Jake Paul Announces His Next Fight & Gets Real About His Future


No Jumper coolest podcasts in the world. I'm here with J. Paul. Jake how're you doing. I'm doing good. How are you guys are finally getting on here? We've known each other talked about it for a while but yeah we are here. We are finally you. Were just telling me off camera that you have a fight to announce that we're actually going to holding this podcast until tell the house time excited about. Oh who fucking fighting. I'm fighting a guy by the name of give. Oh Wow so. That's been years in the making right. Yeah Yeah Yeah so like a lot of people don't know who he is so it's my job to like explain who he is okay to people get excited about the fight. I mean the way to conceptualize houses be like KFI's boy best friend as I say and it's kind of a stepping stone so Kassai agreed that if I beat Gabe than he will fight me after. So that's why I'm doing it. So gave his undefeated. He's to know he had to fight on the UNDERCARD Under cards of both of our both of like the last YouTube fights and He has all case is fan base by them so he's got that he's got that strong. UK Fan base. Wow but He and I'm I'm an act enacted. Cow Is there anything any kind of personal animosity between you and him. A to what extent you know K.. Assign Logan really truly hated each other before the fight. Yeah is there anything building up to this. Yeah no so I think I think there's beef that's like Kinda become real but like I didn't know who who was until He came up to me at the challenge games. The event that my brother and I threw and he came came up to me and he's like we should fight we fight and I'll just like yeah. Yeah like savvy cool to world is like we should fight if that makes sense for both of US financial. Exactly it's weird it's weird is for and I didn't. I didn't really know what he was. And my brother came up. My brother knew he was he was like yeah. Yeah that'd be a sick fight between you guys and I go home and I was like Oh. He had a fight before it was on the same card. We fought on the same night. But I just didn't know I just didn't pay attention to those other fights. I kind of lost my train. Thought you're talking about him confronted anyone. That's right that's what I figured. Figured out like who he was and and from there he just talked should online but like I don't I don't know the kid I've never watched videos like sure. He's a nice kid did But he made. He made a mistake by like talking shit like wanting to fight me because he's he's smaller than me he's weighs less than me's Autho as as athletic. But somehow like I'm I what's crazy about it is like the way it's position now and like what you see like online. I'm the underdog which is weird like He. He asked people think he is going to beat me in like truly truly believe it. So it's like before my last like I I wasn't like how is the top dog and now on the NAM the technically the underdog which is which is why it's weird. What's really motivating you in terms of this one because we sort of seen this the whole thing play out with Logan in terms of I felt like he wanted to do some sort of like image repair? Just give himself something new. He needed something to make people reimagined who he was as an entertainer. Yeah I think yeah yeah I think I mean. I think that's partially what is for me. I think I got burnt out. There was a period. Where like I was filming every single day for two years and I was like? This isn't fun for me anymore. Like I don't WanNa do this anymore. The fight stuff like just popped in front of our faces and we were like. Oh this makes sense. This is something we enjoy. We and we can make a lot of a lot of money here so it checked all the boxes and for me like like I kind of found myself as a person when I put down the blog camera like that character that I was like portraying for two years of being like a loud obnoxious asshole off and the like to get more and more views and as soon as I put down the camera and started to live like a real life and like just train every single L. Day and like not half the film like found myself as a person and I and I grew up over over the past like however like eighteen months has been since the since I I fought and That has been super refreshing to be able to to not be like sucked into the youtube world. Where like you just want more and you try you try and get more views? And it's like a such unhealthy thing that's like a never ending cycle. And you see a Lotta youtubers go through it and so for me like that initially was something that I that I love and I didn't realize it till later that you know it was actually finding myself kind of through fighting which is cool. Because it's weird when you're youtuber like with with your stuff in particular it's like I kind of saw the direction you're going where you're content sort of kept getting more more and more like kid friendly and like you know sort of aimed specifically at a younger audience interesting because it's like if you just WanNa follow what's getting views and went to making you money then you go in a certain direction but that direction might not necessarily be who you are as a person or who you changing into his person but because you know it's very hard to like separate like who the real view is and who the version of you that you're using to market yourself is you know it's like it's it's viewed the it's hard to separate you know and and and it's like you're like fuck in the mind and it was a it was like a struggle for me you know 'cause like I am like was a sword that came back to cut the portrayed myself online certain way like that's not who I was in real life so like the world knows me as this the person who I'm not and now and now I don't WanNa do that anymore like I don't WanNa be that person anymore like it's time to grow oh up in like be myself but but I'm almost now behind the eight ball because I got all my attention like views in like medium press in like people the general public knows me for this and now it's like okay I'm done like I don't WanNa be kid friendly any more time to grow up be myself like start swearing on camera that was like such a like. I didn't even think I could do that. And so here I am now as a twenty two year old bathroom. Twenty-three like being myself I self. And it's like this weird thing where like half the half of the Internet hates me for for someone. I'm not an half. The Internet. Loves me for someone. I'm not so I'm like in this like weird. Parallel of like switching fan. Base is growing up like gaining new fans. Some of my most loyal fans are like. You're not the same like we like the old. I'm like that wasn't me. Sorry but like this is who I am and it's time to be myself in like not do any more authentic shit for views right and what better away then till I you know. Boxing is kind of thing that if you can get in the ring and do that then people are just going to respect that like e with with Logan taking the last fight in a Lotta ways. It doesn't doesn't matter because he did all of the training and everything and people I think that is a very powerful thing in terms of making people reconsider who you might be because they know the you went ahead and trained for something. The average person just wouldn't take on you have to be serious about this. We want to go for it. Yeah you can't you can't you can't play boxing and that's I I think that's all part of it. I think it's a good way to kind of like show who I am really as a person. Because there's GonNa be a lot of attention attention and light and like media on this upcoming fight and when I beat give and then go to fight chaos. I am Kinda able to explain to the world like the what I kind of just explain to you. I'm just different now like I'm just I'm older grown up a more mature that's Kinda like that's that's why I think it's cool cool and found a way to do something that I love. Which is which boxing I love it? It's fun and I don't have to be picking up the camera every single day to put on like a some sort of bullshit show right okay. J. Paul is this. PODCAST is sponsored by Eagle Energy. Eagle energy is a caffeine inhaler. Pen I swear to God. These things are a lifesaver. They're available available at my Eagle Dot Energy. Use Promo Code No Jabber twenty two. Then you can actually get twenty two percent off. These things are way better than a cup of coffee or energy drink or anything like that caffeine inhaler pen. I swear to God you're going to let it back to the content. How scared of you are are you of losing not? I'm not scared you know like doesn't wear your consciousness shit now and I think the rea the reason why is because I literally have done and am doing every single thing possible to get the W. so you know There's not gonna be like a moment where like I'm walking. I'm walking into the rain. I'm like damn wish I would have trained harder that one practice or wish. I wouldn't have done that that one day. You know. I'm training to the point. Where like I have to? I have to pull myself back and not overtrained because there's a advil overtraining. He's like a real feeling when you realize like Oh shit I really need to like take a day or two off because I've done so much this week exactly. Yeah and and and you know like put the work in you know and like to me losing just like non option. I think I spoke to my brother like after the fight and he's like I've taken so many elves in like bounce back from it so like maybe there was a thought in my head. Where if I took an L. in this fight then I would just be able to bounce back from and a and like be fine and to me I don't have that mindset like to me it's like it's like if you lose it's the end of the world almost were so Yeah just I'm not scared of it. I know it's a possibility as boxing. Anything can happen. I'm not ignorant to that But if I do everything possible. Awesome train as hard as possible to get the best best coach. Best people around me than Than it's really up to me to finish finish the job visit like when you look at the lifestyle that you could be living like when you're vlogger. It's it's very like self-indulgent thing we just making this movie about yourself every day and I think it kind of you know it doesn't incentivize to be serious really about your life. It doesn't there's no reason not to just sorta like party and bullshit and just hang out not you know what is the incentive like it sort of creates a version yourself. Maybe not that admirable in comparison to the boxing thing. Yeah no you're right you wake up every day when you're log into your like what's the most fun thing I can do today. What to look fun not actually? I want to sit on the couch but for this I gotta go out and I gotTa do this toxic like I like I feel I feel bad for anyone who has to like go through that and then realize after like what the what they just did because it's like a mental fuck but boxing's like super healthy like you know you have to be focused you you can't be partying you can't really. You're not even really we're supposed to be having sex with girls like once a week or two. Yeah it's it's a thing like I've I've had sex the night before sparring and like you you if you don't like your legs are like shaking really takes away like you're like power I don't I don't understand the science behind it but it's a real thing so I feel like I offer at the same with or without ages in Santa my body. It's so you're a god but I've also never really turned into the boxing. Once you get punched in the head real so so I can. I can have sex the night before a practice like a boxing in practice where we're just punching the bag doing mitts pushups whatever running. That's fine but I think it has to do with like once you get hit in ahead and like your body's fight or flight mode and then you don't have any testosterone right and then something to do with that but the real thing fuck and it's crazy crazy that makes sense. I think it's going to be beautiful thing. What does Tanto about the word at all? I don't think she like she like even even went. Logan was getting the ring. She was just like nervous and scared and like had anxiety while the girls are like those types. But I think she's like go. Get your bag like you're so focused like like I'm proud of you and it but it sucks 'cause like we we would hang out so much more but I'm like training twice a day you know and it just I can't go to sleep. GotTa Get your arrests. So you can't really have distractions and it's hard to wash it like you could just go over over. Somebody's house and hang out. You're thinking about sleeping and eating and exactly it's such A. That's why I have such respect for athletes in general. It's like you have to sacrifice so fucking much to to be at the top of the game and it's like it's a lot like you said like you don't have a life. Thank you feel like this is like when you're trying to verify you're really not fight camp. Why would you not win? This fight. Jan January thirtieth in Miami Super Superbowl Weekend January thirtieth in one month. And Yeah Holy Shit. So you've been in training camp for this yet. I did Logan's whole training camp. Oh with them and then now now. Now I've been doing my own cam so I've been training for Fucking A. Longtime so you've known about this for a few months no no. I was just training because I knew I was going to fight somebody and then obviously just made the most sense. I did a poll. Actually so I did a poll so a lot of people online like Jake's ducking this guy he won't he's scared to fight Gabe. He's scared to fight. Gabe and I did a poll to see like okay. Who Does my audience want me to fight like? Who's going to get the most votes votes right? Because I wanted to fight the person who got the most votes so put out a poll. It gets a million votes and the majority were forgive. Okay so I was. It's like I'm going to fight this kid and then from there on just like work was working on the deal behind the scenes to to get it done But the bottom line is not like for anyone out there the things I was ducking him like I cannot wait to get my hands on this kid. What made him the most appealing feeling fight? Though because like when you look at Logan Kassai they're both fucking huge for you. You're finding somebody that's a bit smaller than you think. He's like an animal like people think he's like like is when he fights. He has a lot of energy and like he comes forward and he's like aggressive and so people like take that people don't understand boxing and they're like Oh my God auty such. He's so good he's so good And and and and he's been training with KFI and their friends and like he's undefeated as well so he's just beat up to bummy kids and they're the only fought for like a couple rounds but was important to you because you ultimately want to avenge the Paul. That's that's what it is like a half the beat Kissi and it's like I became his brother Dougie And Low in case I beat my brother and Saddam kiss is best friend or one of his best friends and I'm coming for KFI. And it's like I like I. I have to say that there's like no option like that's like the ultimate fight. That's out there right now. Like that's what I think everyone would would want to see and Logan Logan said himself. And you know I believe it too and not my own horn. But I'm just a better boxer than Logan and and just more technically sound and I understand the sport more his logan over the idea of fighting any else on like a real stage. I think he wants to do. MMA really because we have a wrestling background right and and a little bit of Jujitsu and so he. That's what he wants to do. He wants get a UFC fight or some some crazy shit like that. I mean Dana Weather said positive things about him. SORTA right yeah recently. So after the last oh he could actually fight like Joe road very positive about like potential. Yeah so I mean I think it's like I think could definitely happen. I mean I think it's something that at Logan like to me what it seems like as low in once like it just something that he needs to do almost like a bucket list type of thing right more. So how much do you think it hurt Logan and when he lost Because it's it's interesting. It's like he gets all the notoriety he gets all the money. He goes through the whole thing. He doesn't really get fucked up. It's not like the Fuzi to fireworks faces faces all fucked up the only thing he doesn't get as he doesn't get his hand raised in the rain. And that's kind of the compensation and it sucks. Because he got the two points taken away right and so even more controversial more. I think and that's why to him. It's like he lost You know quote unquote but he still gets ninety nine percent of the positive they from the fight. It's just the fact that he doesn't get to say he wants. Yeah I mean I don't think it's I think it affected him for like the first like week US upset upset you know like he was pissed off and like he has a big ego. Obviously but again it's like he literally lost in the best possible way like there's no no better way to lose like you said like didn't get fucked up technically would have one of the two points taken away. So it's like did he lose. He made a bunch of money would you. You have wanted to fight foods or two. If he had won I would have been so good. Yeah me versus food to fucking fucked them up even worse site just says fan I would love to see Jake Paul versus I wanNA fight all youtubers man like. I think it's fun. I think it's like it's great. It's great business business great marketing. It's like it's exciting. It's different like the Internet. So boring I was just talking about this like the Internet so like dry. I feel like it's just like all the same shea always like like like the video when like mgk comes up to you and like slaps your thing. This is exciting. I was like this is cool like some like like this is cool row. It goes down in the rap world a little bit of fun. That's what I'm saying like. We like the Internet side of Shit. Like more fucking can spunk. Man Like I think I think it's part of it's fighting like it's it's exciting so I wanNA fight a lot of people but definitely in case is number one on the Hitless Adam. Solid wasn't real considered. He is like little right away. It's true the slim has friends slim. Yeah they they just keep on running their mouths but it's like like they. They need like prove themselves more. You know they need to go. They need to climb the ladder right. Is it weird with the funny thing. Because it's like you're just a walking talking clout opportunity for other youtube. They were already using you for fucking Click Bay last few years but then with a fighting thing now you can say I wanNA fight. He's obviously not going to happen. From Ninety nine. One point nine percent of the people who say it's just you're an opportunity for people to talk about. You must've been weird to get used to that Yes we're at end like it also it it just like it doesn't suck but it's just like I do like everyone's doing it like Komo created more creative way or interested or shocked when it's it's like normally somebody saying they want to fight you is really going to stand out to you and you're saying no added to the list. Yeah as he had and that's what it is is like if it even with give it's like I procured the fight deal and like made it all happen and like I was sitting there with disown like they WanNa meet if I give but I could have fought anybody and it would just it would be just as big of an event and so I'm not going to give handing him so much clout and handing them a bag of money. He probably would not build otherwise exactly and it's just it's an interesting position to be in but I'm I guess I'm like I'm I'm thankful that I'm able to be in that position like grateful and it's cool but does money govern a lot of the decision making that you do because I know you're probably making a shitload of mind doing brand deals and Youtube and everything the whole merged merge thing it's like. I'm I'm sure that the check for during the box thing is good but at the same time like would it make more sense for you to focus on Youtube and does it just not appeal to you to the extent that you you just like fuck it. Yeah it's interesting question. I think in the in the part of in the early part of my career like a lot of my decision making was based off of like Yelich. Yeah like which set. Where am I going to get the most money out of and From me now more so asking myself the question like where do I see myself vibe. What do I actually like to do? And you know is this fun and is this something I can see myself doing for a long time. which like the fighting thing like is yes so to all of that And obviously like I'm a business person at the end of the day the like. Let's be real like there's a lot of fucking money to be made in infighting I look at someone like like not to talk shit like like Andy Ruiz for example who just fought Anthony Joshua for those who don't know like one of the best best heavyweights out there. And he's boy fuck with him like Cool Guy Nice guy but he had two hundred thousand followers on instagram and he who is making like five million dollars a fight so it's like there's so much room to come in and innovate in in the boxing space. That's what excites me like. Seeing a space that is so old has a set way of doing things and then you have these people. Well who a lot of us in this room haven't really heard of or are making more money than you and I sitting at this table. Just because they go into the ring hanging in and literally get five million dollars for like how like forty minutes of their time. It's kind of crazy to me. It's like it's exciting to be venturing into that into that business. I mean the richest lead of all time. Is Floyd Mayweather right. So right and obviously like I'll never be at the highest S. level professional boxing. Because these people have been doing they're alive. I think there's a huge business play and again if you take away everything that Jake Paul does like like where I like. What what I started off as entrepeneurship so you know The it's exciting and I think there's a huge business in in like celebrities and influencers fighting. I think I think we're just scratching the surface. I think everyone's GonNa WanNa start to do it because of the money that's their U2 you too isn't paying as much the democratizing spoke and people like you know there's so much there's so much competition out there for brand deals like you see people with who just got a million followers and have crazy engagement. They don't have any money. So they're undercutting the market and taking so much less money brand deals and it screws up the market for the bigger people and it just like it's It's it's becoming harder to monetize in the space. Does it appeal to you that you get to just sort of with the Bison you get started just live your life whereas when you're dating Erica and shit was like your disorder constantly using your relationship for Click Bait and that's gotTa take stall on your relationship as well as yourself. He added one hundred percent percent like fan. Like when fans get involved in your relationship when press like when you are relying on someone else else like being your content and like becomes like big like mixed like confusing. What's real and what's exactly and you you don't know so it's so unhealthy? So yeah there's I mean like the boxing should have been able to like find myself as a as a person like And not have to live like a fake fucking life right which you know there. There's parts of my blogs that were real. You know like their storylines that were real but but then it would be like all right. We don't have shit film today. Like what are we gonNa do and your shit got so bad that you got like all team around you. That's helping sort of make this shit happens. Happen coming up with ideas and stuff and that's a lot of pressure because you just wake up and you're not in the mood to do this shit and you don't really have a choice because you got all those employees with the Halladay therefore if you're filming something right yeah it was a it was definitely a lot of pressure and and it got harder and harder to keep up with because like the empire was growing and growing and growing and then you just get so many so many fuck in like problems arise and that's the other thing is like with like like I'm literally like four four lawsuits right now. I WANNA say from different blogs logging. What is it like people that gets in the background of the fucking property or something? Yeah exactly like background. I'm not exactly a lot. I don't think I'm allowed to talk about it but Like like just stupid shit. That people just seen opportunity to make money because as of potential like harm that they went through or some shit. And it's like with boxing. Don't have any of that. They no one can say shit assuming because I'm training in my fucking backyard when you think back on that like iconic scene with jumping around on top of that fucking news van and stuff like like that was very much you putting yourself into this very specific role of being like no. I'M GONNA be the troll the troublemaker like rambunctious kid like I'm GonNa play okay. This roll up so much. Yeah and I'M GONNA make a lot of people fucking hate me but I'm GonNa make my way more famous like does that outlook on life field completely foreign. Yeah yeah no if if feels foreign for sure I guess that's situations nations like different like that situation to me like it was like exactly what you're saying like I just thought it was hilarious. I'm going to be an asshole and like I like no. No one's ever fucked around on the news before and like I thought it was funny and I portrayed myself in like a stupid way But yeah like now it seems yeah now. I get seem so like I wouldn't do that now. I couldn't imagine doing that now. Like the crazy thing is that there might might've been a different reaction if it was like jay-paul eighteen with a million subscribers doing some shit like that versus J. Paul a couple of years later with a huge platform and now all of a sudden. You have some people looking at you from a different perspective where it's like you're all of a sudden you're con going way beyond your fan base changes ages like how your shit is going to be received right. Yeah Yeah you have to be more careful you know like at the start of your career you can do whatever you get away with what it's like to get like Blah suits are negative publicity or whatever so you're just if anything you're trying to bait people into talking talking about you know if you could get news for anything. Yeah Yeah it's interesting to think about this shift like when does it shift to like. Oh Shit now I gotta like not do stupid Shit. Yeah right yeah but you know fuck like there's no blueprint to this world and then that's that's why it's like fucking crazy like I feel like we're all just figuring it out as we go like especially with like social people on social media like you know like it's such a a new space you know you look at you'll get so many other industries like if you WANNA be a singer it's like there's a fucking model for that and there's like so many companies now that'll be do that and you signed to a label and you work writers and you go to the studio and you drop a project you market yourself and obviously there's more to that but with social media it's like what like there's not really like a set formula which is why you see people like myself fighting people like doing this doing that like it's Kinda it's it's interesting I think we'll start to see their become like a more set way to do things right now all innovation do you think you two. Are you feeling when you see like a will Smith make his appearance on the platform or is that feel authentic. Because it's like you're clearly kind of just is doing this to revive your career where people who are making youtube videos with no budget at one point and now you're somebody coming in the game with a big old team helping you create this content. Strike you as odd so for me like specifically with that example will Smith. I thought he did a great job at it at like. I think I think his he'd like actually took the time like learn how to do it and make good content on the platform. Which is why I don't like I don't mind Kudos to him at? I think it's smart Super Smart and obviously youtube loves. That's the thing that I don't like is like you to to favor like will favor will smith over the creators that have been fucking hustling on their platform for years and years and years. Like will smith posts a video. Trending did was trending Wilson Video. The kid in fucking Iowa who's pain his mom's fucking hospital bills like they're not showing him any fucking love you know I mean so. That's the part I don't like but I thought we did a good job. I think there's other celebrities though like I don't even know they just have fallen flat But who've come onto the platform man like not made good to content and it's failed even worse so it's it's a it's a platform yeah You can't just come in and like fuck around like people think. Oh you're youtuber like you wake up every day and you just film a fucking video and then posted and you make a Shitload of money in your millionaire like. It's so so much harder than that so much more thorough than that must feel so like overwhelming. When you go out and do a video and then you get a fucking lawsuit about it and it costs you ten times as much as you could have made from literally legal like dealing with legal is like the worst fucking? It's like it's like my worst nightmare right. It's like you have has to do our phone call like every like almost every day. We'll just talk about the stupidest shit and like and while you're on that phone call you're paying like that. Our phone call just cost you a thousand dollars because each lawyer on that phone call is four hundred fifty dollars an hour and that like it's just the most it's the it's the craziest like is the craziest thing but for me. It's about setting the precedent of like. Oh you want to sue me. I'm not just going to roll over and give you money like I'm fighting. Yeah like I'm not I don't want to just go away. I'm fighting this case and like and you're GONNA pay for my legal legal fees so that's my mindset. I didn't do anything fucking wrong. Like you're just. This is a cry for money and fuck you. I'm fighting the versus just being like. Oh Yeah here's like ten K to be quiet or fifty quiet like that's not that's not my mindset that makes it more attractive to just stay in the crib and does not go out really and not fuck with people because it doesn't it start to feel like Oh when I go to the club some shit my have. Yeah when I go out and from log on the streets and Shit might happen so stay away from that. Yeah Yeah hundred percent. That's like I have A. I have a target on my back. Like just in general like Jake Paul Paul. That name has become like so like. I don't even know how to describe. It is definitely a big target and people see money and like I don't I don't like to. I don't like to go like in public in just like fuck around anymore. which is crazy because he gets so point where like the first original videos were just like going around in public like messing around like hanging with strangers hanging with my small amount of fans that would recognize me and now it's like I can't not even I can't even go film anything I can't I can't prank people? I can't do anything because they're all your jake. Paul I saw you in Santa went to target and it was out of control and then me and my girl wants to target cold days later nobody saw service and I was like. We're in a good spot. It's like a good nice Yeah we also went to cut. Es target that those like nobody add so yeah now at one we went to let one it was in Orland hills fucking targets again liberal targets mall in general if you just WanNa it causes seen the malls where it's going down right. Yeah Def the other one right by my house like it's like sometimes I forget like at the end of the day. I'm just like a fucking kid from Ohio and I guess I. I don't feel like like a celebrity. Like it's weird like like I know on celebrity and like have followers. But but I don't feel like one like in saying that in the least Dushi way possible and you don't want to be you know maybe it's not want to set it like it's weird like will I go to the mall all like outlive. Forget that like Oh shit like dressed like the dumb ass and like I have to engage with people right now and I'm like tired like don't want like I'm just looked like a bomb and like doc I forget sometimes like you know because I still feel like that like regular kid from Ohio. Who just like who just like your average Joe like Gave like L. and it's weird because it's like if you do manage to keep your hoodie up and your sunglasses on and Don get recognized and you're chilling but as soon as like one or two people figure it out then it could just be. We really see stars one. 'cause then why are they taking a picture in the middle of the store. Who is your like a spy when you go like when I go to the mall by myself and I'm just sorta like trying to get in there and get out and you got a Hoodie up and you're just trying to like make sure that none of these kids walking by me? Yeah Yeah Weird things that people don't realize I actually the protests on your channel where you're sort of doing the young kid content with many J. Paul on the separate channel. Yeah fellas although smart yeah. It's it's weird like I said like I'm in this place. Where like I have fans like? Who Love Me? See for one thing and it's like how do I transition it's like. Your typical is literally like and I. It's weird that I'm like kind of caught and because I never thought I'd be caught in it but it's literally like your typical Disney star age up process and I'm like in it and it's fucking weird like in. It's difficult to deal with like people like. I don't think people people talk about it enough but it's like all this you're like this kid and you you gotta like fucking grow up and like how do you change your fan base. So it's like I'm trying to give give a little bit of content to that like younger fan base that I do have them like I'm like I'm still on Disney channel. If you flip on Disney like I'll still be there. Sometimes they can from before they still air at least once a day and sorta like come on Disney channel. Like I still gain fans from from that and it's like how do I give them content but then how do I also take like explain Blaine to this older crowd. Who probably didn't ever fuck with Jake Paul and like actually maybe even hated them? Like hey guys like if we hung out in person We'd probably be friends ends in like I like the Party and we're just like I'm just a fucking kid like what's up. Like how do I like mergers two worlds together so weird to think that like say fast for like twenty five years. If you have like a Joe Rogan type like just a show like on your channel but it will be the same channel of you just doing podcasts. And then if you go back twenty fucking years ears those these like weird as videos young relate to at all fucking crazy about. It's weird. Yeah I don't even know that's what I mean. It's like it's hard. It's hard to even think about or deal with or figure out how to navigate. Because there's there's it's different for everybody like Miley Cyrus had fucking come in on a wrecking ball butt naked to kind of make that generation. That's true of a boxing match real talk because that's like have to do something very drastic to make people reconsider you yet. Yeah fucking crazy to think about really is what's the status of this show with Tanna because came starves tweeden saying that it was cancelled. Yeah like where do I start with that conversation like. Why do people still trust him as a new source? Aw I don't get it so not true. It's not true at all. There's a fact that the people on set this is the best pilot we've ever filmed in our whole entire lives like like Blah Blah Blah Blah. And they're just rambling on about how amazing everyone on the show is but like I get like like how is he he. He could say anything He could say anything and people would just believe it. I'm sure there's still like a large subset of people like this other guy who wants to fight me his name's Dylan and like he saw. That news tweeted about it or something. I just saw pop up on my instagram. And he's all this fucking idiot like like and it's not even true now helix dumb right like he's trying to hate on me for something that isn't true in like I don't know people are so quick to WanNa see other people fail in this society like jump on cancer culture. It's like it's honesty so like I've just never been negative or like a hater so like I just don't get it or like having that be like a monetize -able part of your life. Yeah like where did even get like. Where did he get that news from C.? I don't know where he got it from. He was saying it was a tip like when he tweeted it so I'm not sure the extent to which he really he just like at home board and he's like I'm mad because I hate Jake Paul more than anybody in this world and I have a platform that hates him too and I'm just GonNa come up with something that Dr the content and views today like do you feel like a lot of people really hate the fucking thing with you and Tanna. Is that been like a weird source of negativity in terms of people just have in their opinions about that. Yeah Yeah it's weird like my fans don't like it more than more than anything else I've ever seen. The fans are like anti us being married. which is weird but like other than that it's like I don't really think her fans are down? Well the I don't think her fans either I I think her fan like both of our fan groups like argue about it. That's the most amount of negative shit icy from it. I don't think I think the outside world just doesn't know what to make of it. Dan and Billy Irish on follow her over Emoji or something. I don't know why I don't know if it was over that. But that's why I think she'd be so busy. There's so much sugar eh carved out a little time for getting married you bitch follow about wedding was the best best night in my life but I like it wasn't beans guessing very much like a TV type Wayne because it was like a hearty and then tucked walked away over here. You're like doing the the ceremony and a lot of people didn't even know that that was happening at that time it's just being filmed over here. The kind of odd I I thought it was. I thought it was thought went horribly. Really yeah a livestream is all fucked up fucked up and just like it was all too through crowded. There's too many people that we didn't think that many people were gonNA come at. I was drunk so like normally like normally like though like when I'm at my own events it's and like Shit's not going wrong like or she's going wrong like I'm able to like fix some of it problem solve but it's totally out of grand so I was just drunk wrong is fuck now. This is some people are like stand over here like I was drunk. It's show so you're you're kind. Are you kind of in the mentality of mumbling show up and just tell me to stand up there and staying there. I was like this is a party and I was kind of like nervous and I was was just like I'm going. I'm attending party right now. And that's the mindset. I took and I was like fucking taking shots at all. It was just all went terribly and then yeah I don't really remember much of it. It was a well known for me because I was actually hanging out with your mom club while I mean just Chad. Now like three. In the morning she stayed in the club later than me like. I'm over here. Having a chat with the Pam and then just fucking or fans of the hamsters right. Yeah my mom Eh. But I was just hanging. This seems really bad that his mom is still kicking it in the and when I say the club that you guys had this whole like it was like having a big apartment apartment in the club. Yeah we had like four different sections or some share. You really don't have to mingle with the common folk at all when you're in the environment but how what. What did you guys fucking talk about like what what does that? What does that even go? It was probably most of my girl just talking about the wedding of my Emma. Such an amazing person interesting character really. I love her so much. I think she's a big part of why you've been successful. Yeah for sure I think both for both of my parents you know I think like I think they did a really good job of walking into a comment trap hole on Youtube Youtube. I think they did a really good job raising. No he should have killed the Paul brothers parents and Shit. So I'm walking into deathtrap. Yeah no I think like. They taught us a lot of great great values like in again. I'm just walking myself into getting your parents like very much kind of raised the Kinda thing. His parents really like. Raise them to believe that that you could be what he wanted to be today. Sort of give you that mentality because a lot of kids don't have that sort of confidence. I think confidence I think like my dad like you. You know. My Dad was very instrumental on the business side confidence. Hard work like he sent us out. I was probably fourteen thirteen. Fourteen fourteen. Logan was fifteen sixteen to like mow lawns. SNOWPLOUGH PEOPLE'S driveways. We did the business ourselves. We meant that we had clients and we were like taking occur. Clients need and he showed us how to work hard. And and we would. We would actually like by my dad's business was he would buy like a fifty thousand dollar house and by the way he probably only have like seventy thousand dollars his name so he'd by fifty thousand dollar house and then spend like ten thousand dollars fixing fixing it and me and Logan and him would do the work like all through the summer with us will be like every summer and we fix up the whole entire house and then he would sell the house for like one hundred fifty K.. Or something like that and so we were just like we would be working all summer like in the heat like eight. AM till eight PM to fix up the house and like make a dope and it was hard work like these houses were like it was it was awful so you know that taught us to be like humble well and appreciate what we have because he wasn't even paying like we we would just do it two zero dad but you did. You did that sort of show you that like did you see your family's financial situation changed through that hard work like Oh. We're gradually making more money over time and like feeling more comfortable because my dad actually put in that work because I feel like when you yeah bad as a young kid that really kind of tells you something like I'm not stuck where I'm at. Yeah no one hundred percent. I think there was like my dad. Started to get better and better and he started become more and more comfortable and and then he started to be able to have money to even like buy things about by car a car. Whatever it was So yeah kind of I I guess in hindsight so yeah there was able to see like hard work pays off But my mom and my mom just like super super awesome like she's like the loving side of me and like the carrying side and And I'm deaf. I feel like I'm like a mama's boy so We always I feel like we always Kinda held the family together because I feel like my brother and my dad were always causing trouble in like drama and Shit like that and like we were like like the ones who were able to like real everyone back in together right many a major dad at the fight. He seemed like his guard was very up because he wasn't one hundred percent. Sheriff I was talking to him because I was like a person who talked about the family online. We have so much of that always like very kind of like he's like. Oh yeah okay. I've seen your stuff straight up guy out to make sure I wasn't about to like the Eddie Bravo. Had People like liberty like secretly like record me like conversations yeah like just like the weirdest shit a- and I and like same day. 'cause it's weird like my dad has a fucking target on his back to the people who don't like you'll get mad at great Paul. Yeah I don't know like I don't know but he's a good guy you know what's interesting to me is a see how because I feel like the blogs squad was like kind of a second iteration on what you try to do team ten like this. This whole idea of like I have a pop a new channel. I'm going to create like a a network of people in that. But he tried to do his like more separate and Shit where where. It's just sort of like a loose group of people whereas you try to do the thing with like the house and the people really in the house and controlling more of a big percentage of it does. That seem like a kind of a that. You don't want anything to do with at this point yet like it just doesn't work like it doesn't work like the thing with the WLAC looks quite like I saw kind of the progression of it because they all came from vine so they were all successful on their own and they're all talented and and none of them are signed to anybody so there's not like business involved. I'm sure there's like weird shit with like you know like Oh you hung out. You're hanging hanging out with this person or like I'm sure that it gets like convoluted sometimes But with me it's like I set out to create a A A business and so there was contracts and business like what do you make business and like friendship and like living together doesn't it doesn't it doesn't work out in A. Ah The hard part was I was taking people who I saw potential in building them. Up like Eliza Violet right like she was literally like Doc Washburn as a cashier and like saw potential in her and helped launch her career. But then it's like if they don't know what to to do with all of this like they don't know how to work hard they don't know how to market themselves they don't know how to make content or maybe they're not good at it like saying as a specific example I think she is fucking dope at making content and shit but it's a lot to deal with in this world. La like getting snaked over like the clubs. Like that's not a thing like most of these kids are coming from so it was hard for them to keep their head on straight and stay focused and know what to do with the fame in the money in all of the shit that I was given in giving basically handing to them and a lot of the the. It's not that structure. It's not like you're like fine people out to join a video game team and everybody knows what the mission is. The mission is to sit in your room and play video games. And you're really good at it. It's more like your. Your job is to go out and be a professional socialite slash contact creator basically and it's like what what does that turn into. I don't know that idea like I was so interested watching you. Try to do it but I also like having watched it. I really wonder to what extent it's even possible possible to really do that. Stop US yeah. No it's it's weird. It's weird because like like I also was was young. I was was really like young trying to do it at like it was also like how I was learning business. There's like really in general And like how to even deal with investors like there's so much that goes into it and I was so young and I was also having to go out and create content so I couldn't have my control control over over like I like I wanted to And mixed with the fact that I was blogging. Everyday so I would wake up. So mission is is to get the best piece of content. That is on Youtube. Do I care about Suzy's feelings and why She's upset no. I don't sorry like I don't even have time to you. Know and like and and and like they they it was kind of it was kind of like mutual understanding like like. I'm just using susie as a random name but susie didn't feel like she could come to me because she knew how busy I was automated so it was just like it just didn't it. It was just like too too too much. And it sucks. Stow it sucks and it Kinda like Kinda like a fucks me a little bit because because if if I would have had the right people who like just were able to fuck in understand what therefore unlike what division was and endure the hard times of them being upset or than being or or the manager in their ear being like. Oh Jake Paul stake in twenty percent of you come over here we can get you out of that contract. And he doesn't need to be fucking taking twenty percent he doesn't do anything for you. Wake up like I got you all the followers that you have the reason why you're able to make money so if I was able to endure if people the people on the team were able to endure like all those hard times in like push through and stick in focus to the vision like imagine if team ten was like still a thing right now it would be the biggest fucking in group on on online. And that's why it's like the vision was there just like the execution and it's it's probably my fault you know it's like I was the the leader of it. I'm not not even probably it's definitely I was young and didn't have the right people around didn't pick the right people to blow up and you know it's all just a learning experience. I think it's hard to deal with influencers in young kids and fame and money in Russia. So when was lost to Eliza we recently recently so I was trying to get hurt or be in my music video right now of course that we really haven't talked about music whole time even though let's a kind of a good boxer. Yeah so I was trying to get a listened to be in the music video for my new song and she was like down because I wrote the song about a couple of like different of my exes part. One of them was her and I was like okay. Like like my marketing brain clicks on like how how do I get the most exposure like okay. It'd be crazy this was in the video and we had like squashed our beef and like we're cool and all that stuff which people probably don't know before her and banks broke up after before. Yeah so like I might be with banks squashed it with Elissa and then and they broke up after that but you want to be in the video and she was like down in down down and she was like yeah. I'm doing it and doing it and like the night before wash users like I don't do it anymore and so yeah but that was the last time we talked or no. We talk talk like after the song came out you're like hung up on her at all emotionally. No there's like I've definitely had closure I think for a lot. I think for a long time. I didn't realize how much I liked her. Until after the like I think once it was like Logan happened and then like I had like kick grout and then once she was gone. I think I realize like Oh shit like that girl was actually a really cool girl and I actually liked her more than I thought I did. But again I was just like fucking fucking hustling every single day involved in my business and that was my main priority and so I wasn't able to focus on the relationship that we did have which is did have which is why it went south on both sides of of it but yeah I definitely went through appeared Dan. That girls don't like I liked her more than I realized I did. But but it's been so long there's like being closure how do you feel when you see her column banks offer cheating on her a somebody who's sort of been a crucial on this story. You're watching that and you're like. Wow Oh yeah fucking hilarious but also kind of sad. It's it's sad for Eliza but like I feel like what's the there's there's a lot of weird should talk about there but the sad part is like okay. Let's didn't you learn your lesson like the first time to like not put your business like your relationships online mug that that's where I think it's messy and then where it's also messy is like how banks came at me so hard for cheating. Melissa Made me of villain to half the Internet because I cheated on Melissa and because like you know and then he he goes and does the the same thing. Apparently you guys are awesome. cheaters obviously these fucking successful youtubers. Of course go on you. I'm sorry if you are. Yeah it's sad truth dude. I'm sorry listen no it's it's true dude like. La's not the fucking city to find love. You imagine how not normal girls are like Elissa violence getting cheated on our by all these guys what chance do do I have to not get cheated on. No chance I think with social media in general like it's just so hard to be faithful in a relationship so much opportunity there's the there's so much like the grass is greener on the other side It just fucking Like an EH specially in La like you know like there's this girl girls will throw themselves at you and especially if you're in the club like nightlife seen in all that shit and it just gets messy real messy real messy. Aiming about the truth. I remember announced you. I think that the new songs pretty good. Thank you man. I was expecting it into not be that good. I heard it and I'm like you know what this is. This is a lot of growth going on here. Yeah thank you. I appreciate. That means a lot even other homes around who liked literally. Don't even know who the fuck you are pretty much much. They were like good good down. Thank you man. Yeah I I was really happy with with the feedback back and and I've never actually gotten so much positive feedback on on a song the that I've done before and there was a lot of like fans or people who are like I don't like Jake Paul but this is actually good and to me. That was like I was like a mini success. I was like yes. That's W W 'cause I love I love music and again it goes back to like. Put the camera down from blogging. And like who am I as a person like a fucking love music. I love boxing and like the music something where like. I don't have to like fuck in. Try like it ended endlessly creative and it it just the process of is so fun it just and And it's something I love doing so I've just been putting in a ton of time to learn. Learn the craft often and just try things work hard like put put in my hours. Because you can't just say okay I'm GonNa do something and and become good at Eh. You have to try and fail and try and fail and try and fill in. So I've just been something. I've been taking super seriously behind the scenes And just yeah just Getting getting better and working with different people and it's it's like something I see myself doing in five years like I WANNA be on my own tours who are like fucking turning up like S- crowd surfing like with my fucking older fans getting crown Like that's that's where I see myself going and and And it's hard it's hard you know it's not you can't do music. There's so much competition. There's so many incredible people out there in so For me I'm just just like working working at it. Seeing seeing where it goes. Are you Nago Collab- that you did with me chaplain who we just talked about it. I didn't bring thought about it a little bit but then I in the you said you might not even put it out so wasn't sure if yeah I think I think I'm GonNa put it out It's I feel like it's going to get backlash though. Really what you're talking about Drako's and should not about guns. Uh but but like definitely like wrapping more in and I think. There's like the stigma with my name of like Jake. Paul and his music sucks. Because I did put out shit songs like fuck this old songs that like i. I can't even listen. It makes ears bleed and so like obviously I have that track record of putting out like just YouTube ship music But that I'm like wrapping in like and so like I just don't know what the audience's reaction due to an outside community reaction to it but the video is so sick like the music video for it is like it's almost to fire to the point where like like I and I'm talking about the video name talk about the song. Like Steve O's in it like it's obviously emily chopper. Like there's like helicopters in like semi trucks and porsches donuts motorcycles. In like it's like I put a lot of effort into it so so for me. I WANNA put it out but I just don't know if like if the timing will be right because I don't want I don't WanNa like make a fall all step in the music space. 'cause that's already been done now because I've already done. I've already made like bad steps in like bad moves in the in the space done stupid shit and put out trash songs. So I don't WanNa like hurt myself. Shoot myself in the foot when I'm smart enough now to like realize that that but I don't know chopping I like are cool and like you know happened organically that's the other thing. People he chop got paid for the feature chopper got paid for the future like he just got the bag and I just don't like it which is not true but I don't want that to be like become a thing so he didn't get paid. No just happened organically chop so right. When he dropped a shot flow like a couple days later my friend him up and he showed me? The video was like Yo cause my one friend Jada Barbara has like friends with so many people shot before. Yeah he's the plug out. He just knows everyone how he's like. Oh like you entropy should do something I hit. I hit him up and he's down and so he came over to my house and hung out and and I had the song already recorded and the open verse and I and he played either off. Fuck with this like. He's Dan like I know you route and he just did divers and that's how that's how he's as a cook like I kind of seen like his rise to stardom which is fuck in six just talked before those. He's he's got the personality for sure. Yeah and he's he's smart knows what he's doing so yeah but it just like going like me going into like the like putting myself out there into the hip hop space like that just like just like like a fine fine line that I just needed to be careful with definitely i. You know what I'm GonNa do. I'm a play. I'll play you the the video after a good idea and I wanna see what you think about it. I knew did you see that. Yeah so I feel like we covered like the majority of the Shit like the music. The fucking boxing. The love life the past business attempts etcetera better etc.. Yeah those are good summer. Yeah I think it's good Birlik challenge a lot of Shit. Yeah thank you for having us. We have hand towels now. That's fine Hansel. Plenty of team is I saw chop it gets a merchant march anything you want when we got socks because there's new hat. I want that domino's Bro. You Watch your videos. I'm like do that. The man you may get into that shit like fucking never be able to think about anything else ever again. Got Some runs my brain. I shouldn't need this one. You can get the penguin. Oh yeah you probably know exactly what it's about I haven't I haven't got you do you like it. It's about as I heard. It's like dangerous like other ship. Like Ah. But it's so normalize I remember the first time someone was like. Hey you on and I was just like no but like it's normalized. I feel like hell. Yeah but then you forget. Sometimes he'd be talking about drugs like people in fucking Iowa. Just what are you doing you did molly and you forget that you're talking to seventh grade kids and fucking they have no no clue and that if you're the drugs yeah no. That's important too for drugs. Fisher definitely should this. We Live Jake. Paul appreciate human man. He saw guys appreciate Aji. Jake Paul November close by asking world tickets on Youtube soundcloud items like comment subscribe Dot Com. You only get yourself a hand towel cap that she hit appreciate. y'All thank you all for watching. I'm Jay Paul makes you to like this Scott and no jumper we out.

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