Chief Terence Monahan, NYPD 9-1-19


<hes> we talk about all the day's news all the week's news on this show and try to get the truth out there and there's lots of problems at the n._y._p._d. Lately leave the water throwing away. Pantaleo etc with us is the chief of the department chief terrance money and how are you chafe. Hi john how you doing can you give us an update. What's going on. I i noted new york post. Put out headlines that that there's a slowdown is is it true. Is it just the new york post elephant. They're they're awesome. Less college be made less the recipe and made we looked at the numbers and down around five hundred arrests from where we were a couple of weeks ago mainly minor charges <hes> low level misdemeanors but when it comes to you know serious crimes this violent crimes. The cops are out there still doing their job. You know we look at gun. Arrests outgun arrests that same as they've always been robbery arrest or up and we've had some great stories of cops doing tremendous work over the last couple of weeks. I mean just yesterday. We had cops out in queens. Following a stolen car. Guy takes off on them. Jumps out runs runs out grabs still someone's bike. They chase him through the streets of <hes> queens finally grab them turns out. He was wanted for three separate burglaries so this is what what they're doing on a daily basis you know over the weekend even in <hes> in the bronx they stop a group of guys standing out in front of a corner. They toss a gun chase them into an apartment ended up grabbing twenty people in the apartment and five guns so the cops are out there doing what they have to do to keep the city safe have you you. You haven't really noticed any morale. <hes> drop or anything like that. The cops are upset. Cops are mad. They're frustrated. <hes> you know they're not happy be with the decision. I obviously but you know just because they're not happy with. The decision doesn't mean that they would do anything to make this city safe. Remember the the majority of our cops live in the city that families living in the city there parts of these community so they're not gonna do anything that would endanger the communities that they work. There was a <music> gill going on and look like a deal that was going on originally that they'll allow him to retire and and take his pension and just go away. Where was the difference it way too decision with. The commissioner made the decision that this is the right thing to do. What do you think the difference was and this is one of the things that we discussed. This was something that i know <hes>. I discussed personally with patti lynch and london. I sat down over a cup of coffee with them and we talked about it. <hes> this is something that i know patty. Lynch had been advocating for pantaleo whether he was guilty or not guilty for a while that he wanted to be able to leave the department <hes> and have his pension so something we discussed and we looked at past precedents in the department and i discussed that with padding so <hes> it was something that we thought about as possibility. I talked to <hes> commissioner neil. He was seriously considering that as one of his options but again he has to speak to a lot of people people in this was this was a very very tough decision but commission on the i know he struggled with it through the entire weekend. <hes> go finally coming up with the decision that he made on that monday morning. <hes> what would you like to tell. Well new yorkers <hes> this afternoon lessen the men and women. You may read how frustrated they are <hes> they did a the p._b._a. Today no confidence vote on commissioner o.'neil but we have utmost confidence in the men and women that turn <music> out and patrol the streets. They're going to keep the people of the city safe. This is what they do. They do it better than any other police department in the world we have if someone dedicated men and women that it'd be out there so as a citizen the new york don't worry. You're going to be out there keeping you safe. Chief terrorists monaghan headed due to the parliament. Thank you so much coming on and bringing on new york is up to date and thank you for doing a great job for new york baggy john. I appreciate it.

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