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Quarquincho and the Fox


welcome to the fairytale where we bring to. Us doggies of kings and Queens of Princess. These are classic teams of eventual magic. Ngoma some India brought to you in a new of Dodd by Gov starting known more visit midst and legends India Dot Com. My Name's Shahzada. I'm I've had good -tarian a mom of two wild little boys. I'm Susan Your Mama Too. Also I went to the bathroom alone. Five but move in her mouth and then she took it up. That's what you're going to hear a lot of our stories and experiences in our crazy journeys motherhood. It's for all moms not for all dad's not fathers moms or almost can be good all time here. We're GONNA WANNA stick around promise to subscribe the quoque wind chill and the Fox once upon a time a Fox and a An ARMADILLO IN. Keach wa Were very good friends. This spend a great deal of time together and had lots of fun one. The core control decided that he was not going to waste his time doing nothing and instead decided to do a spot of funding he immediately set out to work and started to build a fence around plot of land his friend. The Fox was quite bold blixt by the core quenchers behavior. He wondered why his best friend was working so hard. Instead of having some fun in the Sun Seeing the coke wind chill toiling away at the fence Fox. Ost why are you making the fans and friends do sous some Globes and all in some money Fox replied the Corcoran Show? The Fox was surprised by the answer. He started to suspect his best friend. Why did the You'll want to make money. Was He trying to become richer? And more fee. Mus THAN HIM TO DO. You want to earn a good name from the other animals and get all. The attention sued suspicions. Such as these got the better of the Fox and he quickly need a cunning plan since he had more money than the corporate job. He decided the best thing to do would be to join up with his friend. Invest in the Crops Meek Him Doyenne and reaped the benefits himself this way he wouldn't have to work too hard but would still end up making more money than the Queen. Show so off. He went to his sweating friend. And said you must. You'll stop all money buying the land and putting the fans. Why don't I give you the money to buy the seats too so different of course? If I'm paying for the seats that I get to decide what all of the groped belongs to me after all isn't it? The corkwood chill was a smart cookie to he immediately saw through the Fox's cunning plans but he also knew that without the Fox's money there was no way he would be able to grow any crops so he decided to agree for the moment A. Q. Deal friend what would have done without you all buy a Ford would have come to not if not foot of red like you silly fools falling from thought the Fox gave a friend. So you do as I tell you to write this time. What DEFEC- grows beneath the land will belong to you and everything that grows above it will belong to me. He said greedy for a moment. The Joe was alarmed. Then he's set to himself all not going to let to get away with this. I'll teach that greedy big on bright and early the next morning the Corcoran show started to prepare the field force. Oy and guess what he decided to. So but hey to the fault was see you rheos when the crop was hosted all the potatoes went to the corporate job while all he got the leaves not to be outdone easily. The Fox said they call me very bad for me. The next time you'll take what grows above. I'll take everything that grows below again. He felt clearly food for having outwitted his friend. The clever quoque rituals set out to work again this time round. He tilled the land. What did it and plundered Do what he planted. We eat yet again. When the crop was reap all the wheat game to the Walkman show and the Fog Scott. Only the roots and the leaves now. The Fox was really angry. Each one notice attempts to get the better of the Corcoran. Show was proving to be disastrous. That's Kaunda's really having his cake at eating too. Does he think I'm going to let him get away this easily? My money's being spent. He's the one getting richer must teach him a lesson so he thought hard long few days when he hit up on what he thought was a brilliant plan he called the quad show. Last Crop Savvy. No good for me. I spent all my money but ended up with just leaves roots which have no value. So it's only fair that when you so the next crawl both well. It goes above and below the ground. You can have everything that lies. In between accordingly the colquitt chill got defeated very four Suey. And what do you think he planted this time called? The Crafty Fox had been outwitted again. When the crop was harvested the Corkwood Joe took all the corn that Lee in between while the greedy Fox was left with meal roots and stalks. He got so angry with the Walkway Joe that he spat didn't few then swore to work with them all again as for the intelligent corcoran chill. He now had enough money to buy his own seeds at didn't need the Fox's head for again. Thank you for listening to this awesome story from the deans of India. You can listen to many sad stories in English. Hindi and soon in many other languages to non more visit n empty podcasts. Dot in the story was noted by shoot Ali Bidu for Berry Teens of India and has been reduced by gun story.

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