Acast reaffirms commitment to open podcasting


The latest from our daily newsletter. Pont news dot net we believe strongly that opel costing coupled with cray to first mindset is the best way food for an industry experiencing such explosive growth after all you can have the biggest budgets from clients but without poll. Costa's acoss ceo. Ross adams reaffirming the company's commitment to an open podcasting ecosystem. He was speaking at a presentation from a cast. Uk who shared stats and data from their twenty twenty. They now have more than sixty million. Uk monthly listens and saw one hundred eighty four percent growth in brands spending more than one hundred thousand pounds. Which is about one hundred and seventy eight thousand dollars. Seems someone agrees. The rogan experience has started posting clips shows on. Its old open. Rss feed currently a clip from a recent elon. Musk interview ends with a forty second promotion for spotify at the end voiced by rogan. The show went exclusive on spotify on december. The first podcast listeners in the middle east and north africa and listening to more podcasts in new report from media says listeners continue to prefer shorter. Podcasts says the survey youtuber. Tom scott has posted a thirty minute. Video called youtubers have to declare ads. Why doesn't anyone else. He doesn't but could highlight branded podcasts. As well trump house users may be sending role audio and use the data to the chinese government. It's being claimed. The app uses a chinese company. Agora for the voice conferencing service that that company denies. There's an issue. Of course kerry allah has joined podcast host captivate as the company's head of design and the next news from sounds profitable tomorrow sponsored by charitable is hands on explainer of how dynamic ad insertion works would've published that today but apparently somebody turned all the power off in texas news. Apple have a new podcast for all mankind. The official podcast. It's an accomplishment to the tv plus series for mankind and apples press release says it's available globally on apple podcasts and fire. Rss which is one way of acknowledging that other platforms exist. The show isn't on spotify and the young blood. Podcast has the biggest proportion of under thirty five listeners. On the bbc sounds app. It's been revealed the app crimes. One hundred and thirty million plays for on demand. Radio and podcasts in quarter four twenty twenty and that's the latest from our newsletter subscribed all the at pod news dot net.

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