Dallas Morning News 6/25/20


Good Morning. It's Thursday June twenty fifth. I'm Mary Hildebrandt and here are the top stories from the Dallas. Morning News today will be partly sunny with a high of ninety and a low of seventy four. The air quality will be unhealthy for sensitive groups. Tonight will be partly cloudy. Our top story is corona. Virus Hospitalizations in Dallas. County are continuing to rise officials said yesterday. Yesterday as they reported three hundred ninety one new cases of the virus, four more county residents have died from covid nineteen a Cedar Hill, man in his eighties Dallas woman in her eighties lived at a long term care facility a-, grand prairie man in his sixties and Perry woman in her eighties, all four had underlined high risk health conditions. Dallas County has now seen eighteen. Eighteen thousand, one, hundred, thirty five cases, or about six point nine for every one thousand residents and three hundred twenty eight deaths, the county does not report a number of recovery's in local news. As many as two thousand dollars, residents could soon get help paying their rent were mortgages. The City Council yesterday approved an additional ten million dollars from the federal government to expand its. Its rental and mortgage assistance program that was launched in May Council members also approved seven point one million dollars for a program to help the homeless find more permanent housing, but council members asked staff to ensure that news of the aid reaches the city's most vulnerable populations. After early data showed less than half of the applications came from Dallas. Poorest Council districts the new round. Round of funding will be split between Dallas Department of Housing and neighborhood revitalization and the Office of community care and would provide up to two months of assistance. It also adds to the thirteen point seven million dollar assistance program. The city set up in April in business. News Texans traveling to New York. Connecticut and New Jersey will have to quarantine for fourteen days under new. New Travel restrictions announced by governors in those states yesterday the governor's put the restrictions in place to prevent a new wave of corona virus, infected visitors, arriving from states where there has been a sharp uptick in cases, following the reopening of businesses, bars, restaurants and entertainment venues. Texas is one of nine states with infection rates high enough to fit into the required quarantine category, but. But other states could be added if rates increase, we now have to make sure. The rates continue to Drop New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, said yesterday. We also have to make sure the virus doesn't come on a plane again. The quarantine program takes effect today, and finally a long awaited Tom Thumb supermarket just east of downtown. Dallas plans to open this fall on the ground. Ground floor of a new fourteen story apartment building the fifty six thousand square foot supermarket will be on the street level of the Gabriella a three hundred seventy eight unit apartment building that plans to open this summer and has started leasing. It's one two and three bedroom apartments Tom. Thumb originally planned to open in late twenty nineteen, but work on it and the GARBRIELA was. After a tragic crane accident during heavy storms in June of two thousand nineteen that killed one person and injured five others the Dallas morning. News rewards program is proud to bring you virtual events for more information and events please. Visit reward stunned Dallas News Dot Com for more on these stories, and for the latest breaking news visit Dallas News Dot Com. Thanks and enjoy your day.

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