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Episode 5 | Mike Johnson I See It! Productions


Hi and welcome to global impact a podcast designed to help you find the freedom to accomplish more with your life increase the productivity of your team and make a difference in the lives of people around the world. I'm your host Jay Oliver and thank you for joining us. Hello again I'm Jay w Oliver with global impact and we are super excited to have a friend and also client client with us Mr Mike Johnson. Good Morning Mike. Our you good morning. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your show today. Yeah we've got an interesting story. Mike is actually been with us as a client rover year. I've known Mike for Probably ten years. I at from a church relationship and Mike. Why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself about what you've done in the past also how you ended up where you are today with your company? Yeah look to thank you. Well my my background is within Church Ministry and graduated from seminary back in the early nineties and started working at a church here in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex As a children's pastor am I I definitely have a passion for reaching and teaching kids About Christ's about his love And with with an emphasis this is on helping the kids to become the leaders that God designed them to be setting that foundation groundwork for them early on that Godkin build gone through the rest of their lives So would that emphasis. I started at this at the Church and worked there as the Children's pastor for for twenty five five years and had just an amazing opportunity through the church to reach literally children around the world we produced a curriculum called elevate curriculum we had over seven thousand churches using it was an animation live action Curriculum Elam and that was that was always my passion to reach the kids locally through the church but then also to reach kids globally with a product Oughta that could make a difference in their life by teaching them. God's word in not just giving them information about God's word but also then helping them apply that to their lives will mike and there's some there's some statistics to about reaching children before the age of leave it's sixteen or eighteen that that's that's the most opportunistic time to bring them to the Lord. Can you can you speak on bat a little bit. Oh yeah the percentages drop drastically. Unfortunately for people once. They hit that sixteen eighteen year age for coming to know Christ and accept him as their savior. So it's it's salvation in itself is very important an important aspect of reaching kids for sure and then once you you had that once they get onto that path. That journey was Christ then giving them the tools that they need to be successful at it and you now. There are statistics out there that as far as moral development goes States that almost some researchers say almost ninety percent of all of our morals and values are formed before the age of thirteen and so my focus was always on the aspect. They're not just kids. This is such a critical timeframe in a human being's life that we must poor As much effort in emphasis as we can into because we only have one shot at it I use the example of Wet concrete you know when you have a wet concrete slab. It's very easy to poor are put your hand printed it when it's newly poured but you go back in about twelve hours and try to make that same imprint and and it's impossible without getting out your tool or chisel tools and digging into it and so for me. That's been my life emphasis. Let's let's run. I think traditionally to Mike I know I came from a small church background. And my wife actually served served as the children's pastor for short period of time and and we've we've seen it in other churches maybe even in big churches but from a budget standpoint. The emphasis on children has been very low corrective. They were looked at as as you pointed out. They're not just kids and and but but budget wise. We didn't pour the resources into that as well. Yeah Yeah So. I was fortunate to be at a church. That definitely had an emphasis on kids in so I fit right in and part of that emphasis was doing the curriculum. As I mentioned it was animation and live action based in about we stopped producing the curriculum five years ago and I always had kind of a A hole in my heart. I guess to speak so to speak of of missing doing animation doing win them a storyteller at heart. I love to do that. Especially tell stories for kids that makes sense and help them to to learn the applications Shinzo of God's word and a year ago. I started two years ago. Now started sensing you know. God was kind of moving in a direction to to do something. Think about that and my problem was well. That's great. I kind of see God closing some doors behind me and pushing me in that direction. But how in the world could I ever Come up with the financial resources to start in animation automation company. That could do great animated products for kids because animators are very very very expensive. And that's that's where you came in j w you had me over for coffee and we visited and you're sharing with me about global BP and How you know there? There was a great opportunity to get churches involved with it that churches and ministries could utilized great people in Zimbabwe to. Do Anything You know volunteer databases to calling to you website video. You know the list goes on and on and I think I was. Yeah and my objective. In coming to you was that I knew that ministries nonprofits churches were were in a quandary in that they had the allocate a Lotta the resources to staffing and personnel and that a year is a way to to divert your limited a lesser amount of your resources to to these staff and team member. But also you're able to do more with your resources in terms of ministry so yeah that's the reason we started talking and then yeah talk about your dream about Matt Matt. Yeah so the back of my mind as you're thinking that one thinking yes. This is an incredible opportunity for ministries and churches No no in church budgets. Like I do. That is something that they're always looking at trying to do more with the resources that God has blessed them with But number two was started making me think in the back of my mind. I wonder if there's any animators over there in Zimbabwe. And how would you pose that question to me and I thought animators in Zimbabwe Romer Pex not time but you put out how you put out the word and man within. I think it was seven days. Ten days. You had Multiple guys for me and my partner to interview which we did and we hired three on the spot for less than what I would have paid for one animator and that really gave me the confidence to go. Okay God I see a a methodology. I see a plan where forming this animation could happen and could be successful not just currently into the future because we my dream That I believe God has given to me. He is to have an animation company. That is you know one hundred two hundred three hundred people strong that can do faith-based animation as well as projects for within the ministry and to do something like that stateside solely would be very cost prohibitive and since we're trying to reach churches and nonprofits bear budgets are limited so by utilizing leising employees in Zimbabwe. We can one make a huge difference in people's lives over there which I love to talk about a minute but to provide a incredibly high quality product for half the price of what they would have to pay otherwise I I think that's real important to note too. We have number one Mike and his company. I see it has been able to help us with our marketing. You've done some amazing videos for us and help do some storyboarding so we've been able to leverage. Mike's Talent his teams talent and his partners talent to be able to to help us move forward and then some amazing work. But I think it's important at this point Mike to talk a little bit about the difference. We switched our are. You're calling from outsourcing because we don't believe is truly outsourcing to insourcing and we think that name is is is more fitting to what we do and you've been to Africa Mike. Mike spent a couple of weeks working with his team and my team this past summer. So He's been I I I hand I view to see what's going on so talk a little bit about what to nothing the in sourcing versus the outsourcing and why there is a differentiation and also how you've seen an impact live on your side. Yeah well personally when I hear the word outsourcing it has semi negative connotation with it. You know I think we we've. We've all had experiences with calling a company and talking to someone that you can barely understand and Dan oftentimes. Does it truly know the answers that you might need for them to know but insourcing for me I think really helped me to understand what global BP does in that we have employees employees. That work just for I see it productions and I'm in contact with them every day via zoom and APP that allows you to communicate over the Internet for your computer and video by the way with your the video and while they work within the the beautiful building. They're enjoying a city in in Harari under the global BP name they ultimately are working for me and so why that makes a difference to me is. I'm always working with the exact. Same people We have five over there. And it's it's it's tough to get people that are not fully committed to you as a company To A to understand your culture understand your processes if you're if you're continuously hopping between different people in your Within your outsourcing company. Then I think you're gonNA end up struggling and never be able to get the product out that you want to give but if you have people that are solely dedicated to you forty hours a week and you can help train them you can visit with them. On a regular basis you can develop Gallup culture with them and you truly are going to be able to build a team over there that is exceptional and unique from other outsourcing companies. Because they truly just in extension of of you and your team they just happen to live four thousand miles across the globe but with technology today That's nothing literally when I zoom with the guys every morning it's like they could be you know in the office next door or or I often have a better connection with them than I do with my partner who gets on just twenty miles away so they truly are. I think that is the difference right. I mean you're you're working with the same person every day you're speaking to them. You get to know him. You know about their families they they can they can adjust work. Work the same hours as you do and and I and I think I always forget this piece of it but not only are they highly educated and talented. Most of them were university. Educations but you know I say it's like speaking to the Queen Right I mean you've got this great UK English accent that they could be in London just as easily could be in Dallas Dallas Fort Worth it. Yeah I've been very impressed to with you. Think okay man. We're going all the way over to Africa to insourcing people culturally. How is that ever going to work? You know how are they going to be able to truly understand the American culture and I've been very very surprised pleasantly. We surprised at how well they communicate. How well they understand our culture and what we do in how we do it and that's been although you know they're always going to be differences? There's differences within the United States of dealing with employees CETERA. But that was a concern of mine. That is was quickly evaporated when I realized how culturally they they. They get what we're trying to do and they do it with excellence. They're hard workers they want. They want to do the very best. They see it as an incredible opportunity because unemployment rates or some say as high as eighty percent in Zimbabwe and. So it's a great place for them to come work and like I said the beautiful high-rise great equipment great atmosphere Pastors on staff to be able to help them with personal needs spiritual needs So for them. It's it's it's a blessing to me for two reasons one is. I'm getting incredible product that I'm able to minister to churches riches in nonprofits Throughout the world but even greater it's a ministry to those people over there. That was one thing that I really really got when I went to. Zimbabwe was my emphasis before going over. There was how can I use the people in Zimbabwe to bless churches here in the United States a when I went over there and came back. My emphasis changed. There's there's such a great people with such a heart and passion for for wanting to use their talents that my emphasis switched to. How can I get churches? Aware of what they he can do over there so that we can bless them and the amount you know. We're had the fortunate aspect of paying an American dollars which not very many people companies can do in Zimbabwe. So it's a highly sought after company to work for the resources that I'm giving them them or our company is giving to them is not just making a difference in their own life supporting oftentimes. They're the brothers and sisters and parents and kids and it just makes me excited to know that I'm not just getting something for myself but really participating in a mission oil project where I'm able to bless someone over there and make a difference in their life. Yeah I think that goes back to. The impacting lives which we talk about here. Global impact and Pike lives. Is The win win win which we really subscribe to it or part of them. The wind not not only for the person we're providing the service to which in your case what you've mentioned it's probably twenty five or thirty percent of the total cost. So maybe as much as seventy seventy five percents savings which is fantastic also employing someone who By the way Africa out of the fifty four countries in the continent of Africa they rank one or two in terms of of education literacy right they have one of the highest is the highest education rate for university education in in the in the country. And and then it's then it's a win for other ministries my partner not both As you know we take fifty one percent of our profits and a reallocating those various areas ministries and so it is impactful. It's not only a originally. You go thinking I'm looking for some cheap labor and I'm just going to be able to leverage my business but next thing you know you're part of their lives and they truly are becoming a part of your team and and that is what makes it all worthwhile when you you get to. The last not only are able to leverage your business impact on the lives but you're contributed ministries as well. I think that's the benefit of insourcing that these people are part of your team. Part of your family We have a group that we were with that has employees over. They're doing graphic work for them and they they truly think of them as as part of their overall families university and care about their needs needs they care about their background and their families. And you just don't you don't get that I don't believe through outsourcing but through insourcing sourcing and what you guys provide. It's it truly is a win win win. And we've had a couple of other customers or clients just in the last couple of weeks who've actually sit little care packages with t shirts and gifts and things up for one of them has fifteen or eighteen people working there. They'd send them all their logo shirts and they just thought that was was just out of this world and and it does show that we do truly care about them and what they're doing and Mike mentioned about the ministry aspects we have to full time Pastoral cares persons there who are trained and educated pastors in the ministry and they work for us. Full time now helping to work with their spiritual their emotional even their financial need. We've got weekly Bible Studies and prayer groups and we also have ted talks. We do help it to invest in their lives so there definitely are team. They're not just somebody where utilizing and say. Hey Gimme the next one. And we're not doing that at all. Yeah which yeah. Yeah I mean wow that is so. That's so awesome so awesome to be a part of that. Well Mike so I ah a bottom line. We've talked about the ministry aspect but I've been in startups new businesses and obviously the the cost aspect when you had this dream in your mind and and you've got an idea like man. I really want to get it obviously with you. Many times me in the past the financial chill obstacles were just too much. I need a person to do this and I don't know how to do this. I don't advocate this. So for many people out there thinking about starting a a business this does give them the opportunity or maybe even growing their businesses in a different area. They may say you know. I'm I'm in the This this trainer through this mode or this canal of my business this marketing channel and I would like to to venture out and try it in this because I think I could be successful but cost is always the a hurdle in the objective and and just maybe a little bit more about how. That's allowed you to do what you do. Yeah well like I said I definitely wouldn't have been able to uh-huh tackle this dream without having the opportunity to get the employees that I've got at the price that we have have gotten in that and so you know we have five now and looking to grow that over two thousand some twenty to twenty five or thirty or more this year and there's a there's a big need out there for faith based high quality animation. Listen and again to be able to offer a high quality product at a very reasonable price to faith-based ministries into others will allow us to to grow that team over there and oftentimes your payroll is overwhelming Wyoming. To the point. Where you you know? You can't build your company the way you want to just because you can never get ahead of yourself and by utilizing people in Zimbabwe. I think you can. I think you can generate the revenue and bring people on while still generating sufficient. Oh Shit revenue and that's for me the key to growing this thing and that that's one of my partners objective all along has I've been to grow this business. Because we know that each person we add to a client or to one of our companies it significantly impacting possibly six or eight people. It's not only sponsoring that that person that works for us that team member but it it could be their children their spouse and most likely it's other a member of their family their their mother brother sister. So it's it's a true blessing knowing that each person we put as we say a button to see a we. Actually we are are having a major impact on the ministry in Africa's well yeah most definitely and I'm excited about you know making a difference in the lives of many many many more. Well you truly are the numbers out there. Say that less than four percent of the people in the world actually set goals the number of people that probably then have those dreams get squished because they they look at uc the financial santeuil burden. I'm going to have and they gotta keep working their job because obviously we have obligations. So we've got some things working for twenty twenty dream starter packages that were excited about where the people like yourself can can can take leverage their business and and make it successful while same time being diligent legit to see that they're impacting ministries. And giving back to God in a way that we we we all are looking for to be impactful in our lives more than just the the standard tie if you will. We're making an impact on on people's lives as well Mike. I would ask what what what kind of to kind of wrap this up a little bit. But Comey what's your next big goal or big dream. What are you see for? Not only your company and Your Business but also your ministry. Because we'll I'll say after twenty plus years in the ministry you're really you've always been an impact but this is also making a major impact. So what's your next. Step your next bill. So the ultimate goal is we want to produce a feature length animated film that's faith-based that reveals Christ nice to the world in a way that would be fairly unexpected the large passion. We have why we call it our company I see it productions. Is I believe that. Unfortunately Christianity has a negative connotation these days in a lot of people's minds. And that's because of a lot of You know bad experience. Or they're listening to social media or politics or or whatever and they don't really understand who Christ is and what he did for us and coming at them with a Christian message. That is kind of in your face more often. They'll turn you tune you out before you even get a chance to share with them and so we want to develop media. That has an Aha moment and I see it moment somewhere within the media that allows them to go wait a minute. That's who cries deuce. Okay that's not at all my expected suspected or what I was taught or what I believe and so our vision goal is to produce media. That does that. Our goal is to build an animation company over there in Zimbabwe. Utilizing you guys and I would love to have two three four hundred people over there that are able to to just knock out incredible products that are making a difference in the lives. The people so short term goals probably twenty five to thirty this year and then long term goals would be within two or three years having having enough employees that are handling and managing smaller projects. But then being able to turn. And maybe you ll is whole company to do a feature film well. Hey Man I love that and we've already got your space reserved on the outside of the building and says I see production problem at all. Well Mike I truly appreciate it a thing. I do want to say that he is able to see. The potential in everybody got through the ministry he even elevated me in the church. I became the director of the potty patrol. That in that's how Mike Saumur the best and he said No. We're not moving you from this spot because you are the best for the patrol so how took that opportunity take pride and a still. It's super part of my ministry rack and all the business skills you learn from that you've you've parlayed into a very successful us life without you wouldn't be here without her sure But no Mike you. You've been an impact on on so many through your twenty five plus plus years of Church Ministry and I know that God has placed this on your heart as your dream and your vision and we're praying for you. We know that the impact you're going to have not only in the business world but in the ministry world is GonNa be second to none. I'm proud to call you friend. You've been a real same here a blessing to me and we've always offered pray for me. Use sometimes out of the blue. What can I pray for you today? I can count Those those friends on one or two fingers do that so so thank you for that and and thank you for your ministry and for your impact. You're having on the lives of the people. Can you truly are making a global impact and we appreciate you thank you. It was great visiting with you today. Thank you Mike. We wish you the best lock in for everybody. Okay thank you for joining us for an addition of global impact where we bring people who are truly making a difference in the world thank you thanks again for joining us. On another addition of global impact. Subscribe to our podcast on Itunes and diesel and follow us on facebook links. Will Lina description below until next time. Stay inspired stay motivated and making.

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