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Hey mojo kroger appreciates your gestures of kindness like when you say, thank you not only with your words but with your smile, well, they may not see your smiles behind those face masks but they see it in your eyes. Kroger thanks you for wearing your mass during your shopping experience. I. So we just finished ripping on Phil. Either rumors about you. The Room is Shannon. I got I got to defend myself on this somehow, but more importantly I need you guys to get back little Birdie told me that you got busted. Doing some regifter. Yeah. So I was cleaning my room over the weekend I just moved back in with my parents I'm living in the basement. anti-aids girlfriend was over helping me clean. And honestly I love her so much. Thank you so much. Help me clean. T answer I can't wait to hear what's following that there's A. About coming. So she found this one starbucks box and it was one of those collector items anywhere you go out of town it has like the city that you go in. The city on Yup, and this this one girl in the past. gave me this awesome gift when she went to San Francisco. And I saw and I was like all this would be great. Let me just give it over here and say this is a gift that I got her. And I give her this Mug. And all of a sudden she opens it. Oh my gosh you know I like starbucks mugs like this being a basic be as all the other girls. And there's a note on there. From the previous girl that Because she got it for me. What did the note say this is a part of the story tonight here I know I don't know exactly what it said, but it was like Hey Joey I missed you and I was out in San Fran, this is a small gift for you. You get mega site I from Tiana Piazza. What she say she was just like really you've got this for me and she did the whole 'cause I didn't see her opening it. She did the whole also you got me this Mug I was like, yeah do you like it? She likes Mylan she completely set me up she knew. You pull the Mojo because he's the king of. My Gosh every your Christmas. You know this story I would get him something from Lululemon. This was like three or four years in Rhode get him something from Lululemon I thought he is the host of the show. He does so much for us. I'm going to get them like a really nice outfit from lululemon spend a little bit more money than I normally would on the rest Hebrew crazies you know 'cause he's Mojo. And then like two months later, fletch would walk into the studio wearing said Lululemon. I knew that motor had clean out his closet and given stuff away and flexibility. This was so nice. Still had the tags on it and everything not knowing that I was the one who had given it to Mojo. That's the best part is because Mojo wouldn't even remember who gave it when he re gifted, it was in the same room I remember him giving slim a big gift that I gave him and I was like, wow, that's that that's an awesome gift. Whoever gave you that see that's horrible. I can't. I can't believe Mo- did that will deflect. Thing, with your girlfriend something, another girl gave you. Know but listen. Lee Loves Company were trying to make you feel better. But really there's no excuse at least at least she's still got a Mug the thing, right? Shares a drink out that Mug come on why not? Not after she realized another girl gave it to you Mike I feel like you're the guy that can make me look good. You had to have done something stupid as I have. Now with the Mugs, I'm pretty good at. Knowing, where my mugs game from but I've definitely re gifted. I don't think with Alli because it's. Because I'm not getting gifts really from anybody else but I've done it before in the past definitely with with I've had hoodies that have come over to my house that weren't actually my in fact I have a specific Hoodie that wasn't my Hoodie was left at my house. So she got it from another guy and then I was dating somebody and then she was like, Hey, can I take this Hoodie home with me or I'm GonNa you know snagged Hoodie and I said, yeah sure. Go for you can have it wasn't my. Also, not presented as a gift like a special something, right? Right? Yeah. I love you youtube channel. Listen if if you could defend me please if you've done something stupid of the not have accidentally gave the re gift to somebody and got busted I. Want you to call up right now eight, four, four, Mojo live that's eight, four, four, six, six, five, six, five, four, eight, accidental. You knew what you were doing. You can't say that accidental. Honestly like when she saw the Mug I didn't even realize I just looked like, yeah go ahead, take it because I'm trying to get rid all this junk that I got. But now, that wasn't a good one I. Love every year. If we do like a white elephant extends like sometimes some years my family will do it or like my friends group or whatever, and something will always show up that was. In the past you know and sometimes it's a funny white and sometimes we do like we call it like a twenty dollar gift or a fifty dollar gift depending on which group of friends or family members I'm in and so it isn't meant to be funny. It's meant to bring something nice and someone gets busted every year bringing something that someone got from a different one now joey busted. Let's just even just dug himself deeper hole and he just said I was just trying to get rid of all this junk in my basement and you're describing the gift you gave your girlfriend. Still a good gift. Defend you when? You leave you hanging out to dry.

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