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E._S._P._N. L._A.. Young DEMARCO far hanging out here Ben Lyon Sodano show hope you guys are enjoying your weekend getting ready for fun few days out here. scree time of year in Los Angeles Lock on on obviously when he gets the dodgers a little bit later fund series against the angels are killing it. Sparks are all star weekend right now but they got a bunch of home games in August a great time. Why see what's their incredible? It's just an awesome time nude. It's like the best best time of year so so excited to be here and exciting get into this guy's N._B._A.. Season Win totals were announced at CAESARS IN VEGAS. What was the highest winter for the year the highest one time now you're already know sixty eight DEMARCO far? You're now sixty eight fifty betting it's the greatest seventy three the walkie at fifty seven fifty seven games top of the N._B._A.. Charlotte Hornets down at twenty four. We're the Lakers fondness list on the Lakers are at fifty I believe one and a half fifty fifty and a half so yes perfect their butts fifth-most wins in this they are five five games back of the clippers clippers are fifty five and a half now. I never understand with Vegas because there's always always alterior motors trying to get you to play your money and they know that they're on the west coast and more laker fan so there's something I always with the Lakers and the action in Vegas but it is all that they have four or five teams ahead of them in the western conference. Well you know you probably factoring in Vegas. Maybe factoring in Load Management for Anthony Davis Lebron James. There's lot of new moving parts on this team like last year you have all these new players that they have to incorporate and on top of that they have a new head coach with a coaching staff that he is not familiar with all of them have to get to know each other very fast with a trip to China China in between all of that so you could see how the Lakers could potentially you know have a little bit of a rocky start or mentioned what could possibly go wrong <hes> when when you management how long has that been around for load manage lower manage started last year was coined last year who who who coined the phrase Lebron Lebron Kawai it started with Hawaii I think but I think it started with the first time I actually remember hearing of it was when Lebron sat out at Golden State and I and all of a sudden it was load manager after he came back from there but I believe low management comes from quiet. It's funny how fast things become like so normal now now. Everybody knows that the water cooler slowed managed within the the idea though that they will have to load manage Lebron in year seventeen A._d.. Now in your eight do you give them nights off independently. Yes I think the Lakers and Lebron and a DIS squad and team they are going to figure <music> out a plan and it's going to they probably will have to try to figure out on independent nights. This isn't going to be like San Antonio Spurs where everybody sets out in certain nights love the upsets to commission. That's the way to do that. That's the way pop chose to do. It take on Saturday night when they were supposed to be on T._v.. Televised let's sit down city and Tony Parker. Let's put in Ben Answer questions with a straight face. There's some consideration like do they do it at home or on the road and I think they're like Lebron is actually very good about this. He takes into consideration knowing that when he goes on the road their kids at bought tickets you know the parents so they could watch implies especially the Eastern Conference Games where you know you only come in one time but the idea idea that all right realistically I think Lakers fans can expect Lebron James Your hope or Lebron James to play at this point seventy two games seventy seven. I'll say seventy two games right if you're Laker fan and you tell me the in June. I say you got seventy two regular season Games outta Lebron. You gotta be accurate caveat. They're like okay seventy games but you'll be in the thick of the playoff just talking for the load manage because that's seventy game seventy two again same for a D. eighty seven in your career. He's averaged sixty six games a year because he's had some injuries. His injuries aren't as number refund on the ticket when they don't play no. Oh seventy gay spend money at seventy games right. Well wow so I think all A._D.. Played seventy five games two years in a row prior to this last season when he had the whole little trade hiccup and all that stuff so end look when I ask a D. about load management. I really wasn't asking him personally. I just said hey what is low Benjamin media. This big trend the N._B._A.. And then he took it personally and was like Oh. I'm I'm going to play. I'm going to play eighty two games well but look are going to say no. You got seventy five regular season games. You're pretty happy Oh yeah so of those seven in the overlap with Lebron tend to find happiness though to me I don't mind if he plays seventy games or even sixty five as long as you make the playoffs and he's ready to go comply off time fernow. You're playing sixty five games Lebron Sixty Five A._D.. That's tough 'cause they're either missing the Games together or they're not on the Florida yet and that's the whole point was. That's that's where Kyle Kuzma has to be huge to season because healthy yes. He's the one guy that's the young legs on this team gene that's going to be the guy is going to have to carry them on certain nights. You know what I mean. He's he's got to be more than just the the number three guy. He's he's GonNa have to be. The Guy is going to be the number one guy on some nights when Lebron eight era listen sixty five. You're planning you know sixty if I gave Lebron is sixty five games A._D.. Reason why Toronto Raptors success last year during load management because they won those games when those when he was out they were seventeen in four so one of those games they obliterated the Lakers at staples on Sunday afternoon. I remember that so it's a lot of trust though you know I was thinking about the other A._D.. In town and I wouldn't be surprised if the rams started to take care of him a little bit you WanNa make sure you maximize his his longevity so at some point you might see him on the bench for an extended period and but you have to trust in the guy that's on the field not just the coaches the player because if it starts to sag he's going to trot his but right back on the field so same both abroad you have to have a guy like Kyle Kuzma who's who can carry the team or guess what he's not going to sit. He's going to play eighty two because he wants to win. WHO's the guy for the rams that if Aaron Donald does such explosive load management or they do take off office series or two or a players who is that WHO's the cow who's into this is funny situation? I don't know there's a competition greg gains. They just drafted Sebastian. Joseph Day didn't play a snap all season. They're expecting a lot out of them. We haven't seen it so so that guy has yet to reveal himself so we'll see stuff you can look for into preseason but this is what I'm talking about like when he does take himself out if he feels like I need a blow and runs to the sideline you he has to trust the guy that's going in to. At least I keep it. Even you know what I mean or he's going to run his but back on the field got to be honest. I saw the video of Aaron Donald working our their shirt stand at the Mamba Academy. Get it yeah guys not taking any Jeff Saturday Jeff Saturdays. A former senator loved the guy. We have some mutual friends. He said he's going to be the M._V._p.. For the next three years aeronautical <hes> and it's hard for me to disagree I don't see anybody close at all the same run dominance that you saw Lebron when he was head and shoulders above everyone in basketball the best player player on the planet. I don't see anyone drafted or playing right now. That could really block him one on one who do you compare them to among the all time greats John Randall John Randall Warren Sapp. I mean any sort of dominant interior your your guy but this is on a whole different level. Eric Henderson is their new D. Line coach. I think he's got the toughest job in the world. You're coaching a guy that's coming off a twenty and a half sack season and your job is to make him better how no one's been that high from that spot. You know what I mean yeah. How do you make that guy better? It's hard so yeah I mean load management and making sure Lebron A._D.. Taking those days off you have to make sure that the guy like you said if it's Kyle Kuzma is capable enough to carry the team or they're not going to sit and that's GonNa make everything or you have like you know. Remember the giants <hes> back in the day. You should have pass rusher after passer show at the pass rusher rotate them in yeah. You know what I mean. You just have a rotation of guys I would say this. If you could find a way to limit Aaron Donald's rundowns you know take take five or six first downplays away from him. Let the rookie take the pounding. If the rookie does well great so now you're passing situation. Put Ninety nine back in the game but let the young kid earning but if you're down if you're up obviously you want your best playmakers on the field but she want them to be as great as they can for as long as they can so part of that has to do with what's the phrase load management coming soon to the N._F._l.. Management Talk coming up next how ties into all this N._F._l.. Stuff plus demarcus GONNA explain this justice from email. Thanks Dude you. Justice memo really Bagel Legal Guy Bagel boss Guy Yes. This is the same laid on it. Already is being of E._S._P._N.. L._A. Sodano show on a Friday summertime Ben Lines filling in for George along with Yoma Sirkin demarco far just found out that owns Michigan State get oh yeah diehard spartan big time sparty guys enjoy the rest of show. You didn't go to Michigan. Did you go combination in college sports. I've head coaching football and Basketball Michigan State no close Michigan State. Yes MARCANTONIO's Tom Izzo. That's Cardi guys sparty Jesus wow it'd be hard by one Howard harbaugh each day. It's called a steak. Juwan Howard Howard just getting started which is an star that's right. We're GONNA continue the tradition die hard for four years in a row with Michigan guys first round draft picks which are teams who won the Rosebowl last. Oh boy that Michigan Yeah Well No. What is the last two beat Ohio state? All I know is that my coach Michigan State Your Mayer on another station today my skin crawl here in that guy talk about heartaches and complain about his schedule at Florida shut up and the way I ran into Chris Webber in Sacramento and Chris Webber. Neither the neighbor your book Weber Ni- same age we both Kinda like we know similar friends because all my floor Michigan state my freshman year were a couple people that went to high school of Chris Webber Detroit Country Day by the way St Bomber Detroit Country Day. I talked about this yesterday so I saw web and I sit and we've known for a long time and I said you are now. You've got to go back to Michigan. I know you went back Jim Harbaugh but no now you gotta go back. John is back and he was like yeah. He's going back spoke. Go back was just be there. I Hate I hate the University of Michigan. Oh you don't understand how much how much hatred for then school no no. I didn't want to go that. We'll get you wouldn't you. You WanNa go there but I have love for the Fab Five. I love Jalen rose right back to Michigan now. They you know you can fill them in once they had jim harbaugh brought back. Yeah Jim Harbaugh brought him back. I believe the Fab five is still not honored in that stadium with their banners have been taken down and stuff. Who's part of a larger legal case so you know there's a friend at school as to cheat? That's up Mateen cleaves the car. Whatever that squad changed Robert tractor-trailer and also to Chris Webber wouldn't associated himself with the by for a long time you know so now with John Howard he's like the anchor of all all those guys and they have so much respect for him so that's why he's GonNa? He's going doesn't Jalen go out of a few times. It'll be has now John that seat. I had these conversations all the time. You'll like this would rob Pelinka. I saw Rop Linka play because I went to Michigan State Games when they played Michigan and rob was there so we often talk about the five times right so this entity this this once in a lifetime basketball phenomenon is still resonating in the culture is still something that basketball offense care about still has impact on the game. Are People talking about like Sean respite that's my guy my shoes in the big ten sean wrestler lit up the fat five one year Michigan though within Arbor. Let's let's talk about this justice for memo guy what happened to the point for mental. You saw the video video his wife his girlfriend. What have you went beserk on him? Why are we getting all these videos and I love his cameras? Now I love it. You love it. Yes I want to see more. I love Bagel boss going off. I love all the seeds now now. If I were there and then situation would I be pulling my phone recording everything I don't know I would. When I saw Bagel Bagel guy you would record that you have to by the way you patted my father? I asked for Pretty Prince Union. We're on less doesn't that remind remind you that Jerky boys do you remember. I know I'm gaining myself now. It sure is Turkey boys one hundred percents great call but I think I think justice for memo that plane shot that is worse than Bagel. They have to see it gets better. It gets better all my bro- radio. LET AIR ON. Hey you know we can explain it to and you can't really see them. Fear of either forty forty she yes. She had a bad mouth bad temper. Oh my guess long story short. <hes> woman hits man over the top explain. Why first of all I she's yelling at him because she says you need to stop looking at other women doing it right then? I don't clearly must happen right before. Maybe I don't know maybe a hot woman was walking down the aisle or or it could've been on his instagram. He's on instagram looking at women that meets down. Come on you could flip through you know you can't flip through Atlanta big booty <music> so he gets called the cookie jar. He's looking at other elderly sees she's very of set now. She wouldn't take into consideration there. In a confined space airplanes attendance now our there on top of the situation telling her she needs to calm down. She's only getting more agitated and there's two guys in the row in front one guy he's got his. He's got his glasses on looking like biggie and he's just Chilin. The two guys is in front amazingly. They are just kind of like calm and collect one guy. I've never heard anything like this before my life yeah you don't go away. People are just like go away. Please let this go where there's a kid crying in other words. She told her husband that I wear the pants. Yes yes it otherwise fans though didn't use pain didn't use pants hoop a laptop and Jan.. He gets up w he he's sitting on the inside he gets up walks over her would look like it was an excellent uh-huh and he's like oh regular but he's he says you're abusing me results or something the and he's GonNa lead the plane and she was assaulting you and she gets up and you sir and then she takes a laptop W._W._e.. Style and just mash smashes visit our heads had and I think she had a flight attendant because then you fight holding her head to Yup Dude Yup and then and then another attendance there may the pilot and he's just like we're gonNA. We're going to put you down for assault and she's like do it so you know what I saw when she was bad news and I knew she sitting in the back of the plane and coach and she goes upstairs to the overhead compartment to get her bag and she pulls out all the Gucci and Louis Vitton lawyers sit in the back macos from like Dallas. I see going wow. I think they were going from Miami to L._A.. Yeah they would really back from Ecuador Yeah and you get out here just for this guy and lives in l.. Run KAMILO right now. I fight at Center for T._W._A.. In the seventies and eighties and his store he w I hear about some guy you know how demarco you'll be traveling for the rams. Bring your suits in a suit bag. Some guy brought his mother and a soon. Come on Man Really WanNa pay for the flight no way really great way my mom calling some crazy flight attendants stories right now drunk guys get on car till we get it right now. I just wild stuff. She might be is dead mother in a bag planes. How does she know she opened it? I think everyone realized what it didn't fit the overhead that there's a body in there that suits is maybe a little. We need to call her right now. Norman Bates needs to call her right now. She tried to smell. I want to talk to the girl that hit memo. He's these videos of Bagel boss Justice for memo. It reminds you that they're people walking around and live in their lives out there with so much anger and so much tension and frustration that in the one little thing happens bowl they just go off really scary isn't that there's not enough time in your life to to really Kinda. Hold that much anger inside of you and if and if somebody you're with who makes you that angry we don't need to be with that person. Oh what did he do. I do know this was not something that happened right then. This was build up for her to react like that. This has been going on for a while regardless of that type of rage yeah now. It looks like sometimes it just takes a very little thing the trigger somebody sometimes it can be very controlling. I've certainly been with my share of ex-girlfriends. Who've been crazy like you don't know something the this hand and his hair saying right see a good guy writing for the wrong guy? Thank you gentlemen for exposing such culture to speed read Ben Lines don hanging out with over DeMarco e._S._p._N.. E._S._P._N. L._A.. Van Lines filling in for Sodano to Marco far from Oh. Oh my friend Reef beat friend reef made this beat. I really WANNA get into the big news of the day obviously with you DEMARCO. You are all things L._A.. Rams Sean McVeigh less need signing up for four more years and winning football hopefully here in Los Angeles agreeing to extensions in two thousand twenty three terms of the deals not yet disclosed but knowing that Sean McVeigh has never been out of first place in his six hundred plus days since being the rams head coach. This is a great move and I'm excited. It's a no brainer right. I mean you you have to get it done. We were talking about this when I guess right in the middle of talking about Todd Gurley and his knee injury is really really hurt or what and then jared Goff getting paid thirty some odd million bucks and I'm thinking okay you have to think of your head coaches well to write. This guy has earned it so at some point. You'RE GONNA wind up extending him. I'm glad we're not talking numbers. I'm glad this thing didn't turn ugly. You know what I mean that both sides were were amicable what they offered and what he took were commensurate and less need is is tied into it you know for the most part with Gray Robinson aside. I think less need has drafted a fantastic football team really built a great foundation for success and I think they've really taken advantage of that rookie contract. Contract for your quarterback. You're able to have a blank check for the rest of the football team because your quarterback is on the cheap and by the time that you have to pay him. He's ready to take over as as a franchise quarterback I think you're just about their jared goff so they have played this thing perfectly. In my opinion I still think schedule and I think people forget that we are also excited. They made it to the Super Bowl. We'll so excited at Fisher left and they became a real football team and went to the playoffs in that second year but this is only year four and just this show up in town and all of a sudden be deep into the playoffs deepen January. Every year we started to take for granted around here feels good well. I mean you're going to have to ask them highs and I think you're living the high right now. You're almost there. You almost beat the Patriots you almost have the chance to come back as is defending champs at some point. Every franchise is going to go through a low and going through a low here is a nightmare. You know what I mean because when you're not winning in Los Angeles it's really really tough relevant real absolutely so to make sure you pat yourself. When you you do hit a low make sure your highs are high and when you have a good team a good nucleus and you're on a good role you supplement that for as long as you can was how many more years were on his deal? Is he coming up on. I think he had to more to go. It's interesting this. This is his third season coming up. Yeah it's interesting. You never have coaches. Hold out. No I mean they've ever coach no but I mean not have that no not at all but some coaches I mean they do raise a stink when they start talking about their own contract. It's pretty much such a bad situation. Anyway never got that far then. You're seeing a guy who's got two years left on his deal. In Anthony Davis demand for trade. See Guy was two years left on his deal Ezekiel Elliott decide to hold out. I he's running by the way Steve. Kerr didn't like the Anthony Davis that yeah yeah expound on that a little bit we have a sound familiar receive curves talking about the Anthony Davis contract and yeah. I think basically he was just like it's not a good precedent for the N._B._A.. When you have a star who's under CONTRACT CONTRACT FORCE A train his Steve Talking about as a former player I I always sort of <hes> lean towards player empowerment? You know guys you know who have earned their right to free agency. If they WANNA WANNA make a move and then you know make a move to their own careers. I'm Bob. I'm all for it <hes>. They've earned that right. <hes> my only issue is Linda player. WHO's under contract? <hes> decides not to honor the contract <hes>. I think that's a that's a problem and that's something that could really affect the league. I think <hes> you know I think there's a way to to move and there's a way to not move and <hes> you know one Lebron. Did you know played out his contract. <hes> what what Kevin did <hes> you know. Both twenty arrived in Golden State when he left <hes> you know you signed contracts you <hes> you play them out and you move on <hes>. That's how it should be done but a little disturbing that verstehen some movement you know kind of you know some some action that's happened before. Contracts are up where teams are sort of held hostage in the League is sort of felt hostage. I'm not a big fan of that. I think that's damaging for everybody. That's coach Steve Kerr on the Golden State Warriors Insider podcasts talking about the Anthony Davis Trade and here's somebody just in speak so candidly about another player on another team well yeah. I mean well coming from where he's at. He's a head coach and I I love Steve Kerr. He speaks his mind and he's usually on point. Do we not forget. There's been a history of stars who tried to force trades throw. It doesn't matter what generation that is. You know like I cover. Jason Kidd New Jersey toward the end. He wanted to try enforced trade out eventually he did. He was traded to Dallas. There's always players that end up at requesting trades now. It's whether or not that team wants honored or not you know what I mean and if that player then becomes a headache and enforces is way out and then so be but this happened throughout the test time well. Is it trade me out of here or now. It seems like I can pick my spot yeah. You know what I'm saying. I think it might be anywhere but here loss angeles. Kyra kept me out right yeah Anthony. Davis said he wanted to go to Los Angeles but look New Orleans was going to look into trading him. Other places turns David Griffin you know worked along with with Los Angeles and got got a huge hall for that but I mean you you know look at Paul George Right Paul George traded to Lakers in the Indiana decided to trade into Oklahoma City. They're gonNA take the best package possible so it doesn't mean like if you asked for trade. You're going to get exactly what you wanted. Just happen to happen this summer to mean and Janas honest talked to be honest like two weeks ago about this like it's crazy. It's like one guy says I want to be treated exactly to the spot and it's happening and he's like I'm all for player empowerment. He's like but it is crazy what's happened. That's not cool for the League of you. I agree with him there. If you can't hold all these guys who their contracts and what power do you have over them but go ahead. I'm going to say I mean contracts are guaranteed correct <hes> so they can't dump you like they can in the N._F._l.. No matter what the content big difference between the N._F._l.. In the N._B._A. is that basically in the N._F._l.. Players there's a paranoid culture because they don't have guaranteed contracts can don't you want to whereas players in the N._B._A.. They're like their own corporations. They're not scared of the coach not scared of the general manager because they have their own money so if I have you under contract and you can still I got I got you for two more years and you can still find a way out of town N._S.. Look look if I have a powerful agent and I say I WANNA be traded to Washington and play for the wizards. It doesn't mean that that might teams no trade. If you have the right agent you can make that happen. That's what it seems like possible but also to this helps teams. <hes> Steve Kerr doesn't realize what is a D do does. He say that you know the PELICANS company. 'em Hey thinking about staying well. Let's just see let's just wait it out and then they waited out in the lead gets gets nothing nothing. The PELICANS get nothing so it's great. That guy is upfront about what he wants to do. It's oems points been going on for years not only with the star players oftentimes. It's a role player a malcontent someone who thinks their star but is not look look like like Steve Kerr's point. Is You signed a contract with the team honor it like I when I covered the nets early on they signed Alonzo Mourning in free agency Alonzo Mourning got there and then all of a sudden the team was sold and all the sudden the new owner who came in wanted to do everything on the cheap and not content anymore and so he didn't Wanna pay Kenyon Martin a huge extension especially because can you had knee issues while Alonzo mourning then said I think I didn't sign on for this. I signed to contend with with the team. That's what Jason Kidd Kinda convinced me to do so Alonzo mourning forced ads for trade and then wanted a buyout okay 'cause 'cause they weren't going to train so then they ultimately ended up finding a place for him. They made a trade for Vince Carter. Does that compared to the Pelicans where were they were. They D- I thought they were trying to contend or were they screwing that up to Anthony they did. They did have a team that made the playoffs and kind of pushed away a little bit that one year <hes> and then obviously last year the two years ago they they the upset Portland but Anthony Davis I think after why he he he wanted to complete with Lebron. That's it not in Los Angeles. Okay okay well. Let's you know what I mean. If you're in New Zealand's is just kind of like the same now they'd had demarcus cousins right but then demarcus gifts tours achilles and things started going downhill from New Orleans. None of these clouds seemed to be hanging over the rams. They've gotten girly paid. They've gotten donald paid. They got through Donald sitting out a camping girly thing okay the girly thing up in the air wait. That's a cloud well. It's clouded the results not in terms of it's not a lady L. Walking out. I don't think it's a health cloud. I think it's a forecast because we we don't know if he comes see. I think todd is going to have a great season but if he turns out this knee is worse than we thought then that's a cloud. That's a problem because you've already paid. It's a mistake but it's not the energy of him. Sitting is the Ezekiel Elliott Michael. Thomas could've got honey around. It could've ugly with Aaron Donald Except you're dealing with a professional rational. You know what I mean so they haven't had that situation. I don't think you're going to have that situation for Awhile Oh so let me let us get back to that so you're saying they're dealing with. The professional professional in that situation is Aaron Donald Yes oftentimes in these holdouts. You think the player is an acting professionally well. Sometimes sometimes I mean like let's take Melvin Gordon and I think Philip rivers just fired a shot you know towards his camp. The they've got several guys they can carry the rock for the chargers right so he's telling him hey look man. This is dangerous for you. It could be another John on Connor situation in Pittsburgh Bells out. They're supposed to go southwell connor steps in and has a great season so look whoever carries the rock for the chargers is going to have success. I think that's what you're saying here a player on that roster and Philip Rivers says that are you now because remember that that Pittsburgh situation it felt like it Kinda split the locker room of a little bit divided them a little bit if Philip Rivers says that he doesn't sound like he's on Melvin Gordon side and this this hold out is a whole locker room GonNa just go behind Philip rivers. They have all right well. He's the leader he's right. I mean he's the thing that makes it go but that's not good for Melvin Gordon. He's I think he's just trying to do the guy a solid. Hey man look together. We can do a lot of things but even without you. I'm still going to have success. He was doing a Masala. He would say well the organization we really need him. They should pay him true through like maybe on bell right sitting out. He actually what he did. Sign took less money so this whole thing he saved himself a year football but he's making less money than what they offered in Pittsburgh so he lost on that front. We're going to get more to the to the <hes> status of a couple of guys holding out in camp including Levy on bells La- last year but this year it's Ezekiel Elliott Michael Thomas and a bunch of other guys Melvin Gordon of course and we WanNa talk about football because we love football. We know you love football. I know Demarco you love the beach. Sh you love the rum. Dang right your whole bound you love Europe. Would you hear Mason say Aloha Ramle Good Luck and say Mahalo later in the five o'clock hour during our show today this Donald show which you can hear every day on E._S._p._N.. Noaa be caller number seven eight seven seven seven ten E._S._p._N.. That's caller number seven and eight seven seven seven ten E._S._p._N.. And you'll qualify for the Rams Hawaii flyway now. I am not eligible to win but I'm going to enter Sir trip cl- includes two tickets to the rams cowboys game on eight seventeen roundtrip airfare for Hawaii enter. If you can't win I want to chance to go to Hawaii can't win four nights hotel accommodations private tour of the Claw Rum distillery. Did I get right yeah Koloa Rum distillery thanks to our good friends at Colo- landing resort at this one. I'M NOT GONNA get Poipu Poipu Chiampou nice and cow Hawaii's colusa rub company. GotTa love a wide by fourteen letters down there. It's the best craters a single batch world-class wine rum's tasty aloha joy responsibly deadlines don't for Sodano Law Ben Lines hanging out here this Donald Show along with demarco and omen these the kind of questions you get during the break from all on a Friday last week on the show. We talked about flesh-eating bacteria and grossed out Andy Cam Naski. I have seen that stuff. Actually I've had to staph infections in the bone on my knee. Oh my God and high school happening freshman year sophomore year you but the stuff that's going on like this lady who had it in San Diego's on that says she didn't have a cut and she got it and she didn't going to water man. It's amazing. You're you're healthy. Take for granted. It's that one thing they can change on the drop of Diorite. Let's not go down that road. I WANNA share some some funds guys. Yes the OBAMAS High School Basketball Jerseys Auction region really number under twenty really twenty three twenty three wow no demarcus cousins are shot a picture on instagram of him in <hes> in Obama together. We're hanging out and pro well. I know demarcus cousins in Vegas Vegas. Maybe that'd be fun of I've is go basketball. Jersey once worn by President Obama is up for auction. Starting Bid was twenty five thousand dollars the auction company however expects the garment itself for at least a hundred thousand dollars when bidding ends August seventeen. Wow I re tweeted that on my twitter. I am Ben Lions story on C._N._N.. Obama's Jersey going for one hundred thousand dollars. What would you bid more for Obama's Jersey or Prince Jersey well? We we see the both play basket Francis Jersey sponsors and prints on the Chapelle show yes the legend of Prince Right Purple. Thanks from the Hawaii High School. It says to now are now yeah. It's pretty fresh. We'll do that. Well Nike's GonNa Sit Right. It's gotTa be Princess Jersey. You think so because it's Prince right right. How big is the real small? We're talking about some of the holdouts around the League Melvin Gordon here in town of course it'll be Wagner's Seattle. How do you make Bobby Wagner wait for his money Bobby Wagner in your by the way the N._F._l.? Always at odds with itself because the guys WanNa get paid for okay do in the future they done in the past right Sean McVeigh like we can't do that in the future Sean McVeigh offensive coach. Yes fair enough perception. Pete Carroll is a defensive minded coach. Your best player is Bobby Wagner. The thing that makes you go as a head coach he has everything to you and you're making him wait for his money. That doesn't make sense at all Razi clouds. I was talking hanging over over an organization with the rams. Did it last year for Aaron Donald Why they make him wait I do you think you can actually get better than Bobby Wagner or be okay without the terms of his deal what he's asking for but he's definitely on the wrong side of his prime. He wants just espe- paid Russell Yeah. He wants seventeen million yeah there was a linebacker. Oh God he just left Baltimore. Got A big deal another inside linebacker this making seventeen year. That's what happens. That's the contract you look around the League and see what other guys isn't that fair. If you're the best at your position and then somebody signs for more than you at that position yes and no they should come to you and say you know we'll just make this right but every teams constructed differently every team has done a different time line it happens with quarterbacks all the time seahawks always always have these financial disputes with defensive players. They did it with Tommy Yeah. Earl Thomas is so mad at peak carol that one he flipped them off to guess hasn't apologize. I mean I think you're seeing a Josefina just got into say that he doesn't regret it all not at all right and I think they paid him something like forty something million bucks and he was upset two years later because guys were making more money than him well yeah. He's the best safety in the game. The only way to make it right is to make him the highest paid safety in the game yeah but the the seahawks just paid Russell Wilson not long ago. That's always the problem when once you start paying your quarterback and the rams are gonNA run into this at some point once you start paying one guy a ton of money. You're GONNA start hemorrhaging good player this goes. This is what so messed up in the N._F._l.. I'm GonNa read off to view the sixth highest paid quarterbacks from last season and you tell me why some of this is new money. Some of this is new money because I bet you're going to bring up kirk cousins of course we're GONNA bring up. Her cousins. Third Highest paid quarterback last year twenty eight million dollars highest paid quarterback last year in Michigan State Spartan Kirk Right. That's no playoffs because I didn't say you just can't pay mahomes yet but look if I'm the rams and I've look at this all right Aaron Rodgers thirty three and a half million dollars. Don't make the playoffs fair but no one of the best quarterbacks in the lead the playoffs one of the best quarterback deserve the money he of course he deserves the money but look what happens to your team when the Thai raking by they had other issues going on the coach and everything like that Matt Ryan Thirty Million Dollars Atlanta Falcons coming off an M._v._p.. Season yeah the super millions right. They'll make the playoffs. The biggest example is like Joe Flacco they were Super Bowl team. They paid flocco and now they they went to the bottom but they went back. Mediocrity Kirk cousins Jimmy last year twenty seven and a half million but he got injured. I get it Matt Stafford was the fifth highest paid quarterback man look he's. He's just the quarterback version of Barry Sanders missing males. They can't six excise break quarterback in the league last year. was somebody played at the State of California Garoppolo though Oh what's his name in get too excited and Oakland that's right there cards twenty seven billion. They don't make the playoffs how much twenty seven months yeah so now you could the quarterbacks who got paid this year. WHO's a quarterback who got paid a big Russell Wilson just got paid? They're not going to make the files. No they made the playoffs last year this year I I would take that bet you want to see I've Seattle makes files or not if holding out bobby pay quarter and win the rams win the N._F._C. West Seattle is not going to be far behind at all and the third of the division and when you do separate you know the teams that are going home in December January and the teams that are moving on Seattle is going to be there Seattle's going uh-huh yeah to the to the N._F._c. play take that back last year was supposed to be a rebuilding year. They were supposed to be rebuilding that football team and they made the playoffs. Yeah that's see San. Francisco is a mess now. San Francisco is going to be better. They'd be most improved team. They're GONNA be the second best division are you. Were you are we. Are you willing to put yes. I'll bet on Jimmy Garoppolo being great exactly you know who is the forty nine and I just I'm and if he fails everybody's going the trend is when your quarterback sound a rookie deal. That's when you have success the opposite of that has to be when you pay your quarterback a ton of money right you don't have and I mean you could also be like the Pittsburgh steelers now. You haven't won a super bowl in awhile but you're always in contention but he's not a tie and remember whenever Aaron Rodgers is on the field with few exceptions. He's always the best guy on the field. You know what I mean. The packers might have beaten the rams if they didn't get the ball out on kickoff remember birthright. That was if rogers gets the ball back. That story changes a lot so he's worth the cash and you're still in contention if you have a great quarterback. Are you happy if the rams make jared goff atop five paid quarterback in the N._F._l.. How can you say no especially let's see he he he gets better? He was just in the super bowl and he gets better going into his fourth year starts to become the leader of the football team. The team is winning even with Todd Gurley sitting on the bench. How can you say not paying him? What's your what's your reason are you in is? Would you pay somebody. He's a top five quarterback. Your team can't move forward you have to I think you have to when you find the guy you pay the guy anything life to mark okay you life can take you a million different directions long. Anything Jameis Winston I think is in year I five right so this is his make or break it. Can you imagine Jameis Winston as a backup yeah if he doesn't succeed this year. That's what's going to happen but I think he's jared. Goff is head and shoulders above those guys I think he's but the door of elite goff the do you believe. Do you believe office a top five quarterback right now okay but you're willing to pay him as a tough quarterback I think you have to that's just the way the market's going with quarterbacks. Why do you but if you see the market go off? You can't win what had happened. It happened before when Sam Bradford came out of college when the the rookie pay scale was a lot of wacky made more money signing his name to a contract than most guys had made in their whole careers that changed SD at some points. I think the economics of football will change. The guy grew up in Washington D._C.. I grew up in Washington fan but I understood and and I am Michigan State Guy. I still understood why Washington didn't play paker cousins. You know why they we didn't pay. I understand that you understood why they didn't pay yeah. He's he's average upgraded a quarterback and they say righty so Washington actually Alex Smith Yeah. I don't think that's an upgrade. No I mean either. I do I if it isn't a slight at the cost if it is that slight to me but I mean it's not necessarily that Washington like. Why didn't they pay him? It's like why did Minnesota pay him that much money well. What did you see him that Washington didn't I think the ribs can pay attention to what's going?

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