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Live from NPR news. I'm Lakshmi Singh. The United States is transitioning through a particularly difficult period. Which for many across the. Us is holy week but NPR's amy held reports. Experts are seeing positive signs in the corona virus response raising hopes. The country will reopen gradually federal social distancing guidelines are only in effect till the end of the month from places will be able to think about opening on. May First Surgeon General. Dr Jerome Adams Tells Fox News. There is no one-size-fits-all reopening of the country. Most of the country will not to be honest with you. But that's how were we opened the country place by place bit by bit. Based on the data the data show death rates are up but hospitalization rates are showing. Promise Dr Anthony Fauci Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious. Diseases spoke to CNN looking like that in many cases particularly in New York. We're starting to see a flattening and a turning around a Seinfeld she says. Social distancing is not only working but must be accelerated meantime. He says new antibody test will soon become available. Amy held NPR news. Kansas Democratic governor. Laura Kelly is taking a group of Republican legislative leaders to court for blocking her order. Banning large gatherings a churches in funerals. She issued the order after public. Health officials trae several cases of corona virus. Two churches still holding services. Jim McLean of Kansas. New Service has the latest. Kelly is suing a leadership committee controlled by Republicans for rescinding an order. She says is necessary to slow the spread of the corona virus. The order expanded an existing statewide ban on gatherings of more than ten people to include. Church services and funerals. The lawsuit filed with the Kansas. Supreme Court argues the lawmakers exceeded their authority. This is not a normal disagreement about policy or politics. The actions of the Republican legislative leaders jeopardize both the health and safety of cans the Republican lawmakers criticised Kelly for abandoning efforts to reach a compromise. The court will hear arguments tomorrow and is expected to rule before Easter Sunday for NPR news. I'm Jim McLean in Topeka so far the. Us Navy hospital ship. Mercy has admitted a total of thirty nine patients since docking in the port of Los Angeles as of yesterday there were nineteen patients on board. Captain John Rock. The commanding officer says so far. They've taken patients with anything from appendicitis to acute injuries from a car accident. And I think the Calculus was to get us here early before. La County kind of a crisis situation so that we could really develop those relationships with the local hospitals with Fema our lead agency and really smooth out the processes for bringing Asians aboard the ship. The mercy is still a Non Cove nineteen facility though in Paris. Good Friday services with readings. Prayers and music continued from the fire. Recovery site of Notre Dame cathedral did so without a crowd the US markets are closed for. Good Friday you're listening to. Npr News and now Turkey where the health ministry says more than four thousand people have come down with grown virus in the last twenty four hours one of the highest daily infection rates on the planet. Npr's Peter Kenyon reports more than nine hundred people have died from the virus in Turkey. Turkey has not been hit as hard as Iran. But it's quickly catching up as its infection. Rate continues to be high. The Turkish government scrambled to deal with the health. Emergency banning large gatherings closing many businesses and requiring face masks and other protective gear in public settings in addition to dealing with its own cases. Onkar has been active in sending medical masks and protective gear to other countries. A plane load of ninety five masks and has met suits took off for Britain according to the state news agency with a second load scheduled to be sent. Saturday preview shipments went to Italy Spain. And the Balkans Peter Kenyon. Npr News. Bul Boris Johnson's father reportedly says the British Prime Minister needs time to recover from the krona virus and is unlikely to be back at work anytime soon. The fifty five year old British leader spent three nights in intensive care at Saint. Thomas Saint Thomas's Hospital in London after his cove. Nineteen symptoms got worse. The Mexican government is reporting more than one hundred of its citizens have died from cove in nineteen related to the outbreak in the United States. But the actual number could be higher. Mexico's foreign ministry says the figures only include deaths reported to its consulates about million Mexicans live in the United States me saying NPR news in Washington.

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