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Support for this podcast comes from American Express director of global sales strategy. Chase Hines explains how American Express works with their customers to find the right financial solution for their business is a lot like solving a puzzle each customer's different each businesses different. We really want to understand what your goals are for the year for three years out. And what would extra financing do to help you achieve those aspirants? One of our customers is a long standing family run restaurant. And the sun's dream was to open up a second location. Finances are a little bit tough as they were just running the business, and we were able to partner with him understand exactly what he needed and help them open up that second location and now they're onto their third. So whether it's a need to open a second location or fulfil. Big new order. We wanna make sure that we're there for you along that journey American Express wants to help you move your business forward with flexible financing solutions chat with them today to see if your eligible. Or visit American Express dot com slash business. To learn more. Terms apply. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Amy held some of President Trump's allies are speaking out against reported federal plans to fly hundreds of migrants weekly, from the Mexico border to Florida, Republican governor Rhonda Santa says his state cannot accommodate them, it'll tax our resources the schools, the healthcare law enforcement state agencies customs and border protection officials say, there are no immediate plans in the works to transport families to Florida, the US has lifted punishing tariffs on imports of Mexican and Canadian steel and aluminum as Dan carpenter reports Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is welcoming. The move Trudeau says the tariffs twenty-five percent on steel in ten percent on aluminum were a major barrier to moving forward with the new North American Free trade deal. Now that they've been lifted the two governments can set a timeline for ratification of that deal. Washington and Ottawa will lift the tariffs and Canada's countermeasures within forty eight hours and end all litigation before the WTO. Oh, Austria's vice-chancellor has resigned after a video emerged appearing to show him offering government contracts in exchange for political support NPR's Ana Norris. Kiev has more from Berlin, a video film secretly on the Spanish island visa shortly before Austria's election in two thousand seventeen shows Hines Cassange speaking to a woman posing as a Russian investor. He appears to offer her lucrative contracts in exchange for assistance with his party's media campaign. The woman also offers to buy fifty percent stake in Austria's cone, inside them to use the newspaper to support his far-right party, MRs Toco, whose parties, first leader was a form, as, as officer told media outlets did while he apologized for what he called drunken behaviour portrayed in the film. He had been the victim of legal entrapment, Austrian chancellor Sebastian codes, under opposition pressure to hold new elections. For NPR news. I'm on on our sketch villain. Vice President Mike Pence is set to deliver the commencement address at Taylor university in Indiana today. It's an event. Jellicoe school in his home state, but Indiana public broadcasting's barb on Jonah reports. The vice president is still facing a backlash within weeks of Taylor university, announcing vice president Pence would deliver the commencement address, change dot org. Petition garnered thousands of signatures. It's at Pence, does not reflect the university's Christian values in part, because of his support of President Trump Taylor spokesperson, Jim Gehring says Pence was invited to speak by university officials during the national prayer breakfast. He is open about his Christian faith, which we share. So we believe that it's going to be a good day. It's not clear whether any students plan to protest during the vice president's address for NPR news. I'm Barbara guillano in Fort Wayne. Indiana Argentina's, former president Cristina Fernandez to Kirchner has announced a vice presidential bid in October elections. She says her former cabinet chief Alberto Fernandez will head the ticket. This is NPR news. Democrats in congress are considering how to enforce a subpoena for President Trump's tax returns, the chairman of the House Ways and means committee says the documents are needed to help congress investigate whether the IRS is properly auditing a sitting president, but Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has refused to comply with Friday's deadline possibly sending the matter to the courts. Mnuchin says there is no legitimate legislative purpose in turning over six years of the president's tax returns, five time Olympic champion swimmer. Nathan Adrian is back in the water racing for the first time since December. Greg, Lynn reports from Bloomington, Indiana, that the swimmer has been battling to stickier cancer. Adrian finished fourth in the one hundred meter freestyle sprint, but considering his continuing cancer treatments the thirty year old felt like swimming a victory lap though. Adrian return to the environment. He's most comfortable with it's going to be a while. He says, before things are back to normal. We're probably not going to until two years from now. I don't have to do MRI's and bloodwork every couple of months, but this is a huge component of that. Adrian says he wasn't ready to retire from racing and shouted competing in the Tokyo Olympics next year isn't out of the question for NPR news. I'm Gregg Clinton Bloomington, Indiana, officials at a Portland, Oregon high school are praising to students who informed staff of concerning behavior by another student on Friday, a coach and security guard then found the student armed with a gun and tackled him. They detained the student until police arrived and made an arrest. All students and staff at park rose high school are safe. This is NPR news.

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