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The Nod hosts visit Johannesburg, South Africa; BBC Sounds resets ratings


from johannesburg south africa the latest from pulp you don't forget let media get the not black culture podcast brought to you by blackness his biggest fan getting the hosts of the north tower in south africa the university today was the host city culturally post meets in johannesburg who is a market overview from i own a dog fm an enterprise podcast which claims two point five million people download the podcast monthly then eric eddings and brittany lose hosts of gimblett media is the node with special guests we are some about their attitude to subscriptions and exclusives eric eddings said the subscription services offer podcast is the type of budget that they need to make great stories up front adding that he felt space but both business models most people don't know how much it costs to make something good added brittany lose they also took passionate podcasting must ucla says positive radio days africa the bbc sounds that has been upgraded to add carplay an android auto support we've also taken their opportunities says in email to reset a racing in the apple app store as today's bbc sounds experience is very different from the one people would have had when we launched a year ago that's according to james panella an old stuff email seen by paul news the racing fully out with just two point one starts before the reset it's now four point three so that was them pocus brunch club like book club but support costs published published it july listening list the theme is breaking the news and the play list includes four episodes about media companies and news consumers breaking old habits and old business models captivates gross focus podcast host currently peter has just announced captivate sites for podcasts website that quote looks like it was designed for this decade attitude and that that helps assemble the podcast is added noise reduction unimproved odio leveling to its service so this aims to help poke cost to spend less time on that audio more time creating great content if you'd like to add your favorite podcasts the google home routine so you could wake up to your favorite podcast all trigger riches you cook dinner we linked to instructions instructions today in the episode notes and on useless up in south africa and event for you post meets capetown is taking place on monday the boroughs up in album road where they afro quit team who nearly selected for google podcast creates just program wi are serious about pecan empire magazine the uk based movie magazine and by by a media meanwhile netflix is adding director's commentary using podcasts bespoke personalized audio advertising company millionaires million ounces announced partnerships with triton digital an ad form and we linked to some advice from the podcast host patriots support costas what are the best practices that rough translation is some of the finest journalism and reports

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