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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jack Speer. Six people in Washington state have now died after Contracting Cova. Nineteen health officials announced the new deaths today as well as a handful of new cases bringing the total number of cases in the Seattle area to nearly twenty wellstone with member station K. and tax reports that number is expected to rise state health officials. Say they're still trying to contain the spread of the virus. Many of the serious cases involve people who are elderly or have underlying health conditions most are linked to an outbreak at a nearby nursing home. Dr Jeff Dussen with Public Health Seattle and King County the risk for all of us of becoming infected will be increasing and although most of the cases will be mild or moderate and there's a potential for many people to become ill at the same time do. Chin says they're still trying to determine the extent of the spread of the virus and deciding whether to take more drastic measures like cancelling public gatherings for NPR. News I'm wellstone in Seattle. Health officials announced today. There have been twenty six cases of direct person to person transmission of the virus in the US us. Senator Amy Klobuchar is ending her presidential campaign. The lawmaker from Minnesota is the Third Democrat in just three days to exit the race following former vice president. Joe Biden's win in South Carolina. Npr Susan Davis reports is the third candidate in three days to exit the race following billionaire. Tom Steyer and former South Bend. Indiana mayor P Buddha judge. Her decision to endorse Joe Biden is no surprise after. She often used her time on the debate. Stage TO ATTACK. Bernie Sanders has too far left to win a general election. Npr's Susan Davis some in Michigan. Who CAST absentee ballots for next week's presidential primary one officials to destroy their ballots as wd? Et's Quin Kleinfeld reports. Those voters that they chose candidates who are no longer in the race. Michigan recently changed. Its rules to allow voting by absentee ballot with no restrictions but with the likes of Pete Buddhis- and shower dropping out of the presidential contest. Some voters say they want to Redo absentee ballots. They've already sent in Detroit. Elections Official Rosalyn Kimbro says voters can submit assigned requests to quote spoil their ballot and receive a new one. All the way up to election day. We're going to get flooded with a lot of absentee ballots for this election. So crazy amounts are coming. Hundreds of thousands of absentee ballots have been issued across Michigan. An increase of roughly two-thirds over the state's two thousand sixteen presidential primary for NPR news. I'm Quin Klein. Filter in Detroit. Shares of micro blogging company. Twitter were up sharply. Today amid reports in activists investors take a state in the social media company to a person familiar with the matter Elliott Management. Taking a one billion dollar stake in twitter. Elliott is known for pushing for changes at companies that invest in stocks on Wall Street today amid hopes central banks around the world could intervene in the corona virus by cutting rates. The Dow was up nearly thirteen hundred points today. This is NPR leaders of the militant Taliban. They won't participate in Afghan peace talks as until the government releases. Thousands of insurgents held in lockups throughout the country. Those talks are part of a broader deal. The Taliban signed with the US appears de Hadeed reports from Islamabad. The deal signed on. Saturday seeks to have American forces withdraw from Afghanistan within fourteen months. It also calls for talks between the Taliban and other Afghans to negotiate the country's political future to build confidence for those talks. America's meant to help facilitate a prisoner exchange between the Taliban and the Afghan government but the Afghan government which was not a party to this. Us Taliban deal says the prisoner release should be part of broad negotiations with the insurgents and now a Taliban spokesman says those talks won't go ahead until detainees released. Da Hadeed NPR news. Islam ABBAD GOVERNMENT-SUBSIDIZED RAIL LINE. Amtrak has a new chief executive Amtrak announcing his name day. Former air cargo executive to the Post. William Flynn will take over. And Mid April who replace Richard Anderson who's stepping down after nearly three years on the job then ran air cargo company Atlas Air Worldwide for more than a dozen years. He's also a senior executive at CS. Axe a major freight rail company. He takes over time. Amtrak has reported record ridership and revenue figures for its most recent fiscal year with predictions. The money losing rail service could be back in the black sometime soon. Futures prices posted big gains today. Oil Up a dollar and ninety nine cents a barrel to end the session at forty six seventy five a barrel in New York. I'm Jack Speer. Npr News in Washington.

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