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Alot I declared for the NFL draft. Those seven words spike Hyler Murray, they believed that he likes baseball, but wolves football that was in his us up picking up the baseball bat, and I'm not looking back. You know, seeing some faces. I like the fact that we beat them. I don't think anyone would have believed that he'd be fighting opportunities. Come. We have to say. For him his young player. I would sit it down Jim beg. I am another win over the number one ranked team in the country. I compare role players that play LeBron James to house cats, and we'll bras not there. They have to become alley cats. Welcome to the Friday four outside the lines. I'm Ryan Smith so much to get to today. Big changes at Michigan state. Lebron is house cats. No, that's not a bad. Jeremy sitting next to soldier boy on the plane. Then you have so much talk about truth. Yeah. Test most biggest thing about that. Right now. Only. We'll get to that. But we begin with our big story. The biggest poise of the week isn't quite a choice yet hasn't been decided on declaring for the NFL draft. And now let the battle begin between football teams that want him and baseball teams that are looking like they have to have him. I mean, that's the thing. Here will baseball win the bid for Kyla Murray. It is it's a fascinating battle between baseball and football. Both of them seem to need him. Right there for valid for to be valid one of the things that I find. So fascinating about Murray's decision is if you look at the long view, he's got to go pro football, right? He's going to make more money. Nine years. It's the average for a first round pick for long jetty, which is fascinated any first round pick not just quarterbacks. I was blown away by that. And then the short view really wanna play Stockton in stopping Telefonia able as opposed to go into the show. So yeah, the sweepstakes between baseball and football baseball doing everything in their power to get them. But I think if he's making purely financial decisions gotta go football. I grew up on this is the right decision. Not just I pocket book. But what's clearly in his heart is well, the kid loves football. But I'm more interested in this. How he can change the way the NFL views quarterbacks, obviously, he's at the low end of the height requirements or the height prototype for NFL quarterback eighty five nine maybe maybe. But here's the thing. This idea that there's a prototype is turned into sort of a mold like if you're outside of it. Then we don't consider you now while it might be ideal to be six four UNIFIL changing. It's more like the college game, and I just refuse to accept it. Just because you're outside the norm. Means you can't somehow successful five nine. I've watched this kid play. I've watched him beat my team's color Maury complete football in the NFL. This is all the striking me, though, is one of those combine situations where guy comes in blows you away the combine dozen credible job. I mean, look, he's very talented athletically, but what is interesting about this is he has become the story not only this week, but this off season since college football ended, and I wonder if teams are getting caught up in that hype a little bit because before this decision making process came up. He was ma- maybe third round or maybe second round or now it's surefire first round. I'm always little wary, though, when we say, he's gotta do this. This is what makes it right? We are all exceptional will old enough to remember when Bo Jackson. Everybody said Bo Jackson choosing football that there is no possible way. And he was much less of a sure thing in the eyes of many it wasn't a quarterback. He was not a quarterback, but at that point running backs whereas biggest quarterback it was a different NFL. And he was considered a transformative player at that position. He was considered one of the four five greatest running backs of all time. So it was inconceivable particularly Hugh Culverhouse who own the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the rights that I pick that he would choose baseball. And what it does say SIA. I don't like what you guys did. It got me disqualified from playing college baseball for a season. I believe in myself. I'm gonna go play baseball the long-term play. We all know the ceiling is higher in baseball. What are you going on jeopardy and earning potential if you're the best in the sport? What do you guys make of this? The idea that baseball seems to be going all inform and part of that pitch is sending this marketing team yet. You don't know one sing. Oh baseball player, excuse me. One single baseball player out. There isn't a household. Name is Mike trout a household name. What do you think about baseball's pitch to get him to stay, especially if he's favoring football. Let's us this question. If collar Murray were in baseball right now, if you're in the major leagues would he be the most famous baseball player second. Maybe you're put about household as Harper. I would love to Q rating Bryce Harper versus collar Murray Heisman Trophy winning quarterback column or versus Bryce Harper. I'm not trying to insult. No, no. I in England Keri Harper. This what does that say about baseball and their ability to promote stars that guy who won the Heisman better would come in? And be the all the marketing commercials, you want all that isn't gonna add up to three hundred million dollars. Which is what we're paying based -dorsements. They're not very rarely that much in football right asked balls different equation. But let let's talk about I believe the number something like there have been seventy five contracts and baseball that are one hundred billion dollars guarantee or more. There have been in football. What? Okay. So forget about marketing money lets us about salary, and let's talk about head trauma to let's talk about the long-term effects of playing football versus baseball. Let's talk about the likelihood of suffering career ending injury in one sport versus the other. They're lotteries choose baseball. All right. So we're. Oh, we're. I'm surprised I. You really wanna grind it out in Stockton, California. There's no guarantee he's ever even going to make it to the show. True. They're not they're up there. There is big upside potential financially with the NFL despite there, not being guaranteed contracts and the game has come to him to Will's point. So I I would be surprised if he goes the baseball. I appreciate Jeremy's gambling nature. I truly do. My goal for this metaphor. I love home run hitters, man. You're talking about there's potentially more money on the table in the long term with baseball. And you're right. But you're you're shying away from what is almost assuredly thirty five million dollars guaranteed in football building a five year contract for a first round quarterback. He's not going to get cut in those five. He's not gonna lose it, even if it's not guaranteed. So. The whole now go through that. How voters in baseball have made thirty five million dollars over the course of the age that leaders are not hot. That's a lot more than they're been. I don't know quarterbacks. I guarantee. All right. Well, I hope is watching because this is the discussion he's probably haven't around the dinner table. All right. So let's talk about a new category. We got here. Hot take the week. Now. Look there is nothing like a great hot take. We know that here it is. We'll knows that better than anybody. And by the way, the hot take this week, Tim Laker Legler took the Kate. I compare role players that play LeBron James to house cats. They get a warm saucer milk their belly rub. They lay by the fires very comfortable life and we'll abroad not there. They have to become alley cats and go out and hunt for their own food. And that's a hard just to make for any cat. Just now. I'll tell you one to be a house cat in Tim Legler's. But bottom line is it's accurate in some ways. I think some people have this misconception that hot takes somehow attention seeking inaccurate. There's just ideas. Others haven't thought of yet. This is Tim's right here. This is definitely one of the most if not the most original metaphors I've ever heard said about James, so I give it credit Pulitzer prize. The thing about it that I love it's almost diabolical because it's the best compliment you can give LeBron. But it froze a lot of shade. And a lot of people. Right. I mean, there are dozens of players that this is this is fraud under the, but I got guys like Beasley who showed up at the game without a short without that. Right. What's happening? But they win the fact that there were teammates in the bronze world. Another way of saying guess, who's not getting Lakers tickets anytime soon ninety becoming increasingly clear that it's very very difficult to play basketball with LeBron James. It's just a fact he still one of the greatest of all time, but it's hard to be around the greatest of all time. And so Tim is right but easier said than done to turn from a house cat to Anneli cat. We'll see if these house cats are alley cat. We're just getting a playoffs playing out this metaphor. What's wrong? Okay. Well, we'll take a break from because coming up Jerry Jones, keeping his options open of corporate talking Jerry Jones mills here, plus might be gone. Right. And and by the way, we've got Jason GARRETT'S future. Another big story there under reported stories end villains coming up. What is Jason guards future? Technology truth brought to you by. Truth. You will certainly send any text about your supervisor to your supervisor, what's Janet's bangs. Did she lose that without weed whacker? Sent wait. No, no, no, no, no truth. It's so easy to switch and save on car insurance at geiko dot com. Janet, I think my phone was hacked or something. Gogo fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. Welcome back. Let's talk about are under reported stories. Now, I know you're thinking how could Jerry Jones being under reported story will has found a way I knew he would I think this is I think this is genuinely under reported for the potential ramifications. There's been a lot of angst among Dallas cowboy fan base about coaching changes at a minimum offensive coordinator at a maximum head coach and it hasn't happened. And Jerry Jones went on one zero five three the fan in Dallas this week. And he said hold your horses, hold your horses. It just just just give it some time. Listen. Would I put some kind of statement out that says this is what we're going to do when we might have an opportunity here next week this at the time when these things are thought about this time when they're chewed on. This is the time when you may see an opportunity next week. It didn't know existed this week and the area of personnel are in the area coachie, and I'm not trying to be cute here. Really? So let me just get destroyed. There could be an opportunity that comes up in the next week or two could be interesting that seems to suggest somebody still playing. So I think the obvious answer is about Sean Payton are the cab was pull Sean Payton from the saints. If it's not John Peyton done. I don't know what we're talking about Pete Carmichael offensive coordinator for the saying I'll check Josh. Daniels. What are we talking about? If not Sean Payton, I think it's gotta be Shawn Payne right on these look Scotland Hannah's on a very short leash. He's in. He's in trouble. Right. So Lynn ahead. I would look at those comments and not feel too good about them. But with Jerry anytime Jerry Jones says I'm not trying to be cute. Here is trying. Teed and Jerry wants to keep all of his options open. He's got the heart of a riverboat gambler. And don't be surprised look he wants control and garett gives him that control and a head coach. But he's putting people on notice every single year the Super Bowl is what he wants to win more than anything else. He said he right. The biggest check ever. And I think this is his way of saying, I'm not totally satisfied. I know we were three and five and we were dying and Derek brought us back from the brink. But this is Garrett. But if he really cares. There's one position has changed. Joel doesn't matter that not happening. That's never going to happen. Chet cost. Four bill. Check cost two picks ourselves four picks. Gruden was four picks. I believe is two one two two. I don't know what it would cost to get, Sean. Available. Yeah. And we'll the saints ever let that happen. Come on. I don't know. We'll see. But by the way, another under reported story here involving a cowboy in a different former cowboy in a different sport. Greg hardy. No, let's let's let's talk about him because what's interesting is fighting on a UFC card. This is you have fight night on ESPN. His debut, and he's been inviting a lot of questions, of course, about is you have skills, but also about his past. He was asked recently by area, honing our reporter here on UFC about that past. Look. Opportunities. Come and you have to take him. That's that's the only thing that I'm doing. I wouldn't be. I would be just like everybody you're talking about the wants to hate me and wants to throw me away as human being and devalue me and act like I don't have words if I sat here and said, I'm upset with you. Because you have an opinion you're allowed to have an opinion that should not affect the way that I feel about you because you've done wrong me, man. All right now, you remember had multiple charges against multiple accusations of domestic abuse. What do you guys think about those comments? I look I mean, the issues here are more than two fold. Here's a guy who was convicted in a bench trial in Charlotte of assaulting a woman named the co holder. He demanded trial by jury he came to a financial settlement. Prosecutors say with his accuser the charges were dropped. His record was expunged. Technically has no criminal record in that matter. He lost his NFL career eventually, although Jerry Jones gave him a chance for one year. So the question here is do you deserve a second chance. Do you deserve a second chance sport? Are we going to say what I do? Remember is twenty three years ago right with Mike Tyson got out of risen twenty four years ago. In a convicted rapist, the debate was not whether he should be allowed to continue boxing that was that was just assumed it would be allowed to continue. And now we were to place a very different place in twenty nineteen where there are discussions. He lost his football career is now that he can't be an athlete at all. Right. And that's an interesting question. And it goes beyond just to fill off question of who we give second chances to there's also a standard of who we deprive of their ability to make a living based upon a lack of any particular conviction lack of any particular record. I don't know what our standard will be. If we start going down the road of well, you were put on trial. Well, you won on appeal. Well, you were accused when we start busting people out of careers. What standard will we abide by what the same thing then apply to someone like Kareem hunt? I mean, these questions are keep coming up over and over again. That's right. That's a very good point about cream hunt. One of the. Things. It's fascinating as Dana white was on get up this morning. The head the head of you see and he was asked by Mike Greenberg. Do how have you heard any blowback about this at all has there been any concern? He said not one bit now in the US. Anyone listening, right? Then he's either not listening not being honest about that. But in the world, this is much less of a concern in the NFL world to your point about Kareem hunt. So look he Greg hardy villain. He's going to bring in a new audience into this debut tomorrow night on ESPN. Plus that's how he's being cast. He's also be Bill and who's getting a second chance. You have C is giving it to them. All right. So we'll have to see what happens again on ESPN. Plus the big fight will be. They're also coverage starts at six eastern. It's going to be incredible. And it's going to get a lot of attention. Welcome back now before we get to our here's let's talk villains of the week because there was a very big one this week out in Michigan state, of course, talking about John Engler resigning from Michigan state having made a string of comments really attacking survivors of Dr Larry Nassar, and this week is Michigan state made a move appointed. A new president you it did not seem possible. They he could make it any worse for himself. Many already had it was it was almost as if he was challenging himself to be as inconsiderate as rude as thoughtless as insensitive as he could possibly be saying that the Nassar victim some of them anyway seem to be enjoying their time in the spotlight. It was time to go right and more than that. You look at the situation. It ended up coming down to politics after the elections. You had new board members and those board members made a move. But for so long the survey. Vives would always stuns me about this. We know that there's litigation going on. We know that there's a limit to the kinds of talks they can have. But there is no language to survivors. That says we are on your side, we want to make this workout. They are even accused at different times of trying to slow down the settlement process. I just think there needs to be full sail change, this is just the beginning of it. He has zero sensitivity about this. What's remarkable to me is that one year ago, the board of trustees unanimously voted him to be MS us president and look at how he has made a horrible tragic situation even worse and even his eleven page resignation letter. He doesn't even have the class to mention anything about this controversy says nothing about it at all. So he is taking just a horrible situation. Made it so much worse. And there's a lot of blame to go around for his vote in the first place as president of MSU, not one to challenge the status villain of the week for John England, and I don't want to minimize. Where clearly comments repeatedly throughout the last year that have shown a lack of empathy lack of sensitivity. But your point Don that he was he was elected unanimously year ago to this interim position there was reason. And I'm a firm believer that your greatest strength is your greatest weakness for all of us in life. And he was brought in to wrangle lawmakers who were threatening to cut funding to mess you to get management and order at the university where there was a lack of accountability. He was brought into a bare knuckled top down authority bruiser, and he did and that comes and it doesn't have to. I'm not saying I'm excusing it or has to. But when your greatest strength is your greatest weakness, it can come with a lack of empathy elax of sensitivity. And that ended up bringing him saying they knew what they were getting and it might be part and parcel of what they asked for in the beginning. It could be, but there's a way as we all know lawyers. Now, there's a way to do that. And there's a way to try to do it without insulting. -pletely ear that either way story we talked about a little bit earlier Scotland Han he and the Cowboys decided to part ways that news just coming down. So that information. He is a very emotional while look at these two celebrating holiday, so we can get the photo the weeks. Okay. Let's get the phobic while they have a good cry. Take a look at our photo of the week. Now, we all heard about what happened at the White House Clemson going to the White House for those burgers and fries. But did you catch the candelabra? Right. Look at that. Where was Liberace by the way, President Trump showing off all those wonderful, burgers and fries. Guys. Go to the White House gets burners. But do you think I would go to the White House burgers? Yes. Jeremy's probably into the White House. What did you want the player to whatever party was the George W Bush? Wow. That's great. But we digress. At. All right. Let's talk heroes goven out. You've got a great one. Well, exactly coming right off of our photo of the week Monday night at the White House Clemson guard, Matt Badenhorst, look at big Macs. So lovingly stacked up on a White House play. He had two of them, and it caught fire on Twitter and on social media, and he really delivered a masterpiece. Here's what he said. He said, I mean, you're not just going to not eat the big Macs back in pile, right? And his responses to all this criticism six four three hundred and ten pound guard. We're fantastic. He gave a masterclass really on social media. How to handle incoming fire? He was just so funny and terrific and a hero for our time for what it's worth a lot of people on my show this week people one Super Bowl people have been to the White House to a man they said, we're fed nothing. Most of the time. We went really -absolutely. Nice spread. Okay. My hero of the week. It's going to be signed Williamson for still playing Duke for not hanging up as Scotty Pippin told them listen to this. I think he's locked up the big shoot. He'll definitely going to be the number one pick. I mean, I think he's done enough for basketball college basketball that is more about him personally. Now, I would shut it down. Let me let me stop playing. Let me actually. I would stop playing because I feel that he could Rhys a major injury that could really hurt his career. Wow. Bravo. Zion for not listening Scottie Pippen for not hanging. It up to continue to play likes about more than just your Bank account more than your resume is about experience playing Duke one year is one hell of an experience. But if he gets hurt so that, yeah, I like he's going to be. Jeremy Jeremy don't come to work today. Take you don't wanna get hurt. Little slip. All right. Well, my hero is a Syracuse fan. Check this out. He goes to lunch with Jim behind says, it got a feeling you're going to beat Duke tonight. You know what? I mean, you're gonna make it. So they make a little wager. He promises to give one hundred and fifty grand if they win they win. And he makes good on that promise. In fact, the upped it to one hundred seventy five grand Adam whitesman is the man this week. He's giving a hundred and seventy five granted the girls and boys clubs so everybody wins. If you're Syracuse fan, the boys and girls, and of course, the team. Not that. Right. Everybody out. There goes I went to Syracuse. Oh, it's might, sir. Yeah. All right. So my hero of this week is not a human. It is instead a cow named Betsy and you might not have noticed but seven months ago Betsy escape during a rodeo in Anchorage Alaska, and she's been on the run ever since she's been spotted within the city limits of the authorities. There have had no luck corralling. No luck whatsoever. I don't know how it's possible for cabbie on the loose in major metropolitan area corral. But that's what's happening. They're saying they're not afraid that wolves or bears are gonna get her because it's in the city limits, but Betsy you are hero. Keep going keep fighting. On the land. We'll see it actually go Betsy.

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