Sunday, January 12th, 2020


Good Morning Virgo. Today is Sunday January twelfth. Two Thousand Twenty. The Moonen Leo opposes Venus at Twenty Nine Degrees Aquarius. The things we create our an extension of ourselves and so it is vital that we loved them. This is a virgo today. PODCAST original Let's begin your day in the time between your initial idea and a project's completion. It undergoes an immense transformation. Hello today is about honoring that process. The endurance at takes to manifest your dream. Your tenacity will rarely early fail. You thank it for its service now. Take a moment to reflect on your relationships relationships. It's an intense time for love Virgo and a moment of heightened awareness around the things that drive you Let these converged today as you seek passion in all its forms fully. Express your joy. Contemplate your path to personal growth. You'll find happiness in striking a balance between your ambitions and your social circle today though your passion projects may be calling. You must leave time for a personal life. Your friends love you. Your partner needs you. Your family relies on you. Remember you should be as passionate about the people in your life as you are about your goals build a community. Who will celebrate your successes Virgo? Today we'll be back tomorrow to learn more about your sign. Download the sanctuary APP on IOS or android and follow sanctuary at sanctuary world on instagram. That's S. A. N. C. T. U. A. R. Y. W. R. L. L. D. Horoscope. Today is a podcast original.

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