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This is a show where you get to be. The star will make a great episode together. No matter how boring or awkward you feel. The best part is that it's all done remotely. So participating is really easy contact us at everyone and you can have your own episode on this show. I even made this cold. Jingle to remember it. I'm Anthony salvato, and this is Grace and mask. Hey, man, he gave a thumbs-up. You can't see it. And I also totally Grace and I'm definitely going to be making fun of his man bun. It's a new trend. It was a new trend like five years ago. Let's be real. It's it's still go off Ford, you know to be real though. It works for you. You have a beautiful thick head of hair which is great A nice beard and mustache and a brand new headset. That sounds really good. It was $50 at Target. So let's talk about the first thing that is most interesting to you, which is me now. I'm just kidding your blog. Yeah. It's the Platinum masks and really started the blog. I think maybe I think I officially just kind of went on Bluehost about a month ago, and I'm really I kind of just came up with the concepts, you know, really would just work. I kind of knew I was going to be working from home until basically twenty Twenty-One and I was kind of like wage Definitely need to start more just kind of just projects on my own just to kind of stay productive and busy and just be able to kind of meet new people. So how much more time do you have now that you're working at home? Like how much was your commute kind of taking time out of your life before? Yeah. So I was I'm working at Republic National Distributing Company and its National alcohol distributer mainly in like wines and spirits. But yeah, one of their locations is in Grand Prairie. So my overall commute was like really just like a minute drive from the Grapevine area. But yeah, I mean still working Ramones. I mean one of the advantages is, you know, just being able to roll out of bed and just start work from their home. Well, it's not even just the committee. You just have so much more time in general cuz you don't have to do your whole morning routine, you know, there's just so many steps transitioning to and from a physical workplace that yep. To worry about anymore. Yeah, I mean it's yeah, I mean really I think like a lot of the managers of my company are kind of seeing that and also just some of like our procedures programs we have to do less of because we're on a remote basis. So I think like they're kind of seeing this and they're trying to you know have us kind of run like a lot more kind of ad hoc programs are trying to you know, build on new procedures just like, you know, they kind of know just the amount of free time. We possibly have and might as well use it productively off. What was your inspiration to make this blog and what is this blog about exactly really the just the overall inspiration was I think before the blog I was right before kovid I was kind of doing I was in I was working with a lot of different nonprofits and kind of young professional groups in the DFW area and I really started home. In just a bunch of happy hours for these organizations and just in a way to help kind of young professionals and you do the Dallas area meet other young professionals down and really with a Blog I kind of just wanted to if I could have made people really as much in person. I still wanted to help get young professional voices out in the community down and really is also just questions that I have about this old covet situation just like really on some of the professions and some of the organizations like one of my blogs, you know on movie theaters and I spoke to a senior VP at Studio Movie Grill because that was really just the whole what happens to movie theaters in a post office. The world was just an interesting topic to me and just I had a lot of questions about it. So it's a lot about Connections to the local community. Yeah. Yeah just being able to kind of maintain a log. Connections with other young Professionals in my local area still being able to do that. Even though I can't do it in person and just hearing all their just the variety of different perspectives during this pandemic. You said used Bluehost for hosting you also use WordPress for your blogging platform or to use something else. It'd be honest. I'm I'm very intro to this. I'm kind of just with building the blog. I'm just doing it as I upload different articles. Yeah. I've kind of I've seen I believe I've used WordPress but I don't think actively with Bluehost. I'm still looking at the different plug-ins with so there's actually direct plugins. You can use on Bluehost for blogging. Yeah really with I mean, that's why multiple people have recommended Bluehost just on I think all the different plug-ins that come with I think just the one dead. Annual price whatever you're paying. I can't remember. I might have paid like $100 for the next year for I mean there's obviously different packages. But yeah overall I thought it was just a very simple payment structure. I see cuz what I do is I actually use Bluehost myself. Okay as a hosting service, they provide the server space and then I use wage press to design my website. Okay with the with Bluehost. Would you happen to know what like packaged you chose as far as cuz I saw a different packages as far as like the bandwidth. I wanted I'm like, you know, I'm just starting this blog. I don't know. You know, I'm not I'm not I'm not I don't know what to expect as far as the actual subscribers or weekly viewers, right? So I chose not the not the lowest package but like the one right above the lowest and it might even be more than what I need, but I thought hey I'll just, you know, be safe and just use the slightly more expensive one wage. To just to feel at ease. Yeah. I mean, I definitely probably just chose the lowest one and kind of just might as well, you know, just wait until I build up see how this subscribers Dome see how actual views go and just go from there. That's that's the way to do it probably because you can always upgrade later. Okay, cool. How can I access your blog? I want to check it out right now actually. Yeah, it's the Platinum That's easy to remember. Oh, yeah. This looks quite nice. Actually. Yeah kind of with a Blog as kind of just playing with a bunch of different plug-ins as far as like religious outside of just posting and just like how I was going to what actual tabs I would really need. But yeah, just kind of a simple just all posts and then just separating each post into just different categories, like entrepreneurs creatives nonprofits based on just wage. What people are possibly interests I was going to ask. Yes. So for your so you were kind of talking about just just I mean, we originally talked on wage this app and I was going to ask like just how I guess for the past episodes. Like how do you normally reach out to people or I guess how do you kind of just build, you know interviews off that so far. I've reached out to friends and some of my friends have also had friends. And yeah, I've also used some apps to just find people to do this but on my website you have it right on the front page or anybody you can sign up. So that's why I like I said the vision is eventually people will just go to the website and be like, hey, yeah, I want to do one. Number one. I have to make sure that the show is actually good right choice and there's a lot of considerations for that. So I'm trying I'm trying to get feedback from people, you know, see if there's things I can improve and then number two is about promotion and I'm not quite ready to do wage. Full on promotion yet. There's still some things. I need to work out. I have of course friends and family that know about this and the people I interviewed know about it, and I'm hoping that one of the Avenues for promotion I can use is just that the people who are on the show, they're kind of automatically fans because they were on the show and then they'll be like, hey everybody check out this show. I was on yeah. Yeah definitely makes sense. I mean, yeah, I kind of know with just I mean I would say similar on really starting out with friends and family some of the posts I've done. I'm kind of deciding between them. Normally. I've been if I come up with a concept that I'm interested about on, you know, maybe I've done a post on coffee shops on Event Photographers just different businesses and professions. I'll write it and then possibly think of either friends or family or look at my LinkedIn Network or just any hashtags. I see popping up on something like a dog Stagram I'll probably try to send out maybe maybe like 6 or 7 emails to different people for that specific post because I kind of know I'm like the numbers game. I'm like a lot of a couple of people aren't going to answer maybe a few or going to be interested and then forget about it. So I'm kind of like yeah, maybe sending it to six or seven people guarantee. Someone will definitely be ready for either to answer the questions or do a phone call. That is one of the trickiest parts kind of getting yourself out there. There's plenty of people with great content that they don't get the recognition they deserve cuz you know, they don't promote or they don't want to promote or whatever one thing that I could help a little bit is you mentioned dog tags and there's actually apps out there that can take an image that you give them and then automatically generate a whole bunch of hashtags through image recognition. So for example, if you do a post about a month Shop, like you said, yeah, you can have either maybe like a picture of a coffee shop or a picture of coffee. Yeah, and then the app can generate a whole bunch of hashtags that are coffee-related and then you age and you know pick and choose which ones of those are appropriate and which aren't and then just copy and paste them. So that's kind of a neat tool. It's something that I'm going to be looking at in the future when I get a little bit more into the axle media aspects, huh? That's yeah, that's definitely well. I mean really with ya definitely have to check into what specifically that's called. But yeah with them, I mean really with a lot of promotion. I mean that was definitely a part kind of like finding out the right timing on when to I guess aggressively promote the poem The Blog pokes cuz I was kind of like I don't want to I don't want to really start showing at the people or like really trying to spread it when I have like one post on the blog, but then it's also home. I guess a catch-twenty-two on it's hard to find I guess more people to interview if I've had like a lot of posts and then no one's wrong coming onto the block or something. So it's kind of I've been kind of more and more trying to promote it or do more shout outs as I try to as I actually build up contacts that are you I guess similar or yeah, it's hard to it's kind of hard to strike about like, I I basically like just started on social media. I have I have an Instagram page a couple of posts of just clips from a couple of episodes. I don't really have any followers yet, you know, I'm not ready to to take that route just yet. I want to get all my promotional materials wage order. So yeah, I'm not really too experienced with that stuff just yet. But social media is is quite tricky and I know it's kind of a meme for like a social media manager is very like milenge. Sounding job, but you know, it's a it's a serious job cuz there's a lot to it. Yeah, it's definitely needed. I know with a group. I've been working with with our Global Shapers. They have it's a national or Global organization and they have kind of Dallas chapters. But yeah, they definitely dive awfully heavily into kind of some of the Facebook marketing because it's I mean pretty cheap to do. I mean, I mean like geographical local ads, you know for maybe you could do like a couple of bucks a day and get actually pretty high engagement with some of that stuff. Huh. And of course with the local ads, I'm sure the engagement is a month higher because it's more relevant to the the person's interests. Definitely. This is a completely topic switching topic. But you have a lot of strange drawings on your wall. Did you make all those? Yeah, I mean, it's I think I like a lot of people bring that up on the webcam. Yeah, if you want to see some of it but it's yeah, yeah is really made a lot of it when I was I think like early teenager like thirteen fourteen something like that off, but I don't know just have a lot of free time apparently and was able to fill up definitely a large portions these walls. But yeah, I've always had a kind of a thing for Thursday kind of kind of dark sharp yard and kind of like little intricate details and just kind of a bunch of like sketches. But yeah, yeah kind of had a white wall was like might as well fill it up. So the people you're staying with and don't care that their will is covered in sketches just takes more wiping sweat ever. Yeah. That's pretty interesting. Do you do a lot of Art? I guess I yeah, I kind of do it just for fun would not say that I'm just a naturally artistic person or like a really that I'm extremely talented with it or if it comes naturally. It's just you know, if free time then you know, I love to try just kind of new things out overall. I think I have like a couple of different canvases. But yeah, as far as long I guess natural Talent as being able to do something high quality in our really well, I don't think it's about natural Talent necessarily just about practice and some people like to practice and get better at art or music or whatever and some people just like to continue just screw it around. Yeah. Yeah. I'm probably I'm more on the the latter category. I would say the same for myself with it when it comes to creative Endeavors. Yeah, like I've done some music stuff. None of us really any good. But as how I know how to edit a podcast though. Yeah with music you kind of know the tools for like mixing am seeing a podcast is like a much easier version of that cuz you're only mixing a couple of different voices versus all these like different sounds and I did make a lot of like electronic music but even electronic wage. I mean, yeah, like it's not real instruments, but still it gets pretty complicated because first of all, you have to like figure out what the songs going to be you gotta either design the Cyclones to make the song or even if you're just using like presets like presets and there's a lot of people do even professionals. You still have to figure out how to arrange them properly off. So does the arrange like the sound choice or the sound design the arrangement and then the mixing you have to mix everything properly. You gotta add build ups and breakdowns and birth. X so it's a very creative process while at the same time being very technical because you have to know how to use all the tools to do these things. And you also have to know which tools are available to you because you may about certain tools that make your job a lot easier than somebody who does not know about those tools now with the podcast. It's pretty simple you just slap on a compressor and EQ, you know, you make some cuts off noise reduction or there's like weird sounds you can mitigate those. But yeah, that's my rant about sound. Have you ever thought I guess read or heard or the the book range? I have not. What's it about? Yeah. It's it's the the full title is range. I think why generalist try back in a specialized world, but yeah, it's kind of where you're talking about on people who do kind of a wide range of different activities kind of like you were talking about with working on Thursday. A music actually gave you the technical capabilities when it came to the podcast which you know, it might be two different things, but they could have a similar skill set needed. But yeah, I kind of dives into a lot on generalist just people who do a wide range of topics actually do have an increasing skill set that they use in different fields and the the world we live in right now that kind of really keeps on encouraging specialization, you know, just getting more specialized skill-set and like a narrower Niche or like an error-filled, you know, this book encourages more diving into just a bunch of different fields. It kind of depends what your goal is because God If you want to achieve Mastery in a career, whether you're a PhD or an engineer or a finance professional if you want to be at the top of your game, you have to have very specialized knowledge of those things, but maybe other people described by this book, maybe they jump around more and they kind of eventually combine a few years. They have shallow or knowledge of into something interesting. I mean it definitely it definitely brings on the the type of profession you have and also talks about if the type of Industry you're in life. Is it like a rapidly changing one is a rapidly like evolving one where you know one week is definitely not similar to the next one lie examples being I guess with firefighters on you know, you would have firefighters with you know, twenty-five years experience and Residential Properties. But as soon as they jumped into kind of a commercial building All that twenty-five years of experience in this rapidly changing environment. Did it really helped a lot with you know, a totally different scenario. So yeah kind of them really what you're going for but also just yeah the type of market and the type of sector urine is really important to would you consider yourself a generalist or a special list? Yeah, I guess I mean I agreed on just kind of you know, you don't have to really choose between the two but I guess more more in the general aside just because I'm really with my with my role my company they do encourage me for specialization on getting certifications and just really working hard on different types of tests. But also just the general aside on kind of job shadowing different departments and really when I started at the company at graduation after graduating from college, UNT I was entry level on the finance side and now I'm on the sales side and you know, they've kind of mentioned that people who you know kind of crossed apart like that and kind of build skill sets from different departments normally like a lot of kind of the people in our management or like higher levels kind of did something like that. Because kind of from a management role you want to be able to pull from different expertise from various departments or be able to kind of manage, you know, different departments need anything. But yeah, I would say overall kind of more generalist of anything. It's probably hard to say for sure because I mean you're still fairly early in your career and in your blog so, you know, I haven't quite found your path yet. I mean, I haven't either I'm just you know, I don't know what I'm doing. Yeah, well quick background of me. Like I was a software engineer for seven years actually and I've been jobless for two years voluntarily. Jobless. I've done some interesting stuff in the meantime, but nothing that's wrong like sustainable long-term kind of career path, but maybe I'll get there. Maybe I'll find something that I want to do or maybe I'll go back to software engineering will see and was wrong. I guess. They EDM was the EDM music did that happen in the two years or was that like before and that's been happening since my teens? Okay. Just kind of a side hobby. I never really took it really seriously wage, which is why none of my stuff is really super impressive by any means, it's fun though. It's cool to look back ten to fifteen years ago and like listen to something you made any kind of like reminds you of that time, you know, I mean, even if there's no emotional components of the music at all, you can kind of like visualize yourself in your dorm room or whatever like working on that song. It's it's like a nostalgic feeling. You know, I think I have maybe one or two songs kind of made with kind of some teenage friends and it's like I don't even want to it was like so badly made. I don't even even check it out again. It's like bands. No, no. No, it was like also with electronic music and it was kind of just walk really just with kind of just with the basic apple software's were like, hey we can you know, just relax. Yeah, pretty much I gotta say wage. I don't know how scurrilous got so good but making all those crazy noises and having them blend together. So well not easy at all. Yeah, I can say that mad props to him for being able to do that and kind of spawn a whole genre of music. You don't hear as much of it nowadays, but it's pretty big eight to ten years ago. Yeah. I mean, I really don't I guess I need to start like keeping dog. Was like who are kind of see I guess they had names and EDM right now in EDM. It's a good question. I don't know. I haven't really heard any like I'm actually DM music in like the top, you know, the top tracks maybe like pop music that's kind of like dancey pop music. But if we're talking like, you know house house music off like a V Chi or Martin Garrix, those those guys had some top hits. You're not really hearing that sort of thing anymore. Did you ever I guess in the DFW did you ever hear them check out the pyone in the Arlington area know what's that? It was I think it was primarily house music. It was the the Critter of circus. Soleil Faith had a side project called pyone and it debuted in kind of the Montreal area originally and I think our log And which was while it was their first time kind of the United States and Arlington, Texas, but it was basically just this giant pyramid structure that I think took a few hundred people can fit in and I mean it's by the creator of circus soleil so they have a DJ in the middle doing house music and then they have kind of dance performers come out and they don't do like kind of a huge laser light show and kind of different types of I guess animated shows on like the the walls of the pyramids. Oh and that's a that's a local thing. Huh? Yeah. Yeah. This was I don't know if they would be back here next year or something. But yeah. Yeah. It was I went to its November last year in the Arlington area, but I definitely liked the entertainment. I was a big fan of the just the different laser light shows and kind of the performers and everything. I think most of my friends probably would have preferred wage. I think some of them said maybe if it wasn't I wasn't a huge fan of like house music and maybe if it was something I guess different. I don't know the word for it. But yeah overall. I thought it was a kind of a cool experience. I would want it to come back next year, right. So maybe if the type of music was a little bit different you would have been more into it. Yeah, I think yeah, I was honestly fine with house music but I think from what I heard from just like a lot of people kind of talking about as maybe if they diversify just the different DJs or just kind of the different types of music cuz it's yeah, that's another thing was they kind of I think it goes on for a few weeks and each day of the week is like a different they tried to do it like a different theme I think like one was called like astral projections and one was kind of thinking like Safari or kind of like animal animal related. But yeah, like a bunch of stuff. Well, maybe with enough alcohol or other drugs. Maybe it's a little bit easier. How to get into the same type of music just playing over and over yeah definitely. Are you a big music person in general or is it besides, you know, making like tronic music with your your high school friends? Like are you are you a music fan really kind of with I guess EDM kind of like what we talked about on Palm. I'm like, I'm not passionate enough to actually memorize like a lot of just a different headlining names or no DJs, but it's just going out to events is just took over all its kind of more just the experience to me and just being able to be there in person. That's kind of more the enjoyment to me. Yeah, so kind of before pyone, I mean definitely went off at Stereo Live definitely a bunch of times and kind of Lizard Lounge and green elephant and kind of outside DFW area is probably not the the best phone. Play is to highlight DJs or EDM in general. But you know, probably different places in Texas. But yeah, yeah kind of overall just you know outside that going to get you know House of Blues events and a bunch of different stuff. Is there anything else that you like to do? Are there any hobbies that you've either picked up during the pandemic or have always had that might be of interest? Yeah, I mean definitely during covet I'm probably one of the many that started taking up kind of more running recently your let alone. Yeah, I mean, I've been running for it like how much have you been running usually every other day a few laps around my neighborhood but it's a pretty like high intensity kind of deal. So it's not like a slow jog. It's like maybe 15 minutes but like pretty high like sprinting not not like sprinting but enough to get my enough to be winded by the end of month. You know, okay, like for example, if you run a mile and like you're not sprinting the mile, but you can still go at a pace that you're like out of breath at the end you it was a vigorous paste right off. So that's what I mean is I go at a vigorous enough pace so that by the end of it it was a good workout and I have I have noticed like improvements in my cardiovascular fitness over all even though I was always into I was really into health and fitness before that even like I'd always be going to the gym and doing weight training and do some cardio, but now I've been doing them just more cardio. I'm not really any weight training. I have a pull-up bar, but that's it. And yeah, my cardio Fitness feels a lot better even though I know I'm getting a lot weaker. So what's your experience been running really before kind of the pandemic? Yeah really was definitely living a more unhealthy lifestyle between I think just not the best diet dog. And not really going to the gym as often as I should but yeah kind of during covid-19. But yeah kind of it mainly just starts off like run a minute and then you know walk a couple of minutes and so on until you finish 5K and then it's just every other day is just limiting thoughts walking time and decreasing that even more kind of increasing the intensity as you get more fit. Do you mostly run outside or do you use a treadmill mainly run outside? Yeah. It's kind of a long gray fine area. So it was definitely it was it was a little tough at first trying to find a lot of spots kind of around my neighborhood cuz it was kind of around the park it gets like especially at the beginning kind of like with kind of an April, you know is definitely getting really congested where you know, a lot of people are kind of coming up with the same idea about like on taking up running so it would definitely be crowded and kind of a lot of the kind of made running spots and then trying to find something just kind of running on, you know, just the dog Add box around the neighborhood and stuff it, you know that can be congested too. So it's yeah mainly just all outdoor running and just trying to kind of randomly choose like a different route every day or just kind of different direction when I was going to the gym. I was always sticking with the treadmill mostly cuz it was already there. But now that I'm not going to the page and my running has also been outdoors and it's it's it's more fun that way. Mainly I've been doing it just kind of depending on how busy I'm just kind of like doing in the evenings. But yeah, it's kind of cool just just to be able kind of wine unwind kind of after at the end of the day and just kind of go around the neighborhood and everything but I was going to ask on specifically with the with the gym or you not going to the gym. Are you very concerned it on being I guess very prone to getting the cases Oh, you mean like because it's a public wage. Environment you're asking if I'd be concerned about getting sick going to the gym and the answer is yes, even even if I were a mask in there, which I actually did things originally closed down for a while and then they reopened and then I I did go back to the gym and I would just wear a mask. But there's still a risk even with that wearing a mask does not make you immune to the disease, right? So I still felt there was a risk and of course people there there's people in there who don't wear masks who just like they don't care. So especially don't want to be around those people, you know, especially they're like breathing heavy during the workouts and also kind of just lifting weights with a mask on Monday it's doable but it's just kind of annoying to do I'm perfectly capable of doing it, but I don't really like to do it but mostly mostly it's about the safety, you know want to I want to stay safe home. I was really concerned at first cuz I was like man, I don't want to lose my gains but that concern kind of has one away. I guess now that I'm not go to the gym all the time and kind of like used to not going to the gym and it's not a psychological burden on me. You know, I don't care if I get if I get weaker if I lose muscle size cuz I can always build it back up right? There's always going to be time. Hopefully the pandemic so birth. Or in the next leg year and then I can just build back up which is an exciting prospect for me. Because Fitness to me is a lot of a lot of it's about the journey not so much the destination. It's a lot of fun to see progress. And of course when I'm not as in shape, it's a lot easier to make progress right when I was going to the gym all the time was very hard to make progress because I was already gave him all the time and I was in probably the best shape I've ever been and of course like it's it's possible that I could make progress. It just takes a lot more effort. Hmm. Yeah. I mean honestly kind of actually I guess should going to the gym more regularly and lifting weights really just during kovacic. Yeah kind of is it really the first time I get like I said on that anxiousness on like, oh man. I miss like a few days on like not going to the gym. I'm really need a I really need a go today. Even if I'm like really pissy or something wage. Was actually considering buying some home workout equipment. Nothing fancy. I was thinking about adjustable dumbbells. I don't know if you're familiar with those but like I don't really have the space for a whole record number that is so adjustable dumbbells. It's a way to have like a whole set of dumbbells and they're just kind of a all condensed until like one thing you gotta you gotta look at it. It's pretty interesting but wage just about dumbbells and just a simple bench that you can do whatever inclined you want. And with those there's a lot of exercise you can do a lot of effective exercises only problem is adjustable dumbbells are so expensive. I was looking at the price of the adjustable dumbbells. I wanted $300 and I was like, all right, that's expensive but not too bad. And then I realized I was only for one dumbbell and I need two of them. So if I want the dumbbells and the bench, I'd be spending upwards of maybe around $800 for those things that is quite an expense. So it's not something I'm sure I would want to do. I don't know if that's really worth it. Especially if if if in the next year, I'm back in the gym. I just spent $800 on this equipment that I won't even need anymore. Yeah. I can understand that. I mean, it's I remember my brother kind of show me like on some heavy thoughts on that. He was buying and I think it was just I think he was going to tell me like when he was get when he was getting an order online that you know as much cheaper when he went to when he kind of took that Target, but I guess maybe with online they're doing a huge markup on shipping just a massive weight or something like every like that. I don't know it could be part of it off. Yeah, we'll have to look into that seeing if there's any Sporting Goods store that maybe they have the same product for cheaper. But the other thing is home workout equipment is really popular right now. So that's also going to be driving up prices. I think yeah really at the beginning of the pandemic when I was kind of interested on trying I think it was when it was like the gyms were still closed. Yeah. I kind of went to a Target aisle and I think they literally the only thing in the workout session that was still there was like mats and those it even the Shake Weights were gone back up. People are people are just getting double each so as a as a recently certified personal trainer, I would not ever recommend that the shake weight. Okay. I think just after the South Park episode. I'm like, okay now I know too. Well, it's not going to hurt you but it's not an effective workout. Let's be real. It's more of a meme than anything else. Yeah, I think the creators of it knew it was is a meme. I don't even think they intended for it to be a serious product. Yeah, I think when they saw themselves on South Park, they were just I think they're jumping up with Joy Wok. Exactly genius marketing. Yeah. I kind of asked you about you know, how comfortable you were with kind of going out to the gym. Are you I guess like that with other businesses or off the things for the most part I am staying away from restaurants and things like that. I did go to a taco place once I wore a mask when I took my order indoors and then I sang Outdoors away from people. Okay. It was a friend's birthday and he invited like a few of us. So, you know, I tried to sit appropriately away from people Outdoors. Yeah, I'm definitely mindful of it. And I don't yeah, I don't I don't socialize much for that reason. Well, this is like our this is like social time right here the podcast. Yeah, you know, I haven't been going out too crowded places is what I'm saying really was with me. It's kind of just making sure I stick with really like a small subset of my normal friend group really just been hanging out with kind of the same like two or three people and primarily off doing kind of like outdoor activities, like hiking kayaking anything that kind of just yeah stays away from a crowded environment everything. I think that's I think that's the way to do it like hiking especially, you know, just it's it's easy to keep it an appropriate distance from people and still do an enjoyable activity. Yeah. It's definitely, you know, I think it's definitely increasing wage. I think for like a lot of people excitement, I guess about things like, you know visiting maybe like state parks and things like that. Yeah, I went to with the Labor Day weekend went up to kind of Arkansas to do some of the sites out there. But yeah, I kind of see a you know, a lot of people I guess with you know, people who are working who might have like p t o m missing, you know, they say we can't really do the city so I might as well, you know, check outdoor stuff. I'm curious to see after all this blows over some day if people are going to stick to those sorts of thoughts habits, or if they're going to go back to their old ways and just going clubbing. Yeah. I don't know what to see I can imagine some of it sticking I mean cuz I think it's like I think there'll still be some types of policies restrictions after the endemic I guess a family people would be more cautious in general. Maybe just the cultural Impact will be a little lasting one. Maybe it'll kind of influence certain Trends in New Directions. I guess one thing you really a question I have for you kind of on my blog is just thought if there's any cool, you know topics that you can think of or you know professions or business that you think would be like, oh this should definitely be talked about or this you know that you're curious about what can I change it might have postcode then well if you're looking for somebody to have on your blog I might have just the person for you or I don't know if you were asking specifically me that question. Yeah. No, it was yeah. It was definitely a just kind of like, you know, cool topics or anything, you know professions or topics that I would like to see you mean personally. I'm not interest that I would like to see on the blog is kind of a I think local startups would be cool to look at. Hm. Okay, so I know you cover a little bit of that with your your entrepreneurs section. Yeah. Really, you know haven't jumped into start-ups like that. But I know I have been kind of seeing a lot of the news with kind of like Venture Capital firms and you know how they're investing in the startups and Loans during this whole coven situation. So, yeah, I think that would definitely be an interesting topic to explore and startups are always looking for exposure. So I'm sure they're always be happy to participate on your blog. Yeah, definitely and I do know people who are working on startups. Like I said, like I said, I can hook you up with people. Yeah. Yeah. I'll I'll get you in touch and you can feature them on your blog. Yeah, that'd be awesome man. And you know vice versa. I appreciate that thanx Grayson was it was fun talking to you and getting to learn about your blog and everything else that's going on, and I hope we'll stay in touch and talk soon. Definitely, man. Peace

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