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Napoleon Hill Quotes Broken Down by Bucky Cordray, Dr. Breck, Clay Clark and Jason Beasley


All Right Jason on today's show. It's a special Valentine's edition of the drive time show and as my way to express my love for the thrive nation. I'm going to share with them. A book that changed my life or an author that changed my life. The book think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill changed my life so much so I named my son Aubrey Napoleon Hill. It's true now that any further do break out of words of wisdom from Napoleon Hill. Some shows don't need a celebrity narrator to introduce this show. This show dots to eight. Kids Co created by two different women thirteen multimillion dollar businesses majors and gentlemen. Welcome to thrive time. Shaw Yes yes yes. Yes thrived nation. I'm not sure when you're going to hear this show. You can hear it in the morning. We're going to hear at night but I can tell you. I'm recording this show for you on this Valentine's Day on the day of yet another Patriots football game. I'm super excited. I'm wearing my gunner Shefty Jersey as the Patriots get prepared tonight at seven twenty central standard time to play the Houston Texans and what will be an incredible game and Even though everything about watching the Patriots is probably something. You don't care about the reason why like sharing with you about the Patriots are so there are so many management mastery tips. You can learn from their head coach. Bill Belichick there are so many parallels to running an NFL team as that are very similar to running a small business and it is absolutely possible for you to learn something from Bill Belichick each and every time you hear a reference to him on these shows but as much as I love bill. Belichick the person who's made the biggest impact on my life and my business philosophy by far is Napoleon Hill on Napoleon Hill. Is the best selling self help author who famously worked for free for Andrew Carnegie the world's wealthiest man during his lifetime because he wanted to learn the secrets of super success. Jason Think about that for a second imagine. How old are you right now? I am twenty six. Imagine you went today. You went home and you're Napoleon Hill is about this age and you went and talk to your your your wife. Listeners. Out there who don't know your wife. Well what is your wife's first name. Her name is Alexis. And how long have you two been together Going on five years married for three months as of the end of November. So imagine this imagine that you went home today and you said to your wife he said. Hey here's a deal. She says I was the podcast goes good. But here's the deal. I have agreed to work for free for Bill Gates or in this case. It's not an Andrew Carnegie. Andrew Carnegie was the world's wealthiest man during his lifetime. Bills the world's wealthiest right now as of today just passed. Jeff Bezos with a net worth of one hundred ten billion as of last week. But I I've been thinking it over and we're GONNA move out there to the Seattle area and we're going to work for Bill Gates for free for ten years and she says how's it going to go over. She would be very confused. She'd say I don't understand what you're saying or why you're saying it so and you'd say you know. Hey Listen I. I wanted to learn how to become super successful. and Bill Gates agreed to let me work for him poor free for a decade and he promised he's going to introduce me to the. Who's who of the business game so I'm GonNa meet you know I'm GonNa meet the head people at Apple Tim Cook. I'M GONNA meet Mark Zuckerberg. I'M GONNA get to include all these interviews in my book but I've got to commit to work for free for a decade. Now here's what he's going to do. He is going to give me access to these people. But I've got to work for free for a decade. How would that conversation go over? Its it would make a lot of sense to me but I guarantee you say you're crazy person. Oh look who just hopped in Dr Breakfast. Optical we Jason can you adjust? Mike? Yeah we're talking about Napoleon Hill and the notable quote from Napoleon Hill but again the the premise of thinking grow rich is that Napoleon Hill wanted to learn how to become super successful and he was able to do it as a result of agreeing to work for free through an for Andrew Carnegie and that would be the equivalent of Jason Beasley working for free for Bill Gates. How long would your wife allow you to work for free for for Bill Gates? I mean honestly with this current merged dynamic. You said Hey they're gonNA cover a room and board. How long would the free thing workout fifth? Give it about two weeks. Two weeks okay. So Napoleon Hill did this for years which is by the way why why. Napoleon Hill didn't stay married very long Multiple Times that makes sense Oh by the way. Jason is attempting to ambidextrous. He's fixing fixing the microphone wreck's over there and for Bucky Cordray Wall also doing a show but we're talking about Napoleon Hill quotes and we're breaking down the words of wisdom of Napoleon Hill a doctor Brett. How are you doing this morning? My friend or you Do you did you have a good Saturday. I did yeah. Hey I'm doing well man. Hey have you read a lot of a Napoleon Hill throughout your life Not A lot but yeah I've read Thinking Rich Are you wearing a magnolia market. Hat I did you go down to Waco. No my wife went. Oh really yeah. I love that swag and she at the trip. Do you like the fixer. Upper show. Actually do yeah. I'll beautiful Jason. You're getting your Michael Setup Bucky Bucky. How're you doing my friend? Good good good. I how you doing this morning. I'm doing well. I'm excited to talk to you guys about Napoleon Hill. And they're going to be deep diving into the world of buying homes with Bucky cordray. It's going to be a laser show today so here so I want to ask you this. Dr Brecca mentioned that you. You know you're chiropractic a practic business. Dr Brek DOT COM is doing. Well imagine that you went to your wife. Today I have an opportunity to work for the Modern Day. Andrew Carnegie we'RE TALKING. We're working for the world's wealthiest man he's GonNa give me access to all the world's wealthiest people so that I can put together a book documenting. What I've learned the book's going to be called thinking grow rich. Think and grow rich. The only catch is I had to agree to work for free for a decade. How would that conversation go over seriously? How would that go over it? I think it would have gone okay until you said for a decade for a decade. Well I mean we've got some money in savings. I think she thinks secure. We're okay for a while but I don't think she thinks we're okay for a decade. Do you mean. Would that seem reasonable to have you read? Thinking grew rich. I Have Klay Would that seem reasonable for you to work for free for the world's wealthiest man for a decade in order to have access to all his wisdom. I mean it it. It absolutely would but being able to commit a whole decade for all my Gosh. Is this just in time Jason Beasley. So right away this. The premise of thinking grow rich is that he went and worked for free for the world's wealthiest people to gain access to Henry. Ford Thomas Edison to Andrew Carnegie and the agreement was he had to work for free for a decade. So nobody in this room so far I could probably pull that move off in the event we did. We did have access to the world's wealthiest people for over a decade. And we did distill that knowledge into a book. I would think that the things in the book are probably things that we should should know. Stir so Jason will go ahead on today's show. We're going to break down six. Notables from Napoleon Hill before we get into all things real estate with Bucky cordray. Oh yeah okay so here. We Go Napoleon hill quote number one. What say you serve? The development of self confidence starts with the elimination of this demon called fear which sits upon a man shoulders whispering into his ear. You can't do it. You're afraid to try. You're afraid of public opinion. You afraid that you will fail. You are afraid that you have not the ability. Read it again. Because I'm GonNa let make sure all the listeners can raise soak it in here. Let me get a cutaway Wartime and help provide some echoes already. The development of self confidence starts with the elimination of this demon called fear which sits upon a man shoulder whispering into his ear. You can't do it. You're afraid to try. You're afraid of public opinion. You're afraid that you will fail. You are afraid that you have the ability. Let's think about that for a second break when you start to dot com gary. It was why I mean you get a lot on the line. I spent a lot of time. Invested in school in education had A lot of big ideas and Nothing to show form initially for unfortunately for way too long but Yeah I think there's there's high expectations there's A Lot a lot of people count on me and yeah to me. That's a little bit scary. A little bit scary Let me ask you this here. What were other areas of growing Dr Break Dot Com? That were scary was was was offering a no brainer deal scary. A scary proposition was scary. there were aspects of it. That were for sure You know the oftentimes you said People are concerned that it cheapens our brand and so that was one of the hurdles overcome. I'm a person who also had to overcome the idea that I needed to please. Everyone and You know that's just been a big part of my nature. Growing up was kind of a people pleaser and so I had to kind of come to terms with that and get over that. Was It scary for you? Bucky getting involved in real estate. You know the buying because you you ever Maybe I'm getting this wrong. But explains to listeners. You buy distressed properties that. Let's say if I'm listening to the show right now and I'm going through a divorce or a terrible thing. Maybe I took a new job somewhere. Something has happened where I'm stuck with a distressed piece of real estate and I need to sell it. You guys go in there and buy these houses of my my correct. That's correct you've been doing this. For how long? Twenty years. Twenty years. Twenty years you've been doing this. Wow so was it scary. Getting getting started. You know I was Kinda young dumb when I first got into this so you have as much fear as we get older. We have more fear because we have more so-called risk you could say it's interesting about fear of starting over but yeah the initial step into it was just what am I gonNA do. You know if I get a contract on this house is it right. Did I buy it right. All those things doubt you the whole time that you're going through those transactions so each time you do it. It's a little bit easier so you overcome that fear so you think it's getting gets easier each time that you buy or sell a property absolutely. Do you remember the first property you bought? I do what would you buy? Was it a was in a shack? Chateau Murph House really? It was painted. Bright smurfs blue look like Papa. Murphy's without the Red Hat. Are you being serious? I'm dead serious. What were the circumstances surrounding this? This first property by so this house set on the market had been pulled off the market two different times. It was three years empty vacant home and nobody wanted to buy it and I guess because nobody likes Palmer so how did you hear about the property so I worked with a mentor? Actually okay I was nineteen years old. And I really didn't know for sure how to get into the real estate business. And I found a local investor and a realtor he. He was very aggressive in the marketplace. He had done a lot of properties and he cut. It took me under his wing as did what he said. I looked at one hundred different properties and we kept circling back to this one. How much did the initial property cost? Remember Twenty six thousand dollars. Was the offer price the price that they were wanting to sell it for twenty six twenty six. And what did you buy it for about for sixteen sixteen and we're used scared out of your mind when you bought that thing it was. It was a pretty big risk. I mean I sixteen thousand dollars is not a lot of money job at that point I did. I mean I was inbetween. I was full time in school. Calvin I was in college. I knew that if I could get two roommates I wouldn't have to worry about the mortgage payment. Where did you go to school at Pittsburg State University of in Kansas Pittsburg Kansas? Okay so you went to college in an you got involved in the real estate game when H- How old approximately nineteen. I just moved. I was moving out of the fraternity house and wanted to have my own place and Brek. Didn't you get a good deal on your house? You live in now. I did. How good of a deal did you get I think we got it at about forty five dollars a square foot. Get Out of here. I think that's right. And it probably should appraised for one hundred and ten dollars footer conservatively. Probably about one hundred. You're sick you're sick. That is awesome. Were you scared? The first time you bought an undervalued property where you worried about it The first house we bought was probably more of a typical You know it was a decent value. Not phenomenal this one We knew Like I said my wife and I we like to watch these shows where people fix up houses and things She's got a good design. I and I'm just handy enough. There are many things that won't tackle myself but I like a house with character We could see good bones and some things that we WANNA do to put our own fingerprint on the house and so we were only considering foreclosures Some somewhat distressed properties Bank repos and different things that we could get a deal and then put some money into it to make it our own. How do you make money Bucky when you buy these properties undervalued for those? That don't know how do you make money. I mean top dollar is your business. You guys You Buy Properties what you do. But how do you actually make money? So there's really three avenues that we focus on one is he either falls into a portfolio that we're going to keep the property so depending on how we buy that property we always have to go back and look at. The House is going to cash flow. Meaning that how much money do we get in above and beyond any expenses on that property? K Sometimes we will. Actually we have a investors. We work with and they are looking for certain properties move run across those properties. We will flip those over to them for an assignment. Fee are small fee for to them. You're saying that you will buy property and you can make money in a couple ways at one you could just sell it but to you could just service the mortgage you'd be paying the making the payment while renting it to somebody else that's correct and then the difference between what you pay on your mortgage and what you get paid from the renter's where you make cash flow that's correct. Is there any other way? You can make money with the property. So sometimes we'll we'll fix up the property and resell it so we'll do either preab meaning that we'll just go in and do some cosmetic or sometimes it'll be a full-on remodel. I mean maybe adding room or changing the layout of kitchen had just really making appeasing to that market conditions for that area Jason Beasley in here. He does a fine job. He's worked with me for for years and we need to put a lot of pressure on this guy to buy a house today. And we're not realtors Jason. Are you going to be buying a house here? Sin What's your what's your plan. What's your move? Yeah I'm I'm tired of the apartment. Life Navy Yard once my own space looking around. What's your what's your move. What the timeline is when witkin bucky. Really pressure you to buy a deal. I mean I function best when guilt trip so just start now. Go through the timeline originally was looking at towards the end of two thousand nineteen But it's going to be more like early. Twenty twenty maybe spring twenty twenty. Okay now. Are you visit fearful for you at all to buy a house? It's not so much fearful other than I don't WanNa make the wrong decision and pissed off. Have you gone for a have you have you grown up in a from a long line of of homebuyers or do be the first in your family to own a house or I would be the first since my grandfather? Really? Oh okay okay now again. Let's read this notable quotable from Napoleon Hill. He says the development of self confidence starts with the elimination of the Demon called fear which sits on a man shoulder whispering in his ear. You can't do it. You're afraid to try. You're afraid of public opinion. You're afraid that you will. You are afraid that you will fail. You're afraid that you will have the ability. I don't opening we can relate to this but waterskiing. I'm terrified every time I've tried. It's a disaster downhill skiing. A disaster firearms. I'm afraid of it. I'm afraid of. I'm afraid I am a dangerous man. I have no no coordination. I just afraid like business to me. I've never had any worries at all and I think at sometimes it could. It could maybe bother my wife because I don't think at all about there's no risk I just get get the facts an act and I go but I'm I'm the complete opposite when it comes to speed run heights weather patterns traveling meeting New People. All of those areas are major fears zones for me to those bother you at all breath no I think. We're opposites in. Yeah because We were. I was just with my brother-in-law yesterday and we were talking about a future ski trip. That we ha- guy and We actually this time. We Have planned to where it's a little easier for the novice skiers of our group But he and I are little saddened by that because we like the the blacks and the the more difficult slopes I Love I'm an Adrenalin. Junky physical side of things I don't know I I know my abilities and I know my limitations and I'll I'll I'll go full force Business side it's the the decision side of things the bitter where you don't really. I have more fear and vice versa. The last time I went downhill skiing out. Here real quick. This is what we have here. Let me get this going down. This is me going down the slopes sound like a little girl at all. No no no this is. This is what happened though seriously. I went to Breckenridge. That's my namesake. Isn't there a yellow starbucks there and Breckenridge my making that up. There's a there's a starbucks in downtown Breckenridge is. It wasn't a place in the basement. I think you're right there. I don't drink. I've seen the yellow starbucks. You're talking about Breckenridge. You've you've been there is ready to get you introduce me to let me cute up. Yeah Yeah Okay I got. I got put a link to on the show notes by the way. There's a yellow starbucks there there. I I see it. It's downtown in the downtown area. Breckenridge NEAT little area. Yeah it's a neat little. I'm there with Braxton fierce and he has a mini kids and I have many kids. So there's a total of a lot of kids you know so he and his wife and my wife and I were there. We got a bucket. We're standing a great lodge opens up to the bottom of the slopes. We're checking all the boxes. Yeah we scheduled a ski instructor. Yep We We had the whole thing planned out And we're going down the hill on the bunny slopes which I think the I don't know the the grade of these things but it was. It was definitely not flat. Okay it was a little bit of a it helps when there's a little bit of a slow Do you ski lucky. So we're going down. He's like what you WANNA do. Sir snowplow great instructor by the way what you WANNA do snowplough. It's not happening for me and I was getting faster and faster and faster. I just say I did that for about two hours. Everything hurt myself and so I said. Here's the deal Vanessa. I said to my wife to Braxton his wife so I will gladly watch all of the kids. Because you're gonNA watch nine kids. No No. I'll watch all nine kids and you guys can do whatever you want to do. But I am not going up there again because we on the ski lift and I couldn't get off I just had to. I'm not getting off Rodney right back down to write it down off this thing. I hate this thing just scared. Going up radish shame. It was the right as everybody else is going up now. You're the one person coming back. Dang third graders mocking me like it was. I mean I'm being serious. I ended up watching the kids. I'd never went skiing it all again. I just but I'm saying somebody out. There is fearful the way I about skiing. Sure about business And the one little plug halfway business. Fear isn't that bad. Is that if you don't have gathered all the facts bookie is it really that scary to buy a property once you've gathered all the facts. Not If you understand the facts so we're kind of facts. Do you have to no one in my buying this property at the right prize right. I mean if you'RE GONNA lose yourself in real estate's when you buy if you're GONNA lose when you buy correct. Does that? Make any sense. Educate educate listeners. Out there that do not grasp what you're saying all right so just because the property sounds like a good deal from a royal tour or someone else out. There doesn't mean it's a good deal. If you're going to make any type of money you have to make money on the purchase price when you buy that property meaning. You can't expect appreciation. You can't expect an increase. Rents you need to make money when you buy that property based on the value that you buy it for every doesn't have to go right for it to work. You need to buy property. It's already cash flowing the moment you buy it exactly okay. So Napoleon Hill number two Jason. What is the next notable quotable from Napoleon Hill? The human mind if you will pardon repetition may be likened to in electric battery in May be positive more it may be negative. Self confidence is the quality with which the mind is recharged and made positive breathe at one more time for the listeners. Out there taking notes the human mind if you will. Pardon repetition may be likened to an electric battery it may be positive or it may be negative. Self confidence is the quality that are sorry so if confidence is the quality with which? The mind is recharged in made positive. I think somebody out there needs to get this idea because self confidence by the way. Dr Beckham Printing off the notes. For your job your so for for somebody out. There who's an aspiring. Chiropractor let's rent. Where does the confidence come from? If I have my degree my certification I went to Chiropractic school right and I'm confident I'm just like you know I might break that guy's neck. I don't know that I have what it takes. I mean sees every patient sphere. Where does the confidence come from? I mean obviously with more experience. You gain more confidence But Yeah I think a lot of it depends on You know what you've done to prepare yourself up to that point and so You know maybe limited initially But if you have confidence in the school that you went to and your instructors and They've prepared you in and then little by little. That confidence grows bucks. Would you say that your competence has increased over the years as relates to buying real estate? Absolutely quite so you. Where does that come from? Because there's so many seminars and get rich quick events you know there's these it's like coming to a town near you learned to get rich quick with real estate. You've seen the seminars. Maybe you've been to the seminars. There are so many seminars coming to a town near you coming to Tulsa only forty eight tickets available for great people like you. We're looking for partners to buy real estate in your area. Coming shouldn't see it on. Youtube says one of the few markets ripe for this opportunity. It's unbelievable and so you feel like I'd have to go to the Renaissance Hotel and your wife or spouse or friends or saying what is you what is up with you in this whole Renaissance Theme Music? I just want to go to the renaissance dress up in your renaissance gear. You've you're you're talking about the arts and going back to the renaissance and you're thinking about that great gourmet breakfast buffet and you get there and there's post up stands and it's always like somebody rich and friends but the rich guy never shows so it's always like celebrity and friends real estate seminar and you get there and the celebrities not there but his friends are there and we don't know their friends because they've never met each other but it's such and such and friends book. Have you ever been to something like this? Have I have it? Unfortunately it is a lot of surfaces all right yes? Meaning that have you. Do you like by timeshares clay. I have not but I almost almost one time had to buy one to make my wife stop crying seriously. We were in Vegas hearts. This is so dumb this is so I'm so dumb to beg us on our first real trip. I'm paid for and so I stayed at that. What's that circus? Themed Hotel there. You know it's like a roller coasters in front of it or something. Vague not the stratosphere but something else circus. I think. It's something like that so we stayed there the New York. It's New York. It looks like New York. The Empire State building kind of we stay there and some guy in the street bucky. Have you been to Vegas before Bucky? So there's two things happening in Vegas at all times one. There's pictures of naked women on Playing cards have you seen this brick? I've not been the biggest have you don't go now. I mean there's certain places you know they resonate with you or they don't don't go but they WANNA go. This is what will happen to don't go. You will be walking to. Have you been there. Jason I've not been planning a second Bachelor Party just me and break. Listen listen when you go to Vegas. This is what happens lucky. Tell me if I'm making this up but there. There are cards like playing cards. And they're passing them out to are they not they are. They hit their hand. Like this and hand it to you and the first time that you walk by. You don't know what it is right. Oh someone tainting playing cards and you look and it's full-frontal completely naked woman. It has her phone number because prostitution is legal outside of the Vegas city inside Nevada. It's legal so book. Visit a blow your mind the first time you what in the world it does you know my sister just got back from there last weekend blown away she had not. She's like the godless it's crazy. Yeah so you're there they pass you a car. Oh look at the card. I remember the first time they pass me a car. Buy Right next to me a little. Ho- sh what are you looking at Cisco and you don't WanNa see this right. And she didn't know short to shut shut look at show. Oh you're sick people everywhere. Though book you mentioned people every time you walk by people passing those things and then when you're in Vegas they have timeshares and you want to do an unlimited buffet and go see circus. Only my wife's like in the bathrooms and they know their market. I'm like I do WanNa ceramic twenty years old nineteen years old. Yeah I WANNA see Circus Ole and I do want unlimited face. Sir Do you WanNa see? Do you WanNa see you know such and such headliner live in concert tonight. I don't really know that I wanNA see shared concert but I get him on so anyway so you get to a place where you go. Okay fine so you go on this. Have you ever been on a timeshare tour bucking? Oh my gosh so you go and they take you to this beautiful property. They tell you all about it and they're free food. They're super generous. And then they sit down with you. And they say Vanessa and clay have. You had a good time yeah. Have you enjoyed the free food? Yeah have you enjoyed learning? These things have enjoyed so what I would like to ask you. Clay and Vanessa. Could you guys give me an honest just thirty minutes of your time to honestly look at an honest opportunity? Could you honestly tell me that you honestly be objective? I mean have you enjoyed the splendor? Do they not do this? Bucky? And you're like well. I have enjoyed this winter. So you promise. If you're going to take out all your bias I promise I'll take out all biases and they just look into your heart. Ask yourself and you're going. What does this revival or so then they start pitching this condo condos like four hundred and fifty dollars a month. You and your wife could travel up to four times a year to this. Beautiful Property Ran. It includes this and that and Yada Yada or or for as little as five hundred dollars a month. You could be an owner of this hotel. You could own up to half a percent of this hotel buckeye making this up as it's true it's absolutely true for a thousand dollars you could own. It's like six tenths of a percent of this hotel in this buildings already worth forty thousand vacant now once we fill it up. It's going to be worth one hundred million dollars and you're gonNA own half a percent or six tenths of a percent. I'm going I appreciate you for the free food the splendor. But I'm not. I'm not going to do now. This is not. This is what Bucky Life. Four or five hours into the tour. I'm a I'm not GonNa do it like so you mean you've enjoyed our breakfast and our lunch and you don't see the value in this ridiculous offer. I mean this thing is half off. It's only half full right now. Wants this thing is fully filled up. The property is only going to go up in value to have you taken our time. And then his inner Bostonian comes out. Because you're like I'm not going to buy okay so you don't care about your family and you're like I don't know that I said and they do those moves so you care about your family or do you care about money and you're like I don't know that's a logical question so you don't care about your family okay. And then they pass with his chart on the chart that shows you how you'll live less long if you don't travels much and then and then they separate you into two rooms and now they started asking your your wife is He. Does he work too much is he is he? Is He works he. He might die of cancer heart issues. A lot of men really struggle with overweight is over workers he workaholic and they pulled me aside. And there's a woman over there talking to me about do you care about your you care about. I'm not kidding this happens. You care about hurting do so you don't you? Don't care more about money right. I mean because a lot of men to guide minute ago he cares about is is money. Like Ma'am I talked to a guy. Last week I followed up on the lead. He was the same age as you and he died of heart attack by that time. Like it's like every move they not seen this bucking. I've experienced it. Oh my gosh did you. Did you hear about one. You know what I do. I look on craigslist. See what they're selling for. You have bought one. No haven't okay and they're always a third of that price what they're pitching A. Oh my gosh so anyway. My wife starts crying and cannot stop crying. Because you'RE GONNA die next week. Maybe they won't stop. We've told them no. It doesn't stop and they doesn't make you feel like you're in a prison setting were. You can't leave and they won't let you leave seriously. It's like you have to get on the Elevator. But you don't have the key or something it's weird and then. I'm like listen. Listen Dude we're going to have to go now over leaving and at this point you have to get crazy. You're like I don't care about you or your free food. I'm your yellow. You might just pray together before you leave and get out then you leave. And that's what a timeshare tour now after that first one bucky. Do you know what I did. The next day I booked another one. True story pro edited. Because I thought I would go in the second behind was crying the buffet in another concert. This time I'm not going to play the game. I'm going to be tough in this time. It went over worse. So I'm just saying I mean there. Are these get rich. Quick seminars everywhere. There's no money down real estate. How you possibly been able to be successful in real estate and how have you been able to avoid land mines of of the Jackassery taught at these get rich quick real estate seminars? I mean clearly the reason why I brought up the timeshares they suck you in that way during that gets you in there and say oh come to a free seminar on us and then the hit you with the three day course a crash course for nine ninety seven or whatever it may be and then and then after you go through that nine ninety seven course then it's fifty thousand dollars and you're GonNa make a one hundred and eighty thousand in six months or it is. Why is it nine hundred ninety seven by the way you know? That's the nine ninety nine. It's been overused right. There's a guy out there promoting ninety seven. I just loves that so much better than a thousand. Yeah it's under a thousand. I have to ask you this though. Have you ever been really really suckered in because I remember one time I went to get motivated seminar? I remember that and they said now folks were very busy this. I'll try to imitate the guy because it's like the cool crowd is fired up. Colin Powell Gis folk reason like I want to say okay. So what does it Condoleeza Rice? Was There Joe? Montana's they're all these oddly famous PIETA hitters. Hey guys here's the deal you one of the key to success and there's like fifteen thousand to be okay. He gets quiet so that's the move. He's one of the secret of success. Fifteen thousand. Here's the deal I'm going to show you and if you if you cannot follow the investment tips. I'm not ready to show. You got bigger issues right right and so let's let me ask this when you see a green up. Arrow that means it's time to buy and when you see a down Arrow that means it's time to sell so let's I'm Gonna. I'm GONNA put the following stock up on the board. This is going to show the value of the stock right now today. I'm a short TNC. Look at it now every day and your email you're going to receive an email alert eight time that a stock goes down in value. That's going to be a green up Arrow because you went to buy when people are selling but see a lot of buying when it's going up we're going to send you an email that's going. It's going to seem counterintuitive because when things are going down that's when you WANNA buy up. Oh and they give you Warren Buffett quote be greedy when the market's fearful remember that be fair for the markets greeting so they show you the first one right fifteen thousand people here. We go folks. I'm sure any email you get this email. And it shows the company's values go down but the green arrows going up. Should you buy or should you sail? It was like books. You got one right there. And it's fifteen thousand people now folks just remember. We're going to break for lunch here in a minute. We'll reduce again. Make sure we learnt the system. Email comes in the value goes up Red Arrow though down. Should you buy or should you say so? Yes in this goes on Brexit. You're like ten minutes twenty minutes and he's like no. Here's the deal because of our insider investment tips because of our access to the elite billionaire minds. We and we alone have the ability to do this now so we cannot give the knowledge direct to everybody. We cannot because we tell you folks the up and down arrows. I think that's pretty simple. We all get that but the next conference. Remember this bucket the next one. That's where we're GONNA teach you. The insider Super Success Tips for five ninety seven thousand year today. Now we'll only have two thousand seats available and they're right Dammar and then Tamraz over there. She rhymes all the time all the time. So Tamra says well Peter we have now. She's wearing a headset What now what? Now Peter. No Peter we don't have two thousand. Would you guys be excited if we had twenty one hundred seats available? And you're like yes now. What she's an excellent getting telecommunications right. Now be her. It's it's the same headset you wear if you work in retail Jason. People had a job. Where you where the headset CIA headset? No Actually I. Haven't you're missing out so jealous of you? Sit there and you say she goes no no one second so now. Fifteen thousand waiting folks. We have twenty two hundred spots available and then they go now. Here's the deal. It's normally find ninety-seven Peter this just in because of a very generous donation by corporate sponsor. It's only one ninety seven in the first three hundred customers now and then there's people that start getting up to the back right now because they want to get the program because there's only availability for twelve hundred people available but now the first three hundred the ones who get the book and one on one access with her and then she starts rhyming. Do you remember this insane. Rhyming she would do Did you remember that I do? I remember this Romney. Second fight here. Hopefully if somebody's archive this online. This is a hearing. This is what she would do. Should Make Harry. Oh come on. Gosh watching can't cope without hope and I saw stop part of the joy sick deep on watching what the are. Treat you and me remix. Let me get this mixed right here on that all week. But she won't stop you. Remember that guy. She wouldn't stop. She would not stop. And then I remember a buddy on. My team is more employees. I for some reason I brought my employees. There will that Seminar was like super cheap. Like five dollars to get into that seminar. It was hundreds of dollars getting into every other office. And I was like a huge sucker doing motivate your staff going. Yeah do you want to get them? Fired up yeah so I pay like forty bucks a ticket. You know like eighty people or something to this thing and we're all sitting there and one of my guy's an idiot. He says still an idiot today but he's an idiot back then to like. We really need to do this. Because there's only twelve hundred seats of Ayla and he's on his no Kia phone call on his wife baby baby. Let's get a different that they had to have a credit card application thing. They're remember that. Let me give you credit and you can fill out the paperwork. It was like a yellow and pink sheet of paper with a tear off and somehow I got roped into one of those classes. That wasn't it to be okay. It was at the renaissance. Ya and then at that point. I'm like we gotTA GET OUTTA here. This is crap but buck. How far did you go down the rabbit hole? I raised my hand that day for the CD. Did use to raise your hand. If you if you signed up right away you got free lunch too. And it was like a pretty Jason's Deli or something. I feel like I need to go to one of these things. I'm like the only I missed out on that. No you don't use it herself. Lucky yeah I mean if you WANNA go I'll I'll give you more audio suit. You're missing out on here. It's bad it's bad for your soul. I really I mean seriously. It's like let me give you some more. That was always that was incoherent. Zig Ziglar his His daughter Basically spoke for him. He threw in New Orleans Louisiana. Y'All you from New Orleans. There's no place like um I grew up as a charlatan. Anyway you how did you? How did you make it through the quagmire? How did you not get conned like? When did you get out? When did you hit the escape hatch? I mean I think it was nine. One Ninety seven is what I bought a little slow ninety CD. You're the smart guy dropping like five hundred bucks or something. I don't know what happened. Get a little Bit Attacks Right Upright. Oh Yeah Oh my gosh. It was so taxes so talk to the listeners. Out there bucky. There's listeners out there right now. They're seeing these big events being promoted. These national coaching seminars. Teaching US how to get rich in real estate. What advice would you have for our listeners? About these conferences go. Oh don't go I mean if you do go just go with an attitude of saying. I don't know anything about real estate. And maybe I'm wanting to understand a few different niches that they talk about because they pour all aspects of real estate into a sixty minute ninety minute session in most of that is about pitching their programs. It's true it's kind of dangerous. It's truthfulness because there's elements of truth and quotes from Warren Buffett and Robert Kiyosaki things that are actually powerful and that's probably a third of it and then two thirds of it is is up sales if you're a lady out there. This is the Valentine's edition of the show. This is a Valentine show. I want to dedicate this song out there all the ladies and I just wouldn't encourage you. Please don't go to these. Get rich quick seminars. Just don't go no matter what. Please don't go please don't go. Girl don't don't don't don't get roped in the chorus of the song and then we'll we'll make it stop it. I can listen to this all week. I could listen to listen to block all day probably will still revenge. Please don't go to the seminars into please. Please do other Youtube Channel. Listen to this whole video. It's beautiful. Oh Yeah what a beautiful voice. Good Guess Mark. Wahlberg was a member of this group. This for a minute to lack. Oh yeah he wanted to sell underwear and be did work out to chorus. Go go buy this album this album step one place. That sells albums. I have one downtown. Spin City really. Yeah really yeah and my face. A spin city awesome have linked to it on the show limited edition Purple Rain. And if somebody doesn't get it I don't care how much it cost them. Getting Purple Rain. Really Donnie. Wahlberg was not so lucky. Yeah he was a part of the group. Well he's lookin good. Have you looked at Donnie Wahlberg? He's doing well. This is Burgers. We went and saw my wife and I went to the block at the UK like this year. Yeah they were all. Mike is the best spinster. Not Spend Spinster. Okay let me just queue this up on the listeners. To know what you're missing if you're going to new kids on the block voices build deeper songs that I know no. I don't want that. I don't want to hear Debbie Gibson. I want to walk. No I don't want this either. Yes Walberg the red hat on the cover. Oh Whitney Houston cover. These guys are forty. Women are forty impressive. He's like a Kate. He's like the flat. Oh Hang on top. You gotta be kidding me. Now there's more often this song hanging tough I'd say what what. What are you more top than? This song is Timber Lil. She's tough all right. So you're saying though Bucky as a real estate investor Guy. You would not go to these conferences. Deaf the nut. Why because it's a timeshare so okay I mean we don't want to go down that path again but it it really is. It's it's they pump. You full a lot of hype. Pompa DOT to sizzle. Ooh La sizzle. Yeah and not much substance. All Right Jason. What's the third notable quotable from Napoleon Hill? Success is the knowledge with which one may get all that he needs without violating the rights of his fellow men or compromising with his own conscience again. Napoleon Hill says success is the knowledge which one may get all that he needs without violating the rights of his fellow men or compromising with his own conscience as an example. I call this the three. Ps In business. I know you agree with this. You might call it a different name but we went to work with people that we like great people we want to make profit healthy and sustainable sure. We want to make a product that we're proud to sell to our mom. Mom Proud promote talk to me about what happens when you have somebody. I'm sure they approach you all the time. Dr Brek Dot Com. They go. How many customers do you have? You say we have thousands of patients. Nato do you WanNa make residual income and you WANNA make that one hundred thousand dollars a month passive pitch very passive. All you have to do is sign all of them up auto ship. This soap made from Acheive Berries. And this has been independently verified in Switzerland where the medical science is so far advanced. They can't FDA and FDA that it's it's a federal drug administration they don't want you to know about it and a billionaire has teamed up with some elite minds in Switzerland. And they do not want you to know about the mass market so we cannot market this on television due to the draconian federal trade commission rules. So we don't. We don't spend money on advertising. We go there and run. Commercials at Gatorade does no no. No we can't be like Mike. We have to eliminate the marketing we limited the marketing system. We eliminate the industrial complex of advertising. And we pay that money to you so you get that twenty percent markup and all you have to do is convince all your patients to auto ship the soap made from a k berries and this bottle of life giving juice which did declare bankruptcy two years ago but it's been reformulated. The point is it works and so I now would like to introduce you to my triple diamond He'll be here in just a second. He'll be wearing a suit right. He'll be showing up at a brand new Porsche And since I've been a member a client of yours for several weeks. I think you should sit down and at least give me five minutes of your time to see this incredible opportunity. His this happened to you absolutely times a week. I can one up you though brexit. It's the Valentine's Day episode. Claire told you about the time that I got that sales pitch by a half naked men in a gym locker room right. I I remember in you interesting. You took the bait you so I'm sitting there. I can't. I can't get up because I have not tied my shoes yet. I probably could have dislodged. Yeah there's a real story. Yeah and here's the situation. Leave the shoes behind. Yeah just shoes but I wanNA talk to you about it so I don't really. I'm not paying attention because I'm going about my business and then I look at least explain to me your ETA. Jim and you're working out and what happens again. Now I finished my routine going to change. I can leave for the day. And there's this guy that I worked with. Who had just signed this amazing opportunity? You OUGHTA ship people supplementing. They're not going to use. That are probably not proven in. That are bad. And he's trying to walk me through this whole thing about five minutes then just like okay. Well what entertainment than leave within. He like kind of like stands in front of me is going through these motions. But then pulls the Captain Morgan Which is leg up on the hill wearing a towel. Some oh man talk about the Masa bears on believable real bad. So we've all had the pitch people want to convince you to get rich quick. They're trying to violate your rights by scamming you in some capacity so I'd like for you Bucky to share the listeners. Out there for people out there that want to actually become successful in the real estate game. What are the books that you would recommend or the systems you'd recommend or the steps we need to take? What do I need to do if I want to become successful in real estate? What of steps walk me through the steps first step is there is a ton of information out there got it right so you need to figure out what niche in the why right in you gotta ask yourself the seven wise to get to the root of why you. WanNa do seven wise seven wise if I was GONNA ask you. Why do you do what you do? Well let me let me do step one. It's because I feel like I keep this on my desk but this is my dad. My Dad was thirty nine years old. He was a college graduate from Oral Roberts University but he had to You know. Deliver pizzas Because he was in a spot in his life where he financially couldn't provide he was working at Domino's and quick trip and I think it's a shame when somebody out there has a degree and they can't turn into incomes. That is why I do what I do. But why do keep playing the game? I like this game one because I've already hit my financial goals and I couldn't possibly Thanksgiving or other holidays. I spend my time waiting for them to be over. Or if I have an agenda on those days I'll have fun with my kid's a great agenda. We had a lot of fun but I just can't do downtime. I don't know what that looks like. And then you ask yourself why why. Why have a psychological problem? The whole point of this is to go deep go Dave. You're not really sure why you're doing something. Just keep asking yourself why Why and if you can get to that seventh y you found what is motivating got it and the same thing you have to do with real estate because there's so many different avenues in real estate with. Hey I want to buy rental property. Well why do you like dealing with tenants? Do you like going fixing up houses do you. Are you good at managing people right? You have to manage people in order to be a landlord because you've got to vet people out who's GonNa take care of that property. Well right you have to ask yourself all those questions or maybe you want to get into mobile home parks or maybe you want to get into commercial. There's so many different aspects of real estate while you have to understand. Why where's your sweet spot? Where do you like to be right now? On my sweet spot is working with investors in retaining these rental properties building a portfolio again and what kind of investor somebody have to have a million bucks or how does that work if I'm listening right now and I want to invest with you a little bit because I've done multiple deals like this with guys. There's one guy back in the day who was a meat man at a grocery store who I met and Phenomenal phenomenal when it comes to hands on flipping properties just needed capital. So I said here's all by the property and my name I own it you do. The work will buy low will buy it for one hundred twenty thousand. That's worth maybe one sixty one seventy you'll go in you'll fix it and I'll split the province with you. Sixty forty sixty for me forty for you. You do the work. I've good payday for you. I put up the money and I get profit split and he said I do it for fifty fifty I own it but fifty fifty profit split and we did that a lot and that worked out well for me but I only did it. 'cause I've known the guy for a long time. I knew people who knew him. I knew he wasn't a scammer. I was the one paying all the contractors. I owned the property. There's a lot of scammers out there in your industry Talk to me about what kind of investors are a good fit for you so I mean. Typically they're absentee investors somebody. That's busy with their own businesses. That just want to acquire real estate on the side got it. They need to put their money somewhere where they can have some write offs and they just want some more passive income coming in with their money. They're making off their businesses. Okay that's the kind of person or how much money to so many to bring into the game to get kids. Typically they're paying cash for houses. So you know you have a cache lines available for one hundred thousand two hundred thousand. Somebody used mortgages or no not in this business. We don't typically work with the traditional homebuyers Because they have to go through the process of closing with a bank going through underwriting All those different steps that slows down the whole process think about this for a second Napoleon hill quote number. Three success is the knowledge with which one may get all that he needs without violating the rights of his fellow men or compromising with his own conscience. So you don't feel bad about the deals you do no absolutely not because I'm helping people out of bad situations right otherwise they'd have to walk away and lose the House destroy their credit and or they're just in the middle of turmoil and they just need a light right we just need to pull him out of the darkness at their in. I want to ask all the listeners. Out there rhetorically. What is the problem that you're solving? What is the thing that you do? Dr Brecca help people with their posture. You help them with their health or wellbeing. You help people get in great shape physically by adjusting their spine. Doctor BREK DOT COM. That's what you knew your chiropractor Bucky you make your money. By helping people buy real estate and selling it or renting it out that kind of thing. What is the? What is the problem? You saw jason familiar with Jamie Foxx as in RB legends slash acting. Jimmie Foxx. Well how much do you know about Jamie Fox? I appreciate him for both his music and acting. Do you know a lot about Jamie Fox News. I wouldn't say a lot but I'm know he's an actor. I am going to provide for you guys at Knowledge Buffet. It's going to blow your right if you listen to the Tim. Ferriss interviewed Jamie Fox. You can hear all this and hear the firsthand account of this by Jamie Foxx but Jamie Fox was Talk to play the piano classically right and he is African American and he grew up in a time in place in Texas terrel. Texas where I'm white people didn't like black people yet. It wasn't it wasn't equality so is mom said you need to become the best piano player possible so that way you can always get into these conversations so these white people many of which were racist many of which were not they would hire him to come and perform during the holidays or at birthday parties or weddings in he would nail it. And they're like. Oh my gosh. You're good. But he discovered that he would just be a piano guy. It would never build a name for himself. There's so many guys that could just play the piano bars. They were like background noise. That he would never really get big tips or big notoriety or any type of relationship with the person hiring him unless he woven comedy with the songs then he worked on impersonating people so he could nail the impersonation game. Now this is what's crazy about Jamie Foxx. He wanted to become a musician so he goes out to. La He lands on the show living color which is a comedy show with Jim Carey and other big names the way over others but he was not being respected or given opportunity as a musician because people labeled him as a comedian right so what he did is he ran into puff daddy on unintentionally because puffy used to hang up a lot. He walks up to puff daddy. This is a true story where Puffy met. Jaylo this you got her start there you go. This is craziness. I did not know that. Yeah so so. Puff Daddy says what do you want he says? I want to be your photographer photographer. Free Paparazzi. I know you need great headshots. I'm the man. I do the best headshots totally free and PUFFS US all right. Sure got another PR media appearance at this day and this time show on up unit for free. Yeah sure good. Jamie Fox then realised oh I need to learn how to take photos right so he did a crash course teaching himself how to take photos and they turned out. Well 'cause he just took as many as possible. Sure well then. He's talking with poppy seeds. Puff how much money do you spend on these parties puffs? Usually a million per parties is a million dollars. So yeah you know you wanNA spend a million dollars that way. Everybody knows you've got money long money. And then they WANNA work with on future projects. So I invite a bunch of people just best networking possible. And he says well. I bet you could do a better party than you. For under a thousand dollars in puff. Daddy says you can't do a party for a thousand dollars. I can't do it. Here's what you promised me. You'll be there puffs I promise. I'll be you promise promise. Promise okay I will. I'll tell you the date promise should be there. Don't don't don't put me out there. Don't have me telling people about this party and then you're not sure what you to see it. Promise puffs as I promise so the handshake on it so he starts getting this phone in Colin Powell. He knows through living color and other programs and he says here's a Kanye West. I Got Puff Daddy. Code to a party at my house. He says puffs coming to a party to your house. If you promise absolutely he'll be there you want to be. Yeah he starts calling people say Puff Daddy and Kanye. West are coming to a party at my house. You want to be there. All you need to bring his red solo cups and bring yourself some Popeye's chicken and let's do this old school so people all these celebrities started hearing about the celebrity throwback party hosted by some dude That's being thrown by Connie and puff right so then. He has a recording studio in his basement. And he says puff. Can you come down here real quick because everyone's at the party now why it's what you come down here? Can you come down here real quick because that's something you could do sure so. Then when he does is accused the song he says. Why don't we do a verse? Just just a quick little verse. So this is what he did hear. The song was already put together. She says she wants so accused. The song no freak. So you've got the here's controversy. Played His vantage. You go take your pants off Vinnie. Once he gets it gets vocals. He's like a got it then. He calls up twisted twist. I got a Song Connie as on. He's a Connie as on the song. Sure so then he bruce it himself and he drove up and down the west coast radio stations announcing that he calls radio stations and says. Do you want to be the first station to play the new hit song featuring Kanye West and twister on the same song? They're like Oh yeah so. He made himself famous. That's awesome this. We did it but this is him performing his his comedy tour. And I want you to hear how goodness because we're here. He what what problem does he solve? He solves the problem of entertaining people but he doesn't like nobody else. Listen to this is in performing in Dallas. You know sometimes when you play music and you talk real. Lewin everything you really. Don't make a difference what you're saying you just can get can argue to good. I can I can t and he had this ability to where he believes in comedy with the piano. Like nobody else's listen to this and right after this song you knew what time it was. It was time to go get that number. That number from the girl that you really later named Bernadette and that was crazy as the names got back then playing in the fuzzy end of Lucia. And you walk up to and you're asking for the number. She already had a number ready for you. And then you call it the next day. You nervous call you hang up. I I know start sixty uh then you call back and get the old man who little tired of my line finally called back together so you get back on the phone and say Bernard I want you to hear what you do players you get the phone and you hold it up to the speakers lucid to you're talking about Oh all only and we came unbelievable things out there and you don't solve a real problem for your real buyers. That's a problem and a lot of people. Don't solve a problem for anybody no value to the world and so they WANNA do is they wanna trick you into giving you a giving you get your hard earned money to them in exchange for no value and it's very very important to everybody out there that we understand this idea. That success is the knowledge with which one may get all that he needs without violating the rights of his fellow men or compromising his own conscience now. The point he'll quote number four reads the mind is the citadel of the soul wherein is the connecting link between the conscious thinking process of man and infinite intelligence? I am a Judeo Christian but I can say this. I would say that a lot of times if you're not intentional. You're not going to be thinking long enough or detailed enough on something to ever have a have a coherent thought Dr Brent. We live in a world of perpetual distraction absolutely. You've been a chiropractor. Since before the smartphone came out. Yes sir. How has the smartphone impacted the overall happiness or lack thereof of your patients? Well Yeah I mean it's definitely impacted overall happiness but We've recreated new conditions because of the smartphone so we have texting thumb that we never would have had before I mean maybe we would have had game controller thumb or something Similar but we've had texting them and now we have texts neck where we're seeing issues Typically in the last ten years ago I would see this in someone who was forty five fifty five and now. I'm seeing the same degeneration issues in someone who is in their teens and twenties Where they have a straight neck they have degeneration of the disc We've got lots of bio mechanical problems. That are happening. And it's all from looking down towards one's belly button where everyone holds their cell phone rather than bring the phone up to them as if their face. Their head is more important than the phone. We take our face to our phone that so you are. You're seeing this though. It's it's an epidemic. Yeah it's really. It's terrible and if we're not intentional About thinking about how want our lives to be? We're just GONNA sort of drift around aimlessly drifting around a lot of decision by indecision and I think You know it's I think. A lot of people get into real estate just drifting around the easiest thing to do. It's like well I might as well go to this conference might as well buy a property and all of a sudden people find themselves in a bad spot. How good our listeners actually go out there and find a real real estate mentor? How could they find a real real estate? Investment Mentor. Someone who's not going to scam them is that is it even possible. I think you're touching on early. I mean back in the old days and I think they still do it. A lot in England is apprentice ships right and you were talking about. Would you work free for a successful person right? So these real estate investors out there. They need help right. I need help if somebody were to come work for me for free for a little while to learn the ropes of the Games to take my knowledge that I've learned for the last twenty years and apply little bits and pieces of that. You know that's that's a great avenue so how'd you find that mentor? There's groups Every every local area across the country has local real estate investment groups and they have different speakers that come in and those are like real investors typically. Doing real deals spent a year with you. How much of a learning curve benefit would that be? How much knowledge they acquire in a year. That's if they spent many years with that Save Them. That would save him at least ten years. That sounds like a Cadila me. I think somebody out there though is saying you know I. I need a mentor. I need one but I don't want to work for free. And you know so if you look up if you say you were going to read the life story of of puff daddy you would discover that that puff daddy started working for free. But why because he was a Howard University college student and he no one wanted him. Why because how many people want to get to the music industry and college. I don't know everybody so when he decided to go work for free. He had to work as an intern. At New York's uptown records. Why would somebody have to work for Free Jason? If they wanted to get into the music industry why did he have to work for free? Because a Lotta people are going to demand like this question always comes up every single time. Somebody says hey. I would love to intern for clay for the summer. Like okay. I could pass that along. Lower home before you do. How much does that pay my right eye on time? I always grew up. Assuming that intern shipment you were getting work experience. You could skip you know months or two years or decades like Bucky said just because you got the knowledge for free and I mean there's there's a trade off there what about like the example about puff. Daddy Gimme another one okay Steven Spielberg if you guys ever watch documentaries about Steven Spielberg have used Jason. You've seen how did you ever watch a movie? Have you watched the documentary at about how Steven Spielberg got started? No the dirty. I've seen as his industrial light and magic documentaries awesome. Have you seen this bookie in this bracket seen this? No I know I work George Lucas but I haven't seen what he did. He pretended to work there so he found out that you have like an ID badge in address professionally to get past security. So we walked in casual like pretending like he worked there And he just went in for free and they thought okay so he's in. He's I'm here on behind the gate behind the wall nonworking free. I need an office. So he turned a janitorial agenda Janitors closet into his office. He put the name Spielberg on the door replaced. The word janitor any worked for free while doing odd jobs on the side at night and he did this for a long time and then eventually One of the higher ups said Give Me Spielberg this guy. He's he's great energy. Who Hired this guy? And he was working as a grip. Which means you're carrying cords around. He was doing odd. People just thought he was hired by somebody big they were going to say and they said. Spielberg who brought in here and he says well I. A lot of people recruited me up up top. I don't remember the person's name whatever Joe Spielberg. I've got a commercial that needs to be cut. Let's see what you got. So we cut the commercial and then only when it came. Time to pay him for the spot did they. Did they realize he wasn't an employee on the system? That's a real thing and this story repeats itself all the time whether it be Napoleon Hill. Or Puff Daddy or Steven Spielberg Bilberg or Ryan twitter. A lot of people don't realize this but Ryan Cheddar is a oral Roberts University graduate. He went to a rob's university live right across the hall from me in College. But people don't realize. Homeboy was working for free as an intern while working for pay at Pottery Barn so he's working over an internship for free but he had to pay the bills who worked at the Pottery Barn building. Dj Connection I worked at Applebee's target direct TV for pay. And I worked for Free Dj. Gigs I would tell people all. Dj Your Party for just a dollar And then if you're happy you can pay me. I asked a friend about this Just the other day. Oh she was telling me she was at or it's around the same time you were. I said did you ever go to Klay Clark Hosted Party owed itchy? And she did she really got the hotel across the first name just like in see high. I actually don't know her maiden name. Okay so that was a big thing there. That was the big now on. Let me say this. My son and I did a deal on a Friday Jason. Were you there? When I was doing the the pitch for Aubrey on Friday I was not at thrive. Yeah no I was not listeners out there Google Search Dj. Aubrey three thousand. This is my son who's twelve. He's awesome. You're finding out one hundred six reviews on Google and he's going to be confused with Andre He. He's doing his BRECCA's high pressure pitch for you. Here Okay Field Party coming up. Yeah and you're going. I've got a dollar He's your weight is he? Doing your New Year's Eve Party on. He's doing the We we are having a major Christmas party. Yes he's doing that party New Year's Eve though he's not booked colonel. He's not and Here's the deal with him. He's got one hundred six reviews right now and he's willing to work for a dollar says quote right and then you just pay him at the end. We think he's worth. Yeah so so far. Brought in two hundred and fifty dollar tip Five hundred or tip. Couple of three hundred. He's doing really well. And in a big energy company in Tulsa just called on Wednesday to book in for the Party and the lady goes I've heard some of his work. He is good. It's good she says. Do you have any video footage and I said No. And she says why you know Arms Dad and we're working through the game but some of the people we've done parties for didn't want US filming yet But I I was able to get this this this clip here. This is the first audio clip of Aubrey de Jiang. This is first audio clip that I was able to share with our listeners. Out there getting a group of young people all right there and Jason. Dj For. Your Wedding. Reception did he. Not He did. He did an amazing job. So if you learn more about booking. Dj Aubrey three thousand. And you don't make plus on the parents don't let me try to Texas Bookham in Tulsa. Dj Aubrey Three Thousand Dot Com. Dj Aubry A. U. B. R. E. Y. Three Thousand Dot Com. Got One hundred. Six reviews will work for reviews. He wants to build that resume. That's how you do it. He's got to work for free. Dr Brek your first exam freeze an audit is tell us about it but with my back hurts. I need a judgment. How does it work? Yeah you you go to our website. there's a link there. Click on the link. That's Dr Brek Dot Com and you click on the link and what you can do is come in to the office. Get a consultation exam x-ray and treatment all at no cost obligation free bookie. You're you're you're first assessment. Is it not? Is it not free? How does that work? If I'm out there and I'm listening the Tulsa area and I need to unload property I want to sell it. What does it cost to meet claims? Free absolutely no because we want to service you guys and give you an show you what your house worth. So many people go out and and expect you as a homeowner to know what trump's worth we give you a free concert consultation and telling you exactly what it's worth It's a beautiful thing. Notable quotable number five from Napoleon Hill. Read these six. Cents is the medium through which a properly qualified mind may communicate with other minds distance through the principle of telepathy. Now calm down all down. Get up stop. Stop doing little metaphysical stop doing. Stop let me give example. If you're a Christian out there I'll start with you that I work with the secular people next but if you're a Christian we all had somebody who It's the holiday time of the year. I guess you just would be Ballantine's day we've all been to a party where your you know your extended family is there and Maybe it's your cousin and she wants to introduce you to her friend and you're going okay. This is this is our friend. I would like to meet your friend. What's your friend's name? And she says you know His name is little John. And you say oh Mr Littlejohn which is no. It's Lil. Jon. Will John and he sees Joan. What do you do for a living? He says well I typically I write songs and you say cool. This is exciting. What kind of songs do you do? And he says well Let me go back out to my vehicle real quick and I'll bring back. Some demos can hear what I'm working on. He's okay cool and he accused of this song. And you're going. Okay okay okay. This is good melody to it. Perhaps you're a good guy you know so you're thinking of what songs do you have. John and he says well let me play another one for you. What's happening making a little more UPTEMPO. What other songs do you have? He says Sir. Do you have a chalice house? Group are you are you. Is that a staff certain? You have like a hip injury. Dr Brag and then you you at that point. Your antenna has to go up and say well you might want to you know. Check the references and you know just just see you know what you're getting into here But the person who's dating the person can't seem to understand what your secret there too close to it right when you read stories about. I'm celebrity athletes who have tons of kids out of wedlock and they don't know their MOMS. And you know it's it's not super shocking when you look at some of these people. It's not super shocking. When you hear about Charlie Sheen and his escapades remember. Charlie Sheen was running around with adult movie stars. Doing Drugs Yeah. It can't be shocking to you that he's got some personal issues that right. There is what Napoleon Hill's talking about. He's talking about how you put off this aura. That says that's Charlie Sheen. You probably shouldn't date him but your cousins like he's a great guy. He goes by Charles or Charlie she was but you know what I mean. Everybody else can pick up on the VIBE. But you can't Klay didn't invent also. Oh My Gosh. I forgot about that. Say invented tells. Yeah what tell me about the story. Oh bucky probably knows it. Better than I but That's the reason my senior music department trip. We go on every year. We based our shirt off of Charlie Sheen because he made that quote our directors like. That's the craziest thing I've ever heard. So it said So all the front said Hashtag winning in the backseat created by Charlie Sheen. So he he claimed to have invented Tulsa. Yeah in some weird roundabout way Impressive I just would encourage you if you're out there and you're hanging out with your date and some guy named little John and then he wants to take you to a strip club on your first date. You can't be shocked but some people there in ten is not up because they're not paying attention And that's what he's talking about. He's talking about how this you also can put off this or that says. Please don't buy from me Bucket you've seen this before. With real estate folks who just come across scammy and it says they have like a sign that says. Please don't buy for me but it's invisible signed but everyone can see to sign what are some telltale signs you're probably going to get scammed by a real estate person. What are some signs where you go? You're GONNA get scammed. You know the first thing. It's the questions that come out of their mouth. What do they say I and the first thing that typically says? How much do you want out of your house? How are you supposed to know that right? Hope you know. If you're not in the real estate business buying and selling properties. How do you know what your home's worth? Well let me see I. Oh seventy okay. We'll give you we'll give you eighty five thousand but your homes were two hundred thirty thousand. Did he did the Quick Fuzzy Mass? Fill slimy. You feel slimy Jason. How do you know of somebody shady tips that you have over the years? You know we've gone. Whoa because at the conferences managing the businesses you met thousands and thousands of people. Yeah you've probably at this point seem scammers and you've probably seen some great people come through watered some telltale signs where you go. Whoa one of the big ones for me. That took me a really long time to learn. Was If somebody can't remember a conversation that we had there scamming because typically what that means is they've told that whole conversation was allied to them and they can't remember where they left off so no does sound familiar vaguely vaguely. I definitely remember everything that you said. Oh don't have other other. These are harsh. These are heart and somebody's GonNa get mad at me. Someone's GonNa go. You are a bad bad man but I think this is important that maybe you get it from somebody else. Are you familiar with Ben? Horowitz yes ben Horowitz talks about being late He started ops where a company that was sold for one point six billion dollars and he talks about He has a new book coming out right now called. What do what you do is who you are. What you do is who you are in that he talks about how people's biggest possession we all have is time And people that don't value your time are the worst in his mind in the world of business so He gives examples from the book. But as an example like Tom Coughlin the New York giants former head coach. He always started meetings five minutes early and he finds every find the players a thousand dollars per minute. They were late He talked about Andriessen Horowitz. He would find people ten dollars a minute for being late so currently he finds people ten dollars. A minute for being late to Nour's Min- Some would say that's harsh but Brek what happens if you have a culture where people are allowed to be late. What happens if you're if you have six or seven people all waiting on one person on a practical level? What happens well? I I mean there by a minute or two and then it's five and then it's ten and it's a snowball effect it continues to grow and until the point that you don't have a meeting at all and it's not one person but it's the entire team that showing up ten fifteen twenty minutes late or not at all you said it drifts to appoint we don't even have a meeting and all right. Yeah I mean it just snowballs on you and you're out of control. You're not the one conducting the meeting. You're not the one controlling the situation. There's an article from barons dot com. That reads I show up fifteen minutes late for our chat about what what you do is who you are his new book on. Creating business cultures. We kick things off with the discussion of the environment. And his own firm. Horowitz mentions that his firm puts a premium on being respectful to entrepreneurs getting back to companies. Even when they aren't going to get funded for instance and not making people wait. This is a guy who just showed up late to interview. 'cause we find people ten minutes a minute for being late. This could be dangerous for somebody out there. If you don't understand these principles because I'm just telling you if your chronically late I know you aren't successful. We all wrote a minute behind her. Things happened but you can tell if someone's successful. They will apologize like I am. Sorry I was. We're a little behind but people that don't even care bucket you've seen this phenomenon absolutely and what happens when you're dealing with somebody service provider a product developer. A partner an employee and they do not mind being late. What does that say ultimately? What does that say about the way they do everything? They don't respect what they do or who they do it with. That's the thing another thing I have found about things that are needed. We worry about is people that don't take notes when having a very detailed conversation are scary. So when you meet somebody WHO's a quote investor and they don't take notes You got to run for the hills. Everybody I've ever met. Who's a CEO or a professional of of Somebody who's a great lawyer? Great Attorney dentist. They take notes right. Why Dr Brek? Why do you take no well so I was in a meeting just the other day and A lot of things are happening very quickly in this meeting. And there's You know three or four people sitting around the table and You're going to need to reference back to that that moment like you know you may be able to hang onto it in the moment in your mind Keep it all straight but if you have to reference back to it you know three or four or five hours later you need to know you know. Truly what was said what was done. What was decided And some kind of You know. Vague remembrance of it and so you want to know the details. The numbers matter numbers don't lie and so especially a detailed conversation that involves numbers. You WanNA write those numbers down and if you're not then you're not really engaged in the process and that's the problem. It could be a very very problem very big problem for you and you might not even know it. Maybe a great guy. But you're always late and so you understand what that says to the marketplace. That is that six cents. I'm going to run through a checklist. Yeah I mean you know. It's all about you if you're not worried about someone else's time then you're being very selfish and that's not a good place to start any kind of relationship but definitely not business went on other other. Just you might be putting out there. That make people worried okay. These are things that will tell the world not to do business with you when you're inconsistent true when you just don't do what you say you're going to do when you run roughshod over boundaries when someone's clearly told you hey. I'm not available after five And you call them every day after five when you talk all the time about how much money you have. You usually don't have any money. I found phenomenon when you talk all the time about your new car. You usually can't afford the car right when you can't get through dinner Without showing a picture of a celebrity. You probably don't know any celebrities right when you can't stay off instagram or facebook posting pictures of you and tropical places. You probably don't travel to tropical places before at one time this year and you're posting throughout the year to look like you travel. This is the thing is occurring you out there. You might not be aware of this. But it's very very very important that you come across as credible now notable quotable Number six from Napoleon Hill is. It may not be true. That thoughts are things but it is through thoughts that we create things. The things thus created are strikingly similar to the nature of the thoughts from which they are fashioned as example. I'm working on a book Jason. You help me with this morning. It's called if my walls could talk. It's where I'm breaking down all the notable Cordoba's on the walls. Yeah do talk what they mean and I thought it would take about two hours To edit it took pictures of it. Sure and I've already written down captions and I've thought about two hours. Editing Told JASON. I'm about eighteen hours into my two hours so far this weekend. And it's it's but it started off as a thought right of people kept asking me. What does that quote in the bathroom mean Or what is that picture mean? And they're all teaching moments at certain times right and I think that if you read enough business books and you read enough psychology and you read enough autobiographies read enough case studies. Pretty soon. You start to figure out the connection points and Jason. We're in a really unique spot and what we do because we track our clients growth we do and when we track our clients growth. The numbers that I'm going to share with you could seem a little bit crazy and so I always try to cite what I say because what I'm saying seems improbable or impossible and then I'll ask you Dr Brecca. Just a minute. I want to get your take on this but I always like to cite everything I say but on our walls I don't cited. Yeah I read the point right or the epiphany. If it's a quote you've got to buy but I don't write like context. No so let me. Just give the listeners. Some examples of of real things that I'm going to you can verify right now on the show that are cited in the book that aren't sided on the wall so on page seventy seven of the new book the clarification is on this particular portion of our walls. I was describing the life changing power of the thirteen point assessments. I conduct for each and every one of our potential one business. Coaching clients. An eye opening power. Bulletproof business checklist on this diagram. Our showcasing how most business owners over one hundred glaring weaknesses or core issues with their business just by going through it now. Someone might say I'd never gone through this declined for years. Come down I only go through this when you get to a point where you think you're done and you're like wow my businesses growing while. I'm having to growth. That's when we go over this because this allows you to make it scalable you could open up multiple of them where you can franchise and here are the winds that I document. I said remember we are not even factoring in the entire month of December with these client. Wins if we were playing a sport this would be our business coaching scoreboard. And when you point to the scoreboard aren't bragging you're just pointing to the results into the truth. Our system works but nothing works unless great clients like you do so here. We go scotch. Construction fifty four percent growth from two thousand eighteen to twenty nineteen. That's a multimillion dollar company by the metal roof contractors. Eighty seven percent growth Jameson. Fine cabinetry recorded a video testimonial sharing his growth gene briefed motivational speaker doubled her sales fifty two percent growth. I'm Brian Armstrong. Forty-eight percent growth accolate exteriors eighty six percent growth quality services and countertops seventy six percent growth gables excavating sixty one percent growth back to basics builders twenty-seven percent growth Kelly construction group twenty one percent growth. Don't believe me call these people bogart and sons construction thirty three percent growth. Don't believe me call these people restoration health chiropractic hundred fifteen percent growth best. Buy Window treatments. Seventy five percent growth. Cheney construction don't believe me call. These people fourteen percent growth custom automation technology. Sixteen percent growth. C. T. Tech fifty-six percent growth not believe me call these people Lake Martin mini mall thirteen percent growth. Health works twenty percent growth. Now Mind you. This is not the factory an in the month of December. Because we're not done with them yet. I'm recording this. Show on December first. That comes out on February fifteenth. So the numbers will be higher laundry. Barn one hundred percent growth. Angels touch seventy one percent growth. Seventy one percent growth for Angel's touch auto body snow bear heating air up from up from seven hundred. Sixty eight thousand dollars To one million seventy four thousand dollars and we're not done with the year yet. Full package media up fifteen percent growth trinity employment up thirty two percent growth hood. Cpa's sixty one percent growth. Dr Brick. What do you think your growth is going to be this year? Oh goodness I should have been thinking about that. I was just so blown away with I. Think the lowest percentage of growth that you just quoted was thirteen percent which is still from the P of our country. The gross domestic product of our country's growing at one point nine percent per quarter which means ninety six percent of businesses Fam- According to INC magazine. If you're not failing they average businesses growing at about eight percent rate annually for the about seven point two so these are big numbers. I mean on average you're saying like fifty percent somewhere eighty seven percent growth but even thirteen percent growth what grows in enormous up ten percent. This year you think yeah I do. It's hard to grow as a percentage as you get bigger right which is also one of the things that so impressive when you say you know some of these companies it's one thing if you're a startup and you got ten clients. I mean you can double and triple a month but when you are already a large scale functioning size your company in the past three years we are. You can be up ten percent this year or twenty percent. I think we're going to be probably somewhere between fifteen and twenty percent and you're already full. My wife went in there for adjustment and she said you guys are slammed in there. Yeah that's why we have to to move locations. That's a good problem. It's a great problem to a good problem to hassle the problems. We're having now at growth issues which is just new problems. I didn't use to have problems with growth. We had other issues where we had to pay the bills but it started with a thought. It always starts with a thought. I mean that's we have the power to create every I believe that God given We get to be like God creates we get to create but nothing happens without initially becoming thought now Jason. You have to take a picture of the pyramid scheme behind me the picture because I got this picture of this pyramid. I WANNA put on the show notes. Listeners can see this pyramid the pyramid. The top we've got a picture of God And I'm not good at this but my goal is to not make them cry every day. Which is why there's a teardrop. I believe that God can see everything underneath that honors the Phrase Doctors Zona in there. It's because I never want to involve myself at a business dealing that conflicts with the guy who brought me to the dance. I I never WANNA. There's loyalty there which is Great. I never want so many optometrists have reach out to us for help. I can help you but not if you're in Tulsa then Jonathan underneath that as much my wife's name and my name clay and Vanessa. Why because God's the top Z? Second my wife and I I WANNA make sure we're never doing business deal that we're in conflict over. I Never WanNa work with a client. That gives me the willies. Gotcha now the next is Jonathan. I WANNA make sure. Jonathan always knows what we're doing now way he's involved. He's part of it. He has a profit share so he he benefits we benefit and I wanna make sure he's doing well underneath that one have five hundred thousand listeners. per month to our podcast which we do have we wanna work with one hundred sixty clients which we do have and we want to educate two thousand reiver's per year at our conferences which we almost have. And so you would say you see. This started with a thought right now became a thing and it's reality it's real but it started off as an idea now. At the bottom there are steps leading up to my pyramid right meaning that I will not let anybody work for me on my team. Sustainable keep someone on my team. I won't work with them as a as a client. I won't allow them to come to a conference consistently. Maybe somebody tricks me. But I'M NOT GONNA put up with people who are not the following traits diligent coach -able loyal kind positive goal focused and Christ focused. You might say you mean you only hire Christians. No let me let me get. This Christ's message was one of being Christ like and there's a lot of people that are not Christians who live the life that Christ would want you to live and maybe we disagree on the Salvation. Message and maybe I hope over time that they'll switch over to my team. Maybe they hope I switch to their team but people that read the Bible but Christ like or. Don't attempt to be now. Jesus did flip tables. When they wouldn't stop selling things he did get intense from time to time Jesus also Forgave people that the world. That was unforgivable. And there's a lot of Christ like traits that I try to say is this person's spiring for the same goals that I am and that's GonNa get it starts with an idea but I think bucky wants the idea. Once the excitement of the new idea whereas off it could probably be easy to quit. And you've been in real estate for for Twenty Years Twenty years doing this thing so talk to me about why you think you've been able to be successful and you have the floor. You talk about anything you want I just want to. Why do you think you've been successful? What role does accountability play in that? Talk to me about why you think you've been able to have success for twenty years two decades. Yeah I mean the biggest benefit clay for me is just was a passion of Mine Right I. I love the process of of a house. You know seeing the structure giving a place for somebody to live. That that motivates me in their houses everywhere this land everywhere and the thing about with real estate is. There's always going to be a need for that. There's always people who having issues in their homes they live and there's always people having personal finance issues and and that's what I can do. I can solve issue after issue after issue in every deal is different. I don't get bored. Don't get bored. I don't get you love it. I absolutely love it. I mean it's exciting. And what has kept me on? Track is stained accountable. Myself right and like you wrote a plan up here. You're working your plan. That was something that was ingrained in me when I was a kid. It's like right. The plan work the plan. And if you stick to that and if you're planning needs adjustments along the way make this judgment right and then when I first met you you were talking about diligence and that just resonates home with me being able to everyday. Wake up and do what you're supposed to do early do it. Well and do it till it's done and that's what diligence is and if he do that and if you're doing what you love then you're GonNa have yourself accountable and do you feel like it that you do it for the money as you do for some some other reason. The money is early in my college days with only a big boat and I want a big house and all this and there's nothing wrong with having nice things right but it's where you put the excess of your money. Are you giving? Were you giving your money to the money is a great tool is an awesome tool. You know there's a gospel patrons out there that just believe in successful business people that want to fund the people that want to spread the mission out there right so you can do that with money. Everything out there takes money so there has to be a reason why you're doing it besides just money. Money is a tool that makes us world. Go around now. Money is a tool that makes the world go around but you can also become a tool of the money that's right. I see a lot of people that never see their family. You never talked to their wife. Never do anything. They enjoy all for the love of money. What tips would you have out there? I would like to give you the floor Bucky and then. I'll give you the floor and in Jason's we wrap up today show. Do you have any recommendations that you'd recommend bucky? Or any other tips. You WanNa share with our listeners. Because we've broken down the words of wisdom from Napoleon Hill but I wanted to help personify these words of wisdom by bringing in some real entrepreneurs into the room that actually live it every day. Do you have any tips or book recommendations for our our listeners out there. There's a couple of books I I recommend the goal by ally go read. It talks about the theory of constraints. You're only as fast as your slowest process. And when you're doing business or anything you're doing you can only go as fast as your slowest process right so have you can approve those. It's constant improvement another great book. I've just recently been reading and finished. Up is the richest man who ever lived. It was based upon King. Solomon the the richest man that ever lived right. It takes the principles out of proverbs in applies it to really realize how you can make a practical work plan and it's a. It's a great book and what was that? What was that last book there? The richest man who ever lived. I have read this book because it filled with a ton of proverbs to that is yes. I read this book and it was referred to me by my friend. Braxton fears a very very good book their doctor. What are your final tips? You'd have and or Book Recommendations Rob Listeners. Out there who are looking to not just study success but they want to become successful. Think part of it would be to you. Know really sit down and Think about what it is that you want to create the start with the end in mind and then Kinda reverse engineer and You know see where that point is out in space and what steps you need to take to get to that point. So you gotTa know where you're going before you can have a map to get there And so I think that's important. You know just like you were talking about Your goals here. On the wall and Canada's over overriding guide. You need to have an objective that you're shooting for an early on in my career. I had taken on other people's versions of success for me. They weren't my own So that was parents that was friends. Expectations mentors expectations. There were certain things that I was trying to do. That didn't really resonate with me because they weren't mine. You're in a dangerous spot right now to this is too dangerous zones when you have your business owner danger zone one is that you might not make it when you're starting when you're just getting over the hump sure you're in danger zone now because you have a waiting list. That's how long a seven or eight weeks and if you're not careful you will let other people myself included. Push you to do what we wanted to And not do what you WANNA do. And give example. I met a lot of doctors a lot right Egypt at Christmas party years ago. For A guy who's very successful One of the cool things about Jiang's I got a chance to meet the leaders of companies. I always get there two or three hours ahead of time to talk to you. Know what the head of quick trip or the head of GPS or the headaches. And I'm there I was talking to this guy and I said you you gotTa feel special. Today he's gotTa feel awesome with hundreds of employees You're the running this hospital. And he says Hey Kid also five twenty five twenty six. He says the kid you're happier now. What what do you mean he goes all these people man? I don't like him. I work seven days a week travel around the country these different hospitals and I got two more years to get out here. I'm like wow. So why are you here have to we started talking obligations right and for whatever reason he opened up to me we had a very powerful conversation? That helped me a lot because my company the time. Dj Connection was growing so much. I was growing because the teamates wanted me to grow. We were because we could And just because you can doesn't mean you should right. So that's what's that addressing park true you become a Jurassic Park. Well I mean and that's something one of my mentors did tell me early on was Whatever you create you have to feed you know. So I mean if you're going to create a monster you gotta feed the Monster And you better like it. Otherwise you're feeding a monster you you've created and you don't like so you end up with like Frankenstein's monster and so that's one of those things where you need to know what success means to you what it is you want. What the balance is because one of the things I think I've said it before. But one of my mentors early on He was with his fourth wife. And I I you know. Kind of suddenly realized. Hey if I want to do things the way he did. I'm also going to be married to my fourth wife at some point. And that's like that's not really what I want. I want to be married to my first wife whom I love and do this differently. And maybe his version of success isn't the same as mine. Now let's say you're listening right now and you're on wife too or wife three or business to business three whatever. It's all that where you're going and now you've been from where you came from. I think a lot of times we get stuck in this loop of being like May I start a business and it failed. Marriage failed had up. And we we get stuck in the narrative that. I can't win that you can't win. We can't win and I just encourage you this Valentine's Day love yourself. Give yourself the encouragement that you have what it takes to get to where you want to go. I know you are my hope on. This show is each and every day we give you a plaque applicable words of knowledge of knowledge profound deep thoughts a little bit of humor there but we want to provide you with the mentor. Ship that you desperately need in a world that's passionately going the wrong way. We encourage you to listen to this show and to write down. Take take notes and ask yourself. How can I apply the things I've learned on today's show? Jason is there any final tip you want to give the listeners out there because you coach with a lot of business owners who are doing very very well now but many of which were not doing well when we first met them before the thirteen point assessment and before you guided them down the path and what would be a tip? You'd give to all the listeners out there will. The first step is in our on March. Seventh of two thousand eleven. Charlie Sheen tweeted his infamous tweet. I invented Tulsa Oklahoma Dot dot dot in sleep. So that's what I came from. Not Knowing Why de for you is it. You're typically that was at ten forty eight. Am No so. My tip is just as it relates to books. You recommend yeah. I just started re listening through Subtle Art of not given enough for the third time all by Mark Manson. Because I remember I listened to that when I first started coaching. Because I came in I chatted with you and John Lucas Partial and shopping. Everybody but once I started getting clients I started realizing I was carrying so much about what everybody else thought about what I was doing. It was making me a bad coach. Yeah and the problem I think in the book is so good and The book at its core is about this. If you're a dad and you want to protect your kids from indoctrination from corrupt world somebody at some points not gonna like it. If you're a husband you WANNA protect your marriage from temptation and things. That shouldn't happen at some point. Someone's not going to like it if you want to be intentional about only surrounding your family with positive things at some point. Someone's not GonNa like it if you want to stand up for your presidential candidate at some point. Someone's not GonNa like it if you want to be studious about how you manage your calendar. Its some point. Someone's not going to like it if you WANNA hold yourself accountable to certain standards of who gets to come over to your house. And who doesn't at some point? Somebody won't like it and the only way to avoid criticism. According to Aristotle is to say nothing do nothing and be nothing now. According to Mark Manson the author of the subtle art of giving enough. He points out the only way for you to make everybody. Happy is to do nothing as well. So he encourages you to not give an F. When people are a expressing their negatively about your path and your mission right and Jay's each and every show of the boom are you prepared already and here we got these mics or super sensitive so we have to take a giant step back of Rome of mankind before we kick the boom Monday every break to what what if you could gain access to download each and every book that I've ever written for free. Well that'd be terrible because I don't like you okay. We're making a big assumption but assuming that you do like me and you like the thrive time show you can now go to thrive time show dot com forward slash free dash resources. That's thrived time. Show dot com forward slash free dash resources to download each and every book that I've ever written for free. You can download the e book version of each and every book that I've ever written for freetalklive want to chime in here real quick. I don't like you or capitalism. I've look we should get free stuff. Well I am in the process of explaining where you can get free stuff and you can now also download all helpful infographics infographics on firing one zero one. The perfect hiring system the principles from Ray daily Internet marketing one on the lead been management system. Managing humans went on Logo Creation. One why Google loves wordpress time management. 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If you have capacity to move your fingers go to ram show dot com slash free dash resources to download an e book version of every Single Amazon bestselling book I've ever written and all the infographics had the power to change your life.

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