#226 - No photos on the dance floor!


Welcome back to the show this episode number two two six two two six welcome back to the show but as if you'd a shooting in the first time in what she'd be at a youtube give me like subscribe it as if you guys have been here before just stare ahead into blank space because nothing from really matters for those guys this podcast app lead five star review half on that goes <unk> brown drew the podcast app just there again into the deep-space wondering exactly where you ended up here and why i have you y you have meet playing through your earpieces apart from that her because doing well hydrated rested rested lubricate knew that milwaukee people plants investing in your lips some moisturizer on your elbows and in between fingernail craxi you will love hands and that you are if recovering on the weights recovering from a heck take party we can order also you can get up to i for one have been number all the igwe water for the most of the time which is a change from the previous week's adventures but as always as most great soupy will tell you a good life is a balanced life right knowing the nimitz of excess is good and being able to actually rain yourself selker without somebody else ready. You employs very honorable and something a skill that you probably already learned the older you get. You know they've been kind of like look at yourself. Three may be fed yeah fred person on the college games in extending clergy's first person but you can't have evita's mac person that is how you look in your life your allergies often they often drones or fashion right and CYO exceeded pit bulls and embiid. I know what i'm gonna do that but sometimes there are occasions occasions where life is just more fun when you just take that right corner right now right corner that leads right into trouble where you know you're gonna fuck up. You know you're going to have to explain yourself in my spicing it up. A little bit of a for the most part is best that you are able to rainy in so the us guys are out there feeling roughing have ever headache. I do not despise you at MD. You and i hope that you head is pounding up until tuesday and let you make the necessary changes that you need to make to make sure your liver successful and fruitful life <hes>. I've actually been binging on some random videos. I found on youtube. Recently over youtube is who have been going recovery right so that people that kind of as years and all you know i was going through so many problems that everything could not look look amazing and yeah fair enough. There's lot dude. Look really cool really graham happy. That is the case but is this guy in particular who kind of really scared me a little bit. It came up on the screen but it's quite cool subculture <hes> of these <hes> recovery addicts on youtube kind of being ready for fry and put them. I saw that because you know i'm sure those things on very fun in something that you want to kind of publicize or something close council with your friends and family but for the most part seeing as <hes> youtube is that place for everything and anything komo's surprises happening so this one dude i stumbled upon your head and i had no idea who he was prior to kind of you. <hes> <hes> checking out some of the stuff on the old at chiba view right was this dude he alludes game quickly. <hes> this guy called mud son right. I'm not sure if you guys are headed. Who supposedly he's the benef- on <hes> who's not all of these days but this dude right. Let me let me try you. Turn out yet limited. Pause it so anyway he goes for his video and he's essentially kind of token about his addiction right. Stop this kind of occurred. What's going on but the troubling thing about it the the the setting is quite troubling but you know it's quite cool because supposedly supposedly a jim morrison hotel jim morrison of the doors famous. You know that tragic. I think at twenty eight picking <unk> club de marsan anyway services. It's amazing stadium back today in. LA is kind of plausible graffiti whatever and i think for the most part is like an addict shrine right so i think if you're an addict or you're a bit off the rails you probably go to. LA find jim morrison's ruben site like new lines of amphetamines delivered abedin's shit maybe simple he would do any goto pablo escobar ause graves and a slice of it so maybe it's one of those kinds of stuff but anyway <hes> the room. I'm assuming has now been ten in rehab facility or whatever it may be because i wouldn't think a former addict who wanna go to room that might have reserved drugs in it but he didn't roop los fatty core. He's didn't with an occupant. He sits down and talks to the camera. Right is a friendly coin often called lincoln a show nuts. If you listen to yourself but discovery poverty is this modern. Dude is the same age as me. That's the scary scary part right so obviously i'm sure this dude has is probably lived. Seventeen lives right. He's had an amazing time. You've done all the things that he wanted to do. In life we obeyed women wanna miss expensive garments flown to the most luxurious places right. He's been in place. I've dreamed of being in but in terms of what he looks like physically like he looks like a bag of bulls in it like this guys the same age me the same age and i think there are times in life where eh you probably need to pull off. Just get crazy and maybe he's pulled himself back. Just when it was about to go over the dry could this could have been tragic case of you know all the ever number of entertainers you kinda fall by the wayside but luckily was able to pose versus what kind of it is scamming tony finn but i'll just it's funny. Whenever you're thinking about something yourself you you tend to stumble upon that thing anywhere as a reaffirmation of what you're thinking about i guess i was just thinking about in general and like how ridiculous is in terms of being a space where you're surrounded by kids age go through experiences a UN fruit fifteen years ago right and in your day right cramped space. I i kind of imagine it like imagine them <hes> imagine you'll cool uncle happens by the bar the urine as well with your friends right <unk> ankle your mind him right but he's in your space okay and if you don't mind hanging out of him having a couple of shots he's still in your space so as i imagine it must be like if your kid kind of experiencing those new york. LA wherever else paris berlin <unk> the first time and you just happen to have lows of old old fogies like myself and other people hanging around just you know crusty in a corner and yet i think muslim as many a good example of it. It might be mean to say but you know again. He's he's in recovery bird now. He's doing fairly well seen by lack of it and against the is pretty cool. Video is very very rural very personal. It's about four six minutes long so recommend you check out yourself. Take time off england's forecast now but yeah very interesting videos of those of you who are feeling bad about is probably not what you today maybe on monday. If you want some motivation. Whatever maybe it'd be by a very interesting medium this difficult months and again. I'm not very familiar with matson dan marino <hes> what they deal what they get up to stuff that milwaukee opin- dipped probably have recess with groupon must. I'd imagine it so a quick little because see how popular this group is a machine all he is. He's really putnam items. You may say <unk> separately sup matz son quincy wikipedia derrick smith no pushy <unk> american rapper napa ofa rock musician and poet from blooming ten minnesota. Yeah from a small town went to the big last may not surprise himself a bit blah blah blah <hes> <hes> born yet so same age what else about him music career. He's got albums al nothing by okay not that much about him. He's he's reading a couple of books to which is quite say what you did. Nonfiction book wasn't twelve poaching bucatini and fifteen and a couple of generals as nice so you felt accomplished. Lead looks like a bag of balls but he's not putting himself together so again. Bigger much sun great video beria roy on this then. Let's let's see what happens now going forward. The dividends ship has some sort of rookie posco's <unk> talking by ex-boyfriend as soon as it is actually was was beneficial to open about here on publicity. Pluck and cookie sent all of a sudden trying to get money the audio michael fox so hard. You're shit out of his place. I want to sleep it. Galway will computer is definitely like computer in my house for by just recently missed this big work opportunity take shen and even my script writing computer back belt man. That's ineffable a news release that that's your that's your key possession smartphone not phone laptop tablet of choice possible. That's really all you need. Essentially feel spousal <unk> poplin up went up in flames. That's the only thing you'd really it'd be cared about. It'd be bothered about general bill computer possible. Even the phone probably could probably do about the phone because you've got economic cloudy. Could you know again. It's going to cost you know but he's not my format talk. Probably obama phone right. You could probably get backing up up in your seat with a couple of summers sentencing on in between that's essential you need imagine it being on your boyfriend's ass nikon. Get hold of it and you on actress or you know a screenwriter part time. I'm guessing benefits because she's talking about her script writing computer which is quite cool out there it it means you don't have any distractions you have and you have absolutely it using. I'm i'm guessing very tumultuous experience to steal. She has to say about this. 'cause doesn't seem that bad really. It's really hard to get people's houses even if you don't if you didn't make someone is hard to get something from someone's taus. If you've ever been to house pie you got something and you try and get your friend just takes ages so imaginative does love involved. There and slipping. Saliva is going to be a more difficult. It was a big one but all the rest of the shed. I mean there isn't spending that. I just snow rest on just like <hes>. It's really really the main <unk> script writing. I mean i am finishing my serious. Spinal your work. It's it the wellish any new lease them ugly often mama mia now next burr followed by ship. They'll make goodness all-russian including all my baby photos mother fucker but your baby it does now that that's what well that was very <hes> would in latin conversation was it was really by what can you do get does get around is the gossiping. It just sounds like absolute kansan. What is their school photos fair enough enough riveting riveting newsday ladies. EM linked at muslim video to show you a check out but let's move on as another topic number. One skeptics go new pair of nike air max without and i'm a big fan so if these these are coming up next week twelve is talkers that wednesday monday tuesday wiza- the twelve years firs- they as usual must used just open thursday right nowadays <unk> fridays anymore so they coming out on the next week thursday a pair of natural causes full collaboration predecessor fourth we had a couple of ninety seven's tell wins and these appreciates the forefront ninety-seven tailwind these pictures each more as quite cool. He said he's been able go into the archive of each model each like open kind of bring them back to life which is quite cool to see. These are the new shocks that are. I don't fit these archive model because i'm pretty sure that security have the chefs in the back some purchaser nima liberal out <hes> we i run away. I think last season or a couple of weeks ago with the dependent got logo. Chengguan cemeteries kind of gucci sneaks ever west cleanup costs chew. Maybe the most london shoot because i always get the feeding what does collaboration nike needed to have a good synergy in terms of pulling something out from the archives that's kind of tied into the kind of UK drum and bass you guys culture other rec- <unk> walkers doc is i remember when i was in school and i wasn't the most coolest trainer to get their e- expensive one fifty or one sixty at a time so which you know much training back in those days will top top about about one ten ninety five zero one twenty four ninety eight or ninety or ninety seven's right but nike most the reserved for in my school <unk> speaking he can what mostly won by like breakdowns kids right so that mostly asian due to the piano dude's not nike shocks <hes> and then i think those time impaired ed those love <unk> jamaica's <unk> shocks as well 'cause. They'll stay big chunky shoes. You could wear jeans but he really a cool shoe. You did receive kids kids wearing a minute in your area right. I went to what kind of nine thousand nine hundred ninety five he ends and stuff normally shock for the most part on surprising kinda pull these but again <unk>. I'm big fan of them. I think they look really good so that. I have seen them in person on the body. Feel could law these nike shoes. They look quite they photo really well. But what do you see them. In real life they kind about weird thing they kind of spoke out towards the sides. Just doesn't sit right so major delays looked like an actual person <hes> against stacked so it kind of <unk> route which we're going in promotions nowadays erica's over would affect us all images when that when the count when it kind of goes in cycles michaels right we go from chunky to slim winterton place in that case for the most part we have another chunk shoes pretty slim up as i i just think of documents being a good example the datum laden boots massive chunky soul but the top of it operates through the site mice not. There's no padding on it. The lineup nokkala protection was just completely me one piece of lever so you see a lot shooter things things on chugging soul with aviv slim upper top which caveat is that great clo- contract to see when it kind of chris beck and we go to like we saw maybe bokan shoes may be slipping a little bit more of a return back to the whole continent conventional will band old school model shape all combat one-stop sogeti see release gate left the most by the receive regular people wherever chinaware lot really chunky shoes shoes for the most part which you know again. I'm i'm that posted but these shoes really really cool coming black and red no to callaway's which it makes the bina seasonable easy and this is an end to come out and like what one seven one seventy nine dollars on resuming are going to be one seventy pounds probably right when they t- some love money honeyman goddamn but they don't really nice like them like i'm red lucy here. The saudi sides literally quiz the instep machine right so you got black up automatic switch on both sides. This will the same sort webbing. UT in this is a new shop. This isn't like a shelf that came from the <unk>. Appreciate shocks always have like the springs in the back. Only i could be wrong so no comment but i'm pretty sure this is a new model. BS fairly like the tread is on the bottom they really you are not going to trade which is a good sign. This is why i didn't like the cold waters <unk> our shoes mock doc bring a cactus will they would rejuvenate et cet- tell winsome civil confine them. I saw horak show you guys what i mean but the reason why did oh the vapor max us it nike vapors ny p vapor max so the vapor maximum quite popular lock wearing them nowadays especially my area like everyone's everyone's wearing issues with bubbles different but the reason why i don't like them and maybe because <unk> big feet but basically the the boom the bubbles in a bomb the schuessel <unk> so squeezing on the side so when you're looking at them from below you can't receive the bubbles you just floating which tended needs to your foot kind of bogey on the sides. If you get i mean so. I'm going to kind of get shoe up here and you see you see there. That's what sinks in hidden underneath the soul of like dips back in there again so you can't really see it from the top if that makes any sense but the reason why i say this because this on these scottish talks ubt the boatman's shoe with trade is the springs all essentially a kind of outside of the side of the shoe so what you see when look like a nice kind of expected pyramids of mexico estimates and abandoned services i have so they will look amazing ref impressive gentleman watson the bananas thing of the front really flat which is cool doesn't point obligated back in the upper rubbish toiling <hes> so i says in the following dunning forces forces once again we've undisputed figurehead of the modern grind american sportswear giant teams was offered this pair of shocked heels. <hes> was writing hearsay ace quickly release the festina feet in the bullet from a gun battle sneakers finished in debris that came a long time ago in so shit but this is is probably judaism time as a company gosawx collection and fair enough in the british a signature combination of black and red zeigler commission back in rhythm. Go straight straight truth. OG form in contrast to the previous corporation imac models wearing a grandfather. I've read all black apple paul with a disruptive metallic silver. Swoosh lightweight textile disrupt too disruptive metallic soc is a very clever use of words in it absolutely absolutely absolutely nothing but you know you all suddenly want that. Shuna latex shows mesh combined with a synthetic support cage while underfoot all support shock cushioning opening gets dressed in striking university red given the early two thousand seven hundred detention deserves finishing a look typical nyc tongue branding has been <hes> replaced with s. K. shock respect towards the grandmas. He's under novelty which is quarter seamer because i think back in the day with collaborations the books would never say the person's collaborate will just say like you know tier zero. We'll never say the name you don't get the name of the actual shoe or sometimes. You get shoes so cool to see that they're giving these artists. The ability to kind of change the label changed the actual working on the books it kind of makes it a little more special and i think if you're if you're an artisan you kind of got collaboration. Will you be able to change. Let's call away but the entire brendler shoot. It must feel good. It must be really good accomplishment again from the top here but the springs protruding from the sides. This is a mockup of great shoot. Offense is gonna look impressive in boomer life not really cool. I like that man has mazing. I'm not sure how it's going to be with them the general hi cement because again it's not the typical safe. Model is a bit hard to wear <hes> again. The the the the irony shoes are harder to wear is that you know this is the this is is basking compromising. What actual sneaky demented this was sneaky hits nipping the as about really buying shoes at banks that no one's really into making them look coal bob unfortunately no nowadays from even back in the mouth as time in time to people. Just wait to see what the coughing was. There's loads of them but i can't. I can't see this not selling coming out and if it doesn't sell out anyway this is all it takes is one rocket to wear on sundays competing gone so i think for the shooting general severe. It looks really cool. I'm steven is going to be low. Close coming out of it to it'll be a waste opportunity. They didn't do that so i guess keep an eye out for that places but yeah it's coming up on the twelfth so this thursday for most of your cool shops that you go and buy stuff from so just go check out drop date for the most west way kambas our website you can use to find links the purchase talk about here. <hes> let's get the screen so whilst we got knicks on the list cacus route for some topics dancefloor redick is of berlin club culture. This is a fairly cool. I stumbled across this recently because i went to visit some exhibition the bishen <unk> when i'm over day sooner. This is really quite special. Redick could never bounce vote and i think it profiles loza very influential <unk> tokyo the club photographers excuse me dug into the archives taken pages from you know the <unk> the unsealed the ho- clubbing revolution united states nine which might have corresponded responded to foil the burning warden net until the present time the pitches super cool and then run through some of the images and some of the things now. This is the british general offer telegraphy website. We'll just quickly. Go through it now. <hes> traffic is a culture not already. You've got a very cool picture here from the eighties faintness pitches taken from no ninety-two by wolfgang tillman's again very famous berlin-based a contemporary <unk> but he's has those experts here in london. You'll be familiar with tamers youtube. He's got some great lectures and great coffee table books. <hes> even releases rickles on <unk> culture a real a real big figurehead in the scene arroyo. It's amazing pitcher. These dudes saint up against the wall one against the other ones wearing an amazing old pair of like. I'm gonna say say s bans. I think there s band say neck. ESPN's look like mike ESPN's to meet but not too sure correct me. If you the guys wearing a practical tomorrow ins and you ever do to train the checks a drink. I think does a fetus a fix on the show here but the most interesting poverty subdued earrings juries amazing garner see capsule. He's got this really chunky so like clam shell looking rings of massive passive nose ring and in massive kind of airing one that goes the top of the aila rayvey core again. It's really funny when you look pitches because this stuff could completely look back in one hour place if it came if you phospholipid if what into the <hes> nowadays culture because everyone takes <unk> style book this is yellow exhibition in berlin are quickly. The copy can move all. He says he had no photos on the dance. Floor is a new exhibition opening in sierra well in the charts devolution abutting cup culture from the for the berlin water present day overreaction. I mentioned nine minutes you crater. CO cusi of commutable night ninety seven as a young art history student hoffmann recalls pending schedule to the inside of his apartment dodgers breakfast studies. That's just a common story. In of all kind of a a great great season like all your hopes are pinned upon this one location and you try there is something about that isn't it by the idea of going somewhere at that age and having so much expectations attached to it that you just willing into existence right. Sometimes you go to places even as good as you think it is but because you made such a big deal a lot of it. You just have to make this noble way. Can e congo and you have wage is going to have to make you <hes> that kind of innocent comedy by it continues continues. The schedule detailed different club nights happening. All over the coming week reminded me wet to go on a monday tuesday wednesday <unk> remember. This was the time when clubs only open once. It's a week or every second week. It was a secret system and it was important experience for me when agenda <unk> and you exhibition is cured by hoffman and guest curated. It's a hiker hoffman. The division income culture begging unfold depending walk as lena saint baguette and again. I would care cookery. This exhibition dependent being for the peasants brings a young student. He says go on amazing pitcher hit or peaches another kind of berlin legend from back in the day and some of the law people all of you know she she someone that kind of gets overlooked in terms of what we see nowadays entertainment music scene from rubbing to charlie acce- <hes> to <hes> what's her name was complaining about hawaii. Online online binks republic over name. Ism maybe even as in the banks as zita. You give maybe one of those they will kind of. Oh allotted alta peaches be paid away for those that kind of mike freak performance free in that regard like she remained this off. A million times lows of different sounds sounds of different collaborations and is relatively been able to come stay away from you know the main because of the mainstream for the most part very very on the rate autism continues before the berlin wall precipitate what is regardless there are many as last major. You've coach of movement in europe to date the end of this physical and ideological will divide gave rise to a surge of creativity which manifested itself into empty abandon spaces and fringes of berlin. I'm not sure quite believe about the whole life and the last kind of yoogyakarta. Even you have to go tonight. Skate parks now and see store live. There are kids address each other all over the place at the saints five music. You can go to <unk> wash the same shortstop like it does. Exist is probably not as widespread as it was back in the days. Does it does not influence in the masses as much as it may have in the past but that's because the incident right because i think if you're a kid you probably tap into culture just look at them from the outside for videos for snapchat instagram to take part in it. Maybe back in the day there was no way to take part in it as opposed by trying out for you know couple of pair of DC's you stop the tongue. I mean you put some island none of go for a week but now you can just tap into golf scene. You can tap into mango enemies seen you can tap into the computer games seen so you just keep it moving. Don't participate which might be detained by saying. This is doing this for sure. I'm thinking of the day what about those guys at blade and young young leading stuff right that movement. There is a particular sore movement. Who've been central europe of kids at dress like kids are living in london but listen to like really weird computer generated in writing music. That is a scene put. Most of the kids that were really small. Nyc has in less than i did and stuff. That's the scene of the most midnight the coolest but is this list anyway. The alto continues a new kind of club coach represent merge forming opposition to the structures of post-war berlin characterized by the transients openness and you know take took music around which it formed senate communities casulty will central financial success was irrelevant the rodas basis remain open for just one or two days each week weakland people behind him to attend the other night which is one of the only things asked not a pipe pepperdine is sort of article is that i did as in some places that close and open and close re suit in tight window. Sometimes the people that went have a tendency to kind of a <unk>. The lion is the place though right to tell tales because the it's not open anymore so you may be invent how amazing it was but but it must be the only place where some of the places that talk about a lot of hype actually today pretend i should live up to the to the folklore is something that you don't really see most places most places when it's been hyped up within spoken about brad nauseam when he finally get like this isn't that great right it's york amazing spence because i've been so absorbed so exposed to it on the internet through the forms on video of watching when i got there. I sort of like new too much right. You knew i was too aware of everything. Mapping with the surprise april the ifo see. I saw an some <hes> thing that was actually a surprise that i was actually pretty taken aback by ozone. We are invited up to this amazing. Penthouse apartment in the middle of manhattan because a friend of a friend was back housing thing which i hadn't heard of another fin- kind of my little all house it's ingrained with big in america time those kids making those good money to some macos love the new president's summer will leave the city and go out state 'cause that's when torres came into the around the kind of tourist around taking pictures of the empire state so she goes off this amazing apartment in manhattan and we go to see eighty two july fourth fireworks from the i'm assuming swabs. It was coast wherever they <unk> many. Maybe it's an impossibility dealers will and that was pretty cool. Thou something i really was surprised by that within the expecting to see graphic else super super super cash chippenham <hes> anyway continues yu-fu planet trestle e work and the first commission. WMF electric's electrode emerges that legendary party spaces <hes> mid early nineteen nineties paving the way for a new way of clubbing in eighteen thousand local the names on it influential UFO planet trestle. Iwo very snappy cool names names were entertaining the possibility of putting together a show by east german photography says hoffman but then we thought about how the energy of the system has been so important by the twin lost thirty years it was a kind of special feeling that was evolved which should be visible in the exhibition because cool pitches here for dude just up latex given his all one by geico tillman tillman burbs and you've got this amazing picture of a of a glass mirror speed murder by this really amazing advertiser record george near breads as seen a couple of piece of work amanda. She recommended recheck him out. He's already photographer so i spelled g. E. o. g. not any b. i. e. i. e. bowling serves. You gotta check is got some pretty cool photography mitch's so courses basically a pitch chimera covenant speed particular smudged out. There's a well undersized per cigarettes <unk> smartphone lighter baggy just essentially the the quintessential off the hours of situation where von sitting around trying to change the world whilst moines you know also <hes> rent runcie material of industrials that goes on how to make visible free decades cup coach. I visited documentary by blah but yeah earlier show arlington shown as you guys korea self. If you wanna check it out but it looks like a very exhibition i think is on until <hes> for november neff ozone dancefloor berlin one thousand nine hundred ninety two today a <unk> berlin in september fourteenth plus next week friday and runs into the for if number two thousand nineteen gene so definitely check it out if you're in the area s mood porn dave chapelle rotten tomatoes old well. This is a this is a dicey topic. If he brought on the interwebs mostly floor where they oppose recently <unk>. He's comedy special s- available now net fiscal. That's cool sticks and stones. I think he was in a work for awhile. He's law special back came. In excess of two pac one in ohio wanted in the bedroom to comedy sto- was impeccable by six public tops of it just because they're so timely <unk> talks about lows of current so like societal issues that so tabu bufalino trans rights to sexual identity politics <hes> to conspiracy theories stuff about juicy smooth like some amazing amazing amazing jokes in it really clubs evason's and just enough data helping dish ari'el mosser of his work and just up the wisdom stage bath but usually diesel. I am comedy specials. They do tend to the trigge a particular portion of the of the population who are intent on not being the bob the jokes in any situation which is something. I've never really kind of go. I get the idea that stop can be offensive and he can. Ill you yet. No one can take the piss view above joking route. You're above approach all your above taking the piss out of his <hes> what it is is. It's just not what what you'd expect the incident to be right. It isn't going to be a price control which i don't think it should be right but you know i think some people think trolling is funny so it happens quite often and sometimes the trolling can be funny. They there's not going to be dead. Then at least we're going to be able to crack jokes right. What's what's the point of us browsing and flicking fucking funds up and down if talk actually kid around and have a good time about of course chapelle show was aware of this so he's current way of working where he just makes special and then kind of disappears works works really well right. <hes> is about the idea behind how you use social media waste. Just post what you want the post post and dump keep moving. Don't kind of always kind of engage with talk communicate with your audience or no so onell pothole cut probably goes against her garvey would say by in general peak creativity in what's economy sure that your performing at the highest level you comedy be having that many forms of import coming in you need to be able to just pull out stuff without and you putting us up by feeling being aware of what is going on in your life and around you listening feeling south and important now but in terms of the indian listening arena to <unk> where everyone's going to gouge you not based just probably not good way to this. I think they should pose routine of special <unk> for you know whether yeeha era recorded wellness compete from social media or the internet is a great idea because i'm sure that the backlash will be much more severe on your online because you know the news just change quickly now knowing his essay about his appeal when antonio brown sooner nolan okay by the time keep cycling on but this is a quite according to interesting whatever whatever he speaks a poem what's happening so this is from the daily. Mail says the following day she but controversial new netted special guests it a rare zero rating from critics. It's not really rare because they give everybody <hes> fulling because of his jokes architects fantasy back and awarded were nine percent approval rating now. This is a good this is probably will be a good reflection of just what public outrage actually looks like online right because you hear people say a lot when again was resolved when someone's getting advice all you should should listen to that minority right. The minority are allowed this. You know whatever the drive people don't really care as as as a person going for it. You don't really you don't believe them. He probably finger took another us. They don't necessarily your in you feel with a penny for the vitriol you feel the hate coming your way but but this is an actual physical manifestation of the reality of the fact that most of the time most people don't care. It's just a small amount of people that were upset and they're the ones i'm trying to convince the rest of us to be upset. Too and distasteful question was a good example of it because there's a screen shot the problem here this whole i was reading it 'cause they just gonna be. He's gonna talk about the obvious but essentially goes on and talks about trans people he talks about. Everyone gets jokes within the host pressure. No one's knocking johnson but the interesting part is the wave rotten tomatoes delicate narran to mars. You know again of a site. I'm sure most people do use and tons of gained moore reviews on recommendations on what to watch watch. I tend to not use it that often because you know. I don't really watch enough movies. Com justify going in reading are rogers like go and find the top ten list of best bills to what awesome period and just watched democrat from then and kind of you know hondo taste over a period of time the other people who are really obsessed with the cinema every week probably the resuls but there's this annoying fenway. They kind of like him. They i think in the star wars or may be kept in a couple of mobile web name is bree lots. Maybe one a movie trump fan so what they've done now is that when a movie comes out with his TV shows comes out they will only let critic's review it for the first a couple of weeks is out so the chris former review and then they'll be an audience which is quite cool right because you get to see the kind of split because most critics will hate a movie movie like mission impossible with tom. Cruise most offices will like it because it's just full action right so you get an idea of what of what you in the moonlight moonlight wasn't a good good movie but had it was more of a more the message it kind of was able to brew custody well right way kind of represented one point and it being an actual good quote unquote movie <hes> so this is a review of those approaches could he shows up for the most part social media outrage is very much. I'm limited to a smooth manner people because the critics went out and completely pandit right. They gave a thirty percent school in the beginning. It was two zero percent did no rate it was they were one-star so they go to come a very critic's review a lot of movies and it can take what they they take what they say until about make an aggregate and they will score zero but then the incidents or they like what the fuck we love this enjoyed this special i love miles off and begins then and then they voted two hundred nights averaging tonight sent which again shows was that for the most part i think now was saying i think we're reaching the end. The crescendo of counter-culture is now shifting because i think we've seen enough we see enough associate justice warrior types who kind of erin who on turn on each other the same people who are pining for joe biden to run against trump toyota game at the white house now kind of picking aching in putting everything biden says and now he's problematic that they they're unable to compromise the unable to <hes> a self reflect. They're unable to rational. Everything's really not absolute kind of the world or things gunfire enough so because of that the general public has casino <music> sina on both sides on the right on the seventeenth and on the liberal side. They're just gonna cuckoo gaga. Everyone's just sit in the middle making up their mind so let me watch dave japan comet special net. They see like you know what i laughed at this. I found it funny. Even though bits and pieces of it were offensive or that made me feel a bit weird. I know his comedy. I know it's not that big of a deal. There are movies. He's i want sometimes. A crap will have an awkward or cringely seen. You fos for them if you can right. It's no big deal the idea that you have to. That's the thing that really gets me about this sent. You cannot like him think he's funny. He can think you'd go tests. He could think he's rude. You can think he's <hes> on what you call. It unsophisticated whatever may be cooled off. You know ignorant labra blow evan webber kind of free you wanna pull out the book but does he need to stop doing what he's doing just to make you happy. It should not be around anymore. She did not have a netflix deal. You want to completely delete him. From the history of the world like what is why what is the outrage about right like these aren't like oh. I personally didn't find it interesting and i find perot is also. It's a rally incredible announce like don't watch this guy light. We're banning him heading the world. He is not worthy of your time and it's like who are you to tell me. Why shouldn't you don't watch or listen to that's the issue i have it. It's like we're allowed this to a watch where we want to watch with that. That's you know that's the idea of living in a free democratic pa of the western hemisphere you can and she's what you like but for some reason there's mou group he pulled this is executive example of from this intimate screen shot right who have deemed something's to be appropriate and something's he's not because it's like it's like living back home again and it's like you only watch something. That's what i'm gonna grow nor. Have i wanna watch again. They should probably doesn't care somewhere in these onesie lived life enjoying himself but yeah. It's a very interesting <hes> state of affairs like i said i think we are reaching the end of counsel at. I think people are gonna be able to tolerated anymore because you know what's next to watch if we can't watch this neck net and those of a cringely shows that haven't comedy central isn't that well should be washington. I knew i'd love to see i'd love to see a list of comedy specials that <hes> these critics foot were great this year right 'cause. I think some publicity of that what's the name. AFC documentary on netflix that kind of profile the squad as a cold for a democratic leading the charge of socialism. I mean i regard that got amazing reviews. I'm surpri- i'm not surprised that did because you know they all day up <hes> i'm interested to see what they think is a good review these critics but personally salaam i love there was a big fan of it. Loews of crude jokes yeah. He joked on louis. CK kevin hart all kelly michael jackson macaulay culkin much excellence accuses <hes> TI gnaws. Everyone got it. No one was real bummer approach. I fucking love. This whole thing is really cool that she does. She knows an anti from russia on the show absolutely crying. I think this bus drivers in there too so lozo great liberty candidacy when you watch your ship in general the proposed by david pell again. He doesn't need my passing it back but again. If your family's comedy repel show you want you want something in interest racy something that doesn't treat like a baby checkouts on sticks and stones on that fix now available where you do have nick. If you don't have an ethics come on google. It's a find that shit you know where to find it. Okay next on the list here. We have the ace family skiing and affinity poor <music> own that that whole youtube family fingers very bizarre. I've never really got the whole youtube family thing. I found very creepy <hes> very odd but again you know i think the whole point of youtube is to allow the regular everyday folk <hes> <hes> kind of go online and to somehow you know actualize their dreams to change the future of their families to just be. I mean in general so maybe it's not that crazy. There's a family channel out there but i just find it weird of why you'd want to watch a youtube family channel like i dunno like i you know. Most people don't really enjoy spending meantime with their own families. So why would you want to sit on your computer. Watching another family live this <hes> fake existence for the most part right engineered for the likes and for the view of a problem with again i would there are ways. I would want to spend my time but that being said this family's very popular. I'm not sure they are. They're very seen i've seen videos of them here and there but i don't really watch stopped but <hes> this kind of covered news on the whole interest because they decided it was a good idea to ride a jetski fifty point. LA now if he pulls you know we're all the big final them we will. We will see that picture of that. Your conduct the back towards us looking over the sunset in newport omega. That's amazing. That's what retirement looks like right or making it quote unquote but if it's kind of inherently call when you in person they kind of become cool right <hes> because they usually quite swoon <hes> they usually release really shallow as well for the most part and you know. It's not that big of a deal right. It's fitting poor. Whatever <hes> once you see employees in a more doesn't really make that much difference but these dudes decide suggests he starts thaddeus jetski which i don't show how even NFS place inside the infinity porno wide have a jet skiing young house in labor. I assume you'd have it somewhere next to the war right a shed shed something about people may be garage but the problem of this. He's reading it inside. He's the if any poor around around in circles and in all the worst pressure on the edges and this kid on social dumping onto a tweet a video or picture. I think he'd uncool some want. Each family lives in the house just around on the expression quoting mudslides with that was kind of a second everyone's vegetation's in gardens and stuff and just wreaking havoc everywhere and in true youtube profession. I think the wife or maybe the husbands go on social media and just kind of was like so what we do what we want softening and it just made me laugh which is really did is this thing then you'd never really would see an established libary ever doing right acting with such contempt for their audience but something quite particular in very specific to a a youtube personality right this idea that you know they have no idea of how they're perceived on the outside no have no acknowledgement of it and just do exactly what they want and for some reason the audience apposite up yonder did look at someone at ten mongo tannen montague right. It's kinda was a numerous celebrity wasn't from youtube should cancel time ago right. People would've been border that alonso's tennis expect to be like lynn lena dunham right it leonard animals. A youtube are left will be much more easy. People wouldn't mind but the fact she's a hollywood star. Dunham was in once upon a time prisons. No won't give a shit right. That's how much full of grace so this is a yeah so this is a <hes> article perez hilton and says the following east greenwich vanishing <unk> quite cool to see <hes> ain't no shame as by many game but there are probably should be for those of you who aren't familiar this family of block of made up of that austin austin mcbroom and catherine pies and built his alien aaliyah. That's a creepy bit right ever knows. The doors names haven't seen him grow up. They don't really have a choice in a meta they do so what it's just such a weight exploitation of your own family in a very bizarre <hes> and what happens when the views pope. That's the issue. Minute 'cause youtube. Interest is a place where you kind of chasing the views tasting the algorithm views stop. We have to do some questionable stuff to get your family back on on the trending page. Get subscribe co op way should be that must be a disturbing place to be as as a kid imagine your parents are doing this but whatever so they become one of youtube most popular channels of the few years thanks to the in it that tenor genyk personalities and yellow energy but there's onions i led to the bounty of click continental also allegedly resulted in some real damage for their neighbors property. Now views are banding together to decree how permits the family really is. It started on monday night. When the family uploaded exhausting alan ten minute long tour of the enormous mentioned who's watching videos of someone else's home for for an hour no way unless you're jiffy star someone. I don't give a shit. One hour. Ten minutes was a family talk about in this district district. I just couldn't an empty flat people what time on their hands plan-plan actually you know what we have time this click this and see what what they what the toilet aww how much she looks like this is. This is as them coming out. Is that the ace family coming. You got two people whereas their basketball reader for their fans. Oh my god is this how bad these guys are jesus christ. They will literally will cannot a stadium full of people a basketball arena so by two big security guards and security carrying a baby mama mia what is this was the one who house hasek's fucking insane though doesn't it outside too 'cause amazing mentioned one of the new building is the probably the new bill would my tax bracket at the moment but yeah to palm trees on the inside as you will come to the entrance slow motion of the video also looseness amazing else again on the other side this message message okay the houses message. Let's get back to the wow did decide monday when they upload. The video took views fruit. A couple of message pad before austin decided to show up the pool in the backyard. Jetski must have captured. This made a former college. Basketball star road these way burner around the pull off the phillips. A few crashed with wipe shopped stopped in creating little waste poor and told the camera is probably starts to waver as family. You only live once. I live like i always say so so why not living up they mentioned. You've got family national motto. You only live once like i say so why not leave it up you can you can never family and be a ascribed to yellow is a thing isn't yolo kogyo summer or like wherever for single people without any families right comedy yolo never child crying in the next room shitting themselves right. It's not really a thinkers. You can't really like because you have to look up. Kids were to be a functioning adult. Here's a reason austin. Jetski antics of allegedly caused. They love alarm. Author betty was posted. It took us a coup. Joseph cabrera claimed the ways from the family's pool crater mudslide destroyed his uncle's property and grapes at the bloggers continue to do so despite the neighbors complaining imagine being a neighbor of a of a youtuber right imagine when logan porn and his brother were living a house the team ten house imagine being neighbors the paul eason noise that must be all fortunate and most places that you know most of these. He's <hes> mentioned areas kind of gate communities in. LA for the most part outside of celebrities if you see videos of celebrities to the neighbors always surrounded by older people retired ease right people that have made in in hedge funds or wherever businesses. I just kind of want an easy save lives. It's not really surrounded by like loza paulie animals. Most is just old up to people people just want to have a good time in chit out. Imagine come back from work or coming back to your nice apartment that you've worked really hard for the seventy five and you've got you know a family avenue of logos next door to you screaming and hollering husband writing a jet ski. The white frantically crying in the background yeesh uses for their paul are apparently largely unbuttoned by the fact that they're causing the problems. People's lives on tuesday. Catherine pays took to twitter to share a string of smiling emojis when found oxford's elaborate she replied oh. Oh nothing people just hate to see happy people minding our business living life and staying lights just the mighty them that again. The lack of self-awareness from youtube is reminded awful bullets right. I've interviewed him granite zach of muscle. He's kind of responsible for the most don't fobel by essentially guys responsible for the most individual errors of a footballer guy lead to goes for the whole country in the whole of england this one player responsible for making the most mistakes salita goes wherever it gives the boue or a tackle somebody in the freaking and he goes in so he's an interview and someone asked him right before he did get give away a penalty which team the score for and he's kind of acting like you know. It's no big deal like so. What like you know people do it with a time and completely shifts the conversation to all. All people want to talk about the amount of chances. We missed that could that one interview reminded me of youtube. That's essential youtubers alike had absolutely no self awareness at that won't let me see if i can find his interview <hes> about tackle <unk> <unk> find it. He has absolutely no self self reflection of how the idea also find the here <hes>. No one talks about the waiver. The yes hair goes right. Let me play nafi nece- did this. Essentially what is essentially what you cheap is the day in day out a few thousand cassia yeah bloom president but two so this business both here of london. There'll be a thing that game. I make a mistake with the penalty yet and books on the game a lot of chances but it's football. Nobody's shots. Nobody speak about how many miss always mistakes. You didn't make a mistake. He always make the mistake seeing that. No one speaks about the chances of course it is a match bachelor's and master's degree of youtubers most that is it like oh no one's face of all the good would work with different charity that there's like. No we speak by cherry work. It's just that you're writing a jet skiing your swimming pool and causing an avalanche of mud pilots your neighbors neighbor's got us. Maybe just stop right but no continues of course the critics disagreed fell youtuber drew godin governess on waves of courage <hes> uh of outraged the family with a tutor fred calling their behavior he shed following days family continually does something that people doses also also as family. We're just minding our business. I don't think that's how business works right so they go textra dead. The floodgates open soup is about as family controversies by the time earlier this year when aussie back from showing a video snapchat showing two year olds are looking at a little doodo shaped lollipops. She's us christ nice to you. On youtube was a key that will give us shit. He showed a video of his licking lollipop. Builder is a madness of the fan blows associated this kid. The family announced that they were taking a break from posting channel. Just take a break break. I commend this was his face former house of cards <unk> accused of being such. You're so guidance came. I said hey guys. I'm gays as i am. I guess we kind of lost my user said catherine an incident came in one of their friends set of osteotomy and the influence of made her sign an NDA them mode dipped by the user story tweet in response omaha ella post your proof people wanna see. How 'bout you post what you got. Someone tries to sue you pay for it. Deal as people believe anything anything read cy cy. Oh my god we'll guess a couple of don't want to see people have been even beer. Another youtube is just being youtube isn't doing it again. I'm i'm unsure so why would you still cares but maybe it's over this thing right. Even though the dixon they act the way they do at least they liked that consistently sisterly at least you know you're going to get it's fairly fake but at least you know is fake right. It's unlikely hollywood actresses and actors who kind of protected and in his kind of walled garden silence linson every very manufactured at least with this family you get exactly see on self absorbed narcissist who have who stopped at nothing to ensure. Their family is rich and famous. Which is you know again not an ambition but i have but something you can't really tell somebody who's not to have everyone's got their goals was an ambitious in life so be about you know rudy. Someone's grapes and gardens is a bit of who avoided jimmy that it causes raucous but again. I'm pretty shaw as a pawn to get kicked out of the house the. LA local housing people aren't they don't muck around was once you got a couple of complaint against he no chuck your home so i'm sure this will probably end welfare. Everyone else involved but yeah interesting story man. Imagine allowing sharing video of your to your dolts lincoln politika dildo that is next level that next level but again i don't know what do we know move onto the next tequilla x. y. Normal headline is i'm so happy to hear this news. This is great so echo in saudi to recall the ultra. I don't know whether you are but again one of my favorite clubs to go to in on the mall commercial sort of any things and they tend to have a you know pre of like no we'll say run-of-the-mill but it don't tend to be as as adventurous as a response. I close gusty dozen than than does it kind of headlines a guest but they do good job. They do a hell of a good job of doing really good back back to back sets right like when i was young malkin but see don's will play there a few months ago great becker back greg's complement of each artist's so again one of my favorite sports just in general. I'm very organized. Great security boss fairly quick to kind of get a drink hat on espiritu flaws great toilet use a massive cloakroom macroom. Every you probably need is located in central so for the most part you can get back home quite easily and open to for him to me but it seems if they've had a bevin issue with booking booking headliners or getting the people that they want for the price they want for the most part of the thousand policy debate i posted from the IB music summit to happen a couple. The months ago there was a debate between the promote was about being priced out of the market for the middle of the tit for the middle tier. DJ's right not the big ones but the military DJ's his who now think of our way that they are as good as top of the money and big money so you can't get them for granted the pay much more than that so that's affecting how the cubs book them to kind of combat that london's club x. y. Has decided not to have any headlines right on this side and night parties which is great great great thing and said just have michael pleasure hood so vaccine that's what has in the club natural the cabinet where he just kind of book lausanne in house people and as a friends of friends kind of keep the pie going and this is go from mixed meg stiffly by leader so london club no longer book a headline set for their saturday night pleasure d- so the full exercise and i said they will stop book headline acts on saturday sears pleasure hood at the longtime x. y. Resident jessica john <unk> judge just regime so just begun at will be taken to egypt each day with coca call luke solomon these arose and he sean was a genuine rotation dancer louis fizzles. OB fronting and dance trip each we that's awesome that usually means that the ticket prices will be put on the five pounds. That's awesome. Let's see if we can <hes> is gonna pay to get the whole info the best really good idea boom boom boom. An entire series is basically all in-house ijaz playing caller videos gets pleasure every saturday the purpose on resonant voice or both a pretty cool kind of explanation as is to wipe decided to do it which i thought was worthy of game above attention because again i think is something you're going to see a lot of other places binds. Take no of <hes> and kind of adopting in any kind of places alot this. This is not cool former vice that speaks about a little bit more. This is the quote from a mix awhile says ticket price in london up becoming extortionate an chechen atlanta's playing two thousand people who basically don't win on saturday nights to that problem anymore aw we wanna dance floor to be affordable for everyone so five pound tickets while five percent takes shuman going up to about ten is up. Whatever so let's see one happening next week on the seventh. How much is that going to be okay. All of them sold out basement. See there you go. That's a great idea so all the tickets for next couple of weeks saw sold out it seems as if gesture treasurer james commission dozens of available twenty first. That's a really great idea so jesse james delivering basement in rotate someone who taught floor so again it's just you know you can just you know what you're going to get on. The second says the teen nine to four. AM lovato here's place you're talking about in this warm but again a clever idea. I think put a month. I think most people will be quite please especially if you want a good good good good either and to go to apply going saturday night in insurers offering you know this is hard to kind of get that shit wrong but again lowering the ticket entry allowing. Maybe more of your residents kind of recommend their friends. If they wanna play again maybe it's an opportunity for them to maybe expand and kind of get out there and introduced me we just seen as well kind of hoping running because i think whereas mazing as it is to go and see a big headline acts in a place ex wife is probably quarter to go imagine you're drinking at a dragon combat something around the corner dance right the ability to know that all you're not gonna have to pay twenty five pounds to go see someone play right. Fifteen is probably where it should be shaving most places. This is in the same route ten euros fifty euros fifteen more affordable to kind of going on a whim twenties where he kind of gets a crazy and for the most part time entry fifteen pounds advanced tickets of fiber so you always kind of by a couple of tickets and if you don't set them settlement of some friends again really clever idea from the whole team and i think for the most part it should be a success style ready. They've got him running until the end of the month wants to december. Hopefully this goes well and people hi receptive to it because we went. We need to see more of it. In the main reason i think especially nowadays with the amount of clubs closing anyway is gonna survive is going to be held as if you know punt or the clubs are able to book who on a one headliners customers you and myself or myself a new can go to these policies and attended mental so make them profitable civil rights that they keep pointing them on. SDN awaken around instead of just waiting for ricardo villalobos come down every month right. We should be supporting these nice that happening every saturday trying to make sure that they hang around for the foreseeable future be that's new to mix why again a link the next couple of pies available are the ones in the twenty first. I'm pretty short right. The pleasure in the twenty first temperatures once available now at the one next week is sold out which is mad as pretty coleman michigan's not wanted just pasta awesome sold out sorry next week on available right next week is just with john and coca cola playing on a screen five. Japan's tickets fifteen pounds anytime entry pleasure hood zelaya so check it out again. If you're in the area are linked all in the shown as you guys are check out so so that is an hour again. Thanks so much for tuning interactions english episode number two to six as well as checkout shut for the links to show my website website. DJ gig listings can be you can find some peace in DJ mixes of new techniques available on soundcloud check out. Put that in the show notes as well to see and all the other good stuff. If i have a youtube in give me comes up described outgoing on way any questions put them down in the comment section. If you listen to the pocus up and it's your first time five review go a long way. It's the second time thanks for hanging on in. There and i'll see again tomorrow for the show. Take care piece.

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