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It's the greatest fraud you've never heard of. Hbo's New Documentary Series Mic millions uncovers the CON. That allowed one man to rig the results of the McDonald's monopoly. Game for over a decade from executive producers Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson the riveting. Six part series goes deep into the scam that resulted in over twenty million dollars stolen from nineteen eighty one to two thousand one find out how a single tip to the FBI led to an undercover operation into dozens of participants all tied to a mysterious ringleader known as Uncle Jerry through firsthand accounts from the schemes major players unwitting victims and the agents who cracked the case. The full story behind this epic crime in plain sight is finally revealed. Watch make millions Mondays on. Hbo and subscribe to the Mkx. Millions podcast for in-depth discussions by the directors and special guests after every episode gangster capitalism listeners. You're about to hear a preview of boomtown. This new podcast available now is an eleven part series about the biggest oil boom in history. Boomtown takes you to a rugged corner of West Texas where roughnecks and billionaire wildcatters are fueling a boom so big. It's reshaping our climate. Our economy and our geopolitics. You'll get an inside look at the people cashing in and those whose lives are turned upside down boomtown from imperative entertainment and Texas monthly. Listen for free on apple podcasts. Spotify or your favorite podcast player or by visiting Texas monthly dot com slash boomtown. There's a stretch of road in a remote oil rich region of West Texas. It's two lanes flanked by barbed wire surrounded by prairie tumbleweeds and cattle loiter along the fence. Line it's a kind of road that's inspired a whole jukebox. The country songs. At least that was the case until a few years back today. It's a different story. That two lane road is the nation's and perhaps the world's most critical artery for crude oil officially it's route two eighty five the locals taken to calling it something different. I'm sure you'll hear that referred to as death highway. That's how it hell today. Route two eighty five. Looks like a scene from Mad Max. Fifty thousand pound trucks barrel through day and night. Overwork drivers use him. Fettah means to stay awake. The road is crumbling with pot holes the size of VW Beatles no stretch of American asphalt is more dangerous. Ambulance storage is just a few blocks from my house. And every time I hear it I go. Oh my God don't let anybody be the reason for this. Transformation is simple. Boil this region of West Texas known as the Permian Basin is in the midst of the biggest oil boom in history. The Permian Basin is the epicenter for oil and gas production in the free world. This unprecedented production has transformed the region from a depressed desert into a land of opportunity and plenty of havoc along the way we are really threatening to choke. The goose lays the golden egg. I hate to say about a lot of time. Safety is the first thing that sacrifice when it comes to cutting back on expense to the except there's climate change. That's not really our fault. It's worded providing what everybody needs. My name is kristen walls. I was raised in the Permian Basin in a small town called Andrews. I grew up on tells of the regions and legendary booms and busts. I even spent a year working as a roughneck in the whole patch after college. But I've never seen or heard of anything like this against all odds. The Permian Basin has become one of the most important swath of land on earth. The boom is reshaping. The world's climate economy even our geopolitics. We are now the number one energy producer in the world. And I'M NOT GONNA lose that wealth on dreams on windows' yet few understand this place or it's people. This is a story of roughnecks roused abouts of billionaire wildcatters and wannabe dreamers and full on Hellraiser Band of average folks. Just trying to get by as the world around them is turned upside down from Texas monthly and imperative. Entertainment this is.

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