'Valentine's Views' podcast: Wrapping up Combine Day 3


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Thanks New York giants fans and welcome to a new addition of the Valentine's cast here on big radio. I'm your host Valentine of Big Blue View. Today's show will be my final show from Indianapolis where I've been covering the NFL scouting. Combine this week. I'll be heading back to to my home in upstate. New York Friday so this will be. This'll be my last show from here in Indianapolis you've enjoyed the coverage that we've provided both here on the Valentine's US podcast in all of the stuff that we've been giving you on big blue view dot com as well hope that That all of that has has been insightful. Informative and enjoyable for you. I know I've enjoyed my time here in Indianapolis Anyway. Today's show is going to focus on the linebackers. Obviously we know that the New York giants have not selected a linebacker in the first round since Carl banks in nineteen eighty four headed chance today to to talk with several linebacker prospects including one who could possibly be the selection for the giants at number for that being. Isaiah Simmons of Clemson also spoke with yet or mottos gross or excuse me yet or Gross Mahto. Cy always always get that wrong. Linebacker from Penn State Kayla von. Jason of Ellis. You also spoke with sack. Bond linebacker from Wisconsin. Let's before. We play the audio from those guys. Let's let's talk a little bit about about. Some of them was really impressed. Listening to to Isaiah Simmons speak. He was asked if he considers himself a linebacker. And interestingly you know he said my position is defense not linebacker not safety not cornerback not defensive and he said my position is defense considers a position. Louis Player said that that the NFL is a league. That with guys. Like George kiddle with guys like Travis Kelsey with the tight ends and running backs being featured so much in the passing game that the players with with skill sets like his are needed more and more on defense position. Guys that can run. That can go sideline to sideline. Who can who can cover those kinds of players so you know? I was very impressed by him. He spoke a lot about About guys that. He emulates guys who he studies. Interestingly the guy that he mentioned I was not a linebacker. It was to run Matthew of the the Kansas City chiefs. He said because Matthew does so many things for the chiefs prior to that for the the Arizona cardinals so he's an interesting interesting guy. Don't know to be honest with you. The giants will take him at four. And you know my gut instinct. Is that depending on. How FREE AGENCY GOES IF If the draft were to be held today I believe it would be an offensive tackle. Know we focused. The other day on offensive tackles like MCI Beckton in the you know some some of the other. Top offensive tackles in the class. Andrew Thomas of Georgia being another one who? I had a chance to speak to this week but We'll see how free agency goes. I'm of the belief that if the giants are able to sign a right tackle in free agency in any obvious target is Jack Conklin. I'm of the belief that that opens up the board a little bit for the giants and that perhaps it puts a player. Like Isaiah Simmons in play at number four. So we'll see how that all pans out but Hopefully you know when we get to the audio clips From from Simmons in a little bit. Hopefully you'll enjoy those. As I said also spoke to yetter gross mottos of Penn State and the fun part about speaking to him was the fact that he was coached at Penn. State by SEAN SPENCER KNOWN AS COACH CHAOS. Who is now with the New York giants as the defensive line coach and we? We talked with with gross models about coach Spencer. Very very high praise for coach. Spencer said that he really earns the name coach chaos simply with the energy that he displays with the motivation that with the the motivational tactics that he uses with players said that he would love to play for coach. Spencer again credited him with a lot of his success at Penn State. And now that's a that's a pairing. Gross motto is a guy who is generally looked at at least at this point in time is a guy who could go off the board late in the first round might not be available to the giants at thirty six so it would seem unlikely that the giants could pair those two again put. Gross models is on the board at thirty six and the giants didn't take an edge player with their first overall pick. Didn't take a guy like Simmons or or weren't lucky enough to have someone like chase young fall to them at number four which I think is highly highly unlikely you know then gross models would be a guy who would be a consideration in that spot another guy who would be a consideration in that spotty sack bond of Wisconsin had a chance to speak with him today and he spoke very Very eloquently about the bond between Wisconsin players was asked specifically about Linebacker Ryan Conley fifth round pick from the giants a year ago and spoke very very Eloquently about Connolly in about how much he would love to play with Conley again being really interesting. Pairing to see the giants have to Wisconsin off ball linebackers in Connolly in Bonn playing for them. Next season you know bond is a guy who spent most of his career. Wisconsin you playing on. The edge was asked at the senior bowl to play more in an off ball capacity. Believes that he is a guy who could do both at the NFL level. Who could be a lot of who could be used in a lot of different ways a little bit like Simmons although maybe not as safety maybe not as a cornerback but could be used both off the edge and in an off ball capacity? You're rushing the passer doing some some some coverage so interesting guy. He's also one who's quite often mocked to the giants in the second round. When you look at mock drafts. That do multiple rounds. So he's a name to remember spoke also with Kayla von Jason of Lsu in. He would seem unlikely to become a giant because he's not really in the conversation for For the top ten and he's probably going to be off the board long before the giants get a chance to pick at thirty six. But you never know what might happen if the giants drop down and and the interesting thing that Chason said was that he feels like everything that he's done so far at Lsu everything he did in college was largely based off of raw talent. He feels like he will benefit greatly from NFL coaching. He said that if you graded where he is on the development curve on a on a zero to ten scale he said he feels like he's only at a three and yet he had a terrific college career at Lsu. He feels like there's a ton of growth left in his game. Feels like there's a you know there that his skill set as we talked about. Some of the other guys is one where he can be used in a in a variety of ways coming off the edge and he's a little bigger than some of these other guys. I think he weighed in this week. At the combine at two hundred and fifty four pounds so another interesting guy one to maybe keep in mind if the giants execute a trade down or if they're able to to execute a trade where they pick up another first round draft pick. I don't know that that's a likely scenario. I don't know that the giants can package that fourth overall pick in actually get a second first round. Pick out of it but chase on would be a player to To think about with a with a pick somewhere after ten somewhere between ten and twenty in the draft possibly at this point so just another interesting player to to think about before we before we get to the audio clips from some of these young men that I know you guys will WanNa hear. I just wanted to briefly. Talk for a second about these. Tom Brady to the giants rumors that that keep floating around the Internet. I just want I just want to say about that that I find them completely ridiculous. I find them. I find that whole the whole concept of Tom. Brady you know to the giants at this point to be stupid to be honest with you. That's that's really the only way that I can put it. I believe the rumors. I don't buy the rumors. I think it all comes from all of this stuff that that the giants created by by coach. Joe Judge Not Using Daniel Jones name by not being willing to you know to commit and say. Joneses are starting quarterback You know in the fact that obviously came from the New England patriots. So obviously you see where when you put two and two together that that someone could could come out in and create that rumor. Now look as I said. I think it's stupid. I would think it would be stupid for the giants to sign Tom. Brady to begin with you have Daniel Jones. You're not going to rebuild the giants. You're not going to to build this team around a forty three year old quarterback you have what Joe Judge admitted. The other day was very very young roster. It's the same situation that it was in that. It was with manning a year ago. It made no sense once. The giants began to lose games at simply as much as I loved. Eli Manning it made no sense for the thirty eight year old men in to be playing. It makes absolutely no sense for the New York giants to sign Tom Brady at the age of forty. Three with a young roster. That's not ready to win a super bowl. That's not ready to make that kind of of championship run because it's not going to help Daniel Jones. I'm not buying this. Daniel Jones needs to sit behind a veteran quarterback stuff that that some people are are trying to peddle as a reason for signing. Tom Brady Daniel. Jones played some really good football for a rookie in the NFL. A year ago. A guy that didn't have the best offensive line in front of him. There's absolutely no reason at this point for the giants. Do something like sign a Tom Brady or sign anyone else for that matter. You know to play in front of Daniel Jones. So the the idea of Tom Brady. I just find that whole thing I I I find it stupid. I find it silly. I find it to be nonsense. And yet it's typical. Nfl OFF SEASON PRE agency. You know sort of rumor mill fodder. It'll it'll create page views. It'll sell newspapers. It'll get it'll get clicks on podcasts. Like this one. So somebody's out there peddling it and and I think it's nonsense so I if it actually were to happen I would think it would be stupid as I said in you know and I just don't see any reason for for the New York giants do something like that. I think it would really be the wrong way for the Joe. Judge era in New York to begin and I I would think that it's simply I I just. I would be flabbergasted if something like that were to happen all right now that I've Now that I've gotten that off my chest let's take a short break for a word from our sponsors when we come back you'll hear the audio from the various players that I was able to speak with at the combine on Thursday. In between each of those you'll hear Joe Daley own. Who Co hosts the Chris Enjo- show? You will hear Joe as he transitions from one player to the other. Joe Helped me out by cutting some of that audio for me. Kudos to Joe for for for doing that for me and he'll he'll break those up so that you know exactly which player you're listening to hope. You hope you enjoy those giants fans. Hello this is Jesse David Fox. I'm a senior vulture and I host the podcast. Good one a podcast about jokes. It's a podcast about well jokes. Every week I sit down with a comedian comedy writer or director who list one of their jokes and figure out how it all came together. I don't sit down with a pen and a pad and physically write down everything I just has not my style turns out comedians. Take jokes pretty seriously. I like all jokes. Okay that's what I do. That's what I live or there's really nothing else I care about. A- It's all very revealing. What did you sort of learn from this. What was your takeaway? Nothing guy not. I'm not sure mar curse good one from culture and the box media podcast network. Subscribe for free on Apple podcasts. Or on your favorite podcast APP. You do not use the puck effort. Let a great question Jesse David Fox up I from day three the NFL combine. We're going to hear from a reoccurring pick in most mock drafts for the New York giants. And that's Clemson's Isaiah Simmons. Now he's listed as a linebacker but he still the most versatile prospect in this year's draft class taking snaps at corner safety and Linebacker as well as a pass rusher. Simmons is GonNa talk a little bit about who he is as a player in his positional versatility as well as how his family has shaped his personality. I think it's really beneficial for me because I know life years ago. It wasn't good to be a position this guy but now it's became a benefit just for all the versatility. They'll be able to play linebacker. Play safety whatever it is. I just helped me everything I did in college. Who just kind of like a Swiss army knife moving around and I really able to show it. I can really do. I would say I'm really tied down to one position. So coach Venables. He really used me in a in a really special way that most people aren't able to be used favorite road I mean I like it senses much I like the sack so I really have a favorite types like I said mentally. There's anything I can't do. I played every position except for a nose or three so I wanNA come down to it. I'm trying to do anything I can. Yes Oh coming out of high school a lot of people they they WANNA be some athlete. Some decide defense safety but I just knew I had the opportunity at content. That's one main reasons I picked. It is just opportunities. Presented never promised nothing there and I did the coaches. We're GonNa make me the best possibly could be going there. Yes Oh artists part about it is the mental aspect just happened to know where everybody has to do Thousands of the most complicated thing I had to deal with but I learn everything very fast. I feel like that's what really benefited me helped me play at a high level. How did you do that? How do you learn every position so well? They don't have to do so. Clinton back seven. We all be in the same room everything on that one time my brother just growing up. We've always been like the star players. See even everything just being best national abilities. But my mom. She likes sports second so everything that she taught us had to come first tours everything we had to do. It feels behavioral issues. I who are playing in the game corner practice all that stuff came first which all of that stuff. It helped me to become humble and always ready to these. Search the humble over hype and There's a friend of mine she started. The brand is something that I truly believe down like a serious thing that people should really live by so if I had to put it into a saying that. There's no better way to put it in that so like personally. I I like Mama game after a couple of people if asked to go look at film with somebody to get something. It'd be like von Miller just for Pashas jalen Ramsey from an techniques and Tire Matthew. Just because he plays around everywhere as well so I take bits and pieces from all them to kind of throw in my game Penn State's deter gross mottos is a prospect with very high upside at the edge position and he has a very unique connection to the New York giants. Coaching staff his former position. Coach Sean Spencer is now the defensive line coach for the giants and he talked a little bit about who his coach is what it's like playing for him and the possibility of getting a play for him in the future. You tell us a little bit about playing for coach Spencer. Spencer says I was recruited. Everything I thought it would be. A man has been instrumental in my life. I put my family say got a deep island corresponds to how much because Spencer and I think here for my three years at Penn State. Would you like to play? Would you like to win the plan for him again? We talk is play for again. I definitely I definitely wouldn't mind that. So what is the chaos chaos? I mean it's exactly what it sounds like dude is everywhere in just he just brings the intensity Many great motivating motivates guys. You WanNa you WanNa give your all. He's really brings the best out of people get a chance to sit down with them for the New York giants. I have not do end up having a nephew I mean I it'd be great to see me Just you have to speak with them and and I introduce myself to the to the rest of the coaching staff there. So I mean I'd I definitely will look forward to Wisconsin's known for producing very talented linebacker prospects. In this year Zach Bonn has the potential to be that next guy bond tells us a little bit about his positional versatility as well as being the next in line to come from Wisconsin. Yeah I think that's a part of my game that Teams are really impressive. My ability to be so tyler and kind of do a lot of a lot of different things very well Would that be played off the ball at the senior bowl and got to showcase my ability to do that? I feel completely comfortable and just willing to do whatever it takes to watch Showbiz DC. Yeah he said the best thing for him was just diving to his playbook and learning and as much as you can from the older guys and we from Wisconsin Are ARE SMART. Enough and intelligent enough to make that transition that may be and I think that's why guys get a leg up being from Wisconsin is that we run such an intricate intricate scheme and Just having that advantage going into the next level whether you're playing the same position you are or train linking transition. It's it's pretty flawless. Utah's Bradley Anais. An interesting day to option for the giants. If they choose to wait until then to address their pass rusher position an I spoke to us about his positions as well as an interesting hobby that he has not really the deeper saw goes like before i. So that's like the Tackle Deeper Sogo. Not Not a guy that wants to attack her to is bigger guys. I just bought a bunch of wild me and my sisters time but Proxima might to deal with all let's will pretty competitive and My Mom's like the hardest worker I know so we all look up to. I think that's where a lot of me might be sisters got Just that work ethic from the I love to cliff jumped just like as a hobby I think you have to be a little bit Athletic to view the clip jumper. I mean I could do a double backflip forty foot cliffs and you have to be somewhat athletic to do that all right our thanks to Joe Daley owned for cutting up all that audio for us. Thanks to you guys for For listening to to our podcast here as always reminder that Thursday evening is the first night of onfield workouts at the combine and obvious. Obviously you'll be able to watch those on. Nfl Network each each day as the as the workouts are held. The Chris and Joe. Show will be giving you a reaction to what we see from the quarterbacks wide receivers and tight ends on Thursday night. They'll be reacting to what we see with show. That should air on Friday morning. So look forward to that and You know hopefully if you if you get a chance. If you haven't listened to some of the shows that we've done this week from Indianapolis also please circle back do that. So thank you giants fans and we'll talk to you again soon. Bye Bye Heads. Up Baseball fans. There's a brand new podcast. Over on Pinstripe Allie of ESPY NATION. The bomber brothers podcast featuring me Ryan Chai Chester. My brother Sean together. 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