28: Tim Kvasnosky!


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And we've also provided for you to watch and enjoy or at least told you where to get it and recent entries include body. Double hairspray fruit barn. That's right. Bobby in the beefy boy. Yeah. Yeah. Bob wagon wheel what lots of great films. We all take your comments in question. That's right. Discussed them on the air on the air on the air on the live for you to listen to on there. So check it out now. Patriots dot com. Slash Caccia and Craig. And now that we've done some business, what are we going to do? We're going to unwrap some VHS tapes and take it dump on them. That's right. So join us won't you now for the show. At grants a in house, which is into. He's flynn's. Wait, how do you really pronounce your last name? Kvass Naski kvass Naski if that wants to. We know there's two. There's another news an alternate easier. Gaveto Gringo type pronunciation or. Yeah. Yeah. Did take their like cows cow's, you know, they're, they can't ski cows. No ski. There you go. That's like, that's really good. That's right up. Our alley in term costs can't ski cows Noski. Noski none. Y'all take cows Noski which is close enough? How do you spell it v. a. s. s. glass. Nothing. Yeah, glass Naski yeah. Okay. Is that Russian now? Maybe I think it's Slovak by way of Poland and maybe Russia to. Okay. So it's actually originally in this sounds fucking boring. Alan time on its. Knob ski is about can Ila Silane. Okay. A little job. Yep. Yeah, Joe. Gotcha. Okay. Yeah. So's. Crotts Naf ski cows Noski has just. Please, please Kuzma ski ski. Because we have a special intro for. Rawson intro. I love this. Please welcome to the stage, the complex bowtie talent of very handsome Manion domino composing musicals and -sation and married heartthrob. KamAz Naski. Yes. Ladies and gentlemen right here on the couch with us. Live is Tim KK Tim Noski Tim skin musky. I don't know. We didn't get the fire. The intern. Scouse Kuzma ski, please. Please pitted that. Welcome to have, you know. Britney hug. Do you speak Russian. Ten phrase I can do getting back then Yahoo. Yeah, to cope. It them is I want to buy that. Okay, good. Afraid, handy Moscow and what else? I get what I did. Uh-huh. W through and that's it. I think it's it's good. Good morning. Good morning. Do you get any Russian in the in the older twenty. Three million? Not nothing. Nothing zero one South Asian, really? Yeah, that's my whole point. One native American or East. Asian. Okay. Deja de means we're basically married. Yeah, like those writing by blood. Yeah. Yeah. Which is the best kind of marriage. Bye. So it's safe. It's comfortable. It's it's it is not prone to any abnormality. No, never never is like a speaking of which I watched Ozark last night. How is that? I've heard it's quite good. Genetic. Inbreeding kind of I I got. I been washed season two's since days out of town. Oh, that's right. Where she at sh? She's in Wisconsin, Wisconsin right here. Right. All right. Thanks called rude Cobra. That's the the only way to make. I've actually hasn't had a cold brew yet. Probably like two hundred milligrams of caffeine. Oh, good. Who is dry and. This the, what is this material that I'm looking at on this coffee table? I believe it looks like a mirrored glass. An coffee table. Yeah, I like the whole eighties vibe. If I can get glass bridge along the shore, speaking of it's kind of those kind of Scarface is now, are we listening to what was that? Oh, it wasn't that great. Those tangerine dream. Brinker soundtrack. Heartbreakers is like a sort of forgotten movie from nineteen eighty three with Peter Coyote in desert shit. You know, Jay and I when we did our first when we on the right, yes, for listeners, Jake shears who by the way for the ones playing the Jake shears drinking game on the show, there's a drinking game where anytime Brian mentioned shitting or I mentioned the new Beverly theater, you have to take a shot, which means that people are going to get really drunk. And then someone said, well, how about every time you mentioned Jake shears and I was like, you're going to get blacked out. Yeah, I'm sorry, you're gonna actually, that's how I met a lot of really wonderful people. I mean, really like kind of looking at who my best friends are over the last couple of years. Yeah, met them all through Jason. Isn't that wild? Yeah. Bringing people together. He's like a, he's a family builder. No joke knowing. Really is he really love back to the Ozarks family. One, the blood, Mary. So, yeah, stayed up. I binge watched all ten fucking episodes, but back to Jason, Jason scored the Justin Kelly film, Michael injustice shows on last week. Yeah, that's right. She was. She was all right. She told us about your girlfriend. Chasing just hit him with the girlfriend story. Yeah. Yeah, he was really landed on. He's he's, he's got a playbook. He knows what he's doing. I think he's keeping that public image together. What did you think about way? What just girlfriend stores super straight up for you? Yeah, he's he's really not gay. Oh, no. So stripe thought, I thought that he was gay and then I met him and I was like, oh, you're not gay. I was singing Oklahoma, and some other so tunes, Dan. He had no idea what are these weird songs? He's like, I'm gonna go back to watching sports. Actually real story. Yeah, I had a party at my house. Yeah, because you know, I like to watch boxing is my only spoil. That's right. So I had a boxing party had one straight friend that was there, but I actually have a few gay friends or like watching boxing. Okay. For various reasons. Yeah, sure. And there was also like another party that came after. Okay. During that was kind of the anti party and Justin, Kelly was air. Of course he was coming. What are you doing. Oh my God, this one's hot. Meanwhile, me and Ted here screaming at the TV like, you know you like Oscar de LA Hoya. No, no, no. He's cancel. Guys. To be honest, boxing, the actual characters. It doesn't work well for woke people, the woke, they're all kind of you guys are both invited to the next fight and it's dinner -taining like, yeah, do you scream at the TV teddy does? And I do a little bit who doesn't tell a potential guests on your show. Ted jewel. Terrific. Rapper and philosophers. Zuno serious factors going gonna get to that. But there's so many things that Ted, honestly, it's remarkable more interesting than I am. Cool. So you're cancelled and we're going get down on the way to get fans. Patriae numbers. We actually just texted. She said she got a score of something. Let's see what that is. A score score of something like a musical school or like a no body sprays, fragrance, body sprays, one that's like Giorgio, you'll love Primo Premio another body fantasies in cotton candy sent and Japanese cherry blossom. I, the springs to mind two things. One did he's very specific about our sense. She has very specific thoughts about a lot of things. Hey, hey, that's a compliment end could be interpreted, however you'd like, how long have you been married to her? Oh God. Since the beginning of time. It's been. Shit, five years. Okay. But we've been together like usually good to get that right into the, but so terrible with dates. Sure. Yeah, I. My ceiling these birthday on my birthday. That's always helpful. It is. Yeah, it is. And then my but my parents, I know kinda the rain to where they are think my moms ended January twenty seventh and twenty nine. And then my dad's around the same in, I think he's like the twenty seventh or the ak- night. Something like that in what Mike Mike. I love them, but I just have really bad retention for those specifics with birthdays. Brian, I've I know mine looked, you start there. I know mine and my family's my immediate families, and then I know like. I'm not that great with other people, maybe. Yeah, you don't have to specify them. They need to say a few other people. I think I have like maybe twenty five. Okay that you could go to and pretty much the range of. That's pretty good. That's pretty good. Green is your blue eyes. I think they're green even the light right now. He kind of pretty is. Thank you very attractive. Well, hey, we'll have you always been attractive for you? Ugly when you were younger? No, no, no, thank you for saying that. I'm really feel no way because I moved to l. a. and put on like twenty five pounds because I did this thing where I would walk in New York for nineteen to walk around. And then here a stopped. South walk. Yeah. And then I kept eating. Yeah, yeah. And then then then then I had to learn all these terrible things in LA like, you know, diets and low carbs and all these. This is terrible l. a. talk that you'll have to do all that not no, no, terrible LA talk. We're all about terro- blow you listen to the show I have. I have to be honest only listened to like three or four episodes. Did you listen to the DVD's episode? Of course I just wanted to make sure. I mean, I thought he was kind of fucking brilliant. She was she was, we love the fans to, oh, that's the thing is like she gets home. She's saying, I've been looking at their. I've been looking at those comments. And I'll tell you, she's like, I think I should be on the show regularly because I was like, listen, I thought it was really funny, but you gotta love you guys are good like you guys are like, you know, d. did three years of hard time UCB hard time. It is a hard time can be really boring. If you go to someone fucking shows. She did three years of UCB. Oh, I didn't know that. And so she has that thing where if she she can comfortably does rock with where you're going. Oh, she's a blast. Gas was lovely. She's also has not plug in our podcast, but plug on her. She has a little pocket. She's doing, which hasn't come out yet. That's the thing I'm looking forward to promoting. Oh, that's nice. I see. What's that. Yeah, you're coming to say you're, you're a good guy, Tim. I appreciate you from one of the moment I met you and we got a lot in common United. So I, I really appreciate that. I feel the same way about you always had a lovely time with you and always thought that Tim's a great out. Thanks. We sincerely had some great comedy feeling. Give great conversations that everybody, but that's very sweet. But at the same time I've had a lot to me. Our conversations have meant a lot to me as well. This is a lovely little bromance. How is this week? Well, now that we're both having mustache, whereas now, of course, Tim is about ten years. Interesting story, but mustache, ten ten year anniversary just goes around the corner and not even what are we six months? I'm the ten and a half on. Yes. For ten years. Yeah. By the way, the picture of UD glad to see heat trust up. What's. Show up in my at a really weird off and on before I got dressed. I dress strange. I, I got. I know I dress right. You have a distinct look. What would you remember to think about your memories of when you saw Tim before? What was the first thing that you would say? I have no idea. I don't remember. Good. That's the. That's the. That's the secret. It's it's forgettable. Wearing something's, you were in something strange, strange, strange, stew with within a bright color tracksuit. No, probably actually did I got a ridiculous like camouflage tracksuit on. I did actually. Okay, that's right. That was at the grace Jones, Tim and d a few. On a chromatic. Sweatsuit looks yellow lemon, yellow. Oh, could I wear that? I've seen that which is head to toe lemon, yellow to good one. Weird, elegant. And this morning I had on a gin by Jimmy, what's that? It's a Japanese summer Komono shorts and a little thing Komodo which the short arm to shorts and they're really comfortable. It's that they sleep in the summer seem man. That sounds great. It's amazing Jim by j. I n. b. e. I shutout to my buddy PS w Patrick Patrick. Yes, yeah. Right? Yeah. Yeah. And he goes on all over the world and on three or four occasions. Now he's been in some weird place on a been like, hey, why don't you give me the like the, you know, I'll look up whatever it is and the local fascists in human using Likud won when he was in Vietnam. He said, give me your measurements real quick. And so I got my measurements and he got me Andy some silk, some like black silk custom pajamas that were like seventy five bucks each crazy for like cut to order beautiful custody. Cool spoke designed silk little tight on the ladies, but that's always good though. I mean, I think I don't. I don't. I'm not. I'm old so I don't. I don't. You know, how old are you? Old is fuck. No, you're not. I'm on one. Oh, no, no, because I'm forty two. And you're younger than me than you then? Run? I gotta mix, solid or you? I'm all come on me forty two and a half. Two. I'm older than that. Forty three and a half a mould in. Okay. Forty four. I'm forty four. Okay. That's not that old two years old. With Ray and you do it. Ray the great and I wouldn't worry about the way thing. I think you're in great shape. It's all the fat that's in my face. A lot of people do gain weight when they moved to LA. It's a strangely sort of, I think certain people in the first thing you also have all these people. He's kind of west siders, I calm the skinny all the time. You know, I, I have had wait ups and downs my whole life. So I did witness. You had a little chunky moment now you're definitely exactly. So that's been a thing throughout my life. So trying to maintain the thinner thing. So there was a lot of stressors going on at that time. I had prepare to joke about your diet, but. We're going to cut. Well, you can say it if you wanna put it on the private, not for sure, real. I gotta Jason private real. That's a hunting or Kentucky session actually like to see that it's real good, probably probably very problem. I had a Mike on him for four days straight. So Jason's he's a lot of fun. He's a lot of fun. You did the IM Michael. Scorer. Jason? Yeah. And then we met through Jason? Yes. You did a couple of other scores for Justin as well? I did. I've scored all Justice fill all of them. That's right. The only person actually who's worked on all his films of the. That's impressive. And how'd you meet him? I met him at spotlight in the dark room. A man of Jason. Oh, Jason. Jason through Jason that's make. I'm. Just in through. Elliott. Do you know Elliot? The name's familiar, but then I'd have to seize DVD's old Judy from twenty years ago in here. And then now he's. He's, he's like, very, is this like. Handsome, Cuban lawyer, Mr. national lawyer, dude, he's like our homeys oak, super fun. You know there's a song about him. Did you? Do you remember that one? Right, Brian. Let's see if I can about Al ears. Yeah. No, it's like it's not. They don't say his name, but it's like Hanson q. Ben lawyer. Live here not anymore. He detected and he died of a heart attack, but he was brought back to life by the stripe, end strain of modern days. DVD's Gudo Judy from back way. That's terrific. And keep that good. Yeah, yeah. Lyric. So can you? I can't. The song this is thank you. Appreciate that. No, you know what the backing track for that was is it feels like, is it herald the Meyer? Very good. My friend I deliberately pulled this up for you. This is from the running man score. Oh, okay. I knew I didn't know which score was, but I recognize those drum that drummer Shane. The same drum machine, a very distinctive sound. So I've had some fabulous chats with Tim about movie scores. He is a just a an encyclopedia of scores and composers and everything. And I mean as a composer yourself, you've done what north of or over a thousand commercials, lots of commercials, lots of controversial yet which I greatly by the way. Oh, thanks, man. I actually did on on the way here. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Do right before I left for, I don't know if I could talk about it. I probably so it's for it's for a beverage company. It's for beverage company. Yeah. Oh, yes. I see for beverage company, a very, very big one of the biggest top to beverage company shirt. One of them. And it's a Christmas spot. Oh, nice. And it's kind of you. We'll see. We'll see it soon. OC gray and months. Of course you're the composer behind the infamous Friskies ad that DD key. Yes, he senses, yes. I wrote that. Kudo banner. Seems to stop. Exciting. And she. She. Skis, the the sense. Lovely. What is what is your? Do you have any favorite ones that favorite one favorite people. Would you like what are your top five favorite commercials. I love commercials. It's like, I know. But it's, I mean, what's the equivalent for what you do? 'cause I mean, like for me like my book sergeant moment, like I love to do stuff with Dustin, and he's in work on albums like that. But then I do commercials because it's kind of like it's not like like, what's the quivalent in your life? What's the shit that you do to make bread that you don't really want to do besides this. This is it, but. Wait for some of your voices. Actually, I don't know. It used to be blowjobs. Yeah. Yeah, the sex work now it could be cameo, but that sounds a little more engaging than. Then make commercials pays much though they pay through the nose for those things. No, actually it's not. It's not that good, but money's all right much. Much better. Okay. Back in the old days residuals, you could buy a house on a set of commercial wow freely. But now like one campaign the but like, you know, like I just did a commercial for we're talking not a lot of money. She we say, credit card company. Does it matter? Yes. It's public. Okay. I don't know. So I just want, you know, I got you. You can go on, you know. But I didn't know if you wanted to specify that and saying it wasn't a lot of money just saying, oh, I see what you're saying. So it cut all that. So so yeah, the edge. I just did a recent commercial and I, it's, they don't pay as much as they used to. Sure, okay. The whole industry. The whole industry. It's the union is the big change really? How how? So how did it? What was it like before and how did it change? First of all thirty? Second broadcast commercial will be thirty grand and then out of that you get your cut, which would be if usually it's not very good usually get like twenty five percent of the really music house gets most of it. Sure. For doing the relationship with the client and whatever they needs to be on his Paola back in the old day, they, you know, they give me ten commercials as three hundred grand. Why don't they turn around and. Scoop out everybody was getting paid as well as kind of go stuff. The certain companies that are still sort of doing it with the older guys in it's all New York really eighty eighty eight eighty companies are in New York that do it, and then there's what's the big eighty companies eighty. Others eighty some actual okay eighty or show. Sure, I got you. And there's another. I was confused eighties like a lot dividend and talk about record companies like the big three. The big companies aren't that big. We're talking like, you know, never more than fifteen employees sometimes offices at the most, you know. So the jobs that come through and then the money made was also on the back end because if you wrote it, you get residuals as a writer, if you played every instrument on nearly every line as a musician, famous, that's interesting. I didn't know that some the most of our, I guess, at twenty four lines on it and you played everything. I played everything, everything sure, of course. Then what's your original instrument, piano. And then from there you've played drums drums and bass, and guitar and play saxophone. That's cool. I didn't know them. Yeah. When did you start playing the piano three lessons a five or something? One of them playing forever. Yeah, one of the most light full things that you can see. Sorry, not dim when we're not too far. Caught. Gordon show. Ladies and gentlemen. That's terrible. Honey, cut that one. No, no, no. It's very in line with the show. So one of the great things at Tim, we'll do at a party. If there's a piano around is he'll just start playing something and it's great to watch him play because he has a certain facility with piano that is charming to watch. I just going gonna tell you, you're, you're the wedding that you just the there are friends waiting this coming up that I'm going to be missing. Yes. That wedding. Secret lineup of crazy, special guests singers that are great friends with mister Sparrow. Yeah, of course, of course. So. And so for the listeners, let's fill them in on the so Sam Sparrow in Zion, Lennox to to your friends of ours, friends of ours who were also at the grace Jones screening discussed on the DD episode. They're getting married on September twenty first, and it was really looking forward to going. Yeah, and then it'd be a blast it's going to be great. Nate asked me to DJ at, and I wanted to. You're going to be. I wanted to do it on the ones or twos. They still say that say that. What are the twos? Those I can't disclose right now because I have to be on them. So when I'm on them, tell you. Okay, that's that's private. One one one turntable. So I didn't get into like turntable wondering table to on the mixture. So the one or fake that actually then is not more than one one or two. There's just one one on one too, but they don't say the one and to say the ones and the twos accent. That doesn't make sense at all. Because even if he had four turntables, there could be one in one, a speaking of four turntables the great Derek harder. Oh, yeah. If you guys are familiar with DJ dare car from Chicago. Yeah, probably the of the best, you know, very arguably the most important house DJ alive or and certainly you know, top ten all time. Yeah. So I started making house music in the late nineties, and it's right there. You have a very long storied history. Thing. All these gays. Okay. Who now that's how I got to know all these gays gays, the gay gay do like a ghee is, is that many men who has sex with men? I, I've heard this, okay. I'm not really sure. Right. You're still looking for confirmation. This is very outside your wheelhouse. Question for you actually a little guys, the moment that I think you might be familiar with. Always like no. If you're pregnant. Tatum O'Neal Richard Burton from circle future, get Tatum O'Neal. No, we, you know, we, I think we're probably we'd like you. We have a lot of gay friends like, oh, yeah, yeah, mostly mostly, yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Do you get hit on? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. All the time. Yeah, not by women. I've heard on a camping trip. Someone made a rather better. On the spot don't. No, of course. No names. Pull on your dick. No wasn't. Okay. It was. It was just a, it was actually, it was really the the most innocent scenario you could actually, you could imagine, okay, we're good friend of mine, backpacking. Way out in the middle of nowhere wake up in the morning and I was like, can't quit. You know. Just jammed his. Oh, no, it's one of the things we're just woke up and I was like, you know, it was very, oh my God. It's so beautiful, so happy and gave him a hug, and you know, we love each other and then he whenever it gets. Turn bright red, we laughed and then we have copied. It was like, all right, Bennasar bugah with today. It was, I guess I still got it. Oh, that's really cute. You might. I think I know who it is. I'm out today. Shoutout you set out to look. Things happened. He thinks he's known, super freak. He's no. Okay. Then known. Super, yeah, he'll go for it in any given situation. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. The power freak power for our free housing. One is executive power hour week. I love this is something that's really that's fun about being adjacent agape ally. Privy to all this crazy. That's true. Yeah, you're slang. And shit. That's true. A lot of times it will filter into straight culture like five years later, and then there's some stuff. Yeah, man. Parting blood is one of my favorite ones that's from Mr. seller. That's too real. As an expression of shock Brinton I told them the a door was going to be on the show. He's like, I'm farting blood. That's pretty great. Decent. Put me on onto like have a very serious friendship. Yeah, man. Oh, absolutely. Every single day for three months. Yeah, so, and you know him. So I, I'm a Madam. Would you Justin was like, yeah, he's working on this. She's going to do the score, but you guys maybe get together and talk about it who he went out on my deck. I'd never met him in person. I saw vaguely knew of a couple scissors records, not only it wasn't like a giant fan, but like fuck with what I heard yet. Didn't anyway came in the house. You don't put a five eight fifty. Listen, I stopped smoking. Hey, all right. Not to derail your story want to go back. Honestly, I'd much rather smell your jewels. Funny was not your funny. It's also in line with the podcast, don't worry about that, but it's the same joke came from a different person. It would get a completely different respond. Yeah, it's all about this person to delivery. He said it'd be hilarious. Don't under sell yourself. I dunno dis funny. Yeah, but you're too. Did you know that? She's my hero. That's very sweet. It's hard living in that kinda shadow like, she's she's a wreck on tour. She's she is. She's she's, she's like, yeah, that's awesome. I'm I'm comfortable with that like an amused to it. So like. We can't handle like the energy counting. She sucks the energy in and just move DC holds court. Or it's not a bad way? No shit. I believe she has what they call be. She got in spades. Yeah, I think that start. I don't know. I think I know where it became popularized so there was something about Pete Davidson because something about Arianna 'Grande. She had said something about him having attendance, dick or something. And so two people said, oh, will you know Pete Davidson? He's got that big energy. It may have existed prior. And if anyone listening knows please write us, but that's where it became. Okay. Poppin says the. Like a veritable urban dictionary. Thank you. I tried to. I try to be like all this, lying that we're privy to the, you know, there's a whole language, right? There's a whole secret language Laurie polari writing and the this. This is what I was I, this is, you know, when whenever had this discussion about why? What if somebody gave friends in? Why? Because we've always been friends. Yeah, musicians composers exactly. Actors personalities in the gays and sailors apparently to and thieves. Also, this is not from this. Like. This is like tramps. This is this is we've found each other in LA. We'll find each other. This isn't like some same kind of folks. It's the same as the kids, whatever it's the, I don't know, but the art types. Well, find each other. Yeah, it's a beautiful thing. What was your experience like in high school had sort of abnormally high test scores. So I got put into a very special program who really from sixty eighth grade is called IP shutout p p was it stand for mos- individual progress programme? And it was for kids that were in the very one top percent, ooh, smarty pants classroom in the entire Seattle school district two, mild heart, and it was a real ragging about Seattle u. nerdy really. Okay. But some are like they're all really doing cool shit. And a lot of them I'm friends with. Including faces. It's not game of thrones thing. Oba Facebook's. Okay. I funny I try. Let me try to put the dots together on that one. I'll get back to you on that one. I figured out trying to just listen to the show. I'm trying to be listening doing great. You're doing great. So you cutting yourself here. You're not getting your own legs out from underneath you when you say that, so. Okay, fine. Caccia. Do you remember when we were telling people awhile ago, but this terrific new play along game, I sure do Craig. That's right. And you know what the name of that game is empty faces exactly, empty faces, and we're both really into this. You become a character inside this story and basically try to stop an unspeakable evil. For instance, like you're a detective or paranormal investigator. And you receive all these kinds of clues. They put together in a Nancy drew sleuthing situation and hardy boys depending on your preference or lake Angelina Jolie in the bone collector. That's right. Or like what's her name and murder. She wrote Angela Lynn's berry another Angela. That's why I couldn't think of it. Yeah, it's a monthly subscription. So every month you get more clues, more items, more correspondents, and all that is delivered to you. It's like a TV show that you can touch and it's like you get to play Hannibal Lecter. You can get your own ferry you get your own personal clearly. Starling delivering you the case files from the the depths of the the BI young, right? Exactly. Or the CIA or whatever the Canadians or the PTA the CVC. That's right, right. Or the you to you or the UTI that bureaus very hard knows very yellow, very yellow faces with friends for game night or join the online community to swap theories ideas and other things with people just like you, you really should try this. The cool. Feature. They also have online resources to help you keep on track or give you more hints. Sometimes a girl needs a hint. Sometimes girl do this is not the faint of heart. Remember, it's scary. It's creepy, but it's a lot of fun more. People are joining everyday. So get in early, you know that they only accept two hundred new members a day. So go to their website now, sounds like an exclusive club of detectives, doesn't it? And we like clubs, don't we surely do. We love them clubs, so go to that website now and apply for membership. That's empty faces dot com. And even better you can get ten percent off your first box when you use the code at WB. What's the code? I think that's w you know what? I'm going to have to go with you on that. And you know what I know you're right because of your ruthless detective instinct. You're a sleuth and a scholar. I've got a nose for the news and relentless. You also that terrific type and that natty Sherlock Holmes hat. I do think you pronouncing my pleasure. Thank you for committing. So you know, really can you stop the evil? Because again, the code is WB and that's at empty faces dot com. Anyway, souls in this this thing. And and yeah, went to a school is like seventy five percent. Black was all around black woman and a black Holter from two very young age and then up up until eighth grade. Uh-huh. Shot out the liquidity. If I'm used to call my house after ten pm to my mom's, a dismay moms can get mad but acquitted and then Likud a talk with sometimes get a little spice. You got got a second line. We had a second line I did, which is it's not there wasn't that much more money because specially it has no long distance. Local felt very well worth whatever money it was for my parents. But then my mom had this little light to really on the two on two lines how these lights on. Yeah, yeah. So she could see if you could see talking. Yeah, every once in a while. What are you doing on the phone? She just pop on the call. She would. She would totally and well, you know, she's interesting character. I think it was her way of. I don't know trying to protect her, eavesdrops them house dark, and we were you doing on the phone where you haven't sexy talk with liquidator. I mean, not a little bit sometimes. I mean, I'm out no. Oh, okay. And then went to private high school though. Okay, four one eighty. Yeah, I was in a program that could skipped high school and went right to call my mom Wyoming to skip that really. So yeah, they wanted me to be on a normal high school. I get that. It's almost surprised when it's something. Obviously, gifted child has the potential option to shoot through things and it's not chosen. I'm just interest is a good thing actually for socialization, all that. Yeah, but no, hearsay, but I hit my junior year. I think surprise is more like you think that sometimes the idea of like the goal oriented thing. Yeah, sometimes supersedes any thoughts about that. So it's an interesting approach. Mom was really cool is really cool. Sixteen, I started to fuck up and school, really. What do you think the reason I just wanted to play music all the time? Yeah, yeah. Music. The devil. Devorah gummy away from homework. I was also in some classes that probably shouldn't have taken hated science, but then I was in AP science. And so I, I got it. My I d I'm two years to come and be like, you know, really good student in a very rarefied program as well. Yeah, those nerdy academic, but then I was also, then I kind of switched to really being interested in. I don't know music, like really just in music. I was in a band. Cool. What was your first band called? It was called urban dance music. And we did. It was my friend Perry, my friend, Kent, and my friend Curtis and I did. He played keys and all amid all the tracks and keys and the. Oh, wow. Okay. So you already doing production at that point? Can't wrap more than and courtesy of the main rapper. And I made all the beats. We've got some stuff on the radio rule. I didn't really fit in the vibe of high school. Didn't like his much really rich kids. And was his also Seattle or else? All Seattle. Okay. I just kind of I was really excited to get out of there and not come back. Sure. Not really. Didn't really love high school. Did you go to college? I did want to the New York University. I've heard of the old effort that that's on the new NYU. Yeah, it was my safety. That's right. That's what they call actually, at the time it wasn't now. It's really like prestigious, but yeah, in the early nineties is it wasn't as prestigious. Uh-huh. And I wanted to really go to Colombian and get in. Okay, but use that d- got in science that fucking d I gotta let that shit go, you sweat. I think I think. Releasing that tension now. So anyway, you've got big d energy by thank you for our fellow. Anyway. Yeah. So. Yeah, that was my high school life. And then how did you get into the music thing as a regular as a regular thing is I wasn't. I was kind of always like in high school. I was playing in trios. Like on the weekends, I play two or three nights a week. My mom used to drive me before Emma license. That's really great. Yeah, I was playing professional jazz gigs in those out. It doesn't know job too. No. I mean, you gotta know what you gotta know what you're doing. Yeah, you know, there'd be like a hundred fifty songs had to kind of having to just to be able to play jazz piano to its side of it. He used to play jazz piano, right, Brian, but you gave it up, gave it up for the ukulele, but then I had to parade away. Let's my mom's instrument, my mom lives equally. I don't know if you're joke among serious about the Galela he might not be being serious. Yeah, I didn't think so. But my mom's dead dead serious ukulele. She's in a group no way. She's the youngest person in the group was sixty six and the name of the group? Yeah. All women all sixty five older. Yeah. The mother plumbers. Oh, are they on YouTube? They should be. I mean, we did make. I went up there and shot a video them recording stuff because it's just too good. So it's Tim's also very interested in photography and videography interested. Phil interests that involve degree. D does all that shit, of course, but you both are thing. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. We shouldn't make an art like all types art. Exactly. We like we d- now pain or watercolor or do you know sculpture who we live fashion architecture and interior design. Okay. Anything is you know? Yeah. Any pretty much any creative pursuit is I'm really interested in. There's a feather company called mother Placker meeting. Maybe they could do have theme song or something. It's worked together on that, hey, cya heard about you from this guy. About some unsolicited music. We listened to the episode with the two Dom and then it just auto played this had group, and so we wanted to reach out basically what I'm trying to go. So, yeah, anyway. Yeah. So popular with the DSM community. It's good to be popular with the BDO community ever had been sealed into a vacuum bag with only an air to fear mouth. No, but that's like my serious biggest fear. We'll do you know that that's like a popular, not popular, but then you can't tariff anything that's like restricting my breathing, got years of asthma and allergies and like that shit freaks me the fuck out. Wanna see picture that will activate your anxiety. Good. Okay or not. All right, so you don't have to all right. Let me show you. So we discussed vac bags. I knew it wasn't going to be as funny as eighty, but he shot. Mean he's been doing great. I think she's fucking fun. When we actually record, it's going to be terrific rehearsal, like she's fine. Right. But you really funny to like you're both funny people just because she's very more quirky, you guys have different styles. It's like you laughed, but it's true. You know, it's like you kind of laughing at. You're telling you, Brian, don't you think many people can sit there laughing at us with this show. I mean, I don't think that it's funny because they make you are really funny, a great report. You're both like lightning fast. Oh, thank you. Thank you very much on joy. I appreciate that. I love when we started doing this and we all hung out and it was the grace Jones thing like an because we're telling us little specific things that you loved about the show, and it was really brought up very warm, exciting feeling to me. I was warming citing feeling I, I think this is one of those things. This is an exciting. New. I don't know. It's a struggle structure like a Jon Rao of entertainment. It's really, it's really cool. The podcast monetize better which that the people that I know they're doing podcasts, you know, can be under very successful level on his still doesn't seem to make as much money as they would doing something else. And that sucks. Sure. Although it's it's heading in the right direction, which is, did you see my new casper mattress one hundred? It's behind what's behind it sounds like seriously? Yeah, they, they delivered it. All you got to casper. For you, and we're going to get paid for them too. So coming up soon to casper mattress over there is a box of supplements that we're going to do promo for probably on maybe this episode or the next other hymns by any chance. No, but we do sponsor as well. And by the way I did write them and I said, listen to, you know, you're supposed to send some of these those pills that Boehner two weeks ago. Oh yeah, they're gone. You know, it's never a bad thing to have a little bit of backup. Just in case you go to Tijuana and test them. Yeah, that's right. Well, you know, I like that you're very serious about the research and you're not going to take anything. Let's right. So here's the picture of the. That's the feather I'm looking at her. She healed. That might be a king Cobra promo shot. That's the vac bag with looks terrible. You know, same here. One hundred percent know Aaron Kanter I don't think so. So he's, you know, Aaron, Kanter. I know somebody named San Francisco. The San Francisco treat? No, that's why it's a roommate he. He is saying he's the San Francisco Canterbury? Yeah, yoga person is he. Aaron, I enter the yogurt per he's a filmmaker. Oh no. He's like the Folsom street parade doc or something for almost sure, yes. A couple of those who'll why I can imagine on those called bear mania. Okay. Is this like two big bear's just going to pound town, but they're covered in black, shiny paint, really. And then when the magic moment comes, yeah, there is sort of eruptive of hot pink, hot pink leavings. How did they get it? Hot pink, certain dietary things look up, look, a bear mania. I did cool track for this under appreciated we. He came hot pain, not really out of his dick whole. It looked like pretty real like he must have. But they, you know, they fake a lot of those come sites on the point in the really had to do that from when they're still one shot all the really I'm not sure to set arena, but I they do. I wouldn't say we're not surprised that there's magic and movies. I was watching a porno the other day and I could see that it was like, oh, that's not coming out of his dick whole, no, no, yeah. Yeah. You gotta do the right angle if you're going to do, but you're not really in that zone of looking like, well, it's like in the departed. The bombing grabs a guy, throws him against the wall as a fake wall to wall Benz. But of course, as he left it in because you don't if you're not paying attention to that, you're so wrapped up in the movie like Scorsese we'll let stuff like that in even though he's Mr. tale, right? There's a, there's a scene in. I haven't seen it. You have a wolf of Wall Street shot in an iphone and they're easy to the drinking game. Oh, we should add him to the drinking game because people are going to get, they'll get alcohol poisoning because we do talk about is it maybe should have a different shot for each. Seven fifty and you line. I'm up the throat chat. If Craig. Scorsese be new. Beverly. When the Beverly Beverly is gonna. Anything else about the new Barry? I think that's good. Yeah. So you'd have vodka tequila bourbon. And then the fourth one should be gin. Hey, Craig, this is on. I was just wondering, are you gay. Some a big deal. He's crossed my mind. I was just wondering. Good back to let me know. Want to talk about the wedding again because I'm not going to be later. It's going to be, do you know Hulas? No, she's mazing singer. Uh-huh. Fula vox on view. Okay. I've heard will the vox yet. I would never miss it except that I booked travel. Yeah, to visit Sammy and Australia. Yeah, didn't look at any calendar or anything. I was just Ryan's already rolling his eyes not. I said, so you're, you're using your your cock to actually control your travel, Las someone. Talk about love, whatever. You know, whatever you would, how cloudy that I, this is great. I think you should. Thank you very much. Yeah. No, you're very exchanged that I have chased out wherever you find it. I mean, what? I, my wife, my wife and my lie. Did he moves across the country to be with me? And then I mean bay. So tell us about that story at point. All right quick. So denied met in LA. Yeah, I got a job and I was like, I wanna keep dating, but I I can't keep going back and forth. I got a fulltime job composer at the sound lounge in Tribeca, but you know what you move out here. We give shot and she she did, and then she said, but I'm only going to do it for a year or two because I hate fucking if you DD hates New York, really? Why is not her jam? She's weather sensitive. Okay. So my so I love by the way talking with DD about our mutual distaste for New York. You really don't like it. So I gotta later to hate New York. It's very common for a New Yorker to eight LA. We'll see. That's true. And I always think that's funny because I him for everybody hate, let's be honest. But you know what the were, they hid, especially the people that never come here. They hate LA goods. Stay where you are, right? Keep the fuck away because the rents already crazy exactly. Don't get that notion in your head. Stay where you are and complain about fake everyone is here. Yeah. Yeah. Without putting the mirror on your own town and, oh, you'd see the same kind of fakeness anyway. What does that tattoo on your older we look at if you Trotter it's to to these connected told me the what is going on. I do that in high school. He was that after taking a Cyclo silos. Go on the viewer. I mean some deep set eyes. And yeah, there's a little. It's terrifying. Luke conjoined twin monsters. Yeah, of cool. Did you ever interest in cartooning at one point or actually started to go to art school for illustration at the cool. Yeah. Which one? Mass college of art. Oh, Austin. Yeah. And then I switched to performance art because I wanted to do something more lucrative. So you know each other from Boston. Oh, did used to go to video drone back the sprint, Zion, Lennox. Oh, cool. Yeah, yeah, I was happy that we all got to gather at the grace Jones thing. So you guys must have been tickled pink when when? Oh my God moment you guys must have been like a glued to the set. Oh, so thrilled. It was hard to to watch as if because this fucking bog has is happening and why you're such a giant rupaul fan? Well, I was already a drag race, but also giant fan of Brian's, and there was some scuttle butt about whether or not he was going to get on the show that year. He had additions was at every year every year since like season three, I think right. And even the there was a special for season three which was like had highlights of some of the tapes and a minute of or whatever fragment of his was used in that. And I used that clip in the KiKi video. Right? But he was performing a video Drome. Okay. And then when. I was kind of getting a sense that maybe he was going to be on the show. I started depressant I was like, so I was looking at book in November. We're talking like months ahead of time which was not how we book stuff, but I was just kind of trying to dig for information. And he said something like, I don't know. I think I have to visit family or something like that. I was an attack or something, and I was so thrilled. I was like, yes, he's gonna fucking show. That's like the line. Lost. And so they're these not visiting. I have to go teach English in South Africa. Again, we were fucking thrilled. The only thing that was funny is that there was a new experience to watch it rooting for someone so hard core. I bet I didn't really notice anyone else and then, yeah, and Bryan had some confidence issues on that season which were to have my him. That's what it was. You need to get lead. You just take the wheel. Hymns. I need my hymns. And so when he got over those all-stars to even more thrilling. You. Tim brings the spirituals. Two one. Thank you. Do you love cheeses? Do I, of course good. Been trying to hit the goat and go Gouda like. My cat Cora. What is that? What else have been getting into sheep's cheese? Sure. I heard a story that you want an all dairy diet. At one point. I did do a head of dairy moment yet. Dairy moment. Okay. So what is this dairy moment? I did have a dairy moment with one of these weird diets at trying and just eight is dairy and then didn't go the toilet. Out long, we conversation decide borrow quick. Yeah, that's what this whole show is. It's all sidebars stuck together. Yeah, I just had to pull him stand up for that. Listen, that's so if it gets chilly, Chilean here. Let me know. Okay. We're talking about, like my jersey aunt came into town in two hundred go to Disneyland. We're talking about how the different pronunciations of the word bathroom. Okay. In the New York City area, and as you know, in New Jersey, they say they say bathroom, okay, bath. Still you hear the h. though. Bad half. In south Brooklyn is bad trim or the batch almost like batch like the batch room one, two, three, three, what's like badge, which is another funny way to think about the bathroom. So you're going to drop a badge who's really funding, right? It's also the New Jersey thing. There's also when some people when they say legs, it's legs a, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's that's Seattle to they say, like it's instead of say, oh, okay. Yeah. Avon bathroom, do they? Yeah, the by. Yeah, you're right through Baath. It's a bit of that that saw that's almost like, yeah, I love the bus until the accent. It's townies. Fuck of all no good. John can kind of drop some of those gems, salmon. Zion are gonna come on the show in October dream team. Yeah, absolutely. Because I want to hear all about the wedding that I'm not going to be able to go to. And this is the present to you or to them. It's a mutual take, give and take. That's right. What's the theme at the wedding? Is there theme? Sure. Gay, gay, gay? It will. I don't think it'd be extra extra gay. I think I have the theme of the wedding actually here, that's the wedding fame you're playing with the far wherever wherever I are. Yeah. Yeah. Is it this one. Get me right in my cold Central American heart. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the married couple this. This is what we're gonna do for you. Yeah. So they're gonna come on and it's good to know that. So I'm going to have to ask for a couple of Boston's. Don't you thing to do? So let's get back to Sam. You were saying Sammy's. Yeah, that's not we. We can't talk about that. He probably would like that. Okay. Do you sing not? Well. Try. Carrie, okay. You do? Okay. Kinda how k. Cut that out to know you. It's okay. It's okay. We're trying to pronounce pronounce it pronuncia correctly. Yeah. Okay. Cut. You actually have a small system in my house. Oh, what we should do? Yeah, come through loved it. I love going to your house. Well, thank you. He's such a lovely host. There was a time where what these sites a lovely. I just love him. Fabulous. Not o. the team. Fabulous. Yeah. So we're gonna make a shout out to my friend who who's a listener too. These issues a listener. And do you like to do various stories as like an older older couple Newark, mothers? Sure. Hitting kind of like vitzium like like. Gotcha. Yeah. Billy crystal saying it's like a Billy crystal gag. We've been talking about having a decent the show because she's an interesting nutritionist stuff. Yeah, yeah, yeah. She's a cool last ride. I love to hang out with. Yeah, she's one of our favorite BB's. She's great man. Yeah, yeah, DD it promised the girls night that I was invited to, and I was like, I haven't heard yet. They turn all the way that turn, although, yeah, yeah. Get Krung turn to. They crown turn an let. Yup. Yeah, they do. They sure do kind think of this year do. And you've been in LA for how long since since nineteen fifty two. So New York was the forties than you were in there from or I went to New York during the great depression. You know what? I think that's probably the best time who's Hoover wasn't who her. It's hard to remember. James k Polk who's your favorite president. I gotta go with Salak Allama. Love presidents like Allama. He's still David. Alan Grier will shout out to David Alan Grier Dag. Yeah, yeah, notorious. Yeah. Do you? What do you think people mean when they talk about the fake people in l. a. the they're talking about the actual neighborhood we're in right now. That's not fair. Now. See, this is this always happens with the east side. People said, people love to shit on the west side and the west side people go. Like, Owen his to, you know, you're really more of an east side type, but I like living in West Hollywood. I won't get it wins an eastside type two more like Arctic creative to little more integrated. It's not all fucking white. I don't know, slim, more culturally progressive, there's. And then what's the west side are like the one side is, you know, not too far from Hollywood there, you know. I don't know, but it's Hollywood. It's their Hollywood and West Hollywood to meet two totally different places. I acknowledged a difference, but I, I see it as a. I, you know, I wanna say disparaging things about Los Angeles. I really love here. Yeah, but you're already on the disparaging track for West Hollywood, somewhat. Follow a lot of, I gotta say some of the people that I don't like in l. a. tend to be you can trust present company excluded. Sure. Certainly, I think the like Santa Monica, how go into specific. I friends. I do have friends in that direct. Yeah, but listen, I have very strong feelings about Santa Monica and Venice is well cause for awhile. I worked did a lot of work in Venice. Yeah, and I don't like the area very much. No, no, yeah. I don't care for it. I don't care. I don't care for like over there. I don't like the fake rich, the rich fake hippie yet. I really that shit. Yeah, I can't stand that gratitude. Yeah, that's not my jam is bullshit. I, I'm into like a funky vegan restaurant. The smells like b, o. Listen, I love instance crossroads on Melrose, amazing vegan place, right? Yeah, he talking about. When the when the lady that comes to take your order has like toenail hair. Right. Pancakes are gonna come out and they're gonna the food's going to be delicious. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think he needs. You want some funk like there's a lot of the west side is just very spray hand. Yeah. Lot of supplements and yeah, supplementation. Oh, yeah. Yeah, three floating silicone. Yeah, yeah, sure. See that hanging out with lots of people in the block, but I got a lot of friends in the building, so that's the thing I get it. I get us sort of an oasis. I do shorts in a barren cultural desert, and quite frankly, get your shots ready kids. I'm a five minute Uber from the new Beverly. Oh, wow. Okay. That's a major difference from being all the way, but you know what I would drive the half hour to meet you anytime. Sure. Yeah. And I have many times we, we've done three marathons. Oh, really? Do the Argenta come on that was greatest nights of my life. Yeah, we did Schwarzenegger. That was a great also, just due to you did one of the hormones? Unfortunately, the programming that night that was terrible. Awful. It was really bad. Was Halloween night, right? Or something like that. Something like that. Maybe later I can't remember as a waste of everyone's time. Listening on it was. It was was a letdown and I felt bad. I felt responsible. I remember I apologize like two or three times I was like, I'm sorry. Usually it's better and I don't know what happened any night where you can just sit in a movie theater, shoot the shit and watch like five, four, five films. That rose is is an awesome night. Right? No, you're terrific company at the marathons. It's very specific. I'm join us. If you see one that looks good to you, there's I don't think there's any way I could do that. You can go to like Jason came once. Did two or three d did two or three you guys made it in the fourth film. But the fourth film is where they beat it out of you. They did it with red Sonja, they just beat the spirit at anyone who was like on the fence, blah, what is the food situation? It's grimy. They have a white castle. Sliders that can be heat up in a microwave and hot dog. It's actually a really good popcorn and that's it. Here's the thing though. Bring your own food. You can bring your own food cooler. He does get some easy gets a really garlicky. A super garlic coal Co. so like an Italian. So, yeah, you know that proper time on this guy. Comes with extra pickles. Hey, that's the guy with the kep ago. How much of the break is there between movies, fifteen to twenty minutes. Yeah. Okay. Enough time to smoke a cigarette. The bathroom breaks perfectly because I will not wait. No bathroom on. You saw that line. It's brutal. It's a urinal and toilet. Oh God. And it's mostly a sausage fest. There's like five ladies. I have a whole system for the the bathroom. I wait till the the lights go down. They start the trailers use the bathroom then or halfway in the middle of the film and or miss the end of a film because at a horror movie I go. All right. I got to go to the bathroom there either gonna leave or they're going to die. I'll find it later. But then if I know hours in a terrible film, I want to see what the fuck is going to have a look at you. I also I was like, if I don't go to the bathroom now it's going to be thirty minutes till I can use that thing because the line is so insane. Just cath. Oh, yeah. You're right. What's cath catheter? You're right. Like you bring something like a bag and you put it in the bag. Yeah. Well, that's the Texas catheter catheter up. You just so that's just it. That's just pissing in a bottle or something? No, no. You put a catheter up your dick hall in p. while the movies plan, have you done this? No. Maybe this can learn it at the theater figured you're joking, but I was just in case I didn't ever know you don't wanna shame it. I don't want. Yeah, because it's like, you know, I don't want to catch chain cast shaming. It's not very out this year is very out, especially coming next year to and this'll be put out maybe two weeks. So by that time it's going to be a real hot button issue. There's also the Texas catheter, which is basically it's like slipping a condom on the penis. And then you have it attached to sort of a temporary glossy bag if you will, for lack of a better simile, and then you just let flow through this special condom and then you're in bed and number one or number two. That's number one. I mean, that's what a class me bag is. All right. Well, I guess I just wanted to terminate some kind of thing that collects waste. So I get what I mean, if you're gonna do. All that once she's wearing fucking diaper. Well, I mean it's cheaper and it's right at CVS. You'd go get some depends. You strap them on? Yeah, p freely. Strapping them on. And that's the thing really p freely with the diaper speaking freely lend to shot out Edris t for p and freely freely. There's controversy. Is there what's this all about? So Ed and Didi were in ohi- and hanging out and the sort of feral child came. Wait, what. Stop this feral child came out of the woods. There into the hot tub like just like drop trial, just walk, try to over to the hot too. Indeed, he's like while they're in the hustle while they're in the highway, asking where they, I'm not sure about that. Okay. It's like, what's the big deal? It's just p the chlorine kills it, which is not a thing. By the way, it's a myth. It does have a chemical process with this shirt which turns the salt as in that soul is extremely. It's like a heavy irritant for skin in is. Yeah. Yeah. So like what the fuck that kids pain in the pool. It's fucked like someone tell and heads like, well, I mean, what's the big deal people people all the time I peed in your pool. Yeah, what and then later I Facebook shamed him about it, but made a little joke and just didn't even say like, hey, you my pool. Yeah, but I put a little comment like us to him and not a, hey, look at this thing about Pena pools, bad. And then I. It's like, I don't know why you're taking me out. Never in a pool like, okay, okay. Research. Fools and listen, that's an appropriate response to then finding out that someone had Pete in your pool. Yeah. I mean, it's like it's disgusting. Yeah, it's gross. I'm my neighbor's kids when they want to go like not a lot in shout out to the neighbors. They MRs Lee, the two little adorable children, and I, I'm cool with it. They just need to before they like it's just like, listen, I want you don't wanna have to clean the pool. You don't wanna clean the pool. You never want to clean the full, but the before that you have to really well, that's true. But you want to have to call you don't what the pool. That's what it is. You don't want to do that if there was a number two, that's true. That's not in the pool. Not. Yeah. Yes. Feral children or if it's a baby Ruth. Yeah, Caddyshack that's. That's that's. That's a classic the floater, the floater you, it's classic. Yeah. Remember kids if you want to did he was on, you guys started with the spicy poop talks. That's right. We started talking about the sort of academic stuff. Yeah. And then which is boring? No, it's not. It's not be slid into the spicy poop stock. Well, that's funny in the and the viewers like that. They definitely and and listeners to. Yeah. The thing I like is that we take a different path and that's what's fun. I think it also since we were talking about TD's episode, I'd like to get into your disappearing habits. It's called the French exit. But is it a full exit though when you do this hour, long mysterious, where's Tim? Well, it's kind of a dip in Hyde a dip. I love dip in high. I got a little social anxiety, so you know. Okay. All right, overwhelmed. I just I just take off. I di- loved that something back though. Yeah, that's the thing I like that. Yeah, you come back. It's not just like, oh, Tim felt away. Yeah, you can't just can't just leave. I think you can. We single, you can. Oh yeah, that's right. There you go. You're married, can't do that. No, you can you find it? That's helpful though, because you probably had some heavy boyfriends and your life. Right? You're not ever never made it to the altar though. No, God, no heavyset boyfriend's like the Bob, Hoskins character that was sort of a large bearish man. Prevents you from leaving. Where you think you're going large feral fatty. At ten o'clock town washed up, daddy. Even reading his mail. So let's do this little dip in Hyde. I do like the high, but you come back though. Now, do you think that the fact that being married changes it from disappearing to that you reappear has been good for you? Do you think maybe enrich for you. I don't give a fuck I'm old and we're for myself. Okay. But personally, do you feel like maybe it's been beneficial to you to not just exit somewhere comfort? Yeah. I read to come back. Why not? Yes. Sometimes it can be a funky vibe, funky vibes. I'm sensitive to. You don't want to hear about? Yeah, that's true. That's true them or you could just get bored and be terribly anxious like me some right or the third version absolutely appalled that they're showing kindergarten cop. Kindergarten cop is not my, it's not my jam Craig. We know this Craig. Yes, but I don't think the listeners know the extent of your could movies. Oh, I know it's cool to like it, but it's not cool. It's a fucking shitty movie. Let's be. It's hot garbage. I don't fuck with funny. Arnold. Arnold is not funny to me. Oh, interesting. Okay. So you don't like twins, hey, twins. Twins, kindergarten cop, a hot garbage. I know this listen, maybe this is a. Controversial topic. I want some. I want some curiosity masculinity with my sports in Egger. I want him kicking people's asses, and you know. No funny business. No, no, I I don't find him funny ever. Okay. So like I love comedy. I'm a mutt. He's not my brand of comedy. I like my perfect comedy moment would be like a love like the Tim and Eric. Awesome show. Great job. Yeah, a low. Some like Dada. Some weird, you know, like also deeply shot up to my friend Donell. James, he's a comedian. She just had her first next Netflix specials on the homepage right now. She's crazy funny for really Dr. Congratulations to her. He's fucking hilarious, comedy. I don't find him funny at all. I think a lot of people that know about comedy, excuse me, shit is fucking dumb like us. No Jason and some Christian. Well, look, you know, the shit, man. I talk about like you guys will talk about like like feathers on a dress for fifteen minutes at some dumb movie we made in the seventies. Dahlie pardons daughter was an executive producer on, well, we'll get into some weird shit like competent GOP and a half with Burt Reynolds love that about you, but but it's not my I can't. I don't always cosign. I can still be amused. Yeah. No, you enjoy the story. I don't want to be there for this. Yeah. Yeah. You just don't want to be the will you don't have enough for the web work? Yeah. Our Lardy had is, you know, he's a straight white male, you know, he's cisgenders straight white male. He's he's had the world has been his oyster. He can. You have a lot of things. He had action films and then he had to have comedy to. He's not that funny. So this is the woke response to the. Well, how about you then? So I use comedy ship, but I actually really love sports scenario. Well, what about junior? I want because if you hate twins, you must just despise junior. What is junior? Junior is the follow up, which is not a sequel, but it stained veto Schwarzenegger and Emma Thompson and the premises that they've developed this thing that's going to help people all right to basically kind, but but it's not because it evolves into this bizarre drumbeat. I've spoken many times of legal eagles on the show. So you're actually a great film. I'm happy to hear you say that I really like a guilty pleasure, like, yeah, like, you know, TBS zone and it's to so perfect exact way to find it employees you anymore. So you're going to smoke this joint and watch legal eagles overlong drama. I. I like a drama if the people are are consigned where, but they have to be funny to me. See, I think Schwarzenegger's very funny. But I don't think he's funny at all, but I think he's funny talking like his is weird like, but then you're sorta like laughing. Is it like two hours laughing at someone's immigrant accent? And that's not what it is. That's not what it is. See, that's that's now you're dismissing the whole everything. I'm calling you to task. I deliberately I wanna speak to the man. I deliberately sought this out because this is what was going on in the seat. Next to me as I step. In I. I was like, I was like, I, we saw like a banger. It was predator. One of the greatest action films of all time, it looks like a shot. Twenty years ahead of its time. Yeah, it's it's, it's, it's like Terrence. Malick film. It's fucking gorge. Yeah, everything about it is brilliant. They acting the script, the music, it's killing Schwarzenegger just plays like a unabashed unabashedly bad ass. Bettas. Yeah, Jason. So that to decent likes nigger with his muscles. That's what he. Oh, he was, oh my God. He was. Yeah, you'd love. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, he was gushing. He wants them to put his known. My favorite though of the films that they showed that night and his no, no. Well, either way, I think whatever I don't, maybe he's verse no, no to is no. No, maybe. Or PU swatch as we learned on on the show, does he? I think so. I think so. I think it's in the same family, but does he what is but does see, let's a smell that's in the air. Smells like dick and pussy. Yeah, yeah. What's that. Volatile lexicon. Does that. Dede took credit for my Pomona to. I totally came up and I had a feeling about that because but ladies saying piss out my asshole is not that bizarre. A guy saying piss out my own asshole. Downstairs mix up is a certain thing downstairs mix up. That's a little mighty Bouche reference. Yeah. Oh, that's all right. Paul me on well, cut that out way. Pomona is pissing out my own asshole. Ok, p out my own nasty ass, sorry. Oh, for God's out. My. Never thought of that like the. Larry Larry's, but that's Tim. That's Pomona as me. Yeah. Do you ever see. Together, you can't think of things. Pull me there's no code right on that one saying, no, you can't co write a word, no, p out my own nasty vote. Are you going? I think we have the sound of coming up to a thought together, a wait. Hold on. I'm hearing a rumble of Tiffany. There's a rumble, the Brembos jungle, something exciting's coming this way. At some point, something's coming some something good, Tony, in west side story, you were. He was Tony in west side story, high school. I just cut your moment. Sure. No, no. It actually worked out perfectly. I was telling you, I started that timed out perfectly. Yeah, I pick the wrong selection from this score, but what it was Tony, this was the predators score. It might be. Yeah. Now that wasn't John Williams. It was a Alan sylvestry. Also a young Silvestri a young Soviet on to do some heavy duty. Shit. Yeah, they're remaking that movie doing that. Why I saw that. I saw that my friend Frank posted that shot the Frank on Facebook, there's no need. Yeah, that's it sucks. You know, spirit is being or has been remade. I saw that too. Actually looks like it'll be a cool movie, but he never going to be. This is a big shoes to fill. I mean, a massive, massive, massive shoes view, stayed all the way through to the fifth film. I think at the agenda at the new Beverly. Where was that at the new Beverly theater, my God? Is it open yet? Which one? Which theater new, Beverly theater. Beverly is it open yet? Reopened, you know, new new, Beverly, you're saying that you've ever until December December. Did you say December December? December's the month of December? That's right. Now. When they reopened, glad that the new Beverly is going to reopen in December. That's good. Yeah. Yeah. So by the way, call your nurse now because now you have alcohol poisoning well, so anyway, we did take Jake shears their house. Five five films you sat through in a row? Yeah, all the time Gento. Yeah, I watch a lot of. I watch a lot of films. That's my thing. If five in a row. Yeah, I could do that easy. He didn't make it have you, you probably watched two movies in a row three. Maybe it must have been a day you watch three sitting in your drawers, maybe on talking maybe you're trusting drawers, maybe three, three in a day, maybe what about movie night, but it's at a theater and you can smoke. I did see a double feature. I saw death proof in terror. Okay. Together. That was good. Yeah. Well, so you're talking tarintino so now we can talk about new Beverly again, and we could go to maybe to a double feature because they do double figures other theaters, I and I've been to them. I just like that one, the best at new arts of cool. It is far away though you go to the one. Have you been in the one like the? I pick the one where it's like, no DD loves its. That's dean GM on read a ball. That's her gem doesn't have a suite at the I pick she. Has the name engraved until one. The pleasure couches there? Yes. Described the pick for those who God, it's like a lazy boy couch. Yeah, in non account, just like reclining chair. And you can have on like we're sitting in right now, actually. Yeah. Yeah. It's comfortable comfortable kind of actually they're not leather those like a Microsoft aid. Oh, and then you can order full meal really. And you're looking at the screen, you're? Yeah. So it's like this little larger scale. Little console comes out really nice. Waiter comes over. Yeah. Says Hello, sir. Can I get you a cocktail? Can I get you or anything from our? I don't know. They don't delay menu. Okay. And then it's like kaffa gratitude and you get the the Scorsese. No, yeah. Oh, yeah. You get the skirt Sese and it's not you ever go. There were Jake years. Maybe we'll Jason. Have you ever been to cafe gratitude? I have an Acadian anything there because I'm allergic to nuts. Are terrible that place. Everything's not based. Yeah, I, it's, it's also not guilty like like a motion nuts in there. It is. No, it's wildly colty now I don't fuck with it. Not that I don't like it. I don't like it. I don't want it. I got told you, how am I being in restaurant? I wanna see a female body here. Listen crossroads on Melrose. It's like the nice in between. Very lovely place, terrific food, and they're very nice too, but kitschy mouse on Figaro and. Okay. So jam coming to LA write all these down. Maybe we'll put together a Caccia in Craig tour guide or though actually or those not really word. So although if listener out there similar to the movie list some of together, so and put together a list of every single movie that we've ever mentioned sick, which is pretty insane. So shout out to you. Thank you so much. If you ever want to put out AS places, it's the bell and the the, the down the diving bell. No. Diving bell and the butterfly. I've never seen butterfly. I've never seen that. Good movies incredibly really. I just wanna at that to the list. Yeah, list. I'll put it on my saw. I just saw once when it came out and I was like struck with by the movie for a week, I should see it again. What are some of your other favorite films or directors directors. All of PT Anderson. You're listening. You ever listened to the PTA Anderson's dad on an outtake reel? No. So PT Anderson's dad, the guy had directed Magna. Elliot boogie nights the master, etcetera? Yeah. His dad actually loved the master. A lot of people didn't like the mess. I got a lot of interrupting phone calls during it, so I have to watch it again. It was one of those movies that just got interrupted a lot. No, no, no, no. 'cause you're impede listen, I don't. You know my policy iphones and movies. Yeah. You hardliner hardliner who was a house? We had those back with the new Beverly. It's funny. You should say that. Yeah, but a pal. Hey, thank you to whoever came up with that drinking game because we're having a lot of phone. Is there come with those in there and sending civil suit? Yeah, that's right. That's over here. No, no, no. That's gonna cut out of the private real. Real unpatriotic actually. No, but that's a secret private listening at CNN. CNN secret private listening, private listening. Yeah, I went to a really cool jam session. Tell me maybe three weeks ago, MAC Demarco's house. You know, I saw photo from that. Yeah, and he is a camera in his studio. Yeah, he's recording all the time and he's live broadcast into the internet. That's really cool. Like, yeah, it's, it's all it's. I could send you the link to it because I love that thing. Get some weird name. He calls it. Oh, I'd love to see that. Oh, wait. You know what? Before I forget Ernie Anderson. Paul, Thomas Anderson's dad was voice of ABC tonight on love boat Don. Pardo. Oh, he was the guy like Laverne shooting come up against it in the next episode. That whole thing, right. She'd do that too. I know and I gotta get so devas until because some based basing your voice appreciate that. My friend also good at cold reads, so voices is a force dot com. That DD three voices one, two, three. That's what it was. So you have an also recommended that, so I'm going to be joining us and then I can blast shit like that. When you do that, let's have a, you know, slide of my d. AM, hey, I'd love to do that. My friend Kazaam I give you some some sort of mixing tips on. I would love that hot compression. Yeah, compression compression both Thomas Edison's dead Ernie Anderson. Like I said, it was the voice of ABC to mainstream media. That's that fake news. I'm believing fake news. I'll knock is right now. So I can't you swishes off your guy. I can't stand and I love, but I was almost I wanna go ahead to Nike for the next couple of weeks. Yeah, I, I've never felt better about then with this brand. They're so stupid. Well, there you already bought stuff, Bernie, I'm gonna burn. He's, I had dental, knock, you don't like the flag. Bombarding the the new Bern by nine nine, just troop marine veteran veteran. I served my like what the fuck you anymore got hired enough. A Hillary. No, those. Oh, okay. Yeah, you'd like to get there. You go. Yeah, he loves to rub the windscreen against his voluptuous mustache. These windscreens have been a lifesaver. By the way it smell like a really good. Like I'm kebab maybe. Yeah, that's. That's what it used that was Michael Deborrah. So he's eight. I think it went to. I think he sounded like he had a. I don't think you Ruben. How's it? Good Bob. Oh, yeah. That's my favorite sound mix girl. Let favorites. I used to sit in in calculus NYU and it was a really fucking boring. One of those glasses, it was just like a hall of people. Yeah, and known as looking do this one. Oh, that's good. I, I'm out of clearly still pretty good. You can get a good one. Never seen this. Yeah, sometimes, but sometimes you get really fucking out. Yeah, it was just so you go go. Like push all the air. Like. Like single. Scores, it's to south really, to sounds like, you know, when you make the credit. When you make a snap, you know, it's, yeah. Sounds right. No, so I did. Yeah. Just demonstrate that part, which is the actual finger up and then there's the sound than it hits it hits the little cavity. Right? So it's two sounds the there's little high pitch. Six. It's like four to seven k. and then there's that fundamental tone when you hit the bottom. So there's two sounds very close together and it's the same thing like, if okay, plus. The air being pushed out. Okay. In order to make the second one to the first ones. Yeah. Everyday. Hey, Brian, you know, it's exciting. Craig wig is exciting male, we are this m. l. yes, it is. Although both versions are quite exciting these days you can get practically everything on demand, right, sure. Can like for instance, this podcast, you can listen to whatever you want when it's convenient for you, did you know you can even get posted on demand now what you can do it from wherever you do business and to do that, all you need as stamps dot com. That's very convenient because I have a few letters that I need to put in the mail tomorrow. Well, we have all the gear were signed up. We can just print out the appropriate posted. We pay for it via the account linked to our stamps dot com account and wallah ready to man drop it in the mail and just down the street. Exactly. And I've loved it so far. I mean, I've had to send out quite a few things as we do as part of a business and stamps dot com. You can access all the services that the post office right from your desk. You can buy print real US posted for any letter or any package. That's incredible. And all of this is available twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. Damn just click print mail and you're done. That sounds like a wonderfully convenient thing. Not only that, but stamps dot com. We'll even send you a digital scale. You're kidding. Oh, no, that's what we've been using. You wear your letters and packages and print the exact amount of postage every time while I can't wait to take the guesswork either by postage Craig. I can't wait either. I haven't waited because I've been using it. There you go sending out little bibs Bob's and doodads. This is what I've been using, and it's been terrific because working from my own desk, I can get all of it done, right. They're all from the safety and comfort of your own. That's right. So don't wait good stamps dot com. And before you do anything else, click on the radio microphone at the top of the homepage and type in w. v. remember that stamps dot com and enter w v give me so relieved at the comfort needs of this. You'll wonder why to do before. Right? Absolutely. I wish I had known about stamps dot com ages ago. Glad we're having this little chat. I got. A bunch of weird noises I can make to. Let's get the catalog. Okay. I'm trying to think. Oh yeah, they like you. Tim is an all round entertainer. That's like sort of exam fear. Very popular with the Central American children is that knows? Is that how you one d over when I met her did it was actually this. That's very, would be able to squeeze those sounds just to, I could do a lot. My hands. Yeah, very gifted with your hands. You can eighty keys really impressive. I I again won the hand the hand the fighting over the or the central Merican farting. Departing hands is the. Yeah. Actually, I think what they call farting this. This is my wife, Elise favorite thing that I. Special piece for. So. Fully third grade. So. We started dating just, you know this before it was. Tamed you were. The feral child, you know. The whole time feral child right after college? I had a girlfriend that lives in Richmond, Virginia. Uh-huh. So that's your job from New York City to reach me gene. How long has that drive as long. Okay. And I didn't wanna stop thriving while driving to. Okay. Uh-huh. See, you can't to Kath. Bottles. I did appeal bottle while driving now a wide mouth bottle or adventurous. If if you have to do you have to go with goes Gatorade, listen, gator power, eight. When you're in the vehicle. Vehicle with the way. I believe it's a low slung corvette or something. I believe in a four tampo or four Tampa. A very inexpensive vehicle online ranted to person of certain, as I said, we'll see. Okay. Yeah. Now just whip. The piss the window in it's a, would you collect lot of in the one it's bit of a slide down. Then you kinda have to get the bottle and you have to lift a bit to get the angle sure driving. Yeah, wait. Let me let me. Sort of get angle hard. You gotta lift up. So your. From the on here from your your listeners anyone else's had. This has actually driven p my driving lease, write us, especially patriot members who can share their stories, patriots actually jerked off once while driving really by yourself on a dirt road somewhere. I'm not to run the. I think I was. I weigh think it was on the highway and is ignored cars. Yeah, yeah. Okay. I was jerked off in a car while driving on as my mama. Listen to this, I'll probably wouldn't respond. Oh. Well, then no. Of course, Tim would never do something like that. Well, see, I have a rule with my mom, man. I've actually had even the lowered Lord and driving's a sacred biz this gentleman. All the nights. I haven't agreement with my mother that she's not to listen to the show. I will send her certain segments. For instance, the Michael Barr episode, wait, Brian's, Brian, look at you doing the whole day on a second. Wait yet to do that again, tricks out of them and your bag. Boy. You'd busy trying to talk to him about tricks at bags. Figured it out was I was taking swimming lessons and the older kids had this thing they could do, oh, where we're going with that. Well, we can't hear you. You put hands together and shoots water and the two thing, and I'll just getting scored in the face of months by these me know their kids and I just wanted. So I just got home and try to figure it out. And then a realized, unlike a it was like an off label usage of my medication that are discovered sorta like. Thomas edison. Stole or maybe Ben Benjamin Franklin. I really Bank is our desire. Sure. I love is I felt like, yeah, I really a real innovator came up with something that must have been done before, but you would discover it for yourself. So it was new. It was noon away. You know what else is new? Everyone here except me this Ernie Anderson out. Take real Ernie Anderson. The father of Paul Thomas Anderson just do it again. Just on another track. That's all you gotta do. So if any of you or your friend? Oh Jesus, Jesus Christ. Let me let me explain something voice something wrong with this picture. I'm fucking leaving here. You have another plan. Answer the phone. You've dumb fuck role. Second thing and shut up just say we're rolling quiet on the set. It's in total fucking state of fucking disaster. All right. If you want the opening faster, we'll do it faster, do it because we don't wanna miss one listener. We want anybody tuning up. Ain't gonna mean one more fucking video. She's God. There is a way to do this show and this isn't it? Oh, fuck call fence. I'm part of the fucking show. I don't to keep in word. It's gave me that God damn look. Now I can't even look at him. I'll go in the other room during this see, I told you we could work this. I know you weren't out for it, stick with me and we'll get rid of the. I'm ready. Rowling's good boy, funny people and their funniest videos and the new. Give it a world sheriff. What I'm sitting here for. Good. I on the new America's funniest people you'll hear. Fuck. I'll tell you something right now. I ain't gonna make it not with any anything other than a fucking looney toon get somebody in here that can that calls horse races. Such a long way to go. Can I get some indication that we're rolling or something you over there by yourself or we? I'm in another year. We team here. I'm sitting here picking my nose. Fuck my fault. Really. We'll pick it up. I don't care what you do, whatever you think we ought to do. We'll do this just tried. I don't know what I'm gonna say by the time I say it all I've said, if it fits, we leave it whom Jesus goods. Doing here, we go. Tonight on America's funniest people, the studio audience will choose who will marry by power tonight on something you can do kinda dick fuck around here and you'll see American gladiators. Song walk is she'll see in American bid applying. That's a big hole, but I can't do anything about it. You'll have to put some sound effects in there some fucking pig whistles or something. Somebody's to give a shit, not me. Fucking writing. There's no fucking hook here. There's no, there's no TS. It's dead on. I don't know what to do. I I know, but I don't think it would work any fucking better than what we tempo to the fucking thing. I just gets out there and then fucking plot, and they walk around to fuck us all at. Perfect. There's woman where someone goes, you're not rolling on this, right? And they and they hear the Geico. Oh no, no, no. That's my favorite thing ever. We would never. We'll listen to the show goes on the Barry white on is so he's very white does he's doing like a veto and he's trying to record it. And I guess that he can't say it something about some fairground or so. I can't remember. I think I have. Yes, he just can't fucking up five. This is Barry white. Please join me on Friday, Saturday and Sunday as ninth and tenth. For I, I in things. Cutting Pucca spot, Tony. Hi, this is Barry right? And Paul Quinn college cordially invite you to weekend in Texas on Friday, Saturday, one more time, Saturday and Sunday. Shit. Hi, this is Barry white and Paul Quinn college cordially invites you to our weekend in Texas on Friday, Saturday and Sunday may ninth and tenth as set. My dog was in a film with Willer net and and Tom, wait, really, it was called a risk cutters, a love story. Okay. I've heard ever saw. Ever played at the new Beverly, the might play the new Beverly which is opening. That's right. W not even getting money from them? No, no. I'm talking about the drinking game now. Oh, okay. Guys, this is I thought we've been playing the same game here. Trying to get people just like putting able. Give a half for them. Anytime you can anything that comes up a conversation generally is all fodder for the show. So fair enough? Yeah, I right. So your dog, but foxy my p to my best friend pass away last March GM. Yes, she was in. She's in this movie will Arnett so I came up the will Arnett news air and he's about to cut some fucking Tony at your dog. Dog. Hey, mister net knows Matz my dog foxy and she was in risk. Gutters tunes. Oh. Wow. You guys trying to cut a spot here to you on the street. I'm I'm in this like fly like Tribeca studio and the puck studios mine. It's not like, and you're going to my next door guys studio, and I'm just sitting there like you're saying, hey, and you have. I'm trying to shine you balls. I just literally of just your dog was in a movie. Yeah, I know he's famous ship, but that's not the thing. Oh, cool. You're like, oh, that's nice. You walk up to people on the street and just talk about other people's dogs, right. Brian? I do. Yeah. I say I actually liked to just the dog like, oh, what's your dog's name? And then I offer other names that might be better than that. That's cute for you. But what if your dog was Mr. pizza? That'd be fun. Yeah. Are you busy? I'm lonely. Can I hang out with you? Yeah, that works out really well. It's like it's like before grinder. Yeah, I, we have two dogs. No, I who has been on the show recommend you listen to. I've heard earlier. Yeah, so he's very well. Have Ron again. Yeah, you really should because she pays weekly recording to the comments to comments. Star DD read the comments on any of the other episodes think. So. They probably all say that about everything, but good ones was terrific guest, everyone loved her and with her back. Yeah, I love to go to the new Beverly with her. Maybe she'd go the new Beverly with with the and Jake shears. Dixie. Yeah, maybe maybe Brian. What if you went to the bathroom there, what would you do? Maybe if you went to the bathroom, there. Also. Shit, myself while I was talking to Jake shears of the new. Everybody's playing this game is your passed out. There's act out there. Black white girl wasted is right. W say that now let's bring it back. Bring it back, white growing. So detailed us a couple of fun. Lies, she makes up. She takes credit for jokes, right? This is what we're saying. She's a joke people. It's beyond me and there's nothing lower comedy were no claim. A joke is your, she's Carl's seeing all over the place. Now, what are some fun facts, but Didi that maybe you'd like to share deeds obsessed with the dogs? Sure. What kind of dogs are they have to eskimo mixes? And what does that eskimo? They're white dogs. Maybe seventeen twenty five pounds on their other. Both on Instagram you drew. They are always Nobel is one, and the other was chicken noodle FOX, but we haven't been updating that much. Obviously, we make all their own food and we make their food from scratch. You're kidding? Yeah. So I have a like fresh pasta. What is it? I small of a small fleet of lamb in my backyard that I slaughter. And then I swear to. What you don't. I know no. But we do make the food. Then one want them has has an allergy which is very LA for a dog to heaven. Yes. So yeah, a little snow is you can't have chicken, but chicken can have whatever the Vecsey wants and cluding to always our place in Burbank Headey avocado tree and says, she blossom almost twenty seven pounds. Now she back down to fighting weight of twenty two pounds, but, oh, wow, she did use a little deep Gordon. That's the technical. That's the technical term for that deep them also delicious sandwich from Taco Bell this right. She the great TB shout out to my friend obvi- Cora, who's an aficionado of the tackle l. delicacies never eaten at Taco Bell. If you had to go to talk about what would you try? Did have chose there? I think so. Noncommittal. They really might. Heard about them. They actually might have something like, apparently they're being burritos are not so bad. I've had a couple of things, but only recently because the friend Katie was like, you've never had it. So she ordered a bunch of stuff. I had the wraps up in Katie from the old. Now. I said, I simply said Katie simply said, katie's, you can't. You're the one bringing last name into it. You see candy pump Katie by Randy pump. That's interesting. Now, what are candy? We're very friendly. So the show all the time. Yeah. And I was like, what are you? Are you pumping? Are you up there. Much pumps. They're pumping. The bedroom, watching the dogs pumping. I can't stand the show. I, I'll be really honest, doesn't bother me. I like, I'm not. I think you know if someone doesn't like something I like I really don't give a shit actually amuses me if someone especially like kindergarten cop thing, I great delight out of that strong feelings. How. Very strong strong strong feelings if you're not that right, thank you. I really don't fuck with the pumps and I, it's probably going to the viewers you talking about. No. Some of the TV shows you like to watch? I watch terrible fucking shows we the were show that I've ever watched most probably the key. I've seen all episodes. What is that? Just terrible HBO show. MTV HBO HBO. No, it's MTV's vary. Set in Florida. Oh God, it's real. The real fucking amass. Oh, Lord. Have also watched live, least two or three seasons of dance moms, which is, oh, swallowing, garbage. I got to give you some big credit by the way the phrase hot garbage. Yeah, which I've taken on as my own because I always give you credit though. I think some jokes with that though, that's well, that's this is where I know it from is from you. This is where I for years. Yeah. But when we were when when Jake shears and I were talking about certain music, you guys love that hot garbage. You gotta live in New York for a while. STAN hot car. I feel it's a, it's a summer thing I live in Chinatown. Let's be real. Chinatown in the summertime is garbage. There's a lot of the chicken blood. Oh, yeah. The derise. Sure. And before dries mixes with other. All the delicious liquids flavors of the summer. That at salt and straw next month. Yeah, nearly dried chicken blood with cat. Piss feral cat. Piss feral cats. They are teas. China gun, and you also have some, you know, some turnover fried rice is all over the fucking ground. Some bugs his some giant roaches rats, nineteen years. I almost died. So wait. Yeah. No long time though. Mr. York. I miss things about New York. Those those things still there. Like a real slice of pizza. You can't find any good pizza. The pizza isn't right here. Okay. Let me ask you how many places have you tried? Our probably more than twenty but less than fifty. Now, are there any that you like but aren't like these? These are all right, like tomato. Do you like ten place? No. No? Okay. Tell me what you like. Renzo of New York. Have you had learned those New York? John Denise Jonah, Vinnie's, John, and that's a we deliver service in the nineties. These come up in this. They had like this. The vehicle that coming up. York flowers, you call to you. Yeah, these these, I can't believe I said Mike shot up to Mike Vinnie all life. I, I mean, I've never done any drugs personally. That's right. That's no anyone who does what I've heard. That's the other thing that's I've never heard of anyone ever is done. That's right. That's right. It's a clean teaching slate team, but we'll say, yeah, the John Vinnie's had a really good slice of pizza. Also. Motzer has really re. That's my favorite now. I've heard that that's really good on that. On that. It's on here on the far Melrose, I think. Right, right by the new Beverly kitty cat that night. That's good to know. That's very good to know. Because when the next time I go to the new Beverly probably. I might have to check out mozza. Sitting myself. No, that's he has to say that. Have you ever show yourself? No. And I'll tell you why, but it's Furniture's in reason. It's the opposite problem for me. You get paid it. I'm constantly. I'm constantly convict. Okay. That was my favorite Katie Lang. Song I tear I think it's I'm I'm high strong as you can. See, okay, you're prone to stress. I'm very stressed. I'm very strong. I lived in New York City for nineteen years. They'll get an illusion at a studio in a basement for seven of those years. Nine nine of those years. So you're daylight was already cut down? I was basically became an honorary member of the mole people. Oh, yeah. Did your hours get fucked up. Is your? Yeah, that's gonna. Have that in common. Am last night. Yeah, I wouldn't. I go to bed three eight hundred. No me too. I went to three thirty and woke up around in home. I don't know why. I try to go back to sleep. It wasn't taking can never see what's the point. No, but then I'll take a nap probably later. No, no, because I have a dinner but then so it'll get fucked up. It'll be like in a normal ish thing for a while then something will make teeter. Right. So what what happens with you? How does it does it rotate. Fucking love the night. I really the nighttime. I love to boogie. Okay. I'm on this. Go round. Yeah, gonna natural high, but I, I would say this, I really sincerely love the nighttime and I love diners like, you know, this is my big thing. I love dines. That's right. Hey, twenty four. I do really romantic about it and it's like LA new are sure like James l. ROY book and just like, I, I don't like the characters and that are in a diner. Four of on the warring. Yeah, I love diner. I'll eat to sit in a diner. It's really strong affinity for it diner food too. Oh, I loved under food. What's your favorite diner food, Brad. I like why I like breakfast, food, all twenty go. So therefore diners or the perfect place. Yeah, it is. It is really, really the mainstay, your big pancake fan as well. I am, but I have been on a diet. I'm down to two hundred two pounds today. Congratulations things. We're working lost. Seven pounds. What's that place in those fields that we went to the diner Fred sixty. Two is amazing. I never been good for. Sam Zion, like my dear BB shot out the same as I. Yeah, a lot of times we'll go do something. Those guys are like me. I love to diner. Sure. I mean, I'm not it's not healthy eat so late, but just get something smaller Nellie. No, like well. Quote, you're my favorite order that I've heard anyone can last six months. Sure. I'll have the pancakes. And can I get a burger to go to? I just love that order. That's not a judgement. I'm not order Shane. I'm just saying it's a big boy order. Listen, I'm not goofing. Okay. All right. Bang. Bang from the peanuts, exposure, Louis c. k. he's canceled. But at the same time he did have this funny thing. We call it. A bang bang is when you go eat and then you go immediately, go eat again. Oh, I gotta be honest. I've done it a couple times in my life for like I might have a meeting and then a little lunch. Sure. Not going to another meeting right away. I like, you know, fuck it. I'll have a small salad or a little bowl. Super sure. I'll do a bang. Bang. Sure. Numb anyway, I love a diner. Love diner. Yeah, we should go to a diner. Sue. What's your favorite diner Nellie. I like cantors. Good, but it's a cool vibe. I don't. I think the food's fine. The blitzes. No, you can't get. No, you can't get the pastry stuff there. The do now does not taste right. The the, the pastry stuff is always bad. It's really, it's just never right. And then I think I got sick off a Reuben last time I ate there. So the thing is like if you're a Jewish deli shot out the Serge's on the west side in New York, a real fucking Jewish deli, twenty four hour. Deli is the shit at some of the food ever like a really good multiple soup. A love that shit, though this. What about green blasts? Greenglass is fucking amazing. Corinne blankets, just so we're not like shitting all LA. No. I like Kanter happen to get kinda. Go back to Kansas. And there's that one bobby's beef shack bright by the beef house beef barn. Bobby's lady hippies, beef curtains eight after the movie the it was on swingers Springer's. So it's all right. Yeah. Yeah. I like I like, what's your favorite? LA diner a lot of them, but bread sixty two. Those seems pricey to do like it. Remember day creating the country and creek travel guide to Los Angeles, Fred sixty two in those fields, and they have terrific malteds they have and they have good chili too. I had the chili pie. That's right. That's by frito pie. Sorry. Three. Oh, the served in a frito bag. Actually, my favorite is probably Cindy's in eagle rock. Oh, it's only open during the day, but it's a really good diner. Everything's made from scratch. All the sauces are made from scratch. Also really like this one downtown in Chinatown Chinatown called Knicks. Knicks ham house next ham house? Yeah, it's delicious. Him house. They make the ham there. No, no, they're famous for their hand. They, they do. They're famous for your home to famous sausages where both. Yeah. What rule out don't be so narrow minded favorites. My fruit barn and my wagon versus you. We have very versus sorry v. verse v fevers verse. Have you ever met her verse, you know, have a big fan, but I never seem to be able to get to her show when she, you know, factually performing product to be verse Iverson. Dusty tornado doing it will Bill soon. -absolutely shout out Keating savage. My adopted son head partner in a musical project. Yeah, motherfucker. He did a great version of any in the jets when we were carrying on time. Karaoke piece actually karaoke you that time Shakespeare Shakespeare actually. We, I love doing Kerry Cariocas fawn. Now it's one thing that's an LA thing. Yeah, they do it New York, not the same vibe. Also somebody like super talented people that also can just sing their ass off that live here like the guy next door might be able to really sing. It's just very LA for that. Yeah. What's your go-to karaoke jam. I tell you, I tend to shy away from anything with vocals. No, I. I like Rb. Ballads of the seventies. Yeah. Yeah. Your your arm be knowledge is. That's my my inexperience. Yeah, brothers, Bobby call. Well, sure something with some with some soul on. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I usually like to say, I can't do very well, but that's the music. I think you do a good job and I think that doesn't matter. It's all about the enthusiasm for every everybody brings a different thing to carry. Okay. That hot out. Cut out. Okay. Cut out height. I e speaking g may Tim when you got got lines both on the my, but I in days. Oh shit. That's legit. That's. Legit. So you how many times you've been to Japan? I never. I've actually never been through the Tokyo airport for four hours. Go into some other gig in Asia? Yeah. By been tying ago, we'd never. Neither of us have been. Amazon are going to Japan. They're hunting lovely. Oh, cool. That's why we're having on after we want to get all the stories, other Japanese food, Japanese, sherzer of I love her Asala. There's another. Like other erector favorite directors. I've never seen a curse our film. Oh my God. I have to. We Ron together. I'd love to do that. It's a pictures crusades set of Ron. The Ron looks like the best parts of every music video where you're like, fuck, that's cool. What they did there. I would to forty years ago. Sure. The big swaths of color. Did you see any hands in the hallway, the big eighties, trove and videos. The people going like running a hallway and his hands coming out of the walls. Hallway. The picture never saw seven samurais or single there by foreign film knowledge is a little limited surprise. I don't mean to, I'm shocked and I just said it was your French new wave. I know of it don't know much of Louis mall films any. Oh, my dinner with Andre as the only one. Okay. Yeah, a mold of, are you gotta be able to be honest, I've never seen in. I know listen, I have to get more experience this finally going outside the country. So I'm going, you know, I international flight. All of our films are so cool because they're like, they're just so weird. Well, supernatural shit happens. I love and it's not even serious to the. It's not like a serious plot point. Sometimes like just happy ghost for a second and that and then they never talk about anything supernatural in the restaurant. There's a lot of good drag shit in there too. There's a lot of, oh, listen, I'm sold. I just got to actually like Glenn and get it thing that sort of sometimes precludes me from actually getting these films or films like cop and a half with Burt Reynolds, or for instance, the lonely ladies starring or or musical movies, fifteen. That's not true. I haven't finished. I knew musical actually. 'cause you know, I started watching it with Jake shears, so I'm shading. I gotta go to the new bedroom. Ember yet? No, but the thing is I I definitely want to see this, so I'll make a little list for myself of those director. I have to watch cure. So we mall and Truffaut and all that that those are. That those are big influences on especially Martin Scorsese musically. I'm like, if you bring it back to music second, Chris, Allah, the composer he worked with the most. Tuck Takemitsu toll ru, Takemitsu. Okay. Yeah, yeah, real fucking beautiful. Interesting, weird shit. And he's been over the last year. The biggest influence on me and really the last score that I just differ. Justin Kelly Oku for 'em that basically I did all this really weird, small and saw will woodwind little people. Yeah, I hired all little people. We don't say midgets anyone else. Of course, of course, we don't. They. There's a union, the unions old, so they still call the majors union even though they don't want to be called shirt. It's really messed up. It is, but yet they own their the great limitations. Are they have a perspective she can't get fucked up. Yeah. Got that out that people to. But. Why you like doing this is fun. It's a lot of fun, right? Just cut out all the boring shit because I we're gonna have a nice thirty five minutes show. No, that's about this long. And there's a bunch of does cut the does. Well, we we take until it's not fun anymore. So I usually look to Brian if he starts getting antsy, it's yes, always let me try to get like one funny thing more. I think you've gotten a couple of funny things, so hit me with your best shot and listeners comment. He's doing a great job, right? Yeah. Thanks. What's your favorite color? This is a good road. Oh, I, it's interesting, my studio. I have the Hugh lights. The lights, oh, nine lights that are on a system. So I can say to my phone, turn the lights and then say any color and. Colors. And so I've been experimenting with what is my favorite color, what? Okay. Callers around me and how fix my mood as a major impact. It does the colors that I tend to like around me the most are actually really don't like green light. It just it's not flattering on anyone. Everyone look sick, a love, salmon, colored lights. Do that, like any kind of there's a color tomato which is halfway between orange and red that I really think it's flattering. It's nice vibe. Light red is supposed to red and yellow or supposed to inspire creativity. Oh, Blue's most relax. You inviolate. So some depends on the mood I'm going for what kind of music I'm working on. But the colors a lot says night to be getting some of that stuff for in here. There's a whole new plan in place might even get those strip lights for the coroner's. Do you know where you might have seen those at Jake shears? I. I'll tell you another story because like randomly so you know, Jake shears, one of his best friends is Kelly Ripa. Yes. That's right. And Kelly has this amazing daughter who's like sixteen or seventeen in Lola? That's right. Yeah. Who looks like a car? Dashing prettier and sure she's just like, and she's so funny. Yeah, and so cool. And you like Amy wino-? That's right track socially, Jason. I did a few songs. They're probably to those with him. Okay. Those are great, but they did better candy. We did three and I hadn't heard from her in the year and a half or something. And then randomly, she's sent me up like two weeks ago saying that she's doing her college applications. Okay. And wanted to, yeah, she's going to finish the songs up. So shut out to Lola Consolo. Nice who she really can saying, man, I hope so. Yeah. Also other things going on with Jason, his doing Jason, aka Jake shears. Yeah, his his is record seems to be doing really well, and he's yeah to last and he's going be playing l. a. and November shaking the dice steel in the rice. Yeah, that was the name of your book wasn't. It was shaving the rice. I'll listen for the mice. Very, forgive me. I'm sorry. It's just something rhyme. Vase shaving the rice than fucking the mice. Minds the birthday thing. My problem with the birthday, remembering that my birthdays Valentine's Day. So it's very hard for anyone knows. Do you forget is actually Valentine's Day, therefore, yet other people's birthdays families. Particular, it's difficult, but now thanks to Google. Try to keep it online. Oh, yeah, I got. I stopped remembering when people's birthdays where when I got on a off Facebook right. Yeah, I don't like, you know, I really don't like it either, but I still fuck with it because I have a secret form. Of freelance commercial composers. Yeah, see, very go. And I started three years ago and now we have two hundred something members, and it's really active form, and it's a bunch of these like nerdy guys and gals, and we go into and talk about our real shit and it's it's really cathartic and great kind of like almost like serves like a union, water cooler, four of really specific group of people. Okay. And I, I was going to say, if you ever would come back to the book faces, think of the people you wish you could really talk to. You can make a secret group that's just you and other people that have been on fucking Rupe halls and have an invite only. And you can talk about some real as shit. Yeah, but we have there is that, but we also have our, we have phone numbers us. Okay. So the, you know, what's that are like you could do you could make on this just people that do podcasts, right? Like talk about like a quick moment and sure that that to me is the new valley. View of that technology is not the old. Let me you know, stock this person from high school and post in other fucking cat photo, but it's more like, you know, this like deeper now that we all connected to each other quickly. How can we make these compartmentalize these useful groups for shared interests and knowledge that it's really cool. Yeah, go had physios all over Cambodia. Another question. Do you ever go to Toronto, divvy suggestions forming some going to weeks? Oh. Oh, really going for tiff. Oh, cool. To do stop -gratulations. Talk about the film. A little should talk about time Laura Dern film, which is why. Wow. JT little Jay. Justin, low Jay saw com might be most macho. Film director? Yeah, sizzling virility, you know, like to make all jokes aside, Justin can crackle fuck on whip if he needs one. No, true. But I'm talking, I'm talking about Las up on somebody that, yeah, love it. I'm just talking about his mask for mask thing. He's definitely mask for mass. No, he's funny. He's, you know, like he's a sweetie needs a little baby, but he gets what he gets what he wants when he wants. Of course, you have to on your director, you do that? Yeah, and and I was trying to go back to the farmland of jokes that we were got enjoying earlier, and then I was not let into the property that's that's not nice. I got you barren desert, but I, I will say this will ask thing about Justin Kelly. The best thing about we're going to is he has this like he really knows whether or not he likes something that's very important. It doesn't change, and that's fucking awesome. That is. So he won't see like, oh, I love this and then won't love tomorrow. RV like you never said that. Yeah, yeah, none of that weird. Like changing his mind. Shit, that kind of mentality. I suspect that that's probably true for PT Anderson and Wes Anderson. I'm sure and Ernie other Sounes earlier Louis. Anderson. Absolutely. Yeah. It's. Totally. That's a great private Facebook group. The Anderson says, yes. Yeah, they could hook up with the mother fuckers. I mean, the music maybe Anderson sisters in the motherfuckers I think would be very interesting, electric volume. And yeah, my mom loves a Euch. Are you woke thick snack, you know? I guess I'm trying, you know, because like I grew up on Murphy and NWEA and I grew up on really deeply problematic shit that like having laugh into my stomach hurt, didn't really realize the impact of how certain made certain people feel. I'm yeah, I'm visiting that stuff now is quite it is I, I feel the same way things change. You know, some differently phony now and and Eddie Murphy at a track. I one of his albums called faggots and then side to faggots revisited Eddie Murphy. Also, she arrested with a transgender prostitute. Yes, that's right. But he said he was simply helping them out to give them a ride home when he was going out to get the paper for. Right. It's the same story Dangelo had almost really. Yeah. What a great cover story. It's bulletproof. Yeah, although he worked foot set into the spot of girls on the west, I on the track right now trying to make that money right says is hard out there. It is Papa gorens to the courts to feed the kid, jazz masters once said, yes, yeah, shake Dyson shave the rice, the mice. Fuck the mind. Yeah, I tell you, I tell you, I, I do miss certain aspects of New York though. Sometimes I miss when I graduated from college around that time, ninety six. I modeled for like two years. Okay. I'll young pretty relay. Would you set us one of those photos? I don't really think I have any of them, but when you hot clubbers out there, get on the d. has some the Somalian shots from indeedy, was that? Yes, yeah, yeah. There there. There's some good ones in there like the page boy, haircut, and I did. You were gonna. Gene called x. y. magazine. You're kidding. Yeah, which was actually deeply referenced in Michael. Yeah, yeah. And I did a shoot with this famous photographer Christopher Monaco's who's he's? He was an Andy Warhol studio. That's why he's like an icon. Yeah, I was in his workplace. Just broke up with this girl on feeling kind of what the fuck depress with my life and do so in this, my upstairs neighbor was a book model Booker. She's like, oh, you should do go out. And so I started doing a little bit and early on, like one of the first things I went to met Christian and we became friends. You don't need to be. Don't be a model, a models of Canadian. So used to house. And you know, we used to hang out and watch CNN and which you so used. So like legend, you know, every piece of furniture and he's got Liechenstein real ones on his wall in the shitty apartment that's half the size right in the village, but still like, you know, all these original war just just like someone that really the use use a our. It was his name, the photographer Man Ray. He was when he was a kid who's man raise assistant. So he's older. He's still alive and he's worked the factory Enya that that he put me onto a lot of New York that I was not aware of NYU, but surely like hanging out at floor on and what's flora fluorescent was like this really cool meatpacking district before the meatpacking district became a thing. Yeah, it was like an all night diner. Oh, close years ago. Right. Close years ago. Okay. And it was right next to mother. So you'd have like all these drag Queen never seen any of that shit and Seattle man knows there, but I just like, you know, I kinda -sposed to this culture knows. Cool is exciting, no music and fashion young this the first time I was I've been to onto a drag shows around that too. Yeah, I just didn't like I was really, you know, I grew up in Seattle shit. Born exposed. Yeah. So it's like a cool is a really cool time in a miss that time in New York, but then very quickly by the end of the nineties, New York really shifted and in a bad way, and it'd be Dewey, I think a lot of it. Yeah. And so so we, we almost to Brooklyn all my friends lived in Brooklyn, moved to Williamsburg on Bedford avenue in two thousand two. And that's like right in the center of it wasn't. Then it was just like kinda beginning, but now it's fucking crazy goes in. It's like the whole everybody is now in Bushwick and all the artists. Oh, right. East queens is becoming the place that people are moving to. That's Rachel right on the other side of Bush said, never even heard Ridgewood. This is how far out it's not that I not that I haven't. It's bec- knowledge of New York. I miss a miss some of those vibes. There's a cultural vibe there. There's some things you just you would be. You could be in a room and. There'd be walls and a door. This is like a, there's a, there's a sense of history, and there's a sense of physical importance of the city. That's still there. I remember being in a race, go this diner. Another diner. Sure. Called called diner in simple to the point, say what it is very fancy is actually very fancy, but really understand in that kind of Brooklyn. And I remember sitting there and I saw Debbie, Harry and there, and then on the other side of the room is another famous graffiti ours Liu Li can Yoenis. Okay. Who's like a legendary bomber from the late seventies early eighties? And I was like, what? The fuck man? This is literally the coolest place in the world, and I'll and LA you have some of those moments, but it's different. It's not. It's not the culturally leap. It's more like the entertainment. I don't know. I like that though. I like, for instance, being able to go up to the door. Right, right. And a little bit. It's like the new Beverly. You know, it's very much Beverly. Yeah. I mean, like. You celebrate the shitty movie LA in New York, then I'll celebrate the shitty movie and LA the celebrate the shitty movie. They celebrate the whole experience of it and are looking at it inside or not. I never watched TV in New York. People don't watch TV in New York. They might now because it's so good. Well, they might now also because it's not. I think also now it's very difficult to do anything artistic there needs to reload coming is the only place to go to bars and like listen to DJ's read used to read. We read boo, re set the bar. I get out here in like I again, TV is amazing right now. Yeah, it's like the golden era. But at the same time, like I used to read all the time series books all the time, and I just people come over at least once a week. You know, like we have, we have a little club book club. We loves. But hot dog club, I don't have to put me on. Well, they just stick hotdogs up. Our asks holes DEA. That's for the, let's just play neither. Neither just to do it, just do you shouldn't OT certain friend of mine. Yeah. Okay. Eddie. Let's restart. And yeah, because I know what this is going to be so go. Okay. So a certain friend of mine who's an actor very well known actors shirt. Very, very well. Not after yes, was on some very big TV shows. Yes and starve stage as well. Yes, he is an artist of sorts speaking of hot dogs. He is. He, he has a unique gnome to art. Yeah. Okay. Call Pooku. Does he does? He shit drought the shit? No, vadly no. He's not moved to that stage of his blue period instead of the PU being the medium, the Poos, the message, so so he actually sticks a paintbrush obssessed. Okay. And does beautiful portraiture. Oh, cool, incredible control. The it's really remarkable. It's remarkable like that. The collectors of his, oh, sure. Jank takes years. Myself, keep saying. Yeah, maybe it'll be a documentary about himself. I think Jake, Scott, he's had his time in this podcast. We should probably let him have a let let him rest. I think we're gonna wait till the new Beverly reopened. I don't know if you know this about recurring jokes show. Yeah. Enough is not a word. Yes, that is. This is my humor style to get in trouble for this. If there's a joke and I'm getting still getting a little deuce out of it. It's like keep squeeze in the fucking lemon. Even if there's a little hint of a drip coming out, just keep squeeze. Yeah. Yeah, it's a stolid, comedy, it is. It's oppressive. It's a press rising relentless sort of, you know, you're giving them like the Mussalini style. Fascist comedies what we're all about. So you said you listen to the show, but I don't know. I did. I listened to a few episodes. I wish I, there's twenty four episodes. So I didn't expect you to listen all twenty four, but I don't think I said, I, I appreciate that. Yeah, I have to have a cigarette. Okay, sounds good. Hey, what's up? This is Jake shears, and I was just, you know, wanted to call in and ask you question guys, and I'm wondering. How to put this, but are you. I always actually like no guys, gay. I mean, I really do so. Just let me now and whatever, whatever, however, turns out. Totally cool. You know, I'm easy. So you know whatever the case we can just hang is totally fun for just let me know. And. Yeah. How was your cigarette Brian? It was meaty delicious, juicy reductive and sperry's. Fabulous. You know, I have to wonder what it's like. When someone let you shave your mustache off, we have someone in the house who can talk about that too. Now we're gonna go back to the regular show, Tim bus Nazi about what it's like to be forced to keep your mustache. I'm up in. That's interesting. He can. He said its grounds food to vote. Can cut, you must pay not be smo- ever. Be smooth again. Can never been. Because it was like it was almost like a goof really were started dude that that worked in this butcher shop that was like right by my house is like a fancy come Marlowe daughters like a fancy kind of the quivalent of, I don't know something you'd have in Los feel or some fan. Sure. Yeah. RT's second are teasing butcher shop this cool. Mustache is nice, dude. I wonder if I could pull it off at the time was with my ex who's a singer had a really nasty break up before the end of the break-up was kinda right before the end. I came out to Los Angeles to work on this album for this artist DJ Colette and yeah, it was staying with her and in our guest better came down one morning and saw this really pretty girl. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. And. I started to make an omelet because this morning, this is your move. This is not just for myself and asked if she wanted, and she's like, oh, is a straight guy talking about a rogue LA. Yeah, we talked a little bit. I certainly thought you super tractive. She's very much my shirt type. Yeah, she's funny and Susan, really sassy. Yeah. Which is does it for me personally. Sure. Yeah. Like star, Alec strong sassy, same area and then nothing. 'cause I had a girlfriend went home to really terrible break-up. Yeah, m. i. grandma died and I lost my job. Oh, wow. And super depress and went through this really shitty period and then yeah. And then d started Florida with me on Facebook. Quite an impression that she's, she's like, took some photo just watching on the street. That's dumb hat on. And she was like young. You know, if you know that. It was weird character, very bold. It's bowl this fuss. However, in certain categories because he, no, there was if you know my wife, you know, there's no way I'll go up to her and like at a bar or d- d doesn't have that look on her face like, come talk to me. Yeah, I was already, you're already talking to her. She's like, if you're not one of my case. For me, that's my wife in. So I was kind of like scared her from the beginning still am. And then and then, yeah. Did you have a moustache at that time? Right that time it was a just dash. Now what's that just dash is when you have a beard and then you shave everything off except for your mustache shirts, just dash. I Gotcha. Now I've got a must, and no offense does what you got. Listen, I just started growing. I know. So it's just that. Yeah, but then within time you'll get you get like the long straight ones? Yeah, it just takes time. It's just takes time. This is only a two weeks. Sure. But weeks took time to sure. It's like a fine brew trade picture from a week ago in the difference between babies but to a to a young creeper. That's right. That's right. That photo I showed you granted with the aid of the blue filter, the cruising filters. I like to call it. There you go like looked pretty proper. Given the Patino vibes. Thank you. Thank you. So yes. So you know, I, it's been ten years and so you had the mustache, the Justice when you I had? I had the just dash when I'm Gotcha. She liked it and she's like her dad had a beard and mustache for a long period of time, and she always thought the men look more like men with facial hair shirt, big, Tom sellers, Burt Reynolds fan. I guess she was just like, yeah, like facial hair. I don't like men with chafe as Larry personal. Interesting. So I was like, okay. All right. Well, let's cool. And then for a while that was fun and then we've been together ten years. Sure. I'll love the fucker off. There's lots of problems having a most astronaut time what somebody smoothies is daily problem, really. What about a straw you? Are you gonna take a straw every damn day for like a drink. You can straws plus there's no good for the environment. Listen, you can get medal straws. Don't be so stuck in the old ways. Sometimes people wanna fix movie. Nice, thick. Got a driven and shirt, and then you have you ever heard of napkins I you can, but then so what it's going through napkins against this is fucking up the environment, one Craig time. That's what I've heard tax battle. Plastic straws paper towels. You're going through all this shit. Yeah, no kidding. Just for God damn mustache. Meanwhile, I'm getting stains a little fucking shirt. Well, look, teach their out, right, I guess. Yeah, I'm trying eastside Westside thing in the west side draws on the east side. You just pour it all over your face. You like a wild animal. You smash your. Trough than go piss in the hot tub Ed to come in. Yeah, hot tubs hot tub. It's weird thing. You don't hot tub is a very intimate place and the temperature keeps those keeps those bacteria is nice and warm. Fresh and ready plural bacteria here is. Making sexual sakes, improper plural me to what are we going here that is a gift from Devon green to Brian the Devon, green just to my home. That's right. I play. I play drums with her every Sunday at acron. Right? Yeah. She's, she's just tape the double episode by gene, fantastic or talented. She also. D- put me onto Devon, green, maybe ten years ago. Yes. So funny. She's the best tuber. Yeah. No, she's been on the show too. So there's earlier funny man, and you got the new one coming up with really fan. She's great. I mean, we could close out with the song. I remember you said you guys love that hot garbage to him me. All right. Hit me with that hot fiery garbage, hot fire, stank. It's most the new Beverly bathroom, shoot. Well, Jake shears about. During one of his monkey parties. Yeah. Yeah. Shout out to my old intern. I won't name him, but I had an intern is now very successful. Composer. Yeah, he's broke and he was an intern, so used to take him out for lunch every day. Yeah, he used to go to next to my studio on magnolia in Burbank used to be a Kito moss. Now, what's the key Masa sorta like one of those. Okay. Okay. And he used to get kind of neat thus case idea. Yeah, with all the trimmings. Every day. Yeah. Did you probably like two thousand calories? Yeah. And then he used to destroy the toilet humor in a separate room and the bathroom is the end of the hallway and this soundproof room soundproof rooms with individual ventilation. Oh, oh, and I would catch the wind of something fears. I don't know if it was he smoked American spirits. Maybe the combination that's rough comedy to drink a lot of coffee. He drank coffee. American spirits and then mixed in that. But Kito that Makita moss throws that come into another realm. The other thing kills these like brand. If you like bran, muffins for breakfast, but then you decide to go out for Indian. Ooh. Fire too much by s-. Yeah, with brand. Not a good combo. No, no blowing hot shit on your. Anyway, so gonna go. Final parting words to I, there's a, there's a place I wanted to tell you about. It means a lot to means a special place in my heart Ochoa no of interest. It's it's a gathering place like minded individuals. How interesting it sounds. It's like a place where people have sort of a higher level of. Curation of entertaining, okay. This isn't a theater. It is really no way. Told me about this. Chitty myself. It's called the new Beverly. No. Check it out. Do you think? I'd like maybe in December whenever we opened. Right, that's probably the best time because I think it's reopening December. Sounds cool. All right. Yeah, sounds good. We'll get together and check it out sometime. Thank you so much for coming on the show. Leave your pants at the door. He brings extra ones in the car purpose. Yeah, he's a pro. He's been all around this. I can't find my baby. I don't know. Why can I share with before you go to quickly very important? Do you know that God loves you? What if God was one of us? Oh, jacket you could be. You could be saying that while being God just a guy, like one of us. Yeah, just around like one of. Yeah, just the Slavic. One of us not wearing pants like one of us in hot club. Hot club. Yeah. Maybe go to the new. Beverly sat out the two. Yeah. By the way. So you step on the way over? I did. I did. Now, did you push out of your own nasty ass or. I didn't. I wonder if I, if there's a storm coming. Sure. Does it sometimes happily that sometimes you're blocked up a bit. So we I, I wish I experimented with the coconut MCAT oil this morning. Now, what does that do. For what is it supposed to does it to me one more time. See, that's one of the smoothies that I have. I have the food. I did it again. I see. 'cause I got a free foes smoothies from the joint daily harvest. He's into that a little white container. Yeah, love you're paying for a lot of packaging. I'm not paying for anything. Look out the promo code. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Gestion would be to get to -have sponsorship because you share it to Honda with me on a number of occasions. That's right. That's right. We enjoyed them. Yeah. Where do we enjoy those? It's true that if you share, it's on nothing really bad truly happens. That's true. That's true. Well, this once again, this has been a wonderful conversation conversation with him. Thank you so much for coming by. Thanks. I'm honored to to be on this monolith. Oh, that's very sweet. Very sweet. And now I think we should tape one because I feel like we've got a good energy going and great rehearsal stuff in the beginning. Yeah. Yeah. The whole thing. Good. If you have a few words. About you with a Thai prostitute, but everything. If you forget that part, no problem. No problem at all. You're gonna. You're gonna cut out all that stuff you're saying about? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, do have beep in their own ear, a beep. Yeah. Okay. All right. Well, parting words, Brian, go with God goes you. Let's take the will. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And on that note that Jesus Cup of film, let go let God and stay prayed up. Stay. I'm blessed. Upstate right up. All right. That's good. So we're just going to go out with this number and thank you again. We really appreciate it. So teve so track which is available elsewhere except be side Jerry Reed and high Rolan good night. Everyone. A minute time, have the stand. Tuck those calls. That off. What you stand. To ball, but to call. When you. They might. It gets down dirty. What you stand for as a may. Oh.

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