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As Jackie Robinson. And by the way, we hear it's interesting. There's a movie called the Jackie Robinson story in which Jackie Robinson plays himself. It's awful. Yeah. It's not good. I've seen it twice. It. Jackie wasn't an actor. Right. It was not it doesn't do Justice to the amount of crap that he put up with. They were trying to do a feel good movie. And it just doesn't tell the truth this movie, forty two tells the truth there's one scene where peewee Reese who played shortstop for the dodgers was from a town outside. Cincinnati. I think he was from Kentucky. Because don't you land in Kentucky. When you go to Cincinnati. You land at the airport and Covington, I think you do your land in Kentucky. And so laid by Lucas blacks who said Tokyo, drift also the star of the movie quarterback and Friday night life. And and he's now in one of the CS is, but so Lucas black pays peewee Reese and Jackie Robinson in that game. Was playing first base and the people in Cincinnati or all over him. Just calling him every name in the book and PB Reese in this picture member. You and I went to beach this picture used to hang up. I hope they moved it right to Arizona when they moved. But this pictures to hang up in the in the clubhouse in Vero beach. Pee. We went over and put his arm around. Jackie Robinson to say. Look, I'm from here. Everybody's not this bad wrote. Let it bother you and that scene plays out in the movie. But if if you've never seen the movie forty to go get it go, I mean, I would guess it's on Netflix or Hulu or something. You know? However, you bring I tune you can free movie into your house, it's incredibly well done. And today is a great day to watch. So I got some stuff related to this. You got into Caspian, Los Angeles. So Jackie Robinson day. Dodgers. This is from Charles Freeman dodgers have the exact same number of African American players on the roster as they did last season. Oh, I'm glad I saw this year. Oh, okay. I saw this zero now because because they're not African American Charles's, technically. Right. But you know, most people never get to talk to the players anyway. And the dodgers have some players who are black kenley Jansen black. Although he's from where curiousness out. Yeah. We're talking about African American right? And you know tonight like, yes, he'll put he is not African American but he'll play for the reds. Kemp who is African American will play for the red tonight. But major league baseball now has an African American population of only seven point seven percent. There are sixty eight African American players among the total of eight hundred eighty two players on opening day rosters. There are a staggering eleven teams that don't have more than a single African American player on their twenty five man roster. That includes three teams who don't have one there. Only three African americ-. Players in the entire National League. West and Ken Griffey. There were twice as many African American players when Griffey broke into the major leagues thirty years ago. Russell Martin is by racial does that count. I I mean, I who am I to say what counts? Well, Michael would say does Michael's children by racial, Michael? Obviously by Julia's wife is white. So he would say there is much his kids. There's as much plowshare. I so but Charles makes the one African American manager in all of baseball, right? There are no African American general managers, and there's one African American manager. Well, the this issue is Eric Davis who had a long career, you know, is part of this RBI movement, right reviving baseball in inner cities. And what his argument is is him and Darryl. Strawberry came up at the same time. They eventually both landed up playing together for the dodgers, but they won world championships in other places. Eric one one with the reds and. Darrow one one with the Mets. What Eric would say if he was here and we used to bring him in back in the day. He would say the problem is that if you're a really good black athlete in a city in Los Angeles for like he was. He said you can get paid quicker and your road to the pros is easier. If you play football or basketball. So let's say you're the best athlete at Crenshaw hice. Right, right. Even if baseball's your favorite sport. If you're willing to play basketball, you could be in the NBA by the time, you're nineteen sure. If you're willing to play football. I mean, you've got it to play major college football at USC, maybe win the Heisman Trophy. And then you're in the NFL, but the time you're twenty one if you play baseball the money isn't as good, and you get sent to a minor existence where it's just not fun. But there are far more jobs in baseball than there are irrevocable. So if you're not the best athlete you could play baseball so here, but his his the reason he pointed out this way is the elite players the best players in in high school are not going to baseball. It's the players that are below. Well, here's one of the reasons Cuyler Murray is a good example. Right. Here's one of the reasons how many scholarships are there for college football times eighty five eighty I thought it was down now. Okay. Let's five how what's the average number of scholarships for baseball. I would say like five to ten maybe twelve twelve mean already. There's there's a push towards football. I mean baseball has no control over that. The one thing baseball does have control over is salesmanship and baseball has not been very good until this last year at selling the sport. I would argue that the let the kids play sales push was a very very affect by the way being spearheaded by Ken Griffey junior. And Griffey says I don't think it's the antenna baseball not to have black ball players. But we have to find a way to get these kids back. We lost them to football. We lost him to basketball. We lost them to golf people. Don't see how cool and exciting. This game. Is the other thing that baseball can do that. I think is critical is like, for example, Mookie Betts one of the best young players in all based African American doesn't have a single endorsement not even blow local not even in Boston. Wow. Doesn't have a single endorsement that's one thing that baseball. Should be doing. They should be facilitating us or somebody else who had the top most one hundred famous athletes and the only one from baseball was trout at one hundred. Yeah, there were soccer players basketball players NFL football player. And like the only baseball player was trout. Yeah. So yeah, they definitely have an identity crisis. But it's a matter of salesmanship, it's a it's a matter of making a an appealing pitch. The let the kids play thing the death of play the game the right way that's a step in the right direction. Did you see this thing where they're talking about trying to trade change the Harmon Killebrew logo to Mike trout? So best ball does. The they always say they want to change the Jerry West logo to Michael Jordan. Yeah. You know if. I always thought that logo was Roberto Clementi that's Harmon kilobytes army caliber. Yup. Always been the guy the. Yeah. I mean, I always think that this is this is a whole bunch of noise about nothing. Mike trout could soon become the most viewed Mana major league baseball. Major league. Baseball announced Friday it is willing to change its logo to feature the superstar sluggers cameo much like the NBA features Jerry West. They asked if they could get twenty seven million re tweets and they would change the logo. They're falling far short of that goal. Yeah. I wouldn't. I really don't care who the logo is. I I think no. But it would be great for baseball. If it was a contemporary player, if there's Mike trout, we always talk about how can you best sell? The sport might trout is the biggest star in the game by changing that logo. I think that's significant. Yeah. I I would have no problem. Supporting it, I. But I think you didn't know that was harming Killebrew. I thought it was a real command. Yeah. No. It's. By the way, they slimmed him down harm until Dr heart rate. Very very big, man. Very big, man. But you know, the circling back to to Jackie Robinson day baseball was actually more progressive than the other sports. Sure. By allowing African Americans to play baseball was kind of the first on four pro basketball. Right. Believe it or not. Yeah. And now, it's obvious that pro basketball's I eighty percent black. Yes. And most of the white guys in the euros. Yeah. So it I think the Jackie Robinson. By the way. I'm pretty sure forty two is now you can't wear forty two on any team. They it's retired an every forever writing. And but they had a few guys that were wearing it then. And they they grandfathered him in. Like, I know for example, mauve on was one. Yup. Mariano Rivera was one. But I think all those guys now are gone. Yeah. I think they've all they've all retired. So now today you're going to see a whole bunch of people wearing forty two as a matter of fact, I just went and looked at the dodger rosters. And if you click on any of the players, it's it has their numbers for two. But then tomorrow it will go every go back to their regular number. Hey, I wanted to mention this. You you probably have heard by now. But one of the oldest cathedrals in in all of your in the world is apparently going to burn to the ground. There are reports. Now that there is no way to stop this fire. It started in some scaffolding as they were repairing you've been there was I've been there. It's it's I mean, I can't even imagine the value of the art that is inside that cathedral. And it looks like they're reporting that they have no way to stop this fire, which is insane. And no no word about caused or anything anything like that. But it's it's a tragedy. Hey, I wanted to mention real quick to we're giving away a four pack of passes to see adventures and game at the regal cinemas at LA live, April the twenty six you can come out watch movie with me in my own private theater. Grab dinner provided by Carl. Junior serving up their brand new charbroil bacon truffle Angus burger before the movie thirty today given away those passes ESPN LA Mason, Ireland, don't forget about him in the hour four pack of tickets for vendors endgame special screening on opening day, April the twenty six at the regal cinemas at LA life and. You know, what we should do some? There's there's dodger stuff going on right now. Yes. Yup. First of all Kershaw back. Tim Shaw's back tonight. So it's I'm not going to declare any Kershaw days this year until otherwise notified. But here's what's interesting Yasuko Puig, all the sudden everything has come out about UCLA. Week dodger players are talking. Andy McCulloch did a great job in the times and a bunch of dodger players went on record about UCLA Puig. And it kinda uses game two of the World Series against the Astros. As as a point Puig was out of position on an Alex bregman line drive to right field ball should have been caught. Instead it went for a ground rule. Double Puig wasn't ready for the pitch got a late jump. He was out of position he was shaded to far towards center field. And as it turns out, he often ignored the positioning card distributed to dodgers defenders before games. According to six people. Six people familiar with the situation he on several occasions ripped up the card in front of outfield. Coach, George Lombard and left the pieces on the ground. Well, if you talk to people that covered the dodgers, they will tell you that when you brought up Puig to the coaching staff, they just rolled their eyes. Well, you bring them up to the players, and they rolled her eyes. Just turn frustrating part is that if we was good and played good, then we would be really really really good team. So everyone wanted to be that good player. He didn't see it that way. He just saw it as he was just going to show up and do whatever he wants. The public saw all the flair that accompanied Puig's production. But he was late. All the time has attention wavered is preparation. Waned ran the basis with enough recklessness. That teammates joked twig thought he was invisible he hassled staffers ignore suggested from coaches he rejected entreaties from teammates and early in his tenure in Cincinnati just two weeks ago. Said he confessed I never worked hard with the dodgers. He vowed to apply himself now because he'd be a free agent after the season criticized Roberts for decisions in the World Series. Also professed his love for the color red randomly, okay? That. This is a lot of. Red meat here. This is this is real evidence for why the dodgers moved on from. We got. Gotcha. But. This comes up in the NBA a lot. If you're going to take that stance. The the stance that we just describe let's assume for the sake of this discussion that everything you just said is true and it happened. Okay. If you're gonna take that stance. You better. Be a great player. You better be LeBron or Koby good. Because if you are not it becomes very easy to get rid of you. And now that I hear all that. I think the dodgers just decided it's the line you, and I always repeat the old Mike will be tolerated until you can be replaced and they tolerated him and still even last year. I miss I miss the excitement I missed the wild horse as I now, it makes complete sense heard this stuff complete sense. Now players are going on the record about it. Which makes it completely different. There was turmoil all the time and they're talking about life after Puig. Greg. What was your reaction your dodger fan? What is your action to the p- week story? I was I thought that it was pretty actually fairly balanced between those people that were saying good things and bad things about him. Well, Greg, I'm not so sure I wouldn't still keep doing. Anyway. I mean, do you think his talent outweighs all that style? No, I don't. And also the talent that you have out there right now where you have AJ Pollock and center who's struggling at the plate a little bit fine. But but you'd rather have Poyton pied rather. Okay. Right. And then Cody bellinger's either in right, rather evanger than Alex for Dugo who's been really really really good and has a good arm really strong arm to he's been in the outfield jock been killing the ball this year, and you can still inter- inner change other guys. Yeah. Josh, Scott soy. Here's here's why. Here's why I disagree with you. I would have kept we simply because Steve something who said he was coming up on a free agent year. And there's nothing that guy cares. More about than getting a big deal. So he might. He might pull a beltway. Remember Adrian beltway. When he went into his free agent year hit forty eight home runs. Right. Puig might be that guy. Although he's terrible start. Yeah. So a lot of guys I mean like three hits, but well sort of Chris Davis now well online. On one game. Right. One game. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean is off to a terrible start. Now hearing all this completely get exactly why. And I for the. Sizzle that went along with Puig. That's what I miss like. I missed the the fund the enthusiasm the licking of the bat the wild throws from right field. The stretching a first knits reminds me of you. And I know Mike Dunleavy a little bit. And when Mike was coaching the blazers and then after that, he came in coach the clippers. I was out with him one night. I told him I said let me ask you some one year you were coaching Rasheed Wallace. And he got forty three technical fouls. Forty-three the next most of any player in the league was twelve. He had forty three said, why do you put up with that? What what's the point of putting up with a guy who kills you forty three types during the season for no reason? And he said because his talent outweighs the crap you have to put up with right? And so that's the question for Puig. Well, early in his career, clearly you couldn't give up on because you didn't know if he was going to be the next Roberto Clementi. Yup. Then he dipped last year do do the dodgers go to the World Series without peak. He made some good plays. He came seven in the NFC s big hits in the LCS's. Exactly. But you've now gone to the World Series two years in a row and lost. And it's partly because of you know, whether he plays like Justin Turner said whether he takes the game off or he doesn't. So can you? For this year going into another. You're you're hoping for third time. Are you willing to risk that I'll tell you to the World Series? This is a fascinating question, isn't it? Yeah. How how old is weak twenty-seven? Got that's early to give up on a guy with that much talent. But if all that stuff you said is true when he ate maze. Yep. Ripping up the analytics cards and not just showing up on time. And by the way, and then that game to that point the Alex bregman point that could have been the World Series that could have been the World Series making that catch. The dodgers could have been up tool instead they split. So I. I always thought getting rid of his a mistake, and I've moved str- right onto the fence right onto the now, I you guys are now over under the other side completely get it. Now, the fact that because it's one thing to hear this an general sense. It's another thing for a player like Justin Turner or Dave Roberts to come out and say took plays off. To hear stories about not paying attention to where to position himself in the outfield and tearing that card up in front of the outfield. Coach George lumbar that kind of stuff. You know, you you can't have it. You just can't have it. All right. Coming up next. Zach Lowe has said something. Okay. I love Zach Lowe, the low post that actually. May support what the Lakers are doing with their front often. I find that hard to believe I'll share it with the next day. And we're giving away a four pack of tickets to see avengers endgame at the regal cinemas LA live, April twenty-sixth mail and private screening once you're there ESPN LA private theater dinner provided by Carl's junior. Serving the new charbroiled bacon truffle Angus burgers before the show, eight seven seven seven ten ESPN. It's a marvel question, and it is a more difficult one. Let's see if we can we'll see everyone seems to go this Adam Brunstein our house nerd came up with this one. Right. So is is the first caller is not gonna get it is that what you're telling me because I think four out of five times, the first caller has nailed it. He says the first caller will absolutely not get this. We will find out next eight seven seven seven ten ESPN. If you want to go to movie night Mason in Ireland ESPN LA, ESPN LA Mason iron. You guys are so smart about your marvel trivia to get into the big screening of adventures endgame opening day, April twenty six to LA live my own private theater with you guys movie night with Mason dinner provided by a Carl's junior. New charbroiled bacon truffle Angus burger before the movie this is supposedly a really tough question. I would never have known the answer to this. All right now, most of these questions Mason prefaces with this is a really tough question. No, one one of the answer in the very first person gets it. So the very first person today is going to be Mark in north Hollywood. Mark. Are you ready? Yes, john. I'm ready for this. Okay. Mark Mark day would be it'd be very good for the bit. If you've got this. Right. So see what you can do. Here. We go. Putting in the test here. Let's see if Mark what is the name of the terrorist organization that kidnapped Tony stark in the very first MC, you film, iron, man. Okay. The terrorist organization. It's it's an tip of my tongue right now within five seconds one five second two three four say again, Ken ring. That's my guess. That's what popped in my head Mace. Possible. People cant outsmart the Honey. Are you try? You know, what it was nets on? I don't know if there was Netflix, Hulu, they did like they all the movies, consecutively. Yeah. So it's kind of fresh in my mind right now. Well, you got to man, you got a four pack of tickets. The adventures endgame with me on April the twenty six opening day, plus Carl's junior. Hang last hang on Marc. You'll get your info hang on, man. Okay. Look are we doing us tomorrow the nerds Adam community? Are we doing this tomorrow? We are we have to do two different. I'm gonna come in. I'm going to come up with the question that is unglue Google on Google. Yes. In the five seconds that you did it. I I typed in terrorist organization iron. I'm going wait, Greg. What are the parameters it needs to be a question from the marvel universe? Right everybody tomorrow. And couldn't you Adam Brunson are Lakers producer just walked in Adams of big marvel nerd we relied on him for this question. The very first person got it. Everybody all four of us. And I don't even watch more movies. Yeah. Come up with a question tomorrow that would be very hard to Google. All right. That's the goal Adamou where did you fail here? I probably failed in lake with the thing. And you gave him too much time. He was he was but it in you. I was giving quick five will. Yeah. I was like an NBA ref. He asked you to repeat the question. And as you were being he was typing it in. But he's still go though, right? If that's true. He outsmarted us. Yes. Absolutely. Which he should get credit? Yeah. He should. All right. So tomorrow come up with a better question. Mason Mason, third one. I gave you on the list today. I think that one all get some people because it'll it'll take too much time for people to. It would be tough to Google. Tomorrow. We'll we'll we'll come up three seconds now to answer K through six. That's new thing. Thank you for attempting to help. Thanks. Thanks nerd king. All right now, how did you like the throne without giving anything away where you excited to see it back? Yeah. I've got some theories now that's messing with Wednesday. Wednesdays thrones day by the how do you guys know this five hundred and fifty six days since a new thrones episode real night five hundred forty six days. All right. So let me get to this thing that Zach Lowe and whoa, JR. Talked about okay, okay. On the wo Jin low show, and I'm getting this off of silver screen enroll. They they some is that it seems as if rob Pelinka is going to be heavily involved moving forward. And apparently if you ask some players in agents around the league, they would prefer that. Then a full LeBron James takeover. Here's what Zach said, quote who they hire in the front office is going to be absolutely crucial to replace magic. Because there are two orbits here. There is a Lakers orbit. And then the more interesting one is there's a LeBron orbit. Right. I've had some key powerful people in the league, including powerful agent who represents a lot of key players. Tell me we don't want the person to be from either of those orbits. We don't want the new GM or president or whatever they do. Even to have a connection to the brought we needed to be a fresh start my players don't to have the impression that LeBron is running that team. And quote now you, and I have always thought the bronze going to have a lot of say, I still think it should have a lot of say, you know, he's only two years left. Right. Right. So I kind of disagree with with this agent that I do I do too. And by the way, the first inclination of this or first indication of this will be who the head coaches. Right coaches Theron, Lou than it's pretty clear, actually, all three of these guys have highs. And and I think that being having the Brian in your corner is critical to making this work. Yeah. Of in the next two years, you can't afford to alienate the greatest player you've got. You is talk about how important is to have a straight line from owner to president to GM to coach on our team on the Laker team. That line includes LeBron you have to extinct 'cause now he's the star. We don't even have we didn't even have a president it goes. So it's gotta go owner front office office bets pull Inca star. Right. And you can put the coach in there as long as the star agrees. That's the world. We live in now. Yeah, we learned that from Kobe when they tried to hire coaches with talking to Kobe that you mentioned Koby. When I ask you something about Kobe. Okay. Next Mason and Ireland ESPN Derek tech Koby. It's hard coming up with questions that are not Google -able. Yeah. Non Google lable. Just as a point of information Mark in where we see at Mark Mark north Hollywood north Hollywood swears he didn't Google it. So yeah. Pussy seem like a fan of the show. So we went fans the show that all right? So on Friday Mace. I argued yes, said Kobe Bryant's phone might ring to replace mad now. I know you think you Papu that idea. I think that is ridiculous. But here's the thing. Okay. Here's the argument for it. Yeah. He's hyper competitive, right? He can always go back to conquering Hollywood, which is what he's trying to do now. But he may never again have the chance to run an entire team let alone the Lakers if he ever wanted to do it is not now the time Kobe Bryant is bigger than basketball. And once you didn't know what you didn't answer my question. What was if question if he ever wanted to run a team, even if he has an inclined to do it will ever have a better opportunity than right? There's my question. I'll ask all you'll answer. My question with a question as we like to do around here. Is it possible that rob Pelinka is a proxy for Kobe? Is it possible that when genie boss says, rob Pelinka's, my guy that she had a conversation with Kobe Bryant and he backed his former agent. Well, I think Jeanie and the Lakers dealt a lot with rob when he was Kobe's agent. So they had a prior relationship. But when you say proxy wouldn't then the next step because coming into run basketball. In other words, I want I want my guide there. Right. And I can help guide. My guy be the guy behind the guy. But I don't want to be directly involved with any of it. I don't think it hurt. But isn't it possible? This somehow pulling the stream things like we're in is not behind the curtain put gum out from behind that. Curtain great and powerful Koby. Okay. So wait a minute. Here's the thing. If genius in this position magic up and goes. Yup. Because he wants to tweet again. So free to tweet tweet. It a lot this weekend. Just congratulated. Tiger woods. Yeah. So he's he's gone. And there's a vacuum and jeans like what should I do? And she gets a call from Koby and Koby says stick with my guy. Don't you think it's possible that that I mean, this is it's possible that conversation, of course. Yeah. And I think it probably I don't have to listen to it right mean? But I mean, I would say, gee, I would say I would say, okay, I'll stick with your guy you come in. And replace magic for me. I need a favor. I need a name consulta Laker fans. I need somebody. That knows basketball. You're a genius. Rob can do day-to-day you come in red. I don't I don't because I need you in the room when I'm trying to recruit cuvee ageless free agents for some weird reason who's all all name starts with k right? Hey, d- in Kawai and guy. Okay. I need. I need you to get the case. Come back summer the case. Yeah. Yeah. No. I look Kobe. Bryant is building an animation studio up. Kobe Bryant is working on a series of books that he intends them to become the next Harry Potter. But with a basketball, and you both Kobe doesn't like me doesn't sleep. Kobe. Bryant is focused on things beyond basketball now on the other hand, you know. Brian winters is going to be here in a little while. And I read his book called LeBron Inc. And I think LeBron will be interested someday. In owning a franchise. I strange drawn is going to overpay by the cabs. Would not surprise me as Dan Gilbert has never struck me as somebody who loves basketball. He just loves money. Yeah. And you know, now, you'll be a casino and right eveland in, you know, so, but I mean, just from reading I think LeBron understands I think his focus is going to be some day in basketball. Specifically owning a team or running a team. But that is not what Kobe Bryant is going to do. Let's say laughable that you would suggest no let but laugh laugh, I second laughing. Let's say it happened. Let's say Kobe's considering it could in your opinion, Koby and LeBron coexist. It's a tough one. You've got. It's a tough one. See I think at the at the end of the day, you you have to have one person that gets to drive the car in other early. Rob Pelinka's got the keys, right? But he may be making the brunt. Think that he does, you know, maybe that's one of the things that rob might be good. So you're saying rob is giving the impression that LeBron is driving the car. Well, he goes out and hires title. Like, would you they they didn't hire David Griffin with that have been a good idea about it right idea? Well, according to the Zach Lowe is talking to the other agent, they said, no, no, no, that's LeBron's guy. I like David Griffin. You're saying you're saying it's Pelinka and LeBron has the keys I've saying he's giving LeBron chance to drive the car. Well, what David Griffin would give LeBron a chance to win the car and David Griffin has got experience a track record? Right. But where would you put David Griffin below Palinka or above them? Look, I would've valuated everything. I would have started with the president. Operations. I would've searched high and low I would talk to the Sam prestige and the Darrow MAURICE in the messiah juries and the Neil oc- as of the world, I would have made them in charge of basketball operations, then they could decide what they wanted to do with rob. And they could decide what they wanted to do with the coach. Yeah, that's the point of Brian Chemnitz. He's article today in the as yeah, he he shares that experience that can guess my opinion, Brian. It's a very people should go read it. It's very good. But but I don't think it's happening. We'll tell you a matter of fact, I was I was texting with someone over the weekend. Right close to the situation and the final text from him to me was Pelinka is one hundred percent in charge and staying in charge. A completely believe it. And I think it's a disaster. I think it all no, I cannot believe that they didn't do you know, what it is. This is not a mom and pop business. This franchise is worth five billion dollars operate like a billion dollar company. Not just like, my friend from the neighborhood, Linda, her husband, well hurt and rob who used to be covert agent. It's it's it's a little unfair to to to make it appear like Lindan Jeanie or making decisions in a vacuum. I think she includes Linda because she trusts her. Right. Well, Linda's I mean, but I don't think they're making trae or adviser. Trade as genie's adviser. I think confidante would be a better word. Okay. I think she she bounces. I say she has genie's genie trouser. They're like best friends. But I don't think that that. That's the only person jeans listening to who. Also, she listening to she's listening to rob. Right. And she's listening to us listening to magic. She was listening to magic who else is. She listening to hope. She's listening to Ryan west, and she's listening to Joey and Jesse or brothers. But I don't know. I mean, that's the problem when you don't have somebody who's who's been around the league. And you know in knows the entire board. It your your opinions are limited. Correct. That's that's that's the hardest science art. This is the whole point. You're the Lakers. Right. You're not capped on the number of smart people. You can hire to work in your organization. What are you doing? Well, we're gonna find out, you know, maybe maybe rob is working on things that gino's. About and we don't any kills it. Who knows? But if he doesn't all the things you're saying fair. Okay. Well, gino's she must know by now it's on her. This is her call. This is her decision. Can't blame. Jim. All right. Hey, let's get this in before we gonna fast track Todd Gurley spoke today at the Rams facility. Now, the one thing that Mason. And I have been shaking our heads at since the Super Bowl is there's never really been what we consider to be an honest explanation about girly. So was he asked about it today? He was asked about it. We're gonna fasttrack now we'll go to fast track. And then we've got the wind horse coming. We've got Brian Windhorst. We've got Todd Gurley stuff. We've got all kinds of stuff. What are you saying just you should play it play now? Yeah. Okay. Here is Todd Gurley of the Rams on his knee terms thrown around regarding your knees. People genitive some people said, it's rightous can you confirm this any of that true? Is there something that you are calling your? You know, just I'm doing right now filling pretty good like I said taking the day by day and just trying to get better get ready for the next season. All I can worry about is. You know, how right now, I don't know how may be filling, you know, six months from now. So like, I said just kinda just keep working hard doing what I've been doing. You know, these past couple of years, and you know, communicate regio wherever that is. So really just like I said just taking the day by day trying to make sure the best season cone. Feel like I know anything more that was that was. What is this for us? It's about you know, bay on Todd Gurley for us. It's about you know, let's let's make sure that we take an intentional approach that specific to you know, each player kinda like what we've talked about it and Todd is no different. I think that you will see us. You know, really our goal is over the long period of time really until the first game. That's really the timetable that we're operating with how does that specifically affect his workload throughout OTA's into training camp? Those are things that that we're going to continue to just monitor his progress how he's feeling with that communication from both sides. But but he's a guy that he's in a good place right now. He's feeling good. I know it was good to get back in the building. And he's been here doing some things. So that's really something that you know, as the off season progresses and then as we get into training camp. You know, he's he's a guy that we will continue to monitor. But it's like that with all of our players one more from McVey. Yeah. You know, I think Todd is shown that he is capable of carrying. The work load. And and we have a lot of confidence in Malcolm for us. You know, you want to be smart about that. But, but I think you know, like we talked about the other day Todd is the guy that's been a focal point of this offense. He's gonna continue to be really we'll resulted in that, you know, was because he was forced to miss them games at the end of the year. And we wanted to be smart just about managing that load. But Todd has shown that he can handle that how we navigate through a season, it's hard to say Lindsay. But but we anticipate like we said the other day him being the focal point of our offense. And unless I'm told otherwise, he's a pretty versatile back. And that's we're gonna continue to utilize all his skill sets. So at this point, there's no question. There's something wrong with his knee. Danced around. They talked about it. There's clearly something wrong with his knee McVeigh's, become brilliant at giving you three minutes without even Yanni. We'll go for a while. All right. Coming up next is fasttrack Mason in Ireland ESPN LA.

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