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Listen up fellas DAX cells built for big and tall guys. Okay. Which means they've got closed built for style built for comfort and festival built three year. Get this DSL spent years developing their own sizing patterns to deliver a great fit every time and every size and with brands like polo. Ralph Lauren DSL. Have you looked in great? So head to XL dot com and check out a store near you, XL big and tall build for you at DSL dot com. This. He's no fantasy focus baseball podcast here. Your hosts Tristan cockroach and Eric era. Bell are there to beautiful Thursday morning may twenty third two thousand nineteen for the fantasy focus baseball podcast. He is indeed tristen. I am merely Eric and joining us today. Versatile producers last researcher Kyle soppe and are under rated editorial watchdog Tom carpenter on today's show. Just have good can these worke hitters be article on innings limits pitchers for the next week. It is a holiday weekend, closer carousel with closer injured. And of course, as always married hashbrowns tristen, big plans for the big weekend Memorial Day weekend to go. See a good ole Myrlie game and taken a food truck festival. Hope I keep my voice, I can hear lost it a little bit from yelling with excitement over these ten Yankee homers against the Orioles each last year always complaining about the case never beating the Orioles this year. It's. Yeah. Other homer. That's ridiculous. Honestly, your thing. But also the Orioles allowing three home runs per game to the Yankees is unbelievable. And that the, the one about what is four streak aims with multi homers. Yeah, no six straight in the same park, that's hard to believe that any pitching staff even in this era with the baseball the way it is. And everybody's launch angles like glacier towards ten home runs just against them. Yeah. Just against them. How many Migo Cabrera having the season one he faces them? And he just he's where my power go. So the Tigers played the Orioles next week. And I was thinking of Miguel Cabrera can't doubles homerun total in the season then with David Hess pitching or whatever. Yeah. Like, come on anyway, let's get to all the good stuff. It's the buzz. Before we got the injuries and the pictures. I just wanted to talk a little bit about some of these young hitting prospects. We did on the last show and our basic, I think, you know, answer was just add them all but they're still available and so many leagues while guys like Robinson Cano or at ninety percent. Rostered canot went on the today, and I wrote in my article when it comes to canot and vodka I understand an Archer who's so overrated. Chris archer? I understand, like, yeah. You remember what they did in the past, I would try to keep them rostered a little bit longer. But if you have canot and you see them, Michael shaves or cure, or Brennan, Rogers or available in your league. How can you keep canot roster now? Yeah. And look I mean, I think it depends on the type of league, which is always the, the angle here what he replacing them with. Because you said these players are available and a lot of ESPN ten teams dinner leagues and a lot of the twelve team mix leagues absolutely. Nate need to make the swap you need to get high level stats at any given time and being impatient. With players can own vodka. It's a perfectly fair strategy in the shallow leagues at the stage. What's the upside here for those three guys, particularly, I mentioned, Shabbat shave his Humira? And Rogers Rogers has first home series this weekend for the Rockies and against the Orioles. Like how many homeowners are they gonna hit? Okay. Like can shove is be on only know from saying his name. Right. But you know who I'm talking about can he be a top ten second baseman this season? Can any of these guys are all second baseman now shave his ura Rogers any or all top ten second baseman? So it's shave this because I'm looking at right now. So now we've got 'em officially Kenny be top ten second baseman. Yeah. I think he could. Now, the, the reason I'd hesitate to rank them as such is that if you look at the top ten second baseman, and the top ten shortstops currently there really rich positions in talent at that tier. So because they haven't proven it over the lengthy period of time that some of these other players ranked higher than them have I'm not as apt to put them in there. But based on what is this doing the depth of the lineup the influence on turning over getting A's and therefore? RBI for these players for for Shabbat. I think yeah, there's a lot of up side with him. He's I think he's a must roster and our game across the board. He's gotta be he's gotta be rostered. It's going to be, that's, that's Jeff Kent. He's going to twenty five homers knocking ninety. Right. That's what shavers is going to do nineties going to be tough based on what a great deep lineup I made maybe eighty, but, like Heure apparently power than I've been expecting people are saying, you're is definitely a twenty home, run guy and Rogers in that ballpark. And I think you can steal some bases mitts amazing to me how much talent came up in the past week and they're still available in so many leagues go get these guys. You know what if you wanna drop Joey Bado, because you can get shave his do it, and canot? I, I have a trade off canot that's been on the tail for a month in a league. And I don't like what's coming back to me. But what am I gonna do care about Robbie canola keeper league? I should just get rid of them right now I'm gonna make the trade right now. The guys I'm getting. Excite me at all who's lazing to leave a trade offer out from month month, man, even realized offer anyway. There are a couple of cases I've been for your members here in Rogers. Does it bother you at all? The here is missing a lot. A little early. So I know I know it is. But it's. Cares of is like the reason why strikeouts matter is it's hard to hit for a high batting average. But I feel like you're with one walk and thirteen strikeouts. Them thirty three at bats. Yes, that's a little bit disconcerting. But I think that's going to get better. Like I don't think he's doubt. I don't think you'll strike he's not a Walker at all. He's like asked the DO to some degrees, going to make contact and that struck out this much mon- to see with that he walks more than than you do. Everybody walks more than mine. Well, yeah, but, but, but the point being that there's reasons to pump the brakes which we said Monday that we can't get carried away with three hundred batting average twenty Homer expectations for here. I mean, there's going to be a little bit of adjustment that needs to be made. And while I think he certainly worth adding I don't wanna get carried away. I don't wanna get carried away with Rogers. There's a possibility that Brennan Rogers is really only useful in the chorus game. Like, of course games like a lot of the Rockies hitters ever. So briefly earnings cap article went up earlier this week. It's fantastic. As always, it's an annual thing, there are rookie pitchers named here as well. What's your stance in a general sense on guys like paddock? Chris paddock, Mike saroka. These are rookies that are not going to be pitching thirty thirty times a season but do you enjoy the good stuff and then not trade them? Miss your opportunity. Or do you try to train them right away? I would I would certainly try to float the names out there to see what you're getting in return. And I find that in a lot of the more competitive leagues people are not going to give you adequate value. That's why in this column, one of the differences was in the past, I would give you the list this one. I actually gave you trade targets where I think that I would make those trades for those particular players in paddocks case, you and I have debated him a lot. I feel like he has the potential atop top twenty starter. Even with the limited innings, so you should be getting very clear top twenty option was not going to be absent during your head to head playoffs. That's the key here is that if you're going to miss time from these players in September. I remember Louis steal a couple years ago. I remember the red shutting him down early that that really hurts in the head to head leagues. Then by all means make the trade. So I'm more aggressive and that than I am seasonal wrote. Oh, for example injuries. I wrote an article saying Chris Davis of the athletics how to replace them, and then the athletes, actually did not replace him. They change their mind. He might go on the list this weekend. Just what I wish they would just do it already and given ten days off. That would be nice, but any concerns about Chris Davis. The good. One for the rest of the season. Or is this just a blit? It's driving me crazy. This is like the Devon mess. Rocco thing where they kept him on the roster for twenty twenty days or something before dealing, and it's frustrating to his fantasy managers. I get it. I have major concerns. I think that with a little bit of rest. I agree with you put them on the ten day give him ten days off. I think he comes back, and he says, usual self who was more home runs the rest of the season. Chris Davis, the good one or Giancarlo. Stan. Of Chris Davis. The good, how many home runs a Stanton hit. This is starting to bother me. I it's yeah. It's beyond starting I'm I'm aggravated. I feel I moved out of my rankings yesterday, and I feel like I didn't move him down as much as I should have moved him another fifty spots because I'm getting very concerned. This is this is now a chain of three setbacks. If I'm not mistaken. He was on the injured list in fact past to were for other things than the thing that caused the setback. That's a problem. I think if you get anything more than fifteen home runs from the rest of the way you gotta be happy and d Gordon, if you get any more than fifteen steals, or you happy or is this just a blip to Chris Davis? And he's back in ten days. I mean. Yeah. I think it's a little bit more than a blip. We'll put it that way. But I mean in, in this case, I think that's going to be kind of an unpredictable scenario when you need red wine at four PM sushi at nine pm, a breakfast burrito at eight AM, and Ivy profe-, ten AM post made it post made is your personal food delivery, grocery delivery. Whatever kind of the livery service, all year round anything you are. 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What I need is Chris Davis the play. But I don't think those can do that. Which they could wish they could hear the combo meals past couple of days. Looks like we got five of them since our last show Raphael Denver's is emerging as a star Denver Shabbat rest of the season, Denver's really shave his more than you. I like runs a little more that will run more. All right. So I think Denver's metrics, really intrigued me and your Bilo window. I would presume his close to this point. But there is the slight possibility there's not. And if it if it's still open, go get him top ten third baseman. I don't have any hesitation JT real Moto. You don't see too many catchers doing this Honda Alberto, that's the catcher to do it, though. Real muto. He's quick enough. He's quick enough Mookie Betts on Wednesday and Colton. Wan who got off to great start. And then kinda quieted down say about anybody. I just mentioned a trade offer for calling long, but I don't think I'm gonna take it. What is it? The, the auto new one I got offered Manny Machado and long for Chris sale. And I think a Solaire if you treat Chris sale, I don't think I can do Manny Machado fifty one player in that. And you got I mean, you gotta admit you would trade sale the right offer came along. Oh, yeah. If the right offer came, let's stop the show and let me go to my page, and see if I can make you an offer. You think I'm done. And I think I'm not so and who said you're done. You did. Did I say on the show that I did all I'll go back and get the tape if you want you to? Disintegrate. Oh man. Let's talk save. So this gives the carousel. Oh no way Davis is on the injured list. That's an oblique strain Scotto Berg is better than Wade Davis. Now, I'm not saying that over is going to get saves when Davis comes back. It's pretty clear what the hierarchy here is. But since the started last season, Scott Oberg has been really good way Davis has been kind of average. The Rockies are saying this is a minor injury. But don't take ten days. They take like four weeks. Don't they? So I guess they're all different, but the fine, you would tell us they're all different but don't drop way Davis. He's still capable of saving forty games this season that you want us to believe, over better pitcher Davis. Well, the number say he is. Ground balls strikeout rate is their year. A whip K rate, everything icy was Scott org tells me he's really underrated and everything. That's doesn't miss. Bats Oberg doesn't get fourteen case per nine but neither does Davis over ten though. Okay. I see your point on look, Oberg is getting a lot of hate. And I don't understand it over his giving him the hate. He's good. I knock him anywhere near the hate that people. I've seen a couple of people tweet about this. Maybe it was more than a couple of people questioning Oberg stepping in as the closer over expend their Ethan and guy this year. I don't understand why people still think that eighth inning pitchers. Can't pitch the ninth inning really people still believe this manager's actually believe this lunacy. Perhaps, I mean look, Brian Grant Brennan, Brian Shaw since we have to mention the name has been pretty decent in the seventh and occasionally to Ryan Shaw close he's pitched. I'm just saying he's pitched okay, I'm not excited by these replacements, but I don't. Davis is terrible as people make him out to be. And I don't think Oberg is quite as good as people make him out to be just don't think overcast elite stuff. But he's been a very good pitcher this year. Okay. The Rangers last today, Sean Kelly who had a little scare healthwise and then comes off the list and saves two games. I you know, we talk about Jose Leclerc. We've talked about him more than his five saves warrant on the season. Are you keeping them rostered, or you, adding, Sean Kelly? They're the roster context will drive this. But I would prefer to keep Leclerc if I'm speculating entirety the rest of the year, I would too. But I you know, we're going to June at the end of next week and still nothing. Like I understand Texas wants to be careful here. Anyway, let's it's very easy to make the Kelley case here. But I don't think we've been loud easy. It's easy to make the short-term case. But he's never stayed healthy for more than forty innings and I just I mean, I'm sure he has more than forty technically. But the point is like there's always something with this guy and philosophically. Speaking for saves wouldn't you rather just go with the known today, especially environment. Yeah, I never made it to sixty innings I, I. It might be worth taking him now and just riding even if it's a week or four weeks. All right. So Sean Kelly Scott over you have one open slot for the next two weeks, Kelly, and I don't think that's very close. Oh my God. I don't think it's I think it's exactly the opposite. Over clearly Colorado's closer for the next two weeks, where Sean Kelly literally might not get today's safe chance. Instead of clerk. I mean he's pitched a fair amount over the past couple of days. So I would agree with you about today. However, I don't agree with well today, they're not playing today, but well I don't think that's right at all. I would rather roster over Colorado's basically say over is there closer while Davis is out, whereas Kelly, the manager saying is not the closer look clerks. Gonna get okay. We'll see what happens. You know, if you wanna go through this weekend, I don't have a problem with it, because if I recall, they're playing Baltimore at home. They do said that earlier in the show you probably weren't listening that probably was they are only a home for the next two weeks. I heard you say Detroit, I did not hear you say, I said Baltimore's in Colorado, at the end of the Yankee thing. I don't expect you to listen to the show the series like, like everybody listening is like, oh, the Haiti. Oh, no, no. He didn't listen to anything like ever, so we sorta shared a Turkey leg the other day. So shared at all you eight in one hundred percent of this leg you ate. All right. I don't tell people that. Now, we share fried Oreos you, you know what you'd go to me into that. We went to the valley. Iron pigs with some friends and friends of baseball. Emphasis Lucians were there and another from the industry was there and you were like I dare you to eat more than one Oreo, fried Oreo. Now, an Oreo is not the size of big cookie. So I can eat four you but it was fried. And you'll. Like outside fix that your wallet. That's awful. You just pile money. You're worried. Alright Okla where it is. Tell you how you got to tell you gotta tell Kyle. You gotta tell calm everybody Stu it ruins his world. He has no idea what bills are wear like they're all over the place. Scattered folded or no discernible order whatsoever. Yeah, I won't now maybe I'm going a little too far I'll admit but my while the ones in the front, then the fives, they. All the way. Warner gets it. I'm a little too close to this. When your world and there's like a donkey in there. You have no idea where the Bill. That's then I can. Then I then it's like magical. When you find the twenty between the two ones, and it takes fifteen minutes to find the Bill, you want whereas, I know I don't even have to open my water and look, I know where the one dollars partner still. Serves us the fried Oreos. The same. He's like you're crazy, man. He wasn't talking to you. He thought you were crazy fan organized wall. I know is that nuts. Kyle. I don't think you can go back to this place. Why am going to go back? Ballpark in the minor leagues. Coca Cola field in Allentown joy those Orioles. So good, I want to tell everybody eight to Oreos tired of you. I'm rows, we I don't wanna see you again on standing. I'm off next week. What's wrong with you? Like, honestly, how, how do you find anything? You don't listen to anything pitchers for the next week. See what my desk looks I I've got a couple of grocery bags here and I don't know how they got their food groceries like that. You might have to get those in the fridge. No, no, no, no. They're all empty. I took everything out there might be a couple of seats. And also got my big box baseball guy figures. It's responsible to keep a bad wallet, and you are irresponsible. Hey, Costanza kept working Seinfeld episode if anything's come up at the Seinfeld episode, then it's a true problem the show's going, and we haven't gotten to pitchers for the next. This is important stuff. Okay. You brought it up. I did listen, when you declared me out, not a new so we'll. I'll be getting my revenge now. I'm not catching you, I probably not. But now you're out of it. Okay. Not out of it, but I might not catch you. You're like eight or nine hundred points. Head of me. It seems like a lot ESPN plus on Thursday. If you're listening early Aaron. No. And John lesser at Wrigley field. Phillies need a split here. Leicester's better than people think better than people rank. I rank them fine. Anyway, if you don't want John westerner team don't bother. But the big match, if I think is Lucas, g Lido and Corbin Morton, and g Lido, the White Sox have been striking everybody out and core. Martin is the hotshot rookie on baseball's best team, which one of these pitchers, would you prefer to roster today? And for the rest of the season. I think I would spec g Alito for the rest of the season. And there's no way for him today. I take Morton today. I don't think I would leave active Gilio can't can you make any case for him against Houston is terrifying matchup, especially on this leads the majors in, in every, you know, like in batting average on base slugging. They killed lefties, which does not, but he's facing like David price weekend. I don't know if I want price red water Rigas, active for those games. Anyway, that big series starts on Friday. It's Boston Houston, sale, and Wade Miley. Well, talk about a difference in two lefties, but sale, you leave active David price and had watered Rigas against Houston. Maybe not so much just play price. But I see your point. It's scary matchups for all three other pitchers to watch this weekend. Pub lopez. It Washington that seems like a good streaming opportunity nationals underachieving for sure, unpredictable guy. You know what dawned upon me with Lopate is with that Mets game. We talked about the other day that reiterated the point about pitcher's getting the advantage on the repeat matchup. I would agree with that ESPN. Plus, later has Wade LeBlanc, who you don't want against Daniel Magnin, who I also say, you don't want not a strike out guy at all Seattle's have been in the tank for a month, but I don't you don't want Daniel mainland on your team. I mean, if you need a streamer for Friday. I don't know. I've got that mustache league where he'll be he'll be a top elite. I mean chase Anderson gets Philly. I guess Trent Thornton against San Diego. Yeah. Thornton. It's been better than you think. That's. Yeah. I wanted to say Jeff Hoffman at home, but it's at cores against Baltimore. I don't really want that. Yeah. I mean even with Baltimore. Yeah. I can't. I just really night, the top twenty pitcher that no one knew about Mike minor on ESPN plus at the angels well field. Permitting of rain out the third rain out in like in like one hundred years at the angels yesterday Mike minors. Pretty good Cal Cointreau and Edwin Jackson Toronto. Do you want Cal Cointreau active for that one? No. But I would want him if I have to pick between the two. Well, that's not what I asked not. But I can I can't make the Cal contra case. I need some evidence at this how contra or Mike fires as a stream fires at home against Seattle. Fires. Okay. Ballpark for one Seattle's run a little bit colder lately, so that offense doesn't scare me quite as much Joe musk grove at home against the dodgers. Dodgers are scary matchup. I mean. Yeah. Well, yeah, I can't even make the case. You've got the park factor there, because the dodger lefty power bats could handle him Sunday. Chris paddock at Toronto. You want an active Sunday night, baseball ESPN, Toronto, Jack Flaherty, Toronto, probably little underrated is flared overrated. He is behind. Here's the number fifty eight starting pitcher on the player waiter. You and I both loved them made him a top twenty guy before the season. Is he a bit overrated expecting things he can't do we might? But I love that slider. And I'm going to say he's got better. Odds of shaving run off the area than keeping it at its current number other. Top guys Caleb Smith at Washington. Legit top ten in the IRA. Brand Woodruff is doing really well out strike outs at home against the Phillies. Two guys to get there. You think of Caleb. Smith to dig deeper, and that he was in the innings pitched column and you remember my reaction about that Moreland game the other day which you've brought up the wind potential. He means not winning ten games. Probably remember. I, I mean, have you seen me get that mad about losing that win for him? I don't know why he's doing. Can get it stinks it stinks. It wasn't Sergio Roma's fault. But, like, I think Kayla Smith could end up a top twenty starting pitcher based on era, whip and strikeouts. If not the wins the, by the way. Search your romo's no team is trading for him. He's gonna end up with twenty five plus saves. He really is. That's a good point. That could that could be the Sean green of this year where nobody's going to bite. Yeah. Seeing a bunch of Homer. Shane greens gonna get traded because somebody think oh now. He's good. He's that's such a Mets thing to do. Monday, no show, by the way. But there's lots of day action colluding triple header on ESPN the first game Jose Urania and max sure's or so the game start at one, so I would recommend Monday morning or Sunday night. Get your lineups in do it at one. Oh, five. It's too late. Uranian stirs starts the day midday. It's Cleveland at Boston Jeffrey Rodriguez. Rick, poor solo and personas pitching well enough to be a top fifty starting pitcher for sure. These chat with did win yesterday's credit and maybe somehow he finds a rotation spot. He is committed has been fine. Actually he's throwing the ball in the right places. Whatever changing made it's pretty useful. It's important to have a, a middle reliever who can go three or four innings and not all teams. Have that chat. With pretty valuable for the cubs, actually I mean Cole hamels just didn't have it yesterday. And then the night game Jake degrom Clayton Kershaw. Wow, it stuff there. All that's going to be gotta watch that any a couple other names briefly. Chris Basset of Oakland. Any interest at all? He's a to start guy next week. Yeah. The, the control in this past outing did bother me enough that I'm going to move them down in the grades for next week but I would start him. Yeah. And the other guy Brad Keller who pitched really well yesterday but has not had a good season. He's a first outing of the week is at the White Sox is their interest there. I did like him this season. And then I kind of dropped them in a few leagues. I'm looking at the wrong team there. Okay. So, you know, I have the right team, the second one is in Texas. So he's got to Homer, friendly. Ballparks in the text one is at treacherous match of so pass hunter Pence. Or Michael shavers for the east Bassett place, Houston, in the second outing, by the way, that's bad, who. Anyway pence. And what was the other part shaves? Shaves but hundred legit like this is this is that comes down to and everybody's gotten in this debate. Hundred hunter Penn State's healthy for the one sixty two that's fair. But I I guess, but he's hitting so well that I. I think he's a top forty outfielder tough fifty alpha right now. Hunter pants. Take the Optimus approach that might even be underrating it Tuesday next Tuesday, Frankie montage of Oakland. You like him. I assume but he can't keep this up so montage versus Caleb Smith, Caleb Smith, and that's not even close. But it's not close either. I think there where do you want to know where you have them? I don't know. I mean I don't even my rags are up. I'm just saying like Montas that year. Ray can't stay there for either guy probably. So I'm gonna be having a piece coming up next. I think it's late next week on a long-term look at the schedule and one thing that dawned on me an addition of the innings cap thing, which was on is the lettuce, have one of the war schedules from this point to the all-star break, toughest schedules. Toughest yes for pets for pitchers. Awful scheduled for Frankie Montesquieu. Okay. Well, that's a problem. Yep. Sell. What's not a problem is the hash Browns, and that's coming up next. Bigeye you tired of the run around, you know, going from store store never finding your size. Here's a tip head to XL. They are the one stop shop for men's big and tall clothing, period, and DSL. You don't have to be all pointy toity have a personal stylist, there fit experts will help you find great styles in your size. It couldn't be easier. So head to DSL dot com and check out a store near you DSL big and tall filth for you. If DSL dot com. All right, sir. We got we got a bunch of questions Shaun's wondering if you're buying the growth from co are we overdue for some serious regression and he looks rights? Where does he rank on Reiter? Let me check this out because, well, I'm sure I would assume ties among hitters dizzy top ten. I mean he's not running don't think he's nine twenty ninth. That's, that's hitters everybody. That's among everybody including. No, that's just better. That's just better. But where he belonged goes ahead of among others. Anthony Ren Carlos Correa JD Martinez Rizzo. Haniger he'd Alonzo who everyone loves having a good year. Is there anything goes numbers that scare you would tell you that to sell high? Yep. Three seventy two Bab ties to what is it twenty three and a half ground ball rate. So he's putting the ball in the air. It's very difficult to sustain that kind of Babbitt off those numbers that said, if you have a near twelve percent rise in your fly ball rate, the power. Our could be underrated. So he could be trading. Some of the batting average power. He is currently at eight home runs and three thirty nine batting average. I would say the rest of the year hits about two eighty but I think again end up over twenty home runs twenty three home runs. That sounds okay. The final number. I'll say he ends up at around three hundred which means he has probably like two seventy five to eighty the rest of the year and he ends up around twenty three home runs. So that's fifteen more home runs. Not, not a base stealer. So that hurts them for value. So we'd probably sell high because that three thirty nine batting average is way out of whack. You're almost dead on with a lot of the traditional projection systems for the rest of the year, I would agree with that. I think there might be more reason for optimism. And in fact, the projection system say he will run more than he has not a lot won't get ten, but it could chip in good base stealer. He was seven out of fourteen last year. That's to maybe like Rocco's, like, hey, don't run. Fair point. And maybe he does finish with one or two steals. I think he's a good player. I don't think he's a star but he's a good player. Did you see that Joey Votto at bat against Davies day? Now. I did not. He like walked around the batter's box stepped out a few times. Like didn't look like you wanted to be there, and then he got in there, and it was like he was swinging like a tennis racket to the side, if he was concussed it wouldn't have surprised me like something was wrong, like, I'm going to start looking to trading vodka and my labor and L. I'm winning L labor with vodka doing this. And I'm thinking, yes, I can get a safe hitter now. And like a starting pitcher. I, I mean, I don't even know if I can like everybody else is an industry expert like who who's trying for, Joey Votto? I don't think you're going to get much of anything for them, by the way. Everybody hits Davis yesterday except choice Tahoe. Well, since now we knew that Davies wasn't gonna keep an era of one eighty, but I, I know you don't like. He doesn't strike people out all the numbers say his fifth should be fifth double. But, like I've got him in both out labor, and I'm like, I don't expect them to have any array of one eighty the rest of the year. I'm expecting like three fifty on that team wins. Fifteen fifteen games. Could. Yeah. Based on the run leaving the rotation out pitches peripherals because he puts the ball where he wants it. I've got him in NL. I agree with you took him with I believe your first round pick and labor NL, which I thought was a great pick in the reserve as nobody's first round pick. Twenty fourth round pick. I was amazed that he made it into the reserve draft. And in fact that was that maximized your ability to use them because you can void any of the really bad matchups. I have to sit him next week. So I keep Cal Cointreau roster. But that's Davies. Let's see Davies plays next week. It almost doesn't matter. I mean assault on the road, so yeah, your your luck out there. All right, next next question, sir. Gordon plays in a twelve team road. Elite. He wants to know if you saw us to hold onto will Myers or if it's okay to cut ties now. I mean, whenever anybody says they want to cut ties with a player who's really struggling vodka canot Myers. I mean it's up to you. It's your, your teams the guys batting to twenty eight and I can't tell you that, that will Myers is going to hit two eighty the rest of the year. Like he's a guy would have expected about like two fifty this season. But why he was intriguing is he's even last year. He was on pace for like twenty five homers and twenty-five feels. He's Ian Desmond of the outfield. That's why you keep we'll Myers because he piles on enough homers steals to matter right now he ain't doing that. But he can't start doing that tomorrow. So if you drop them, it's is there a difference to you between Myers and Desmond? Kind of a fair comp I yeah. Myers because Myers in this theoretical prime these twenty eight and five months. I've been more apt to go in that direction. But Desmond does of the park Myers has base. Which even using their but. That is helpful. But I'm at it's true next week. If you wanna drive wheel Myers, it depends on your picking up like don't do it to pick up Rajai Davis. But if you're picking up Brennan Rogers, then yes Roger is going to play. There's nobody out feel I'm kidding. There's no way I'd do that. But that's the thing this. I'm sorry to nitpick the question here. But this is the incorrect way to ask the question if you want to cut the player it has to do with what you're replacing them. And if you need that spot, and that's who you're letting go then. All right. But if you were cutting for Russia Davis, that's, of course, that's foolish tristen and monitoring the listeners with belts because we get asked this a lot about letting a player go. And it always has to go hand in hand with what they're getting replaced with doesn't it? Of course it does. It's just a nicer way to say you jerk last week. He's tearing. Call me a jerk. Oh, I don't. I don't he bought the Oreos? But like I still like I didn't forgive him. I made up for it even fifteen minutes to pay because you couldn't find any. Walnuts. And then the worst was I was the guy who then remembered oh, I forgot to order. That other thing we gotta go back to the wallet. Yeah. He really didn't like us that kind of a hot mess. I gotta say, like, well, have you met me? I mean, come on, you know, me for how long I don't want to admit it. Let me let me know me for negative seven years. We're both twenty-five. It's been it's been a long run. Hopefully I read isn't a way that makes you proud dressed. And do you ever feel like ticketing websites make getting to the event difficult on purpose? 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Deal on a scale of one to ten finally seek displays them on an interactive seat map, and it breaks down the details, green dots. Mean good deals and red dots over price, and every purchases fully guaranteed, you can shop for tickets with confidence. Seek will even give you ten dollars off your first seek purchase. All you need to do is use the promo code download the secret gap today and use promo code F F B for ten dollars off on your first purchase. That's promo code F. F B for ten dollars off on your first purchase. Matt rings in through Twitter. He's been pace this season by Tim Anderson and Caleb, Smith, outperforming, his expectations, what sort of production can count on the rest of the way because you can't sell high on either wondering. Well, I think the window on selling high on Anderson probably passed right? He hasn't stolen base in nine days, he hasn't homered in eleven days. The batting average is still there. But it seems unlikely that anybody will bat three twenty two with six walks in forty four games. Now, what probably going to happen here is to manage hits about two forty the rest of the year. But in an Ian Desmond type away the power is still should be there. But I rather roster to manage than the Desmond. And we'll Myers. And so would you. Yes. Yes, I would but this is a guy that might be a trouble in your batting average for the final four months, like a lot of trouble. Right. And I've taken a fair amount of heat for where I ranked him Anderson. And I think he's had a good year. But this was always a case of a regression candy. I agree with you. I could see that batting average happening all point out that steamer unzips actually don't think that he's gonna hit that low. They have the two sixty tier. What's not disaster. Even if he bets four to the rest of the ends up twenty five home runs and thirty stolen bases. Nobody'll care. Right. That would be a great finish. And in which case, go ahead and stick with them. When I see those two names, I be more worried about Smith than I would Anderson in terms of completely falling apart. I fear getting either lose a portion of the year from Smith because the workload or you run the risk of diminished effectiveness because he's tiredly. You know that the only player on more stolen bases that are about to Muncie. Combined modesty and Anderson had eighteen walks and ninety one strikeouts. That's pretty good for modesty that would mean has twice as many as Anderson. Weird. It's so strange to guys who are not great on bass specialists doing this, in that stolen base category. It's unusual. I've really enjoyed Gerard Dyson labor twelve out of thirteen steals. He biscuits de Gordon's numbers Dee Gordon is rostered in like ninety five percent of ESPN. Standard drug Dyson is Rosalyn. Ten they're the exact same numbers, Dyson plays, a lot less has more runs scored same steals. Batting average is fine. I think is a little underrated Hugh now in a points league. You don't need draw Dyson and appoint sleek. Let's make that clear or Billy Hamilton. Well, yeah. But like in a row league you still got to kind of keep. Billy Hamilton Rosser d has nine steals. He could feel thirty what do you feel about Anderson and appoints league, by the way, I feel, I don't want him. Yeah. That's what I, I mean this is no walks like in a points league. I really do. Try to avoid anybody who doesn't walk. Okay. I really do. Like I'm trying to find guys like the list of guys to strike out and don't walk it all. And like four is so layer. We'll Meyers these guys was singled like under twenty walks brain allow, you know, being dropped in a lot of the he'd better ninth yesterday. Why is Brennan lab night? There's not a major slump. Mocatta is walk raid is kind of stalled mccart is not hitting two eighty one the rest of the year. I gotta tell you more like to forty. Anyway, that's one man's opinion. Next to manderson has five times as many at bats, as Mike Ford in to your walks year. It's hard to do that. Oh man. Like Ford while there's a name, you were talking about Lau Eric d day is thinking about giving up on casinos. We mentioned earlier Eric's got him ranked a little higher than tristen. Can you discuss his value compared to Lao doer the rest of the way I Rankin. No, too high. We also going to go on the DL. Yeah. I l like I would've assumed the canot. What was a reasonable expectation canot this season like a two nine two eighty batting average with twenty homers and ninety Arbia. That was a reasonable expectation doing that. Now why is that why is he hit a wall like last year and a half a season? And that was after coming back from the suspension, which you could say would Savvas power, whatever it didn't. He batted over three hundred last year. He walked he attend home runs and eighty games. I thought it was reasonable to expect you about to eighty with twenty home runs now I hope it doesn't turn into assessments type situation and the Mets have them for five more years. My God, that trade looks bad. I was asking a Mets fan the other day because we were watching their outfield play, and it was literally Rajai Davis Gregoire Blanco, and, and Tim Tibo playing the outfit for the Mets. And the triple A, and I said that this Mets fan he was marks. I'm used to work at Pnn, good guy. Great guy, and he has a podcast, too. Check it out. And I said to him, do not have any Mets prospect outfitters in your system. And his answer was, no collected. The best one is in Seattle, like how about that. Yeah. And speaking to Olmert's yesterday, I think it was or no, no. He homered in consecutive games several games on a row that they. And they only have two natural feelers, if I recall on their on the current major league roster. Well, they're gonna play JD Davis and left field now because they love Todd free natural outfielder. That's what he's going to play every day. And like I'm gonna I think JD Davis might have something. They're not. You're right. Not a Walker. But anyway, speaking fantasy industry, get real soon to our Jason Kellett. Yes. Accident. They're all right next question. Eric's points league and he can only play one of these three the rest of the way he's got hundred older. Brendan Rodgers or Nick Sanzo. Who do you like mall? God. Well, I mean, sends I would rank them sends l Rogers and then dosier but all three need to be rostered. Don't they? Since L is going to be a fantastic player steals basis. He has power leads off scores runs. Brenner Rogers, I think is going to be good. But I know sends L good. And those are obviously can't hip and his batting average all season long. You look walk numbers and what he's swinging at his swing percentage is much better like he made changes in swing that are showing hundred does your might end up hitting lake twenty five to thirty homers and batting two eighty right? I think I would have the exact same order as you, I think, and we'll see if you agree. I think they're fairly close in this format. So I would lean on the matchups. I will point out the Kansas City as incredibly good grade series. Matchups next week three three at what? The US cellular field whatever they call Chicago's field. And then the four it globe life park. God forbid, I remember my park names, which I will be checking out soon. Yes. You're gonna have to give me report on that. All right. What's next jokey m- writes in he wants a name game for jerks and pro far? Everybody wants her name game. Highly holy Diddley do what that Tilly of a pickle digitally. Do lead slander the Dili pickle pickle. We can't draw a lot leave. The light bird city leave a pickle come do whatever, you know, fill your pickle, dilly, dally your way into another thing a name for you. I'm stat stat dog stat kids hamster of sat white statal vicious, MRs of Steph was wrong with you a little game of trash tristen here. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Singing that we're having an intervention. I love that. Man, so jerks, and pro far is back on the most added list. He has homework three times over the past week and and knocked in seven runs. So that's nice batting average up to two hundred. Why, why do we care about your profile last year? Twenty home runs and he's eligible each of the four infield spots. He might be the only guy they're doing. I think more when also does smart. I think he has five different positions. But yeah. Qualifies at all four infield positions as well as a podcast producer. I've heard he is. As more versatile than that versus the more when, though at the outfield ability. Marlin has been great this month. I call them a buzz. He's not hurt. He's on a article you may or may not have been posting today. We'll see profiles number forty seven middle infielder on the player writer for the season but that doesn't tell us much if he's going to get hot. So let me ask you some names here. Profile versus DJ LeMay. Hugh. I'm gonna go with LeMay. I mean I'm not looking meter rankings because I don't want to know I've got them pretty close. But I, I don't know this. This. I'm probably being pious there, only four versus Thomas. Stella. Hey, it's interesting styles on twenty home runs leads off. I feel like at this point, I gotta believe in. Let's Stella don't I how about Colton Wong. I'll take pro for their Cesar Hernandez. I'll take Cesar Hernandez there. Michael shavers. You gotta take over definitely over the tease. You gotta take their Dietrich. I'm gonna take profile over Dietrich. I'm probably a Dietrich hater. I'm really wondering about how the reds positions are going to break down after scooter gennett gets back. I mean, they're already showing that rotational thing between second short profile is roster and sixty four percent of leagues. And I don't think he needs to be like, I'm surprised people are I mean, I know it's been hot of late, but I mean pitching it was a Baltimore pitching like just like it was Cleveland and they don't have half a rotation now. So I kind of think pro for wasting time. Like if you have pro form Brennan Rogers developing your league, go get Rogers, go get Europe. That's what I would do is it possible that based on what profile did last year that he's one of those second half players with air quotes, I guess it's possible, but that was only one half season. And the other thing that bothers me about pro far is the defense at second base, and I wonder how long Oakland can stand it but he's flying well of late. So that's good. All right. The music stops the show's over everybody on your chair. We're good. Okay. Something wrong with you. You're just trying to create new drops. There's, there's nothing wrong with the baseball tonight podcast on Thursday show BUSTER and Buksh Sean talk about the Yankees utter destruction of the Orioles. The giants rebuilding process and a whole lot more. Plus pirates slugger. Josh bell joins the show to talk about the art of being a switch hitting power hitter. Check it out on your favorite podcast app. How about that? Josh bell would can you believe he's going to thirty home runs? He might at forty runs a season, yet twelve last year twelve I can -absolutely believe at thirty home runs because two years ago to what twenty one twenty five something like that. Yeah. But man, that's, that's a nice change. Nobody saw this extent of a rebound. But there were signs the rebound was coming. I'll rebound. That is offered. Today's fine show. We do. Thank you for listening to the fantasy focus baseball for the schedule Monday Memorial Day. Please remember why are we celebrate that day? We will not be podcasting, then, so the next show will be a week Thursday may. May thirtieth my watches ended for a while. Thanks, the Tristan. Kyle. And Tom be safe, this holiday weekend, and hope it is an awesome one. Oreos.

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