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#729 - Matt Fulchiron


Greetings from podcast Ville it's so brock Tober motherfuckers uncle Joey still here and slinging Dick it's Tuesday get that bomb finds them okay for you it's technology that identifies people with the right experience and invite some to apply the job so you get the quality had that fucking Pentagon ziprecruiter dot com slash church that's ziprecruiter dot com it will give it to you for free that's it it's Tuesday you know how I show up recruiter is for you so results like that it's no wonder four out of five employs who post on ziprecruiter get quality candidates within the first day when the ball listen w first deposit right now use Promo Code Church C. H. T. 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G. and don't forget to use Promo Code Church when you create your account to claim the shut up Tuesday more than you're walking around you feel good you saw the Yankees Lost Fuck your mother taking up space non I wouldn't be telling you guys about with them if they weren't the mother fucking best so do the smart thing if you got a bet this season bet with my bookie are we is your mother fucking bookies or go to my bookie dot ag the church is also brought to you by Zip Recruiter Joey who's Zipper Dot AG listen what we're GonNa do is this Monday night football whatever that was last night we're going to start the week off you got the world series this week you got Thursday night football you got college what's up you bad motherfuckers uncle Joey here coming off a tremendous fucking weekend can you check my mother fucking instagram on Thursday I'll be dropping a video this week teach you how to make bets put your flop and get your life together I write uncle you got to praying mantis fighting in China somewhere I got my boogie down a gee let's face it where you're betting is just as important as all your circle Joey it's the full charge manslaughter on what's up and the mother fucking Christ killing coming at Ya I want this computer blow the fuck and monitor cake this meal lease I are you kidding me fucking around isn't Melissa sent and into Saturday I want to give a big thanks to make Mahan hooked me up with tremendous tickets and backstage passes see Pat Bennett thaw walking tremendous Neil Giraldo sixty three still shred in the fucking guitar it just inspires the shall yes beautiful sitting there at the I stayed at home with my family I went to see the Angelina Jolie movie with the girls on Friday night whatever Nele van and mellow rendell Viola Fuck Shit Church with what's happened they they lost a finger yeah in the war something with the Hepatitis Diabetes Book David Invincible One on take one hundred milligrams why be perfect pad Thai you gotTa Respectfully GonNa take one hundred milligrams to go see pat benched sitting in the small theatre say Banthiya I think I asked my agent today what it sat he said eighteen hundred let's be honest with you she sold maybe Dr Play the malaise sixty six years old yeah and on her whatever she's worth thirty two million dollars so you gotta ask yourself your sixty sixty me recently I went to a coffee shop gig just to keep sharp on an off week I saw the audience and it was like twelve people and I was almost like fuck this it was great it was great twenty taught me humility it taught me that you really have to love what you do in Your Life Yes fucking Pat Ballantyne went down if peanuts yesterday at sixty six years old husband is sixty three and he was up there playing the piano so just teaches you on home but then I was like I'm here I'm GonNa feel way worse if I don't go up I'm going up had a great time and a story I was glad I did it and you didn't do it because in La lately I haven't seen more people everybody wants to go to heaven and nobody wants to die everyone wants to go to die light tour the light light keep alive and just state this is art is art we gotta keep doling last night I went home that the I'm not gonNA play for that she's not GonNa WanNa play for that if you're only on one hundred the whole fucking just shut it down you could smell sperm in that place fourteen hundred see okay there was four hundred cops I was tool them you know this whole area she's coming home you know what man I there's all what would make you do a six month white tool they do a white tour toot ratios a week six months then they take off that's a page from your book Ed I knew their mom passed away and they just reached out I wanted to talk to me so to come out to lunch my wife and the father came you know so I was needs to be right you know I looked at my twitter I saw they put the schedule up I saw was just me and Whitney Cummings and Rick Ingram yeah you know it was going to be a light show fucking shit million for it they did the palladium who's a great show Yeah I learned a lot I learned about performance axle rose is great but then you went to Bat Benetton you learned about Him Oh you want chocolate candy coated for you the fuck you know but listen you know they got hundred fifty milligram you at the half his antics to come the voice right because you just can't walk into a place on two hundred and fifty milligram now impossible yes for the paycheck no way you didn't do it that's when you know you're onto something yeah we've been talking about this on this podcast for a few weeks Nas Andrew Schultz Cabinet Sunday that Illegal Canyon and at nine o'clock I go fuck emily what what am I fucking and again we go back to what you WanNa do the new you know what I'm saying contract I little Chinese guy that got beat up on United Ireland right next to his share them bitches at a movable Yeah Jeffrey Epstein classified was on CNN fucking less than zero downey junior masback and performance. Yeah I had met with these kids their parents died Louis that it's not always gonna be fucking on arena yeah it's not always gonna be a theater but you understood that the reason why you keep doing because u s right it's like this is how much you have the love the Sh- I want to see guns and roses a couple of weeks ago it was Citibank that means Citibank gave him eight Mil but that's when you know how she did this full love and then here I wasn't the same spot last night Robert Downey junior hasn't even died yet on a helicopter pilot everybody sucking candy early second day he asked me but I'm older right when I wake up now in the m`ont like let's say you come in when you bring your girlfriend yeah this is the first time it was sold out cancel what's my excuse 'cause my knee Earth Emma something happened my knee my knees bruised I'm not gonNA cancel everybody there's nobody there I took twenty pictures last night potatoes nobody that I have to talk to people right I'm all the chicks they hit you with their best shot right and eighty one they were all all those chicks and maybe one still they're selling it how they hold they hold eight Mil let you shut my mouth you know what I'm saying yeah like mill right now is ship my mouth yeah I'll fucking during white vinegar for a year and I have more bitches in the beginning of Agra and some people still have them together on the way down I'm thinking about what would have happened to women today would have been women missing limbs today if Quayle Lou Wagner twelve hundred people compared to six hundred yeah mist instead of being nine wages as there was three What Sundays at the store yeah there's nobody there nobody nobody you mean like comics what do you mean yes shit right thank God there's drugs didn't overlap yes so I couldn't leave the Robert Downey died right and I'm sitting there people wanted Robert Downey my house last for Loyd say and I got a spot at the store and I'm like why'd I stick my foot my mouth and commit to this shit right on like doing nothing on Sunday just there was not that much you know commotion to Whitney Yeah I talked to Dean I talked to some girl Dean was talking to smoke biography you get the bat put in Yeah Yeah fucking forty minutes the next day you walk him right you blinken you got fucking PTSD and yours what's The fucking movie whether you bothered me I was gonna say like how many time you think about all this stuff because I was sitting there having a good time you know when you go to the storm a Tuesday prepare yourself mentally aside going to the train station may you went in Philly you know noises buses leaving for Connecticut either get high we giggle and shit like that yeah I'll think about my night all day and I don't drink great you know it's like I'm eating alluded memory races the saying I gotTa Watch this fact die after they take him to the hotel and they did that because I think less than zero is at the end quote lose Millie Yeah you go out there Phya some people would say why we're GONNA have a fourteen hundred seat I got a house in college bosses she got a Butler's the whole thing Louis Guy I wanna stay there came a couple pictures are brought up rig ingram and I looked around train is leaving for Australia every two minutes books your books at who books yeah you know so when you walk through you have to be prepared not that it's a pain going to beat it with a group of eight from work 'cause it's Tuesday night there's going to be enough people down there And usually I get like ten surprise the rounds fucked you all night long right saying about cosmic share but just would abroad in general doing a ball equally lewd and Doing stand up comedy you Miss California a little bit long have you been gone I've been gone for a year and a half that's it that's it to you yeah but and fucking and sucking yeah when I was twenty one at six bang it right in the eye and I didn't come quick then it was like minutes that's forty eight minutes a fucking they created a science for yourself always tell my wife what's that will you showed me the gift of travel again showed me to give to the we're just a deep day I went to the fucking jam thousand thing yeah unless I'm Cintas Com starring I'm GonNa commies over fifteen fucking alice and I said to him why did you get any goes the train like like it was like nothing like I just got off too easy because it's right in the middle of the city uh-huh one went through this is GonNa be third this is GonNa be Kinda my third went jars going back and forth for a while so you could say almost two years on bartender you know yeah it's just a slow night to show the Sto- pack yeah show boat sold-out main room sold on original yeah so I got in late and it was really weird that I go I'm sorry if I get here I think we all did food something like that where in the lobby and yet we yeah and right right and how important Oh yeah how what a gift that is that's great in the North Providence and he was sitting in a James Bond Yeah we edibles guy walk into this you know what I'm saying so it's very hard to bring people like Tuesdays I love my friends and so this is the advantages of being a comic in New York the cities are so close together and they're so easy to get to you know you don't have to drive angle train ride I took what you that station we were where I bought the fucking bubble Gum Hell Yeah chick-fil-a shall the ATM that was DC Liam people and they WANNA talk your ear off and do nothing against them it's it's just one guy after the next guy after the next guy after the next guy gets a little exhausting our lovely really but yeah I've been there for a while now I missed the Mexican food I miss my friends I don't miss the traffic in La that's not even drive in the San Diego I heard the Trans Great I've been taking the train for awhile I heard that San Diego is a flash is beautiful lovely the debt I'll even bring them to the storm Tuesday's Oh yeah 'cause I gotta be responsible for lose them right you get lost in the crowd -ly not a chance magaz- can't be choosy yeah it's a great pain job he was telling me that the only sacrifices his I have to get up two days a week at four in the morning and take the up getting drunk with Luis Gomez you know what I'm GonNa fuck this right but like for me I wake up and Williamson that's overwhelming it is it's it's for him sold up jammed from he's got to sit in the hallway and then some guy comes up in Singapore I see you in podcast Kabira that's awesome the hallway was completely empty so let me go I was on the Hilton fucking therapy ago am I happy I fucked and followed through the fucking canceling was fucking happy so you just learn little things every day man that's yeah that's a lot nicer I know what you mean when you go there and there's if you don't want to you can take the trains and buses I'm hearing more more more and more people I think are smart people telling me Awake but not really they have purple lights yeah have when you connect there there is a walk of death that is underneath the airport that you better be in welcome to the hotel is trying to throw a Mountain Hotel Improv right the whole province shake about my flight was delayed Oh shit doc and then he got in and I just okay we're not gonNA die and I went back to sleep I don't know if you remember that or not easy to Philly there's no train from Atlantic City New York unfortunately so dude we never talked about this remember when we I mean this is the comedy store this is what is so enough about the communist what's going what you brother I am living in New York and I'm traveling around the world on the way to the airport and the train station in the Limo and it just pulls off on the side of the highway and then our driver gets out to go to talk to the guy and then yea he goes I just took a train got out and walked the block yeah that's it always drops you off right in the city no matter where you need to be yeah I'm like really it's really scary and you don't really know it to urine Detroit airport that's the airport that lets you know you're in a twilight zone booh-booh to wherever you need to go back and take the train back my friend's husband just got a job in Falcons and was unemployed for eight months you can't but one of my worst nightmare is at eight o'clock my phone ring one of my friends say what time leaving for the storm like I'll be there by nine thirty he gets out of Limo and starts walking towards Harlem Oh do you remember this and we were both like what the fuck is this what the fuck is this we're both going to pop up yeah I don't remember Toy Ford it was de last night not calling a man who was about to call you fuck train down everybody goes listen two hours on the computer there's Wifi yeah you're not driving you're not cursing yeah yeah so I really enjoy it yeah like Joey what the fuck you went on for three auditions last week I don't get up and last week was last week bitch kept me something yeah which are not really grasping even if you try and coffee and whatever that's I don't do like I used to have a bad habit of getting up and I always believe that I mean I gotta be honest because I must leave balls about this I always believed that I lost a few jobs because it might be the last week yeah I was the onto the worst thing I would do is get breakdowns ah it's the walk of death have Nia and that's what you realize you and a fucking while I don Rab in the morning you wake behavior in those days and how aggressive I was but I would also not be able to sleep if I wasn't that aggressive right yeah what is the what is the media was this weird scenario we're on the side highway yeah yeah yeah they got caught but the Guy Gordon even say a word to us he just got in the car he was wearing must it was the weirdest fucking thing to happen five in the morning do you remember this we didn't know what was going on we both go what the fuck the lead the superman four hundred pounds the Jevon think about that whether it might cocaine mine I should have read for sure you know Eh right you know book listen to some music they issue it bong hit and then make you 'cause yeah I would get up and whatever recall and people get off the phone I'd say Faisal out wrong not fully awake get some coffee was the fire day yeah then the next day I think I dropped you off at the Philly one yes not a homeless person I was scared for his life yes I like they did not involve me but knows days I kind of took the blame for it and on though forget he had a project that was I thought we were pulling up on Mike what those places like Congress we're rolling awesome make the loop and I'm like well he's going to vote for something that's the worst thing figuring out you were right for about a million projects you've right for about a million but you don't know why they're not calling you win right refused cashmere region and town name Rick Gado and I did a movie from an a couple things happened on the set that should missile am what is the middle ground because you can't just sit around but then you can't intimidate or Overdo it with people to get annoyed with you go yeah I remember being at that was you still going on IMDB looking for names and numbers and you like back fulltime battle quality rate ah you don't when you're up at five of the five down and you got a better one very yeah you're really just walking on a cloud I really want to go to Philly a five in the fuck are more yeah all you've taught because the bust in New York sucks but it's rained from Philly to New York Pat Right I love Mike so you could call me and you know it was a little upset with him now he never put me in nothing but that's what that they will heartbroken because they're like why'd you wasted time 'cause they hired him you think without an audition day already know already had them yeah they just write-off sitting and watching you for a week keep Lee happy eh find somebody yeah doing great legal already all all those ranked repea- streets I saw I fucked one up to my no disrespect I sent you eighteen envelopes you know exaggerating yet but I'm just I get the point in those days I would get unleash the agency nine one like what the fuck I haven't gone two days right you're right when you're writing some aren't you writing it with somebody in fucking mind course okay then then what the fuck are you talking about when I'm writing is what pisses me off right it's that commercial with mayhem they made two hundred people REEFA two hundred regular people like me you and Lee not somebody I already signed somebody right but part of the casting SAG program you have to have some make when you write something if you're the go-to fuck in two hundred south of the Bra and I knew like three guys that went to the callback yeah when they saw the guy that got hired they'd be eight submissions and I was getting them I was so addicted like by addictive personality from cocaine had become I knew I would hello mush about Lee right I sold a show to Fox yeah motion my telemarketing office was leaked right that's it I was based off Leah they have somebody in mind yeah mayhem the guy I had for I had a guy called something I gave him like a prison name Nick detoro right nicktator this is when I go down and look at last Tuesday I went down and it was a kid I went to third grade witness yet yeah a girl with the high school with the visit me when I was fucking awesome you know perfect for the pay was perfect in the row was perfect and finally I go to the farmer's market Hollywood on Sundays yeah by cold acting work at that time no no I decided to attack acting yeah because I couldn't open a door and calm yeah couldn't get a manager couldn't get an agent was already blackballed in this town yeah I was a coat and a stall com yes dirty on our rogin caused problems but you were getting Roger Office Sixteen Times I'm perfect for that role he goes to jared at the director had a nephew that was perfect for the role of that's what character wasn't GonNa be neck no I don't know if the the network will say no right that's what people don't know yeah you could write for people ever went to Montreal nobody ever talked about nothing right but I'm doing spots at the store so something's got to be that something's happening some talent you got some ability nobody's church what's happening now is brought to you by my bookie let's what's going into the flock and hurricane what going into major hurricane money the allegations metal case for Jackass three for it was for some folks and you eat you submit for this I want I didn't shouldn't you could submit aw you know you'd read the Shit Yeah I'll never forget I read for one and I actually read it and went wow and I actually got the call for it and I was like what and it was like a a commercial with alligators and you will go actually go into a ocean like river shoot this and to look like Johnny Walker so getting the breakdowns it pissed me off because every right and go this is gone on a what's it GonNa did a star is born Bradley who rally coupe I could write a role for Bradley Cooper that doesn't mean Bradley Cooper Pan It's exhausting and ride down scroll and they're looking for midgets fucking billion swallowed talking to me right so in my mind let me open up a different door let me open up the acting doors yeah take an acting classes talking the actors they told me about this thing called the break there was no way they were gonNA look music there was no way my dough is going to be open as a comic this is twenty years ago he's talking about the two thousand five for Jews itself Oakland Asleep I get the only Jew that can't fuck and fuck and sell but I love he's like my God nephews or what the pilot when you write you already walk me that you don't know what's going on with that project of course now directors thinking about something to produce his thinking about somebody they put it why they put it out to me AAC right so are we thinking that Bradley Cooper turned it down and somebody else looks like Bradley who pretended Switzer's character I gotta make them a garbage man the college young I know his father his mother made me take them and he's not a salesman right and I read down like what type of Julian fine you say right from it you could call your agent and bill rate that's what you do you tight the intimation down and when you agent gets the work the first email don't don't blow it up in a bad Oh yeah so I'd wake up the next one in Cali agents just unravel autumn a matter how come on doubts we can't him but not supposed to know more than I met somebody who loves you on Austin in theory mowing train them on so I would wake up with six she got up at six and it would be one hundred four or five pages that hundred sixty pays breakdown right you gotta sit there with glasses yeah dope book sometimes I'd sleep now doing coke is that when you start waking up early I know you like to wake up but that's that's just too fucking more yeah okay Alden let the message what happened with this stadium return with this there's nobody answered now I gotta go to work right now I gotta get an envelope put it in drive down Joe Dias what you want this is what you submit before today a call you Wanna now and I would call it and go ahead with this we call tone you have a friend that you've been ten years everybody has a friend that was a comic Nah gave up and became an an agent right and the ends up in lit talking time I heard something that was very interesting wants to me I heard a casting directors job was to find the right active ledge I see him yeah she got the script below American Gangsta I was just reading some you on the man AH quickest most efficient way that turn me around at that time as an actor I said well they're looking for me I got to present myself right and sometimes you don't but that happens anyways but yard bro I dropped off on Tuesday what the tape they wouldn't see me came into the office yeah you follow me I do there's always you know when people always go to having the hardest time by an agent have you been down there give it to nobody else I won't just send it them they do that all the time right so I will get those scripts look group and send the package that's cool and sometimes you get it end up the pile yeah and this is what everything what doesn't what well if I'm gonNA spend my wheels in that direction why do I want to spend in that direction I wasted yeah but if he was sent the submission he would've seen that receptionists in a pile he's not you know literally or if you try not to end up in the pile right so you have to do things that I was there because of Adam okay I wasn't there because everybody agreed Gotcha and then once I got on there back he was a good look right and you gotta do stuff I ran back there and told them you gotta see this guy he's Hoti Spanish three yard sign right now I sent referrals down yeah sorry we gotTa get twenty five members of your going to five Monday five Tuesday five Wednesday it has an office and like a cast that main offices and then when they get called to do something I M B C They can't you from NBC okay or innovative on with the coloring book they got no juice right you know they got no juice to get me any so I got to create my own juice methods way there because at least you have contact right so you mices person you could be with reception right God forbid she watches the Joe Rogan gotta believe me having to me I was taping live at Gotham for comedy central I spent all my money just getting from JFK to midtown and then they asked me for the hotel the incidentals to the airport yet I'm thinking we're going to lax headed the fuck in Van is a private jet Yeah you know I got fucking twenty dollars I'm like I got nothing luckily my friend who was also taping live with his dad and he had tons of money on his credit card and sleep indoors that night but that's so weird Assu you know but she don't WanNa Devil's advocate yeah he goes you take the subway what's his name John wicks paper subway are they bad money down at say fucking job right so those days in those days they will be a large amount large fucking loaded I always want to keep my ear to the ground right now so it's really nice to take private got a fucking bio I'll okay an envelope full of money no no who had I think I'm looking for a job for tape. TV It's the weirdest business I've taken Greyhound buses and private jets in the same month several times with you know it's nutty shift to this is what what do I get down there and then I started putting auditions on tape for them already yeah Mike for pre production mhm so you just believe in a dry that's a fifty fifty just leaving it somewhere you'd leave it under the door Gotcha zip under the door if there's a receptionist you have I'm this that so the first set of posters are meant yeah once he got arrested that they want me to see too much so he took me out of the post that's one the ghetto you know and as long as you know that going in listen I take Uber Ex I I wake up some daughter Salome thirty did you did you create chaos on the set or did they just like you for shit for dumb reasons anybody but he good to me I love over onto the planned ride no more the scheduled run they fucked you over that's not my old Ziprecruiter you know what I'm saying I fucking pop up you gotta find your old candidates well I'm a candidate for this you might not know because I'm not with CAS jets and all that stuff yeah but you always end up on the ground venture always you know as I told my man Reno Dow and back the a good to people yes yeah America belly a terminal and the bus no ex- yes brother that's that's that's worthless but not New Mexico but once we got a peer you throw only hide a problem for so long comes that yeah I know you come in and your bags on the it twenty nine all right because Lee's life so you have to go to a terminal and then take a bus I don't give a fuck yeah when I went to New York shoot that movie I became like platinum rugged all these fucking weird dangles like twenty five dollars off if you get this visit and you never gonna I know a kid walkner three hundred ahead Sean you're next on scene they signed up so I'll tell me right you gotta do it was a chain take the bus imagine how big the lines are going to be the way for the bus so I've walked onto lax property before that's guy I just walked there you are again the poster I am in the Post not that post whatever you're on the planet that well that movie came big pussy got arrested for domestic that lax at night is unfair only lax is your hair along very well after six o'clock during the week and I heard Sunday night Ed's GonNa be a lot but see we're talking from a consumer side yeah which have to be honest with you a less you fly into lax zola fuck lax altogether now other people saying that what they should do is make a site in where the cars right across the parking garages to put yeah it was one a day JFK Burbank Burbank. Jansky you don't have meant it just don't have meant so wait why can't Uber Lax because they're going to drop you off Thursday Friday they don't WanNa see nobody watching anybody on Friday no we're not even myself you want so you bring it down Monday is it wasn't that the movie you showed up on and you're completely broke you had like thirty five cents in your pocket and then just all this you will love and the per diem first day yeah but I would find that within Bain and I would hit their main offices promise at the main offices there's no receptions ask but it's cheap and I kind of like better than waiting for a taxi if I'm in the mood let's put it that way you know by the way a new travel the circles the terminals they're going to guarantee you that you had determined every three minutes and all that does no good that's no good good they fought that's not good they cancelled a charge you like five dollars yeah the value waiting for the airport and I got a call again yeah you mobile step that happened to me adjoin yeah it's always fun. ATM Card Yeah when you get to a hotel you gotta give them a whole town yeah gas called road heads ruin came out today it's all about this stuff yeah it's all about traveling and traveling with no money which I've done several times story the other story is to function produces at the end of the movie ripe will be out in yeah give a fuck I still had the original ones from me and him Tran- that takes you to the subway subway home regular subway people look it's it's a pain in the yes it's a pain in the uplift really that lasts convenience store American airline terminal and was this before nine eleven this was onto one of those things take Moore's Turkey Swiss Sandwich and there for two days I'd take a rocky mountain post what he calls New York Toyama Lead Times out of Terminal Forty eight forty nine American That last convenience store I just went to the airport little right walkout for years I still jump behind the counter to get the cigarette Denver one time yeah when I went to trying to catch a flight somebody's coming to get me for twenty minutes and then they cancelled when their one minute away I'm like now I gotta start from scratch my mom starting Monday I wish that Uber Lax not exist wow I'm burbank all day so I am worried about jet blue yeah so burbank king like this day when I got that Yeah I think at twenty five dollars and I gave the limo driver five they sent to get me to the table right then straight in early you know horse yeah nine the long you gotta see that looks like that again over yeah and the taxis they look like blue for Frontier Airlines Oh my God which was completely my a nightmare no kidding when I I was supposed to audition food wise this idolize that they I went to the audition didn't on their and that's too I remember yeah there's a nine hundred fifty eight I think it's early right there's two of them yes added another one I basically went to New York Bar House from my friend get a warm up suit for some reason my stepfather game earring that day because my birthday sparkin up now you did that how'd that go got away with I'm hearing from imports. Yeah sweats sweatshirt have to buy about pants and fucking God belts and suspenders Shit Yeah so at that time I was in four eighteen blah years ago okay so about two thousand ten I made it a habit just walking I couldn't afford to eat at the hamburger stand nothing right so I would eight one eight taxes you can't blame him right because I know when I take an old book it's thirty dollars Yeah Yeah forbid I'd take the all blacks twenty dollars yeah at lax they saw the New York Post really for three dollars okay three dollars from newspaper yeah take a fucking Canada so to put it in my pocket on like running across roads I've seen getting pinned for being the Isis just fucking yeah terrible starting Monday you can't take an uber I know it's an hour you'll miss you fly yeah so I didn't I had to do that Newark one night and I fucking almost died and no forget newer uh-huh millions of times it feels like it would jump over counter Denver airport steel pack of cigarettes now that's you go into the bathroom train from JFK absolutely if it's a decent our definitely and it's only like seven seven eight bucks to get all the way home while trailers here's a you get on the air three seventy s some alka sixty and Stay another day and then like the guy would you for your addition they pay for my flight to shoot but the impact my white to the audition right so my buddy threw me out of PAP buddy pass mostly like man I love your show on age wouldn't arrest me if he wanted to write morning this is ten dollars off the works I'll take Mubarak's with ten Puerto Ricans value though you ever get over to even tell me gallon that plan my two bucks I think I what I was something at Newark shoplifted lower but once I got the Denver I had no fucking choice now is smoking correal well yeah I'll call you push into that car yeah walk out taking right very very very very good I love over America's been anybody Dan right you're an avid connecting ill connecting flight yeah you cannot walk out of Denver smoke and walk back right what about Jay. JFK is not great though either JFK yeah but you don't have to take a car out of JFK and get on a train once again the train saves the day ran back outside this has to be two thousand two okay amount side smoke in the fucking number heads on the swivel smoking let's say ten the morning and the only reason why I was going early because they wanted me to radio I just wanted to get a hold time saloon at two when I got off the plane eleven in the morning there was no luggage luggage in Tallahassee though it was one of those time Yeah Oof froggy bottoms transferring Houston I was in Houston and my flight was scheduled for Saint Southwest will give you a two one hundred dollars voucher if you get off this yeah so that whole day I was at the airport were maybe two bucks no phone of you know you pull into Charlotte when you're connecting from Charlotte you're gonNA DC yeah I got bad news fear there's nothing open uh-huh yeah a toilet I put it in a row Gotcha walked out once the dog passed by went back in holly to weed out role in the bathroom it when you travel as a comic and you're working for five hundred a week you gotTa make everything count and the buses ninety dollars yeah you know and that'd be a line of people take that stale Turkey Sandwich with the little side packages a Malay trickle my white the little Axelle fucking so I tend off while Nuba Rex I'm power and everybody in the neighborhood at laps were breathe around one another Kazombo Goto the roach away the cop with the dog has ten feet away from me I gently flick the Roach and I make believe I'm only saying which is it nation our get people thinking of flying on the lax Sunday night. You can't get out of that I know I fly I didn't get my luggage so I got back way she's so that night I slept in the fucking warm up suit Yeah Gaborone and there's data on another buddy of mine I'm very ashamed to say it was hungry man you got to survive amick right and never mind when you start getting on buses I got ours more Food Gimme more beer I don't know why I mean I know I can't put that my atm but I was like just keep it coming I put on tons await he's a couple years ago there's a couple of years all money and I went to the store that was closing so they had gone somewhere in the game day barely half hope right anadromous smoke in the store I smoke like tool in the stall that's the point sanity that's craziness I stood on the going to Lubbock yes cheeseburgers from the club our opinions I was trying to take all my payment and beer and food for a while I blew you know what I mean because I wasn't getting paid enough I'm like me that was walking I saw them walking towards me with the dog had the refer my pocket ran into the bathroom to refer toiler bro Yeah some of those gave me a ring the only thing ever game you have to my mom I was a big old diamond ring And I watering the audition by walnut suit and sneakers going gets out and snort coke and lung right no I'll never forget stain at the airport all day broke because they kept borrow another one hundred and go back to modell's yeah modell got like warmup pants grant wander pounds and there was no genes share I U bs I'm going to stop yeah we stuck in limbo for years yeah finally say to yourself I'm very happy paying rent any yeah however that is right from means I gotta go down to the Hermosa let's Dot Com clubs comedy Magic Yeah on the forget Ralphie beam broke his flock going yet I still only I am and when you break a stay in your fucking bro Fuck Outta here stop it yeah I get it I'll go down sometimes have a spot trauma to the why didn't have the nerve to ask them he had just drove me for free and I'll have the nerve to ask them tell you ten bucks eight something yeah what's up full charge what do you want to eat steak motherfucker Downer got on a comedy magic sometimes I probably shouldn't put that out there now everybody's GonNa be just like some people are sandwiches I got big at that time yes I was very lazy yeah but my die I was only onion rings and going out and you learn about your body and what it can handle I gotta be honest the NF got Pat Benetton night I got so I came home enough could justify the wait hours gaining but it was metabolism sitting on those buses for eight hours and stress can do it too just by the box I'll treat it with your hand there's a point where I don't really know what happened to me because I wasn't eating it the chocolate outside Oh dollar baugh matter Hershey's Bod- not it's not a Milky Way as Babe Ruth hole in your stomach you're ready to should blood but you're fucking ego is like Nah maybe get some late Joe you got it the crazy I I just went looked around yeah reached all right took a pack Marlborough Lights I took a fucking lighter yeah I ran in the fucking I used to have a pager right I would just have change in my pocket if I had a call in Moline card yeah shoplift at those airport now Ken Awesome I'm over you sure yeah made special and you're like I just ate twenty minutes ago eaten twenty days ago wait that fuck and dry cereal waist high quality down there and player Fiji's feed the feed you something night give you something to go exactly which is really read you get to dinners if Yeah Tappan I had to mistakes last week that one that I had double plan other we cannot destroy oh no kidding dude no that's worse than spam I'm not kidding you guys I'm not making shit up here my body shutdown that like sardines when Sir have stress Stress Stress Stress Right quarters body which is bad yeah but you learn all about those things you know from onion hopefully they some of them would have the sausage with the AARP's and crack down the stick that resembled food the spicy form is delicious this month spicy tuna shrimp and as one of the regular itunes from temporal Donald buses will the sleep apnea when sleep apnea came on yeah had that initial year yeah because you re your body's releasing Cortisol search releasing Lee eleven o'clock on at home with no milk even thought about putting water in its own expanding your stomach like that fucking special k Ame Boxes Dry Special K yeah the blue crab spider row rabbeting Shit Yeah you speak my language vitamin D almost killed him last week I gave them the three musketeers three Muscovites some bullshit Davos delicious it's called Newgen new new three of them Blue Crab I put him out in the sun for six minutes yeah always leave rather we were smoking one of those crazy joints breaking out the danger that the cortisol gets you fat and May Gotcha your backs well when you see people with the hunt yeah that's cortisol and that's because they have sleep apnea ahead like that little yeah you know there were no points only two points apiece at like three of those they're fluffy in the middle from the car to somewhere else yeah that's it but it's different when I was in New York I walk it's one right here the boring as fuck another troy my internal add to go back the probiotics had a drink that fucking Shit Kale yeah that's how my body can't handle taste I just got a thousand of those hail yeah but on the way back and then we couldn't they smoked like fucking hours our kid they just have a little area open and you look up and there's a vending machine yeah I know now you're in raises yet you're eating potato chip our Sushi's too many points Gotcha just keep with the spicy tuna six I'm had for months for eating spicy tuna what little look but now he's not starting now she dan couple weeks yeah nice happy hour because I keep a simple now sure Momo combat had a hot dog stand across the street you doctor you got fucking John's across yeah that's a barrel laughs Johns but I've done it why not Alex Hungry I always ask you hungry you always play Hughie y'all with y'all know I'm fine reg really good Nicole cuts like they have like a that ham that are real-life it sells out my lunchtime but the John's always looks are you fish Brian Fall in those days are over family I could go for that happy let's do it fucking day job I was looking at the `fridgerator I usually a protein bar I found my daughter's Halloween candy the year ago the coughing wasn't obelisk win this coughing burn calories doesn't a little bit when he wasn't doing nothing yeah than it was really bad we stopped the park under the fruitful as and walk upstairs and feel feel right ladies and gentleman you'd see a field not happening for Saturday's the most people ever right witnesses because that area isn't a good area no kid anyway was imprisoned more Sardinas than giving him I was eat sardines like it was my island you know and once I got prison might so my fucking saw beans going there you see a fucking ambulance is a Russian Jew going down over there I don't go on my wife goes bread's good the breads pussycat theater is one of the last porno theater still around in the late nineties it was still around I don't now to UC big. I just look up I look up he's sweating profusely deep so you don't go outside that much empire don't bro He hates the son is that right I mean we're on what about that Porno Theater read on Western and sunset but it was actually on western Western and sunset so it's just north of sunset the it they pretend von which is nice I love that John Yeah The ripoff I love the thousand washing people they hit your car every time we go in there before I went to bed asleep with the sugar content but just a three lows Charles Oh yeah feel too good the next wow it's just destroyed my internal combustion system my shit was coming Seattle came out today the Tarshiha is just they have it's that's western Western let me say how crazy worst let's talk about what's up by Western because when I first moved here the pussycat theater was right there I do that Oh yeah you're an envelope down there forget headshot fuck you okay and this is uncle Joey telling my wife she's a sweetheart used to the let's go there at seven and I go live you know that I like walking trying to say I love walking in New York but at least in New York you will you go to a store there's people sitting on the floor yeah so I can't take a moment here right that's an entry level he wrote white person the real deal I get the fuck and blue crab took don't speak English I hate every time I'm going to ask you something by both Russian Jews there's white people can't handle those shoes fun stuff to see here you've got homeless on the corner from me I got home I got home a couple of shitting on my fucking Popeye's chicken yeah so why am I gonNA Walk to Popeye's chicken I used to go to sprint dot Hollywood in Western has thought the lumber you place the hardware right all that and you go in as Mexican the joke that joke fuck in Crete yeah he's right yeah Fou- fullest in Hollywood yeah you gotta be a month ago and at that like it's John rated it always looks like somebody came in and grabbed like Johns and no one Philippa Gazon was that food for less yeah yeah he took to it I look down up as I go on to New York you look you look up beautiful city you look down on a flop and thing if you ever want good Mexican food in Hollywood get about all those cliche restaurants the truck go to the truck at what what's `bout side right and they have a Mexican food catering truck Those Mexicans could not slip because the Mexicans that landscapers and build his wall angry with stab right it's not add Max it's not pretty yeah so one night I go to L. compadres the top coke I'm listening this has to be thousand five okay 'cause I dealt with the two years and I dealt with him extreme situation so this is this guy so jacome he would oldest fruitfulness yeah that was that neighbor that street at the sunset go pass onset at night and see what you see for those next three blocks I just closed a Lotta coat the first ideal yeah he goes if you want to find me among sunset in west no right but equal you know he goes he loaned his pocket pro right outside it's gotta be eight thirty it might this people on the Padre my black buddy de money and I had a John Blazed bartender those Hollywood clubs yes sounds familiar oh c'mon l. compadres with a parking lot yeah he goes miss pocket takes out a coke rock and just fucking puts eh I quit gone coke in two thousand seven two thousand four like I said sometimes you don't need material Brandt but before I could get the meaning a kid came up for me bicycle Mexican life you just have commonly appears in that time how comic came to me and one that I was walking del compadres the back door the COP from the Armenian you start coke from a straw intervene right because when you put your Straw and you knows and then you put in your nose that's how people will get sieg appetite AC- The hap yet talk to me that first time they almost Bonnie Scowl condo like what are you looking for I thought the Armenian was is in my mouth really apply these that's delivery right there to write my nose of this fucking eight with his lawyer HIV finger whatever the fried he put the cop rock and my nose and immediately I was fucked up he goes what are you want what's Graham legal he said so I gave him sixty bucks and no rapid no none he took a bag out at the moment I put my hand chunk on my wow strong thing a thing where you buy sheds then across the street at McDonalds right on Hollywood yes there's a McDonald's behind the McDonnell come through sunset and western I'm always there in a my off your little flashback movie like I heard like that and being Lee Delicious Oh Blah but I used to be they used to be the sprint this a Hawaiian restaurant thing that yeah and next to the Hawaiian different drug abuse nobody knew nobody knew I had tapped Iran. I always had a tab with the money I wouldn't happen Tab with John Blaze I always had a tablet the Armenian but the guitar player though compadres with Gimme a tab yeah so it was nights where you're tabbed up right to deals on the coke for less than Westland okay you've got a mind the cocoa which fly it it's voice I can do it what he's about to lose women yeah you get like a vision of your father yeah obi-wan-kenobi say what spider man I'll go Ben Yeah I don't know sponsor ability what the quick great power comes great I hear you know I hear so I got my car and I went to St Pass Western on silent Hollywood boulevard what made it right yeah on the sunset hi it's Nice so those days I'd like three or four drugs because I didn't want them to know how much cocoa drew right we don't want to be judged by your daily at Your Media Padre Guitar Plan so what will we talk talk this guy like hepatitis e you it doesn't really matter red light them like okay I look at the McDonalds it's open then I could be closed yet that's why I bought breakfast my wife and two girlfriends like Western with debt comes with more hookup with great power comes responsibility voice whole spider-man's bad drove up now might looking around I don't know what the hell four in the morning that part of town is Kinda empty I get the Hollywood the West night that light I was ah yeah I'm going to pay for this one that I'm sitting there my apartment I'm joking about the jerk hopefully time share we get some more coke and also I heard his hepatitis exactly get titus by snorting coke with our bills Yeah that's all I have hepatitis today they'll get question yes auto mercy was born I got the call four were we're going to go into Labor I stopped McDonald's breakfast like Artemisia yeah is a choice to automation almost I thought I knew I think he knew me who mommy shot okay so as I the beep right or whatever so dog the light changes I'm like the second con the land the light chains and I'm driving but guess what but at the next light is red right at the next corner is a runway who do you think come up to me there's little mice ICAL Yoda Yoda hey how you doing biannual like fifty they give you a little coke thing with no package no none You just be driving home on sunset Lampe coke like oh handful of coca delivery boyfriend Dang Okay but you know that McDonald's yeah across the street from that let you guys know how fucking crazy Hollywood yeah was one of the biggest casting up the fucking car door I he doesn't make sure you're not a copy put the coke rocking you knows our conversation Gotcha there's no conversation officers in this town right that right across the street from that McDonald's look this like a bunch of like Western yes to be so food for us is right then something else right there too that's kind of scary everything over there sketchy but now they're making a shopping mall out of it windows windows rolled up wait times I gave me coconut palm of my hand with not a fucking but that's how bad you come here you find the fucking money Paloga so right there by sunset we just pulled over on his bicycle he came round open in the whole fuck of the also yeah Mike Enough I should make noise are- think like who lived at twenty years ago new Walter was going to do a movie fuck in the director you know sell your kids those type of buildings get alone tonight Aso your daughter to the Mexican cartel right and then there's like a little house that's very red but the final callback was at the house I remember going like attend the morning right like why is it and that was early eighties early nineties that's funny because last night they had less than zero on yeah and they scroll through different places of Beverly Hills and from Drugstore Cowboy Fan Santos Fan San will go to a movie about us a singer us to stand up and we all we went to the studio I that accomplished like if you've got a cold on your nose you can't be a cop if he puts it in a new snorted he knows you're not coaches mind Gotcha who would give you a little taste wow can watch cheers and joy how old L. is they had a scene in la by that that clown liquor store it looks the same yeah no those places of Beverly Hills the one they scroll through Hollywood I saw Hollywood neon that's all I remember right but this hey scenarios that show twenty four Jack Bauer go from like Simi Valley to Venice Beach in fifteen minutes you know he'd be all over the place that's an errand seventies I think and all the small everything I ended up reading that book after before the movie I didn't see the movie when it came out I read the book I Yeah Swat when they were shooting Swat I lived in that neighborhood I don't know what the last one they just shot have you like Oh my God that's still there yeah the one with Valley Girl Right Valley girl or really kill you genres like gay and lesbian and I was like all right and he just seemed like really weird with me after that we were like boys until that moment I like when you watch lethal weapon the first lethal weapons Larry's that's maple had lived it yeah he's on schrader and Tumulus lay that he's fighting yeah and then I didn't see the movie until like the year two thousand or something so you when you read the book was the movie yet yet a movie has been out forever and the book is nothing like the mobile are loaded the book come out before the move I really don't know but I don't think it was that long I remember I rented that topples fuck and Golts in Venice I'm saying yeah they have tons of money but I watched the movie and I was thinking cancel my spot the story zero she beverly hills the Yuma what's the beach what's the Beach Zuma beach where's where's Adrian. I said Yeah until he started on the figure fifty thousand dollars and then he went to his friend Andrew McCartney Goes WanNa yeah when they did the Boston people escape and all that riots so it's really weird when you live on the east coast you'd never come out here yet the best in Guatemala helicopter when you watch Pretty Woman Yeah Watch pretty woman will die when they go down our boulevard I finally did rent that movie it was like it was a weird thing with my video store clerk I was like hey where's less than zero WanNa Watch that movie and he's like it's in the G. L. Section and he's like looking at the Table Two thousand five the Irish on the corner of Co they shoot that Wilcox look at the sign that's Wilcox Boulevard I live right around the fucking the name under the one day it is impossible it's impossible and when he goes I'm going to go ahead from account them off on vine yeah what are you anywhere near thirty now forty ground forty probably is the guitar player Edmund Down which is funny because I actually did read the book believe it or not and they mentioned traffic in that book a lot I think is when traffic was starting in the eighties like L. A. we'll start to get out of control and the unrealistic fuck and world a Beverly Hills wet the first Christmas parties two hundred. TV's at Christmas they just have people dancing this is just four ounces at a time so listen though stressing outlet this movie was stressing me out yet because now I'm seeing what reminded me of me at that yeah you don't less than Zero's Moby benefactor kills a junkie he's got he lives in I'm just thinking about it right though this one guy forty I owed her partner is twenty discuss this is why I had to get out of the house last yeah because we started talking about on fifty thousand dollars I still it's time that I went into a room Walton no shit go all the studios should I bet there's never an actor that right I come to the haunted house and the guy that turned me on the movie was a big time coke head who smoked when I went to his house to do something he goes hey and I oh dear friend another I was DELIMA NERVOUS G Thirty Thousand Dollar League Yeah My team eighty six m twenty that's insane you can't fucking imagine I can't he had borrowed money for restaurant movie wanted borrow right if the thousand four a restaurant to open up a business summit failed this was I would just go to I watched the movie and he's got the shit around has gone to these sweat was father's house a just last night disturbed me Oh yeah the change it ain't broke don't fix that whole block is violently yeah yeah that's scary all drunk that whole block looks the same from one thousand nine hundred ninety that's a lot of money how do you how long does that take Rosco bizarre interest was but I was front the quarter unrealistic yeah but it probably does happen these sons of movie stars right you know there's no parents around other movies when he went back to his house he wanted to a gym never and then all of a sudden he thought I was fucking weird to God that turned me onto that movie like I would have liked those type of movies I don't like those Holly Yeah just because we you even track of what you owed or was he can try yeah I knew my mind was going to see the right mind the is Oh yeah that's exactly what hazy shade of winter and I was behind a hundred grand cocaine money you got robbed two weeks ago I just didn't have the heart yeah you gotTa make me start over again he would give me another half holy shit it was the the bullies from karate kid yeah yeah yeah Zappa out of the main guy I forget he was or is it Afaq whatever again next on my c up pay that would show up again with the story and they kept giving that I would go back to the end goal is bullshit twelve hundred a piece what's eight times twelve ninety sese six okay so now you gotta give them ninety six hundred dollars let's say you you're what less than zero he goes you got to watch it and he has that shit down to a science to be getting high listening he's get nine that moving right this guy you get a little bit that I know you sell most of it and now you start getting all that cash right it's not your cash sny you're at the county storage what are you gonNA drink lottery no so that refrigerator that's eight dollars a bottle yeah you're doing the whole day and you'll get another case one of those folks is that was big in those eighties is the guy that's driving them then he escapes and he goes but it's weird you ready for this likes to Zuma beach it took them eight minutes there was no traffic in no seen in less than zero was that and there was like eight people on the beach the turn it down get on those days people come up to you can you don't even does coke know why I was going to give you adding go I need that again that would go where's the money from the original I gave without I'm waiting on the front to add to pay for this just give it to me it up not my money and that and how you were supposed to sell k Quigley's fucking vacuum for you the that you're GonNa make fifteen thousand you still going to keep an eye out for yourself to fucking go crazy but guess what you go to the comedy store you give a little bit the tool you got six thousand year pocket K Quigley's looking bad in the motherfucking she's like well I really hang on him nineteen ninety at block still looks to say Laura I'm in the last couple of seasons now cheers one man I went out with four houses coke the guys at what time I let's just go to New Jersey a New Year's eve eighty four eighty five S. that with no panties you going to check out now I'm a stay for another day by the way you've got room service summed up eighteen eggs bacon everything this money I'm GonNa see you tonight for the new yeah that would give me the coca say tomorrow you're not GonNa get it right if you give me a midnight you better get that ball ended use norton how much did he sell all of it he's not at all in a Lee's summit gives you fucking somebody gives you a guide ounces a cup they won't get shipped from me I'm like I would but I'm what this other gag goes now now in your from make follow me home I'll give you half Akilah okay ah I'm this guy had been working this pigeon for a month he had heard all the rumors he was watching me like a hawk right he was giving me an eight ball at a time bent I'm just saying this as just I'd say you bump into cake quickly mainly six dollars worth cocaine in your body and Utah cut on what's going on in this country Walter Vega Van Sant that's crazy man I was I was laughing the other day because I watch a my apply only thought let's go the standard it's not your money but what are you give a fuck it's four in the morning cake quiz you got six ounces of cocaine you gotta call them and say look I got this little blonde appear semi up on the refrigerator because this has gone down right much refrigerator eight hundred men bring one is my mother about six grand a whip up that say and you're GonNa get the best room that stand this quickly two hours to fucking kill race so it's just it's that's how bad we want to Lee hours making money nineteen eighty-six not me I never had more than eight thousand no no no I'm saying that you own a hundred thousand he was on the deck and then one day I went to a bar and I bumped into him in her we get it together they would get a cheaper so I bumped Anton she's like why don't you gatty the more I was in the cottage rescue I never saw that motherfucker again yeah because I was broke right that I don't get table then so be it it always does nobody does a bum yeah once you open up the bump you just walk into Willy Wonka chocolate fact yeah now you got I can't tell you how anxious a ham for you just drop sixties In that whole fucking night you know how many nights I went on so for like three two months abby by the ball with him then New Year's is I thi- tame and I'm going away at five o'clock and I'm GonNa have to give you more on not suspended students merit to your white shirt and he's always been a nice guy but also they started driving a cadillac awesome they go on to Puerto Rico what are they doing a young kid I said listen I'd rather you do a bump on a week delusion right and he goes I can't do a bump and always trying to dollars yes to someone who is not capital one where they call you like hey we want this money it's like they're gonNa they swing a bat at how all these people oh any Barnett facility by three 'cause I'm at one of those balls trying to pick up range coupled somebody take him to a hotel so he would meet me again at two-thirty online pussy on fire you're gonna do everything the hub make a mop talk so what are you gonNa play fucking I can't take you home because fifty thousand dollars he was finally deck that's why I wasn't a sanctuary there would just pick them up and take a drop off the suck Dick they got a blonde next to me and I still got half a bag left and she didn't even know what country she's now you're forty grand in debt in that you're you just dropped six thousand cares about that money anymore bombed into I left mainly six I left I left snowmass I owed the other people get away with stuff like that was just you listen if you don't try it yeah in those days you gotta remember what what what it turned nope it was always your question was how do I walk around how do you feel yeah how today no no no no that day when you check out of the hotel emme that went that night yeah because once you know it's like I told somebody they just to pump you know but in my struggle with drugs this time we'll find and he gave me two houses big mistake Right Eagles call me at midnight house late and I'll call you at the money admendment the fuck announces CBS's just leaving me maybe I was in the being that bag as you fucking and how much of that one hundred and still out snorting outspending my making like it was three different drug dealers at once so how do you feel the people I owed five thousand less to yeah the video store I just claimed that the video cy work that everything up on Thursday I must invited fifteen people to my house for Thanksgiving Day Thursday okay I had this whole thing early and you're gonNA pink dot are you looking over your shoulder or you know not at all so you don't think the house that goes down Jag plus the one you're going to take on the morning and what are you gonNa do in level and they call you Mr Ziad check it out you look old and she's I am forty the chick twenty the other chick light thirty ten people I owed five thousands of that wow the like ten people I would say investment kimmy five thousand seventy five hundred and two days gone right but it was Dan I had this this now in the spring for the whole thing even though I owed eighty thousand dollars on spring of the two thousand yes and I finally got we like thanksgiving of eighty six I just snapped I just snapped at the city markets no Matt I all the Turkey I was supposed at my last investment his Sisto partners on this restaurant called offer it again he was the cooking back fuck at Moma eh about it today because how stupid can you be you know what I'm saying like I had like four or five they couldn't wait but there was so anxious at hold them off yeah like to make 'em even hungry like come on man yeah could be more when miss not on millions Daniel you want to bump then you go on the road and pretty showing us not announce right so now you're gotta cut the coke to make the Prophet back early let me work it all the more and more more no right the last lady at the yeah keep them there's no coming back will you the exception we're not gonNA struggle that we're going to threaten they were going to threaten me you can give me a heart attack and try to talk to me they were not gonNA struggle about okay okay they will audio with thoroughbred okay and you're going to go up there and guess what would what are you gonNa do when you might have some coke on him I want to work that out and one day comes up and he's like hey man get rid of this I have a few friends I know Leeann on Joey yeah talking rene whatever they smelled meal's coming up in Columbia I would just do the speech God I have nothing yeah nothing I barely have food in the fuck out and I would tell these meals walking around with a hundred thousand dollars it's not like capital one wherever they go whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa let's get some straight nobody and nineteen eighty to eighty four it won from everybody having acid there'd be having coke yeah and they flooded the market then people will come to your house or get brother coming up when I get these six kilos can you come up with like four thousand yeah and we'll make a ton of money and I leave him project this I took everything that night would you go back to work or was it the last day they wrote my wife a letter the video people like Christmas like we left Thanksgiving hey how do I invest with the and I held them off he was like yeah he was like the one I was Gonna hit but I held them off and then I worked myself up to a cord but I knew the day was coming I was Gonna get him off God and then the holiday light was motto half ounce and what time I would coke but he leaves you fucking four ounces yeah okay what you going to sell us enable a week but he soon you're GonNa Start doing a bun and either the crazy what the this is yeah and I had all these people that people are paid back there were people they made a lot of money yeah there were people that I are those guys that went Diana Gimme money I knew they were grapes they will always give away that money yeah they couldn't wait to be Nicole sued the guys like that we would thereby coke from me and they would turn their customers and to me like they're friends and they will get sal so much more for so long but he couldn't wait to give me the money yeah like I was going to give you five hundred but I'm willing to give housing hold onto something big comes up I had that same year we played a man I thought about your proposition how about gave you ten thousand on my oh poor Bernie made off of this at the Home Depot or a beep Oh yeah and I'm not trying to be funny I know they have a client Asana yeah oh thing on a bone things naked on a bowman with right maybe apartment hold on we got our just solid Michael Lineup we go yeah I got the when I did the people like I can see why you went to the store last night that's a lot to think about leaving this fucking debt in the past so this is one thousand nine hundred eighty six back to the May give me five thousand and our they had the coke shalt yeah by the time I got back I give them six two hundred sixty five on that Outta here Saturday night we just beat these guys I went to do from Paula France I got him for like six thousand the Sun Oh yeah okay okay I had this bag of pot that I bought for fucking three hundred bucks that looked like it would put minium things up in snowmass weak side there was the battleship and then I used to ice I did construction work at one that had four apartment so is listen man I've had talked fifty people where people calling fee fucking scab and John I said okay apartment all night Wednesday snorting fig ed thanks yeah I fucked snorted or what do you do when you snort cocaine on Mars but did nothing to okay you could smoke if a two hour straight nothing absolutely nothing but it looked tremendous gotcha so the lady in another guy went to fly two thousand they had this bag of pilot bought his bag you even smoke pot back then yourself you just hanging out jerk off I had a girl that would come over suck my Dick Oakland Pussy in Kolkata Teddy okay she was like mad you talking about mayhem so Thanksgiv- Eighty six that Thurs asthma's have big party but that Wednesday afternoon I picked up two ounces of this call when we come back and you're getting two hundred bucks so I would go to his house that's how bad my paranoia was was at his house I'd still go great now let me like what are you talking about the standard I want you to get a hold down get the fuck out don't come back excuse not income all my girlfriend at the time was psych she had host without you or your friends or my friend know Turkey because the So I could start my house anymore okay so I would go to legally leave me alone easily kill him and then give them those ass Turkey all day Friday eleven o'clock you partner Turkey neely that I owed maybe twenty five to the time yeah I was all packed up backed up at yeah that was fucked for them by Buddy Kaye those house and I gave them like Hey Pancho Kahlo you gotta go what am I going to go you'll fuck in doubt six seven cash in my pocket my girlfriend's crying at the how man we've here we had a dog Hercules yeah we had a Mazda a two door I'm sorry go ahead what are you saying I walked in my house Friday morning eleven o'clock in the morning my girlfriend become my which is heartbroken she's yeah I don't get the ball yeah he took the Bonnie disappeared again I stayed got the windows windows take phones on my part I was one of those guys carpet holy Shit what's what's the Guy Eddie what's the fire that broke his fireplace. Oh Tony Ferguson he said there was washing living in his day. bug this place those people my hat you had your hand my hand yeah as she goes you better have my mother go talk to you Dole the keys to all four so I will go into different appointments when the people the tally just not go yeah I was crazy so that whole day pound the weak and I knocked on and they was neely I knocked on the door what's the expression my head my heart and my head yeah my my read looked at twenty four I mean it was terrible right she would come all so it was a two o'clock there was like three or four different con how's the the thing was fucking bouncing from all our clothes shit yeah she's like what are we going to do for Kobe won last idea give me that pound the we I took the trying to sell this okay I'm really working because I found that you all somebody else you know about Jay Ryan Jay was guy out forty I picked the Turkey Turkey from the guys special that guy never talk to me again again for you couldn't kill them talking yeah I could sell you pants that right now my this woman do give me two months coke I given you ship listen to them tiff yeah so I go this you see this here is came Komo why this poem is like twelve hundred dollars this is an addict Oh boo back here in the now with your four thousand dollars yeah she looked at me looked me back and forth I'm trying to make money plus got married and eighty nine got separating nine the nine the one I'm already doing comedy maybe that November feeling bad about myself I go let me go up to ask so four years lay them Wanna go to a place where a hundred grand this fifty people rush to coke and the keys to my house was leaving anyway so now this is eighty six I will ask them go to bowl the did you drive there dropped the ball from aspirin okay the more I walk it's an outdoor mall I'm GonNa go to get it bowl of stew at the stoop hot yeah on the mall two minutes pissed off at they backed traced and realized what I had the damage I had done yeah eighty three yes shoplifting and and we had like sixty dollars I mean knowing this is how much added that we could have sold an ounce to start a new life right made two thousand dollars muddy water under the bridge he shook the hand he walked away wow we just let you out forty thousand dollars to title she goes when are you going to be back on nine o'clock you I got my car and headed South Jags Holy Shit which is still waiting on the we we just didn't yeah I the mind of an Ad Sheriff Fuckin- So I lived in boulder got arrested eighty eight yeah fucking right and I go to snowmass mall whatever the mall is calling up in the top yeah and there's a parking right there was pies and I get out of the car for hotel stop that's a lot to a line of coke fucking look at each other for a minute and then we gotta go would you get your money back yeah fuck it I had on my mind give me the answers and Gimme the glass shit you give the Russians right Gimme the glass so she's I I mean this coq with us so you just lost that money would just leave wow wow so we did that we got back the bold we finished a coke two days we fucked in the South GOPHERS Utah them it's water under the bridge I know Citibank that Gotcha we stopped at four different hotels checked in checked we were going to a hotel and the stuff due to lines of coke paranoid all this damage I wrote the car and I go to ask and I go let me go to snowmass I the place where actually owed the in lines and holding a gun and watching your door that's so funny that's that's so funny and you but you didn't go to a or anything did you just figured it out would stand up comedy he goes that's great he was going to ask you some what about that money you own brother was drunk open up my heart would beat in a little bit I have a weapon on me I didn't know what was going on yeah we hugged the as knew what was going on I said I lived in Fuckin- old amount and unsticking on my note yeah okay juice yeah I would stick it in my nose I mean ADB this is the sickness yes the mind of an attic right yeah he was a sweetheart of a Guy I call them back on not threes advise the money cool yeah nice the Ms Sixteen fifty and I the Guy Oh forty pounds she eases Christ walks up to this new girl he's like man I doing great this gave him a hug like nothing the farm for the crops throughout last night he's just it's just a sick life yeah it seems like so long ago what do I give a fuck was thirty years ago suck my Dick in call me shorty I was born in nineteen forty come at me up thirty years on your top Nice he was so happy that's great there was some people who I beat that I feel bad about this other people who played the game went prepare for right I don't know where the fuck you've been for the last week but you you you Bilas fucking role in and I'm trying you in Mumbai Liz she goes what's in the bag I go listen I got a problem go really it was horrible horrible wow girl yeah would I put this poor girl to no one let me talk the toilet flushing and in the coke stuck to his silent toilet hotel and meet taking my phone yeah licking right right I mean who would the drug business honestly you aren't prepared to cover the spread right and somebody beach you got fucked and you're gonNA find and that's that you lied open looking cutout off our cab this is how good of a deal I I've got she looking at she's like if you're not back in our with my money I swear to God they people think I was innocent girl smartened up one day said what the fuck was I gone I put poor girl six years out Ah Coca Cola picking up on this day time and I went up to the house it one o'clock on a Friday I was supposed to be playing on sadly morning right I still being in her brother's wedding party and hug leaving on Wednesday go and see a flying into Saturday morning tejinder today's lead man Tuesday she walked in and

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