Lies We Believe About God, Part 2


Word of truth so we can worship God in spirit and truth deepening our knowledge of God thereby enabling us to deepen our love welcome to where we are studying to show ourselves approved rightly they contact at Justin Peters man who is an enemy of the Gospel then this book should put those doubts to rest I gave an introduction yesterday and I told you a little bit about the book and the forward that was written by a man named Doctor Baxter Kruger who unfortunately is a designer of fishing this fines you and yours doing well and I want to thank you for joining me. We are doing a series this week on the newest book number of copies that the shack did is this too will be a massively popular book unfortunately and if there were ever any doubts l. movie entitled the Shack and Last Week Jim Osmond and I did a series of interviews together on the movie the Shack we went to watch it and we black magic marker and so as you might be able to tell not a fan of message and maybe maybe we can do a series on that sometime the ones Eugene Peterson the author of the Bible version known as the message and if you have a copy of the message S. Two whether or not William Paul Young is a false teacher is a heretic if there were ever any doubts that that he was has sold it well in excess well northwards of twenty million copies and has been translated into a number of different Langley Lord and really broke my heart when I saw that I liked to fish but anyway today we are going to get into some of these lies The book is comprised of very own how biblically illiterate so many professing Christians are it's been endorsed by a number of people and probably one of the most notable friends and family members who undoubtedly have been some of whom had been to see this movie it has the shack has been publishing juggernaut it you may use it for welts got a couple of different uses uses you can use it for kindling You could use it for target practice UH knock it out in in a couple of days or so but we are dealing with William Powell Young's newest book lies we believe about God and Oh come by William Paul Young entitled Lies We believe about God William how young is the author of the book the site your gun in your deer rifle Be really good to go out and put that on a post and draw a little circle on it with your tire week on the shack but this if this even if this even sales ten percent are even five percent of the gust a lot of the theological issues with end that movie and I hope that that was helpful for you just kind of equip you in engaging your twenty eight chapters each chapter devoted to one of the supposed- lies that we believe about God and I want to do that tournament for us to hear these lies quote unquote lies and be ready to engage them and if we hear somebody else if you heard the program yesterday doing this series not because I wanted to just beat up on William Paul young or draw out because we did spend yes take a few days to do this we'll wrap it up within a few days I'm confident but I wanna do this because I think it's going to be a good exercise and ages I think I saw somewhere twenty or thirty different languages maybe more than that so it is it is it's truly a publishing juggernaut in his a sad common now the first half of that is of course true God is good the second half I am not good repeat one of these lies will be ready to say oh now wait a minute that's that's not true that's not what the Bible teaches let's talk about it here's more agree GIS lies quote unquote in his book and we'll talk about these and engage them so the first one I want to talk about his out actually the second lie the first young flatly rejects the doctrine that is known as total depravity and it's really a rather unfortunate name total that is also true but William Paul Young says that that's a lie that is ally William Paul there are a lot of a very nice lost people out there and there are some lost people out there that undoubtedly if that is they could be yes there there are nice a lot of Nice people out there there are a lot of very generous people out there total inability we are all of humanity is totally unable to come to God on their own stirs and were all you know mass murderers or child molesters or something like that total the doctrine of total depravity is not that humans are as bad three ten through eleven Romans Chapter Three Ten through eleven the Apostle Paul says there is none righteous no not one depravity because it it has this connotation that Oh whoa if you believe humans are totally depraved you think we're all months here's why it's not so so I think it'd be a good exercise in discernment force all right the the first slide discuss we're not going to talk about all twenty eight lies because it just slide is book is that God does not like you and everything in that little chapter so subjective I mean it's they were to be walking down the sidewalk and find a wallet laying on the sidewalk and pick it up and look inside they say it's full of money undoubtedly there are some lost people not a lot there is none who does good there is no one who seeks after God a no one understands no one does good no one seeks after body as bad as it could be but that everybody is totally depraved in a spiritual sense in that there is nothing good in US that we're dead in trespasses and sends a better way to state the doctrine of total depravity is total inability a strict disciplinarian. I believed I deserved his anger of course because there was nothing good in me I was being rightfully punished either got so Paul is very clear there are none righteous there is none who does good there is no one who seeks after God God must be good I'll be good I'll be good when I have come to understand over the years is that with every scream of I'll be good all we do not seek for God God's sakes for us and seeks us out in the primary passage for that is Romans but there are some who would try to find the rightful owner and give the wallet back to the rightful owner with every penny in there so yeah that's not the point it's not that everybody when that didn't work I resorted to these words which I screamed over and over and over as the waves of his rage approached I was making a declaration to the core of my being that has taken me decades to unravel that declaration was brutally simple lack of a better word kind of a passage here out of his out of his book in this is from Page thirty one page thirty one in lies we believe about God William Paul Young says this he says quote my father was a missionary he was the righteous man who who is never wrong in he was I am not good so William when you read this Book William Paul Young Rarely Appeals to score the draw it out too long and I want to get onto other things but I'm GonNa hit I think what I saw is some of the more important not at one place in the book did I find where he actually engaged the myriads of Bible verses that contradict is to seek after US but William Paul Young would have us believe that this is a lie let me read to you a a out of context in what he does not do all throughout all of these mini lies that we supposedly believe about God here's what he doesn't do and when I didn't have any idea what CNI at committed by omission or commission I did try to defend myself sometimes by lying you want to discuss so chapter two of his book the second line that we supposedly believe about God this God is good I am not pretend like they're not even there he doesn't even try to engage them he doesn't say in other words never nowhere in the book will you find him saying Sir practically without exception when he does quote aversive scripture he does so out of context he takes it oh he uses he resorts to human reasoning human emotion human feelings and he constructs a God after his own image in fact audience look in the mirror that has got to be the worst theology I have ever come across in that is and his emotions he appeals to how he think got ought to be rather than how God has revealed himself to be contrasts passes in sins he doesn't engage any of those things what he does is he appeals to his feelings what he's claiming to be true in other words the verses that would refute him he just does not engage them he just doesn't engage them is like he utter blasphemy yes we are made in the image of God and that does set us apart from ant eaters aardvarks platypuses and dogs ten through eleven he doesn't engage Jeremiah seventeen verse nine which says desperately wicked deceitful above all the anyway I'm just GonNa Kinda breeze past that but let's go to his first really substantial lie in it is Li- number two in his book the first one like in other words for this live that that we are not good he says that that's a lie that we actually argued he doesn't engage Romans three creatures we are rebels we have sinned against a thrice holy God so if you WanNa look in the mirror and see what God is lie at that range so in in we are sinful we are sinful that's the whole crux of the matter here we're fallen sounds like you as a an angry man sounds like he was probably legalistic moralistic Doesn't sound a few I mean if you want to see what God is like don't look in the mirror look to the bimal look to the Bible but he does not do that and it is just a young who apparently had a bad upbringing his father who was a missionary apparently from what we're gathering was not a good missionary that but that means that does not mean that we are just like God that does not mean that we share in what we refer to as incommunicable attributes things who can know it he doesn't engage Jeremiah seventeen verse nine he doesn't engage a fee of Asians chapter to which says we are dead we are not omniscient we are not only present we are not Omni benevolent we're not all rubbing we are not all powerful we are not immutable we don't change working out his issues from childhood that he's never really come to grips with or never been able to to wrap his mind around I wanna learn what God is if you WanNa learn who got his learn about God he says look in the mirror because you're made in the image of God so if you really want to know who in cats and muskrats and Chihuahuas or what you know we're set apart from the animals because animals are not made in the image of God we are been this way and how he could have been subjected to these abuses and still maintain cross was necessary is that there are none who are good we are all sinners were rebels in our sins have earned us the wrath of God that's what it I have heard we empower young sadism video and I have seen this in an interview on online interview that he's done he says if God you cannot have a right understanding of you cannot have a high view of man in vacated view of Man and when you have a when you have an elevated view of man then that necessitates that you have a very low view of attributes and I think we're going to talk about God's attributes soon if if he rightly understood the attributes of God this would not be an issue for him if he rightly understood in how desperately wicked our hearts really are then he could just go to the scriptures and he could understand these things a belief in the god of the Bible now if he rightly understood the god of the Bible this would not be an issue for him if he rightly understood percents ernest the wages of sin is death not just physical death but eternal death spiritual death and our sin that's why Christ shocking said this is this is not just a book with bad theology this is this is a decidedly nod view of God at the same time it's not possible if you have a high view of God then by definition you will have a low view of man like he had the fruits of the spirit so I don't know I'm just all I know about his father is what he tells us but it sounds like with this the show he wouldn't have to rely on human reasoning but see he's he's an idolatry and what I mean by that is he has created a God after his own image Ed the depravity of man the total depravity and total inability of me and if he rightly understood how heinous sin is back and lies we believe about all the stuff that comes from William Paul Young is his way of is like a personal catharsis it's like him and so Jesus was not calling into question his own deity Jesus was not correcting him Jesus was leading him he was saying Christian book this is a this is an UNCHRISTIAN book and it is it truly is shocking difference at that is the whole reason the section I read to you from his book on page thirty one there so much of this book has the flavor of it is it is William Paul so he rejects the doctrine of total depravity rejects total inability he thinks that man is inherently good the difference that's the whole you will understand that man is sinful you'll understand that no man is not good in no William Paul Young you're not good you are not a good man that is Christianity one a one man is not inherently good man is inherently bad in you see he has a very ellen died on the cross to satisfy his wrath but I get ahead of myself because that's another lie that will look at here in a little bit and when you read this book you get the sense just like that Justin Peters is not a good man we are not good in mark chapter ten when Jesus was talking with the rich young ruler and his deity but as humans human beings you and I we are not good there is no one good no one it's like him he it's like he's trying to reason out from his from a human perspective a humanistic standpoint how he could have his father could oh or do you understand I'm good because I am God there is no one good but God and I am good because I am God Jesus was affirming it Paul could not have been more clear in Romans Chapter Three Isaiah could not have been more clear in chapter sixty four when he says our works are filthy rags one thing that pervades is just it permeates every page of the shack every page of this book lies we believe about God in every hi to say that God does not submit so we're GonNa talk some more about these lies Lord Willing in Tomorrow's program thank you very much for joining me do good but God Jesus could not have been more clear in mark chapter ten Jeremiah could not have been more clear in chapter seventeen of the book that bears his name give you an update I have all the artwork done on the new DVD's the jacket cover and and I'm really excited my new D. The rich young ruler said good teacher what must I do to inherit eternal life Jesus looked and said why do you call me good why do you call me good no one is good but God alone so we're very he has a very elevated view of man if you have an elevated view of man you will necessarily have a low view of God and that is is on the series I did on the Jehovah's Witnesses witnessing to the witnesses series on how to hear from God series the interview that I did interviews I did X program we're GONNA talk about to at least two more lies God is in control that's a lie he says that's a lie to say that God is in control and it's also a lot working on getting my new flash drives done with a bunch of the different series that I've done in the past the Cessation Ism vs continuing second of that movie is a very low very low view of God all right your friends we will go more quickly in our next programs a promise goes these will be out and I'm really excited about it because Kosti Han as graciously agreed to has already recorded for me of the Holy Spirit be with you thank you for listening to dedicate we hope that you were encouraged and edified just radio introduction he's got a seven minute testimony is so

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