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The paul finebaum show podcast has been brought to you by the capital one sabre card earn four percent cashback on dining and entertainment two percent of grocery stores and one percent on all all other purchases now. When you go out you cash in what's in your wallet terms apply the cried passion and pageantry of of college football leaves here the paul finebaum show our three podcast back <hes> guide you with us here as we continue the the second half of the program already mike bell as drive-by. Jake bentley expected to come on board tomorrow as carolina gets ready to take on north carolina. Let's get some more calls. Here in j is in knoxville jay. Welcome to the program good afternoon. Hey power how you doing. We're doing well. Thanks so much good. I told you about my disability and stuff but i wanna tell you a little bit about my family. It is true university of tennessee football program sure now i my dad took me my first game and not paying for it and we playing the yellow jackets georgia yellow jackets and and i was very young and then would've we've had season tickets our to ninety five and we get them but <hes> i went to my father's games and everything and in the sixties and seventies football players us come down ride horses and stuff if i'm out of farm and then laid around <hes> my sister she had cancer nineties eighties and ninety three she passed away wish you love university of tennessee and johnny majors and then phillip fulmer took over she just loved him so much and we used to have she said seasons but the last two years she had to go in the booth show. She was so sick watching the university football him but she was able to do it for two years where she passed away. She loved her so much. Thank you on patrick traded and i love your show and you know what's going on so much with these and i'm just so proud of my family's history. Will you know roy actually had three people so thank you for taking my well. Listen thank you and it's always tough to go through something like that but <hes>. I hope you'll continue to call in here and we'll be thinking of you and your family. Thank you very very much. Thank you have a good today about great to hear from you. Thanks much. John is in florida john. You're on the air go right ahead john john thank you for taking my call. I didn't mean to a hang up on the last time without him. I thank you again for taking my call that day. All excited over ric flair flare <hes>. I'm calling <hes> about the gators. I thought that of course was a sloppy football game but it's almost like a preseason game for the college. Guys is and i hope that's not the offense. We're gonna present throughout the rest of the season <hes> the other thing. I wanted to ask you about part written articles. The gene rose and the washington post about a couple that <hes> they were actually vacationing in the same area that the n._c._a._a. Really committing was staying at and they were taking extreme liberties and i guess this couple <hes> big boosters to one of the schools schools i don't recall which one and they were just a aghast at the money that these people were spending and that they were thinking that that it should go to the athletes instead of these people out in california with with <hes> menus no price on 'em staying uh resorts for to figure out who's the top ten teams in the country. I think that's crazy to when it could have been done on a on a simple phone call. What do you think off. Nope yeah listen. I'm somewhat at a loss owen when when i hear stories like that it <hes> <hes> it leaves leaves me speechless because people do act that way what what tell me a little bit more about that though from what understand the committee i i wish i had the article here with me but there are people on the top of the committee who do the college football the top rankings and there was a young or whatever couple they were. They will happen just by happenstance be at the same time. These people are staying being out in california and i'll read asli expensive place for anybody to stay and they were just money could have been spent <music>. Okay let me let me let me let me say. I did read that article now. I i apologize. I was confused by much about something else which isn't unusual. I know it's easy to come down on people based on where they go go and what they stay and try to try to equate whether the college football playoff committee spending a thousand dollars or night or whatever it is to stay at a resort and ask the question shen why players being paid i. I'm not sure the to really necessarily go together. Someone someone else makes said determination and i. I know most of these people. I don't think they're you know they would be any worse off if they stayed at at a holiday inn express but my point is it really. There's a better way to deal with the issue issue. That expense is the is the issue. I think the n._c. Double a.'s refusal to even consider the issue and that's really where the problem is. Mark emirates the president the n._c._a._a. Has said <hes> players will be paid over his dead body well. That's a stupid thing to say when you consider <hes> what the n._c._a._a. Basketball tournament brings in every year and it's in the billions and you consider how he gets around in a private plane and then <hes> you know spent tens of millions of dollars for taj mahal office building. I think that's more more serious than where the college football playoff committee stays for their annual seminar. I'm an art california okay. I've got one other. I can ask you a personal question before i let you go. Yes and your heart of hearts in tennessee was back on top again. Well listen john when you're when you're when you're an alumnus of the school. Even though it's been years since i've lived there you never lose out affinity. You want you want your school to do well now. I i am a different venue now. I'm i'm not covering the university of tennessee for the for the school paper like i did in college but yes it would <hes> i. I would love to see tennessee <hes> compete for s._e._c. Championships and national championships. It's pretty long injury walk in the desert even though we all you know fain neutrality and objectivity that that's based on and how we treat teams and and how we offer varying opinions i a <hes> in spite of criticism. I never let where i am or or the schools. I cover affect what i think. I tried to give it fairly strong opinion and sometimes that causes me a lot of problems. Let's go to red dog next. Is this dog one or two. There's only one red dog paul. Tell right to tell him. That dog does that all the national saturday night. Non ah the game they want to number one is income on me because i i get all the games. I'm a i'm a bulldog trewin through and florida's. What is a joke. They want an absolute embarrassment. You know the only way florida's gonna play a championship game. Paul is if they joined the a._c._c. Play clemson because that was authentic <hes> they looked about as bad as in the a._c._c. team and <hes> tennessee's not back on top kentucky's the number two team this see people need need to deal with it south carolina's three. I don't know florida florida navy pulling up the rear. I'd i'd take van you ever then so lance <hes> mattie eddie you can pick a new team to root for not to ball this year but <hes> it's all had science red dog number two because he'll come in. He'll call it a minute. He's chomping on the hotdog. Tell them i'll be up in nashville and he asks for me. I'll be good <hes> red dog a typical georgia fan trashing florida listen. I never thought florida would get to the s._e._c. championship game. I think you have to be realistic that the gators may have had an off night but they still wanna game against <hes> the university emerson miami which is one of the more story names in college football history in terms of championships. David is up next. Hello david hey paul. I want to know this is a a bucket list item for me. <hes> not real high up. I'm not <hes> that fund end of <hes> host the show but <hes> i've had a hankering to call in and <hes>. I'm glad you made happy. <hes> thank you <hes> i'm a gator fan and and <hes> i'll put my comments about that away quickly like <hes> you've mentioned several times and they wanna know and a month now. The margin of victory or the sloppiness of the game is that a cetera won't matter for squat <hes> franks the whole team will improve. I think franks franks is still suffering from a little immaturity <hes> and perhaps got alot of full of themselves with the off season high etcetera etcetera sort of but and i think miami is gonna end up being a pretty <hes> pretty decent <hes> pretty decent team at the end of the day. Let me ask you though david as somebody who follows the university of florida. What do you think was going on saturday night. I mean i realize they won but <hes> it was at times difficult to watch <hes> <hes> yeah it was it was a sloppy game and way too much jain that cetera et cetera and <hes> i was disappointed to see far to kinda get drawn into that especially with with cilipi <hes> he's is wasting too much energy <hes> join with other players and fans that said are like daddy's better serve spending time <hes> listening to <hes> assistant coaches are talking receivers or something would appear to me but i i'm confident confident melon. I'm not ready to fire mullins and i think he'll get getting things to anyone else about <hes> well no but i've heard <hes> so communist with some people that <hes> well you know typical over overreaction. I guess to the situation. I think you know a big takeaway is that <hes> miami is is is going to be a pretty good team. <hes> pretty confident of of that and many is in his his colleagues that the job is scheming up the defense sense and <hes> and the result was <hes> what what we saw <hes> florida's got almost three weeks or they have three weeks between that game and then this this next significant one which is at kentucky and <hes> i'm pretty hopeful and confident that we'll see a different look and and and and go from there <hes> so <hes> you know you and i have a a significant <hes> some commonality as as far as backgrounds in a few years older than you but <hes> i have a liberal arts degree from the s._e._c. school. I was a philosophy major your florida <hes> and i have <hes> spent twenty years as a print sports sports writer and i've been unbought dinner by danny sheridan hundred well yeah if you if you end up buying dinner for danny sheridan that's breaking news because i never confronted danny is danny picks up the check. He is some pretty <hes> a pretty famous restaurants with them. But how long were you in the newspaper business david <hes> but <hes> twenty five years. Here's how does <hes> my <hes> kind of wander into. I just thought hey that looks like fun doing and back then you could. You know volunteer here. Practically it'd be a cover a high school game and and get a foothold and and go <hes> and go from there <hes>. I was in the early early wave. I love <hes> the business starting to shrink so i spent the last ten twelve years of my working career as a high school math breath teacher at my alma mater <hes> but <hes> i you know i saw some some great a lotta. I covered mostly a football high school in college football. I was this could be college editor of the the tampa tribune which is a feisty mid major type that you work for and <hes> so <hes>. I you know that that was what i did and it was a lot of fun. The first college football game ever saw was the the <hes> first florida florida state game and i was a freshman at the university of florida. The year spurrier won the won the heisman as a player. That's a bonus legit. That's pretty. That's pretty pretty listen. I appreciate your call very much. Look forward to chatting again. We're up against a break and we have a lot to do. Chip towers will join us in a moment covers the university of georgia which i david covered the university of florida chip will be with us now. You're listening to the paul. Finebaum show podcast welcome back. We continue right here. In new york is <hes> we can see as we had a really interesting tuesday afternoon. Program br more of your phone calls at eight five two four to seven to eight five. Mike novell joined us earlier the head coach at memphis. Take on ole miss saturday morning at the liberty bowl tower shortages covers. The dogs and let's see how the dogs are as they get ready to take on vanderbilt in the s._e._c. the opener chip. Thanks very much so not not often you see an s._e._c. opener. What's <hes> what's the vibe. You're getting around the georgia football complex yeah. It's a it's. It's very positive. <hes> you know <hes> from a team standpoint i mean i think the fact that you're opening against an s._c._c. Opponent gets your attention pretty quick. I mean eastern division opponent no less so you know. You can't mess around with that. You'd better be ready to go and and then you know the i guess kinda the reality side of it. I you know it's it's vanderbilt. Its power five opponent. It's s._c._c. opponent but it's not not this <hes> mount everest. You don't feel like you can summit you know and and i you know the reality and perception will find out what the differences references a on on saturday but you know it. Your japan's are very optimistic about understand. They're going there by the tens of thousands <hes> <hes> trying to overtake the place and so there's a lot of excitement from an atmosphere standpoint much more than you would normally see about playing vanderbilt when they traditionally due in october so you know i think it's a great opener for georgia and you know i'm i'm in athens right. Now the practice facility and you know they're. I think they're pretty really excited about it. Let's talk about cam. Ship is now over season is here as you watch this over the last four weeks what stood out <hes> and his anything concern you you know so there's three really areas of concern. I'm for georgia. I think head and ended the season and and and you might wanna put quote marks around concern. I don't know but that you know for me. They were you know defensive line <hes> secondary and then obviously obviously wide receiver you know. That's something that everybody's talked about. <hes> you know i i kind of after what are we. <hes> you know twenty practices so twenty five days <hes> since camp opened i think y- check check and check for most for the most part <hes> you know georgia's secondary secondary. I think looks pretty good. They've recruited <hes> a lot of guys. They're markedly bigger <hes> in the secondary than they have been in recent years. <hes> you know that's a specialty for for kirby smart you know i think those guys are going to be coached up. Pretty well the defensive line. I i've changed my tune on that a little bit but just because the number and the experience there. I think that might outweigh is there an all star there. <hes> you know along the lines of quitting williams i i don't know but there's a lot of good players and if you look at their six seniors there including the graduate guy and they've kinda averaged i think twelve or thirteen games engy year so those guys are pretty experienced and i think they're going to be solid if nothing else if not they got a freshman they're five star trayvon walker. He's going to travel the vanderbilt. They're very excited about it and then the wide receivers is kinda the same thing there's a lot of apollo i mean there's you know fourteen sixteen however many they are <hes> you know there again <hes> you can see the kirby factor there and they're they're bigger. They're taller <hes>. I think there's three guys that are six five <hes> another two or three reather six three. All of them are six feet or taller. <hes> you know the rest of the world wrestling s._e._c. Certainly risk college. Football probably aren't familiar with a lot outta the names but some of them you know. Are you know five star signees. They got three of them in that group so they came highly recommended anyway so i think george or just answering all those and then the the big thing though paul the the bottom line is your quarterback. You're running back in that offensive line. I mean i think that's what puts georgia in the national championship s._e._c. Championship conversations and those guys are all <hes> present and accounted for. I get asked a lot of questions. It seems like i'm in new york today. Chip and everyone up here wants to go ahead and move the season to january because <hes> they don't think anyone other than and clemson and alabama applying and i keep trying to to say hey what about georgia. How would you argue that point to those whose heads are way up in the skyscrapers that georgia doesn't exist. I mean how how far of fall from number two number three three or maybe how close would you say. Georgia is to alabama yeah. I think that line is razor thin and i i think nick saban will tell you that he probably asked told you that you know no i mean when when they came out of the georgia game <hes> last year <hes> you know he talked about he thought the georgia belonged because you know that was the toughest thing they had met until clemson in a little while later but <hes> you know it really is raising fan. I do believe between georgia and bama that you know recruiting rankings every year. Tell you that that should be the case but it's on the field you know the proof is on the field and and say what you will about the collapses. Georgia's had you know against alabama that wasn't smoke and mirror. They use who's to get significant leads on alabama. You know maybe they choke. Maybe the gag on a low but you know clinton's a perfect example of that doesn't happen into perpetuity if you keep putting yourself in that position sooner or later. You're going to get over it. That's where this program is. That's where these players inside this program believe they're not intimidated by alabama in in any way shape or form <hes> or clemson for that matter they feel like that they're just as good as those guys and so that's why you had the the kirby mantra this year is is do you more and he's been using phrases like <hes>. <hes> you know aggregate of marginal gains or something like that talking about you know. They're that close so if they can and just get over the edge now they've. They've had some setbacks that you know j._j. Harlem and losing him in the middle of the summer was not a good thing that was your most proven receiver but the way georgia operates you know receivers are almost like a luxury your georgia's not going to be. I don't think under jim <hes> jane james coley quite the a pound the ground team that they have been in the past. I think they can do more. There's a phrase again with with jake brahm but you know you don't you're not looking. You don't need to track me georgia. It does win games because of their offensive <hes> system in strategy. They win games because they have better players and right now. It looks like they they they still do you know with exception of the teams that you just mentioned before you go in a we haven't really talked about this but there was another arrest over the weekend and i know people can draw aligns and come to conclusions or they can just look at these as isolated situations <hes>. What's your view chip of. The latest arrests at georgia yeah. There's there's been to many of them in kirby will tell you that too. I think this might have been the seventh one <hes> this year and this was just a dumb when you know it's one of those situations the kid bill norton is from tennessee and <hes> you know he's probably going to redshirt. He was heading that way not really on the three the that that <hes> you know that hi fashion kirby doesn't share those but <hes> you know he he just made a dumb choice got the police report today and and driving down baxter st the middle of town at two thirty in the morning you know gets pulled over by police and it had been drinking and and he's going to be punished for it so i i'm not sure if he hadn't been in a red shirt situation that he would necessarily have been out at two thirty in the morning on a saturday before the opening week but you know who knows <hes> who you know i i think that these buying large have been <hes> you know isolated youthful instances with the exception of the the j. j. holland and i know there's a you know the expectation <hes> referendum that's going on in in the s._e._c. <hes> georgia showed o.'day a no tolerance policy on that front even though there's some some questions about what took place from j._j. Holiday fool around with it he found himself out and is now at florida international the university university georgia's top receiver from last year so <hes> i think in most cases these are isolated incidences that happened on campuses. This is all over america towers. Thank you very very much georgia taking on vanderbilt saturday night in nashville chip always good to have you on cba. Thank you very much short break. We're not done yet. A lot of time for phone calls the rest of the way at eight five five two four to seven to eight five. We are coming right back. You're listening to the paul. Finebaum show podcast off back in new york. Welcome back in a good show. We'll talk quarterbacks in the final hour. There's some good ones in the s._e._c. We'll talk to one of them tomorrow. Jay bentley kenny is in west virginia. Welcome back to the show. Kennedy seems like we were just talking yesterday. You know it does seem like that paul. How are you doing today. I'm doing great. Thank you for being back on. Hold their a by the way g._m. Us mere mortals due to be placed on hold to be put on the on the show there but <hes> danny says to me. He says kenny he said you got us in trouble yesterday. At your call all hell broke loose with the miami thing and was kidding or was he just trying to cheer me up he was it's not wrong as they say he moves out wrong. I i don't really remember day-to-day. Wanna wanna wanna yeah. I mean kenny listen. You didn't do anything wrong. I did so we were just having a conversation. I said some things and i have dealt with them and <hes> but it's it's all good by you well. <hes> you know the one thing i also wanted to say to you. Know takes a big person. Listen to apologize. <hes> you know the i. I don't see how you deal with all the negativity every day like you do. <hes> you know the the my fans and things they said you awake for the game of course you know if they were bigger person as you are. They called apologized to you but we both go. That's never gonna happen. You know i've never <hes> i've never been big on asking people to to do that and and even when somebody has occasionally called in <hes>. I'm not really interested in that. Talk to me about what you say and how you deal with it and i i said earlier i better and it's my job to to run this show properly and sometimes i felt very comfortable talking to you i i think i treated the call like we're at the end of the bar and let's be perfectly honest with you. Just because you say something <hes> at the ended the bar doesn't mean you really mean that <hes> but yeah. I heard terrible in <hes> i i. I tried to explain earlier in the show. You don't even know the half of it. He said but the but normally when i'm talking to you it's exactly like being at the end of the bar without you being here because i'm usually here with the bud light you you know our yard in the bar so it's you know it's it's really kinda right on the money you know listening to the the call you had with math error where <hes> you know talking about the genesis of the show and what has grown into a it it kinda gives me one is. I didn't have what jim's problem is because because he used to be a big fish in a in a small pond and now he's a small little insignificant guppy in the ocean pretty much and he wants to go back back to the way they were and there. That's never gonna happen but but you know i was thinking about today. Okay he spends all this time to get on and to be put on hold and then the only thing he talks about was being put on hold. He doesn't talk about anything else. You know except for that and what i wish he would do. I mean because you know as he says he's smart man but if ten or fifteen people calling every day and complain about you maybe have to look in the mirror and say it. Maybe it's not the rest of the world is wrong. Maybe it is me and maybe do some self reflection there because he <hes> he only calls because there's some perceived slight on on <hes> on his side from you know from someone on your show where the show itself and then you know. That's one of the show's really good because house. He'll say i'm not gonna call anymore. I'm not gonna call anymore and then we get three days of peace and then of course he can't keep his word and he calls for three days but you can put his calls on a loop and you can have one from last week last month last year and play it and we will never really know the difference wilson. Hey thank you very much kenny good to have you on. Jeff is in columbus ohio. What's going on today. Paul jeff all is great in the world as sound good. Hey i respect your apology paul but i'm going to be honest with you. 'cause i know you're always honest with me and the call and the and the show general. I don't think you need it to apologize. I really don't i mean i think you're only mistake was your choice of words. I think most likely i call him a punk progam. Damn 'cause that's what they are. The fans like punks you all two weeks leading up to the game and their players but their attitude a lot of times to me comes offers pump program but can i ask you a fair question. Yes you partly apologize because your superiors asked you to know no <hes> my superiors did not ask me too because if they did i'd really like to know if they would've asked you to apologize if you had said the same thing about an oklahoma ohio state for michigan and the reason i asked you i've talked to you before about this ball. I'm getting really concerned about the the influence that networks especially between the e._s._p._n. And fox because of these conference networks affiliation where this is all going to go in the leadership of college football football because i think the networks right now are running college football and i feel there's gonna be a big divide between fox and e._s._p._n. And i think it's gonna on a trickle down to how things are run and tim brando was better for years jeff. I think it's already happened. Remember two years ago. The night ohio ohio state played wisconsin. I believe it was in the when the when the guy the quarterback of colorado. I can't think of his name was going. I'm crazy. I mean you had to broadcasters openly campaigning for ohio state. I i people always accuse me of being a homer. I i i've been last year as you know is is the first time i have not openly supported ohio state getting in the playoffs. I know i agree three and the and the guy just drawing a blank on his name but the their main color mammoth gus johnson you're right it was almost embarrassing as ohio state's they and they were openly campaigning in bothers me that there isn't a commissioner college football or somebody that's in charge because the networks are getting too powerful and this is why rip on the media because they're getting too powerful and people take their opinions as facts way too often and it gets everybody all going the wrong direction i can't i think it's bad for the sport. I really do and it's going to be. I think the divide is getting bigger and bigger her and that's why. I wanted to know because i when i heard your apology. My first thought was that you were asked you. I'm not i'm not being critical of your apology. I felt you really let me say something. Jeff and danny bram can can back me up because i was talking to him and mark yesterday the second. I said it was wrong. <hes> <hes> sometimes you're in the middle of the show and you just go okay maybe <hes> and then you started getting response and i'm not one that lives my life based on criticism on on social media but at some point it it got to a level where i personally had conversations or interactions with people who really were genuinely you only heard by my statement and that's that's the last thing i ever wanted to do on this. Program is to <hes> in. I i <hes> my discourse on fan bases to hurt someone. I mean nothing wrong with criticism poking fun but when and you hurt someone because it's misconstrued and i feel good about who i am and i'm not here to sell myself to to you or anyone else. You're watching and listening to this show for for reason but it comes to a point where sometimes you you realize that the best thing to do is to deal with it and to deal deal with it <hes> fully and not halfway a and i believe you. I believe you said that but i agree with you. This show is banned. I get a lot of backlash and flak being ohio state fan and i and you joke around with me too and i get it and i laugh with you. Once you call the the big ten network but i you gotta give you and your staff especially after your five year anniversary. This show is what differentiates the s._e._c. Network from every other network worked this show and this show only and you know that and i know that and that's why e._s._p._n. One of the show i'm sure so i give you props because it is. It's fun on because college. Sports is fun. It's fun to go back and forth like you guys said sitting at the end of the bar poking fun and then some people can't take it. They just move move on you know and that's why i just don't get it sometimes. When everybody gets all bent out of shape i mean you could climb on me. I'm gonna laugh about it and come back. Ah let me head to the breakers. Were in a hurry for for time but everyone is not the same and i listen. We're not here to to to to please the world world but but you you do have to be sensitive to certain issues and and and where i was yesterday was a blurry line and i know oh wait. I meant but people saw two different way than <hes>. Let's talk about it. Thanks for the call. We are coming back with much much more to listening to the paul finebaum show. Oh podcast back glad you're here. Sean is up next as we continue on a tuesday afternoon sean in indiana. Hello sean hey paul. Thanks so much for taking my call of the show today. Thank you very much really good one yeah. It's my pleasure <hes> first off. I just wanted to say day that <hes> you know you don't maybe did maybe to apologize but <hes> your human like the rest of us and we all i'll make mistakes right so <hes> do our best to just keep on keeping on thank you but <hes> again my pleasure <hes> i think he's been hitting some great points on the michigan front as you know my huge michigan and <hes> and i agree. I think that we have a lots of group and a lot of empty haven't proven <hes> but i i also think jim harbaugh has a special place and most of michigan football fans heart so with that being said i i do not see him going anywhere and if you look at the way he's developed a program flick it where were paul we had rich rodriguez and radi hope it whizzing. Our program was decimated we couldn't it couldn't compete with the ohio states and the alabama's and the georgia's because we didn't have the two and three d. players. Here's to keep the rotation going. If that makes any sense no it does and and listen i. I've been pretty pretty loud critic jim harbaugh but i would struggle to make a change because he doesn't win the big ten. I mean this is a big opportunity for him. I think he'll get it done but you better you better. Have the program is good right now. It's just not as great as everyone predicted it would be. I don't know anyone who could come in right now and and and ensure that it is going to be better i i completely agree. I think he is finally getting it to a point where we are getting those great two and three d. players and and but at the same time i do completely agree i agree with you on your point of you have to you have to win that game. I mean he can't serve. I mean we can't just keep going early on forever without eating ohio know that that becomes too difficult to overcome sean thank you i mean that's one thing every fan of michigan and ohio state know how important jordan that game is were heading to a break. Final hour is directly in front of us.

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