the eagles only football game. I don't ever hear those guys speak again in my life. Oh my God let's pull up. I'm like I recording so I had this little like My spare bedroom apartment My girlfriend actually got this nice desk for me to be able to write here. Do My podcast Asu Sixers podcast called the new slam. Check off your big Fan with philly voices call new back. But I'm kind of like making this a little bit of a Home Office for Myself For all my life freelance John's so I had it all set up at the end of the fourth quarter. Like Oh my God if they do if they win. I'm running in here. Like not checking twitter hugging my girlfriend screaming for touchdown immediately coming here and recorded because I want to bring that energy immediately on here because that's my thing like you know what is what are the different eagles pockets you have beat the classic degenerating with the LG Jimmy Cam. AMC there the beat writers the two of the best beat writers on the entire city in. They're giving you the INS and outs what's going on inside the locker rooms going on with the team you have kissing solex you guys who know more about football than almost anyone on the planet breaking everything down in terms of notice I. I'm just a crazy guy. I'm the guy who's passionate guys oozing emotion and what better thing to do immediately following a win like that. Come out screaming screaming and how about them. How `Bout Them Eagles effort when the my vibe on this Mike is probably so through the roof my apologies to the esteem? Michael kissed are fantastic producer slash X.. Xenos Maestro Stroh at BGN radio WHO's GonNa add this for me tomorrow morning probably up. I'm sure listen like Tuesday afternoon. Maybe Wednesday afternoon. I don't know when it's going up. All I know is the eagles one. Aw Eagles one baby. Eagles one boom. This episode is sponsored by Stash. 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It is awful. I'm phillies writer. Justin clue join me every week. Along with John Stolnis Liz Rozier and Dr Trevor Strunk as we discuss all the ways the phillies of hurt us on our podcast hitting season as well as historical anecdotes and rar emotional ramblings on our other shows continued success and the dirty inning subscribed to the good fight and you'll get conversations with insiders analysis of breaking news and stats stats stats together. We'll all survive whatever baseball can throw at US Carson Wentz. When's the last time you through forever? Three hundred yards three hundred and twenty five yards thirty three completed on fifty attempts six point five yards per attempt. Not very good to Totti's knows the most important stat. I'm an analytics guy but I like the analytics Lettuce Guy. It's funny like I'm pro analytics like Devi away all these stuff in pro you know the appropriate progressive. I want the team is Ford. Thing is possible for a while the eagles might have had the most working front office but at this term this period in time they certainly do not but the same time my brain is like this classic. Like crazy deranged South Philly guys from the team. So you would think maybe I don't care about stats but I do. But ultimately the most important Saturday night Carson wentz touchdown overtime one ally Manning touchdowns number time zero eagles when baby. Oh my God. So they're six and seven and Dallas plays so it's L. A. at Dallas for four for twenty five him at four twenty five of the birds play one they play at four I hope they're shown in TV in it. It's gotTa be you know National Game of the week on Fox that would think with those two two teams for sure. All man come. The pistol is then. WE'LL WATCH EAGLES SMASH Washington at one o'clock in the all root against Dallas at four o'clock and then maybe the eagles are going went into the week sixteen matches favorites at home with the better record. No it doesn't matter like the Eagles Dallas regardless of what else does next league but it's funner. It's so fun to watch them lose. Oh my God what a game. What a game yeah? Let's go back to the box score Boston. Scott Jordan like people saying like Oh should sign Jordan. You're an hour extension This is why you don't sound a run back extension and it needing like could they have used our nine certainly but they got clutch contributions from Boston. Scott Bo Wolf of the athletics guy. Whenever I think of Boston I certainly think about Wolf? Now I'm all and he seemed like he made those plays in the fourth year in overtime. Were Dare I say. Darren's grows like the little guy. Juki hats juice juice tonight. Boston Scott definitely leads. The team in juice Replacement Jar. That's My new stat. Take that unless skies is for myself really guy who's my new stat jar juice above replacement. Boston Scott has infinity jar. He got fifty nine yards on the ground. Ten attempts at tardy and six catches sixty nine receiving yards. Oh my God give this guy. The Game Ball. Great Scott was Marnie McGuire for Halloween two years ago. Oh it was all. It was all destined now. We got Great Scott Himself Boston. Scott it sucks. His first name is Boston. We we ran Rags Dallas Gutter for having a I Dallas but having a first name Boston's like not that much worse it sucks but got chemo clutch blaze. Today it was Great Boston. Scott Baby Oh my God God. Jj Kick car. Powell is the Boston Scott Miles Sanders. Show what a game you know. I've been hard on Doug this year and there there were stuff. Were like early in the walls. Frank right is it offering Frank right loss to the dolphins to this year like Frank. Lloyd is lost to some Thinki- teams stink gay. Frank Right has lost this thing Air As quarterback retirement for the season. But let's not pretend the colts are like fifteen an hour or something like that dunk. How Doug on his group back? Oh aw again. They played crap team. The giants are to eleven there at home. They were favored. They should have blown them out. But they got the momentum rolling Rolling Rolling Rolling Rolling Rolling alshon Jeffery to targets As alshon like I have no idea the extent of his injury. I've extent the idea of the extent of Lane Johnson's injury. Those things. Things are huge. We'll talk about later in the week but right now man look at the guys who had catches for the Eagles Tonight Zakar. It's Dallas guided. Obviously to pretty good tight ends and to say the least Bosco. Josh Perkins who got activated today entered training camp as their fourth time behind Richard Rodgers and then ended up being their third receiver. Receiver for most of the Game Guy went on the fourth of the third receiver. Has that ever happened the history of NFL. I don't know maybe in like nineteen forty seven where every player's position was like quote unquote and hand. Everyone played in. I don't even know what that means. It wasn't even the same sport. Josh Perkins five catches thirty seven yards. Greg Ward had some juicy dropped. Oh my God. The Best of the night he dropped that for a touchdown genre ended the game earlier are tied to just twenty nine yards. That one catch was long of twenty two could have been a season changer for him. Could've got his confidence back. He's never even the same. Hasn't been on the field. He's been in the doghouse that drop tough catch. But he's a contested catch champion as he was made out to be in the NFL draft pre-draft Process Limited. That's like the momentum builder for him just like it is for Carson Wentz. Doug Peterson anyone else on the team. Having a play like that can just change your perception of yourself. How yourself to your how you think your teammates view how you view yourself player software? How you think you contribute on the field? How do you think that you can affect the way the coaches think about you now? They have confidence confidence in. Jj Ethical whiteside saying hey. This kid made a great catch clutches relations seasons on the line essentially. He came down with a great catch. It's Ron let's like alshon. I don't know if he could be gone next week. They need to add someone to the team. I don't know who's available Jordan Mathews back. I don't know what it seem. They're nuts. I hate them so much but that was so much fun. That's that just sums up the eagles for me. I hate them so much but it was so much fun. It's like a toxic relationship. The Eagles are a toxic relationship. Didn't have to kick an extra point overtime. I hate in the end of the game like the Eagles went on. Like a walk off touchdown they would have had to kick an extra point which is like the dumbest crap in the world twenty three seventeen. I don't know what the line was. I think it was like eight something so they didn't cover but I don't care about that I don't I don't if you're betting on the eagles at this stage in the game this stage stage in this season you have a serious problem. I don't know what to tell you hug. On what time is it now eleven fifty. I'm wrap this up by midnight. So he goes one doug great play calm down the stretch overtime got some twenty seventeen early January twenty eighteen February twenty teen juice back Carson. Seven on the pop up in the pocket made some great throws improvising invited. Contact Huby hits pressure. Well move around maneuvered in the pocket. Well made some tough throws. Sometimes they didn't land because of the receivers themselves made some huge throws that converted most of all that game winning throw throw Zacher in overtime. Bosco comes ally. Boss goes the guy that I worked for the news for two years in college. Show you know people complain about the mainstream media but I will always Daily News ahead. They always had great back page headlines and I would bet you any amount of money in the world that have a lot of money any amount of money in the world. Aw That backpage headline tomorrow is Great. Scott they're great like that. Love the Daily News Birds Win overtime on might adrenaline is through through the Gosh darn roof right. Now we're back. Get the energy back. George Costanza I'm back bay. John Feeling Right now so to reiterate next Sunday cone everyone is still Adele. Sheer Broaden Pasuruan South Philly like half a block away from the Snyder stop on the broad street line revenue city community. Get Do Short Uber. From wherever you're at right next to the beautiful Paschall Avenue East Pathak come out. They're giving away a bunch of t shirts but I have some other contests giveaway I hang out with me hanging with Bill G.. Hang out with my dad in the just get. Let's get drunk. Watch the win. Washed the cowboys lose and watch ourselves. Go on a playoff run on this podcast. The White Star. How about them? Eagles shameless clancy from the bleachers. Go vinegary nation radio. Hey there podcast pals John Stolnis the host of the Phillies pod hidden season. One of the shows that make up the good fight podcast family from espy nation. Look the baseball season season. One hundred sixty two games long and there's no way you can watch all those games so make sure to check out my podcast twice a week for all the fills goodness. You could ever want and make sure to check. Check out our other great podcasts including the award winning dirty inning with Justin clue and Trevor strunk and continued success with Justin and Liz. Rozier subscribe on Apple podcasts. Or your favorite podcast APP.

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